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#Asian #publishers want to counter #WesternMedia narrative as they take part in #Global #Initiative to encourage people to read #Palestinian #authors & #history.

#ReadPalestine started on Weds & runs to Dec. 5.

Created by #PublishersForPalestine, #global #solidarity #collective of more than 350 publishers calling for end to all violence against #Palestinians & for #TelAviv & allies to be held #accountable for #WarCrimes for #Israeli onslaught on #Gaza.


NoBeerToday 🇦🇺
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The cause of #collective #stupidity is the high percentage of stupid people in society. Access to #information and/or the factually of information has little to do with it because any information contrary to their stupid beliefs will be ignored.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't try to present people with verifiable, supported by evidence, information. We do need to realise however that the effect of doing so will only be marginal.

sounds interesting
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“Swedish #unions describe their fight against Tesla as existential for the Swedish labor market. Sweden doesn’t have laws that dictate workers’ rights, such as minimum wage. Instead, around 90 percent of Swedish #workers are covered by #collective agreements, a type of contract that regulates the relationship between employers and their employees, including #pay, pensions, and working hours.”

#Tesla #Sweden 🚘 #UnionsStrong #UnionsWork

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For a few years now, I’ve thought about founding a collective for artists, particularly filmmakers based in Uganda, and this year I finally did it. I’ve floated the idea to others, and we had an online meeting on 10th November, and so I write this little article to summarise what we talked about, to explain why I thought a collective is necessary, how a filmmaker can participate, and benefit. In broad strokes, the collective is a non-profit organisation with the overall objective of easing the burden of production and enable a lot more people to make a lot more good films. Filmmakers who join will have opportunities to learn and practice, as well as access to equipment, funds, and crew, which will be pooled in by others in the collective.

If you are reading this in the fediverse, please give it a boost so that my blog can federate with your server, and do follow for regular articles about the life of a Ugandan artist. I write humorous pieces, I’ll take you on my travels and I’ll share anecdotes about my work and behind the scenes stuff. And, if you have a spare dollar, support me to make great films via patreon or on ko-fi. If you want to see my films, for free, send me an email or follow #DilmanShortFilms

Why I created the film collective

I picked the name Sisi Film Collective after asking for opinions, including a poll in the fediverse. People liked the sound of Sisi, which translates to ‘Us’ in Kiswahili, because it has a musical feel. Perhaps it makes you think of “Cissy”, or “Sissy” as in sister. So that’s the name. Nothing much more to say about it other than the organization needed a descriptive name.

But why did I create it? First, for bureaucratic reasons. My company, Dilstories, is a profit making organization. However, since 2017 I’ve run non-profit activities, mostly trainings with the support of The DOEN Foundation and more recently UNDP. This sometimes causes a headache when filing tax returns and so it made a lot of sense to establish a non-profit to continue these activities.

The big reason, though, is to help filmmakers grow, and easily produce work. I had a rough time when starting out and I want to make it easier for others. At first, I only wanted to be a writer, but struggled to get people to produce my work. So I forced myself into directing. I did well with What Happened in Room 13, and some people noticed me. I thought the jobs would flow in. Back then, around 2007, I worked in Kamuli with a development organization, earning a comfortable salary. Ellen, one of the biggest producers in Uganda at that time, encouraged me to quit that job, promising me employment as a director with her company. When I finally quit in 2008, I went to her office, but she said, “I have no job for you.” I was devastated. She was one of those who encouraged me to resign, now this? At that point, I decided to become a producer.

Read about “How I quit my job to become a full time artist.”

About fifteen years later, I’m running a fairly vibrant film production company with assets including film equipment and, arguably, Uganda’s first film studio (probably East Africa’s first). I find myself at the other side of the desk, the boss side, and filmmakers come to me; “I need a job.” Or they have ideas; “Please, produce this.” Some have scripts; “I have a script, are you buying?” I see my young and hungry self in their eyes, hoping for someone to open a door, any door. I’m not Mother Teresa, but I feel their pain, and don’t want them to cry the tears that I cried. I can open a door, a small one, but still a door.

