Kineia3 🐺🎨
4 hours ago

✨ Artistic liberty customs open! ✨

Same price as my reference sheets - see my carrd at for more info!

Would love to do more Halloween designs 👀

#furry #furryart #furryartist #furryartwork #furryfandom #referencesheet #refsheet #commissions #commissionsopen #furrycommissions #furrycommissionsopen

4 hours ago

Finished the commission for Hokio on Discored :3
wanna fallow me on my other places? heres my Linktree for FA, DA, bsky, and others :3 -->

#furry #furryart #furryartwork #furrycommission #furrycommunity #Artgemeinschaft #ArtCommission #commissionsopen

5 hours ago

Multi slot ych stickers open,DM me :3
Telegram: Etrii
Discord: Etrii
#sticker #ych #commissionsopen

14 hours ago

“Paying the Bartender…”

Been a while since I drew something smutty…

This was a #commission#CommissionsOpen

#futa #nsfw #NSFWart #erotic #eroticart #porn #erotica #sexy #Mastoart

A naked, busty futanari(hermaphrodite/human female with penis) bartender sits on a barstool, smoking a cigarette having just ejaculated from oral sex performed on her by a skinny male patron, who is on his knees in front of her, apparently in lieu of payment for his drinks.
19 hours ago

Looking to open some commissions while I'm starting university!
I'll be doing half/full-bodies with backgrounds for $50.
If that's too much for you, I can lower the price!

DM me if you're interested, or have any questions :3

#art #artwork #furry #furryart #furryartwork #commissionsopen #commissions

Character Sketch “Miyazaki Shirohime,” by Mai-sensei

Reposted with Nara-san's permission

These are less elaborate than the full illustrations I do for Nara.

Used in:

(Commissions Always Open)

#Commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #FediArt #Fandom #GraphicArt #Art #Illustration

Girl with red hair. Title information on right.


They are really fashion-conscious. I have to ask Nara-san every time what they are wearing and half the time she has some photo from a Japanese fashion magazine. The other times it's anime t-shirts.

Oh, I made that sound like she doesn't give me good ref. She is good at that, but sometimes I need more detail.

#MastoArt #FediArt #WordWeavers #CommissionsOpen #commission

NightlineZ Art
21 hours ago


🍂$10 off for Fall/Halloween theme!🍂
(this round only!)

Please check out the form link for info!

#commissionsopen #furryart #halloween #sale

Bracken 🐺
21 hours ago

Finished my Ko-Fi banner! Kind of empty on one side but I think it's okay.

This wolf is pretty much me, too, which is very satisfying :therian:

#art #DigitalArt #drawing #wolf #furry #furryart #mastoart #CommissionsOpen

A digital drawing of a dark-brown wolf with bright green eyes over a backdrop of ferns.
21 hours ago

I'm gonna be starting commissions. Down there is gonna be the examples of my art style. The only types of payment I'm taking is cashapp.
My prices are:
Clean sketches = $5
Lineart only = $10
Flat colors = $12
Fully colored = $14

Dm me on discord to talk about for commissions. I won't be doing anything nsfw and anything with complex backgrounds.
Discord: .needle.

#commissionsopen #commissions #myart #artist #artistsonmastodon #artwork #commissionopen #commissionart

22 hours ago

A new YCH is complete! Thank you Lymernil for commissioning me to turn Allison Stein from Student Transfer into a genie!

#YCH #YCHCommish #Djinnification #Transformation #Genie #CommissionsOpen #AnimeArt #AllisonStein #StudentTransfer

The Djinnification of Allison Stein from the Visual Novel: Student Transfer
23 hours ago

Just a lil chibi for my bf with his fav boba!
#art #commissionsopen

Commissions Open:

Chibi wolf boy hugging boba
Miss Sonja Le
23 hours ago
A forest illustration with animals sitting at tables, a wolf, bear, badger, owls, fox, boar, squirrel and a bird.
eli shroom
1 day ago

i fervently refuse to be a serious person but come get your blacklight skulls today!

you want a skull in daytime? a secret skull only visible under blacklight? some other secret hidden blacklight content? reach out and let's chat!

this will run thru October or until I get overwhelmed. so jump now if you don't wanna miss out!

#furryart #blacklight #halloween #spookyart #spooky #skull #skullart #commissionsopen #painting #neon

A chaotic collage style advertisement featuring 5 different images of blacklight paintings, including two that show both the daylight and blacklight view. The advertisement is for blacklight skull art, which can either feature a skull in both day and blacklight views, or a hidden skull visible only under blacklight. Text reads: Oh would you look at that, it's blacklight skull season. Let me paint some skulls, I'm begging you, I want to paint some spooky blacklight skulls. Standard 8" x 10" for $120, 10% off glowing canvases. Just in time for halloween! I'll skeletonize your sona--that's a promise and a threat! Ask about shaped + glowing canvases, more @ The bottom right corner shows a triangular canvas, labeled as such, and four different shaped wooden canvases with plastic inlays that light up.
eli shroom
1 day ago

blacklight skull portrait for T_Applesmith on the birdapp

fetroscale species belongs to @hr_bananabird

looking for something like this? commissions are open~

#furryart #furry #acrylicpainting #neon #blacklight #commissionsopen #avian #painting

Acrylic painting on an egg-shaped piece of wood, with a glowing yellow inset framing the portrait. The portrait is of a species called a fetroscale, which in this example is a raptor-like bird with a featherless face, primarily brown feathers on the back of their head, and a fancy blue feather plume. They are wearing a green turtleneck and brown leather jacket.
Blacklight view of an acrylic painting on an egg-shaped piece of wood. The portrait is of a species called a fetroscale, which in the blacklight view appears skeletal, with a bird-like skull and red and blue plume feathers. They are wearing a green turtleneck with glowing cable knit, and a bright orange leather jacket.
1 day ago

Sora is now available on my Ko-Fi.
You can contact me directly for a possible 5% or 10% discount.

