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What your #terminal #theme says about you:

#computers #programmers #computerscience #technology

darcula - “I'm a weirdo.”
gruvbox - “I smoke weed.”
nord - “I think I’m efficient.”
monokai - “I think I’m cool.”
high-contrast - “I am a psycopath - and no one knows it.”


Link of the Day
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📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Development

"Programming in the Twenty-First Century" is a blog that revolved around programming, creativity and inspiration. Even though it stopped updating in 2017, its 200+ articles certainly provide food for thought and an interesting perspective on information technology.

#lotd #development #computers #web

12 hours ago

Do any #blind #jaws users use #microsoftEdge if so I have questions. My friend is struggling with adding a shortcut to a website using #edge my friend is also in his 70s soooo…. #help #assistiveTechnology #blindness #computers

Eric G.
14 hours ago

My indignant outrage to the concept and usage of #flatpak has softened considerably over the last year.

Am I going to lose my #Unix #InsufferablePurist card? What will become of the neighborhood when the *gasp* "applications" overrun our precious "tools".

(You're also going to tell me that some day I may get past "/nix" as an unconfigurable requirement but that ain't happening)

#computers #snark

Intel LunarLake gonna introduce angstrom-level fabrication to x86 which is going to provide ARM-like levels of battery life and thermals. 2025. Can't wait. Looking forward to a Thinkpad that runs like an Apple M1 SoC. It'll be a decade or more yet before the PRC comes in with a RISC revolution to the consumer PC market, so this will be a nice stop-gap. I wonder what AMD is cooking up in this department? I know they recently decided to embrace hybrid core architecture to their future chips in the same way that Intel has power v. efficiency cores. #CPUs #computers #x86

Mr. Green’s Workshop
1 day ago

You can make your own POST card using the Raspberry Pi Pico. I covered everything about the LPC bus for reading POST codes.

#bios #lpcbus #postcard #retrocomputing
#raspberrypipico #RP2040 #pio #x86 #firewall #computers #opensource

1 day ago

My GPU blew a capacitor, most likely due to this house being consistently 90+ degrees all week because the legal roommate refused to deal with the a/c again, and it ignited a fire in my box.

I am limited to my laptop where I don't do any of my work and don't have any of my data (files/programs) on it either.

I can't afford to do anything about it.

I don't know how much more I can take.

#computers #GraphicsCard #GPU #fire #ComputerParts

Drew Naylor
2 days ago

GPUs need to stop getting exponentially more powerful using far more power than they need and start using less. There are probably more efficient ways for them to work, even if they don't have as much performance as a burned 4090.

#Nvidia #GPU #efficiency #computers #hardware

2 days ago

Simple Linux Kernel Picker

I run Fedora in my home-lab as the base OS for my server. It works well for me but I do occasionally run into an issue where Fedora will make a new kernel available before the ZFS project has support for it. {...}

#BASH #Computers #GitHub #Linux #BASHScript #Fedora #GitHub #Kernel #Linux #ZFS

2 days ago

Just assembled a #raspberrypi cluster case. Got 2 3B+ in it rn.


2 days ago

Alright, now that I'm settled on masto, lets get an intro out of the way!

Hey all! I'm Pixel, I'm #queer and a #furry in name only (diet furry, really) I play #GuildWars2, #hearthstone, #valorant #omegastrikers, #pokemon and #fightinggames (all competitively, sorry LMAO) and enjoy #GenshinImpact and #indiegames as well, and I'm a bit of a #nier and #nierautomata fiend :)

On top of that I enjoy #anime, #computers and #technology in general, and am looking to get more into #gamedev (I'm a former community manager, wanna try to get back into gamedev in a more serious capacity as a dev, hopefully)

Thanks <3

Pwn Toney 🎹🎤
2 days ago

My tech happy ass almost went out and bought a new external HDD...completely forgetting I had a whole ass 8TB drive just sitting around unused. 🤦🏾‍♂️

#Tech #Computers #IThinkIHaveAProblem

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📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Fun » Classics

A Usenet classic. This is a story about Mel, a Real Programmer. "[...] Real Programmers wrote in machine code - not Fortran, not RATFOR, not even assembly language - Machine Code, raw, unadorned, inscrutable hexadecimal numbers, directly. [...]"

#lotd #classics #fun #computers #web

I guess it is time to update the #introduction.

