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#communism is in the eye of the beholder.
#authoritarianism is self-evident. #1984

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feel free to steal this for cheap printing and sticking on all of your favorite #tankie posters around your town.

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pro-genocide, cop bootlicking, rapist protecting

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Milton #Friedman and F. A. #Hayek would not support #communism! Communism, by definition, is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production. #Basicincome is not revolutionary (in that it doesn't need a revolution to happen), does not require the eradication of classes, does not require the eradication of the state, and doesn't require common ownership of the means of production. So it is not communism; it is merely a socialist correction to capitalism, thus allowing #capitalism to continue to prevail over the domains in which it excels

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Points of Unity template for shared processes and practices (for social movement groups and popular organizations of various kinds): ***Although descriptively accurate, the above is not formulated to be the best name for practical use in movement context as it is too jargon heavy and wordy. Alternative names: Points of Unity, Group agreements, Shared Agreements, Group Practices, Shared Practices, Group Processes, Shared Processes, etc

Direct-Democracy: Direct democracy refers to direct collective decision making. Direct democracy enables collective dialogue, decisions, and actions to achieve various goals and solve various problems. Deliberation is foundational to a practical direct democracy as it enables questions, amendments, conversations, problems, solution criteria, multiple perspectives, critiques, concerns, alternative possibilities, dissent, and evaluation of pros and cons to round out proposals and decisions made. After deliberation, there is an aim for full agreement. If there is not full agreement, there is further discussion and then a decision is made by majority vote. ***The specifics of direct democracy can be tweaked and even left out of this section and simply included in the bylaws.

Horizontality: Horizontality refers to the presence of self-organization and the absence of hierarchy. Hierarchy refers to institutionalized top-down command obedience relations. Horizontality includes freedom from hierarchy, freedom from oppression, freedom from domination, freedom from exploitation, and freedom to participate in self-managed groups and relations. This group strives to be internally horizontal and contribute to horizontal relations. etc. ***can alternatively be called or framed as: non-hierarchy, or egalitarian relations, or opposition to hierarchy. With different groups, different framings and wordings will make more sense. Depending on group and context, it may or may not make sense for a group to give a list of various hierarchies in such a points of unity document. For sake of brevity, it can make sense to include the substance of horizontality within other points.

Free Association and Participatory activity: Free association refers to freedom of and from associations as well as participatory activity within associations. For there to be free association and participatory activity, persons and groups must have the guaranteed freedoms to choose their activities and associations while respecting and enabling freedoms of others to do the same. All labor, work, and action within this group is to be voluntary and non-coerced. If someone does not like a policy that is made, they can continue to argue for and advocate an alternative proposal, continue to argue one’s point formally and informally, choose to not participate in the implementation of the policy they disagree with while remaining in the group, or choose to leave the association. *** This point can potentially be included in other points of unity without being its own point. Also, it is often implied that a group is such a voluntary association so including this for a group as an explicit point may or may not make sense.

Direct Action: Direct action refers to opposing exploitation, domination and oppression through self-managed action to meet needs of people. Direct action can be contrasted to indirect action of top-down organizing and relying on rulers to solve social problems. Direct action includes a wide array of potential activities and campaigns against specific hierarchical institutions for short term, mid-term, and long-term goals. *** A description giving examples of direct action tactics such as occupations, expropriations, blockades, strikes, boycotts, etc. is optional. An alternative to the wording to “domination, exploitation, and oppression” can be “unfreedom and injustice” or something sufficiently similar.

Mutual Aid: Mutual aid refers to voluntary multidirectional help to meet needs. Mutual aid can exist within a group, between groups, between groups and persons, between persons etc. Mutual aid enables groups and people to pool abilities, needs, ideas, proposals, actions, infrastructure, resources, tools, etc. together. Mutual aid can include a wide array of potential activities from mutual assistance towards common goals (including direct action goals), creating or participating in development of the commons (including communal fields, factories and workshops, social centers, libraries, eco-technology projects, etc), free food distribution, communal childcare, etc. ***Such a list or variation thereof is optional to include.

For groups that collaborate with other groups in various formal and informal ways:

Co-Federalism: Co-federalism refers to ways organizations can freely collaborate for inter-collective coordination, decisions, and actions in a way that enables decision making power to be in the hands of people directly. Delegated persons and councils of collectives can meet up for deliberation and administration. Such delegates and co-federal councils are mandated and recallable to their respective popular assemblies, are merely communicative, administrative, and have no policy making power. All policies are made and ratified by general assemblies directly. ***Alternatively the words federalism, confederalism, intercommunalism, inter-collectivity, egalitarian federation, etc. can be used in place of co-federalism. Co-federalism is a neologism, and confederalism and federalism both have connotative issues despite them referring to an essential practice for horizontal and free inter-organizational relations.

Addendum point for Community assembly groups in particular:

Communal Self Management: Communal self-management refers to horizontal, democratic, participatory community politics and economics. Such communal and intercommunal self-management can exist on every scale from the block, to the neighborhood, to the city, and beyond. Means of existence and production needed by communities are to be held and managed in common. Policies and protocols for communal economics are managed by communal assemblies and co-federations thereof. Such communal assemblies and co-federations thereof have embedded participatory councils that self-manage implementation within the bounds of their respective mandates and protocols. Such a communal economy aims towards providing each and all with free access to needs.

***The above point is specifically for community assembly groups. It generally makes the most sense for groups that are at relatively a mature level development to the point where they have sufficient power, means of production, and popular support.

Alternative framing that synthesizes the first three points of unity into a single point:

Participatory Democracy: Participatory democracy refers to a combination of direct collective decision making, without rulers, where people freely participate in decision making and implementation of decisions. ***By condensing the substance of the first three points into a single point, a lot of clutter disappears. From here, people can fill out this point through their own descriptions or through copying, pasting, and blending some of the more essential sentences from the first three points of unity listed as needed. An alternative framing for this point could be “self-management” in such a way that includes the substance of direct democracy, horizontality, and free association. As coherent as the first three points are as separate points rounding each other out, they are rather cumbersome and can be difficult to wrap one’s mind around. Creating a single point that combines the essential features of those points can help clear up confusion. Something like a practical unity of Participatory Democracy as defined above (or alternatively Self-Management), Direct Action, and Mutual aid can lead to a lot of coherence and functional use for groups starting from scratch or otherwise developing such points of unity overtime. Having three points makes a point of unity for processes and practices easier to agree with, comprehend, and communicate to new people.

