Marcia Nelson Pedde
4 days ago

autumn starts painting
earlier than usual
these colours of fire

#amwriting #nature #seasons #autumn #color #colors #colours #observations #poetry #haiku #senryu #3lines

Marion Boddy-Evans
5 days ago

That's my painting delivered for the "Colours" exhibition by Aberdeen Artists Society at The Milton Art Gallery at Crathes of Milton. My first time heading west of Aberdeen instead of south, albeit not very far. The in-house art critic aprised me of various sights, including undertakers next to restaurants...
#FlowerPainting #ScottishArt #Colours

Collage of three images. Bottom is close up of gallery entrance, top left is a wider angle of the gallery in Milton of Crathes steading, top right is me holding my "Flower Garden" painting outside the gallery
Stefanie Neumann
1 week ago

A #soundless dance of leaves, as they fall to the ground, while Autumn #colours intensify as the sky turns #persimmon. I walk, my feet on the ground, my head up high, and #strive for nothing when I find a #smile.


#BrknShards #vss365 #vssnature #rise365 #whistpr

Keith Brooke
1 week ago

Another from that wonderfully atmospheric sunset the other day.

#OutdoorPhotography #atmospheric #nature #landscape #landscapes #LandscapePhotography #mist #fog #orford #colours #sunset

misty sunset
2 weeks ago

Went to the art store
markers of all skin #colours:
I picked up a box.

#vss365 #haiku #poetry #writing #WritingCommunity

2 weeks ago

Today I learned #TIL that #languages can be categorised by the basic #colours they have words for. Some have just two whereas others have 12 (Ciao Italiani!)
Thanks #duolingo

News18 India
2 weeks ago

According to the notification, the department has been receiving proposals for granting permission for all Bengal luxury taxi permits for vehicles to be painted in any colour other than white or cream
#LuxuryTaxis #Colours #White #Cream

Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

Finally the penny has dropped! I have an exhibition showcase at a rather conservative #embroidery festival. My #BiodiversityShrines are provocative in a region with farmers who spray pesticides twice when the soil is broken (their logic) and far too many people vote for Le Pen. My idea: I build them up as #archaeological #museum exhibits from the #future! #Subversive. Catch them by #beauty and #colours and when they are hooked ... bang! 😁 #EcoArt #ArtActivism #assemblage #activism #biodiversity

Tiny ants made of rocailles and the finest wire sitting on violet silk for a test.
Watering a big piece of bark from a wild cherry (prunus avium). It looks like a papyrus roll. Therefore, I want to fix it like this. On the inside, I want to stitch a fantasy writing with yarn, as if it is a find of an ancient civilisation. Wild cherries are a common tree at forest edges but more and more die because heatwaves and droughts are too much for them.
A red vintage cigarette tin box for an assemblage because we "burn biodiversity away". It is wallpapered with a page from a vintage dictionary that begins with the word "human". Other words are checked, forming a story. Inside, a "spider's web" of raw silk is laid out. The cigarette slogan is visible on the lid: When only the best will do. I plan an installation with my small ants but have still to craft some.
2 weeks ago

Die #Natur stellt langsam um auf #Herbst 🍂, auch wenn der ausklingende #Spätsommer ☀️ noch mal sein Bestes gibt. Die Farben der Natur werden warm und wohlig, und auch die Bienen 🐝 haben schon ihre warmen Stulpen 😉 angezogen.

#Nature is slowly changing over to #autumn 🍂, even if the fading late summer ☀️ is still giving its best. The #colours of nature are getting warm and cosy, and the #bees 🐝 have already put on their warm gauntlets 😉.

