Buck Baskin
3 weeks ago

One important thing I learned while implementing the calibration feature: the templating approach that I picked for code generation doesn’t necessarily scale well. The template that used to look like a nice C++ function written with comments is now a mess of formatting pragmas and conditional blocks. More to come on this soon
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Buck Baskin
3 weeks ago

A new feature has landed for #FormaK! The original models only supported time varying state estimates and control inputs, now it’s easy to include fixed calibration parameters into the models at runtime. This unlocks new models, like the rocket model I referenced in my last feature release

Check out the “What’s New” page for more

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4 weeks ago

Huh. #ReplIt just announced that they’ve open sourced their #LLM for code completion under the #CreativeCommons license. That’s a pretty big deal

Might be the first model that I actually download and use locally.

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Wow! #GoogleBard is amazing! #CodeGeneration and #Debugging made easy with a few simple commands. #GoogleColab is a great platform to export code and make coding even easier. Big shout out to #Google for making programming accessible to everyone! #CodingLifeMadeEasier #ProgrammingForEveryone

2 months ago

Despite being busy with other things, the #panda3d editor FRAME esp. on the Node editor has seen a lot of progress. A lot of basic #python #ast features have been implemented and only few are left to probably be able to create some basic applications. After that everything will be merged with the main branch and FRAME and should be ready for testing ^^

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Full Queue Developer
2 months ago

Xcode can generate an `Info.plist` for you. However, not all keys are supported. For example `INFOPLIST_KEY_ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption` does not exist. You have to find a different way to declare encryption. So now I'm back to using an `Info.plist` (generated by `xcodegen`)

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3 months ago

Have learned a lot about pythons abstract syntax trees lately. Wish I would've heard about this earlier, it's so useful for code generation.

If everything goes well, my node editor may "soon" be able to not only generate basic panda3d related scripts but also any kind of python scripts without actually writing a single line of code!

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[2211.05875] Steps towards #prompt-based creation of #VirtualWorlds

"#LargeLanguageModels trained for #CodeGeneration can be applied to speaking virtual worlds into existence (creating virtual worlds). In this work we show that prompt-based methods can both accelerate in-#VR level editing, as well as can become part of #gameplay rather than just part of #game #development."

Note: Prompts for world editing can come from a model narrating the story forwards.

6 months ago

Playing around with ChatGPT by OpenAI. I asked it to generate a pdp-11 Macro 11 program to reverse a string. I can't test it out, but was surprised (but I guess I shouldn't have been) that it could spit one out! #codegeneration #openai #chatgpt #pdp-11

pdf-11 assembly language program that was generated by an AI that allegedly reverses a string. image of source code
Dirk-Jan Swagerman
6 months ago

Mostly, software interfaces are only defined by their signature and without a formal description of the admissible behavior and timing assumptions.

#ComMA provides a family of domain-specific languages that integrate existing techniques from formal behavioral and time modeling and is easily extensible.


Karsten Schmidt
6 months ago

Will today be the day when I can _finally_ be done writing & testing code generators for data bindings for all these cases and for three different languages (C, Zig, TypeScript), plus each of their quirks & special considerations/optimizations???


The list looks harmless enough, but many of these struct/union field types (e.g. slices, pointers) require various workarounds/polyfills/wrappers, especially in #TypeScript...

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Screenshot of source code showing 26 different cases of supported struct field types
pfm 🧘
2 years ago
`C was a research project that extended ANSI C with dynamic #CodeGeneration primitives.

Developed at #PDOS, the Parallel & Distributed Operating Systems Group at #MIT.
4 years ago

RT Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Now!

We happily employ someone who has knowledge about formal languages / compilers and wants to engage in #codegeneration!

Check out #KeySync files, finally generated into C99 code using #YML2:

#PrivacyByDefault #MassEncryption #E2EE