This is the last one I'm selling, I'll close the shop once he's gone.

I can also put him on hold for a week or 2 if you need time to get the money ready.

#3dprint #KingdomHearts2 #fanart #CommissionsOpen

3D printed and hand painted lion cub Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2 with a detached keyblade
1 day ago

Timelapse of Anura vs. Scara

Commissions are open, available, and would really help me out. for pricing and details.

#MastoArt #timelapse #oc #CommissionsOpen

Timelapse of Anura vs. Scara

Track is "Muay Thai King" from Ragnarok Online
1 day ago

Anura vs. Scara

Commissions are open, available, and would REALLY help me out. for details and pricing.

#MastoArt #OC #CommissionsOpen

Anura (clad in frog skin) readies a flying reverse-crescent kick to strike Scara (clad in scarab parts), who is using a hand gesture to command her giant scarab beetle to intercept. Anura's frog sees this and launches its tongue at the scarab.
1 day ago

Still open for commissions to help make ends meet this month!

Lineart: $50
Flat colors: $75
Fully shaded, with simple background: $100

I'll also do outfit lineups, in which you get one colored sketch, and up to four outfits drawn over it for 50 bucks per outfit.

#commissionsopen #furryart #digitalart #mastoart

A commission ad. Lineart is 50 dollars. Flat colors are 75 dollars. Fully shaded pieces with simple background are 100 dollars
A furry character redrawn in various outfits

Check this out, Subbies! I'm now open for commissions on VGen!

Consider commissioning me below for a short or sexy story featuring your OC and mine!
#vtuber #envtuber #vtuberen #lewdtuber #malevtuber #writing #commissionsopen #vgen

2 days ago

hi um who wants to help the starving artist starve less?

I do porn! I do-not porn! I do furry, I do mecha. I do anything not involving a vagina, really. If you pay me.

Busts are 35$
Waist-ups are 55$
Full body are 80$
Simple backgrounds and/or transparent backgrounds are no extra charge
Detailed backgrounds are 10$
10$ per extra character

help me get that bread like literally help me buy bread and tf2 hats
#commissionsopen #commissions #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon

2 days ago

As a reminder, my writing commissions are open! If you've ever wanted a piece written in my style to feature your characters, now's your chance!


Examples of my writing have been compiled here:

Private messages are open for any questions! I look forward to working with you~

#commission #commissionsopen #writing #writingcommity #furry #furryart #furrycommission #furrywriting #sfw #nsfw #horror #smut #erotica #fantasy

A maned fox sitting in a chair, simultaneously adjusting her glasses and snapping her fingers. A cloud of purple magic above her reads: "Writing Commissions Open! Horror, Smut, and More!"
:hello_kitty: Alzi 🔞
2 days ago

♡ another batch of the limited edition of Traditional Art commissions ♡
Characters belong to @adara
You can get yourself one until the 29th of this month! Check info here -

☆ Traditional and digital commissions - (check: )
DM me for commission.
#drawing #traditionalart #coloredpencil #girl #fox #oc #nsfw #oppai #loli #commissionsopen #limitededition #commissiondiscounts #イラスト #アート #おっぱい #ロリ#女の子 #獣耳 #キツネ

2 days ago

Kinktober! I'd like to head a head start on these where at all possible so I can post them in a timely manner.

$20 per character, +$5 if your pic requires multiple floating limbs parts or props.

Like all sketch comms these are wingits! Kinks are FCFS. Only freespace can claim a double

Contact me on my OTHER SITES!

Comm info + other sites - 
Discord -
Telegram -


#kinktober #sketchsale #commissionsopen #commissions #open

2 days ago

Kinktober! I'd like to head a head start on these where at all possible so I can post them in a timely manner.

$20 per character, +$5 if your pic requires multiple floating limbs parts or props.

Like all sketch comms these are wingits! Kinks are FCFS. Only freespace can claim a double

Contact me on my OTHER SITES!

Comm info + other sites - 
Discord -
Telegram -


#kinktober #sketchsale #commissionsopen #commissions #open

Alchemilla Mollis
2 days ago

I love pointy stones, the most impractical ones. Sometimes wearability needs to be an afterthought.
#silver #jewellery #jewelry #mastoArt #FediGiftShop #onyx #commissionsOpen

A silver ring lies on its side on a block of wood. The shank of the ring is uneven and organic, the stone is a pointy bullet shaped black onyx.
A hand with dirty nails holds a ring  on a block of wood. The shank of the ring is uneven and organic, the stone is a pointy bullet shaped black onyx.
A silver ring lies on its side on a block of wood. The shank of the ring is uneven and organic, the stone is a pointy bullet shaped black onyx.

I’m updating my commission prices because they were a tad low.

If you’re interested please contact

#furry #furryart #furrycommissions #commissionsopen #commissions

A sheet showing my commission prices. 15$ for a simple shaded image, flat colors are 5 dollars, pixel art profile pictures are two dollars, and it’s +25% per extra character.
What I can do: Humans, Furries, Quadrupedal animals, fanart, Fandomsonas. Designing any of the above.

What I won’t do: Anything beyond handholding, Heavy Gore, drugs beyond a cigarette or wine glass, heavy machinery, detailed backgrounds (I could try if you threw me a few extra bucks though)
“Wait! I need to say something else!”
-The price increases by +25% per extra character
-all prices are in USD
- My only method of payment is cashapp
“You read that? Good. Thank you. Boosting would be appreciated.”

