LM Little
3 hours ago

"Approximately one-third of the Indian Act pertains to land resources and the #environment. The imposition of western resource management practices in place of traditional land stewardship practices over the last century and a half has effectively continued what the #Canadian government set out to do back in the 1870s, which was to remove #IndigenousPeople from their lands and assimilate them in order to pursue resource development."

#colonialism #LandBack #TRC #cdnpoli

Andrew Spink
6 hours ago

I've just finished The Fraud by Zadie Smith. Thought-provoking and yet lightly written. A joy to read.
Here is what I thought:

#review #bookstodon #ZadieSmith #TheFraud #slavery #colonialism #England #literature #books

Book title and author with large black letters on a yellow background. Heraldic lions with a sugar spoon and sugar cane surround the first word.
Brian Gettler
7 hours ago

An interesting reflection on the #history of transportation and #colonialism in #Canada. I would add that in #Québec and #Ontario, not only did transportation infrastructure contribute to dispossessing and marginalizing Indigenous peoples, but funds held in trust by the Crown for First Nations helped build this infrastructure.

Jaimy Fischer, "Transportation Paved the Way for Colonization — It Can Also Support Reconciliation"

#TruthAndReconciliation #CdnHist

oatmeal 🐧
14 hours ago

Zionism's colonial "sugar daddy" 🧐 ... Some Israeli, including in academia, get really upset when #Zionism is classified as Settler-Colonialism ...

Weizmann requests following the Zionist Commission's visit to #Palestine in 1918 (after the publication of the infamous Balfour Declaration):

"...[But] we find among the Arabs and Syrians, or certain sections of them, a state of mind which seems to us to make useful negotiations impossible at the present moment, and so far as we are aware – though here our information may be incomplete – no official steps have been taken to ***bring home to the Arabs and Syrians*** the fact that His Majesty’s Government has expressed a definite policy with regard to the future of the Jews in Palestine”

Military Governor, Colonel (later Sir) Ronald Storrs reply to Weizmann indicates that, at least at this stage, the British thought they should not disturb the status quo of a Muslim majority territory:

“Speaking myself as a convinced #Zionist, I cannot help thinking that the Commission are lacking in a sense of the dramatic actuality. Palestine, up to now a Moslem country, has fallen into the hands of a Christian Power which on the eve of its conquest announced that a considerable portion of its land is to be handed over for #colonization purposes to a nowhere very popular people. The dispatch of a Commission of these people is subsequently announced … From the announcement in the British press until this moment there has been no sign of a hostile demonstration public or private against a project which if we may imagine England for Palestine can hardly open for the inhabitants the beatific vision of a new heaven and a new earth. The Commission was warned in Cairo of the numerous and grave misconceptions with which their enterprise was regarded and strongly advised to make a public pronouncement to put an end to those misconceptions. No such pronouncement has yet been made; …”

British Government, Public Record Office Cabinet No. 27/23 (1918). In Ingrams, Doreen. 1972. Palestine Papers, 1917-1922: Seeds of Conflict. London: J. Murray. pp. 25-26.


I Like Books
14 hours ago

Book 2 for September 2023

The Half Has Never Been Told by Edward E Baptist

This is a very difficult book to read. It is full of very sad stories about slavery and how that slavery was responsible for the economic growth of much of not just the south in the USA but the north of the USA and even many other nations. It is also a book that should be required reading. Especially in the USA and even more so every white person. It has personal stories and is well documented.

#USA #Slavery #Capitalism #Colonialism

@bookstodon #Books #Bookstodon #Reading

Perfection! Just saw The Queen in Me at the @CanadasNAC - standing ovation for Teiya Kasahara.

Sticking it to #patriarchy, #misogyny, #colonialism, heteronormativity, #racism, anti-#transgender oppression.

Have a peaceful weekend, friends & colleagues.
#ShabbatShalom and #chagsameach

The Queen in Me, Teiya Kasahara
Bunnik lab
1 day ago

Online seminar “Malaria, colonialism and the future fight against infectious disease” by Dr. Jesse Bump from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health.

Monday 16 October 10 am CT.

Send an email to bols [at] uthscsa [dot] edu for Zoom link and password.

#malaria #colonialism #seminar
#parasitology #history

Illustration by Ariel Davis:
oatmeal 🐧
1 day ago

The paradox of the infamous "Blafour Declaration" (1917):

“The most significant and incontrovertible fact is, however, that by itself the [Balfour] Declaration was legally impotent. For Great Britain had no sovereign rights over #palestine, it had no proprietary interest, it had no authority to dispose of the land. The Declaration was merely a statement of British intentions and no more”.