Hi, I am Imdat Celeste. Nice to meet you all.

I am a veteran software engineer who works as a freelancer from their home.
I *love* modernizing ancient software by carefully, slowly rewriting while it is still operating - without disruptions.

Currently I have two wonderful, awesome, really amazing clients between whom I split my time roughly about 50:50.

For the first one, I am the "Primus inter pares" in a team rewriting a 20-yo C++ & JS-based system in modern nodeJS + Typescript. My main job there is not to write code (it seems), but review PRs, review code, give coding guidelines, merge PRs, and make sure everything my team needs is there: test servers, development server, on-premise Gitlab, on-premise Mattermost, a good/respectful/lovely atmosphere, a lot of fun, and what else we need to deliver an awesome product. The team is amazing, the atmosphere is full of respect and love; I will stay with this team as long as I can.

For the second client, I am rewriting a 15+ year old system (Java, Java/Swift/Vue1.x-FE; rpc-like crap-API) using go(BE), gRPC (API) and dart/flutter (FE).
Here I am the core developer for the new client and the new back-end. The back-end is, for now, a proxy/a wrapper around the existing one. Behind that wrapper, two wonderful co-workers are modernizing & optimizing the Java-BE. This team here is equally as lovely as one can ever hope for; and yes, I will stay with this team as long as I can as well.

Oh, and BTW: people in both teams are nearly 100% remote.

I am married to a wonderful, an absolutely amazing person who is so full of love that she sometimes struggles with the universe (or with humanity). And I am a proud father (yes, "father"*) of a woman with a brilliant Beautiful Mind and a heart as big as the universe (who also happens to have Mastery of Words™️).

I love learning new things from complete strangers. The stranger the new knowledge the more fascinating it is for me.

I have a #FragMyBrain (autistic, ocd, nd) so be ready for detailed explanations, where each word is carefully chosen & positioned in the sentence, but still some missing - when you ask me something.

I quickly fall in love with brilliant people with language mastery skills - Mastery of Words™️.

You can always shitpost with me & talk garbage - as long as it is done intelligently, with wit & humor, and respect.

The fastest way to land on my block list is not to make a mistake, but to repeatedly make the same stupid mistake again and again and insist on it being right or being racists, queer-/transphobic, ableist, disrespectful, white supremecist, etc., etc. - you know what I mean. There is always enough space in the "Dungeon of Blocked Accounts".

I will post about anything that my #ActuallyAutistic brain will come up with: politics (CW'ed), #Trans topics, #Musings, #Computers, #Flutter, #Languages, #GoodMorningAgatha, #Cats, #CatsOfMastodon, #Dogs, #Animals in general, #Beauty, #Love, #TransJoy, #TransPride, ... you see: there is no limit!

I will add CW and mark as sensitive whenever I think so. If I forget once, please inform me and I'll correct it as fast as I can. I don't discuss whether something needs CW/sensitive marker or not, I just accept it.

I wear my feelings on my skin, i.e. what you read and see is who I really am, there is no IRL Imdat Celeste and a different, Fediverse Imdat Celeste: you will see a lot of 🫂,💜,😍,🥰,🥹,😳... and more. If you feel it is intruding, please let me know.

I come over differently, but I am also insecure: so, I will add a lot of emojis - just to be sure.

Also, please don't expect a "normal person" here: I am completely, utterly, hopelessly an un-normal person.

Lastly, my posts may start with one specific topic but during the text itself it may just become something completely different - "Train of Thought".

Again, nice to meet you - I am always looking for more new friends...
*: I am a trans non-binary person. When I came out to her, my daughter asked me how she should call me from then on and since it is an honor to be her father, that, yeah, I am and will always be that.

3 days ago

I have a technical question and there are lots of tech people here so I hope someone can help me.

I have a Dell laptop computer (it's a gaming laptop; I'm not a gamer, but they're powerful and fast with strong graphics so that's what I got). I use it for all work stuff, etc.

Weirdly, the keyboard just stopped working. It won't accept any typing. (1/3)

#computers #technology #help

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📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers

CyberPillar is a "Bastion of knowledge related to computer security and automated computer services. This site contains many technical details and guides on how to successfully have computers performing actions [...] like network services". Warning: the website's design can harm your eyes and/or aesthetics.

