Groove, M.D.
5 hours ago

Heading down to #Albuquerque Old Town for a #community meeting. Weird. My 17 year old self is wondering who this old guy is.

June BlueSpruce
6 hours ago

This essay by #rebeccasolnit resonates with me. Throughout my life, I have been happiest & healthiest when most focused on creative work, community, and positive action for the common good. If we focus on what we have to gain from confronting climate change and wake up from our fear and despair, the possibilities open up. #climatecrisis #climatedenial #climateoptimism #Community #climateactionow

The Lifeboat Academy
9 hours ago

How do you want to live this Monday? Allow your answer to become your mantra for the day. Feel free to share in the comments!

#lifeboatacademy #regenerativeagriculture #farm #farmlife #resilience #climatecrisis #climatechange #community #sociocracy #mantra #intention #spirituality #anniedillard

Alternative Perspectives
10 hours ago
11 hours ago

Wijkcentrum d'Oude Stadt heeft nog voor de laatste 4 maanden van het jaar geld nodig. Dit wijkcentrum bestaat al decennialang, en speelt een grote rol in het bewoonbaarder, sterker en leuker maken van de Amsterdamse binnenstad. Gerund door #vrijwilligers !
HELP het wijkcentrum in de begroting, stem JA:

#Amsterdam #wijkcentrum #community

South Devon Players Theatre Co
11 hours ago

Thank you so much to our Les Mis actors who performed excerpts of the show for a local befriending group in town his lunchtime. audience feedback was phenomenal

Les Miserables: The Memoirs of Jean Valjean - the theatre show tour

#brixham #plymouth #kingskerswell #ashburton #Exeter #Torquay #theatre #brixhamtheatre #lesmis #lesmiserables #devonactors #devontheatre #britishtheatre #theatretickets #whatson #theatretour #community #communitystrong

Since my voice is still not healed, here's a re-release of a song I wrote and recorded in early pandemic times

(Jennifer Vena Wood)

#SingerSongwriter #Folk #Community #Acapella #Hope #resilience

University of Limerick showcases cultural diversity in St Patrick’s Day parade

A fantastic photo story on our St Patrick's Day parade group

All involved did a fantastic job of representing the UL community & Limerick this weekend

#Limerick #StudyatUL #StPatricksDay #StPatricksDay2023 #Community #University #Education #HigherEducation #Ireland

A photograph of a large group of University of Limerick students in green t-shirts which say "I heart UL", with the heart emoji replaced by a shamrock. They are stood next to a brightly coloured building, with a painted mural made of geometric shapes. Credit: I Love Limerick
15 hours ago

😃 The moment we're all waiting for has come! You can now cast your vote for the 2023 GÉANT #Community Award 👉

🔷 Sebastiano Buscaglione, GÉANT
🔷 Ivana Golub, PSNC
🔷 Sabine Jaume, former RENATER
🔷 Damian Niemir, PSNC
🔷 Anastas Mishev, Faculty of Computer Science, UKIM and MARNET

2023 GÉANT Community Award
Queer Lit Cats
18 hours ago
Tobias Frech
19 hours ago

Today, in fewer than 6 hours, @ascheman and me are going to kick-off #JavaLand at 16:00 with two hours of #unconference sessions. Each time I check the registration page there are new entries. This is going to be a great start into the next days! #community


Groove, M.D.
1 day ago

@delfuego Also, liberally use #hashtags in your own toots! Someone may be looking as well. Give 'em something to connect with. #Community #protip

Dr Micha Campbell
1 day ago

How good are community centres? I'd been pretty sad about not being able to compost since moving into an apartment, so emailed the community centre on the off chance I could use theirs. They said yes! Back on the compost bandwagon 🙌 #compost #FoodWaste #urban #urbanism #community

Jason Self
1 day ago

Wow, what an amazing second day at the @fsf LibrePlanet conference! The talks were inspiring and the people were so friendly and welcoming. I enjoy coming to LibrePlanet because it's a way to recharge my free software batteries. It's refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share my passion for software freedom. I'm already looking forward to next year's event! #LibrePlanet #FreeSoftware #Community

Markus Feilner :verified:
1 day ago

Hmmm.... Das #BMBF meint es echt ernst mit der "#Community" beim #Forschungsdatengesetz ... :-) --> "Dokument nicht gefunden –
Vielen Dank für Ihren Forschergeist!"
... kann ja mal passieren, sowas. Aber peinlich isses dennoch... Erinnert mich an #Sinofsky damals mit Windows 8 (Kacheln!!!) auf der BUILD in Anaheim : "Yes, Yes, feel free to show your enthusiasm!" - die Story kann ich mal erzählen.

