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power up with a carrot!!!11!111!!!
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Detective Tso’s head is rotating round, as a carrot and a ‘power up’ sign are collected. Carrots can bring you back from the brink of despair and collapse. Collect carrots for a strong heart and a winning smile.
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#イラスト #一次創作 #silbe #創作漫画 #comicartist

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long days, long days
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Hiske the owl is astonished that Detective Tso has forgotten that Oat is an owlet.
…Tso had indeed forgotten, but once reminded, talks enthusiastically about how well Oat is, and how much Oat likes sleeping in the airing cupboard.
Fraser the cat cannot believe that these misunderstandings happen so much…. Every day, every day.
Ross Young
2 weeks ago

I was debating doing Beezy and Grim seasonal cards to people. In typical fashion I went with designing the card before looking at how I'd do that. This was one design!

#Beezyandgrim #Beelzebub #GrimReaper #WebComic #cartoon #comicstrip #dailycomicstrip #greetingcard #comicartist #comicart

Everett Wilson
2 weeks ago

Yuval Robichek’s dialogue-free comics are so adorable :bunhdheart: #ComicArtist #Webcomics #Cartoons #recommendations #Comic #ComicsReadToday

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….lack of learning from spelling mistakes -_-
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Johanna Taylor ✍️👻📚
2 weeks ago

✨ New blog post is up on my coffee-land! ✨

I have a whole backlog of these over there! Available to read for all one-time and monthly supporters! <3

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Blurred photo with caption: "Newsletter #8: One Momentous Month"
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tuning, tuning, one two three
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Detective Tso: let’s check the forecast on the radio…..
Detective Tso tunes the cat radio to get the forecast. The cat radio is not amused…
The eggs say they are NOT for tuning.
The forecast is terrible- danger! Danger! Severe weather alert! Stay inside! High winds!
4 weeks ago

To Wander returns with a new page. The next page is already up on my website where you can read everything leading up to this point for free, without ads, and no paywalls.

#webcomic #comic #ComicArtist

Panel 1, Curio is startled to see the space fish as turned into a parson with fish like features. Panel 2, the fish person says "I can't tell where you are from." Panel 3, the fish person continues "I can't send you back. Maybe we can send you... Now that is an idea!" Panel 4, the fish person pokes Curio sending them falling backwards into the void. The fish person says "that settles it. Enjoy your trip!"
1 month ago

I didn't mention it this year but I drew a Halloween Special comic a few years back. I followed it up with a bunch of short comics about the characters' continuing adventures. It 100% free to read. No ads or Patreon paywall.

It is all ages but I was kind of pandering to 30 and 40 year-olds' nostalgia.

#Comic #Halloween #ComicArtist

The cover of the comic with the title The Perils of the Lantern King. The cover depicts the pumpkin headed Lantern King floating over a town on Halloween night.
Johanna Taylor ✍️👻📚
1 month ago


It's finally time! THE GHOSTKEEPER is for finally open for PREORDERS!!

My debut YA graphic novel hits shelves on
✨ July 23, 2024! ✨

#TheGhostkeeper #yagraphicnovel #penguinteen #preorder #comics #johannamation #comicartist #graphicnovel #comingsoon

The front cover for my debut YA graphic novel, THE GHOSTKEEPER, which is now available for preorder. Releases July 23, 2024.
1 month ago

hey kids, Skids! roll your way to……
#illustration #comics #comicartist #comicart #artwork #tso #comicpanel #catcomic #eggeyes #detectivecomics

Fraser is wearing special glasses that turn the spidergiants into fried eggs… BUT the other eggs are hiding behind the glasses and providing eyesight.
1 month ago

Here was the night falling onto the trees and here were the lamps from the houses peeking through and here were the flooded fields, rushing.
#illustration #comics #comicartist #comicart #artwork #tso #comicpanel #trees #trainwindow

Revisiting trad style tonight! I have a horror anthology I'd like to make someday, I want to pay homage to the classics, so I need to get back into the habit of drawing vintage. ✍🏻

#vintagecomics #comics #comicart #sketching #doodles #artistsonmastodon #art #artwork #comicartist

Digital drawing of men in profile and portrait done in a vintage comic book style.
1 month ago

Hello, I have a web comic! It's free! I'd love if you read it, I'd love it more if you told me if you liked it. We've got crime, magic, and witty banter!