#Anarchism #anarchy #socialism #communism #libertariansocialism #libertariancommunism #mutualaid #directdemocracy #democracy #federation #federalism #confederalism #directaction #horizontality #horizontalism #freedom #equality #organization

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It would be impossible for us (Soviet society) to have Anna Karenina. She was executed by the opinion of society, that is, by the ambience. Our ambience only executes weakness and honors strength. Nothing else matters. Everything is allowed. Moreover, weakness in its simplest understanding: the absence of attributes of power.

Soviet artist #LidiaTimoshenko 1959

#ussr #history #communism


There absolutely are alternatives to capitalism, and their common attribute is that none of them are viable.

That’s why you have to dishonestly deny that communism has ever been tried: because it’s failed every time it’s been tried.


It never fails: the hallmark of Communists is their insistence that communism has never been tried.

That’s the only way they can avoid the painful conclusion that it’s always failed.

QT of

#politics #anticapitalism #socialism #communism #capitalism

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Today in Writing History September 25, 1894: Playwright John Howard Lawson was born. Lawson wrote several plays about the working class, including “The International” (1928), which depicts a proletarian world revolution and “Marching Song” (1937), about a sit-down strike. In the late 1940s, Lawson was blacklisted as a member of the “Hollywood Ten” for his refusal to tell the House Committee on Un-American Activities about his political allegiances.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #communism #huac #blacklist #hollywood #strike #theater #writer #author #books #play @bookstadon

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#communism #fascism #russia

This is brief but interesting viewing, Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky about the far right, far left and current Russian ideology:

“It's the ideology of humiliated people who want to humiliate others and force their superiority upon them for therapeutic purposes”

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The state of the left right now is so sad and scary. The lack of organizations that can teach people collective action and organize outside of a liberal framework is tangible. I worry it causing such a rise in political active fascists with such a small rise in the left.
#antifascism #communism #left

My father's siblings joined the #CCP before the civil war. They were born in a peasant family. My father was a farmer and he joined the KMT army and then went to Hong Kong.

Why do #Communism and #Nazism always start in #rural areas? I would say these fake ideologies all preach fear, hatred, opportunities, and nationalism. It is not about left or right. They are all the same and will eventually all turn into dictatorial #Fascism.
This book about Nazism is free to read.

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Imagine thinking this sentence makes sense:

"The Alaska Marxists represented by the Alaska Chamber of Commerce..."

#marxism #communism #socialism

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A rant/thought/rambling decompression of my current thoughts on one small part of the struggle for change in the United States:

As with all things in this effort, attending the union solidarity event left me hopeful, confused, frustrated, invigorated, and angry.

I'm hopeful because despite everything else I'm about to type, the Starbucks United group is doing good work and achieving their objectives. I'm hopeful because currently the best way I can see to drive Americans towards class consciousness is through their workplace and paychecks and to show them other people doing the same. To attempt to unionize a public-facing company like Starbucks is a big win in that regard, because it worked hard to become a ubiquitous presence in the US, and for the workers who made that happen to be able to piggyback on that platform they built for that company and show people the power of workers is good. The situation is changing, higher wages and employee welfare are coming to a corner store near you, so pay attention and help out.

I was confused because when I got there it appeared to be an indoors only grip'n'grin, with almost no indication that it was a pro-union solidarity event until you entered the building. I was confused because I probably don't understand how unionizing actually works, and unfortunately due to my nature I may NEVER properly understand it, or even be successful. Hell, I may not even be HELPFUL. I was under the impression that in order to achieve this victory you need support from the people, from the community, from the locals. I thought in order to do that we would be out and loud, waving banners and signs at passing traffic, thanking drive-thru patrons for their support (even if it's tongue in cheek for some of them, who looked decidedly unhappy to have to think on a Sunday.), and generally letting the world know we're here and not going away.

I was frustrated because, like always, I learn of these events around me only through the barest chance, a happenstance of someone thinking to boost and share a social media post, coincidence rather than design. There's no definitive place I can go to learn of these events I'm interested in. This is by design, due to the propaganda of our local and national media here in the USA. We are actively stymied and prevented from learning ACTUALLY USEFUL news, as news that can lead to change or action is less predictable and profitable than news that simply garners a 'reaction'. Our job as consumers is only to get on FaceTokX and decry the liberal/gay/brown/conservative/christian/muslim/communist/demopublican/jewish/women's agenda and shout into the void that SOMEONE SHOULD DO SOMETHING, MAYBE give some money to a PAC, then go buy a Coca Cola and a Chevrolet to own the *. I was frustrated because even within these multiple groups and movements I'm tangentially associated with, watching, helping, and speaking with, it can be weeks or months between any type of work or action. This is not their fault, however! I know most of this problem is the heat, our jobs, our family and societal necessities and commitments, distance, money, infighting, police, lawsuits, ennui, propaganda and state action, inertia, and (for me at least, can't speak for anyone else) the fact that I'm a flightly, problematic, untrusted, inconsistent, angry, angsty, inarticulate, and ignorant asshole that is, ALSO, terrible at organizing.

I was invigorated because... and boy do I wish I could print this in 10ft tall letters and staple it to the front page of every social media: TOUCHING GRASS HELPS! Motion creates emotion! Getting out and doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING, even if it's just sitting in a damn coffee shop and talking with a group of barely-left DemSocs who largely seem to want 'The US But Slightly Redder', or trolling/pissing off the conservative assholes which are stacked so deep around me that I feel like I'm packed in some kind of disgusting box of leather cheerios, even if I come home and immediately write a tome of what everyone on MY instance already figured out yesterday/2020/1992/1981/1920. I WENT OUT AND DID A THING! And BECAUSE I did that, I now feel as if I've done more to help change something than ANY of the talking to people I'd done in the last several months.

And I'm angry because... like everyone else, I want my cake NOW. I want my change NOW. I want class consciousness, social evolution and revolution NOW. I want to plant the seed, turn around, and immediately sit in the shade of the tree I planted, even though I've done next to NOTHING. I want the trillions of dollars liberated from the moneyed class to rain down upon us, 70% of all our bullshit jobs to disappear thus allowing us to live in the world of 15 hour work weeks John Maynard Keynes promised. I want to stop my neighbors from abusing their children, my workplace to stop abusing their employees, my city to stop abusing the disadvantaged and unhoused, my state to stop abusing the rural and non-standard, my country to stop abusing the global south, and I want to know how to make it happen and know that I'm doing it correctly, and I NEVER will. Even if I succeed at all things beyond my wildest dreams, I shall never sit in the shade of that tree. I'm angry because I don't even know if the seed will be there tomorrow or be paved over to allow another pavement princess Ford F-350 to roll coal next to another Starbucks (and park outside the line, too).