#fotografie #photography #insectsaturday

DE: Herbstastern im Sonnenlicht, auf einer Blüte sitzt eine Biene und holt Nahrungsvorräte für den kommenden Winter.
EN: Autumn asters in the sunlight, a bee sits on a flower and collects food supplies for the coming winter.
Marcia Nelson Pedde
2 weeks ago

soft scent of summer
lingers ... as autumn dabbles
in colors of change

#amwriting #nature #observations #summer #autumn #change #colors #colours #poetry #haiku #senryu #3lines

3 weeks ago

(Попалась на глаза визуальная рифма к DJ Сабрине the Teenage DJ:)

Valerie Potter, Untitled (VP68), 2021, cross stitch on fabric, 44.5 × 34.5 cm ⦾ #ValeriePotter #crossstitch #fiberart #selftaught #colours #comparisons #rhyme #DJSabrinatheTeenageDJ @djsabrina #DJSTTDJ #2020s

Valerie Potter, Untitled (VP68), 2021, cross stitch on fabric, 44.5 × 34.5 cm // A vibrant, colorful surreal composition with a blonde heroine in profile, strange flowers, a blue finger tree, an asymmetrical creature on the left and a shrimp bird on top. // Яркая, полная красок сюрреалистическая композиция с героиней-блондинкой, изображённой в профиль, диковинными цветами, голубым пальцевым деревом, асимметричным существом слева и птицей-креветкой сверху.
3 weeks ago
the roamer
3 weeks ago


Didn't know about Lomochrome Purple. It has the subtle pastel tones of the old autochrome process, though the manufacturer does not seem to market it as such. Or is the secret in your processing? Either way, your Surf School photograph and its colours are an autochromistic masterpiece!

Can't resist adding a link to the greatest autochrome photograph ever, by one of the photographic gods:

#colours #autochrome #lomochrome #Brandi #Lartigue

Mike Riversdale
4 weeks ago

The dawn promises a drying day and it delivers. A full washing line is a thing of beauty that deserves a moment's admiration.

#colours #photography

Full washing line with clothes of all colours
Jeffrey Bouter
1 month ago

I don't really share my tattoos on social media, but this one seems fitting for mastodon :-) done by my fiancé (as are most). Nice way to play around with colour transitions and lack of outline. Really happy with the result! #Debian #tattoo #colours

Mike Riversdale
1 month ago

Who doesn't love a Dragonfly, the universally admired flying beasts that dart about as we stand by watching with mouths open and eyes popping.

#insect #colours #CloseUp #photography #NaturePhotography

Dragonfly on a windowsill
Eric Maugendre
1 month ago

Congratulations @fox !

Ceanothus ‘Concha’ flowers grow from lilac to cobalt: #flowers #colours

Steven Lawson Photography
2 months ago

Driving down a country lane to visit relatives, I noticed a derelict motor garage, which turned out to have some lovely colours and textures among the stonework and corrugated iron.
#photography #abstract #textures #colours

Portrait format colour image showing the corrugated iron doors of a derelict motor garage which were painted a dark green which is now faded with time to a paler green, except for a rectangular patch which was once covered by a sign which has remained dark green, and two small glass windows, one of which has original blue painted showing through the green. Reflected in the uppermost window is the dome of a disused forecourt pump, while the lower window has the reflection of wild grasses which have sprung up to consume the forecourt.
Portrait format colour image showing flaking green and yellow paint on rotting woodwork and render on the outside of a derelict motor garage.
Portrait format colour image showing rust eating away at the painted corrugated iron door of a derelict garage, with layers of bright blue, dark blue and green paint contrasting with the rust colour.
Portrait format colour image shows the old iron letterbox set into a cream coloured wall. The letterbox is painted a dull dark green, as is the number 4 which is below it on a small metal plaque, while the green leaves of a weed are growing on a long stalk which is standing in front of the wall and growing up across the letterbox.
2 months ago

Cootamundra (purple) wattle (Acacia baileyana purpurea)

Stunning purple-grey leaves complementing lush golden yellow flowers. Perfection.

How good is #MotherNature.

#WildOz #NativeOz #Nature #BloomScrolling #Flowers #Joy #Trees #Photography #Photo #Australia #Wattle #Acacia #Colours #PhotoOfTheDay

As described.
2 months ago
Laurent Jégou
2 months ago

A quick survey about colored gradients in maps, for my next paper, only 8 simple questions:

Please share!

#cartography #colors #maps #colours

A colored gradient from light yellow to a deep red-purple, in 8 steps.
2 months ago

I came across an interesting street planter this week. Nestled within it wonderful yellow and purple colours glowing in the sun.

See what you think of this unusual mix - petunias and, what I think might be, ornamental cabbages?

