Jeremy (יעקב) 🇺🇦
42 minutes ago

Great Moments in Subtlety (published 1961).

#Comics #ComicBooks #Marvel #MarvelComics #FantasticFour

A panel from an old comic.

In the background, Johnny Storm and his girlfriend are talking. 

The girlfriend says "--I don't know, it just sort-of freaked me out, somehow. I can't explain it."
Johnny replies "No need to. Flaming on is about as socially-acceptable as streaking."

In the foreground, a happy black father and son drink from a public fountain.
43 minutes ago

Daffodil from THE DEAD SISTERS. #comics #webcomics #illustration

3 hours ago

I’ve been collecting 1978 Marvel books, and I *finally* found a 1978 #XMen ! Yes, it’s pretty beat up, but it was only six bucks.

#Comics #ComicBooks #Marvel

Uncanny X-Men comic book issue number 116 from 1978
Donald Rex Jr
3 hours ago

Gasoline Alley by Dick Moores from 1975. "Somehow I went in instead of the garbage!"

#comics #comicstrip #DickMoores #Americana

Donald Rex Jr
3 hours ago

Random #GoldenAge scan tonight. Cover artist #unknown

#comics #Comicbooks

Comic book Doc Savage Comics #7 1942, cover artist unknown.
4 hours ago

Special treat for the subscribers of the ✨ Queer Quantum Dispatch ✨, my quarky little newsletter.

I'm sending out pages of a new comic, The Pleasure Moons, Part 1. Get in on all the sexy alien hijinks.

Link in the bio or go here:

Mature readers only, please.

#NSFW #comics #gay

comic book cover; The Pleasure Moons, Part 1. A sexy mecha fantasy by Edward Ficklin. Artwork depicts two mechas in space superimposed are images of the human and alien pilots is stats of orgasmic bliss.
5 hours ago

How does one grow to be self-important?

I briefly wondered if I had angered a god.

It started, as these things do, in a line.
As I slowly made my way to the front,
to the glory of conducting this small business,
I enjoyed the peaceful natures of strangers about.
All of us accepting the civility of the wait.

At last, my patience recognized, I had arrived.
Collected, prepared by the time spent shuffling,
I looked up, the smile, and greeting, called for
upon my face and lips,
where they died an instant death.
For my journey had ended with one of them,
the discontented wielder of the small power
that my patient walk conveyed.

Alas, in these moments, there is no god.


Are you where you want to be?
Plan to Change

#comics #comicstrip #change #life #space #poetry #medium

The Alien Life, one panel Comic. A giant smug-faced alien is standing between two mountains. There is a small alien looking up at him  The caption reads: Ed's smugness prevented him from knowing that everyone referred to him as "That smug dude who hangs out smugly up on Smug Mountain."
The KamikaZEN 🇲🇽
6 hours ago

Si están en la #CiudadDeMéxico y aún no han visitado la exposición El Arte de Rarotonga en el Museo de la Ciudad de México, los invito a la visita guiada que daremos los curadores, la Dra. Laura Nallely Hernández Nieto y yo, el jueves 15 de junio a las 13:00 horas.

¡Ojalá nos acompañen!

#RarotongaMCM #AntonioGutierrezDibujante #Historieta #HistorietaMexicana #Comics

Invitación a la visita guiada de la exposición “El Arte de Rarotonga” en el Museo de la Ciudad de México
The Fandom Post
6 hours ago

ICYMI: #AllNews #Comics #ComicsNews #DiscussionPosts The Weekly Comics Discussion Post For Week Of June 4th, 2023

Comic Crusaders
7 hours ago

Dark Horse Books and Lucasfilm Publishing Present Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Volume 2! This 96-page volume collects issues #5-8 of the Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures miniseries. The book features writing from Daniel José...
#star wars #comics #dark horse

7 hours ago

I want to remind everybody I got this cartoon from a magazine called "Good Humor." #comics #really #joke

The sink of the nether realm.
Cartoonist Cooperative
7 hours ago

Another month, another round-up of piping hot comics from the Cartoonist Cooperative! Visit for a look at fresh and exciting new releases from our members. #comics #comicbooks

How To Love Comics
8 hours ago

Did you know there are The Witcher comics?