You don't know what to do? You don't know how to help? Welcome to the club, we're all here. The only thing I know we can do it get people off the sidelines. Go out and talk to people if you can, find out what they're doing, what they need, and where they're going. Even if they're enemies, get them off balance, get them moving. If they're assholes, go somewhere else if you can. Get offline, get in the streets, get to where the need is. It is hot, dangerous, dirty, and you're surrounded by people who will tell you all the ways you will fail and why you shouldn't even bother. Your family, your media, your workplace, your church, your government, and some 35 year old rich white privileged asshole on youtube who is more concerned about theory and thinks Memes = Praxis, they're ALL against you. They ALL want you to fail. Your success MAY challenge their comfort, and they can't have that.

But like video games, all the enemies and puzzles show up when you're going in the right direction, even if you have no clue where you're going, and they will still come even if you sit still. The only difference is by sitting still you gain no experience, no tools, no allies.

Please help.

AND FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING SOMEONE TOSS ME A GODDAMNED CLUE! Put it on a flash card in bright primary colors if you must.

Until then, I'm going back to holding a sign and trolling conservative assholes.

#organizing #union #praxis #communism #anarchism

guy sticking his head out of the window, presumably of his apartment, and shouting at the darkened city "I'm MAD AS HELL, and I'm gonna continue to take it, since I have no clue how to bring about actual CHANGE!" - from KurtToons

Hello, supposedly communist / socialist Tooters - how about alt-texting those "revolutionary" pictures you're posting?

Because if you're excluding visually-impaired workers THEN YOU'RE NOT FUCKING COMMUNISTS, ARE YOU?

fuck me, get a grip and stop with the fucking ableism.

#Communism #Socialism #Anarchism #Ableism #EverythingIsPolitical

Graphic of a wheelchair user logo but the user is wielding a machine gun and circular text surrounding reads:

5 days ago

Our politeness has greatly decreased (since 1917). In the subsequent difficult years of struggle, construction and war, this loss could not be replenished. So we came to this day without creating a new, conscious politeness, in the dark memory that rudeness is a sign of independence.


#history #ussr #communism

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#Communism does not suddenly become possible -- or inevitable -- because of AI, asteroid mining, networks, cybernetics, cell phones, trash recycling, or any other whizbang technology.

Ever since capitalism created a worldwide class of workers who have no private property of their own to defend, communism has been a possibility.

To say communism is inevitable because of technology X is to blissfully avoid the hard work communism really requires: organization, education, insurrection, civil war, holding on to power, and seeing through the socialization of property and the abolition of classes.

5 days ago


"For example, Karl Marx promoted the idea that the "workers" should own the means of production."

Duh. I mean yeah, I know that and I agree with it.

"Now, I don't know you personally, but clearly, we are not in agreement..."

I'm not convinced that you understand exactly what I disagreed with. I did not disagree with the workers "owning" (I prefer the word controlling, because that's the key part and the concept of "ownership" carries too much baggage and probably needs to be gotten rid of) means of production.

"...& it was you who mistakenly assumed the OP was saying that Marx said that corruption was the problem."

For the third? fourth? time: I never claimed that you were misstating Marx . I never thought you said that "Marx said that corruption was the problem".

YOU said corrupt people were the problem, not the system. I was pushing back on this idea itself, I never said nor intended to imply that you attributed it to Marx. On the contrary, I was pointing out that it was in contradiction to Marx.

Did you incorrectly express what you meant to say? Because you clearly said:

"The ethical problem of #capitalism or #communism isn't the "system", it's the corrupt people, the cheats, liars, the greenwashers, who are not interested in the common good."

I never attributed this to Marx, I clearly said I thought that by saying this YOU were in disagreement with Marx's ideas.

I don't know how to make this any plainer and am not going to put more effort into trying.

5 days ago


I never said that you said Marx wrote something. I was critical of something *you* said, and I framed my criticism from a Marxist perspective since you seemed to be promoting Marxist ideas generally elsewhere in that and other toots.

Perhaps you missed or misread my other toot explaining this:

Please stop spinning this around false accusations and bad assumptions.

This is the subject I challenged you on:

You said "The ethical problem of #capitalism or #communism isn't the "system", it's the corrupt people, the cheats, liars, the greenwashers, who are not interested in the common good."

I disagree with this. I think Marx disagreed as well, but that's really beside the point. I only mentioned Marx because you seemed to be a follower of his ideas (at least as presented by Richard Wolff). Marx is beside the point really.

My position is that the ethical problem *is* the system, *not* "the corrupt people, the cheats, liars, the greenwashers, who are not interested in the common good."

There will always be some problematic people, which is why we should not have any system or institution that empowers them. This is why all states are barriers to human liberation.

Socialism for All / S4A ☭
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#S4A Livestream #107: Observing 9/11; Dupes for Fascism; Popular & United Fronts; Lots of Chat & More

#socialism #socialist #communism #communist #marxism #marxist #news #politics

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Service in the USSR:

A waiter who snaps at every, even the most innocent, remark and turns into a fierce tiger if, God forbid, you didn’t order vodka or cognac. A small semblance of this anger can only be observed in the hairdresser's, if after shaving and cutting your hair you refuse the fragrant cologne.


#history #ussr #communism

6 days ago

The ethical problem of #capitalism or #communism isn't the "system", it's the corrupt people, the cheats, liars, the greenwashers, who are not interested in the common good.

The question is, which #economic system will regulate the cheats? An economic system in which private industry owners control social media & politicians? or a democratic work environment?

International Marxist Radio: Why We Are #Communists

Episode webpage:

Media file:

ch0ccyra1n :she_her:
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I find myself agreeing a lot more with social anarchists of the late 19th and early 20th century than contemporary social anarchists. What's up with that?

#Anarchy #Anarchism #Individualism #Socialism #Communism #Collectivism

6 days ago

Fantastic news, everyone. Donald #Trump and some dumbshit meathead named #ColbyCovington are going to save #America from the scourge of #communism! Neither one of them have even the most remote clue what communism is, but that doesn't matter. The important thing is that they've heard the word "communism", and they're pretty sure it's awful. Thankfully, we can all rest easy now that they're on the case! #MAGA!