I don’t have the energy to produce everyone’s story. I especially don’t have the heart for projects that are not comedies, or are not speculative fiction. But I still want to help. The solution? Start a collective and put in resources to make it easy for others filmmakers to collaborate, and produce their own stuff. Within this framework, I can help a lot more people produce a lot more work since I won’t be solely bearing the burden of production.

A scene from the TV series, Storm on the Floor, in production in Gulu as the first project of the collective.

How will this collective sustain itself?

The only way this collective will grow and sustain itself is if filmmakers join and actively make stuff. Though a non-profit, it can venture into commercial projects on condition that profits are re-invested into the objectives of the organisation, which I discuss in the next section. Dilstories has stood on its own feet since 2011, and so surely this collective will generate enough income to survive on its own.

That said, Dilstories will offer its resources, equipment and studio, to members to ensure they have a starting point. And, I’ll offer my services. I think I’m a good writer, and I’ll gladly help anyone in the collective refine their scripts into something saleable. I’ll also offer producer mentorship. Hopefully, other experienced producers will join and pool in their own equipment, assets, and expertise, then the collective will truly take off.

I hope the collective will fund one project every year, either a feature film or a TV series. In the first year or so, I’ll have to provide these funds, and once the collective generates enough income of its own, the profits will be re-invested to finance future projects.

A scene from the TV series, Storm on the Floor, which is under production in Gulu as the first venture of the collective.

Why should anyone join this collective? What’s in it for a filmmaker??

Here are the objectives of the collective, and I hope they are enough to convince a filmmaker that this is worth their time.

Training is the most important. At a basic level, this is a classroom-workshop type, with beginners learning the ropes, or perhaps a filmmaker learns techniques in a new area. For example, an editor may want to learn cinematography. Training also means experienced filmmakers trying out new workflows, new techniques, new skills, since learning never ends. For example, a cinematographer might want to perfect their ability to light night scenes, or a director wants to get more experience working with actors. The only way they can do this is by making films, and the collective will make it possible to produce short films for learning purposes.

A second main objective is to enable producers to produce, and in the process creating jobs for crew. Producers will have access to equipment and studio facilities, as well as to experienced crew who are members of the collective. The idea is that the producer will pay for these services after selling their film. Thus the collective will make it possible to spread the risks of production over many people, rather than just one individual shouldering it all.

How can a filmmaker participate in this collective?

There are no hard rules. Filmmakers will give as much time as they can afford to. For example, a person may decide to participate in every project, another may participate in only a few projects, while yet another might say they can only offer so many days a week. In the end, it will depend on what the filmmaker wants to gain from the collective. We will probably have a rule of ‘help others to help you’. You can’t expect others to help you produce your film, yet you did not help them produce their film.

It’s tricky, I know, asking people to take risks for other’s dreams. In the initial phase, members will have to volunteer without expectations, but in the long run, it will be clearer what a filmmaker can gain upon the sales of a series, and hopefully we shall have crew working full time on the collective. With this in mind, I don’t see the collective rushing into big, commercial projects. The idea is to start with short films, which people can work on over the course of a day, or three at most, for us to develop a sense of community.

We have already piloted a project, a TV Series that we recently shot in Gulu, but this is because we have had a relationship with filmmakers in Gulu, since we have jointly had trainings since 2019. It is our pilot project, and its success, or failure, will inform on how to deal with future projects.

Membership. What are the membership options?

There are four types of membership. Associate Member is entry level, and may be students of film, hobbyists, amateur filmmakers, or anyone interested in a career in the film industry but do not yet have a credit in a professionally made film. These may include writers, stage directors, visual artists, and musicians. We define ‘professionally made’ as a film that has either screened at a festival, or been broadcast on TV, or shown in cinemas, or widely distributed in some way. Associate Members pay an annual fee of 50K UGX, and the advantage is access to trainings, learning opportunities, and networking.