Sol M. Linowitz. 1957. “Analysis of a Tinderbox: The Legal Basis for the State of Israel.” American Bar Association Journal 6 (43): 522–25.


Choice1: Sign treaty with white Christian’s and lose.
Choice 2: Don’t sign treaty with white Christian’s and lose.

#Colonialism #Christianity #DoctrineOfDiscovery #ChristoFascism

Caro S.
2 days ago

"Instead, I refer to the anti-capitalist conception of the term. In this view, acting lazy is read as resistance; as the potentially transformative time to imagine and work towards a post-capitalist, anti-racist and queer feminist political future."

Floris de Krijger, A Fatal Fiction. Projecting Pre-Capitalist Physicality Onto the Javanese Body in Two Regimes of Racial Capitalism

#colonialism #Dutch #laziness #ForcedLabour #RacialCapitalism #WhiteSupremacy

oatmeal 🐧
2 days ago

“It’s not just even that they invested in these companies and made dividends off of or got customs revenue, It’s that they were willing to have their brand literally branded into the flesh of people. This was because, at the time, the slave trade was seen as the way to build an empire and the way to make money to funnel money back into the royal pocketbook.”
#uk #britishmonarchy

A replica branding iron on display at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, England. (National Museums Liverpool)

Great work by Alice Corble & colleagues reflecting on how colonial legacies in library collections at Sussex University & Institute of Development Studies (IDS) were catalogued over time & possible epistemic (in)justices. Given that IDS library was dismantled, this is so important, also for #decolonising efforts.

#library #colonialism #libraries #decolonization

2 days ago

Tired of talking about boomers etc., but consider my advice:

Don't be distracted from the fact that you can't fix #Colonialism #Capitalism etc.

These things & more must be abandoned or you will not have a planet that will be habitable for humans, at least in their current evolutionary state.

Less than 40 or 50? You have a real problem on your hands.

Replacing one colonial concept like capitalism with another colonial system won't work either.

#LandBack #Native #Indigenous #NDN

2 days ago

Today in Labor History September 28, 2000: An uprising, known as the Second Intifada, began after the Camp David summit failed and Ariel Sharon, the butcher of Lebanon, visited the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Thousands of Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers during this Intifada. Just over 1,000 Israelis died. A tribunal held Sharon personally responsible for the 1982 Sabra and Shatila Massacre, in Beirut, during the Lebanon War, in which 3,500 Palestinian civilian refugees were slaughtered by Phalangist forces, as Israeli soldiers looked on.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #palestine #intifada #israel #colonialism

The iconic picture of Faris Odeh, who was killed in early November 2000, throwing a stone at an Israel Defense Forces tank in the Gaza Strip. Fair use,

In this context I will add a link to the the great book of Maksym Eristavi about “Russian Colonialism 1o1” I found Maksym on twitter when it wasn’t yet the z-ylon #disinformation machine and saw many of his great threads about ruz and Ukrainian history.
#ukraine #history #colonialism

3 days ago

Small % of #Indigenous people left (after genocide) keep saying the problem is #Colonialism, we need #Landback & white people keep saying things like it's boomers, we need more democrats, we need socialism, we need green technologies & all these other colonial solutions.

By the time everyone realizes Indigenous are right (if they ever figure it out) they are 60-70 years old, there's new generations of people hugging the same old lies & it just keeps getting worse...

#VisciousCircle #DeadPlanet

3 days ago

🗣 The call for communications for the international congress "Religious Consciences and Colonialism: Experiences and Legacies" ends on 1 October.

The congress will explore religious figures and institutions which raised their voices and took action against colonialism.



#50Anos25Abril #Colonialism #Dictatorships #ReligiousHistory #AntiColonialism #LiberationWars #PortugueseColonialism #Histodons

Poster for the call for papers of the international congress “Religious Consciences and Colonialism: Experiences and Legacies”, organised under the framework of the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of Carnation Revolution. It will take place at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Lisbon between 17 and 19 January 2024. The deadline for proposal submission is 1 October 2023. The poster includes several uncredited pictures of religious missions and processions in Portuguese colonies.
4 days ago

他们说,何必呢,为那种早已被压垮的人们掉眼泪又有何用?毕竟,大家都是这么干的:要么进攻、杀戮、征服、并发展壮大,要么被杀戮、被征服、被消失在时间的长河中。不管皮肤什么颜色,所有民族的历史都是用鲜血写成的。也许就不该再去挑那些伤口。何不一了百了,不再疗伤,彻底摧毁…… 这种逻辑你一定不陌生。其底线就是接受种族灭绝作为“进步”的可接受代价 ……