You could get in now while there's a bit too read but not so much to catch up on it's overwhelming! #art #webcomic #mastoart #comicart #badinfluencecomic #originalcharacters #comicartist

A square banner advertising a webcomic called Bad Influence, the title is in the tip of the image, the background is a bar with lots of tables and chairs. A man and woman stand facing each other with their arms folded respectively.
A cover page for a comic called Bad Influence, the title is in the upper left, the background is a bar with a mirror and some bottles of alcohol on a bar. The foreground had a large table with seven people seated at. The head of a table is a woman with purple hair, she's standing. To the viewer's right is a person holding a clip board, they also have bunny ears, seated below them along our right side of the table we see the back of an elf woman with dark skin and blue hair, below her we se the back of a girl with cat ears, a striped tail and short blond hair. On the table to our left closest to the viewer is a dwarven man with long brown hair in a pony tail and a short leather jacket, above him is a woman making notes in a journal, she has red straight hair and wear a blue coat, above her as a large muscular man, his arms behind his head as he leans back in his chair, he has cinnamon colored hair and a beard.
A comic page consisting of 5 panels, the first panel is a woman with short blond hair and cat ears looking form side to side, the second panel is the same woman with cat ears seated at a table with a woman with dark skin and long blue hair, the catgirl is asking "how long have you all been together?" 3rd panel: five people seated around a table dimly lit by a lantern, the blue haired woman responds "It was Tass and Vrilla first, I think. They come from somewhere down south. Tass took a job working for Havyn and convinced her to let us operate here." Vrilla, a woman with long, straight red hair said "Correct." 4th panel: The catgirl asking "I wonder how she did that..." 5th panel: The catgirl sits next to a dwarven man who is slumped back in his chair, hands folded over his stomach, one eye is open looking at the catgirl, he says "You should ask her"
A single panel from a comic, the background is an old tavern with latticed windows. A man and woman are pictured waist up in the foreground, the man is looking at the woman asking "An update?" The woman responds "It's more likely than you think."
Bwillett Comics
2 months ago

Double updates continue on Midnight Month! New page of the Horror on Tapas and the official site (there will also be a new Webtoon episode later this week) Read the newest page of my long running horror comedy in the links below. #webcomic #comics #art #horror #comicartist

Official Site:

2 months ago
streaming announcement
Dungeon Delves
2 months ago

Hey everyone!

I'm currently very busy preparing for my 2024 calendar, Thought Bubble convention in Novemeber, and guest GMing for Roll for Good's charity stream at the end of October. So in order to prepare for all this, I'm going to take a little break from making comics.

I hope you'll enjoy the slight change of pace in content that'll be here over the next 2 months, but don't worry, the comics will return in December! Thank you all for sticking around~

#Comics #ComicArtist

"Rushing around getting stuff done."

Image of Dungeon (they/she) running about with a piece of toast in their mounth, carrying a giant 20 sided die under one arm, and a large bag over their other shoulder.

This one is probably only relevant for any Danes following.

I drew (didn't write) a comic for upcoming Danish anthology, Skumringstid, about nordic folklore!

Below is a link to the kickstarter to get it printed and we'd appreciate the hell out of any support!!🙏

#comic #comicartist #comicart #nordicfolklore #folklore #art #artist #kickstarter

Martha Crimson
2 months ago

I want to draw my comic assignment, but yesterday I made a GIGANTIC vegetable stew, so now I'm caught making freezer meals.

#StoryOfMyLife #ArtistLife #comics #ComicArtist

Matthew Huntley
2 months ago

I had a blast painting this commission of classic DC Comics villain Giganta! I'm available for work, by the way! I'd love to do more like this on something official!