For 10 USD, You could be cozy here!Only method of payment is via cashapp. Any character regardless of gender or species will work. Heck, I could even draw a human!
If you’re interested please email

#ych #ychopen #furry #furryych #sleepy #cozy #cuteart #commissionsopen

A sketch of a wolf sleeping on a crescent moon surrounded by stars.

“For 10 USD, You could be cozy here!”
“Only method of payment is via cashapp. Any character regardless of gender or species will work. Pastel color scheme.”
If you’re interested please contact
Drawing of a platypus sleeping on a crescent moon.
Kineia3 🐺🎨
2 days ago


I’ll do 2️⃣ for 7️⃣0️⃣ for the next person to claim a slot!

That’s ‼️ 40% off ‼️, almost half the price!

#furry #furryart #furryartist #furryartwork #furrydrawing #furryfandom #furryartcommission #artcommissions #commissions #furrycommissions #commissionsopen #opencommissions

Commission for on Bluesky! I wrote the name in English and Japanese, but he requested to have Gaelic script as well.
The price for this commission type has been lowered to $35, five slots left as of posting this ^_^

#anthro #anthroart #art #commsopen #commissionsopen #furry #furryart

A rough ink brush drawing of Naoise, an anthropomorphic red panda. His name is vertically written in English, Japanese, and in a Gaelic typeset.

I updated my Commission form.

Please fill it out if you're interested in commissioning me.

#commission #commissionsopen

3 days ago

Ayo my commission form for OCTOBER opens up today and closes on 9/30! #furryart #commission #commissionsopen

Ben Higbie
4 days ago

Here're some progress photos of a painting on a piece of salvaged wooden board that I made last year that's now hanging in a home in Oregon. Msg me if u'd like some artwork made! I can make a wide range of stuff, whatever you'd like! I also have a lot of available finished works ~ #art #artforsale #artists #artist #commissions #drawing #artlover #artlovers #illustration #commissionsopen #commissionswelcome #affordableart #artfinder #artmarket #artistsofmastodon #artistsonmastodon #workinprogress

4 days ago

Money's gonna be a little tight at the end of the month here, so I'm gonna open for one or two #commissions Hit me up in the comments, or on Telegram @/SquareZer0 if you're interested!

#commissionsopen #digitalart #furryart

A commissions ad. Lineart is $50, flat colors are $75, cell shaded with a simple background is $100.
Broken Critter
4 days ago

Okay y'all. I'm open for commissions.

Anthro or feral, SFW or NSFW

I'll draw most things, as long as it's not underage or obviously non-consentual.

Sketch style, like this but with a proper background. Starting $35 maybe more depending on complexity, additional characters +$15

Doodle style, $15

Icons, $25

Payment is just about anything except PayPal.

#furry #furryart #commissions #CommissionsOpen

4 days ago

ooo you want to commission me ooooo i'll give you a discount ooo 😵‍💫 #commissions #commissionsopen # #furryartist #furryart #artist

Nova the "Almiraj".

Drawn for Minty over on Paper Demon #ArtRPG who had created a character but had no art.

I've never heard of this type of creature before, but they were fun to draw!

My commissions are open if you want your #OC Drawn in a similar style:

Discord: DoomWeaselArt


#almiraj #rabbit #ttrpg #paperdemon #commsopen #commissionsopen #unicorn #jackalope #furry #furryart #artistsofmastodon #art

Digital portrait of an anthro rabbit character wearing fantasy armour
Layla H.
4 days ago

uh, hi. it's me, a starving artist! for anyone who'd like to keep me from starving, i am opening #commissions and made some nifty sheets with prices and what i offer. all artwork is traditional media on paper, i don't do digital. thus i can also send all art to you to hold in your hands, paws, claws, what have you.

questions? ask.
dm me if interested.
RTs very much appreciated!

#commissionsopen #furrycommissions #furryart #fantasyart #fediart #mastoart

overview of my pen and ink drawings and prices
overview of my anthro watercolor drawings and prices
overview of my okami commissions and prices
further info about process, payment, etc.
Kineia3 🐺🎨
5 days ago

❗️Taking just THREE SLOTS for a shaded fullbody chibi ❗️


Looking to experiment with my chibi style so I wanna do more chibis like this!

Only 50 each - that’s 15% off 👀 DM if interested ✨

(Will look like first image, second image shows older chibis)

👉 Share this with someone you think might be interested!

#furry #furryart #furryartist #furryartwork #furryfandom #furrydrawing #furrycommissions #furrycommissionsopen #commissionsopen

Sky (she/her) (Comms open)
5 days ago

I'm excited to have commissions open, for my first time! :ablobfoxbongohyper: At #BanChan ! Would really appreciate any help to this broke college student. (why does public transport cost an arm and a leg here)

Are you looking for a dramatic#anime style #wallpaper, thumbnail for a video, an illustration for your #DnD character or campaign? Hit me up:

@Curator #art #MastoArt #DigitalArt #CommissionsOpen #commission

A digital painting of Mushoku Tensei characters illuminated by Roxy's casting in a poster-like composition.
11 preparing for a direct shot with light streaks illustrated in an anime style
A bunny and DoomGuy fighting off a undeads in a red heavy illustration.
5 days ago

Hello! My commissions are open, all pricing is listed on Artistree (the link below) I have attached a more recent style of my full shading to this.
#commissions #commissionsopen #ttrpg #pathfinder2e

This is a small goblin girl noble, in full plate armor that is silver in color and has light pink long hair, she is holding a shield that has her family crest on it that is a tulip, she also has a helmet on that has a purple feather coming out the top.
5 days ago

QUICK! 5 watercolour badge slots open for TOMORROWS london furmeet, I'll get them painted up, scanned, printed and badgified today and deliver them to you at LFM.