🧬《转帖 —— 不“可接受的代价”》


4 days ago

Dr Aparna Nair, “When museums hoard the remains of disabled and non-disabled people ( from all over the world like some kind of treasure, and present them in a manner that contributes to the public enfreakment of disability, those of us who are committed to intersectional, decolonial disability justice should be rightfully critical of them.” #AbledSupremacy #colonialism #DisabilityJustice

Eric Morier-Genoud
4 days ago

** Deadline approaching **
5 days to the deadline for submitting a paper proposal for the international Congress on #Religion and #Colonialism in the #Portuguese world -- due to take place in #Lisbon next January 2024. Details here:

5 days ago

#Benin: Bringing Back The #Bronzes

"The #British may have looted the Benin Bronzes from the West African Kingdom in the 19th century, but they couldn’t remove the art form.
Artisans still use the country’s red soil to create #bronze #sculptures, just as their ancestors did decades before."

#AfricanStream #art #craft #arts #africa #nigera #colonialism

T Chu 朱
5 days ago

In my twenties, I and my newly wed husband spent his first sabbatical teaching in Ghana with the best of intentions. I learnt a lot from that experience and saw a lot of saviour complex going on. I realized what people there need is their own resources back, not us telling them what they need.

Companies like shell and BP enforce contracts that wouldn't be legal in their own countries. An indefinite contract that pays 10 pounds a year to pump oil from a particular well for example. Getting your countries to leave is probably far more helpful than anything else you can do.

#Colonialism through #Capitalism

6 days ago

Woman in Struggle by Irene Ropa Rinopfuka Mahamba

#Zimbabweanliterature, #colonialism, #anticolonialism, #Zimbabwe, #rhodesia, #patriarchy, #misogyny, #Zimbabweannationalism, #SecondChimurenga

First printing; published by ZIMFEP (Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with Production).

Nicol Wistreich
6 days ago

"the new generation of agricultural reforms seeks to institute legal & financial penalties throughout the African Union for farmers who fail to adopt foreign-engineered seeds protected by patents, including genetically modified versions of native seeds. The resulting seed economy would transform African farming into a bonanza for global agribusiness, promote export-oriented monocultures, & undermine resilience during a time of deepening climate disruption."

Jussi T Eronen
6 days ago

Tämä uusi "Villin lännen valloitus" sarja on kyllä ihan uskomattoman hyvä. Katselusuositus, on hiukan eri näkökulma kun yleensä, ja tämän jälkeen on melkoisen erilainen näkökulma Amerikkaan ja amerikkalaisuuteen.
#History #UnitedStates #colonialism #WildWest
(english version in next post) 1/n

Miguel Afonso Caetano
6 days ago

#China #Imperialism #Shenzen #Colonialism: "For years, the notion of an ideological struggle between the U.S. and China was dismissed; China is capitalist, they said. Just look at the Louis Vuitton bags. This misses a central truth of the economy of the 21st century. The means of production now are internet servers, which are used for digital communication, for data farms and blockchain, for AI and telehealth. Capitalists control the means of production in the United States, but the state controls the means of production in China. In the U.S. and countries that implicitly accept its tech dominance, private businesspeople dictate the rules of the internet, often to the displeasure of elected politicians who accuse them of rigging elections, fueling inequality or colluding with communists. The difference with China, in which the state has maintained clear regulatory control over the internet since the early days, couldn’t be clearer.

The capitalist system pursues frontier technologies and profits, but companies like Huawei pursue scalability to the forgotten people of the world. For better or worse, it’s San Francisco or Shenzhen. For many countries in the Global South, the model of development exemplified by Shenzhen seems more plausible and attainable. Nobody thinks they can replicate Silicon Valley, but many seem to think they can replicate Chinese infrastructure-driven middle-class consumerism."

Eudaimon ꙮ
1 week ago
"Humanitarian Imperialism Created the Libyan Nightmare"

> "NATO’s military intervention in Libya in 2011, which overthrew the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, resulted in a chaotic and murderous failed state. Libyans pay a horrific price for this catastrophe."

Yet another important article from the great Chris Hedges. Every US citizen should read this and other writings by Chris. I think it's important that the citizens of the country that has had the biggest economic and military power for almost a century, and exerted this in a mafia style, or like a playground bully (with millions of deaths to account for), get to know this.