#painting #illustration #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalpainting #humanart #humanartist #clipstudiopaint #giantess #gts #macro #MacroArt #art #GiantWoman #macrophilia #macrophile #cityscape #sfw #dccomics #fanart #size #sizeart #comicsart #supervillain #wonderwoman #giganta #comicartist

Digital painting of Giganta battling jet planes to protect New Themiscyra sky filled with explosions
2 months ago

Comic artists, I am begging, PLEASE put content warnings not just at the start of upsetting chapters, but for the WHOLE comic. If stuff is gonna happen later, I might not want to read your comic at all. I don't want to waste my time getting invested only to get triggered. @_@

#comics #comicartist #comic

Mega Maiden
3 months ago

I've hit a bit of a rough patch and my bank account is definitely getting close to being over drawn so I'm gonna open like 3 slots for commissions.

40$ b/w 65$ color
Samples is portfolio
#commissionsopen #artist #comicartist

An unfinished drawing discovered in an abandoned sketchbook... Mignola-esque cover/poster for WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM 2!

Should I finish it? 😂

#ArtistsOnMastodon #PenAndInk #drawing #illustration #ComicArt #ComicArtist

Black and white ballpoint pen drawing featuring characters from the hit 80's sword and sorcery classic Wizards of the Lost Kingdom 2!
3 months ago

If you're looking for a comic book artist for either internals or cover work. Make sure to check out Roy Huteson Stewart. His illustrations are fantastic! 👽

👉 #ComicArt #Comics #ComicArtist

A selection of illustrations by Roy Huteson Stewart.
Ryoko Morningstar
3 months ago


There are none, you have no obligation to finish or rush. This is meant to be fun.

If you are so kind to tag #inkseptober
If and when you post your horrrific undead creature… I mean picture.

Also, if the topic is too hard to draw, skip it or add another thing, just as long as you draw each day, if you are able.

#illustration #illustrationartists #anime #manga #whimsical #goth #halloween #allhallowseve #samhain #witches #digitalart #painting #fanart #illustrator #comic #comicartist

Ryoko Morningstar
3 months ago

Welcome to the newest punk on the block. I present Inkseptober.
This isn’t you’re Me-Ma’s controversial ink-in-october thing. This one is 2 months, why, I dunno, capitalism and how Christmas stuff is already in stores and something about religion….. ANYWAYS.

#illustration #illustrationartists #anime #manga #whimsical #goth #halloween #allhallowseve #samhain #witches #digitalart #painting #fanart #illustrator #comic #comicartist

Ryoko Morningstar
3 months ago

Welcome to the newest punk on the block. I present Inkseptober.
This isn’t you’re Me-Ma’s controversial ink-in-october thing. This one is 2 months, why, I dunno, capitalism and how Christmas stuff is already in stores and something about religion….. ANYWAYS.

#illustration #illustrationartists #anime #manga #whimsical #goth #halloween #allhallowseve #samhain #witches #digitalart #painting #fanart #illustrator #comic #comicartist

Might as well introduce myself!
Hello, I'm Jake but you can call me Bernadaite :sickos:​:sickos2:​

:sparkles_pride:​ +30 queer french guy! (I mostly speak English here)
:sparkles_pride:​ I'm a #nsfwartist and also a #comicartist !
:sparkles_pride:​ No limits in drawings but I do have my preferences (check my tags/gallery)
:sparkles_pride:​ I can (and I will draw) #guro #oldmanyaoi #unsanitary #oc (occasional #underage ) sometimes, I draw #furry art, i'm really into #chubby characters , but I love #horror / #gross aesthetics.
:sparkles_pride:​ Me not following you doesn't mean I don't want to talk to you! Sometime I forgor to follow back (old)

:furaffinity:​ #furaffinity :
:butt_plug:​ #website :
:tomnook_blink:​ #onlinestore :


Metin Seven 🎨
4 months ago

In the mid-2000s I created a newspaper comic strip series about a sheep and a mole.

The main characters were produced as limited-edition vinyl toys and USB lamps by Crazy Label in Hong Kong, and sold in designer toy stores around the world.

