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Is up to date, beginner problem "make" #compiling

Daniel E. Weeks
4 days ago

@avehtari @mcmc_stan This blog post recommends this tutorial:

What scientists must know about hardware to write fast code

“The aim of this tutorial is to give non-professional programmers a brief overview of the features of modern hardware that you must understand in order to write fast code.”

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5 days ago

Facing issue while compiling my kernel module with kernel 6.2.0-26-generic #kernel #compiling #linuxheaders

6 days ago

Linux kernel recompilation with modification #kernel #compiling

2 weeks ago

Protobuf C compiler doesn't support proto3 #apt #compiling

2 weeks ago

Ubuntu OS:: Strongswan compilation is failing (make is failing) #compiling #make

3 weeks ago

Building psensor or getting started building GTK stuff in general #compiling #gtk3 #psensor

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Dear Techies,

It's OK you are
#unnatural. Hail BSD - the little #devil. Ghosting in the machine? #Coast and #Surf baby!

More Lobster tips:
1. Fear, fire and fury is a big
2. Bring back
#compiling time to #relaxation
3. Insecure apps are the new
#open sauce
#Crypto daddy O! Spooky ... bwanks
5. Be the
#Kernel, #cosmos, differential ...

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Markus Osterhoff
2 months ago

@profoundlynerdy Yes, that might be a bit thin. For comparison:

i7-2600, 16 GB, dev-lang/rust-1.71.1: about 90 minutes

i7-6700, 32GB, dev-lang/rust-1.69.0-r1: about 50 minutes

Xeon W-2255, 64 GB, dev-lang/rust-1.71.1: about 30 minutes

EPYC 7352 24-Core, 128 GB, dev-lang/rust-1.66.1: about 15 minutes

#gentoo #rust #compiling #xkcd303

Martin Owens
2 months ago

Dear social search; we've recently started compiling with C++20 and we're getting a ton of warnings for lambdas. While I'm not in a position to fix them, I need to suppress those warnings so I can see actual errors.

Problem is, google's #search is just bad and keeps giving me results for "how to make warnings into errors" which is not what I want.

Edit: -Wno-deprecated is in the docs. But not how to use with cmake.

Do you know?

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Moritz Strohm
2 months ago

Do you want to compile programs for AVR microcontrollers (or Arduino systems) on the command line using a Makefile?

I am developing a tool for that: ucmf - microcontroller make framework. You create a simple configuration file for your project with all source files and then call ucmf. You get a Makefile where you can just execute "make" followed by "make upload" to compile and upload your program.

Project page:

#ucmf #Microcontroller #Compiling #Makefile #AVR #Arduino

3 months ago

#unity #unity3d really shat the bed, and speaking as a full-time #panda3d simp, now seems like a good time to simp hard and get some people to see the light. It's battle-tested for #MMORPG and #VR by #Disney back in the day (#BSD3 now). Use #python to write your #3D games so you don't waste another minute on #compiling. Has -all- the features, from skeletal animation and glsl to a robust shader pipeline to collisions and physics. Not to mention amazing community! #gamedev

4 months ago

I managed to get half life 2 running natively on the m2 macs. I did not expect having to compile the source engine to do so.

Which brings this into question: if a rando like me can port fucking half life 2 to the m1 macs, why can’t #valve do it themselves? Just compile once and that’s it.

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5 months ago

@Linux_Is_Best I’m gonna respectfully disagree about EndeavourOS being good for newbies. #EndeavourOS is a terminal-centric distro that primarily compiles packages from source repos. Yes, you can install #Flatpak apps, but installing apps from source is kinda’ their thing, and unless you’re using a recent computer, #compiling a large app can take upwards of 30 minutes or more.

It’s still a great distro, but newbies may find it frustrating compared to Kubuntu or openSUSE.

5 months ago

Running nomic-ai/gpt4all-13b-snoozy takes a while to do inference; it's the new "compiling."