The US is not the only country behind this savage, deadly interventions: all western powers (this article mentions only France, because it's speaking of Libya in particular, but the UK, Spain, Portugal, and all the NATO allies, actually) are more or less responsible for many of these deadly foreign interventions.

Note that none of the people in these Western powers that has taken the decisions that led to these many millions of direct and indirect deaths (and even more displaced) has had a single trial. Not only that: as Hedges says, they even dare to point at "enemy" countries their faults in human rights (like in China or Russia) (but only in enemy states, never in friendly ones, such as Saudi Arabia or Qatar).

Now one can imagine that the moment that we Westerners lose our mafia-style power over the world, as it is already happening, the outcome probably won't be beautiful. I think Europe is going to go down first, and then the ghosts of centuries of brutal colonialism in Africa, America and Asia will come for us.

Collective traumas are not easily healed, like individual ones. I see what the Israel state does to Palestinians as a good example.

So much unnecessary pain and suffering in the world is mind-blowing.

Please boost

#Imperialism #US #Colonialism #Europe #Genocide #Impunity #War #Libya #Gaddafi #HillaryClinton #Obama #France #Sarkozy
"Business is Booming" - by Mr. Fish.
Between many rows of warheads walks Death, the Grim Reaper, dressed in a work suit, wielding a scythe and wearing a long conic hat, like the ones that the KKK uses, with the words "NATO AID".
Aral Balkan
1 week ago

“I imagine the growth-based economy beet-faced, with clenched, pounding fists, demanding more, faster, and now. A bottomless pit for a stomach, it eats with an insatiable appetite anything and everything within reach. This machine has grown so massive and powerful, I’m uncertain if it belongs to us, or if we belong to it.” – Nikayla Jefferson

Every word of this.

#climateCrisis #growth #corporatocracy #colonialism

Anders Baerbock
1 week ago

It is high time for Spain to start paying reparations to American countries for ~300 hundred years of colonialism and plundering. And the spaniards must pay in a commensurate magnitude.

I want back my gold and silver.

#colonialism #reparations #America #Mexico #Cuba #Guatemala #ElSalvador #Honduras #Nicaragua #CostaRica #Panama #Colombia #Ecuador #Venezuela #Peru #Chile #Bolivia #Paraguay #Argentina #Uruguay #spain #gold #silver #debt

Anders Baerbock
1 week ago

If a man raped your great-grandmother, then the regular descendants of that man (those that were not the product of rape) are not your brothers and sisters, and you should neither bear nor inherit the name of the rapist.

This is especially important when the descendants of the rapist feel proud of the rape.

No descendant of american indigenous peoples, nowadays half-breed, should bear a spanish surname.

#America #colonialism #rape

LM Little
1 week ago

@Minocampbell3 Finished reading Purple Hibiscus. Whoa, what a tale of power abuses and violence hiding behind religion! An amazing first novel! Thanks again for the reminder.
#patriarchy #colonialism #Nigeria #books #bookstodon

Jack of all trades
1 week ago

"No, Kurzgesagt, We WON'T Fix Climate Change - The Danger of Fake Optimism"

BadEmpanada dissects toxic positivity of capitalist propaganda on climate. He doesn't mince words, I love it.

The promises made today are garbage. You need to get angry. You need to get furious and you need to demand far, far more.

#doomers #capitalism #colonialism #neoliberalism #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

unofficial ZNet
1 week ago

In September, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger formed the Alliance of Sahel States (#AES) to address common challenges in the region.

The AES aims to establish collective defence and mutual assistance, driven by growing frustration with French #colonialism and military interventions in the Sahel.

#africa #burkinafaso #mali #niger

John Sóos 🍉
1 week ago

@GW Why on Earth does so much of the world continue to tolerate this narcissistic, racist, psychopathic war criminal ? Instead of kowtowing to this settler colonial, apartheid-enabling parasite, he needs to be incarcerated.
Free #Palestine from #Apartheid #Israel.
#humanrights #warcrimes #colonialism

Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

From yesterday: “The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy and the Path to a Shared American Future” looks to the deep #history of bigotry in a policy of religious colonialism that dates back to the 1400s. At the same time, it also looks toward a less racist future.

#books #religion #Christianity #racism #WhiteSupremacy #Fascism #Colonialism

Kim Todzi
1 week ago

Thank you for the interest in our panel "German #Imperialism revisited" at this year's
@historikertag #Historikertag2023. It was an exciting discussion.
#Colonialism #histodons @histodons

1 week ago

🇬🇼 The internacional conferente "The Unilateral Proclamation of Independence of Guinea-Bissau: Fifty Years Later (1973-2023)" begins tomorrow, 22 September.