Crew Members are those with a credit in a professionally made film. They’ll crew films produced within the collective. Producer Member are either writers, directors, or producers; people most likely to put together a project, and so will have access to equipment, crew, and studio facilities. Similar to Producer Member, is the Corporate Member, who are film production companies, or organisations invested in film and in the audiovisual industry.

Members will have to agree on a fee structure, with the minimum being 50K for Associate Member, and these fees will help cover the administrative costs of running the collective. For example, after members discuss to produce a film, they may need to file the minutes with URSB to make it legally binding, and there are charges and taxes to be paid in doing this.

Read more about membership and how to join here

What are the next steps?

From the meeting on 10th November, we agreed to form a steering committee to get things running. We have an application form already open, but formal registration will start in January 2024 after we have ironed out a few things about what it takes to be a member.

One filmmaker (Peter) emphasized there would need to be unity for the collective to succeed, and another (Andrew) asked about ensuring members are not used, or exploited. My initial thought is that for any member to have their project produced, they must have been active in the collective for a minimum of six months to avoid situation where people join for selfish reasons. It has to be a community, with a focus on community building rather than money making. As said above, the collective will also take cautious steps before taking on commercial projects. And, the collective may retain the rights of any commercial project produced under its umbrella so that members who give their labour or equipment expecting payment after sales are not taken advantage of.

On that note, not every film produced in the collective will benefit every member. Rather, only those who worked on a project will be the direct beneficiaries. In this sense, each film will be a subsidiary company and the crew will be the shareholders. For example, if the total budget of a film is one million, and the cinematographer is supposed to be paid 100K from the sales, then the cinematographer owns 10% of the project. Whether in perpetuity, or for a given period, will be up for the members to decide. Of course, the members will have to agree on the total budget and ensure the project runs within this budget.

These are the broad strokes about the collective. I’ll leave it to the members to shape and define what the organisation looks like, how it behaves and what it can offer its members. For now, if you are in Uganda and want to be a part of it, please fill this form. Or if you have any questions, then send an email to admin(at)sisifilmcollective(dot)org Or, if you want to apply to join, then please fill this form.

Support Me

Now that you are here, I have a small favor to ask. I regularly make science fiction short films and I’m looking for your support. It’s very difficult to make it as a filmmaker in Africa, where there is virtually no market to encourage big film investments, and so any dollar you can spare will go a long way into changing things. Please pledge on You only pay after I make the film, and you can stop payments at anytime. For other options, like donating via mobile money or PayPal, please go here

#Africa #artist #Artists #blog #blogger #collective #DilmanShortFilms #Film #Filmmaker #uganda

A young woman in a yellow dress and a young girl in a print african dress in a scene in a film, staring at something off screen. White walls in the background with a few photos and paintings on it.
A film scene in a hospital room. A actor sits on a bed, while a woman is sick and lies on the bed, and a nurse towers above the woman.
A scene in a TV series produced in Gulu, Uganda. Two actors sit on a bed facing each other, male and female, the walls are white with light from the window creating patterns.
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🔔 We •still• can’t look away. 🔔

#Russia fired its #biggestbarrage of loitering #munitions yet to mark the #1930sfamine orchestrated by #Soviet leader #JosefStalin to force #peasants onto #collective farms. 🇺🇦

#Ukraine’s air defense said it shot down 71 of 75 Shahed-131/136 #drones aimed mainly toward the #capital region and #launched from two directions within #Russia.

Simon Brooke
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"people came together, thinking and acting as a #community, supporting each other in countless ways. Apart from the million or so in England who volunteered to help the NHS, more than 12 million people volunteered to help as part of the roughly 4,000 #MutualAid groups that sprang up across the country in 2020. The reality of the pandemic was not one of individual frailty but of #collective resilience."

La Clef Revival
3 weeks ago

#introduction :
From september 2019 to march 2022, The members of Home Cinema and then of #LaClefRevival occupied night and day #LaClef movie theater in the 5th district of #Paris (#France), to reopen it to the cinephile public. This occupation was unprecedented in Paris. Today the collective is about to buy the building, with an endowment fund, Cinéma Revival. The #collective wishes to continue the adventure with a solid project of recovery, based on two and a half years of experience!