#Flowers #Gardening #Nature #BloomScrolling #Colours
#Sunlight #Sunshine #Plants #Photography

As described
As described
As described
Benita Skinner
2 months ago

The August Featured Pattern of the Month:
Colour My World 🥰👏🖍️🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

#quilting #sewing #rainbow #colours #pattern

Colour My World quilt, with crayons & rainbows.
Close up of Colour My World quilt.
Veera Laukkarinen
2 months ago

Minulle on kuvailtu laukun väriä useaan otteeseen, mutta en vain näe sitä vihreänä millään.

Tämä on vain yksi esimerkki monista vammani aiheuttamista riesoista. Värit vääristyvät ja sekoittuvat aivan muuksi väriksi. Tyypillisimmät sekoittuvat värit ovat omalla kohdallani olleet harmaa/sininen, vihreä/sininen, vaaleanpunainen/oranssi, valkoinen/keltainen ja violetti/viininpunainen.

Otin laukustani kuvan, jotta näette konkreettisen esimerkin tästä värien sekoittumisesta. Kuva laukustani on oikeansävyinen ja toinen kuva on sininen väri, jonka näen laukussani.

#kuurosokea #blind #sokea #värit #colors #colours #RetinitisPigmentosa #UsherSyndrome #UsherinSyndrooma #näkövamma #VisualImpairment

Vihreä(?) Huisteil olkalaukun takaosa. Ylempänä Huisteil logo ja hieman alempana metallinen vetoketju.
Sininen sävy.
Mike Riversdale
2 months ago

Above the very visible and in your face bar The Rogue & Vagabond is the fantastically furnished Bedlam & Squalor. If it's a steam punk essence, or socialist revolutionaries, or even esoteric music that you're after, this is the place for you.

(I couldn't decide on which photo, one is very arty, the other has a people and I know some of you love photos with people, so today we get both)

#SteamPunk #bar #pool #sofa #warm #colours #TeWhanganuiATara #Wellington #Aotearoa #NewZealand

Woman plays pool in a bar with gorgeous wearing behind her
Pool table in the corner of a bar with gorgeous wearing behind her

@drwpow there are some nice ones like #ColourPicker on #Linux, but if you need something beyond "what color is this pixel" and/or "how does #00FF00 & #Ff8000 on #000000 look like?" then is propably the way to go...

Unless you do industrial design for products, then you basically need #RAL and/or #PANTONE reference #colours.

Also @randomColorContrasts is a cool bot sometimes offering good and inspiring colour pairs...

James Fine Art
3 months ago

Watercolour Pallette - a watercolour by James McCormack, Artist. Seen from above, with a brush.

This is a real artwork made by a real human using traditional watercolour, brush and paper painting skills #watercolour #palette #variety #colours #brush #fromabove #color #mixing  #ink #MastoArt #MastoDaoine #BuyIntoArt #red #yellow #blue #watercolor

Watercolour Pallette. Seen from above, with a brush.
3 months ago
3 months ago
3 months ago

2nd pic has a Matariki poster.. taken at Dunedin Public Library 11 July, and lots of colourful butterflies! 1st pic was at Dunedin Botanic Garden, 4th.. colourful rocks gathered by Nigel. Pics by @unearth

#butterfly #butterflies #library #camellia #beach #rocks #colours #shape #nature

Large white camellia flower in mid-winter with a wonderful spray of beautiful long golden anthers from the centre. Camellia taliensis.
Dunedin Library. Matariki poster in centre and many strings of multi-coloured butterflies hung from the ceiling. The butterflies are cut from coloured card.
Close-up of a red butterfly from the display.
Nine stones or small rocks, various shapes and colours, gathered by Nigel and arranged in a rough 3-by-3 grid on the sand at Taieri Mouth.
Jon Sullivan
3 months ago

There are fireworks photos, and then there are photos of fireworks reflected in wet sand.

The tide was out during last night's fireworks display from the New Brighton Pier, so I had lots of fun with the reflections. It's the first time I'd tried this and I like how crazy the images look.