Gotta go fast though o.o

You'll get an original painting plus printed badge that is laminated and eyeletted (for strength!)

I may open up more slots IF I get folks in fast enough. :D

#LFM #art #furryart #commission #commissionsopen #conbadge #furry #furryartist

5 days ago

Art opportunity with me!

Want to slide down my shaft? Flino is giving you this opportunity~

Slot 1: SB 90$ AB 200$
Slot 2: SB 110$ AB 250$
Both slots: 420$

Bid under the comment for the slot you want, Bidding will also be on other sites (I'll mirror them)
Good luck!~

#vore #voreprey #vorepred #voretease #cockvore #cock_vore #ych #furryart #furrycommission #commissionsopen #vorefurry #vorefur #size_difference

The two slots are:
Slot one is inside of my cock
Slot two is inside of my balls
Alchemilla Mollis
5 days ago

Found another old stone, lovely green like previous one. Currently no idea where it came from but I am making enquiries.. This one has got mossy details within, making it really relaxing to look at. Some of the really worn old stones I will get repolished, others I like to leave as thet are, showing their previous life. Thinking whether to make another lily pond-pendant or maybe a long and opulent drop earring.
#jewelleryDesign #MastoArt #recycling #reusing #goldsmith #commissionsOpen

A hand is holding a green stone with vibrant green hues and mossy details in. The light shines through the stone. In the top right corner is a small inserted image of a pendant with a round green  stone set into silver, surrounded by lilypads and reeds
Ben Higbie
5 days ago

Here's a painting of a cool cat in Thailand that I was requested to paint late last year. I can do this type of thing for you too! I do really nice and accurate fine art that's affordable too ~~~ #art #artist #artists #cat #cats #catsofmastodon #petsofmastodon #handmade #painting #oilpainting #oilpaintings #love #artnet #supportthearts #catstadon #supportlivingartists #portrait #portraits #portraitartist #portraitartists #commissions #commissionsopen #commissionswanted #commissionsavailable

Puka 👻:knife_nb:
6 days ago

La cantidad de laburo que me dio este encargo .. pero valió la pena, la persona que me lo encargó le gustó :)

#Art #MastoArt #FediArt #FantasyArt #MedievalArt #Arte #Illustration #Ilustración #Commission #CommissionsOpen

Digital illustration that imitates medieval illuminated book. It shows a large bird in the middle that looks like an ibis, a human head with golden armor on it's right, and a drow woman head hiding half of her face with a mask on the left. The scene is in front of a huge tree, and all the characters are surrounded by a LOT of small banners and flags of multiple colors, they show fishes and monsters and stars and fantasy weapons and random stuff. The sky has twilight colors and it has 7 moons of different colors.

More Clair with Rea

(Commissions Always Open)

Part of the ILTV Fan Project

A project by western fans of ILTV

# ILTVFanProject #IFTV #ILTV #ClaireFrancois #RaeTaylor #IAmInLoveWithTheVillieness #Yuri #Anime (Up coming)
#commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #fediart

Clair in a modern outfit comforts Rae

Illustration: “Settled for the Night,” by Mai-sensei)

Reposted with Nara-san's permission

Illustration from:

My Girlfriend Almost Got Me Killed, So We Had Wild Sex
Chapter 26: The Woman in Red and Dragon Lady


(Commissions Always Open)

#Commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #FediArt #Fandom #Yuri #Artist #FantasyArt

Looking over a campfire, we see Kan-chan and Kao sitting on either side of Shiro. Shiro is braiding Kao’s hair and Kan-chan is leaning up against Kao. The firelight is reflected in their faces. Everyone looks content.

Just a reminder that my commission rates are at their lowest in years, do don't miss the opportunity to get something

We only have 18 slots left

#CommissionOpen #CommissionsOpen

(I moved from mastodon[.]art, this is a repost)


Hello, I'm Tyr, also known as #CorruptedFox. I love #drawing #animals and #fantasy creatures. I also post #NSFW content from time to time, which will be tagged as such. :blobfoxghost:

My website with #commission examples/prices:


#furry #furryart #mastoart #fediart #art #commissionsopen #illustration #krita #digitalart #traditionalart #fox #anthro

My #socialmedia links are in the post below :blobfox:​

A full body of a silver vixen in front of a red background. She is looking at the viewer with red/ yellow eyes menacingly.
Digitally drawn.
A dragon flying in front of a lighting bolt, looking worried. Digitally drawn.
A sea serpent with several fins drawn with watercolour swimming in the sea. The sky is slightly clouded. The perspective of the drawing is tilted.
Brightly coloured fox looking at the viewer. She is orange and beige coloured in front of a blue background with clouds. Digitally drawn.

New instance new #introduction!

Hi, my name's Spike (DoomWeaselArt).

I'm an artist who likes to draw #FurryArt, #WildlifeArt and occasionally #DarkArt in both Traditional and Digital mediums.

I upload new work fairly regularly both here and on Bluesky.