➡️ Find out more:

📁 File under: #Comics #ComicBooks #TheWitcher #gaming #fantasy #SFF

Comic Crusaders
8 hours ago

REVIEW: Spider-Man 2099 – Dark Genesis Part 1
Spider-Man 2099 – Dark Genesis Part 1 begins in Nueva York, Earth 2099. Carnage is on the loose and in need of Blood. The city is in chaos ever since the Black Card Elite has been defeated. This was suppose to bring peace to the city, instead of peace we have a lower class of individuals rising up to fill the void left behind by Black Card Elite’s...
#spider-man #2099 #comics #marvel

Flipboard Culture Desk
10 hours ago

Looking for something to read on your beach vacation? Julia Rittenberg reckons comics and graphic novels are the best option because of their immersive nature. Here are her picks for standalone stories and ongoing series, including "The Final Girls" by Cara Ellison, "I'm Kinda Chubby and I'm Your Hero Vol. 2" by Nore, and "X-Gender Vol. 2" by Asuka Miyazaki.

#Books #Bookstodon #GraphicNovels #Comics #SummerReading

10 hours ago

(s)expressions of Melioth (he/him) from Rock Bottom. Which one do you vibe with?

And regular reminder that you can preorder the printed book of Rock Bottom until June 18 here:

#comics #originalCharacter #expressions #mastoArt #lewd #yaoi

Donald Rex Jr
10 hours ago
Spash from The Spirit #4 2007, by DarwynCooke And J. Bone.
Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
10 hours ago

Found myself unexpectedly pulled into Lance Ward’s autobio #comics “Flop Sweat”, number 7 in particular, in which the mentally ill hero recalls a metal radio DJ/vinyl shop gig that goes weird fast. Recommended

Lance Ward’s comic Flop Sweat
11 hours ago

Like my comics? Get first looks and exclusive comics on Patreon.
Catch up on my ongoing webcomic, Taylor’s Egg, updates Fridays, only on Patreon.
New Mini Comic every Monday. See Mini Comic Monday posts 4 weeks before anyone else through, you guessed it, Patreon. #art #artist #comics #webcomic

Amaníaco ediciones
11 hours ago

Abierta la convocatoria para una nueva edición del Oh! Comics Fest, el festival de cómics alternativos y fanzines que tendrá lugar del 3 al 5 de noviembre en el Espai Josep Bota dentro del recinto Fabra i Coats, en Barcelona. #Comics #Tebeos #Festivales #Fanzines #Historietas #OhComicFest

Cartel Oh! Comics Fest. Festival de còmics alternatius i fanzines de Barcelona.
Monsieur G
12 hours ago

15 ans plus tard, j’ai enfin terminé Promethea. Lors des mes deux essais précédents, enthousiaste après le premier arc, j’avais calé sur le second qui part dans des délires symboliques qui me parlent assez peu. Finalement, au troisième essai, après 6 mois de pause, j’ai lu la très bonne dernière partie. Par contre, l’épisode final m’a achevé.😱
Néanmoins, je vous recommande de vous y frotter! #Comics

12 hours ago

I truly hope you find them. #comics

Panel 1 of 2: Person 1 asks Person 2, "Excuse you ever feel like you miss someone you don't even know yet?" Person 2 says, "Actually, yeah. Sometimes." Panel 2 of 2: Person 1 asks, "It's not me, though, is it?" Person 2 shrugs and says, "I don't think so. Sorry."
12 hours ago

‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ Pulls In 208.6M Globally in First Weekend.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse has pulled in a whoppping $208.6M at the box office globally, well above expectations.