Those who are not able to join us in Lisbon, can participate via Zoom.


#Histodons #GuineaBissau #Colonialism #AntiColonialism #LiberationWars

Poster of the international conference "The Unilateral Proclamation of Independence of Guinea-Bissau: Fifty Years Later (1973-2023)”. 22 and 23 September 2023. ColégioAlmada Negreiros, Auditorium A14 and A224 and via Zoom. The poster includes a photograph of the First People's National Assembly of Guinea-Bissau, in the liberated region of Madina de Boé, showing the audience sitting on chairs (with their backs turned) and Aristides Pereira giving a speech. Behind Aristides, you can see a banner with the text "The People's National Assembly is the first in the history of our land", a photograph of Amílcar Cabral, a Guinea-Bissau flag and a second banner with the text "The People's National Assembly is concrete proof of the sovereignty of our people and their degree of national consciousness".
oatmeal 🐧
2 weeks ago

A unique coming-of-age story from the lost world of #ArabJews

Avi Shlaim was born in Baghdad and grew up in Israel. He is a Professor of International Relations at St Antony's College, Oxford. His previous books include the critically acclaimed The Iron Wall and he writes regularly for the Guardian, Middle East Eye and other outlets.

In July 1950, Avi Shlaim, only five, and his family were forced into exile, fleeing from their beloved Iraq into the new state of Israel. Now the rump of a once flourishing community of over 150,000, dating back 2,600 years, has dwindled to single figures.

For many, this tells the story of the timeless clash of the Arab and Jewish civilisations, the heroic mission of Zionism to rescue Eastern Jews from their backwards nations, and unceasing persecution as the fate and history of Jewish people. Avi Shlaim tears up this script. His mother had many Muslim friends in Baghdad, but no Zionist ones.

The Iraqi Jewish community, once celebrated for its ancient heritage and rich culture, was sprayed with DDT upon arrival in #Israel. As anti-Semitism gathered pace in #Iraq, the Zionist underground may have inflamed it – deliberately.

This memoir celebrates the disappearing heritage of Arab-Jews – caught in the crossfire of secular ideologies.

@histodons @israel @palestine

2 weeks ago

Conditions on Earth may be moving outside the 'safe operating space' for humanity, according to dozens of scientists

By Laura Paddison, CNN

Published Sep 14, 2023 2:12 PM EDT

"The nine boundaries, first set out in a 2009 paper, aim to establish a set of defined 'limits' on changes humans are making to the planet – from pumping out planet-heating pollution to clearing forests for farming. Beyond these limits, the theory goes, the risk of destabilizing conditions on Earth increases dramatically."

Read more:

#PlanetaryBoundaries #LimitsToGrowth #Extinction #NoJobsOnADeadPlanet #ClimateCatastrophe #Polycrisis #Colonialism #Capitalism #EndGame #Greed #NoPlanetB #LoveYourMother #ClimateActivism #CallToAction #ClimateJustice

More than 2,000 researchers have signed an open letter requesting the #repatriation of a #dinosaur #fossil to #Brazil. Some say the case highlights a pattern of #scientific #colonialism in #paleontology.

Essie :enby:
2 weeks ago

The way the western world has handled the pandemic is rooted in colonialism and white supremacy.

In the past, europeans travelled the world, killings millions and ending civilisations by spreading disease. The same thing happens now. When white people found out that Black people are disproportionately the ones dying from COVID, we stopped caring about precautions. We denied vaccines to the global south and hoarded them, letting them expire. Whiteness says we owe nothing to anyone else, and this is seen when we realised masking protects others. So we stop masking, because we don't owe others any protection.

White supremacy largely contributed to where we are today.

#CovidIsNotOver #colonialism #AntiRacism

Jack of all trades
2 weeks ago

After a years-long permit process and legal trials, the Land and Environment Court of Appeal (MÖD) has finally given the green light to Vattenfall's wind farm.

The interests of the Sami community regarding reindeer husbandry have been taken into account, but MÖD considers that the wind farm does not make reindeer husbandry impossible on the site.

The law has spoken and claims to know better than the indigenous tribes. What a slap in the face.

#wind #colonialism

Jens Notroff
3 weeks ago

Empty lands: How #archaeological tropes, from "social collapse" to "abandonment" perpetuate (settler) #colonialism.