#MAGAcult #RepublicanIdiocy #TrumpCult #GOPfascists

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Today in Labor History September 22, 1919: After union suppression 400,000 steelworkers in 50 cities struck to protest intolerable working conditions. Union leaders believed that if they could organizer the steel workers, it would lead to a massive wave of unionization across the country. Thus began the Great Steel Strike of 1919. The bosses, however, were able to turn public opinion against the workers by calling them Communists and immigrants. They attacked strike organizer William Z. Foster as a revolutionary syndicalist and Wobbly (IWW). And they called upon federal troops, which helped crush the strike after 3½ months, killing several workers.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #union #steel #strike #IWW #anarchism #communism #immigration #PoliceBrutality #PoliceMurder #police #racism

Image: An unprovoked attack by mounted state police during the strike in Pennsylvania in September 1919By Unknown author - The Great Steel Strike and its Lessons, William Foster, Public Domain,
1 week ago

Today in Labor History September 22, 1934: The United Textile Workers (UTW) strike committee ordered strikers back to work, ending the largest U.S. textile strike to date. Over 400,000 workers participated, mostly women. At least 18 of them died at the hands of militias, vigilantes and police. The strike began in the south and spread up the Eastern Seaboard. The governors of North and South Carolina deputized citizens (i.e., created vigilante squads) during the first week of the strike, issuing shoot-to-kill orders against any picketers who tried to enter a mill. As a result, 14 strikers were murdered in that first week. In the second week of the strike, the governor of Rhode Island mustered the National Guard, who used machine guns against strikers armed with flower pots and headstones they had taken from a nearby cemetery. The National Guard was also deployed in Maine, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. In Georgia, strikers were arrested and held without charge, in World War I concentration camps. 34 strike leaders were held incommunicado.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #textile #strike #women #feminism #union #PoliceBrutality #PoliceMurder #police #NationalGuard #vigilante #communism

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In Omsk... Right... Yes... Listen, do you happen to have the phone number on you, Dmitri?... what? I see, just ask for Omsk information... I'm sorry, too, Dmitri... I'm very sorry... *All right*, you're sorrier than I am, but I am as sorry as well... I am as sorry as you are, Dmitri! Don't say that you're more sorry than I am, because I'm capable of being just as sorry as you are... So we're both sorry, all right?... All right.

#russia #sovietunion #socialism #ukraine #communism #empire #dmitri

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Do you wonder what the #FeteDeLHuma is? Check out this video to find out! You can enable English subtitles (as bad as they are). #communism #pcf

In case your instance doesn’t show it, the above toot was Quote Toot of

#communism #anticapitalism

Arguing with communists is pointless.

#communism #anticapitalism


Yeah, that’s what the USSR said, too, right until it collapsed. It kept all the authoritarianism but stopped describing itself as Marxist.

Communism isn’t coming. Communism has come and gone. It has failed. It is no more; it has ceased to be.

We are in late-state socialism, which the point at which it has become painfully obvious that communism is never going to happen. Was never going to, will never.

#communism #anticapitalism #politics

@DaWoDerPfeffer agreed.

#Texas basically banning #communism but not #capitalism is one of those abdurd #Doublethink standards...


Sure, it’ll totally work this time, even though it’s failed every other time!!!

#communism #politics

Dave Bendit :verified:
1 week ago

"The prison of capital rests on necropolitics."

Anyway, here's a video about Chicken Run.

#communism #art #ChickenRun

@sarfeo @futurebird

And I’ll block you now because you’re intellectually dishonest.

“I’m anti-cap.”

“Ok, so what are you pro?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“It’s communism, right? I mean, what else could it be?”

“I’d rather not say, so let me attack you as a distraction.”

#communism #anticapitalism #politics

1 week ago

“Generic #Communism designates a #free #associative #egalitarian #society where the activity of #polymorph #workers is not governed by regulations and technical or social articulations but is managed by the #collective power of #needs. In such a society, the #State is dissolved as a separate instance from public coercion. #Politics – much as it voices the interests of social groups and covets at the conquest of power – is de facto dissolved.

Thus, the purpose of #Communist politics aims at its own disappearance in the modality of the end of the form separated from the State in general, even if it concerns a State that declares itself #democratic."
1 week ago

Sounds familiar!

The two classes are the proletariat, who make up the majority of the population within society & must sell their labour power to survive, & the bourgeoisie, a small minority that derives profit from employing the working class through private ownership of the means of production

Before capitalists get into a hissy fit, #communism & #capitalism are *only* economic models. We should be mature enough to discuss the pros & cons in a civil political manner

Tucker Teague
1 week ago

"Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world."

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite authors, thinkers, and #marxists, Paulo Freire. If you have not read the book, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed," I highly recommend it.

#botd #PauloFreire #left #marx #marxism #socialist #communism #socialism #education

A portrait of Paulo Freire with the quote: "Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world."
1 week ago

Today in Labor History September 19, 1952: The United States barred Charlie Chaplin from re-entering the country after a trip to England. In 1947, his black comedy, Monsieur Verdoux, was released. In the film, he criticized capitalism and its reliance on wars and weapons of mass destruction. The FBI launched a formal investigation of him 1947, after public accusations that he was a communist. Chaplin denied the charges, calling himself a “peace monger.” Nevertheless, he protested the HUAC hearings and the U.S. trials of Communist Party members. Representative John Rankin called Chaplin's presence in Hollywood “detrimental to the moral fabric of America.” Writer George Orwell prepared list of people he believed were communists, which he gave to British intelligence before he died in 1949. The list included Chaplin and Michael Redgrave, as well as Paul Robeson, Katherine Hepburn, John Steinbeck and Orson Welles.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #communism #hollywood #anticommunism #CharlieChaplin #OrsonWelles #Steinbeck #orwell #fbi #huac #actor #writer #fiction @bookstadon

Original poster for the Charlie Chaplin film Monsieur Verdoux. Public Domain.
1 week ago

Ich update jetzt immer, wenn ich was zu Kohei Saitos "#Degrowth #Communism" finde.

Saito war Gast beim Podcast @FutureHistories und erklärt im Interview seine Idee
(Podcast is in English)

Vielen lieben Dank für die Folge.

#Klimakrise #economics

The "Free" Market Will Not Fix The World.


• Data on real wages suggests that, historically, extreme poverty was uncommon and arose primarily during periods of severe social and economic dislocation, particularly under colonialism.

• Where progress has occurred, significant improvements in human welfare began only around the 20th century. These gains coincide with the rise of anti-colonial and socialist political movements.

#Socialism #Communism

Study Debunks Capitalism as Solution to Global Poverty

A study by Dylan Sullivan and Jason Hickel challenges the commonly held belief that capitalism is necessary for improving human well-being. 

“claims that capitalism delivered a steady and dramatic e reduction in global poverty over time are not supported by the data” 

(Picture is small, skinny child holding up an Apple logo as if to eat it.)
2 weeks ago

I never remember who pointed this out to me first, but it stands the test of time;

It doesn't matter if you're a #democrat, a #republican, or an #indepedent. You can support #socialism, #communism, #capitalism, #distributism, etc.

Pretty much no matter what, you're going to find quite a bit of common ground with the #libertarian cause. Really the only exception is if you're an #authoritarian.

Tucker Teague
2 weeks ago

"Yes, my fathers, I desire #communism, like you, but on one crucial condition: that it ratifies, encourages, and further develops a spirit of #community or #communion that is already present—this condition was fulfilled in the Acts of the Apostles and in some #communes born out of '68..."

