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Faster String Processing With Bloom Filters - At first, string processing might seem very hard to optimize. If you’re looking fo... - #softwaredevelopment #stringprocessing #computerscience #bloomfilter

Poetry News
15 hours ago

Oh AI with swift and skillful power
That seeks to plan our every hour
Though you may bring content
Do not be so bent
On spiraling us out of control

#ai #computerscience #control #ode #poetry

Jew Of the Day
20 hours ago

✡️ Today's Jew of the Day is Marvin Minsky!

Marvin Minsky was one of the most important people in the area of computer sceince, and especially AI. It's diffcicult to summarize just how critical Minksy was other than to say he invented head mounted graphical displays (VR Headsets), he built first neural network using special hardware called "perceptrons", which is important not only for AI, but specifically visual AI used in applications such as self-driving cars, as well as the field of analog computing. His AI theory, called "The Society of Mind", is not only useful in exploring concepts of AI, but of all cognitive processes.

Much of Minsky's career was at MIT, where he worked for 58 years. Aside from his work in AI, Minsky is one of the founders of the MIT Media Lab, which itself has contributed to many new advances in human-computer interactions.

#JewOfTheDay #MIT #ComputerScience #AI #VR #MarvinMinsky #Jewdiverse

Kathy Reid
1 day ago

Good morning everyone! Here's my latest #Connections #Introduction #Introductions #TwitterMigration post, where I curate interesting accounts for you to follow from across the #Fediverse :fediverse:

@maryrobinette is a #writer #author, and I am listening to her incredible #LadyAstronaut series at the moment. If you love #SciFi (esp hard scifi) you should read it, too! 🇺🇸

@sayashk is a #ComputerScience #PhD candidate at #Princeton, who is researching failures in #ML (he's also co-running a workshop on open #FoundationModels in about 15 hours, see my previous posts for more info) 🇺🇸

@michcampbell is Dr Micha Campbell and she is a #PalaeoClimate #PostDoc living on #Dharawal country 🇦🇺

@mthv is a #Research #Engineer who works in #GIS at #CNRS 🇫🇷

@astrolori is Lori and she is into #OpenSource, #fashion, #space and #tech #WomenInSTEM 🇨🇦

@pandas_dev is the official account for #pandas, the #Python #DataAnalysis tool 🐍 📊

@jessie is a lover of #languages and helps run #CommonVoice, @mozilla 's open #voice #data set, which now supports over 100 languages. She also teaches #WebDev and loves #hiking. She's awesome you should follow her 🇬🇧

That's all for now, please do share your own lists so we can create deeper connections, and a tightly-connected community here

I'm reminded here of @maryrobinette's short story - "Red Rockets" - "She built something better than fireworks. She built community."

Vivienne Dunstan
2 days ago

Tracking a parcel delivery: “We’ll be with you in approximately 1 hours 45 minutes”. That #coding wouldn’t have been up to scratch in 1st year #ComputerScience at #StAndrews in 1990/1, learning S-Algol. #StAndrewsUniversity #Programming #SAlgol #Algol

2 days ago

ChatGPT und Zero Shot Prompts - das ist kein Match. Damit Knowledgegraph-Engineers ChatGPT trotzdem für die Entwicklung nutzen können, gibt es jetzt ein Benchmark-Modell.

Full Paper: #arxiv #artificialintelligence #computerscience #llm #chatgpt #ontology

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
2 days ago

Aww yeah got my Canvas API thingy working. Going to automate SO MUCH SETUP and avoid the TERRIBLE USER INTERFACE!!!

#ComputerScience #Education #CanvasLMS

John Bokma
3 days ago

Big O Notation, REST Servers in Go, and Comfy FreeBSD Jails

#ComputerScience #go #bsd #security

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4 days ago

Trying to switch my life to #linux .

Send #help

what skills should I acquire first and where I can find a good concise guide or book or something else to do it?

#computerscience #education #mitualaid #learnonmastodon #skills #digitalskills
#ubantu #debian

Took my eldest back to his Uni yesterday to start his second year of #ComputerScience and #AI. Proud and sad at the same time. Nice that he got a good room in Virginia Woolf College too.

The cultural models the general public has for "cyber" criminals is the 80s movie (and IRL) archetype of a single, or small IRL group, of clever people pulling a robin-hood type ethically justified one-off.