#lotd #computers #web

IT News
4 days ago

Best Developer Tools of 2023 - As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, software development ... - #application #computers #bigdata #code

JW prince of CPH
4 days ago

I find it difficult to describe just how fucking bonkers it is that we have #computers & #internet literally hundreds of times faster than just a few decades ago - and yet almost nothing feels faster. Some things even feel slower, if you can believe it.


Lydia Conwell
4 days ago

Yeah! Why is it computers are wrong daily but they #gaslight you?

It's always: Printer is Offline or No Device Connected or something.

It's never: You know, actually I was wrong. I'm going to learn from this and never make that same mistake again. I am truly sorry. In future I will conduct myself in a more professional and considered manner.


Looks like I need 8TB to save all my cloud downloads that I culled through. So I’m looking for a good 10TB hard drive. Any recommendations?

#TechTalk #Computers #Google #PCHelp

Со И aм хаbиnг тhис веirд бuг оn mз иpad wхerе еvерy sецoнd cхарaцtер ис иn cзrиlлic aнd eжerз фirст iн лаtиn. Thiс еrрor cреаtеs а фuнny sцrиpт. I dоn=т кnов вhз тхис ис хаппенинг. Ok seems like it stopped....

#bug #computers #language #cyrillic #alphabet #latin #script #summon

A videocast of me writing a text where every second character is cyrillic while every first is latin. this is a bug on my iPad when using a keyboard.
Programming Quotes
5 days ago

Machines should work. People should think.

— IBM Pollyanna Principle


Graham Downs
5 days ago

I miss "Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to log on" #Windows #Computers #History

Historian Matt
5 days ago

The Fastest Maze-Solving Competition On Earth - Veritasium

You've heard of mice solving mazes. What about robotic mice solving mazes? What about robotic mice solving mazes in incredibly fast times? That's what the Micromouse competition is all about.

#Veritasium #Micromouse #Robotics #Mazes #Computers #Technology #Competition

What’s the easiest/least headache-inducing way to copy the entire image of a HDD with Ubuntu server on it over to an SSD, so that I could literally hook up the SSD and have it running exactly the same as when the HDD was hooked up?

Oh, and the SSD is possibly 20-40Gb smaller than the HDD… but it may actually not be in real life.

Idiot guides and step-by-step instructions are welcome, because generally I’m a little bit simple 👍🏻

Feel free to boost for maximum suggestions!

#Linux #Ubuntu #Ubuntuserver #migrate #copy #software #computers

Swede’s Photographs
6 days ago

Good morning. 🍒🍒🍒

I screwed up yesterday. I remembered that I hadn't installed the drivers for my new motherboard yet, so I got the USB stick that came with the motherboard and installed them. When I initially started the install there were three drivers that were unchecked so I checked them. Now I'm having trouble with Topez Denoise AI. I thought I would remember those three drivers, but as usual ... not so much. I'll figure it out, but it would have been less painful if I used a little more caution.

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” - Alexander Pope, An Essay On Criticism

“Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.” - Robert Frost

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #computers #caution #foliage #blackberries

These are sawtooth blackberry brambles, growing and angle from the lower left to upper right of the frame.  The berries are still red.  The background is out of focus forest. and there is an out of focus branch crossing diagonally in the lower right foreground.  I thought that all of the wild blackberries around here were southern dew berries, but I was mistaken.  The sawtooth blackberry brambles grow taller.
Programming Quotes
6 days ago

Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest.

— Isaac Asimov


Soh Kam Yung
6 days ago

"The "Morris Worm" is just one of five hacking cases that Scott Shapiro highlights in his new book, Fancy Bear Goes Phishing: The Dark History of the Information Age in Five Extraordinary Hacks."

#Books #Interviews #Security #Privacy #Computers

6 days ago

From Capone to Cray: Where Computers Really Came From #books #history #computers

Old Hippie
6 days ago

I just saw that @gutenberg_org is here which is great news. It made me think of an old system I use to use called GUTS (Gutenberg University Timesharing System). Anyone else here ever use this?
#computers #mainframes #timesharing #systems #legacy

Jason Nabein
1 week ago

This is the blog I got the initial two images from. 最初の2枚の画像はこのブログから入手しました。

This blog owner, 武田俊哉 (TAKEDA, toshiya) has written some interesting vintage/retro PC emulators as well. このブログのオーナーである武田俊哉(TAKEDA, toshiya)さんは、ビンテージ/レトロPCエミュレータについても興味深いことを書いています。

#source #retrocomputing #retroPC #retro #japan #jp #japanese #info #retrogaming #computing #computers #日本

Jason Nabein
1 week ago

In 1986, #YKK Global (famous Japanese zipper+ maker) created their own PC system: FACE16. I've been trying to find more info on this system online, but to no avail.