Most of the comic episodes can be found here:

#toy #toys #comic #comics #sheep #SheepOfMastodon #ComicArt #DigitalArt #writing #scenario #gag #cartoon #mole #3d #3dArt #gags #webcomic #comicartist #CharacterDesign

Four episodes of the Seamour Sheep newspaper comic strip series.
Four episodes of the Seamour Sheep newspaper comic strip series.
Four photographs of the vinyl toys and USB lamps that were derived from the Seamour Sheep newspaper comic strip series.
Four photographs of the vinyl toys and USB lamps that were derived from the Seamour Sheep newspaper comic strip series.
4 months ago

"At first, everything seemed normal. Just a stroll along the canals, as she had done so many times before. But then she looked up.

Above her head, the canal, houses and people curved up into -somehow- infinity."

For Netherrealms ✨


#onlineComic #webcomic #webcomics #mastoComics #ComicArtist #ComicBookArtist #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #CreativeToots #DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #illustration #fantasy #fantasyArt #graphicNovel

netherrealms illustration of dutch canals
Caytlin Vilbrandt
5 months ago

My turn for an #introduction -- my name is Caytlin and I'm a #comicartist in my 30s! I draw a graphic novel called Tamberlane that's serialized online.

As for myself, I'm a #disabled #queer #artist and I post about #ffxiv, #warriorcats, #druidry #pagan, #furry, #ttrpg etc!
💚 Read Tamberlane:
💛 My Patreon:
🧡 Ko-Fi:
❤️ Portfolio:
💜 Tumblr:

A comic page. Tamberlane (a little girl) attempts to figure out how to communicate, signing in frustration before asking "Am I from Abroad?"
A comic where kids are arguing over who got the TA fired.
A comic where two kids are getting in a huge fist fight
A comic where a little girl is signing and asking if she's a monster, and her adoptive bat mom is telling her no, she's her Tamberlane

This post will collect all the hashtags that either describe me or my interests, so they don't clutter up the actual introduction post above!
:ablobfoxbongo: HERE WE GO :ablobfoxbongohyper:

Me: #vegan #swedish from #norrland (living in the UK) #pansexual #queer #daoist #taoist #selfpublished #comicartist #adhd

Interests: #gaming #wrestling #twitch streaming #comics #taichi #lewd comics #gardening #zerowaste #fashion #TraditionalArt #RescueDogs

gif of me giving my senior rescue dog some treats. He says: mmm indie comics yum yum.
beautiful photo of my terrier cross called Petie. He is sitting down dressed in a whole bunch of rainbow gear. He has big batlike ears.
angled shot of a comic character being painted. there's also some masking tape on the paper. the character is smoking a vape like thing. she has an asymmetrical haircut
a gutter witch with blackened teeth and black facepaint on her forehead. She's giving a thumbs up and looking quite delighted with the whole situation.
6 months ago

That's right, I'm back baby! But I'm gonna need some help... 🥺👉👈 Pledge to my DeviantArt Subscriptions @ if you can, or pledge to me on if you'd prefer. Also, a NUDE VERSION of this update comic is available for Bonus Bin supporters only! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Thanks loves :3

#DigitalArt #supportartists #patreon #deviantart #helpneeded #helpme #announcement #update #digitalartist #cartoon #comic #comicartist #artist #artists #artistsonmastodon

Carolin Reich
6 months ago

Monthly Overview blogpost about the last month and what will come the next is live on Patreon.

Yes a day earlier. I will do these on the last day of the month from now on :)

#patreon #promotion #comicartist #crowdfunding

All 263 pages of inks for THE GHOSTKEEPER are done.
✍️ ☺️✌️

#graphicnovel #comics #YAfantasy #victorian #theghostkeeper #comicartist #artistsonmastodon

A zoomed out photo of an online folder containing 263 files.
Ashley Porciuncula
7 months ago

Thrilled to hear that the Zip team has reached their funding goal for this incredible work. 👏 Zip is a black and white British comic about imperfect superhumans, and (secretly) about disability.


#Comic #Comics #ComicBook #ComicBooks #ComicArt #ComicArtist #Superhero #Superheroes #Kickstarter #KickstarterCampaign #KickstarterCampaigns #Disability #Disabled #DisabledArt

A comic book page with four panels. A girl is waking down a path saying, "So I can't be normal. I can't be abnormal. Can't go on dates. Can't hold down a job. Can't help anyone. What good am I?"