The reality differs enormously, and Culture doesn't seem to reflect this. I'll take recommendations of depictions of hackers et Al. In pop. culture in the comments.

#ComputerScience, #Cybercrime, #Malware, #Intelligence, #cseducation

Alan Kotok
1 week ago

I.T. systems company Fujitsu Ltd. is providing artificial intelligence model generation and fairness assessment software as open-source projects hosted by the Linux Foundation.

#News #Press #Science #Business #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #Models #Algorithm #OpenSource #Software #Collaboration #Bias #Fairness #Engineering #ComputerScience #Linux #Japan #Europe

Christopher Brown
1 week ago

#Introduction #Intro

Hello, Mastodon!

Military brat, now veteran spouse. Have lived across US & EU. Have worked in #STEM #Education, sys admin & #Programming, #Research, and #SAHP.

Currently working on #GaitAnalysis, #SaMD, and #QMS

Enjoy family, #Travel, watching #Basketball & #Soccer, #Reading, playing #Games, #Denim, #Music, #Guitar & #Ukulele, and surf videos.


#Teaching #Mathematics #Math #ComputerScience #Science #Technology #MotionCapture #DataAnalysis #YNWA

John Bokma
1 week ago

Fantasy, Retire the CSV, B-Trees, and Modern LZ Compression

#book #fantasy #movie #csv #database #ComputerScience #compression #cpp

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UBC Computer Science
1 week ago

Our own Dr. Jeff Clune has joined the World Economic Forum's Safe Systems and Technologies Counsel.
The initiative brings together Chief Science Officers and AI producers to establish technical safeguards in response to the rapid advancement of generative AI systems.

#computerscience #generativeai #chatgpt #ai

Risk knob
Dr. Jeff Clune

I've asked my sixth form #ComputerScience #ALevel students to Google two names: @Mer__edith and @pluralistic

Because their A-level only matters for a year or two. Understanding the incentive structures that lead to enshittification and surveillance matters FOREVER.

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
1 week ago

As I've been learning emacs orgmode I've created a single repository to store all my converted class stuff. That's here:

Then hopefully later I will assemble it into a "book" format per class, so it's like one single resource for the entire course.

#ComputerScience #Education

Interactive map of the Linux kernel with links to „The Linux Kernel“ - wikibook :

#Linux #computerscience #programming

Flous :gnome: :debian:
1 week ago

Another good source for learning the Vim Editor is Swaroop's book "Byte of Vim".
#vim #programming #computerscience

J. David Eisenberg
2 weeks ago

How do you normally refer to the ends of a #queue in #ComputerScience?

MPI für Meteorologie
2 weeks ago

✨ Joint Max Planck-Weizmann Postdoctoral Programme ✨

The Max Planck Society (@maxplanckgesellschaft) and the Weizmann Institute of Science jointly offer outstanding postdoctoral researchers in the fields of #physics, #chemistry, #mathematics, #ComputerScience and #EarthSciences a prestigious four-year appointment in a unique research environment.

🚨 Application dealine: 1 November 2023

☑️ Get more info:

A poster advertising the joint postdoc program: get a 4 year fellowship, travel support, full benefits package.
It's a me, Mauro
2 weeks ago

I made it folks! I finished #CS50 !!
I'm officially in the 1% of people that started and finished the course.

What a ride!

Here's my final project:

And now onto CS50w for web development!

#ComputerScience #webdev

CS50 Certificate

CS50 congratulates Mauro Di lanni on completion of CS50x, including ten problem sets, nine labs, and one final project. 

Awarded from Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the year two thousand twenty-three. 

David J. Malan - Gordon McKay Professor of the Practice of Computer Science Harvard University.
UnivGroJobs (By: Jako Jellema)
2 weeks ago

#PhDposition in Creativity, Translation and Technology (3.0 FTE) (V23.0606) #AI #UniversityOfGroningen

- a Research Master’s or Master’s degree in any area related to the project (e.g. #TranslationStudies, #DigitalHumanities, #Linguistics, #LiteraryStudies, #InformationScience, #ComputerScience, #CognitiveScience #CognitivePsychology
- ...

You may apply for this position until 22nd October 11:59pm CET

For more info:

Job description

Applications are invited for three fully funded, four-year PhD positions within the research project “Uncovering the creative process: from Inception to Reception of translated content using machine translation” (INCREC), financed by an ERC Consolidator Grant and coordinated by the Principal Investigator (PI), dr. Ana Guerberof Arenas.