Logan Grendel (any pronoun)
1 day ago
Groove, M.D.
1 day ago

@adamcr Marvelously crafted, Adam! I can't comprehend how big a #culture shift we've had to engineer to find a decent place to have a #community, and I think you've gone a long way to nailing it. This would make a great #server landing page.

jason r. totten
1 day ago
be careful with out of #context or missing #reference posts / reposts - whether disinformation or #old information people are learning and putting their efforts into gaming the #fediverse as it gets more popular.

you're part of the #community, so you should also take care what you share/reshare.
1 day ago

Oh, dios, el episodio de las marionetas. Buenísimo! #community

1 day ago

When #climate #disaster hits home, the urge to #help is powerful. For the #Somali #diaspora in #Canada that means #SendingMoney to those who are #struggling to #survive . #SomaliCanadian #community #leaders Hibaq Warsame & Jibril Ibrahim share how their #RemittanceSpending has increased since the #drought & #Somalian #climate #activist Hassan Yasin explains how #InternationalRelief can build #resilience in his country.

#BlackCanadians #BIPOC #DisasterRelief #GlobalSouth

The Lifeboat Academy
1 day ago

We're on TikTok! Expect weekly (or more?!) videos on a variety of subjects related to regenerative community farm life.

Here's a sweet moment between Roland and Choo Choo... "I get a little help from my goats!"

#lifeboatacademy #goats #regenerativefarming #farm #permaculture #resilience #climatechange #homestead #farmanimals #animals #community

Aral Balkan
1 day ago

Been wanting this for a long time: finally got round to writing a little script¹ to find all the contributors in every package used in Kitten and combine it with a hand-maintained list of direct contributors and tadaaa…

Folks might see you as the author of something but without the invaluable direct/indirect effort of hundreds of people (for Kitten, currently ~230 people) that thing would not exist.



#Kitten #SmallWeb #community

Screenshot of the file in Kitten’s Codeberg repo:

Heading: Contributors

Kitten is authored by Aral Balkan with the direct contributions of the people listed below as well as the 226 people, organisations, and teams that helped create the 350 packages that power it.

Heading: Kitten-specific contributors

This list is based on the All Contributors specification but is currently maintained by hand. If we’ve missed anyone, please open a pull request so we can update it 😸💕


Avatar: Photo of white-passing guy 
Name: Aral Balkan
Contributions: 😻 Kitten daddy.

Avatar: A pencil drawing of a bee 	Name: Andrew Chou 	
Contributions: 🤔 Thanks to Andrew’s idea, Kitten files have compound extensions (so what used to be .page is now .page.js, etc.)

This means Kitten no longer needs any specialised tooling and Kitten files automatically get syntax highlighted in source code repositories. We were also able to remove the ES Module Loader, simplifying Kitten further.

Avatar: Close-up of a white man with brown hair wearing glasses standing in front of trees with a white building in the background.
Name: Martijn de boer 	
Contributions: 🐛 Martijn’s bug report led to the implementation of cross-platform support for Kitten.
Rigpa Australia
1 day ago

A few of our community of practitioners are currently on pilgrimage in Nepal.
#whatbuddhistsdo #meditation #mindfulness #pilgrimage #nepal #boudnath #kathmandu
#community #sangha #flourish #calm #joy #happiness

1 day ago

Hello #fediverse

Let's make this first toot count...

Check out our revamped documentation 😎 :

8th EasyBuild User Meeting 🥰 , 24-26 April 2023: - register if you plan to attend (physically or virtually).

6th EasyBuild User Survey 🧐, open until 31 March 2023: - let your voice as an EasyBuild user/contributor be heard!