AI Automations Experimental
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Humanity Portrait on the Playground A Narrative 3D Experience by Emre Karabacak

See More Seeds:

#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #3D #character-design #playground #collective-experience #humanity #Emre-Karabacak #realistic #narrative #exploration #fragmented

Shortwave Collective
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We'll be guest lecturing at the Royal College of Art in London next week for RCA masters (of research) students. Will be lovely to share some of our collective's processes and experiments! Co-thinking/making in a collective comes with it's challenges but also so many great rewards when you operate as one multi-tendrilled unit. 🐙

#research #collective #radiowitches #AcademicFedi #academic #experimental #radioart #radio #London #University #womenintech #womeninart #soundart #womeninradio

Lilac background with a yellow-cream graphic detail and an abstract photo from the shortwave collective archives. Within the photo there are hands manipulating a hand-made radio receiver (an Open Wave-receiver) The mounting board for this receiver has been decorated with a hand-drawn uterus-esque diagram. The picture is a poster detailing the time and place for Shortwave Collective's upcoming lecture with the Royal College of Art in London. (16th November, 2023. 10-12pm. Darwin LT1.)
1 month ago

VIRPIL sent me a pre-production unit of their upcoming VIRPIL Apache 64 Collective Grip and I bring you my very first impressions on it. Read all about it here:

#flightsim #hardware #virpil #collective #apache #ah64

Hobson Lane
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Just finished the _Semiosis_ + _Interference_ "duology" by Susan Burke, the most ambitious and fulfilling #SciFi I've read since Liu's _Three Body Problem_ trilogy. Liu explored the meaning of life in subatomic #physics, #entropy & dark forest #sociology. Burke led me into the more accessible world of #pheromones, #hormones, #microbiology, and hive mind semiotic (less intentional symbiosis) #collective #intelligence. Brilliant. Will take days to cohere my thoughts.
#bookstodon #books

Post Growth Institute
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As spooky season descends, PGI Affiliate Taylor Steelman shares an occult reading of #Marx to reveal the horror show that is #capitalism—and how we can #slay the #vampire of capital through #collective #action:

A bright yellow and pink background featuring a young woman edited to be black/white  in the foreground with dark lipstick, mouth agape in shock or horror, and a bat-like creature framing her head. Neon and green text overlays her reading "exorcise the demons of capitalism" in all caps.

We're on a roll with the media tonight! Now we're on ITV. This is a nice one, have a looksy
Please do boost to spread the word about our project.
#LearningDisability #Beer #brewing #autism #collective

Jona NB
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Come on, @bandcampunited, start a #revolt! Become a workers-owned #collective instead of becoming a plaything for these creepy capitalist structures! #bandcamp

2 months ago

My piece on collective digital infrastructure is online!

With much help from @varia, @donna and other members from


#collective #ownership

Geeks for Social Change
2 months ago

In any #community or #collective, it can be important to stop and take time to reflect on where things are at. Where are we going? What do we want to do? Are we accomplishing the things we set out to?

In the GFSC collective, we decided to do this through a series of interviews with members of our group. We each did an interview with a different partner, which democratised the running of this process.

Have you ever been part of a process like this with a group you're in? What did you learn?

A drawing of a signpost pointing in lots of different directions on top of an orange gridded background
2 months ago

@kravietz FYI I live in a type of collective / #cooperative . We solve a lot of things collectively. For example we have a shared dining hall and eat together 5 days a week (minus school holidays). We have shared tools in a shared workshop. We share the upkeep of the grounds. We have a shared laundry where we often do each others laundry (if there's a queue). So let's not conflate the idea of a #collective with forced #collectivization by the powerful actors like states.

2 months ago

#EurLex portal seems to be of no use today.
I hope they'll fix it by Monday when I'm really going to need to dig deep in #EULaw, especially into #RepresentativeActions for protection of consumers' #collective #intetests.