— Maurice Clavel

A black and white photograph of Maurice Clavel (1920-1979), who was a French writer, journalist, and philosopher. He sits at a desk, looks at the camera, and has a cigarette in his mouth.
2 weeks ago

[write an essay for the following thoughts:

“Στην #αναρχία δε θα φτάσουμε ούτε σήμερα, ούτε αύριο, ούτε ποτέ. Στην αναρχία θα πορευόμαστε σήμερα, αύριο και για πάντα.”

— Errico #Malatesta

#Communism is for us not a state of affairs which is to be established , an ideal to which reality [will] have to adjust itself. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.”

— Friedrich #Engels & Karl #Marx - The German Ideology, 1845

Σήμερα η αναρχία είναι θυμός, θανάσιμο μίσος και αιώνιος πόλεμος ενάντια σε όλους τους καταπιεστές και τους εκμεταλλευτές που υπάρχουν πάνω στη γη• είναι η απαράγραπτη διεκδίκηση των καταπιεσμένων, είναι το σύμφωνο συμμαχίας τους, η πολεμική κραυγή τους˗ ανελέητος πόλεμος όσο στη γη θα υπάρχει ακόμα έστω και ένα αφεντικό, έστω και ένας εκμεταλλευτής. Αναρχία σημαίνει ακατάπαυστη, αδιάκοπη εξέγερση, ενάντια σε κάθε κατεστημένη τάξη• πόλεμος ενάντια σε κάθε κρατική αρχή, που διεξάγεται με όλους τους δυνατούς τρόπους και με όλες τις δυνατές μορφές: με το γραπτό λόγο και κάθε άλλο μέσο έκφρασης, με τις πράξεις περιφρόνησης και εχθρότητας και προπάντων με τα όπλα.

— Είναι από το κείμενο του Ιταλού αναρχοκομμουνιστή Κάρλο #Καφιέρο “Επανάσταση”, Αναρχία και Κομμουνισμός.

Title: The Everlasting Pursuit of Anarchy: A Call to Arms


The words of Errico Malatesta and Karl Marx, echoed through time, resonate as a clarion call for those who yearn for a world free from oppression and exploitation. They paint a vivid picture of the ceaseless struggle that defines the path to anarchy. In this essay, we delve into the essence of anarchy as an unyielding force, an unwavering commitment to the emancipation of the oppressed, and an unrelenting battle against all forms of tyranny.

I. Anarchy: A Battle Cry for the Oppressed:

Malatesta’s proclamation encapsulates the spirit of anarchy as an unquenchable fury, a lethal animosity, and an eternal warfare against oppressors and exploiters. It is the unscripted demand of the downtrodden, a covenant of solidarity among them, a war cry that endures as long as even a single master, even a single exploiter, exists on Earth. Anarchy signifies a relentless, uninterrupted uprising against every established order.

II. Anarchy: The Real Movement Towards Liberation:

Marx and Engels, in “The German Ideology,” challenge the notion of communism as a static ideal waiting to be realized. They define communism as a living, breathing movement that seeks to dismantle the prevailing status quo. This movement draws its energy from the current conditions and premises in existence. Anarchy aligns with this view, rejecting the notion of a distant utopia and emphasizing the urgency of immediate action.

III. Anarchy in Action:

Carlo Cafiero’s words emphasize that anarchy is not a passive philosophy but an active pursuit. It is a perpetual rebellion against entrenched power structures, conducted through every available means of expression, from the written word to acts of defiance and, above all, through arms. Anarchy demands a willingness to engage in all forms of struggle to dismantle the institutions of authority.

IV. The Everlasting Journey:

The journey towards anarchy is not confined to a specific era or generation. It transcends the limitations of time and space, encompassing the struggles of countless individuals who have dared to challenge the established norms. It is a legacy passed down through the ages, a torch carried by those who refuse to accept a world marred by hierarchy and exploitation.


Errico Malatesta’s proclamation and the words of Marx, Engels, and Carlo Cafiero converge to form a powerful testament to the enduring spirit of anarchy. It is not a distant utopia, but a lived reality that demands relentless action. Anarchy is a commitment to the eternal battle against oppression, a call to arms that reverberates through time. Today, tomorrow, and forever, the pursuit of anarchy will continue, fueled by the unwavering determination of those who refuse to accept a world that perpetuates inequality and injustice.](

Artwork: Diego Rivera - “Man at the Crossroads” (1934, destroyed):

2 weeks ago

#Κομμουνισμός - «μια ένωση στην οποία η ελεύθερη ανάπτυξη του καθενός [ατόμου] είναι η προϋπόθεση για την ελεύθερη ανάπτυξη όλων».

#Marx & #Engels, Manifesto (1848)

#Communism - “an association in which the free development of each [individual] is the condition for the free development of all.”

#Marx & #Engels, Manifesto (1848)

Artwork: The celebration of the election of the #Commune, 28 March 1871

Italiano: Proclamazione della Comune, Parigi, 28 marzo 1871
Date 1871
Author Unknown author

Preston Maness ☭
2 weeks ago

@chris The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) may interest you. I doubt it'd be a perfect match, but such a thing probably doesn't exist :P

#socialism #communism #marxism #MarxismLeninism #PartyForSocialismAndLiberation #PSL

@izaya "Everything that doesn't maximize suffering of #WageWorkers and marginalized people for the profite of #AmericanOligarchy is #Communism and thus #Evil"

- A guide to U.S. politricks!

Tucker Teague
2 weeks ago

The forgotten 9/11? Many still remember, but most Americans have probably never heard of it.

#Chile #Allende #coup #CIA #socialism #communism #democracy #september11

it's kat!
2 weeks ago

#art #history:
that old quandary - nature or nurture - has been rankling the human race for as long as we've existed...or from the second generation, at least. if you think you've fixed your ideas on the subject, you may not be familiar with the mitford sisters.
buckle up for this thread about the hellaciously good mitford sister, decca. [a hefty thread]
#deccaMitford #jessicaMitford #illustration #portrait #author #activist #communism #muckraker #journalist

digital portrait i drew of journalist, activist & communist, decca mitford.
a young (1930s) decca looks directly at her audience, her wavy hair in a tousled bob. there's a deep rose-pink, 3/4 halo behind her. colours are pale muted rose, bright rose & blue-grey.
digital portrait i drew of journalist, activist & communist, decca mitford.
a young (1930s) decca looks directly at her audience, her wavy hair in a tousled bob. colours are pale sage, black, grey & white.
digital portrait i drew of journalist, activist & communist, decca mitford.
a young (1930s) decca looks directly at her audience, her wavy hair in a tousled bob. colours are pale sage, olive, deep rose & pale rose.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
3 weeks ago

“Nestle says slavery reporting requirements could cost customers.”