#Comics #MoviesVideoTheater

Damon Thomas
12 hours ago

Do you even have stickers if you don't have a sticker of yourself? Art: @BlunderBusted #comics #stickers

Sticker – Person holds paper saying "For Education"
13 hours ago

It's new #webcomics day!

At A GIRL AND HER FED, the cast is wondering When Time Travel? Who Time Travel? Why Time Travel?

And at SIDE QUESTED, we've introduced a new character!

Well...part of a new character.

#comic #comics #webcomic #indiecomic

a single panel from SIDE QUESTED in which Charlie is looking at the camera while asking, " did you..." while an ENORMOUS yellow eyeball looks at her. 🐈‍⬛
13 hours ago

Have a nice week everyone 🐈‍⬛

#Cat #ArtWork #Drawing #Comics

Damon Thomas
13 hours ago

"A Wizard! Run! Run!" #comics #wizards #50s

Comic panel – People flee in terror.
Damon Thomas
14 hours ago

"There goes my test-tube rack!" #comics #40s

Comic panel – test tube rack explodes
Damon Thomas
14 hours ago

"They Thought I Was One Of Them" #comics #60s

Comic title – "They Thought I Was One Of Them"
Damon Thomas
14 hours ago

"He looks so proud and arrogant! So sure of himself!" #comics #60s

Comic panel – Person glances back at another.
15 hours ago

It is very important to not let your cookie drown in your milk like Jack in Titanic! #MyCookieWillGoOn 🍪🥛⁠ ⁠ #cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #instacomic #instacartoon#academia #science #research#errantscience

19 hours ago

Ich hab versucht zu relaxen am Wochenende, ich schwör.
☯️ 🔫
#webcomic #humor #comics

Comic in drei Bildern, der meine Protagonistin zeigt, die sich freut sich endlich mal so hinzusetzen und die Seele baumeln zu lassen. Eine kleine Spinne baumelt hinter ihr herunter und setzt an durch ein Megafon auf sie zuzubrüllen. Auf dem Megafon steht "generationsbedingte Zukunftsangst"
23 hours ago

Timelapse video of THE DEAD SISTERS 101 panel 1
#comics #webcomics

Jo Jitsu
1 day ago

Day 4 Elle at Chateau Divine my kink comic, resharing for #Pride

Elle learns about winemaking and that it helps to have a cherry picker.

Elle apprend la vinification et cela aide à avoir un cueilleur de cerises.

#wine #cherrypicker #kink #nsfw #comic #art #switch #romantic #comics #lingerie #panties #erotic #erotica #eroticart #pridemonth

Elle is reaching up to pick grapes, her skirt is hiked up, and sitting on the bare shoulder of Guy at such an angle that he's taking a nibble at the crotch of her panties, which have a cherry print. along with matching stockings.
How To Love Comics
1 day ago

For those who want to keep the Spidey-themed weekend rolling. How many of these have you read?

File under: #SpiderMan #Comics #Marvel #ComicBooks #MarvelComics #SpiderVerse #AcrossTheSpiderVerse

Damon Thomas
1 day ago

"He sure looks mean!" #comics #40s

Comic panel – Person points to one of the fiercest animals in their kingdom.
Corinna 🦕
1 day ago

Had a wonderful time talking about dinosaurs and writing at Illusive Comics in San Jose yesterday! A really terrific, friendly shop - don’t miss it if you’re in the area! #Comics

Lady Thor and me
Me in front of the shop
The owner, Anna’s, and me
Damon Thomas
1 day ago

"Chocks are Scrumpchewroo" #comics #ads #70s

Comic ad – Charlie Chock's Beach Poncho
How To Love Comics
1 day ago

Grant Morrison wrote Batman to be smarter than the writer in their celebrated run. How is that possible?

➡️ Read to find out:

📁 File under: #Batman #Comics #DCComics #ComicBooks #GrantMorrison

Chris Hallbeck
1 day ago
Person: Maybe, if I leave this cookie under my pillow, the cookie fairy will leave me money!