#HPC #community

Rocky Carr
2 days ago

@jupiter_rowland Honestly, the only thing I’d like to see is rudimentary markdown support so code or terminal commands appear in a monospaced typeface. But the #community and general attitudes of #kindness I’ve seen on #Mastodon more than make up for it.

Plus I know that having my personal wish implemented will result in an avalanche of “what about feature X?” demands, risking turning Mastodon into #Telegram

Kenneth Hoste
2 days ago

The program of the 8th EasyBuild User Meeting (EUM'23), 24-26 April 2023 in London, is now almost complete, including a keynote talk by Ian Cutress (a.k.a. TechTechPotato).

If you plan to attend (physically or remotely), please register!

#HPC #community

2 days ago

Docker realized that their initial communication of sunsetting the Free Team plan was just ... bad. makes much more sense but a lot of damage has already been done 😕

#docker #community #containers

Thanks for the 200+ followers guys!
I created a new #matrix space which you can join and talk about #foss , #Privacy and other interesting topics:

#Community #opensource #chat #Chatrooms #fosserytech

Tobias Frech
2 days ago

Sunday before @JavaLandConf, reports from our #community Sternfahrt bicyclists get me into the mood, pack my bags and tomorrow take the train to #JavaLand in Brühl.
You may follow @McPringle track at
On Monday we'll kick-off the conference with a two hours #unconference event. Arrive early, please register asap if possible, more infos on

Pablo Morales
2 days ago

Do you use indieauth?

Check out my blog post on implementing indieauth and enabling h-entry on my website using Datenstrom Yellow Flat File CMS.

#indie #indieauth #indieweb #community #w3c #opensource #datenstrom #cms #implementation #hentry

2 days ago

#SwinomishPeople aka #PeopleOfTheSalmon , make up the federally recognized #tribe comprising the #CoastSalish people who are #descendants of the original tribes that lived in the surrounding areas. Their #culture is centered around saltwater resources, local flora, and fauna.
In 1991, the Tribe & BNSF signed an #agreement that #required the #railway company to #inform the #Reservation #community of the type of cargo contained on any #train

#Indigenous #FirstNations #PNW

2 days ago

' #Schools play a number of local roles in their #community when there is a #climate #hazard ,” he said. “Kitchens are used for food prep and food distribution centers. When families or households are #displaced they may sleep in the schools or gymnasium.” #FirstResponders will often stage at schools as well, because they can accommodate fire trucks and ambulances, he added.

#InvestInSchools #ClimateChange #proactive #EmergencyPreparation #PlanAhead #SchoolsMatter

Malka Beth
2 days ago

@edendestroyer I agree with you and indeed, whenever I find that I've had my information shared, it generally has me doing 2 things, one is removing &/or adding to spam all whom later get my information and two is my removing myself from the email list of the original author &/or publisher in question.

Seeking out authors and topics being an integral part of the journey for me as a reader and in as much as I've written things in the past, likely doing so again in the future but not present, view the process of finding readers of my works, a likewise needed part of the journey.

#Community #Authors #Writing

All you had to do was NOTHING. You could have just shut up and let your decisions stand. But no, you wanted to put on the charade of above-it-allness, you caved to the fascist fringe, and you put him back on. And then he does what he's always done: call for violence. And now we get to fight about this all over again.

Fuck you for that.

#community #communitymanagement

To every individual at every social media company that made the decision to reopen their platform to Trump: Fuck you.

Just fuck you.

#community #communitymanagement

2 days ago

21 days ago we launched product qties, a community for LGBTQ+ folks in product and the response has been overwhelming. 🤯

📌 We’ve grown to 62 members and 5 co-organizers on 3 continents

📌 Held an online panel on queer product leadership with @jjrorie, @intentionaut, and Leah Tharin

📌 Started planning 3 local meetups in Berlin, NYC, and Prague

Spread the word & join the community at

#ProductQTies #LGBTQIA #Community #ProductManagement

Rolf van Root
3 days ago

Does a #Mastodon in-person conference event exist? Where the community meets, discusses tech, policy, social,...?

I think there would be demand for that.