#translator #xl8freelancer #EUDirective #xl8 #NewAssignmnent #OfficialJournal

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“Generic #Communism designates a #free #associative #egalitarian #society where the activity of #polymorph #workers is not governed by regulations and technical or social articulations but is managed by the #collective power of #needs. In such a society, the #State is dissolved as a separate instance from public coercion. #Politics – much as it voices the interests of social groups and covets at the conquest of power – is de facto dissolved.

Thus, the purpose of #Communist politics aims at its own disappearance in the modality of the end of the form separated from the State in general, even if it concerns a State that declares itself #democratic."
2 months ago

What is the #communist hypothesis? In its generic sense, given in its
canonic Manifesto, ‘communist’ means, first, that the logic of #class—the
fundamental #subordination of #labour to a dominant class, the arrangement
that has persisted since Antiquity—is not inevitable; it can be
overcome. The communist hypothesis is that a different #collective
organization is practicable, one that will eliminate the #inequality of
#wealth and even the division of labour. The #private appropriation of
massive fortunes and their transmission by inheritance will disappear.
The existence of a #coercive #state, separate from #civil #society, will no
longer appear a necessity: a long process of reorganization based on a
#free #association of #producers will see it withering away.

#Communism’ as such denotes only this very general set of intellectual
representations. It is what Kant called an Idea, with a regulatory
function, rather than a programme. It is foolish to call such communist
principles #utopian; in the sense that I have defined them here they are
intellectual patterns, always actualized in a different fashion. As a
pure Idea of #equality, the communist hypothesis has no doubt existed
since the beginnings of the state. As soon as mass action opposes #state
#coercion in the name of #egalitarian #justice, rudiments or fragments of
the hypothesis start to appear. Popular #revolts—the #slaves led by
#Spartacus, the #peasants led by #Müntzer—might be identified as practical
examples of this ‘communist invariant’. With the French Revolution, the
communist hypothesis then inaugurates the epoch of political modernity.

Alain #Badiou-Bibliography/The Communist Hypothesis/Lacan Dot Com

3 months ago

Fun thing: there is a cool #starbase company: #collective. They have a bot that drops tokens (no blockchain, it's just for fun) in their flood channel. The tokens are called chips and to claim you gotta write !chip in the time of the drop.
So, apparently, people were writing !chirp too much there, so, moderation banned this word.
I had to use "Charlie Hotel India Romeo Papa" to make unauthorized birb sounds today.


Christophe Bousquet
3 months ago

Fine-scale #collective #movements reveal present, past and future #dynamics of a #multilevel #society in #Przewalski’s #horses


"Tracking, in high spatio-temporal resolution, of the movements of 238 individually identified horses on #drone videos & combine movement #analyses with #demographic data from two decades of #population #monitoring"

3 months ago

Stunt Car Racer - This awesome game from back in the day gets a Commodore Plus/4 port! #Collective #CommodorePlus4 @Indie_RetroNEWS

Connected by Data
3 months ago

We created #partnerships with #international organisations working on and around #collective data governance, with whom we will work towards international influence during 2023/24. (6/8)

Screenshot of headshot of, and quote from, Carolina Rossini, Director of Partnerships & Research at Datasphere Initiative. Quote reads "We have been cooperating with Connected by Data since the Datasphere Initiative’s inception and are looking forward to building on our common research agendas and raising awareness of why we need a more human-centric approach to data governance.”
4 months ago

Stunt Car Racer - This awesome game from back in the day could be coming to the Commodore Plus/4! #Collective #CommodorePlus4 @Indie_RetroNEWS

4 months ago

Thing I didn't do, an #introduction

I'm Bri. I'm an illustrator, concept/visdev person with penchant for natural history.

I'm 1/4 of a #collective art studio, where we work together for mutual benefit, but also work to build up the community in our depressed part of the #mojave

I am under this username everywhere on the internet.

I like looking at #art I like #science, #roleplay and keep gathering #dice

4 months ago

🌍 From London to Hong Kong, a Decade of Impactful Riots 🌍

Uncover the stories behind the top 10 riots that have transformed societies around the world. These events speak to the power of collective action and the pursuit of justice.