I'm open for commissions so feel free to message me. :)

Discord: DoomWeaselArt


#intro #commissionsopen #commsopen #fedigiftshop #traditionalart #digitalart #furry

Black and white ballpoint pen drawing of an otter
Digital portrait of an anthro bat chatacter wearing glasses, a spiked collar and a fishnet top
Ballpoint pen drawing of a sandy coloured ferret from a fantasy setting
Ballpoint pen drawing of a canine skull with fuzzy ears on an abstract background
1 week ago

When you keep playing until your batteries are low

Yet another #gameboy #pixelart commisison!
This time for
#furryart #mastoart #retro #commissionsopen

Proud of this idea think it's cute :3 (gif)

A synth playing a gameboy on the ground with his 2 index like some people type on keyboards. Their visor eyes LEDs are flashing in a set of exclamation marks and a low battery image the dots on the exclamation marks are the eyes

Signed ScruffyBrush
1 week ago

I made a new YCH to celebrate the incoming glory of autumn! Multiple slots per colorway, any species/gender/build. These will be done in the same style as my recent flat colored sketches, and I'm open for those too if you want one! #FurryArt #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #YCH #Autumn

sign up here -

Two side by side digital illustrations with a floating anthro fox figure in the center of each. The one on the left is surrounded by yellow aspen trees, and the one on the right is surrounded by red maple trees.
1 week ago

~ Stained Glass Illustrations ~

I have some space open for september. :)
If you're interested you can send me an E-mail:

Or Telegram:

Rt's are highly appreciated


#commission #Furry #furryart #furryartist #CommissionsOpen

Wasp || $154/$4055
1 week ago

Sharing my #Commissions again because I need to save up for dental treatment and paying off some debt! My total goal is $4055 CAD and I've raised $154 CAD so far. Boosts are highly appreciated! All prices are in CAD. I also have PWYW stuff (mostly code) in the shop.

:ko_fi: Ko-Fi:

#CommissionsOpen #ArtCommissions #ArtistSupport #FediArt #MastoArt #FurryArt #Commission #CreativeToots #ArtistsOnMastodon #Art #DigitalArt #FurryArtist #FurryFandom #Furry #3DArt #3DArtist

A commission sheet that says "Art Commissions Open", with examples of a headshot of a furry character, a full body of an anthropomorphic wasp character, and a 3D render of an abstract sci-fi environment. Headshots are priced at $25 CAD and up, full bodies are priced at $45 CAD and up, and 3D renders are priced at $80 CAD and up.
Under a heading that reads "Information", the text says, "Will draw: furries, humans, feral, most character types. Won't draw: mechs, not safe for work, political, overly complex designs. Payment through Ko-Fi. Upfront only."
Under a heading that reads "Terms of Service", the text says, "All commissions are for personal use unless otherwise stated. You must provide a reference for your character or a clear description of your vision. My artwork may not be used for NFTs/AI art or related. You can expect to wait up to a month depending on the commission - I may be willing to shorten this for a rush fee. More information about my TOS is on my Ko-Fi page." It then links the Ko-Fi page. Then it says, "If you have any concerns, feel free to DM me at punkwasp on Tumblr."
Ben Higbie
1 week ago

Here's a portrait of a cool cat in Thailand that was made several months ago. I can do this type of thing for you too! My art is affordable; msg me if you'd like to request having something painted for you! #art #arts #cat #cats #catsofmastodon #petsofmastodon #handmade #painting #paintings #artist #artists #portraitartist #portraitartists #artmarket #artforsale #paintings #painting #oilpainting #oilpaintings #artist #artists #artlover #artlovers #animals #commissions #commissionsopen #artwork

1 week ago

Hey folks, it's half past a new month and I just want to say my commissions are open!

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #furry #FurryArt #CommissionsOpen

A sketch of a half-hawk, half-cougar gryphon.
An anthro Russian Blue cat in a blue jumpsuit. They're carrying a katana in one hand and a mystical tome in the other.
A dark-haired man adjusting his lacey cuff with one bloody hand.
A black and white striped andthro cat laying on and chatting with his girlfriend, a robotic Renamon. They're gazing affectionately at each other and seem to be discussing a tabletop roleplaying game.
1 week ago

I'm going to upload photos from my #artjournal, because it's where I do the most experiments and where I get new ideas. My notebooks are my playground, the "primordial ooze" from which many of my finished works come.

#MastoArt #art #journaling #mixedmedia #sketchbook #collage #cats #plants #CommissionsOpen

A photo of notebooks, showing some sketches and doodles made in colored pens.
A picture of a notebook, showing some color doodles of cats, dogs a tree and some green round creature.
A picture of a notebook showing a collage, there's a cup, a plant and a sticker of a turtle.
A picture of two notebooks, one showing a sketch of a koi fish, the other one showing some color doodles of plants.

Been using too much of my credit card to cover some emergency expenses, so I need to find extra #commission work to keep up with payments.

Any support is appreciated 💕 If you'd like a small sketch for #donations, please let me know if/when you donate

#art #artist #mutualaid #commissionsopen #digitalart #mastoart #creativetoots #emergencyfunds

2 weeks ago

It's #caturday ! and I'm here to promote my feline #art, for all my fellow #catlovers around the world :ablobcatbongo:
I have #CommissionsOpen, for #cats, #petportraits, #cute or #surreal characters, you can book a slot here:
Or you can check all my online stores in my #linktree, lots of #merch, #stickers, #prints, #tshirts and more, ideal if you want to make an original gift :blobcathearthug:
#boostsappreciated ! Your support helps a lot ❤

A digital painting of a cat, green colored with spots, with three yellow eyes, and a flower in its tail. Looks like a cactus. It has a bubble speech saying "karen abrime, vengo de otra dimension", spanish for "karen open the door, I come from another dimension"
A digital painting of two chonky cats, one tuxedo and the other one white, with little crowns floating over their heads. They are sitting on a purple blanket and background is shades of olive green and yellow.
Digital drawing based on a meme, an old lady in a green dress is holding a black cat, but heads are swapped, cat has a lady head, and lady has cat head.
Drawing of a cat, colored in markers, a tabby gray cat is in front of a pink toy piano, standing like playing the piano, singing "raaaaaooooouuul", at 3am

Thinking about opening commissions for fullbody sketches like these, for like 40 USD. Would anybody be interested? 🤔

#MastoArt #CommissionsOpen #Art #Furry #FurryArt

A dragonborn character, with regular clothes, a backpack, and a sword.
Ajani Gold mane from Magic: the Gathering. Standing with a menacing pose and expression, holding his staff weapon. He is stepping on a skull of a undead soldier from Nicol Bolas' army.
A anthro bird, with goggles in their neck, a jacket, and pants. They have big wings in their back.
John, an anthro eastern dragon, wearing only pants. He is playing electric guitar and singing.
Andy Carolan :prami:
2 weeks ago

2 (Two) Profile picture commission slots are OPEN again on Ko-Fi!