In another panel, a small boy is in a tree. The tree limb breaks and he falls, shouting "Susie! I can't get out! Help!"
7 months ago

La Llorona, resident badass from the Sparrow getting the drop on some baddies! - it's like Percy Jackson meets the X-Men but even more gay!

#drawing #drawings #comic #comics #makecomics #comicart #comicartist #superhero #illustration #mastoart #creativetoots

A drawing of the character La Llorona from the comic, the Sparrow, leaping down on toward the bottom of the page.
Keeper of the orb
7 months ago

back cover for arc 16
you can see the full cover in wrap-around glory via the hi res link on the site:

please support me making art!!

#comicartist #webcomic #comic #comics #webcomics

watercolor & ink cover art. a colonized moon hangs low in a rainy night sky. two human(oid) figures are facing off in a field of strange alien grasses. one spreads his arms in provocation, holding a weird knife. the other has his back to the viewer and his hand is glowing with a strange energy. small dragon-like creatures flit around them as they prepare to fight.
Jenn Alarza
8 months ago

Hey friends, I want to follow more comic artists here! I've been absent for a while but I still like this place a lot :)
So please recommend #comicartist #MastoArt #comics

8 months ago

If I made a webcomic series it would be of little slice of life moments like this.

Hawkey cleaned my bong recently. Let’s just say I’d gotten used to the resin buildup.

#HawkmanAndMittens #Hawkman #Mittens #Hawk #Raccoon #Comic #Webcomic #ComicArtist #Artist #Illustration

Leigh Licorish
8 months ago

Hello there #PortfolioDay !

I'm a Bajan-British comic artist actively seeking any sort of work, ideally with comics / posters!

#MastoArt #Transformers #Sonic #PowerRangers #Comics #ComicArtist #Illustration

Comic illustration of all the Power Rangers from Boom! Studios
Comic illustration of all the characters (the good guys) from IDW'S Sonic comics
Digital painting of Megazord and the Power Rangers from the original show
Soundwave from IDW'S Shattered Glass Transformers series
Carolin Reich
8 months ago
Infografik Patreon Carolin Reich  4
Tier 1 - Tiny Tadpole
º Weekly Early Access: latest
webcomic page 21days before official upload

 º Access to the Patreon-Discord-Channel

     º Attend the exclusive livestream
(Second wendesday every month)

     º Your name in the webcomic - credits
Infografik Patreon Carolin Reich  5
Tier 2 - Lovely Lizard
º Access to the Sketch-Archive
(exclusive WIP-work back to 2017)
º Monthly Choose-Conceptblog
º Monthly Poll for an VA-Illustration
º Submit requests for the livestream
º Physical NewYear Postcard
º unpublished Sketchbook entries
º WIP and Making Offs of illustrations
º Comicbook Sketchpages
º Process Videos

+ everything from lower tiers
Infografik Patreon Carolin Reich  6
Tier 3 - Furious Frog
º Monthly New Full-HD Screensaver

º Monthly .PSD Bundle of my working files all layers and effects - webresolution

º Access to the download-archive,
which includes all former screensaver and .PSDs not available anywhere else

+ everything from lower tiers
Infografik Patreon Carolin Reich  7
Tier 4 - Badass Basilisk

On join - download the online finished VA
comic-chapters as .PDFs. (Vol 1-5 ) 

º Monthly physical limited print reward 

º Get something extra next to the New Years Postcard (like e.g prints, keychans, stickers)

º Your name in the credits of the physical books. (Initial Release)

+ everything from lower tiers
Carolin Reich
8 months ago

Hey Guys. I'm turning 35 this month (at the very end) and my greatest wish actually is being able to do more own comic and illustration work - so having 35 Patreons at this point would be a real nice step in this direction. So let me show you, why you should join. :)

Please share this post and the following (I'll answer to this one)


#patreon #mastoart #selfpublisher #comicartist #artistsupport

Infografik Patreon Carolin Reich  1
Caption: My Patreon got revamped. 
Let me show you what it is all about.

The campaign is mostly concentrated on
Vom Anfang/The Origin Story - a fast paced comedic adventure drama, where almost everyone is
a chosen hero and struggles to meet expectations. 