[they put the cookie under the pillow and go to sleep]

[a shape appears outside the bedroom window]

[lightning flashes, revealing the shape is Cookie Monster]
Anthony Dean
1 day ago

Today’s the birthday of Mark Mardon, aka Flash villain the Weather Wizard.

(Art by Carmine Infantino and Scott Shaw.)

#1976DCCalendar #TheFlash #CaptainCarrot #ZooCrew #DCComics #comics

"The FLash" #145. Art by Carmine Infantino.
The Weather Wizard from "Who's Who." Art by Carmine Infantino.
The Weather Weasel vs. the Crash. Art by Scott Shaw!.
G. Willow Wilson
1 day ago

I chatted about Poison Ivy's connection to #Seattle--and local landmarks you'll see in the series--with the Seattle Times! #comics #bookstodon

1 day ago

Still, it's good to meet you. #comics

Panel 1 of 2: a stick figure whose head splits into two heads about halfway up the head, such that there are four eyes but only one mouth, says, "Not really two-headed, not really one-headed. A lonely existence." Panel 2 of 2: zoom out to show another stick figure whose body splits at the mid-chest, such that they have two arms but four legs, says, "I don't know ~exactly~ how you feel..."
Jonas Richter
2 days ago

I'm really enjoying "Seven Days in Silverglen". It's a a sapphic monstergirl romcom #webcomic by Ari North (#walkingnorth). Ari's writing is sensitive and wraps emotional punches in soft colors and words.

I first got to know (and love) Ari's comics with Always Human, another webcomic. I'm looking forward to getting the print version of the second (and last) season this summer, to reread it in that format.

#7DS #pride #pridemonth #comics

"This is not a date." written against a yellow sky, with pink trees and buildings hinted at in the lower part of the image
Mira, a green-eyed dryad with a bright smile, says: "You're going to love it, I'm sure!", with flowers around her speech bubble. Next to her, Tess, a gorgon with glasses, violet skin and pink eyes, looks shy and smitten.
webcomic banner showing the main characters, Tess and Mira, with the title "seven days in Silverglen" between them
2 days ago

Research grants take hundreds of hours to write and cause so many sleepless nights, but it’s okay as there are good reasons to write them #academia⁠ ⁠ #cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #instacomic #instacartoon#academic #science #research#errantscience

Greg Pak
2 days ago

Thrilled to reveal the cover of WHO BELONGS?, an AAPI Hidden Voices project coming soon from the NYC Department of Education’s Civics for All Comics Group! The book was drawn by Jeremy Arambulo, colored by Irma Kniivila, lettered by Janice Chiang, and written by yours truly.
Coming soon! #comics #ComicBooks #AsianAmerican #AAPI

Cover of the WHO BELONGS? comic by artist Jeremy Arambulo, showing an Asian American mother and son walking towards us down a New York street followed by historical figures including Wong Kim Ark, Lee Yick, Frederick Douglass, and George Washington.
Damon Thomas
2 days ago

"I play rough, too!" #comics #40s

Comic panel – person tosses 2 others about.
Damon Thomas
2 days ago

"The Black Fury and Chuck" #comics

Comic panel – The Black Fury and Chuck
Damon Thomas
2 days ago

"Is she maniac or angel?" #comics

Comic panel – Who is the Purple Tigress?
2 days ago

You have been warned. #comics

A tortoise, not very competently drawn, says, "I came here to munch some leaf and make some friends / and I'm all out of leaf to munch."
Brad Guigar
3 days ago

How do you make your workspace a place that fosters creativity? One of the first things I did when I got my own studio was to hang original art that I had collected over the years. I love being surrounded by this stuff! #creativity #comics #artist #studio #originalart

A wall in Brad Guigar's studio
Damon Thomas
3 days ago

@BlunderBusted painted a variant "More Snakes Than People" cover to decorate our DCAZ table. We have plans. And those plans are stylish! #comics #painting #jacksonville #florida #snakes

Painted cover variant for "More Snakes Than People" graphic novel.