#community #meetup

the trouble with mia
3 days ago

@LadyParadis @mooseandriosmom Right? It's inconceivable that such diverse interests and opinions (which can be discussed and debated without resorting to insults) would be possible elsewhere, particularly with so much global content.
Have a very excellent weekend, both of you 😊 #MastoLove #Community #Fediverse

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
3 days ago

Because so many mental health professionals are either biased against #plural folks or know less than nothing about it, many plural folks are rightfully suspicious of them. This means it can be tough to communicate actual knowledge about #plurals that has been obtained through scientific research.

Sadly, a lot of these #research #studies are case studies, so we also can't be entirely sure that we can trust that the data we obtain from these studies are generalizable. So when someone speaks about the #psychology of #plurality, they must do it with the knowledge that what they have could only apply to a proportion of plurals, and a small proportion at that.

With that in mind, as a professional with expertise in #dissociation and #dissociative disorders generally and as a plural, I'd like to serve as a bridge between the latest research and the plural #community.

First, I want to talk about personality disorders and how even in the presence of a given PD's symptoms, a plural can be misdiagnosed as having a personality disorder when they do not.

#mentalHealth #caseStudies #dissociativeDisorders #DID #OSDD #personalityDisorders

3 days ago

At the height of the 2021 glove shortage -
1.4 million vetted gloves delivered.


#PPE #Community #HealthEquity #CovidIsNotOver
#Anniversary #AnniversaryMonth #HereToHelp

Fedora Project
3 days ago

The Fedora Council met in person for a hackfest to discuss our five year plan, tooling, and other important topics for the community! Here's a summary of what came out of that:

#Fedora #community #OpenSource

4 days ago

Hey #community it looks like we are also affected by the latest policy changes at #DockerHub .

So what #registry for our #containers do you suggest?

#WoodpeckerCI #cicd #OpenSource

Moodle an Hochschulen e.V.
4 days ago

#Moodle Hochschultreffen Montag und Dienstag
20./21. März 2023
in Präsenz an der Uni Paderborn!

Wir freuen uns bei 105 Anmeldungen auf regen Erfahrungsaustausch und Wissenstransfer!


16:15 Uhr Mitgliederversammlung des Vereins

Dienstag 21.3. bis 14 Uhr.

Themen u.a. #Moodle4 #MoodlePlugins #EAssessment #Mahara

#OpenSource #Community #Hochschule #HigherEd #FediCampus

Schriftzug "Hochschultreffen in Paderborn", umgeben von ungefüllten Sechsecken mit verschiedenen Rahmenfarben. Rechts unten Schrift: 
"20. & 21. März 2023"
4 days ago

It’s #FollowFriday and I #FollowBack so #Follow me for a #FridayFollow this #Friday.

If you have an #introduction toot pinned on your #Mastodon profile that you’d like boosted, #comment “IntroBoost” below, and I’ll give you a #boost to help you connect with the community.

If you #FollowMe you can expect #DadJokes, bad #puns, and original #IndieMusic so I look forward to connecting with you, and connecting you to a wider #community.


A herd of American Mastodon by Roman Yevseyev.
4 days ago

February 18th, 2021 - New York Times

The marketplace also became available to all!

#TrustedResource #HereToHelp

#Masks #MaskUp #MasksSaveLives
#Community #HealthCare #HealthEquity
#Anniversary #AnniversaryMonth

Rocky Linux :rockylinux:
4 days ago

Q: What do pets, Preparation H, and user participation have in common?
A: They were trending topics during happy hour hosted by the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation.

RESF happy hour happens the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6pm Central Time (UTC -5). BYO snacks. We share RL-related announcements, news, and ideas for how to make the fastest-growing operating system in the world as excellent as possible.

Coming in April: Haikus and Pajamas. You're invited.

#rockylinux #resf #community

5 days ago

We're back again with another peek #BehindVivaldiBrowser :vivaldi_red:

Today we're introducing Maria Popova, our QA Engineer who's ensuring Android is the best it can be.

#VivaldiBrowser #Community #VivaldiSocial #QA
Learn more about Maria here. ⬇️

Maria working at her desk

Maria Popova
QA Engineer
Nick Taylor
5 days ago

Looking forward to hanging with **BekahHW** next week! We're going to be discussing community and core skills. Come learn from one of the best in this space!