The full-res originals are on Flickr (

#fireworks #photography #colours #nz #art

A colourful abstract photo of fireworks reflected in wet sand.
A colourful abstract photo of fireworks reflected in wet sand.
A colourful abstract photo of fireworks reflected in wet sand.
A colourful abstract photo of fireworks reflected in wet sand.
Jon Sullivan
3 months ago

Last night was the annual fireworks display from the New Brighton Pier in Ōtautahi-Christchurch, NZ. It was an amazing, still, moonlit evening, and it seemed like half the city was there on the beach to watch.

I just uploaded my favourite photos to Flickr. Here is a selection.

#fireworks #nz #NewBrightonPier #OtautahiChristchurch #colours

A of a silhouette of a person standing on wet sand on the edge of the beach backlit by colourful fireworks being launched from the New Brighton Pier.
A of a silhouette of a person standing on wet sand on the edge of the beach backlit by colourful fireworks being launched from the New Brighton Pier.
A photo of some of the many families gathered along the beach to watch the fireworks display. Here children are playing with sparklers.
A of a silhouette of a person standing on wet sand on the edge of the beach backlit by colourful fireworks being launched from the New Brighton Pier.
Alex Hesse
3 months ago

Hier etwas aus meinem beruflichen Umfeld. Entstanden ist dieses Foto vor ca. 3 Wochen beim Drachenfest auf der Insel Fanø.
#streetphotograhy #Sundowner #kitefestival #kites #fanø #denmark #colours #fineart #silhouette

Zwei sogenannte Bol - aus meist buntem Spinnakertuch genähte Windräder mit einem Durchmesser bis über 20 m - drehen sich vor der untergehenden Sonne. Dadurch wirft eine dahinterstehende Person einen Schatten auf das Segel. Die Form der Bol ist ähnlich einer Schüssel mit einem großen Loch im Zentrum.
James Fine Art
3 months ago

Colours of Wine

Colours of Wine is a mixed media piece containing a face, a wine glass and wine bottle, in blue, green, orange, yellow, black and white.

#colours #wineglass #winebottle #FediGiftShop #wine #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #jamesmccormackartist
#MastoArt #face #mastodaoine #blue #green #orange #yellow #black #white

Colours of Wine is a mixed media piece containing a face, a wine glass and wine bottle, in blue, green, orange, yellow, black and white

echo '*** An important reminder to use your new knowledge only for good, which includes annoying those who oppress you ***' | fmt -w36 | lolcat -f -F 0.6 | ansi2html -ip | sed 's,$,<br />,g;' > ~/Desktop/h.html ; open ~/Desktop/h.html

#cli #shell #lolcat #colours

a block of text on a white background, with the characters coloured in diagonal rainbow stripes. The text reads: *** An important reminder to use your new  knowledge only for good, which includes annoying those who oppress you ***
Steven Lawson Photography
5 months ago

Walking alone in night-time city streets in the rain

Bright lights bleed, warp and glow. The streets are like an abstract painting.

#photography #abstract #rain #neon #UrbanPhotography #colours

The reflection of bright red neon lights is caught in rainwater at the edge of a pavement in the city centre, where the light refracts into beautiful pools of colour on the dark ground
The reflection of a strip of bright pink neon lights is caught in rainwater pooling on and running down the roof of a car parked on a city street.
The glow of pink neon light is cast across a rain-soaked, empty city centre street where the heavy drops are causing circular ripples in a puddle. In the distance can be seen the red and green dots of traffic lights
Rainwater runs down the gentle slope of a black car's roof, caught in the bright orange glow of lights from a nearby building that make the rain look like searing-hot, molten lava
Ian Tindale
6 months ago

@colours that’s all very well, but try this – same colour but pushed outside the limits of hex RGB, using OKlch,0.299,340.02,100

oklch(68.14% 0.299 340.02)

(What’s OKlch? What even is LCH? – here: )

#colours #colour #oklch #lch #rgb

A colour picker with the oklch representation of the hex triplet Ff1dce but which is able to extend into P3 colourspace giving an even more vivid rendition (and there’s still room to make it more vivid yet!)
Merly Black
6 months ago

Hello Mastodon! Look, a new batch of #homemade #colours is ready! I have used powdered pigments from the Sennelier brand, and a homemade binder made from diluted honey, gum arabic, and raw egg (the transparent part).