The famous XKCD comic strip where two people are clearly goofing off, and when called out on it, they respond that they're waiting for their code to compile. Title: "The number one programmer excuse for legitimately slacking off: My code is compiling."
Rob Zazueta
6 months ago

James Higginbotham has heavily influenced my approach to collaboratively designing distributed applications and API programs. I had a chance to sit down and discuss his methodologies in the first episode of the Compiling! Podcast. We then launched into a discussion that affects just about everyone in tech - back health and the importance of physical therapy. Give it a listen!

#compiling #podcast #api #apidesign

It's so relaxing to watch the #cmake ouputs of the #FreeBSD #kernel #compiling flickering on the screen without DRM driver present ... I should do that more often.

7 months ago

#Compiling custom Iosevka font

1 year ago

I firmly pushing docker images from a work from home internet connection is the new "compiling"

#compiling #xkcd

Should I use a kernel-handled memory arena for my language's stack now, or later?
I will need it any way, when #compiling to #assembly.

I mean using MAP_GROWSDOWN and MAP_STACK flags for mmap(2) syscall.

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Klaudia (aka jinxx)
2 years ago

Schleiche um das Manuskript vom Auftragsbuch. Diese Phase von "hm ... hmmm ...", bevor es ans eigentlich Schreiben geht. #Compiling ;D Drei Kapitel sind noch offen plus Nachwort und sowas. #Autorenleben #writerslife #indieauthor

Marco :slayer:
2 years ago

What do you #coders do while the code is compiling?

(And yes there's

#programming #compiling

CK's Technology News
2 years ago
Replacing system calls with C function calls
The state transition diagram of Go's memory
2 years ago

Anyone can compile open source code in these three simple steps… It’s a part of open source’s heritage, and is quite liberating

You don't need to know how to write or read code to compile it. There are many ways to install software, but you get an option not available elsewhere with open source: You can compile the code yourself, and it only takes three standard commands.

I don't have to do this very often myself (with the ease of one-click installs from repos included with distros today), but I must say it is a liberating feeling knowing you can do it, and that you have the ability to examine or change the source code if you wish, and to compile it yourself. It is the essence of what open source is all about.

See Anyone can compile open source code in these three simple steps

#technology #opensource #compiling #Linux


> There are many ways to install software, but you get an option not available elsewhere with open source: You can compile the code yourself. The classic three-step process to compile source code: $ ./configure $ make $ sudo make install Thanks to these commands, you might be surprised to find that you don't need to know how to write or even read code to compile it.

2 years ago
It's official: After hours of #troubleshooting; cleaning and testing, my #PC is essentially dead. Likely power supply issue, but considering it's age, there is a very high possibility of compound problems. As it's over 7 years old in a relatively damp environment, this has been a long time coming, but still unexpected. With no #budget to replace it, my PC will be out of commission for at least a couple of months. #Mobile and #Laptop are all I have left now. No more heavy lifting (aka. #Videos or #Compiling). I'll still be around, but in a much more limited capacity. Sorry to anyone who was expecting more, I just can't afford it right now, especially considering I stay at home and look after the kids. No work = No money = No #replacement PC.

If and when I do replace it, you can expect a flurry of activity, but until then, I'll mostly only be available in short bursts. I can still do things like #research and #audio #recording, that's not an issue, but everything else is kinda on hold.

Keep calm, and Soldier on - as they say.
3 years ago

I wanted to show you all what a programmer's desktop looks like, I've made an interactive map you can hover over things! The power of SVG on the web.

#Compiling @inkscape @lofigirl @gnome @Ubuntu

#Linux #Compile #Compiling #Sourcecode #Pinephone #Pinetab #RaspberryPi #UNIX #GCC #GNU Howto: Compile from sourcecode. Many times package binaries are not available. In those times, when we really want to run something, we must compile from sourcecode. Here is how (user request):

FiXato (fallback)
4 years ago

Liberated from another thread where several others had already beaten me to posting it myself, one of the most memorable #xkcd #comics:
303: #Compiling

«The #1 Programmer Excuse For Legitimately Slacking Off:
"My code's compiling."

Voice from office: "Hey! Get back to work!"
Two employees having a sword battle while riding office chairs: "Compiling!"
Office voice: "Oh. Carry on."»
Wesley Moore
6 years ago

And this is why my new laptop had to be a quad core. #compiling #OpenBSD