A view from the U.S. Southwest - and beyond, by N. C. Laluk and J. Aguilar: via @SAPIENS_org

Grateful Dread
3 weeks ago

New 📘, looks excellent!

Mah juxtaposes the petrochemical industry’s destructive corporate worldviews with environmental justice struggles in the US, China, and Europe: multiscalar activism—a form of collective resistance that spans local, regional, national, and planetary sites and scales and addresses the interconnected issues of #EnvironmentalJustice, #climate, #pollution, health, extraction, land rights, workers’ rights, systemic #racism, and toxic #colonialism

3 weeks ago

Seeing the Parthenon Sculptures still being called 'Elgin Marbles' is a sad manifestation of colonial audacity that names famous masterpieces after the colonials who looted them.

The British have undoubtedly been the best scholars of ancient Greece, for the past two centuries. Some, like Lord Byron, are part of the fabric that made modern Greece. Yet, the stain of the 'Elgin Marbles' remains deep and indelible.

Image: Phedias vs modern public British sculpture (#sarcasm)

#Art #Colonialism

A British colonial looter, Thomas Bruce, the 7th Earl of Elgin, sawed off the majority of Phedias' sculptures from the Parthenon of Athens, and shipped them to England where he sold them to the British government for almost peanuts, presenting as a proof of ownership a translation of an non-existent Ottoman permission. Just the kind of business one would expect from a colonial 'nobleman'.

Repeated efforts to 'clean' the sculptures from ancient colors, at times seen as 'dirt', have resulted in their considerable damage, while in the British Museum. The last of them(?) in the early third of the 20th century, by a rich art dealer, great donor of the British Museum, who decided that the ancient colors preserved on the surface of some sculptures were not of his taste, and proceeded to their complete removal with chisels and sand paper, damaging the sculptures.

Pictured here is one of the surviving horses of Selene of the East Pediment of the Parthenon, carved out of Pentelic marble in the 5th century BC under the direction or by Phedias himself.
Sorry Henry Moore, I did that intentionally.

There are numerous great British sculptors worth praising and admiration, but the fact that such an abomination as the one in the image is called 'art' and is displayed publicly just because it fits a current 'politically correct' narrative is indicative of the artistic shallowness of the groups that supported it. Their intention was not to produce art, but to tell a story.

Sadly, as it turns out, one cannot tell an appealing story with unappealing artless 'art'.

Priceless artifacts found near untouched Beothuk site in central Newfoundland

* Beothuk Lake: last refuge for Newfoundland Indigenous
* struggled w. European diseases, violent encounters, losing crucial migration routes to colonization
* Shanawdithit, last Beothuk, died in 1829

* indigenous people who lived on island of Newfoundland
* culture formed ca. 1500 AD

#Canada #Newfoundland #Indigenous #Beothuk #genocide #archaeology #extinction #colonialism

3 weeks ago

Because #ItsNotOnlyTechThatMatters

"In what historians often describe as the initial genocide of the 20th century, Germany bore responsibility for the mass killings of Indigenous Herero and Nama individuals in the region now known as Namibia, formerly German South West Africa.
In 2021, Germany officially recognized its role in [the Namibia genocide] and pledged one billion euros in financial assistance to the descendants of the victims."


1 month ago

Today in Labor History September 3, 1838: Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery in Baltimore, Maryland to freedom in the north, where he became a leader of the abolitionist movement. During his lifetime, he wrote 3 autobiographies and became a best-selling author. He also fought for women’s suffrage and was the first black man nominated to run for vice president. Douglass opposed colonialism and segregated schools. He was the most photographed American of the 19th century, never smiling once for the camera so as to not play into the racist myth of the happy slave.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #slavery #Abolition #FrederickDouglass #feminism #segregation #education #colonialism #author #writer #biography #BlackMastadon @bookstadon

Douglass in 1879, with gray hair and beard. By George Kendall Warren - This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing., Public Domain,
1 month ago

#books #history #BritishHistory

i was researching how breadfruit trees were moved around the world by colonials and came across this quote on the wikipedia entry for william bligh: "In order to win a premium offered by the Royal Society, he first sailed to Tahiti to obtain breadfruit trees"

it's not the first time i've seen references to royal society competitions/prizes/quests and i'd like to learn more about this subject.

but the histories of the royal society that i've come across so far have been in that sort of "heroic colonial"/"great man" mode.

i'm looking for something that's more along the lines of "what role did the royal society have to play in the movement of plants and other organisms?" it seems like they were putting out these "challenges" for "explorers", but that's where my knowledge ends.

i'd also be happy to read a book that's about the role of the royal society in empire-building & colonialism in general.

thank you in advance!

i'm tagging a bunch of stuff in the hopes that someone might be able to direct me: #STS #ScienceStudies #HistoryOfScience #CulturalAnthropology #plants #colonialism #SaturdayLibrarian #AskALibrarian #BotanyHistory #ColonialHistory #HistoryOfEmpire #CulturalStudies

On this day in 1962, Trinidad and Tobago gained independence from the United Kingdom. Happy independence day, friends!