#Riots #Impact #Activism #Advocacy #Protests #Transformation #Collective #Action #Justice #Power

4 months ago

Once I watched a group (what IS the #collective for #techbros ? ) of techbros reinvent busses, on a forum. They also were knocking at the doors of rediscovering *taxes*, which is perhaps the ultimate irony, given most techbros are douchebag libertarians.

Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
4 months ago

After failures we know about, the Borg should have changed their statement to, "Resistance is generally futile."

#Collective #AllStarTrek
#StarTrekVOY #StarTrek

Christophe Bousquet
4 months ago

#Signalling in #groups: New tools for the integration of #animal #communication and #collective #movement


"Identification of challenges associated with new tools and datasets, in particular issues associated with the #deployment and #synchronisation of multiple #tags, the #processing and #interpretation of resulting #multidimensional datasets & the benefits of combining tag-based data collection with experimental approaches"

4 months ago

Anyone working in a #gamedev #collective?

Carmen Bianca BAKKER
4 months ago

@nicemicro You're ignoring the #community projects that aren't maintained by a single soul.

But even the one-person projects are part of a _collectively owned_ whole, even when the project itself isn't. Distro maintainers package the thing, users report bugs, savvy people sometimes propose bug fixes, other projects make dependencies on this project, and this project liberally depends on many other #FreeSoftware projects. There's a #cooperative spirit here that is silly to ignore.

I work at a worker cooperative, and it's not like we do absolutely everything together. Sometimes I just take a project and veto a lot of decisions. Until that becomes a problem (and I am mindful of it not becoming a problem), I do the project solo as a mini dictator.

I also don't want to get stuck on the definition of 'ownership'. Legally speaking, it's a copyright thing. But practically speaking, there is a lot of #collective maintainership. Maybe a better term would be collective or distributed stewardship, but I don't want to get lost in the weeds there.

Christophe Bousquet
4 months ago

A simple #mechanism for #collective #decision-making in the absence of #payoff #information


"Individual #ants budget the time they spend in #chains depending on their distance to the ground, and a distance-based model of chain formation explains the emergence of this tradeoff without the need to invoke #complex #cognition"

Feygele Ⓐ Ⓥ🏳️‍⚧️
5 months ago

Today’s principle of #DisabilityJustice is #COLLECTIVE #ACCESS

“As brown, black and queer-bodied disabled people we bring flexibility and creative nuance that go beyond able-bodied/minded normativity, to be in community with each other.”

-Taken from #SinsInvalid, a disability justice based performance project that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and LGBTQ / gender-variant artists.

Water, Security, and Conflict with @petergleick

#Water, essential to the emergence and endurance of life on Earth, has both spurred #technological #advances and driven many types of #conflict.

For the first time in humanity's long history with water, we are starting to suffer the consequences of widespread #unsustainable water use, and we soon will face a crucial #collective #choice about what future generations' interactions with water will look like.

Hello. #technoEnema is collaborating with "Sektor Ž" a #feminist radioshow on RadioStudent. We're looking into gender disparity in #floss. I'd be happy for some tips for a good resource on that topic or a contact of a feminist #tech #collective.

his latest release and the start of Season 7 for Average Joe.
What is Average Joe?
it's a #collective (3 #writers, #story manager, #narrators ) who have a love for the old days of radio. Average Joe is a 1940's detective paranormal Noir. I play all the female voices. IF you are interested in joining and have a bit of #experience or would like to build a portfolio, dm me! We always have side projects going on - all written by us or copy right free💚


The musical collective Ignore That Door is looking for talent.
Ive collaborated w/them on many projects.
Excellent to work with
#Decades #experience
#Released #cds

If you would like to learn more about their style and would like to audition and see where it goes, their website

They are also on Twitter

I'm excited to see who joins and who I will have the pleasure of collaborating with in the future!

7 months ago

#collective : gathered into a mass, sum, or body

- French: collectif

- German: Kollektiv, Gemeinschaft

- Italian: collettivo

- Portuguese: coletivo

- Spanish: colectivo


Word of The Hour's Annual Survey @

Suzanne Vergnolle
7 months ago

I am looking forward to feedback and further discuss on this important topic!