Grab one while they're hot and fresh!

#CommissionsOpen #Cute

Ben Higbie
2 weeks ago
eli shroom
2 weeks ago

i'm running a special this weekend for @CozyConOnline !

all flatcolor commissions are 20% off! that includes standalone character art, backgrounds, limited palette, full spectrum, whatever!

reach out if you'd like a slot today!

#furryart #commissionsopen #furry #birds #commsopen #furrycommission #artforsale #artsale

Advertising graphic featuring two different flatcolor images as examples. On the left is a toucan furry in a 1980s office, on the right is a cardinal man laying in front of a fireplace in a 1970s living room. Text on the advert reads: September 15th through September 17th, CozyCon weekend special: 20% off flatcolor commissions.
Bracken 🐺
2 weeks ago

messed around with Krita's multibrush tool to get the symmetry for this very angsty wolf portrait!

#furry #art #furryart #digitalart #mastoart #commissionsopen

A digital drawing of a gray wolf's anguished face, facing front and with its mouth open. The eyes are bright green against the duller gray of the fur. Signed as Fern.
🍌Lana Banana 🍌
2 weeks ago

Goodnight, #fediverse
To all beautiful angels out here: 3 slots are available!
Any race, any gender. Flowers and color changes for background and wings possible!

Message me to get your angelic portrait. 🕊️

#art #MastoArt #fediart #CreativeToots #YCH #ArtNouveau #fantasy #CommissionsOpen

Art nouveau portrait of a blonde girl with brown skin dressed in a white gown. She smiles gently. Behind her there's a pair of white wings and golden nouveau-styled circle frame. Text says "Art nouveau bust YCH, 50 USD per slot".
2 weeks ago

If you like the style of my new model reminder My VGen Commissions are open and I also offer props in that style!

Also the new following system rolled out 👀

#VGen #VGenOpen #Vtuber #CommissionsOpen #blender3d

screenshot of the VGen commission website stating commissions are open

Boki from Copy Kitty! Commissioned

#commission #furry #anthro #commissionsopen #mastoart

A yellow furred anthropomorphic kitten with gray, hair black top and shorts with purple sleeves. She swings around a light sword, destroying colorful robots, in a digital looking landscape
2 weeks ago

hiya! i'm open for commissions (yes again)

here's the link to the form:

form submissions close on Monday (AEST, Sunday afternoon/evening for NA) next week

thanks for the support :blobcatlove:​

#commissionsopen #commissions #art #furry #furryart #mastoart

A cheetah character sitting at a table looking nervous. The table has a sign reading "COMMISSIONS OPEN", and on the table itself is a bubble tea, an open packet of candy, a pen, and a piece of paper with a pizza illustration on it.
2 weeks ago

Thanks so much for all the love on my previous #furry #gameboy palette #pixelart #commissions
Probably gonna do a bunch more so stay tuned for streams or results :3

Lmk if I'm too spammy w/ stream announcements I'll make sure to include some keyword to make filtering them easier!

#retro #commissionsopen

Léon Ampersand the lion doing the peace sign with a big bapper, smiling at viewer
Using the 160x144 gameboy resolution and matching green palette
2 weeks ago

First time in quite a while where I don't have anything on my #commission plate, so I'm gonna post myself a little ad:

I love drawing original characters interacting, nature scenes, chibis, and I have a decently quick turnaround.

#CommissionsOpen #commissions #ArtistsOnMastodon

Some examples of what you could get:

A repeating tile of chibis of a bluehaired young man with a mouse tail, glasses, and black top doing various poses. There's three different poses with various moods, and scribbles of small filler things of his interest, like skulls, shells, and music notes.
An illustration of a dragon-person sitting on low walls of a church, surrounded by plantlife. He's reaching out to a butterfly that is passing by.
A devil man with large black wings and a red shirt is leaning his head, beckoning to the players at his blackjack table.
A grey rabbit-like person with long ears hair, and a tail with puffs, wearing a light top, is holding some jewels and is examining a red diamond in his right hand.
2 weeks ago

Hello Mastodon : ) !
During one week (from now to the 18th of September) I do some sales on some of my commissions ! : ) Do not hesitate to share around !

I'm still open to any other commission here :

#commissionsopen #anime #manga #videogame #OC

Chart list for commissions

My rate sheet.