The new machine translation paradigms have drastically changed society’s perception of technology and the act of translation. The recent advances in large language models and generative Al has highlighted the need to understand how the creative mind works when translating and the differences experienced when working with technology.

INCREC aims to understand the creative process of translation of literary and audiovisual content and its reception by users with various techniques to enhance MT use, thus improving the translator's working environment and job sustainability, as well as the user experience. To better understand this complex process, INCREC triangulates data from eye- tracking, retrospective think-aloud interviews, translated material, diaries and questionnaires from professional translators and users.
It's a me, Mauro
2 weeks ago

#Frontend done. My final project is finished. I’m ready to get my #CS50 certification. Now it’s just a matter of paperwork.

And then I can move on to CS50w.

#webdev #ComputerScience

When my students enter the last year of the #ComputerScience #ALevel, No More Mr Nice Guy.

Meme: two columns, with two pictures each.
Left column: "Mr Berard in Year 12". Pictures of Bob Ross and Fred Rogers (with a gopher hand puppet)
Right column: "Mr Berard in Year 13"
Pictures of Mr Fletcher, the bandleader from Whiplash, and Sgt. Harman, the Drill Sergeant  from Full Metal Jacket

Putting the last hand to my slides for PyData Amsterdam where Yorick and I are giving a 60-minute tutorial about llama-index. Half of the tutorial is hands-on coding by the participants, which means we can't cram everything worth knowing about the library in the tutorial. I just realised how much I've learned about teaching technical topics from the friendly zines, blogposts and videos of @b0rk and @koaning. 🧙 ❤️

#didactics #computerscience #education #teaching #PDAmsterdam2023

Jeffrey Yost
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Reproducibility in science is weird for me.

Like, in physics, to create high energy particle collision, you do need to spend a bit of money on fiddly machines.

But in CS, half of our "science" is more like math and the other half should be as simple as "run this on your machine, eh?", and yet it most assuredly isn't.

Basically, I guess I'm saying that it's odd to me the incentives and tech debt that lead to reproducibility not being easy in CS.

I guess I'm coming around to "good software engineering is good science" -- maintainability of code as reproducibility. I don't know.

#preCoffeeThoughts #academicChatter #computerScience

Generic white guy SysAdmin
2 weeks ago

@JustCodeCulture @histodons Are there any photos from later decades with women #SysAdmin at university computing facilities? Particularly before the mid-80s gender reorientation in #ComputerScience recruiting strategies.

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
2 weeks ago

It will take a bit to get used to the keyboard but maybe I'll carry the #PinePhonePro with me to work and elseware to work on documentation for my courses. It's nice and light... won't hurt my back to lug around. But I just need these basics... text editors, g++ or codeblocks, everything I'd need is right here, except for being able to create drawings very easily. :P

#ComputerScience #Education

A photo of my bed blanket, me underneath it, and the PinePhonePro above it on my lap, running Spacemacs with an org mode document open. In the background, Kabe the cat can be seen lounging at the foot of the bed.
Paul Nance
2 weeks ago

Research on the Deseret Alphabet, developed by Mormons in the 19th century.
#histodons #linguistics #computerscience

"A close-up of the Deseret Alphabet characters used in the 1869 Book of Mormon that was recently acquired by the [University of Illinois] Rare Book and Manuscript Library."
Jeff Caldwell
2 weeks ago

I attend all of my classes remotely, which almost always requires permission from the instructor beforehand.

This is an example of the mundane technical prowess one can expect from many #ComputerScience professors.

They're almost universally more knowledgeable than I am, but holy crap, are they bad at making the basics work.

Screenshot of a lecture screencast about the Linux operating system. On the professor's screen, the audio output has been muted and there's no way for remote students to communicate that they can't hear the lecture.

On the right side of the screen, there are messages from students that read:

"I don't think he can hear us either or maybe just me. Anyone else want to give it a shot?"

"Screen's frozen for me, maybe he's disconnecting?"

"Is the screen frozen?"

"I think he just didn't turn on his mic."

"He has his audio muted as well on the bottom left."

Storm to be named after Kathleen Rita Antonelli known as Kay McNulty.