#Trinidad #TrinidadAndTobago #WestIndies #Colonialism #UK #UnitedKingdom #Independence

Trinidad and Tobago national flag: black stripe with a white border, stretching diagonally from top-left corner to bottom-right corner, over a red background.
1 month ago

#tech #AI #ML #SF

sound familiar?: "Welbe comes back about a year later, once again in prison, and says, “You know what, that plan is not going to work anymore, but I've got a better plan because I've actually figured out the secrets to the philosopher’s stone and now I can actually just make gold and silver myself. All I need is some start-up money from the Crown or Parliament to get it off the ground.” Needless to say, it didn’t work, and his trail goes cold at that point. " - Prof. Philip J. Stern talking about his new book "Empire, Incorporated"

#books #history #colonialism #empire #imperialism #BritishHistory

1 month ago

About to be hot off the presses, *Russian Colonialism 101* by Maksym Eristavi. Looks beautifully illustrated and designed.

#russia #bookstodon #colonialism

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

It would appear that “former Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach has threatened the University of Cambridge with legal action after a historian named her as a descendant of merchants who enslaved his ancestors.”

Oh, my… It would be a damn shame if more people knew of this so please do not boost this post.

#AntoinetteSandbach #SamuelSandbach #Sandbach #british #slavery #britain #slaveOwners #tories #tory #conservatives #uk #cambridge #colonialists #colonialism

“14 African nations still use the CFA Franc, a currency imposed on them by France in 1940s when they were still colonies. The value is pegged to the Euro so those African economies are still deprived of economic sovereignty to this day.”

(Edit: forgot to include a link to the source. My bad.)


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Narrator silhouetted against a bright yellow background that morphs into various maps and video clips in sync with his words.
Matthias Zeeb
1 month ago

I have for a long time been thinking that the study of #economics should start with a unit on the socio-economic history of #Haiti.


Priscilla Stuckey
1 month ago

New at Nature :: Spirit:

"In old Hawaiʻi, turning water permanently out of its streambed was against the law. It wasn’t just illegal, it was unthinkable. Because to the Hawaiians, ola i ka wai: water is life. Water is for everyone, and for everyone equally."

Where Water Wants to Go: thoughts on Lahaina, colonialism, and mālama ʻāina, or caring for land

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Dhyan Nada
1 month ago


How can you offset destruction by dislocating climate-damaging #CO2 to another place /time? You monetarize #emissions in form of a license to kill the environment while somewhere a few trees might be planted or a forest is not being cut down - in theory.

Net zero arithmetics shift a lot of waste industrial #capitalism produces to the Global South or in dubious CCS-projects -
#Green #colonialism for a #white conscience.

Absolute emission reduction is the only way - #degrowth.

Rui Malheiro
1 month ago

@gotofritz and that's one of the issues. Have you ever wondered WHY so many different cultures speak English?


Baroness Von Sketch perfectly illustrating the ridiculousness of most land acknowledgments. #Indigedon #LandAcknowledgement #Comedy #BaronessVonSketchShow #Indigenous #IndigenousMastodon #colonialism #Colonization #ComedySketch #CBC

Molly White
1 month ago

We also talked about the #colonialism of the #Worldcoin project, and how it's so emblematic of the tech industry practice of using the developing world as its testing ground.

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"Our recovery from the wildfires can’t just be about combating climate change—it has to be about returning control of our cherished lands to the people who hold them dear"


#ClimateChange is the consequence of #colonialism and #genocide


Ruth Mottram
1 month ago

Fascinating insight into the notable rise of a pan-European #Civilisationalism : I recognise some of this for sure.

In Timothy Snyder's final episode on #themakingofmodernukraine he described the rise of the EU as not so much a #peace project but as a response to the failure of #colonialism abroad. There is certainly a parallel in this piece.

Having shaken off nationalism, #Europe risks civilisationalism from @TheEconomist

Hannu Ikonen, MD
1 month ago

4 out of 5 doctors know its absolutely essential to human health that many billionaires and fossil fuel execs drop fucking dead as soon as is possible.