I've found photos from one Japanese blog, with no replies from the blog owner. I've also gotten information back from YKK Global, but it was relatively generic ("standard parts... office use")...

I appreciate any info on this, thanks!

#retrocomputing #retroPC #retro #japan #jp #japanese #info #retrogaming #computing #computers

A beige coloured, rectangular
From right to left, the top details:
Two 3.5" Floppy disk slots, A and B
FACE16 is detailed on the front in text
A power button

From right to left, the bottom details:
Micro Computer
YKK (raised letter logo)
LED Activity/Power light
RJ-11? port
A beige coloured, rectangular shaped computer.

From Top to bottom, right to left, system port details:

Slot 3, covered
Slot 2, covered
Slot 1, open with HARD DISK SCSI? connection port, SIO = 0, SIO = 1
Slot 0, open with S, RUN LED lights; RESET button or switch?; SIO = 0, SIO = 1

Ground pin; Color video monitor input which appears to be a 7 pin DIN?; B/W video monitor input with similar inputs; SW0 (some kind of circular dial with dates?); SW1, set of dip switches

Further, a set of system identification/usage information. For brevity, skipping the Japanese text:
AC100V 50/60Hz
CA8911091 (Serial Number?)

Finally, AC IN, with three AC OUT plugs above.
A blurry close up of the FACE 16 system setup and powered on. This photo was taken at the YKK Center Park in Toyama, Japan. The system is shown with a standard CRT style monitor, 13-14", green LED for power and two dials under the monitor. 

The screen shows some kind of software on display, with a blue background and text shown, and some visual imagery of the system components.

Underneath the monitor is the FACE16 system itself, however it looks different than the previous images shown in this Mastodon post; 
This system has two 3.5" floppy disk drives, stacked on top instead of beside each other. Two LEDs, one RED, one unlit. Power button on the bottom left of the system.

A keyboard is shown but details such as layout and design are not visible. It appears somewhat low profile.
1986 - YKK 製 コ ン ピ ュ ー タ ー(FACE①⑥) の 開 発 ・ 生 産 ・ 販 売.

YKK Develops it's own Computer

Photo of a rectangular computer with a monitor on top of it, and a keyboard in front of it.

This is a photo taken of the YKK company timeline infographic found in the YKK Center Park in Toyama, Japan.

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#Emoji #Emojis #NewEmoji #NewEmojis #InternetExplorer #Kofi #LinuxMint #MiniDisc #Netscape #OpenSource #Patreon #Raspberry #RaspberryPi #RSS #Safari #SQL #RMS #RichardStallman #Stallman #SUSE #openSUSE #Terminal #Telegram #Tor #Twitch #Ubuntu #W3C #XMPP

Programming Quotes
1 week ago

(...) Thinking this way will teach you two things about computers: One, theres no magic, no matter how much it looks like there is. Theres just work to make things look like magic. And two, its crazy in there.

— Paul Ford


Link of the Day
1 week ago

📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Fun » Weird

This is the "Special Collection" of the MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies. It swirls! It rotates! It spins in 3D! And someone actually thought that would be a great idea for navigating a webpage.

#lotd #weird #fun #computers #web

Fedi.Garden 🌱
1 week ago is a server for the High Performance Computing community and those in related fields:


For more info see their About page at or contact their admin @admin

#FeaturedServer #HPC #HighPerformanceComputing #Supercomputing #Supercomputers #Computing #Computers #Research #Data #Science #ComputerScience #CompSci #Fediverse

1 week ago

Regarding your personal computer, or online equivalent:

The need to organize files into folders, so you can find them, indicates that you lack a sufficiently powerful and easy to use search engine

#PC #Wintel #Mac #FolderTree #files #folders #computers #Data #Database

IT News
1 week ago

Is cybersecurity an unsolvable problem? - Enlarge (credit: Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

In November 1988, ... - #computersecurity #techpolicy #computers #features #science #hackers #books #tech

1 week ago

Had to put together a robot image for work. Looked through my files for related robots to riff off. Found this. No use whatsoever but I had forgotten all about it and it made me chuckle.