She was an Irish computer programmer and one of the six original programmers of the ENIAC, one of the first general-purpose electronic digital computers

Other storm names:

#IrishMastodon #CorkMastodon #mastodaoine #computers #computerScience #ENIAC #ireland

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
2 weeks ago

In class tonight I brought up Notepad++ and asked students for ideas on how to design the UI and UX for the worst streaming service ever and there was so much discussion lol.
#ComputerScience #Education

Kyle Burke
2 weeks ago

I made a video to help explain how to play #b001e0:

This is a fun game you can play to practice your knowledge of basic #logicGates. There is a bit of strategy involved, but it doesn't lend an overwhelming advantage to whoever employs it, so anyone can win the games.

#cardgames #computerscience #computerarchitecture

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
2 weeks ago

I think one of my goals for this semester is to just... teach about humanity. Not just talking about #ComputerScience in a vacuum, but also bringing in the way technology connects to humans and highlighting the things I love about how humans create culture and language and such. Also bring in more with ethics in different areas, like talking about Dark Patterns this week, talking about exploitation in software design.

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
3 weeks ago

Starting off my grading for the week by looking at the weekly check-in assignments where students tell me how it's going and if there's anything I can be doing differently, what's going well, etc. #ComputerScience #Education

I'll post some of the comments here in a thread. :3

Air Adam
3 weeks ago

Been toying around with a little bit of F# lately. It's giving me memories of programming in Standard ML at the start of my CS degree, many years ago! They were really onto something starting everyone off with functional programming - years before it was cool 😉

#BlackMastodon #softwareEngineering #programming #computerScience

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
3 weeks ago

So in my #ComputerScience C++ programming courses, I have the following kind of content:

* Reading material (the "textbook", which are my notes)
* Video lectures
* Example coding
* Concept Introduction quizzes (read to learn, plus quiz questions to review what you just read)
* Exercises (smaller programming lab style things)
* Notes Q&A (you should be able to answer all these questions on the topic)
* Projects (big programming assignments)
* Exams (concepts and some coding for assessment) --

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
3 weeks ago

I did make a few "C++ in 60 seconds" video this past work week. It's all very basic stuff, but I'll hopefully make more next week:

* main():
* cout:
* data types:
* variables:

#ComputerScience #Education and tagging @kojack for maybe some critique. 👼 ❤️

Upol Ehsan
3 weeks ago

At some point, we all realize Bowker and Star wrote everything there was to know about Computer Science.

They just sorted it out.

#academia #hci #computerscience #ai

Randomly thinking about #bikeshedding when #programming the size if a #filesize #integer in a #FileFormat, though I guess it could be used for any #DataStructures in #ComputerScience.

If you know how big the largest number you're going to have to keep track of is, you can cut down on the size of the integer by choosing a number of bits that's just big enough to fit that... But there are ways you can get really screwy with this.

For example, you could choose a number that isn't the standard 8, 16, 32, 64 by going above that and using the extra bits as flags or something, like making it 24-bit and using the last 8 bits as another byte. Or you could lower the granularity, and multiply the value of whatever the number is to get bigger numbers at the expense of numbers not divisible by that.

The issue with thinking of this however is that we are talking a handful of bytes in what could be megabytes, so less than 0.1% of the byte size...


Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
3 weeks ago

Some of the stuff for classes this week...
#ComputerScience #Education

Was thinking of giving the student who is best at trading their inventory the fish pencil case lol.

A plastic kids abacus, a Sumerian style abacus printed out on paper except it's binary, cards for ox, grain, bread, and fish, clay tablets with cuneiform on them, a fish pencil holder
Little cow and fish toys I bought in bulk
Air dry clay with cuneiform written into it and a bunch of square sticks that can be used as styluses for the tablets
Books about BASIC programming and computing magazines from 1986
3 weeks ago
A screenshot of VS Code showing a new file called "lamport-timestamp.ts"
Reuben Binns⁉️
3 weeks ago

Very tentative steps to #decolonize #computerscience have inevitably been met with attacks in our right wing press.

What could computing have to do with colonialism, both in its legacy and as it still exists today? Off the top of my head, here are some very material, empirical questions which I think CS undergraduates should and would be interested in finding answers to:

Yannick Rochat
4 weeks ago

When studying the history of video games, we often find ourselves needing to imagine and reconstruct the computing landscape of various decades throughout the 20th Century.

We encounter fragments of computing history since games were always present somewhere (at least that's what Steven Levy says in his book Hackers, and in my experience it often turns to be true).