This ad brought to you by a guy "raised to be" a Lutheran Christian Conservative by RWNJ Club for Growth parents, whose lived experience is so flagrantly disastrous that hes somewhere between anarchosyndicalism & eco-anarchism in 2023.

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1 month ago

if you've read about water not being released to fight the #lahaina fire, you should definitely read this excellent article on water rights in #maui , co-authored by Kapuaʻala Sproat, a native hawaiian law professor :

tbh, everyone should read this article because it shows just how messed up the water situation is on the islands.

it also shows the confusing ways that colonialism has operated here & how it continues to operate. i've seen property records that show native hawaiian owners in one year, then 5 years later, mysteriously, there's a western name listed, despite no record of a sale. this was in the 50s/60s. this stuff is common.

it's important to recognize that a big part of the strategy of colonialism here is creating these convoluted legal histories that end up hiding whatever might have really happened, but at the end of the day, somehow the land is no longer yours and the water is no longer yours either.

so yea, read the article. it IS confusing. that's how colonialism works around here.

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1 month ago

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Warum gab es auf Maui kein Wasser zur Brandbekämpfung?

Wie Kapitalisten Katastrophen dazu benutzen, Rechte von indigenen Einwohnern einzuschränken bzw. wieder rückgängig zu machen, um Ressourcen für Profit und Reichtum weniger zu plündern.

>> Das ist ein klassischer Fall des feigesten Katatstrophenkaptialismus: Eine kleine Elitegruppe nutzt eine tiefgreifende menschliche Tragödie als Fenster um einen hart erkämpften Basisisieg für Wasserrechte rückgängig zu machen und gleichzeitig Beamte zu entlassen, die für die Profis der Regierung politisch unangenehm sind.<<

"Sie wusste auch noch etwas anderes: dass die einzige Kraft, die hoffen konnte, diesen Diebstahl zu stoppen, organisierte Basisgemeinschaften sein würden – obwohl diese Gemeinschaften bereits an ihre Grenzen gestoßen waren, um Leben zu retten und nach verlorenen Angehörigen zu suchen.

Der Katastrophenkapitalismus – die altbewährte Taktik, Momente extremer kollektiver Traumata auszunutzen, um unpopuläre Gesetze, die einer kleinen Elite zugutekommen, schnell durchzusetzen – basiert auf dieser grausamen Dynamik. Wie Lee Cataluna, ein indigener Journalist aus Maui, kürzlich feststellte, konzentrieren sich die Menschen an der Front der Katastrophe zwangsläufig auf „Überlebensthemen“. Ankündigungen. Dienstleistungen. Anweisungen. Helfen."

Genau deshalb ist diese miese Taktik oft so erfolgreich.

1 month ago

The #1 problem, thanks to #Colonialism, which includes #Capitalism, is that people think of themselves as separate from "nature".

#Native #Indigenous thinking is the true reality. We, along with all life are a part of the land, water & air. Life & nature are one, including human beings.

And we are very sick. Life, land, water & air are polluted & poisoned; habitats are destroyed; diseases are rampant.

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Anne Fausto Sterling
2 months ago

I know. I know. Climate change is to blame for the terrible fires in Maui. But wait! #Colonialism destroyed stable ecosystems
#sugarplantations #destructionofnativevegetation #invasiveplants

"plantation closures in Hawaii allowed highly flammable nonnative grasses to spread on idled lands, providing the fuel for huge blazes." "Varieties like guinea grass, molasses grass and buffel grass — which originated in Africa and were introduced to Hawaii as livestock forage"

demï7en 🎗
2 months ago

Some say you can tell peoples' character by how they treat their animals.

I'd argue you can also tell their character by how they treat their neighbours.

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Caramelized Shallots
2 months ago

>>As the world’s eyes fixed on the community, Ing said Lahaina’s pre-colonial history is particularly important for people to know—not just for the sake of Lahaina’s Native residents, but because it reveals the deeply unnatural roots of this so-called “natural” disaster.

After all, he noted, Lahaina used to be a wetland.<<

#Maui #Lahaina #Hawaii #Fires #ClimateChange #Colonialism

Jan Penfrat
2 months ago

@Loukas @aral @EU_Commission

I hear what you're saying @Bossito but you need to consider that #EU foreign policy (and indeed many other policy areas) is still almost entirely driven by member states' political interests, in particular ex-colonial powers like #France, #Italy, #Spain and to some extent #Germany. So yes, #colonialism must absolutely be part of any EU #history exhibition.