It was made many years ago, after a visit to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park (I would heartily recommend visiting both the museum & park, btw).

#silly #computers #robot #animation #OldTech #RetroComputing

Animated loop of a robot creature made of lots of old computing parts, standing in front of more old tech from the museum of computing. It looks a bit bored at the start, and presses a couple of the buttons on its body. The first does nothing. The second gives it a wee surprised look. The third makes it jump up in delight. Important to find the right button.
Link of the Day
1 week ago

📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Internet » Services

"WikiShootMe V3 (WSM) is a tool to show #Wikidata items, #Wikipedia articles, and #Commons images with coordinates, all on the same map" (created by @magnusmanske, contributed by @tiamat271)

#lotd #services #internet #computers #web #Wikidata #Wikipedia #Commons

Jason Weatherly
2 weeks ago

The custom RGB controller is still going strong. Also, it hasn't caught fire either which is definitely a win. Still need to figure out why it occasionally doesn't restore the last saved state on reboot, but that's for future me to deal with. #computers #watercooling

A custom white PCB with 6 Corsair-style RGB ports on the edges and a Adafruit Itsy-Bitsy M4 microcontroller "socketed" in the middle to actually do the math.  A set of screw terminals to allow running the RGB controller off of 5V power on the bottom.
A picture of the computer with the RGB controller installed in it.
Jason Weatherly
2 weeks ago

As always, (1) make sure you back up your stuff, and (2) check on your backups every now and again. Also, `borg` is a friggin' awesome program. #computers #backups

A terminal window showing all of the backups available for my NAS along with the total size of the archives.

is this the beginning of the end of for desktop & #laptop #computers?

#Lenovo, the world's leading PC manufacturer reported a 24% drop in revenue in the last quarter...

Meanwhile, shipments of tablets (a market Lenovo is relatively weak in) surged by 40%.

In this market the device of choice remains the #IPad.

The pivot to portable, touch-screen computing continues - the world is looking more & more like the future we see in the movies

Steven Saus [he/him]
2 weeks ago

From 22 May: Whether AI Can Write A Story Is The Wrong Question. - No, an AI probably couldn’t write what *you* write. Could an AI write some of the crappy formulaic (and sadly, profitable) media that’s out there? Oh, yes, absolutely. That’s a totally different question, and why I support the WGA. #business-of-writing #computers #craft-of-writing #technology #ai #artificial-intelligence #wga #writing

Jonathan Kamens
2 weeks ago

Hack of the day: keep the Emacs server running in the active login session

Prereqs for this hack being useful to you: (1) you use GNU Emacs; (2) you keep a single Emacs running in your session and use emacsclient to open files for editing in it; (3) you have Linux computers that use systemd on which you keep mul

#Computers #FreeSoftware #Emacs #GNUEmacs #hack #Linux #systemd

2 weeks ago

Over 25 years in #IT has taught me one thing: the human-computer interface is fundamentally flawed. Our brains don’t process information the way #computers do - leading to wasted time, frustrated users, and people scared of #technology.

I found a really interesting piece by Jason Yuan where he offers one possible solution: a concept he calls #MercuryOS that focuses on INTENTIONS instead of applications.

NGL, it hurts my brain, but it could be the #future.

Canadian History Ehx
2 weeks ago

Today in 1955, James Gosling was born in Calgary.
In 1994, he invented the Java programming language.
Described as a 'write once, run anywhere' language, it is the third most popular programming language in the world, used extensively in applications.

#java #computers #canada #history #histodon #histodons #canadian

Vivian "Bigou"
2 weeks ago

Hello! Since you are here on the Fediverse, let me ask you a quick #question: Are any of your #computers compatible with any #OpenSource #firmware? Like #CoreBoot, #U-boot or any other?

Link of the Day
2 weeks ago

📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Linux

The Arch Wiki is one of the best online resources of documentation not only for Arch Linux, but for most Linux distributions out there.