Well, I'm always a bit overwhelmed when I think of the 1976 Los Alamos Conference's 21 recorded talks recently put online:

Were there games on these early computing machines, across different countries? We know of a few, but how many are we missing? And will we find them one day?

#RetroComputing #ComputerScience #GameStudies

A picture of circa 100 computer scientists and historians reunited in 1976 in Los Alamos for a conference on the history of computer science.
Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
4 weeks ago

Have student introductions on a discussion board, and I have lots of returning students. One student added this in her intro:

"I love Rachel and their methodology for opening the door for everyone in coding."


#ComputerScience #Education

Marcel Fröhlich
4 weeks ago
Jane Adams
1 month ago

I finished my summer internship this week! I spent 4 months working with a team of biologists and statisticians at The Jackson Laboratory, building visualization software for their research needs. The lab I worked with focuses on analyzing genetics, the microbiome, and addiction-related traits. Here's an overview of some of the EDA tools I built for them in #Python ☺️ #genetics #biology #addiction #dataviz #computerscience #research #phd

If you're doing cool work with data vis + bio, lmk!

A background section explaining the reasons for doing mouse research to understand human disease; the importance of understanding heritability for treating addiction; and introducing the complexities of the data being analyzed (large, k-partite, high dimensional)
A summary of a project to use conditional inference trees to understand interactions between microbes in predicting certain behavioral traits
An overview of a project to create a Sankey diagram comparing clustering methods applied to differential co-expression data. Everyone has their favorite clustering method, so how do we find strong signals in gene-gene similarities? By creating tools to spot concordance across methods
Project overview for a software tool that allows users to upload stacks of distance matrices, threshold on distances and features of interest, concatenate data as edgelist, and render interactive k-partite graphs to show association or anti-association between genes, microbes, and traits
1 month ago

🧑‍💻How a CPU really works💾
Let's go right inside a CPU and watch it execute code at the transistor level!
Read More 👉
#Assembly #ComputerScience #ComputingHistory

1 month ago

If you've ever wanted to get into #ComputerScience but don't have the time or money to go back to college, #Harvard's introductory CS50 course is available for free on the #FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel.

It's a single video that is 24 hours long, so you'll have to break it up across multiple days.

You can watch it here:

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
1 month ago

Another exercise worksheet I'm putting on my course page. With this one, the idea is to have students figure out how they'd represent letters and numbers in a computer system, as well as colors.

There could be some student group contact and they can compare, and see what one's encoded message or image would look like on the other student's system.

#ComputerScience #Education

A screenshot of a worksheet that asks the student to come up with number codes to represent letters A through Z, numbers 0 through 9, and some special characters like space, period, question mark, and exclamation mark.
Another worksheet that asks students to come up with colors available for a 1-bit, 2-bit, and 3-bit computer, and to translate a 5x5 pixel image into numbers.
Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
1 month ago

OKAY, I've put my Sumerian Trading game and lesson plan stuff up on this webpage here:

This includes:

* A Teacher's Guide
* Downloadable cards for the game
* Downloadable "binary abacus"
* Printouts for the lesson
* A standalone worksheet
* Vic-20 BASIC program to manage fish/ox inventory
* SQLite database & query to manage Sumerian trading transactions

May add later:
* Video guide/lesson
* JavaScript webapp version for remote learning

#ComputerScience #Education

A screenshot of the lesson webpage
An image of the game cards. There are four avatars/traders: Tilhar, Sar, Buru, and Anki. They each start with a different inventory and want to trade for something else.

The items are: Ox, Grain, Bread, and Fish.

Each card includes the object or person's name in Sumerian/Cuneiform.
A screenshot of a Vic-20 emulator running the ox/fish inventory management program.
A screenshot of a SQLite database browser running a query to get all transactions and inner join on two other tables for item and owner information.
IT News
1 month ago

IBM team builds low-power analog AI processor - Enlarge (credit: IBM)

Large Language Models, the AI tech behin... - #phase-changememory #materialsscience #computerscience #science #ibm #ai

CarK :python:
1 month ago

#OpenScience ⚗️ 🔬 question:

Where can I find #LaTeX (or similar) source code of textbooks? Primarily I look for #engineering, #physics, #computerscience or (applied) #mathematics.

The documents I am looking for should have 50+ pages.