Not to be a joyless communist, but if we can’t have chocolate without slavery, we shouldn’t have chocolate.


#slavery #chocoate #capitalism #communism #socialism #exonomy

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
3 weeks ago

Let's redistribute that wealth if you know what I'm sayin

#Meme #KarlMarx #Marx #Weed #stoner #Socialism #Communism

A meme consisting of Karl Marx smoking a blunt. 

The text reads, "There is no "i" in weed but there is a "we" so share that shit."
LaPingvino 🟙 :ir:
3 weeks ago

Just a heads up: just because #capitalism overstays its welcome doesn't mean #socialism / #communism is the only option...

(try #cohesivism ! I invented the term, but the concept/principles are not mine! it's technically a form of #anarchism )

Prof Kemi FG
3 weeks ago

I cannot express how much I wish Democrats were actually communists. Imagine if we had 8 years of communist policymaking under Clinton, then another 8 under Obama. Then 4 under Biden. Instead of the neoliberal capitalist pro-corporate, pro-bank, pro-fossil fuel, pro-policing hellscape all three are/were determined to implement. That would be amazing.

(Please note: above all, fuck all Republicans, and definitely vote for Democrats over the GOP. At least the Dems can be bullied into doing the right thing on occasion).

#utopia #communism #uspol #politics #capitalism

Angry Education Workers
3 weeks ago

"America never deindustrialized. It just scaled down its industries in the manufacturing sector of the economy while concentrating industrialization in other parts of the economy—like education... Education is an industry with the same exploitation and disparities of power, privilege, and resources as any other. It has transformed from local, community-based schools to an industry in the same way the retail, service, logistics, legal, healthcare, hospitality, railroad, construction, maritime, agricultural, and other industries have."

Read the entire text here:

#education #history #politics #labor #workers #socialism #communism #anarchism #schools #teachers #libraries #museum #archives

Title of the paper: The Class Divide in Education superimposed on an image showing the components of the industry in the 1990s.
Ingo Stützle
3 weeks ago

Grüße aus der @rosaluxstiftung : Buchvorstellung von Kohei (Moderation: Malene Gürgen von @tazgetroete ) #Systemsturz #degrowth #communism

Podium mit Kohei Saito, Buchcover im Hintergrund
nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
3 weeks ago

The Bay View massacre was the result of a strike held on May 4, 1886, by 7,000 building-trades workers and 5,000 Polish laborers who had organized at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to strike against their employers, demanding the enforcement of an eight-hour work day.[

By Monday, May 3, the number of participants had increased to over 14,000 workers who gathered at the Milwaukee Iron Company rolling mill in Bay View. They were met by 250 National Guardsmen under order from Republican Governor Jeremiah M. Rusk. The strikers had shut down every business in the city except the North Chicago Rolling Mills in Bay View. The guardsmen's orders were that, if the strikers were to enter the Mills, they should shoot to kill. But when the captain received the order it had a different meaning: he ordered his men to pick out a man and shoot to kill when the order was given. Workers camped in the nearby fields and the Kosciuszko Militia arrived by May 4. Early the next day the crowd, which by this time contained children, approached the mill and were fired upon. Seven people died as a result, including a thirteen-year-old boy. Several more were injured during the protest. Several contradictory newspaper accounts described other possible casualties, but the count of seven deaths is substantiated by specific names (Frank Kunkel, Frank Nowarczyk, John Marsh, Robert Erdman, Johann Zazka, Martin Jankowiak, and Michael Ruchalski).

#Politics #Leftism #Leftist #Socialism #Labor #LaborDay #Communism #WorkerRights #LaborRights #Weekend #8HourDay #Meme

The weekend was a crazy leftist idea.

In 1886, 7 union members in Wisconsin died fighting for the 5-day work week and 8 hour workday.
4 weeks ago

@JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology @politicalscience

Didn't see that coming! (Haha)

The irony of #ai often is that the larger truth is exposed though comparison.

#capitalism vs #communism

felix stalder
4 weeks ago

Reger Betrieb vor dem Gespräch mit Kohei Saito. #degrowth #communism #commons #volkstimmefest

Socialism for All / S4A ☭
4 weeks ago

"Lavender & Red (Parts 4-6)" (2004) by Leslie Feinberg. When LGBTQ+ History Meets Socialist History.

#lgbt #lgbtq #socialism #socialist #communism #communist #marxism #marxist #germany #russia #history #politics

1 month ago

When George Orwell started dobbing in "communists" and "fellowtravellers" to the UK authorities later in life, it wasn't because he'd stopped supporting the left. He hadn't even given up on the ideals of communism. Ideals that had led him to join the UK communist party, and then travel to Spain to defend the socialist revolution from Franco's fascists, fighting with the POUM, shoulder to shoulder with Trotskyists and anarchists.


#GeorgeOrwell #SpanishRevolution #communism #anarchists

Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

Featured story: Our McHam investigative Reporting Fellow Josephine Lee went in search of the remains of Bettina, a failed Utopian community in the #Texas Hill Country, founded on the desire to build a society free of hierarchies, political oppression, and economic #inequality.

#culture #history #photography #Communism

1 month ago

Finnish government is planning to see if it can ban&criminalize the symbols of #communism

Lock me up then.

I think it's time people really started remembering who was put in camps in Nazi Germany. Because we have been down this road before.

Neoliberal capitalism breeds fascism and authoritative control measures & this is what this is.

#socialism #fascism #politics #HumanRights #LiberalismIsAHelluvaDrug #capitalism #FreedomOfSpeech

Angry Education Workers
1 month ago

"This is a union busting tactic. All of this is. Vouchers, charter schools standardized testing, and teacher evaluation schemes were all created with two purposes in mind: destroy the teachers' unions and privatize education. The end goal was 'dismantling tax-supported public education in urban areas' (Rooks 2017).

From "The Industrialization of Education: Phase Three, 1992-Today", see the whole piece, and find Phases One and Two on our website and blog.

#libraries #museum #colleges #university #archives #workers #classwar #antifascist #anticapitalist #1u #hotlaborsummer #socialism #anarchism #communism #solidarity #education #history #politics #highered #union #teaching

graph shows how as union membership fell, inequality between rich and the working class widened at the same exact pace.
it's kat!
1 month ago

hollywood soon wooed her with tidy sums for screenwriting (until she was blacklisted as a commie by the HUAC). she loathed it, but tinseltown kept her in tipple & she was ready with her dosh (in spite of her frequent need to self-medicate). in the years up to & during the second world war, dorothy wholeheartedly embraced the struggle for civil rights & served as chair of the joint anti-fascist refugee committee.
#art #illustration #dorothyParker #writer #poet #HUAC #communism #civilRights

1 month ago

On the anniversary of the Haitian Revolution, I am reminded of how reflecting on an uprising of the enslaved forms a crucial part of my politics, which is proletarian self-abolition. When I talk of prole self-abolition, talking about the self-abolition of the enslaved is an important metaphor.