**#community** promo for guest BekahHW
LINux on MOBile
5 days ago

@theDarky There's been some discussion about GPS recently on on Matrix, so that might be the place to go :)

Sindre Wimberger
5 days ago

Wow, das 50. Open Data MeetUp in Wien steht an! 🎉🌟 Feiern Sie mit uns!

📅 30. März 2023
🕞 16 bis 18 Uhr
📍 1., Wiener Rathaus, Wappensaal
➡️ Anmeldung: bis 20. März 2023 per E-Mail an

Ein Rückblick auf 50 erfolgreiche Open Data Phasen und Ausblicke auf kommende Entwicklungen. Außer eine tolle Gelegenheit zum Vernetzen.

#DigitalesWien #Community #OGD #OpenData

5 days ago

June 2020 - First Group Purchasing (Aggregations) with American College of Physicians.

#TrustedResource #HereToHelp

#PPE #MaskUp #MasksSaveLives #Masks
#Anniversary #AnniversaryMonth #healthequity

Since #dockerhub is purging a shitton of good projects for no reason other than the dedication to destroy the last good reputation that they have - where are the community hosted docker registries?

Does @Codeberg have one?

#docker #dockerregistry #community

5 days ago

The #fediverse needs to create it's own #searchengine before a company similar to Google comes in and does it. Create it and make sure the distributed #community maintains all legal rights.

Queer Lit Cats
5 days ago

Pink News: Drag Race icon Trinity the Tuck lays down gauntlet to cis allies to fight for trans rights #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #RuPaul'sDragRace #TrinitytheTuck #Celebrity #Community #Culture #Drag

6 days ago

#resilience and #prepping are about planning and being prepared for adverse situations. It's about preparing mentally and physically, having the skills and resources so when things go wrong you can take charge and solve problems rather than have to wait or rely on other people.

That's not to say that having connections and #community can't play a big part in that planning and preparation, because in some scenarios that's probably going to make the biggest difference between struggling and thriving.

But it does mean things like having cash so you can still buy things when EFTPOS machines aren't working or someone's got your credit card details and drained your account. It means being able to patch a smashed window with tape and film. It means being able to walk home if your car breaks down. Dealing with a flat tyre, or losing your house keys. Having to stay out overnight on a hike because you sprained your ankle. Having enough food and supplies to avoid the shops for a couple of weeks. Having enough medicine to get through a sickness. Maybe even caching some petrol in the garage. Home security. Back up for cold storage if there's a power outage.

Max Harmathy
6 days ago

Today at #FossBackstage Ariane Segelitz-Karsten presented our new initiative #Community² (pronounced #CommunitySquare), which aims to bring Community Managers together for sharing information and best practices.

#CommunityManager #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Ariane presents Community² at the conference FOSS Backstage 2023. 

On the Slide:

A growing number of FOSS projects are
realizing the importance of a dedicated role to
foster a vivid and thriving community:
The Community Manager
…a person who interconnects
contributors and projects (and more).
danielauener :wordpress:
6 days ago

seems that the WordPress space on Mastodon has grown a bit again :wp_heart: time to call for new members for the community list.

if you know someone on Mastodon with at least one community badge on or have WordPress peeps in your network, please share!

I need:

✔️ mastodon handle
✔️ page
✔️ languages you toot in


#WordPress #Mastodon #Fediverse #Community

Sampath Pāṇini ® ✅
6 days ago

Wide roads + parking lots = fractured communities

Narrow streets + compact housing = connected communities

#strongtowns #community #connection #resilience

Rajeev Kumar
6 days ago

We have finally reactivated the "London Drupal User Group" on MeetUp again!

As we all know, organising LinkedIn group events is impossible, which we have created recently. And the group at MeetUp was the go-to place for all the latest updates about London Drupal events for a very long time in past -- we decided to keep it that way for publishing our future Drupal events too in the London area.

Getting this group back on track will help bring the Drupal community in London together again and help us continue the incredible work that has been done in the past.

If someone related still need to join the London Drupal User Group, I invite you to subscribe now at

You'll receive regular updates about our upcoming events and opportunities to connect with other Drupal enthusiasts and professionals in the London area.