I want to analyze the source code from the perspective of #KnowledgeRepresentation 💡


1 month ago


[EN] Since I moved to my own instance, I'm (poorly) rewriting my introduction. I'm Théotime, an aroace agender computer science student
I mostly play roguelikes, metroidvanias and some monster tamers (i.e. Pokémon-like). I read
way too much webcomics as well, feel free to ask (or give!) me recommandations
I'm probably gonna post about very random things (both in French and in English), sorry for some uninteresting stuff I'll say lol

[FR] Vu que j'ai changé d'instance, je refais (mal) mon intro. Je m'appelle Théotime, je suis étudiant en alternance, en informatique.
Je joue principalement à des roguelikes, des metroidvanias et quelques monster tamers (càd Pokémon-like). Je lis
beaucoup trop de webcomics, hésitez pas à me demander (ou me donner !) des recommandations.
Je vais probablement poster des trucs assez random (en français et en anglais), désolé pour certains posts pas intéressants x)

#hollowknight #cassettebeasts #pokemon #20XX #30XX #doctorwho #computerscience #dev #webcomic #webtoon

Flous :gnome: :debian:
1 month ago

May she forever be remembered as the incredible person she was.
#krisnova #kubernetes #go #hachyderm #cloudnative #author #computerscience

Alan Kotok
1 month ago

Data scientists and cancer specialists demonstrate a data encryption technique that makes possible real-world cancer data sharing while preserving individual privacy.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Collaboration #RealWorldEvidence #Cancer #MedicalRecords #Databases #MachineLearning #Algorithms #ComputerScience #Engineering #Privacy #Encryption #Israel

The Big Data Cluster
1 month ago

Lauren Margulieux based at Georgia State University writes that a way to get more #ComputerScience into #K12 #classrooms is to include small programing and coding lessons in other areas of study.

This #IntegratedComputing approach, she writes, helps balance “students’ reluctance to take elective computer science classes when they have little knowledge of computer science.”

Tweede golf
1 month ago

Rust 101 is a #university course that introduces #rustlang to computer science students, and is available for anyone who wants to teach Rust. Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like some help setting up the course for your students!

#computerscience #education #opensource

Clément Aubert
2 months ago

The dead-line is August 11, that's in 5 days 😵
Send us your best #abstract 📃 #programminglanguages #computerScience #serpl #augusta

2 months ago

Fission's work would not be possible without the research that has been published in various academic computer science papers. Today we share some of our favorites that have influenced our work on IPVM and Rhizome. #computerscience #dweb #ipvm #rhizome

Jeffrey Yost
2 months ago

CBI Image of the Day.

Early Musical Notation and Composition "Mockingbird" on a Personal Computer 1983.

Shown here is the piece "Mockingbird" by famed (worked on SAGE air defense system, LINC mini, ARPAnet IMPs facilitating communications) computer scientist Severo M. Ornstein, 1983 on personal computer. #computerscience #music #computer #software #tech #technology #science #digital #1980s #sts #arpanet #internet #history

Square black and white image of an early 1980s PC with three button mouse and keyboard, desktop/monitor. On the dark bordered screen is a sheet of music with the musical score of Mockingbird, and early  use of computers for music composition by famed computer scientist Severo M. Ornstein.
2 months ago

Hi, I thought I would write an #introduction here. I'm 22 currently going to school hoping to get an associates in #computerscience. (I literally know nothing about it and I'm taking a Java class in august so please if you have tips and tricks let me know). If this plan for computer science falls through I think I am going to change my major to anthropology/archaeology. I have two cats (children) I read and watch many different shows in my free time. I am also on a #weightloss journey.

2 months ago

I show examples on
- how to create docstrings from code bodies and vice versa,
- that LLMs help to understand "econometric code" and
- improve naming of functions and variables, and
- are useful for code refactoring, too.

#softwaredevelopment #gpt #llm #econtwitter #econometrics #computerscience

2 months ago

Trying myself on unknown terrain: Just published a working paper about the use of Large Language Models for low-resource programming languages! 🖥️👋

The study shows that #LLM-s can be a useful for writing, understanding, improving and documenting code.

I choose #gretl + its domain-specific scripting language for #statistics + #econometrics for illustration.

Comments welcome!