When the enslaved abolishes their own enslavement, we mean the abolition of slavery. The emancipated does not institute slavery in new forms; we cannot talk of the “slavery by and for the enslaved.” In just the same way, the “proletarian state” is incoherence because the state forms part of proletarianization. To speak of a “proletarian state” is as if to speak of a “prole-administered proletarianization” or perhaps a “proletarianization by and for the proletariat,” a notion as incoherent as the “slavery by and for the enslaved.”

The prole, just like the enslaved, cannot institute the means of their oppression (proletarianization, enslavement) over their own class as a means of emancipating their class.

Just as the emancipation of the enslaved means the smashing of the edifice of slavery, the emancipation of the working class means the proletariat abolishing proletarianization, not its reconstitution in new form “by and for” the proletariat. It means the self-abolition of the proletariat, a self-emancipation by a revolutionary process.

As one French ultraleft group said it best, the revolution would be proletarian by those who make it and anti-proletarian in its content. Proletarian revolution is simultaneously anti-proletarian revolution.

#communism @communism #communization #communisation

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists
1 month ago

Former members of Red Guards, a Maoist cult with groups across the US have written a post-mortem of the high control group.

There are many similarities here to Black Hammer, another recent Maoist cult that turned fash. The first thing that sticks out is both groups obsession with fighting other leftists. Infighting was more effective for Red Guards than Black Hammer, who lost most of their left-wing support after their failed campaign against antifa.

This is worth a read to learn red flags for high control groups. No one is immune from falling into a high control group like this.

#Cult #Maoism #Communism #RedGuards

2 months ago

guys the problem isn't billionaires. or millionaires. or bosses or capitalists generally.

the problem is _capitalism_.

"The elimination of the employer and the proprietor only defines half of socialism; the other half, the most significant one, consists of the elimination of *capitalist economic anarchy* (Marx)." - Bordiga, "Proletarian Dictatorship and Class Party"

#marxism #communism #socialism

Texas Observer Lives!
2 months ago

Armed with ideals from French utopian socialists, die Vierziger, or “the Fortyers,” sought to build a “communistic society” free of the hierarchies, political oppression, and economic #inequality in the #Texas hill country.

In the Postcard from our magazine, @josephinelee investigates what remains of their dreams:

(📸 #Photography by Christopher Lee)
#History #communism #utopia #Germany #HillCountry

Small pink wildflowers grow in the foreground, while in the background a large chapel, with peeling white paint, rests under a cloudy sky in Castell.
A historical marker among bushes in the Texas Hill Country is all that remains of the Utopian community of Bettina, Texas, but neighboring Castell remains.
Spencer Beswick
2 months ago

What is the radical Left?

The radical Left is united by a shared endeavor to address the foundational roots of social injustices. It seeks to overthrow—not simply tweak—capitalist social relations. Leftists work towards the common goal of a stateless, classless society characterized by collective self-determination, worker control of production, and individual freedom and dignity.

In my historical approach, I emphasize active participation in antisystemic movements over theoretical distinctions. Yet clarification of differences is also necessary. Anarchists are antistate or libertarian socialists who advocate the reorganization of society into voluntary federations based in social equality and individual freedom. Syndicalists, who overlap substantially with anarchists, believe that revolutionary unions should prefigure the new world and act as the vehicles to re-organize society. The labels of socialism and communism are at times used interchangeably; this paper will follow the general approach of classifying socialists as those who pursue reformist strategies whereas communists advocate revolutionary seizure of state power by a vanguard party.

An undogmatic radical Left acknowledges significant ideological differences but manages to collaborate on common projects and struggles. Dogmatism and sectarianism have long been the bane of the Left, but the transnational history discussed in this article reveals alternative currents of theory and practice that are unconstrained by both national borders and rigid ideological lines. Indeed, transnational networks have often enabled non-sectarian connections and collaboration at multiple levels, stretching from Caribbean anarchist networks in the early twentieth century to the “provocative cocktail” of political traditions represented in the Zapatistas and other new social movements of the late twentieth century.

Read more in my recent article in Left History, "Radical Americas: A Hemispheric History of the Left"

#history #anarchism #syndicalism #socialism #communism #radicalhistory

M. Grégoire
2 months ago

Communism, on the other hand...

The real problem is not how the economy is organised, but industrialisation, especially when that was accomplished using fossil fuels. We can and must do better.

#capitalism #communism #industrialisation #environment

Seth G.
2 months ago

When actual #Nazis are polling at 18%-22%, it has to be remembered that the " #progressive" parties on the #left that push only #neoliberal policies could have prevented this but didn't. #Reactionary parties can only get a foothold when there is actually something bad to react to; manufacturing #crisis only works AFTER you have a following.

#Germany #politics #EU #EuropeanUnion #socialism #communism

2 months ago

Today in Labor History July 22, 1892: Anarchist Alexander Berkman tried to assassinate industrialist Henry Clay Frick in retaliation for the 9 miners killed by Pinkerton thugs on July 6, during the Homestead Steel Strike. Frick was the manager of Homestead Steel and had hired the Pinkertons to protect the factory and the scab workers he hired to replace those who were on strike. Berkman, and his lover, Emma Goldman, planned the assassination hoping it would arouse the working class to rise up and overthrow capitalism. Berkman failed in the assassination attempt and went to prison for 14 years. He wrote a book about his experience called, “Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist” (1912). He also wrote “The Bolshevik Myth” (1925) and “The ABC of Communist Anarchism” (1929).

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #communism #AlexanderBerkman #prison #assassination #strike #steel #carnegie #massacre #EmmaGoldman #Pinkertons #books #writing #author @bookstadon

A drawing from Harper's Weekly of Alexander Berkman attempting to assassinate Henry Clay Frick.By Drawn by W. P. Snyder -, Public Domain,
2 months ago

Today in Labor History July 22, 1877: A General Strike began in St. Louis, as part of the national Great Upheaval. The St. Louis strike is generally considered the first General Strike in U.S. history. It was organized by the communist Workingman’s Party and the Knights of Labor. In addition to joining in solidarity with striking rail workers, thousands in other trades came out to fight for the 8-hour day and an end to child labor. For nearly a week, workers controlled all functions of society. Black and white workers united, even though the unions were all segregated. At one rally, a black steamboat worker asked the crowd if they would stand behind levee workers, regardless of race. “We will!” they shouted back. Another speaker said, “The people are rising up in their might and declaring they will no longer submit to being oppressed by unproductive capital.”