#lotd #linux #computers #web

3 weeks ago

When the #Internet was built, #computers weren’t #mobile. They sat in offices next to data centers. The Internet has changed but the assumptions made 30 years ago are making your experience slower and less #secure.
#vpn #security #privacy #cybersecurity

Richie Khoo
3 weeks ago

Willy Wonka AI Computer Scene from 1971. 'Prompt Engineer' swagger at its finest.

#promptengineering #ai #chatGPT #LLM #Willywonka #video #youtube #computers #ibm

3 weeks ago

@arstechnica I have a 12th gen Intel-based #Framework, and I love it. My one gripe might be a wish for longer battery life, but it actually works for my purposes. Coworkers were curious, so I brought it into work, showed it operating, and quickly popped it open to show the easy access to components. I felt like an unofficial salesman, because several coworkers (all IT and engineering) said now they were interested in getting one.
#computers #rightToRepair #right2Repair

3 weeks ago

#tech people: What surge detector do you recommend?

#lightning #powerspike #electricity #oopsy #computers #power

Jonathan Kamens
3 weeks ago

How to access your encrypted Linux system from the Ubuntu installer when your system won’t boot

I had to figure out the steps for myself by assembling pieces of it from many different web pages, so I've collected them all here for my benefit and yours.

#Computers #FreeSoftware #Linux #LUKS #Ubuntu

Link of the Day
3 weeks ago

📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Internet » Services is a useful service which allows you to bypass paywalls by using a copy cached by the Google crawler. Its motto is "Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder." (contributed by @salarua)

#lotd #services #internet #computers #web

Eric Matthew Richardson
3 weeks ago

Acquired my family's old Macintosh Plus this weekend, but have yet to turn it on. First computer I ever touched. Hoping for the best, but we know how these things go...

Any #RetroComputing people out there have any suggestions for upgrades? I've only glanced at the PiSCSI and Floppy Emu, which seem to be a godsend in terms of interfacing with modern computers. Really just looking to get it into fighting shape for writing, MacPainting, and retro gaming.

#Macintosh #Mac #Computers #VintageComputing #VintageMac

Swede’s Photographs
3 weeks ago

Good morning. 🕊🕊🕊

I didn't see the pigeons yesterday; my efforts may have prevailed. I'll see if they come back in a couple days. Then I'll start putting out bid seed again. It looks like persistence pays off. Now, at night there is something eating all the suet. I'm guessing squirrels. I probably need to move that shepherds hook away from the trees and fence.

I started gathering parts for a new PC. I received the case and PSU. Next will me a motherboard and processor. But I haven't decided on the motherboard. The processor will be an Core i7 12 core (8p & 4e), I think ... just because.

“You never know what's around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain.” - Tom Hiddleston

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #morning #pigeons #persistence #doves #rockdoves #rockpigeons #computers

In this photograph, there are eight rock pigeons (Columba livia) flying from right to left in front of a green forest.

"Larger and plumper than a Mourning Dove, Rock Pigeons are tubby birds with small heads and short legs. Their wings are broad but pointed wings and the tail is wide and rounded.  Variable in color, but most birds are bluish gray with two black bands on the wing and a black tip to the tail. Most birds have iridescent throat feathers. Wing patterns may include two bars, dark spots, or can be plain. The tail is usually dark tipped." -
Link of the Day
3 weeks ago

📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Software

MPV is a free, open source and cross-platform command-line media player which supports "a wide variety of media file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types".

#lotd #software #computers #web

Swede’s Photographs
4 weeks ago

Good morning, friends. 🌷🌷🌷

UPS dropped off my new PSU late yesterday afternoon. It didn't take long to do the swap and just like that, the old PC is back in business. I also bought a new caddy to set it on, one that is longer and has vents beneath.

On the minus side this morning, the electricity is off and my generator is running. I have to say, the standby generator is worth every penny. I brewed coffee as usual with my electric coffee pot.

Charlie's here to remind be that it is time for breakfast, but I still have 10 minutes. He's laying patiently to my left. It's cool how dogs can do that, wait I mean. They are patient to a fault.