A rate sheet

Headshots $5
Half body $8
Full body $12

Headshots $12
Half body $15
Full body $20

Headshots $25
Half body $30
Full body $35

Background (Simple) $5
Added character $10 half body $15 Full body

#Yuri #Commissions #CommissionsOpen #FanArt

A rate sheet

Headshots $5
Halfbody $8
Full body $12

Headshots $12
Halfbody $15
Full body $20

Headshots $25
Halfbody $30
Full body $35

Background (Simple) $5
Added character $5 halfbody $15 Full body
2 weeks ago

updating my #commissions post!
my name's aria, I'm a latin american pixel artist with a focus on character illustrations!! My commissions are open on and I can do small chibi sketches, character bust/waist-up illustrations, or full character illustrations with simple or very detailed backgrounds! Check out my prices on ko-fi and boost if you want to support what I do, thank you!!!!!
#mastoart #pixelart #illustration #CommissionsOpen

A pixel art commission image detailing the option for character bust/waist-up illustrations, with a 40 dollar base price for one character in full color and additional background/character options.
For showcase is a very detailed cropped illustration of two characters sitting at a table sharing a personal moment with each other, with strong saturated colors striking against a detailed interior background.
A pixel art commission image detailing the option for full illustrations, with a 65 dollar base price for one character in full color and additional background/character options. 
For showcase is a full horizontal illustration of a character sitting at the edge of the top of a clock tower, with careful detail of the character's clothes and forlorn expression and a detailed background with brick and marble textures for the tower and a dithered sunset sky that turns different colors with complex pixel patterns.
A pixel art commission image detailing the option for chibi character illustrations, with a 12 dollar base price per full color character.
For showcase are two small drawings with this type of character design, showcasing dynamic poses and careful coloring even in their small cutesy size.
An image with additional info:
- OCs furry and mech designs welcome!
- No nudity or harmful content.
- Kofi commissions for Non-Commercial use only (DM me to discuss commissions for other uses!)
- Chibi option can be used for smaller non-character sketches too!
- More info on: [ko-fi link in post]
Ben Higbie
3 weeks ago

Here'a a painting of Godzilla that I painted on wooden board with acrylic paint, graphite, and ink. It was made for a lady in Maine whose daughter is a huge fan of Godzilla. Message me if youd like any characters you love painted! #art #artforsale #godzilla #kaiju #scifi #scifiart #monsters #monster #geek #nerd #geeks #nerds #artlovers #artlover #illustration #artists #commissions #commissionsopen #commissionswelcome #commissionsavailable #handmade #artwork #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon

Honk Bonk
3 weeks ago

Hey guys I've been needing to cover expenses for college transportation lately (i live in the middle of nowhere) so I'm opening a different set of commissions for that purpose (paying for transportation)

Any character (including creatures!) and any background for $45 to 50(300x300 grid pixel art), if you are interested my contacts are in the info image.

Any and every boost is appreciated! I'd be grateful to you if you do boost :abunhdowohop:

#PixelArt #Mastoart #CommissionsOpen

Gif of three characters: Akko (LWA), Mona (Genshin), Garnet (Steven Universe).

The first is flying, the second is standing in the moonlight and the third is laying down playing chess
Commission info image, it has text as follows:

"willing to animate", "I accept paypal", "will do furry, no problem" and "$45 (dollars) for a character and background) 

it also has the user's contact (nolopasaro and honkbonk)
commission sheet following the previous gif

this version has 4 distinct characters with dinstinct backgrounds, one being mainly red, one being a burning tree, one being the night sky (as a cape, with a boat in the background) and one being a red-ish florest, with wings.
Banchan Art
3 weeks ago

There’s lots of marketplaces out there, but we’re building a new kind of place: a cooperative where your voice and needs as an artist matter. We’re not driven by enriching our investors. Our only driver is enriching you, the artist, and making sure you can be safe while you do your work.

Please check us out, and come talk to us on Discord to meet the team and ask any questions!

More details:

#CommissionsOpen #Commission #ArtistsOnMastodon

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 weeks ago

Hey for my #FollowFriday I just have one person: @zkat because they helped create the amazing new artists’ collab called

#mastoart #art #CommissionsOpen #PixelArt #DigitalArt

3 weeks ago

I've setup a small listing on @banchan ! Co-operatives seem like great ways to go, especially for work platforms, so I'm giving it a shot!


Null 🐌
3 weeks ago

I am opening my books for a few commissions this month: avatars, illustrations, the works!

This month you can claim your spot via my studio on @banchan or my ol google form, whichever works best for you!

Via Banchan:
Via Google Form:

[ #commissionsOpen #MastoArt #FediArt #furryart #ArtistForHire ]

An animated image of a demon character drawing on a computer. Text: "Commissions Open"
An assortment of headshot illustrations of hounds, people, and demons.
Several illustrations lined up next to each other. The first is of a werewolf leaping at something out of from. The next is of a fox character ranger. And the last is of a person atop a massive cow skull.
Several colorful illustrations next to each other. from left to right: a chimera pirate climbing up to a chow's next, an lizard-like alien emerging from a spaceship talking over a communicator, and a bird character resting on a doc with a snowy mountain in the background.
3 weeks ago

Hello Fediverse! 🍁
My commissions are open again.

Here's how to commission me, if you're interested! 🥰

#Art #MastoArt #Commissions #CommissionsOpen #ArtistForHire #DigitalArt #FediArt

Fall season commissions with two of my art works attached. it's a autumn and sunset theme art of two boys in portrait style.

size: 2024 x 2024 px
working duration: about 2 weeks after payment
copyright and distribution:
	- copyright belongs to yesjohn
	- commission art will be posted on my social media
	please let me know if you do not want it posted
	- all art is for personal use only unless agreed by the artist
1. request
2. send your reference photos and pay via paypal
3. rough sketch
4. 1st confirm and edit
5. detailed work
6. 2nd confirm and edit
7. full render
how to apply:
direct message on mastodon
or on instagram @yesjohnart
Price and style
+ transfer fees and for solid background colour and simple poses only

style a: anime/semi-realistic
	60 USD head to chest
	80 USD half body

style b: chibi/cartoon
	30 USD half body
	35 USD full body
for simple backgrounds, additional characters, and dynamic poses,
i can set a different price based on its difficulty.
🍌Lana Banana 🍌
3 weeks ago


I struggle with getting general September queue (no orders at all), but bills, unfortunately, won't just go away and nobody is going to give me meds for free.

I have 10 slots for sketches like the one you see above.
$20 for halfbody, $35 for fullbody.