🏳️‍🌈 DC Pride one-shot arrived #Comics

A comic with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy kissing on a swing
Damon Thomas
4 days ago

It is comic/zine promo season here in Jacksonville, FL! @BlunderBusted gets some well deserved hype today. #comics #zines #jacksonville #florida

DCAZ Fest Promo for Nick Dunkenstein
Damon Thomas
5 days ago

Close enough! #comics #coloring

Color Jolly Santa Claus
Nick Walker
5 days ago

New Weird Luck chapter launches in 2 weeks––watch for page 1 on June 15!

#webcomic #webcomics #comics #graphicnovel #urbanfantasy #fantasy #scifi #crime

5 days ago

Oh my we have some incredible #webcomic updates for you!

At A GIRL AND HER FED, Mako breaks down the problems of the Middle Bridge Project.

At SIDE QUESTED, Robin has invested in an instantaneous massive home ventilation project.

#comic #comics #webcomic #webcomics #indiecomic

Two panels from SIDE QUESTED and A GIRL AND HER FED merged into a single image.

On the left-hand side is Princess Robin's tower, with a big ol' crumbling hole in the side and a mighty word bubble screaming "WHAT A JERK!"

On the right-hand side is Speedy, looking up at the "Jerk" word bubble and saying (in my handwriting) "Well, YEAH, that's kind of my entire shtick."
5 days ago

Counting the days to the weekend and not counting the number of tea I have had for mental health reasons 🧋⁠ ⁠ #cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #instacomic #instacartoon#academia #science #research#errantscience

5 days ago

🎶🎵 Spider-Flan, Spider-Flan; please don’t order the Spider-Flan 🎵🎺

#SpiderVerse #SpiderMan #comic #comics #AcrossTheSpiderVerse

A drawing of a flan dessert with spiders embedded inside
Chris Hallbeck
5 days ago
Person 1: Wait is that tea? 
Person 2: Yes. 

Person 1: Ah, can't handle coffee huh?
Person 2: No, i just prefer the flavor of tea.

Person 1: The flavor? Yeah right. You're just weak! 
Person 2: Yesterday you turned down free pizza because it had olives on it. 

Person 1: But olives are yucky!
Matthew Bogart
5 days ago

What kind of stuff do you hide in your work that almost no one else would ever get?

For example, in Incredible Doom Vol. 2 the guy on the left is my dad.


A man walks out of a convince store. The clerk says "Have a good day" as he leaves.
5 days ago

I suppose I am as ready as I'll ever be. #comics

Stick figure looks pensively haggard and thinks, "What if a good thing happens? Shouldn't I also prepare obsessively for that? / No... In such an unlikely event, general panic should be an adequate response."
Matthew Bogart
5 days ago

This week, I posted six new pages of my secret next comic to my Patreon. So we’re only a week or two away from being done with this story!

Join the gang if you're interested in how this all comes together.

#comics #patreon

A figure in a hood walks towards a small detached garage. The door to the garage is open and two figures can be seen in silleoette taking shelter from the rain.
Dr. Amy H. Sturgis
6 days ago

In my “Looking Back on Genre History" segment on Episode 647 of the #StarShipSofa #podcast, I talked about #TheHouseOfNight, #Watchmen, and how #SFF works have discussed and brought attention to the #TulsaRaceMassacre of 1921.

#ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Greenwood #Tulsa #Books #Bookstodon #Comics #Television #SpeculativeFiction

From opening scenes of WATCHMEN, the text reads “Tulsa 1921” over a sepia-tinged recreation of the confusion, horror, and death of the Tulsa Race Massacre.
colorblind cowboy 😷
6 days ago

Can any fans of vintage #SciFi #comics recommend a good anthology? I'm thinking of EC comics or whatnot, but I feel like there are a lot out there.

#Bookstodon #ComicBooks

Animated flying saucers going through space