"There is no road too long to the man who advances deliberately and without undue haste; there are no honors too distant to the man who prepares himself for them with patience." -
Jean de la Bruyere

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This is a photograph of an orange day lily. A day lily is a large tubular flower, sort of like a tulip, I think. This flower has six petals, three on the inside and three more on the outside.  It's shaped a little like two triangles the outside triangle drawn point up and the inside point down.  The are long orange stamen extending out from the center.  The petal color is mostly orange but there is some black around the outer edges and in the center.   In the upper left there is another lily mostly out of frame. The background is green leaves, stems, ang grass.
Jason Weatherly
4 weeks ago

Welp, I'm gonna call this a success. Compiled a program that was supposed to print `Hello, world!` to the screen, then used the 6502 emulator to print it to the screen. Very, very surprised it worked. Still need to implement a lot of stuff though... #computers #retrocomputing #programming

A successful run of the 6502 emulator running a "Hello, world!" program.
Jason Weatherly
4 weeks ago

Work continues, the increment instructions are pretty straightforward. I need to test whether or not the negative and zero flags get set if you try to increment something in a section of memory that is immutable like ROM... #computers #retrocomputing

The 6502 increment instructions implemented in Python.  Everything is pretty straightforward and no real jank to be seen.
brad m
1 month ago

An interview with @pluralistic

💥 “The #digital world does the same things that mediocre sociopath #monopolists did in the #GildedAge, but they do it faster and with #computers. And in some ways, this contributes to the kind of mythology surrounding the #digital world’s #GildedAge equivalents”
💥 “They don’t like #capitalism because they don’t want to waste their time competing” #monopoly #oligopoly #competition #bigtech #technology #AI

Canadian History Ehx
1 month ago

Today in 1972, Beatrice Worsley died. Born in Mexico in 1921, she was the first female computer scientist in Canada.
She wrote the first program to run on EDSAC, wrote the first compiler for Toronto's Ferranti Mark 1 & taught at the University of Toronto for over 20 years.

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1 month ago

this screenshot is not photoshopped, and all i could conclude is that dua lipa did the murders.

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mobile phone screenshot showing a photo of singer dua lipa above an NPR headline about murder.
Fedi.Garden 🌱
1 month ago is a server for the computer graphics community to discuss 3D and 2D graphics, computer science, and any related topics:


If you have questions, ask their admin at @brian

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1 month ago

New instance, new #introduction post:

Hi folks, I am Sigma.
My great passion are
#computers. I work as a #software #developer and even in my spare time I love tinkering with software and #hardware. Beyond that my interests are very diverse: I like scientific topics - especially chemistry - as well as #music, #films, und #shows - #anime in particular.
I post about pretty much everything, from my day-to-day life, though funny videos, to strange quirks in
#German is my main language for this account, thought there might be the one or the other #English post as well.

I also have a
#Blog on which I mainly use for longer posts about technical topics.

(For those who know me from my old instance: Because the old servers are shutting down I needed to find a new home. I hope is it.

I look forward to getting to know you all!

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Delta Sierra
1 month ago

I have received the tiny Japanese netbook! Shipping was surprisingly fast, the netbook actually arrived before the replacement SSD (I'm going to dual boot Windows 10 LTSC and some flavor of Linux). Just running a quick driver backup first, since Nanote doesn't seem to make their drivers available for download.

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First time boot screen of a Nanote P8 UMPC. Since it was imported from Japan, the welcome message is in Japanese.
Nanote P8 UMPC box. For used hardware, the packaging is in surprisingly good condition.
Nanote P8 UMPC, with my slightly above average sized hand for scale. It's a tiny device, 7" diagonal and weighs just over a pound.
Link of the Day
1 month ago

📎 Link of the day:
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NetHack is a single-player dungeon exploration game. What sets it apart is that the emphasis is on discovering the detail of the dungeon. Each game presents a different landscape: there is an unlimited number of variations of the dungeon and its denizens to be discovered by the player.

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Wisdom in Space
1 month ago

Always code as if the person who will maintain your code is a maniac serial killer that knows where you live.
-- Anonymous

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Blake Patterson
2 months ago

The creator of Skynet in Terminator 2 is utilizing a Mindset Computer disk drive unit atop a computer I can’t identify as his home workstation.

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Aaron Ouellette
2 months ago

Time for an updated intro post.
Hi, I'm Aaron,
I've lived in #NewEngland my whole life. I like #Running #Marathon s and some times #Biking. I try to build some stuff with wood, #woodworking. I like #Computers. I'm a troubleshooter by nature and career. I work in SAAS/DB software performance. I like to keep busy, it's my happy place, I drink #coffee and #cook.
I nearly forgot, I love #AudioBooks