Reblogs are appreciated and so is your help.
Thank you.

Get your sketch here:

#art #MastoArt #fediart #CommissionsOpen #sketch #fantasy #dnd

Grayscale sketch illustration of male elf character with silvery hair and tan skin. He wears black tunic and cape and holds a dagger in his hand.
3 weeks ago

A better post, of the skeb style portraits I'm selling. These are much cheaper than my traditional work because of the one-pass nature of them.

:boost_ok: Boosts would be very appreciated!

Current prices are $90 for 128px, $35 for 64px, and $15 for 32px. These are subject to change with demand!

Check out my website at

#PixelArt #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #CharacterArt #GameDev

3 sets of portraits in 3 sizes each, show the different sizes.
Hampus Flink
4 weeks ago

Saturated Sadako, drawn today for a discord contest. The challenge was "crazy colors".

#art, #artist , #artistsonmastodon , #MastoArt , #CommissionsOpen , #FanArt , #horror, #ringu , #jhorror , #DigitalArt , #digitalpainting

A digital painting of Sadako from Ringu crawling out of a tv set. All the colors are oversaturated and tasty-looking
Andy Carolan :prami:
4 weeks ago

🥳 Just 2 profile picture commission slots are OPEN again on Ko-Fi!

Grab one while they're hot and fresh!

#CommissionsOpen #Cute #ProfilePic

4 weeks ago


Along with being a writer, I am also an artist.

On Buy Me a Coffee, not only can you support my writing, but you can support my artwork as well!

I have created a Custom Sticker Commission, where YOU can order custom stickers from me!

What You Will Recieve:

- An in-color and laminated handmade stickers (unless otherwise stated that you want black and white)
- 5 to 10 stickers, depending on how many you want (5 minimum, 10 maximum)
- A PNG through email of your sticker
- A handmade shipped-to-you package filled with:
- Extra variety of stickers (1 to 3)
- A handmade thank you card
- My business card with socials

If this catches your interest and you would like to support my artwork/accept a commission from me, please feel free to check out the link here:

If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please feel free to message me privately! :)

Thank you so much for reading this. Have a good day, and keep creating/reading! :)

#CommissionsOpen #commissions #writingcommunity #stickers #handmade #writer #artist #artistsonmastodon #artists #art #writing

Banchan Art
4 weeks ago

Hey #CommissionsOpen!

Come check us out, a place for doing commissions that’s centered on your needs and safety, rather than extracting as much as it can from you!

We’re looking for artists to partner with as we get off the ground, and we’re more than happy to give you hands on help with questions and issues and setup!

1 month ago

I am trying something different! I will offering some quick and dirty skeb style portrait requests for much cheaper. Experimental, so they may not stay, but let's see if people want them!

:boost_ok: Welcome!

Contact info can be found at: ⭐

#MastoArt #CommissionsOpen #ProfilePicture #PixelArt

A page from the website that says:

Quick & Dirty Portraits

Experimental, may not always be here

2 Weeks | Skeb Style | Payment Upfront

(There is an image of the same character and pose, but in various different sizes.)

128px | 64px | 32px | 16px | 8px
$60 | $35 | $20 | $10 | $5

* Skeb style means that you will give me as much detail as you an with the original brief, colors, outfits, & headpose, and I will create a finished work without further input or sketch stage. No refunds or nitpicks, please be very clear.
1 month ago

A little size challenge!
I also wanted to pair down colors as much as possible, and as I frequently do, I wanted to use GBA safe colors!

Looks like they could be in games, right?

#PixelArt #CharacterArt #MastoArt #GameDev #CommissionsOpen

A portrait of a girl looking to the side, slightly surprised, in 4 different sizes. 128px square, 64px square, 32px square, 16px square.
1 month ago

Time for a little self-promotion :ablobcatbongo:
You can check my prices and book a commission here on my Artistree profile:
Quick, safe and easy 😎
Plus, with every sale there, they donate to plant trees ❤️ 🌱

#commission #CommissionsOpen #art #artist #opentowork #MastoArt #cats #boost #artbooster

A cartoon of a pink cat with yellow eyes, with a focused expression, drawing a cat on a sketchbook. On the desk there's also a pencil holder with more drawing tools, some pens and pencils on the table, and a cup with some hot liquid, the cup is yellow has a green human face painted on.
1 month ago

I'm opening for commissions again!
I'll leave the form open over the weekend and potentially early next week depending on interest 🙂
Submission form and prices can be found here:

#furry #furryart #furryartist #commission #commissionsopen #digitalart #mastoart

Onyx Serpent
1 month ago

Currently open for #commissions starting work August 30 and beyond! Currently offering character speed paints and sketches $20-65, now with custom cartoony characters and custom emotes.

SFW art, any character welcome: human, anthro, animal, monsters -- heck, I'll try robots too.

Prices, TOS, links to additional samples & order form:

#CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #illustration #FurryArt #DigitalArt

Commissions open image. Three visible samples, one painted one of a vulture anthro marked $65, a monochrome mindflayer marked $60, and a sketch of a tiger's head marked $20.
Listed prices are:
Character speedpaints - $65
Monochrome, detailed - $60
Monochrome, simple - $35
Sketch, fullbody - $35
Sketch, bust - $20

Ben Higbie
1 month ago

Here is a painting I am putting the finishing touches on right now, I really loved making this one! It was purchased by a lady in New York state a few days ago. If anyone needs some nice artwork to adorn your interior, or to give as a gift to someone else, please contact me! #art #artwork #artistsonmastodon #artlover #artlovers #artmarket #artist #artists #illustration #painting #paintings #artnet #artfinder #commissions #commissionsopen #commissionswanted