(The new Volume 6
just started there today :D
Infografik Patreon Carolin Reich  2
Caption: But it’s also about my
other work,
which ranges from colorful Fantasy to (sometimes sexy) wanna be edgy illustrations and DnD-Drabbles (Honestly I’m very obsessed).

I post most of the sketch-backlog to Patreon.
Infografik Patreon Carolin Reich  3
Project 'Choose'.
Caption: And there is a completely new project, 
„Choose“ which I’m currently developing and
sharing exclusively to Patreon.

From early drafts, style experiments
and design choices to script writing and later exclusive comic pages.

Fantasy, Slice of Life, Drama, LGBTQ+, 16+
8 months ago

My pages for the next Sparrow issue has a nice color theme that I absolutely dig. It's about fey nobility and I think it gives that energy.

#webcomic #webtoon #comic #comics #comicart #comicartist #illustration #illustrator #lgbtq #mastoart #creativetoots

A screenshot showing thumbnail previews for all 24 pages of my next Sparrow issue.
Carolin Reich
8 months ago

No April Joke!

My Patreon is back :D
So is the monthly illustration.

Weeeeh - Have a Vivien in all her glory <3 I love her. And if you want to get your hands on a limited print of this piece you find out how here:

I'm super satisfied how this piece came out, drawing the little details on her desk was a lot of fun.

#illustration #Comicartist #vomanfang #mastoart #makeup #cellshading #digitaldrawing

Comic Illustration.
A black woman with bright long hair, sitting in front of a art deco like mirror, painting her lips with a violet lipstick, while looking at her reflection. The desk is crowded with makeup supplies, paintbrushes in a jar an jewelry.

Hope your day is going better than Dorian’s 🦅 🦅 🦅

I’m officially *halfway* through inking THE GHOSTKEEPER. ✨ Still lots left to do, but I’m proud of my progress so far. ☺️

#graphicnovel #crows #ya #theghostkeeper #makingcomics #inking #wipart #ogn #comicartist #johannamation #victorian #horrorcomics #yafantasy #artistsonmastodon

A black and white lineart comic page featuring a young Victorian man named Dorian get attacked by crows in a bog and running away back to town.
8 months ago
streaming announcement
9 months ago

Clip Studio Paint's latest upgrade included some 3D head models that you can shape, so I molded them to try and make reference for Sparrow characters. The transition from 3D to hand-drawing worked better for some characters than others, but after I make adjustments, this is going to be a great resource.

Check the alt text for the character names!

#mastoart #creativetoots #comic #comics #comicart #comicartist #webcomic #webtoon #ocs

Headshot drawings of the following characters from the Sparrow: Scott, Markos, Ana, Natsumi, Tybalt, Conalt, Oberon, Titania, and Ben
James Kersey
9 months ago

4 more! I think I have one more batch after this. #drawing #art #sketching #comicArt #ComicArtist

A large-headed child seems to be gleefully ready to activate a trigger for an unseen device. Two onlookers seem interested or concerned.
Looking out a spaceship window at other spaceships
A man holds a container with a squid-like entity exiting from the top.
Two robots staring enigmatically at me as I draw them.
PJ Holden
9 months ago

#introduction #intro - Hi! I'm PJ Holden, #2000ad #comicArtist and all round decent egg. You might have seen my work on #JudgeDredd or #SoulPlumber or working with #GarthEnnis on a variety of war stories.

I have a patreon where I show behind the scenes art and keep a work journal -
A blog -
A Portfolio -

I have a largely atrophied twitter profile here (but I wouldn't recommend twitter)

9 months ago

Scene 2 progress ✨

Pages inked & flatted: 12/12
Pages shaded/lettered/done: 8/12
Overall progress: 83%

I'm pretty stoked.

That is all.