Whereas most of the worker uprising that were occurring throughout the U.S. were spontaneous wildcat strikes (as most of the unions were opposed to the great strike), the situation in St. Louis was led by communists and was revolutionary. “There was a time in the history of France when the poor found themselves oppressed to such an extent that forbearance ceased to be a virtue, and hundreds of heads tumbled into the basket. That time may have arrived with us.” A cooper said this to a crowd of 10,000 workers in St. Louis, in July, 1877. He was referring to the Paris Commune, which happened just six years prior. Like the Parisian workers, the Saint Louis strikers openly called for the use of arms, not only to defend themselves against the violence of the militias and police, but for outright revolutionary aims: “All you have to do is to unite on one idea—that workingmen shall rule this country. What man makes, belongs to him, and the workingmen made this country.”

Karl Marx enthusiastically followed events during the Great Strike. He called it “the first uprising against the oligarchy of capital since the Civil War.” He predicted that it would inevitably be suppressed, but might still “be the point of origin for the creation of a serious workers’ party in the United States.” Ironically, many of the Saint Louis activists were followers of Ferdinand Lasalle, whom Marx despised. And some, like Albert Currlin, a Workingmen’s Party leader in Saint Louis, were outright racists, who mistrusted the black strikers and refused to work with them, undermining the success of the commune. Ultimately, 3,000 federal troops and 5,000 deputized police (i.e., vigilantes) ended the strike by killing at least 18 people and arresting at least 70.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #paris #commune #SaintLouis #communism #mark #GeneralStrike #wildcat #strike #uprising #Revolution #police #PoliceBrutality #massacre #acab #racism

Illustration from the St. Louis Republic newspaper depicting one of the marches during the 1877 St. Louis General Strike. The St. Louis Republic rendered the strikers as greedy and ruthless. By Unknown author -, Public Domain,
Kote Isaev
2 months ago

I will #block anyone who denies that all tries to build #communism ends up with sent millions to die in Gulag of some kind. I will block anyone who deny the mutual exclusivity of communism and #anarchy
You can block me in advance, if you like. I am not a state Politruk who push into you some ideology even if you disagree with it.
Update. I am not against money-less anarchy based on federation of mutual aid communities, for which plenty of names are exist, which are not communism.

2 months ago

Americanos are pissed that they can't have bananas year round if #degrowth/ #communism/ #anarchy happens. Banana availability has its roots in imperialism, destructive monocropping, and grueling agricultural labor/slavery.

We literally have a word for client states of #imperialism for the export of bananas: banana republic. Banana imports to the West is drenched in the blood of thousands massacred for your God damn commodities. In the #Philippines, companies told this instruction to banana worker syndicalists: “turn them into fertilizers for the bananas.”

On top of that is the steep ecological and carbon costs to actually shipping the damn things. Do you really need bananas year round?

There's also the problem of monocropping which destroys the biodiversity of forests to make way for plantations, even if we discount the slave labor. Monocropping has made Cavendish plantations at high risk of diseases. It could very well be that Cavendishes would become an endangered species just like the Gros Michel after nature erases its scourge. Maybe the extinction of the Cavendish is already a matter of time, rendering banana disocorse moot.

Americanos just don't understand that in a liberated world, maybe people won't be breaking their backs for some Americano to get their god damn banana. Of course degrowth/communism/anarchism means that relations to luxuries will change.

Besides, Cavendishes suck. They literally taste terrible. Y'all seriously live like this? Lakatan, Señorita, and Sabah tastes way better. Yeah, they can't be exported, boohoo. Not everything has to be a commodity, much less to please some Americano half a world away.

2 months ago

Today in Labor History July 20, 1934: Police shot at picketing strikers on Bloody Friday of the Minneapolis General Strike, killing two and wounding 67. The teamsters strike had begun in May. While the teamsters’ national leadership was conservative and opposed to strikes, Local 574, in Minneapolis, was affiliated with the Communist Party, and Local 544 was connected with the Trotskyist Communist League. They began organizing their members for a strike in spite of the national leadership. They effectively shut down nearly all transport in the city, except for food, which they permitted to prevent starvation. The police, and vigilantes working for the bosses, routinely attacked them on the picket line. Consequently, workers in other industries joined them in solidarity, leading to a General Strike. On July 20, as the cops tried escort scabs onto a worksite, picketers with clubs tried to block them. The cops opened fire with shotguns. An eyewitness said he saw a man stepping on his own intestines and another carrying his own severed hand.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #minneapolis #GeneralStrike #PoliceBrutality #police #acab #communism #PoliceMurder #scab

2 months ago

@Radical_EgoCom @Benfell @duckwhistle

"Just calling it communism isn't sufficient because there are different kinds"

"Just calling it anarchism, the same problem"


Just me, but I would start by saying that #marxism is not necessarily #communism.
Already a lot to absorb.

Feminism (, Alexandra #Kollontai) -- like, that's not even remotely marxist!

Marx let his children die of starvation while he wrote das Kapital and related stuff. Not a #feminist role model!

3 months ago

Today in Labor History July 14, 1912: Folk singer Woody Guthrie was born. During World War II, he wrote the song "Talking Hitler's Head Off Blues." Around this time, he also painted THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS on his guitar. He saw fascism as a “form of economic exploitation similar to slavery.” During the Great Depression, he romanticized the deeds of outlaws like Jesse James and Pretty Boy Floyd as legitimate acts of social responsibility and protest against those who were responsible for the worsening social and economic conditions of working class people.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #FolkMusic #WoodyGuthrie #communism #fascism #antifascism #union #hitler #slavery

Woody Guthrie in March 1943 with his guitar labeled "This machine kills fascists." By Al Aumuller/New York World-Telegram and the Sun (uploaded by User:Urban) - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs divisionunder the digital ID cph.3c30859.This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing., Public Domain,
the people's eva
3 months ago

INTRO POST! I am a Black and nonbinary educator.

I am trained in education and mental health, currently working towards becoming a therapist.

A student of the Black radical tradition, reading mostly communists and anarchists. Currently on Kwame Nkrumah, George Jackson, Kropotkin, and Mao.

Hobbies are reading SFF (Wheel of Time is my fave), gaming, playing/DMing DND, and writing.

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #QTPOC #DND #Communism #Anarchism #Leftism #WheelOfTime

Brian Krohne
3 months ago

"We write to say what few others have claimed: the panicking industrialists of the early twentieth century were correct in their hysterics. The severing of health from capital will mark the end of capitalism." #HealthCommunism #Communism #Marx #HealthCare