#softwaredevelopment #computerscience #GPT3.5 #econtwitter


Fascinating as they are, AI assistants are not works of logic; they are works of words. They have become incredibly good at producing text that looks right. For many applications that is enough, not for programming though.

Click below to read more:

#ComputerScience #AIAssistant #GenerativeAI #ChatGPT #Programming #AITools #LanguageModel #ArtificialIntelligence #ProgrammingLanguages

An AI assistant immersed in programming.
2 months ago

A colleague of mine at LIST has three open positions for researchers in software engineering related topics, usually around low code solutions. LIST is a research and technology organisation.

#jobs #research #luxembourg #computerscience

2 months ago

My social media research has been published by Elsevier in the journal *Computers and Geosciences*! This is my first published journal article, so I'm pretty excited about it.

It's entitled "Real-time social media sentiment analysis for rapid impact assessment of floods".

It's also gold open access, so you can read it here:

#igotpublished #computerscience #phd #papers #science #research #flooding #ai #nlp

2 months ago

Hey there!

I'm a Computer Science #PhD Student Researcher at the University of Hull.

Project: "Using #BigData and #AI to Dynamically Predict flood risk"

Research Interests: #ai, #nlp, #computervision and multidisciplinary research to save the planet

• Playing #piano @ ~grade 4/5 ish
• Video game + music / art
• Anything #SliceOfLife
• More I can't remember right now

she/her | #ActuallyAutistic


2 months ago

Hi everyone!

I can't remember if I ever did one of these posts, so here's my belated #introduction!

I'm monandd (he / him pronouns), a Latinx, gay software engineer currently based in Canada who speaks Spanish and English (and a liiittle bit of Italian and French).

As you can tell from my pfp, I'm a #furry and my main interest within the fandom is reading visual novels such as the Echo project ones.

Some of my interests include #computerscience, #mathematics, #philosophy, #literature through reading and writing poetry and short fiction, playing #videogames such as #pokemon and #fortnite, and generally geeky stuff and being a nerd!

I'm currently in the software engineering industry but I've also been involved in #academia previously, and am sure my path will take me there again at some point.

Thanks for reading if you're still around, feel free to follow me and/or interact, and hopefully we can be friends! :-)


#TIL about the #HyperLogLog algorithm and I think it's a damn brilliant way to estimate the number of unique elements of a potentially gargantuan set of items and only running in O(n) time and O(1) space. The fact that variants of the algorithm can be done in parallel makes it even more awesome!

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Philip Taylor
2 months ago

I fell down the #mandelbrot hole again today I'm #Processing . I love sharing with students b/c it is a great way to introduce them to complex numbers with a beautiful application. And if you can for loop and 2d array, the programming concepts are pretty simple.
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A zooming animation on the madelbrot set fractal

Beating neural approaches to sentence classification for out-of-domain datasets with ... nearest neighbour over *gzip* (finding the ratio between the compressed size of the documents combined vs. smallest compressed size of the inputs being compared).

This is both hilariously simple, and somewhat damning of how the other methods do in this context.

#computerscience #programming #machinelearning

Screenshot of a tweet by Riley Goodside @goodside

this is wild — kNN using a gzip-based distance metric outperforms BERT and other neural methods for OOD sentence classification

intuition: 2 texts similar if cat-ing one to the other barely increases gzip size

no training, no tuning, no params — this is the entire algorithm:

Image w/Python code from tweet:

for (x1, _) in test_set:
  Cx1 = len(gzip.compress(x1.encode()))
  distance_from_x1 = []
  for (x2, _) in training_set:
    Cx2 = len(gzip.compress(x2. encode())
    x1x2 = " ".join([x1, x2])
    Cx1x2 = len(gzip.compress(x1x2. encode())
    ncd = (Cx1x2 - min(Cx1,Cx2)) / max(Cx1, Cx2)
  sorted_idx = np.argsort(np.array(distance_from_x1))
  top_k_class = training_set[sorted_idx[:k], 1]
  predict_class = max(set(top_k_class), key=top_k_class.count)
Amy (she/her/hers)
2 months ago

Just moved from to So, since, I'm new here, a little bit about myself:
1. I'm a trans woman (she/her/hers) and lesbian.
2. I'm currently a
#computerscience major at California State University, Fullerton, and have an associate's degree in computer science from Cerritos College.
3. My focus is on systems programming, and I primarily work in Rust, Python, and C (in that order).
4. I'm excited to meet all of you!

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