#onlineComic #webcomic #webcomics #mastoComics #ComicArtist #ComicBookArtist #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #CreativeToots #DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #illustration #fantasy #fantasyArt #graphicNovel

It is I, Paul.
10 months ago

I'm very nearly done plotting the 6 issue ark of my first episodic #comicbook project, I Am Cauldron, and I'm loving it! It's a superhero origin story rooted in the mythology of my native Cymru. Now I just need to write it, and find a Welsh #comicartist with whom I can collaborate - if you know one, please do point them my way 🥘❤️⚔️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

A screen capture of a grid of virtual sticky notes, mapping out the structure of a story to be written.
💫 hyly 💫
10 months ago

Today's a great reminder to support local #IrishBusiness given the news of Argos today. I'm an #illustrator and #ComicArtist and I love making #F1 related art! But I also make #anime #manga and #VideoGames merch too!

Check out my shop @

#Formula1 #MastoArt #CreativeToots #Comics #SmallBusiness #Ireland #SupportCreators #SupportSmallBusiness #BuyLocal #ShopLocal #ShopIrish #Boost #FollowCreators #MastoDaoine #IrishMastodon

A pink advertising image decorated with green indoor plant leaves around the edges. There's 4 squares that show off some of my products including a motorsport fiction comic book called Paradiso, a F1 car keychain, sticker and badge that has the Pride Flag colours on it, a Daniel Ricciardo art book and a Sebastian Vettel anime art print. The test on the image reads: "Unique F1 Art and more! shop now @"
11 months ago
An illustration of a man and a woman walking through a snowy forest
An illustration of a very dark skinned elf woman with a piece of cake
An illustration of a man and a woman, the woman has her head on the man's shoulder. The woman is asking would you break me out of prison if I got, uh, if I got arrested? The man is replying no.
An illustration of a man and woman in a tight hug
Daniela Schreiter
1 year ago

Hey ihr Lieben, ein bisschen #FuchskindWerbung! 🦊 Inzwischen sind schon sechs Comics von mir bei Panini veröffentlicht worden, der neueste ist “Fabulöse Fakten“ mit ganz vielen faszinierenden Dingen aus der Wissenschaft für kleine und große Füchse! Meine anderen Comics handeln von Autismus, entweder biographisch oder wie bei Lisa und Lio als kleine Geschichte 😊. Vielleicht passt ja davon etwas auf eure Wunschliste 😁🎄.

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Foto: Fünf Comics liegen auf einer Galaxy-Decke. Die Comics sind Schattenspringer 1 bis 3, Lisa und Lio und Die Abenteuer von Autistic-Hero-Girl.
Foto: Mehrere Ausgaben des Comics Fabulöse Fakten liegen auf einem Stapel. Grundton ist blau, ein Fuchs hält ein Notizbuch, mehrere Sprechblasen um hin herum sind zu sehen, sie beinhalten kleine Grafiken von einem Hai, einem Schmetterling, einer Katze und Pilzen.
Daniela Schreiter
1 year ago

Und wieder was an Lisa und Lio 2 weitergezeichnet. Es geht nur sehr langsam voran, aber jeder Fortschritt zählt 💜.
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Jack Taylor
1 year ago

Thought I should do a more thorough #introduction since the influx of follows (hi all!)

👋 I'm Jack, I'm an #Illustrator and #ComicArtist in San Diego. I'm a #Queer #TransMan, and I love examining queerness and masculinity in my art!

Upcoming projects:

🌲 A collection of queer interpretations of Robert Frost poems in comic form

🤠 A queer #WeirdWest #Arthurian comic

I'm nerdy about:
#BlackSails, #DoctorWhoEU, #StarTrek, #Poetry, #FatT, #Nature, #QueerHistory, #Knights, #Cowboys, #Antarctica

Fitz Kreiner, a man in a 50s collar shirt, red pants and Beatle boots, sits on the edge of his bed tuning his electric guitar. The room is messy and contains a lot of books and ephemera, including a frames picture of two women, a stuffed tiger, and a little poster of Prince.
Tow cowboys sit on a fence. Behind them is a purple twilight sky and a murmuration of starlings. the two cowboys look tenderly at each other, one lifts his hand to gently touch the other man's face
warm and sunny scene of an orange grove with a sigh that says "fresh oranges, next right" a car that looks like it has a early-60s spoiler on the back has careened off the road and into a large ditch beside the road. To men sit a ways off: one is sitting staring at the car. the other smirks and offers forward a freshly picked orange
Chris Hallbeck
1 year ago
A comic about pineapple pizza.
Nicole Hardy's webcomics
1 year ago

Hello! My name is Nicole Hardy and during the day I work as an Animator, and at night I like to draw and write.