Fun fact: I'm French, and the three plates you see on the picture are what we traditionnally use to eat snails 😅 (I don't eat those, I only use the plates for painting purposes!)

Three porcelain plates with six holes each, containing homemade colours from powdered pigments and a homemade binder. The plates lay on a brown wooden floor.
Jon Sullivan
7 months ago

This evening's sky in Ōtautahi-Christchurch was proudly brought to you by *all the colours*.

(Photos from my bike ride home from work. I wasn't the only cyclist stopping to photograph the sky.)

#colours #rainbow #sunset #Aotearoa #NZ

A photo showing part of a bright double rainbow.
A photo of a double rainbow of Ōtautahi-Christchurch this evening.
A photo of the sunset this evening from Ōtautahi-Christchurch, NZ.
A photo of the sunset this evening from Ōtautahi-Christchurch, NZ, showing dark shadow bands across a fading orange sky.
Chloe Cumming
7 months ago

Self portrait with a Bent Head: updated

#drawing #art #mastoart #pencil #colours #neurodivergent

🧮 Artist: #RiskRock / Kelly #RISK Graval in City: #Ontario
former Sudbury General Hospital StJoes, Canada 🇨🇦 - Title: "Goodtimes" (📷 by californialocos) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Abadonned 🌈 #Colours

Street art. On a 80,000 square foot 
modern building complex, consisting of several high concrete blocks, a colorful mural was sprayed / painted. This large canvas requires around 700 gallons of paint, and hundred of cans of spray-paint. The complex is a hospital, stands directly on a lake and was completely "covered" with color. In all rainbow colors, this gray concrete giant now shines in hippie style.
Kelly Graval, is a multi-talented visual artist, illustrator and graffiti artist. Known as Risk, he has been synonymous with the Los Angeles art scene for decades. With a 30-year career, RISK has already embarked on many other art paths as a world-renowned graffiti legend. You can see his art in exhibitions, galleries and museums around the world, but he also likes to team up with other stars of the art and music scene to explore new avenues.
Stefano Marinelli
8 months ago
Two Colours

The road we have traveled has brought us to where we are.
The road of the past, untraced but clearly visible in the present, makes us who we are today.
And even if, looking back, the world seems to be Two Colours, we must always remember that looking forward, sooner or later, we will find the Rainbow.


PS: I usually write my vision of the meaning of the photo in the Alt Text

#Photography #Photo #Green #Blue #Landscape #NaturePhotography #Italy #Colours #Meditation #Memories #Peace #Relax #PhotoMonday #BlueMonday
This photo has two main strong colours, green (plants) and blue (sky). The green part has a field full of plants and the trace of a bicycle's tyre, clearly visible, some trees and a strong blue sky. The trace is our past and the symbolism is that we can see where we come from (even if it wasn't a clear, proper road). Even if everything seems to be just of two colours (all the same, not bad but predictable and boring), if we turn around and continue moving ahead, we'll eventually find the rainbow (something different, more colourful, worth living).
Stefano Marinelli
9 months ago
Look at the world with the colours inside you
and you'll see the colours on the horizon, too.

#Photography #Photo #Cat #Cats #CatsOfMastodon Happy #Caturday #Animals #Colours #Colors #Life
Closeup of a cat looking at the horizon, colours have been reduced (but not totally black and white), the only colour you can clearly see is the colour of the eyes. Even if everything seems or is grey, never stop searching for the colours in your life.

🌞 MOIN, Ihr Bunten*innen☀️😁
🔴 Okudas unverwechselbare Stil mit bunten Figuren und Farben lässt seine Kunst, wie aus einem Paralleluniversum erscheinen.Wild. 🌈
🔴 Okudas distinctive style with bright figures and colors makes his art, as if from a parallel universe. Wild. 🌈
➡️ Artist: #OkudaSanMiguel #OKUDA
#Streetart #Mastoart #Art
#Popart #Surrealism #Colours
#BuonGiorno #Bonjour #Okut #GutenMorgen #GoodMorning