#DSA #enforcement #EUCommission #Collective Intelligence #expert

I am taking on the opportunity to express my gratitude to the 20 experts that helped shape this work and the teams at @article19 & Open Society Foundations for their continuous support during this project!

Siv Jones
8 months ago

I'm Siv. I live, work, create, and activate in #Lansing, #Michigan, #USA.

I believe effective #praxis toward global #MutualAid society must center #economic #justice and #healing traumas in the human #psyche. Cultural violence is a durable response to #scarcity.

I help run the services and facilities of the #praxisdotred #tech #collective and #hacker house, such as this #mastodon instance.

#GenderAbolitionist #transhumanist #posthumanist #libertarian #communist #leftist #vegan #introduction

Mission Local
8 months ago

Founded in 2007, Noisebridge is credited as being just the third “hackerspace” to ever emerge in the country.

Although the term “hacker” might conjure up thoughts of nefarious programmers, here it means people who want to create things for themselves using woodwork, electronics, fabrics, writing, music — and, yes, code.

#SanFrancisco #MissionSF #Collective

Headline: Noisebridge: ‘The last free space in San Francisco’

Image: Members of Noisebridge alongside their logo and informal motto, “Be Excellent.” Seven-month-old Orion, bottom-right, is the collective’s youngest member.
Brother Soul
8 months ago

My mom would've been 75 today.

So tonight's show is dedicated to songs that I think she would've loved.

2100-2300 BST - sunday night soul live with brother soul (eng)

if you need some tunes, stop through.

listen, chat, watch, vibe:

#labr #loveabrotherradio #radio #fediradio #collective #house #dj

Black Flag Medical
9 months ago

Our Open Collective page is now fully up and running, with a fiscal host on-board.

We'd be very appreciative of anyone who can support us, in order to purchase more #medical supplies for #volunteer #medics operating in conflict zones, primarily #Ukraine at this time.

#emergency #tactical #paramedics #collective #mutualaid #humanitarian #tccc #tecc #emt #trauma

9 months ago

So time for a new #introduction then! (Leaving hashtags at the end as I hear it works better for accessiblilty)

Welsh🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 , queer :gay_communism: 🏳️‍🌈:transgenderflag: , cis-man livng in London🎡 . Humanistic/gestalt therapist🧠❤️ . Lecturer in law⚖️ , with research/teaching👨‍🏫 on psychology of law/legal practice👩‍⚖️💭 . Previously family law barrister. Buddhist. :flag_tibet: ☸️

Practices and interests (here come the hastags):

#compassion #psychology #psychotherapy #queer #therapy #activism #activist #activists #collective #community #communities #buddhism #buddhist #counsellor #psychotherapist #law #familylaw #sociolegal #legalresearch #lgbtqia+ #lgbtq+ #therapy #hackney #london #barrister #lawyers #gestalt #grouptherapy #therapycollective #leftist #openborders #socialism #communism #abolitionism #abolition #welsh #ucu #strike

Alastair Temple
10 months ago

Crystal Dragon - My 6th submission to Project Aurora: Gems, and what will be the final in my Dragons series that started with our Bronze release.

Created with a mix of #blender3D, #cinema4d with #OctaneRender and #photoshop.

Initial inspiration for the series came from the work of UMGJ so do check them out.

Full series on Behance:

#dragon #DigitalArt #crystal #SciFi #ScifiArt #illustration #MastoArt #ArtOnMastodon #ArtByAlastairTemple #projectaurora #collective

3D illustration of a sci-fi  mechanical/robotic serpentine dragon with crystal elements.
10 months ago

We've just arrived on, here's our #introduction!
We're an informal #collective of individuals, from diverse backgrounds, with the common goal to promote the use of #Jabber / #XMPP, a free and #federated social platform. We're dedicated to the concerns of end-users of the Jabber network. Check our goals here: don't hesitate to come and say hi on the chat!

