Ciourte Piaille
4 hours ago

Vous aussi, vous aviez complètement oublié qu'il y avait #THSF (Toulouse Hacker Space Factory) le weekend passé ?
On peut toujours se consoler en regardant des #vidéos de #conférences en ligne…

Next month I’ll be speaking at @otago ‘Foreign Policy School 2023: Populism and Global Politics’ 30 June-2 July 2023 time to register: #conferences #foreignpolicy #politics #NewZealand #Populism #Trump #Brexit #foreignpolicy #propaganda #disinformation #commodon #polisci #policy

4 days ago

DevConf (

DevConf Panel; How to get accepted to conferences: A panel discussion
Led by @clifforddw

#devconf #tech #speaker #conferences #CFP

4 days ago

DevConf Panel; How to get accepted to conferences: A panel discussion

#devconf #tech #speaker #conferences #CFP

5 days ago

The fedizens have spoken (59 of them at least) so we're looking at an online fediverse conference later this year. Please weigh in on potential dates (and clashes with timing of other events) here:

#fediverse #conferences

David Weir
5 days ago

I was chairing a conference parallel session at #Blois2023 last week and I came across this nice, lightweight, countdown timer

I made some changes: reduced the update interval to every minute and removed the 'time expired' stuff. I also made the colours less aggressive.

During the session I ensured it was in full view of the speaker at all times. It really helped with timekeeping and meant I didn't have to feel like the baddie cutting off speakers at the end of their time.

I think good timekeeping in parallel sessions, without making people feel cut off or interrupted, is the most important thing a convener can do to show respect to attendees and peers.

#Conferences #AcademicChatter

A digital clock face generated by the linked web page. White text on a green background, with the numbers 15:00 showing. Two small buttons are also visible, labelled 'Reset' and 'Pause'.
Go Time ⏰
6 days ago

🙌 New episode of Go Time!

Now that you’ve aced that CFP, the gang is back to share our best tips & tricks to help you give your best conference talk ever 💪

#golang #conferences


Brian Rinaldi
1 week ago

Getting through the CFP process for developer conferences can be really difficult – especially for first time speakers. I put together some tips for writing a CFP in this blog post that will hopefully help.

#developer #conferences

Erissa Duvall
1 week ago

Good news 2 days in a row! My Accessibility Testing 101 talk also got accepted for CincyDeliver! So I will be seeing some of my Cincy pals in July! #SpeakerLife #Conferences #accessibility #a11y

Erissa Duvall
1 week ago

I just got word that my Intro to Accessibility and my Accessibility Testing 101 talks both got accepted to Tech Bash 2023 at the Pocono Kalahari Resort.

I am beyond excited!

#PublicSpeaking #A11y #Accessibility #Conferences

eviljarred in exile
1 week ago

Does anyone have a current list of #cybersecurity and/or #privacy #conferences and #meetups around #Europe?

Dawan Stanford
2 weeks ago

Use Fluid Hive’s Event Design Questions as a tool for creating #meetings, #workshops, and #conferences that solve problems, save money, and protect your reputation. #eventdesign #designthinking #facilitation

Jason Yip
2 weeks ago

Do any tech #conferences have speakers choose walkup/intro soundtracks?

Kendra Preston Leonard
2 weeks ago

Places #scholarly and other organizations should not be hosting #conferences: Texas, Florida, North Carolina....where else?

On top of continuing #Covid deaths and disabilities, the politics of these states should be convincing orgs to have virtual/online conferences.

#Academia #AcademicConferences #Conferences #Accessibility #Disability

Rejection anxiety, with regards to conference submission. Would you say you have it, and does it stop you from submitting to #conferences?

Joshua Grochow
3 weeks ago

Is there a guide somewhere for making good, #accessible #hybrid (in-person/online) #workshops and #conferences *for #academia*?

If not, I want to make it. Let me know if you want to help.

(Lots of stuff on the web about this, but not for academic events, and it's not a perfect fit. Also lots of stuff that's "top 5 tips" or in blog post format - also not what I want. I want something I can hand to an organizer who was planning an in-person only event and have a hope that they might actually turn it into a good hybrid event. Or for someone who wants to plan a hybrid event from the get-go.)

3 weeks ago

Thanks @BishopFox for being a Rainbow level #sponsor for #TDI2023!

Our generous sponsors help continue our commitment to underrepresented infosec folks. To sponsor, volunteer, & register for the event:

Thank you #LeadTheChange #conferences #infosec #informationsecurity

Bishop Fox logo, black and purple

Be sure not to miss Dr. Rasha El-Ibiary at the BETWEEN IDEALS AND PRACTICES: JOURNALISTIC ROLE PERFORMANCE IN TRANSFORMATIVE TIMES conference – where she'll be presenting her research on journalists’ sourcing practices in COVID-19 reporting in Egypt and the UAE.
Register here:
This conference is supported by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and will be held at TMU.
#jrp2023 #ICA #journalism #toronto #conferences #media

Joshua Grochow
4 weeks ago

"Going back to the pre-pandemic conference-travel culture is simply not morally acceptable, I believe. Yet many #conferences have gone back to a full in-person model, and authors are *required* to present in person." -Moshe @vardi "ACM for the Public Good"

Screenshot of paragraph from the linked article by Moshe Vardi:

As I argued in January 2020, in view of the worsening climate crisis, our discipline's practice that every publication requires travel, often trans-oceanic, is inconsistent with the public good. A report released in March 2023 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change paints an even bleaker picture of the worsening climate crisis. The world is on brink of catastrophic warming, the report warned. A dangerous climate threshold is near, but "it does not mean we are doomed" if swift action is taken, the scientists said. Going back to the pre-pandemic conference-travel culture is simply not morally acceptable, I believe. Yet many conferences have gone back to a full in-person model, and authors are required to present in person. This requirement is drawing criticism. A recent article by Theoretical Computer Scientists for Future (TCS4F) concluded, "Coupling formal publications with an in-person gathering no longer makes sense for everyone."
Codex ☯️♈☮
4 weeks ago

Welcome back to #NOLA after a long absence #BSides! 10 years going and let's hope for many more! #BSidesNOLA #BSidesNOLA2023 #JobSearch #JobHunt #Conferences

Your lovely host, wearing a white and green plaid shirt, with my BSides conference badge around my neck on a gold-bead-necklace lanyard. Black N95 mask obscures the lower smiling face.
4 weeks ago

There are now ongoing concerns over the location of #medical #conferences within the United States, particularly for female #physicians #MedMastodon

Jérôme Petazzoni
1 month ago

The GOTO #Conferences are back!

They have a special place in my heart because they were the first to invite me (back in 2019) to give my talk about #Depression and #Burnout in English, and I'll be eternally grateful for that ♥

Their next edition will be May 22-24 in #Chicago; and they were kind enough to give me (and by extension, y'all) a 10% discount code: "speaker10"

If you're interested →

Visual for the GOTO Chicago conference, with the "speaker10" discount code
1 month ago

Le @fosdem est un #événement européen annuel dédié aux #logicielsLibres. L'un de nos DBA, Guillaume, y était. Il vous livre son retour =>

#conferences #openSource #PostgreSQL #devroom

1 month ago

Landed in San Diego marking the end of my @railsconf adventure. It was amazing to be able to speak on the mentorship panel, make new friends, and connect with old coworkers. The experience further solidified my love for Ruby and Rails communities. #ruby #rubyonrails #conferences

Go Time ⏰
1 month ago

💫 New episode of Go Time!

Go conferences are not as diverse as we’d like them to be 😔

There are initiatives in place to improve this situation. Among other roles, Ronna Steinberg is the Head of Diversity at GopherCon Europe 🌍

In this episode we’ll learn more about the goal, the process and the problems, and how can each one of us help make this better 🙏

#golang #conferences #diversity #gophercon


Research Impact Academy
1 month ago

🌍 From networking opportunities to knowledge exchange, discover why meeting in person still matters in the digital age. 👉

#conferences #networking #researchimpact #impactacademy

Shawn Hooper (he/him)
1 month ago

At a conference this week in Canmore, Alberta.

I think all conferences should take place in the mountains.

(Pictures don’t do it justice)

#travel #mountains #conferences

View from inside a conference room looking out at the Canadian Rockies.  (Pretty sure this is the Three Sisters range).
Nathalie Bagadey ✍📚✨
1 month ago

2) Ce que j'aime le plus dans mon métier, ce sont les rencontres avec les lecteurs, via les #salonsdulivre et les conventions de l' #imaginaire. 🥰

Ce que j'aime le moins, c'est la mise en forme de mes livres, même si j'ai trouvé des templates qui me simplifient bien la vie. 😅

Je suis #entrepreneure depuis 2019 : j'ai créé mon EIRL, Nathalie Bagadey Production, pour, initialement, me lancer dans les #conferences : #epicfail. 😁 (Bon, c'était juste avant le confinement, mais quand même...) ⬇⬇⬇

Joey deVilla 🪗
1 month ago

I’m minding the Auth0 by Okta at PyCon US 2023, which is a great place to meet fellow Pythonistas! If you’re at the conference, here are some times to make the most of PyCon by WORKING THE ROOM...

#conferences #pycon #python

Events for Gamers
1 month ago

Check out May 2023's game industry event list! 📅

@AMazeFest, @Digital_Dragons, @PGConnects Seattle, and @GamesBeat Summit are just a few of the featured events. Which are you attending? #GameDev #Conferences #Conventions #AMaze2023 #GamesBeat #PGConnects

Colin Mackay (he/him)
1 month ago

I’ve been looking out for DDD #conferences which are aimed at #microsoft #dotnet developers. And I’ve spotted a couple.

The first is DDD South West: on the 29th April in Bristol.

The second is DDD East Midlands: on 7th October in Nottingham

Are there any more on the go?

The back of a polo shirt that enumerates the dates of the various DDD conferences from 2005 to 2012
Joey deVilla 🪗
1 month ago

If you’re going to be at PyCon US this weekend, visit the Auth0 by Okta booth and check out some of our cool Python projects, which includes a Badger 2040 programmable e-badge that you could win!

#Python #PyCon #PyConUS #conference #conferences #programming #Badger2040 #IoT #InternetOfThings #device #devices #microcontroller

1 month ago

@DianaInitiative Call for Presentations is open - 2nd round closes May 29!

We hope you can join us on August 7.


We also have mentors for CFPs and speakers.

#LeadTheChange #TDI2023 #infosec #informationsecurity #conferences

An animated visual for the Call for Papers/Presentations.
Erissa Duvall
1 month ago

I am looking to apply to some more conferences to speak at, but not sure what ones would be good to watch out for. I have a small list I've put together in just the last month or so, but would love some suggestions from people because I know I am missing a bunch more. I speak about tech and accessibility.

The list I have so far includes Cincy Delivers, KCDC, Code Mash, Code PaLOUsa, TechBash, StirTrek, AxeCon, Ability Summit, A11yTO, and That conference.

#Accessibility #Conferences

LocalAreaKnitwork 🧶
2 months ago

If you could see an update on any old conference talk, what would it be?

#defcon #conferences #infosec #netsec