Streetartwall. A high Rise House with a Mural. Geometric rainbow patterns with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals and symbols. Colorful pop surrealism that is difficult to describe.
Streetartwall. A high Rise House with a Mural. Geometric rainbow patterns with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals and symbols. Colorful pop surrealism that is difficult to describe.
Streetart. A huge Sculpture of a sitting chicken. Geometric rainbow patterns with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals and symbols. Colorful pop surrealism that is difficult to describe.
Streetart. Streetartwall. 6 Pics with Mural and sculptures. Geometric rainbow patterns with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals and symbols. Colorful pop surrealism that is difficult to describe.
Charles Harper
9 months ago

Same #tree a year later in 2022. Branch tracery against the pale rainbow of #colours that make up the lake, the shore and the sky. I made adjustments to the photograph but added nothing. It's almost impossible to capture nature's true light and colour.

"Life is a train of moods like a string of beads and as we pass through them they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue, and each shows only what lies in its focus."
Ralph Waldo Emerson #poet #viewpoint #art

💲Artist: #HannibalAndersen in City: #Copenhagen Denmark 🇩🇰- Title: "Can you own a color? " (Kann man eine Farbe besitzen?) Painted in 2 Colors: #GrundfosRed and #Mærskblue #Trademark !! - (📷 by Muralistasista )
- #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork #Colours #trademark #Painting

Huge street art wall. A multi-storey house in the city center . The wall is divided into four squares and painted in red and blue. Across the entire center of the surface is a dollar sign, each colored contrair to the background. The question "Can you own a color?" refers to the colors used "GrundfosRed" and "Mærskblue", which have been secured by companies as trademarks and therefore may no longer be used publicly.
Petra van Cronenburg
9 months ago

Even in the darkest #winter, there are #colours in our #naturepark #VosgesDuNord. You find them on #wood, mostly #DeadWood. #WinterSolstice #fungi #lichensubscribe

#GreenElfcup Chlorociboria aeruginascens (blueish-green), #DryRot (brown) and #YellowScale (yellow).

The beautiful yellow #lichen Xanthoria parietina is resistant to #pollution and used as a #biomonitor for heavy metals and #nitrogen pollution. You find it often near agriculture because it looks for high nitrogen levels in the air.

Fungi and lichen colour wood in brown (dry rot), green (Chlorociboria aeruginascens) and yellow (Xanthoria parietina lichen).
Wood coloured by the fungus green elf cup. The fruiting bodies at the left - and mycelium growing into white parts of the wood.
Fruiting bodies of the green elf cup fungus. Macro. The look like small cups.
The beautiful common orange lichen Xanthoria parietina on a twig
Charles Harper
9 months ago

If there is one colour that excites me more than all the others it’s this particular tint of blue. In Scotland Harebells are what we call Bluebells. These English Bluebells we call Wild Hyacinths. They grow all over the #isleofskye but not hidden away in the woods. Here they cover the roadsides and braes. They are found by the seaside too. These were photographed near Loch Bracadale last May. Shades of #blues with the tiniest touch of red mixed in #heavenly #wildflowers #colours

🌞 MOIN, Ihr Bastler*innen☀️😁
🔴 Jen betritt mit Ihrer #Papierkunst die dritte Dimension, gepaart mit verspielten Farbspektren. Jetzt wird bunt.
🔴 Jen enters the third dimension with her #paperart , paired with playful color spectrums. Now it's getting colorful.
➡️ Artist: #JenStark
#LosAngeles USA 🇺🇸
#Streetart #Mastoart #Art #3dArt #BuonGiorno #Bonjour #PaperArt #GutenMorgen #Colours #GoodMorning

Paperart. Colorful cube
Paperart. Flower made from many layers of colored paper
Paperart. Cube on the wall, made from many layers of colored paper
Paperart. 6 Pics of colurful geometric objects, made from many layers of colored paper
10 months ago

I may have gone a lil overboard with this colour system. #fictiveworks #colours #design

Series of colour ramps with different shaded boxes and name labels describing the different combinations. The hues are named ‘bismuth’, ‘nickel’, ‘arsenic’ and ‘cobalt’. The saturation and lightness changes are named ‘primary dark’, ‘primary shade’, ‘primary light’, ‘primary tint’, ‘spot dark’, ‘spot mid’ and ‘spot light’.