Connected by Data
10 months ago

We've made it to the Fediverse (Thanks!) Time for an #introduction.

We're a UK-based #nonprofit set up by @JeniT with a mission to campaign to give communities a powerful say in decisions about data to create a just, equitable & sustainable world.

We work on #narratives, #datapolicy & practices of #collective & #participatory #datagovernance. We strive to work in the open. Regular #weeknotes here: & info about the team here:

“To see a world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower Hold
infinity in the palms of your hand
And eternity in an hour.”
― William Blake

New Blog Post:
#jdsalinger #collective #universe #quantum #together #iamwriting

Quote: "She wasn't doing a thing that I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the univers together." - J.D. Salinger
11 months ago

People should consider donating to #Zapatista causes. Their system is under constant assault from #capitalist forces. For example, a couple years ago, a #coffee #collective warehouse was set on fire destroying a huge part of the #Chiapas crop.

Chiapas is governed collectively and #neoliberal / capitalist interests always attack such alternatives.

11 months ago

#collective : gathered into a mass, sum, or body

- French: collectif

- German: Kollektiv, Gemeinschaft

- Italian: collettivo

- Portuguese: coletivo

- Spanish: colectivo


Word of The Hour's Annual Survey @

Ophelia :ir: 👾 🏳️‍🌈
11 months ago

Since everyone appears to be doing an #introduction

I'm an #ActuallyAutistic and #ADHD generally stateless being, existing somewhere in the pacific north west, and a few years into my post-late-diagnosis journey of gathering sufficient data to identify what happy means to me and what I need to do to achieve it.

My pronouns are it/she (as in use it/its/she/her interchangeably but I prefer the version that doesn't also assume humanity), I identify more heavily with the #voidpunk movement than I do humans after a lifetime of dehumanization by abusers and NT society, and have been leaning into existing as an energy state rather than attempting to be something I cannot for a reason as inconsequential to me as societal expectation to fit into a neat box.

I do tech by day, and make music by night when I am not also doing tech by night.

I'm glad I finally joined Mastodon. And I'm extra glad I found neurodifferent as a server to join via.

One of the struggles with birdsite I never figured out - and which meant that I rarely if ever used it, except to avoid the stupid popup telling me I needed to log in to keep scrolling to something I'd link clicked on - was the sheer volume of NT bullshit that was there, and would run like an unavoidable oil slick into any search or feed. Interacting with them (even passively) isn't particularly good for my well-being, so I make a habit to stay away from most social media as a result.

Having this individualized approach where everyone on a given instance happens to have a significant overlap in their venn diagram has been so incredibly liberating. Clicking on local and seeing only ND voices is so calming and uplifting, and feels safe, which is rare on the internet.

I deeply believe we are stronger as a #collective and I've been working on adopting as many people into my extended circle as I can IRL to reduce the alienation we all feel.

Thanks @squish for making this thing a thing, the hard work is appreciated.


Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
1 year ago

Anyone know of any open source art "worlds" where everyone shares the #lore and #artwork of everyone else and all contribute to a common open #world ? it seems like I ran into something like this years ago where you could contribute characters, stories, art, music, etc. all in a common world but the content was open for everyone to use.
#creativecommons #artwork #collective #sharedworld #opensource

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
1 year ago

BanchanArt/banchan: The Co-Operative Commissions Platform #art #collective #phoenix #elixir

“Open Climate is a #collective of people dedicated to exploring the intersection between the open movement and the #climatecrisis.”

Call for fellows 2023 open until December 11, 2022
Open Climate seeks seven (7) mid career professionals for the 2023 Open Climate #Fellowship Program.

Christophe Bousquet
1 year ago


I am a #BehaviouralEcologist fascinated by the interface between the #individual and the #collective level.

I now work on #humans, in particular trying to understand the #social influences that are at play when humans eat together.

Before that, I worked on how groups of #meerkats or #mallards take decisions together and on how humans react when they see self-resembling #faces.

I love #music [#metal and #classical] and playing #piano, #chess, #ImprovisationTheater and #football.