Thank you for your continued support -- happy Drupaling!

#Drupal #PHP #CMS #OpenSource #Community #London #MeetUp #Events #UK

Odin Halvorson
1 week ago

What's funny is how damn easy it is to see profiles on Mastodon that are clearly made by people indoctrinated into the influencer mindset. I share my work because I care about what I'm doing. Sure, it's great to be able to make a little money from it, but the best part is being able to connect and make new friends the world over.

Don't be an influencer. Be a community member. It'll turn out better for you that way.

#Mastodon #Thoughts #Community #Influencers #Writing #People #Twitter

Laura Hilliger
1 week ago

TL;DR: We have some availability starting mid/late April and we're experts at #openness #community #technology #learning

The World Health Organisation is looking for some open community experts. I'm like "dat us" and wanted to throw @weareopencoop 's hat into the ring. But I'm not spending hours filling out antiquated form fields only to lose to Deloitte. It's happened before.

Josh Goldberg 💖
1 week ago

🤩 Thrilled & grateful to say I've been selected as a 2023 Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies!

MS MVPs are folks who "passionately share their knowledge with the community". A big goal of my TypeScript journey for years! ✨

I'm looking forward to spending 2023 doing many of the same things that got me the award: working in public on open source projects in the TypeScript ecosystem.

#community #developer #grateful #microsoft #mvp #opensource #typescript 🧑‍💻

MVP: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional logo - with headshot of Josh
Matt Davis
1 week ago

@CollabLab yea perfect I saw the post on twitter as well! Thanks so much for doing this for the #developers #community looking to forward to working with you in the future!!

If you're an organizer of any sort, it behooves you to think long term:

"This experience has been instructive for me. Once you start thinking on timescales of 5-10 years, communities built on proprietary software just don’t pass muster. Certainly self-hosted FOSS communities can die, but these are functions of community activity itself rather than the service they’re hosted on."

#Community #Organizing #OpenSource

1 week ago

Hi #Linux (#Debian / #Ubuntu) experts!

What do you suggest me to use in order to manage screen #calibration and #colors?

I bought a #ThinkPad without realizing that the #OLED #display is terribly itchy, and I would like to limit its exaggerated saturation.

See the thread I opened in #Lenovo #Community for more info.

#help #MastoAiuto #ScreenCalibration #display

Ansible Community Team
1 week ago

📯 The Bullhorn 94
#Ansible #Community #newsletter

- notice on Galaxy for Project Wisdom
- recordings from #Cfgmgmtcamp and Contrib Summit
- community strategy and survey

- #AWX 21.13.0
- AWX Operator 1.3.0
- antsibull-changelog 0.19.0
- ansible-core 2.14.3, 2.13.8

- review new collections
- improve UX for docsite
- easyfix / good first issues
- opinions on static site generators
- attend meetups!

Have a look, and have a great weekend!

The Ansible Bullhorn newsletter banner, with Ansibull (the Ansible mascot) holding a bullhorn (megaphone).
hannah aubry
1 week ago

It's been so exciting to watch the explosive growth of the #fediverse.

Hundreds, thousands, of people have worked for years to build the underlying protocols, clients, servers, tools, & bots that make this wonderful place possible and, well, wonderful. And we want to help keep it that way, so let's talk about how we can build great, healthy communities with all you brilliant & creative people here.

2 fastly. 2 fediverse:

@simonwistow @anildash #community #ActivityPub

2 weeks ago

A mentor and fried recommended I read People Powered and Organizational Culture and Leadership. Finished the first, about 2/3 through the second. Really deeply interesting books on #community and #culture in and for businesses (and how they interact with macro cultures like nations). With the awesome Inclusive Design Communities by @samkap, I've been deep in community building this year.

Gonna write up a blog post once I'm done I think.

If anyone has other reading, please send my way.

PridEmpire 🏳️‍🌈
2 weeks ago

The #YouTube algo is sending our recent pod on Tennesse’s drag show bans to homophobes who are disliking the vid and leaving comments w/o listening to the discussion at all

Can I ask the #lgbtq community on #Mastodon to head over to the vid and give it a boost to counter the bigots??

#help #lgbt #lgbtqia #gay #queer #community #ally