I'm hoping to restart some old webcomics in the new year, but in the meantime you can read the old Issue 1 of The Adventures of Super Fat Rat here;

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Kit Seaton
1 year ago

Greetings, fellow kids!

So stoked to be here! I’m a full-time comic artist from Savannah, Georgia. Most of my work has been for teen/young adults featuring predominantly girls and lgbtq characters in the fantasy and #supernatural thriller genres. I have worked as a college art prof, a barista, and a big box store sales associate. I also have a background in #theatre and #CostumeDesign.

Please do say hi! I’m friendly!👋

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Cover for the graphic novel AFAR, written by Leila del Duca, edited by Taneka Stotts(Image Comics), features the face of a young woman of East African heritage. Her hair is tightly braided on the top half of her head, but is loose behind her ears and falls to her shoulders. She wears large circular earrings. Her expression is gentle with a soft smile. Her face is uplit with blue light. She holds her left hand up to her face, and gently cupped. In her hand and around her face, tiny floating nebulas, stars, and planets float about. The background is a deep purple. The title AFAR is in blue hand letters in the upper part of the image.
The cover image for WONDER WOMAN WARBRINGER, written by Leigh Bardugo. Adapted by Louis Simonson. The title is center of the image and is framed in a gilded icon of a shield with the Wonder Woman logo. Behind it are bust up renderings of two young women. The one of the left, facing left, is Diana, Princess of the Amazons, in a simple leather cuirass, her arms crossed in front of her, clad in gold bracers. She is white, her dark hair is loose and flowing over her right shoulder. She wears a gold circlet and arm band. Her expression is fierce. To the right of her is Alia, a young black woman of African and Greek heritage. She tautly holds Diana’s golden lasso that whips in circles behind the girls. Her expression is also fierce but with a slight smile. Behind them is the New York City skyline. Below them are the wave dashed rocks of the island of Themiscyra.
Cover art for NORROWAY, BOOK 2: THE QUEEN ON THE HIGH MOUNTAIN, by Kit and Cat Seaton (Image Comics). It features Sibylla, a young woman with brown skin, climbing a glass mountain. She dangles at a precarious angle. Her left hand and right foot cling the the sheer, sharp edges of the rock face. Her other hand and leg dangle free. Behind her, the empty blue sky. Her feet are clad in iron shoes with sharp cleats and her hands are in mail gloves. Even so, the gloves are torn and her fingers are cut and bleeding. Her clothes are tattered, and she wears a fitted doublet, leather pants, and gaiters. Her curly hair is cut short, and her expression is tough and determined. Right below her is a cheerful magpie, with wings outstretched. It clutches a seashell necklace in its beak.
Cover image for COVEN, written by Jennifer Dugan (Penguin Teen). Emsy, a young, white, teenage witch, stands in the image center wearing a red anorak jacket. Her long brown hair whips behind her. She looks confidently over her left shoulder. Her hands are aflame with her magical power. Behind her is partial silhouette, are the diverse members of her coven, standing ominously yet supportive behind her. In the background features a large gnarled and knotted tree in silhouette. The background colors are deep blues and purples.
Leigh Licorish
1 year ago

Heya guys! I'm Leigh Licorish - Usually known for doing Transformers related stuff. First post so here are some of my most recent works! #transformers #comicartist #transformersart
#mtmte #comics #inker

Comic-style Jetfire from Transformers Cybertron / Galaxy Force
Jet Convoy from Transformers: Armada
Illustration of Drift from IDW publishing's Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Comic series
A drawing of Starscream from IDW Publishing's Shattered Glass comic series
1 year ago

🗡️Midway through the week and my fantasy comic about questionable people updated this morning! Give it a read and if you like it, maybe give a share!

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An illustrated imagine of an old style tavern and a man and woman looking at the viewer. Text reads "bad influence"