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ROK #education ministry prohibits parents from recording classes

Aiming to better protect teachers' rights, the education ministry's new guidelines for #schools and #kindergartens ban parents from recording school classes without #consent.

“On the whole, the #pornography scenes analyzed in this study were aggressive; only 10.2% (n = 31) of scenes did not contain an aggressive act.”
“One of the reasons for the higher rates of aggression in the current study [is] it does not require that the target of the aggression attempt to avoid the harm [since] treating violence or aggression as contingent on target #consent masks the real asymmetries of power”

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Interesting line of reasoning:

"We know what you are thinking...

Is this legal? YES- it is totally legal for #phones and #devices to listen to you. That's because consumers usually give #consent when accepting #terms and conditions of software #updates or app #downloads."

3 days ago

How long does it take to say no to sharing any unnecessary data when browsing a web page? 3 minutess and 45 seconds it turns out. A little longer on a phone.

Or, seen from the ones creating this mess: "Consent to tracking and sharing data by not enough time to disagree"

#consent #GDPR #cookies #Privacy #youaretheproduct #usability #darkPattern #darkUxPattern #darkux #UX

Tim Reierson
4 days ago

Link to poem, hosted at my advocacy website. Thank you for your interest, these are difficult, painful ideas to hold and consider. Hopefulness is here, also.
#CrisisLines #DataEthics #AI #Consent #988Lifeline

Tim Reierson
4 days ago

I put together this #988Lifeline - Changes Needed handout. Issues: Cops, Data, & lack of consent around both. I'm extremely concerned about the lack of attention w/in our crisis care systems to the 988 data issues. Who else is watching this? Join together.
#CrisisLines #DataEthics #AI #Consent

Mi Go (teno)
5 days ago

@jannuary @benbrown Though it is only tangential, this reminds me of the interesting work on TogetherNet which was a project aiming at creating an exemplar of "consentful tech"

#consentful #consent #tech

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Parents are abusing a law meant to protect minors from child pornography and sexual offences, to discourage those under 18 from having sex on their own terms.
#Sex #India #teens #GenZ #consent #law #porn #pocso

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 week ago

From 21 Sep: Silence Is Consent? … Not Now, It Isn’t - The Atlantic’s Megan Garber wrote brilliantly of the word we use to indicate something quite the op... #alcohol #behavior #consent #culture #megan-garber #memory #russell-brand #sexual-assault #women

1 week ago

Strict, devout, controlling religious person…. It helped him hide his disgusting pedophile, incest for a lifetime. Ignorance of biology and of human interactions, no information about the principles of consent and respect lead to more abuses. #prochoice #autonomy #consent #respect

😞 Just received an email on Sept 18th that a merchant I'd previously used (Hopin) sold at the end of July.

😞 😞 As part of that sale a third-party ( now has all of my personal data associated with the previous company.

❗ Hopin Events / Hopin Session were vendors for several events I've attended online. This includes Games for Change and UM Injury Prevention Center. In 2020 Games for Change was strictly virtual so if you attended that means you used Hopin to do so.

🌠 Just a heads-up that you might want to request to have your personal info deleted from

🙏 Please let others who attend these conferences know about the transfer of their personal info!

#GameDev #IndieDev #Dev #PublicHealth #Privacy #Consent

Dear User,

On behalf of Hopin Ltd. and its affiliates (“Hopin”) and RingCentral, Inc. and its affiliates (“RingCentral”) we are contacting you as a previously registered Hopin Events account holder (for example, an admin or attendee of Hopin Events who created a login for the Hopin platform) to let you know that Hopin has sold the Hopin Events, Hopin Session, and Boomset businesses, products, and services to RingCentral Florida, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company effective July 31, 2023. 

As a result of this sale, your personal data collected as an account holder or admin of Hopin Events (now RingCentral Events), Hopin Session (now RingCentral Session) and/or Boomset services has been transferred to RingCentral. RingCentral will process such personal data according to the RingCentral privacy notice.

No action is required on your part. However, if you wish to delete your user account and remove all associated data, please refer to this account deletion guide. For other inquiries about the processing of your data in response to this notice please reach out to support here. 

The RingCentral Team
🔸Daniele Turra🔸
2 weeks ago

Last week at #Hackmeeting23 I could use the amazing services of for printing an amazing fanzine on #consent by Meg-John Barker. 8 points that might sound like empathy 101 for someone, but I believe it is very important to say out loud that we should remember the other person in any relationship, their needs, limits, wants, and boundaries.

2 weeks ago

I am really upset to see so many #women of my #generationX jumping to the defense of #RussellBrand, claiming 'these women knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for". Nevermind being a living proof of how slowly #feminism has progressed, they display an understanding of #sexualassault & #consent BELOW the very #legal definitions, ignoring it ain't just PIV (penis in vagina) or not having awakened to marital r*pe law (voted in 1991 in the UK).

It can be easy to create a sexual situation that becomes non-consensual. We need to create a culture of open #communication, caring for each other and vigilance towards our own behaviour. #bisexual #consent #men #sex #sexuality

Bob Jamieson
2 weeks ago

‘Most women I know don’t want to have sex like men’: Chanel Contos on consent, porn and ‘out-of-fashion’ feminists
Two years ago Contos prompted a national reckoning on sexual consent. Now the 25-year-old is filling venues as she reintroduces radical feminism to gen Z
We need to find a way to operate in society using concepts of consent that aren’t just legal, so it is more human-centric,’ says Chanel Contos.

#relationship #sex #WomensRights #consent

Oakland Privacy
2 weeks ago

How mobile apps illegally share your personal data

... noyb filed three complaints in France against Fnac, ...SeLoger, and... MyFitnessPal. The companies’ apps illegally access and share users’ personal data with third parties for sophisticated analytics as soon as the apps are opened. Users don’t even have the choice to consent to or prevent the sharing of their data.

#privacy #consent #GDPR #AdID #Europe

⭐ When Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso it was clearly without consent.

Rubiales has shown he does not understand consent: "spontaneous" and consent rarely co-exist.

❤️ We are encouraged by the near universal condemnation in Spain and elsewhere.

❤️ We are also encouraged about the trajectory of Spain's future consent laws as a result of this assault.


#Consent #Rubiales #Spain #MeToo #SeAcabó #Law #PublicHealth #Prevention @publichealth

I'm pretty sure it would be a kneejerk reaction and I would block them or elbow them in the face or whatever without even thinking!!!

Talk about a trigger for a lot of people! There's a REASON they're wearing a mask! HELLOOOO

#CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp #N95 #Covid #LongCovid #Consent

Girl on the Net
2 weeks ago

“Tell me,” I said. “Was there a wish list?”

NEW #AudioPorn by @JMSeaborn [NOTE before you click through - it's #NSFW], featuring a super hot #ravishment fantasy, and a very neat way to weave #consent into an otherwise-extreme piece of #erotica.

We stan.

Girl on the Net
2 weeks ago

" If I genuinely like a guy, I don’t want to turn him into an awkward one-night-stand story or a horrible memory to block out later down the line."

One from this time last year about the importance of saying 'no' #Dating #Relationships #Consent

Girl on the Net
2 weeks ago

NEW #AudioPorn by the fabulous @JMSeaborn - this is the piece he read at @Eroticon and was like OMFG PLEASE can I have this for the audio project??

The #fantasy is devastatingly hot (note: contains elements of consensual non-consent), but equally as good as the scenario itself is just how beautifully #consent is woven in to the storytelling.

"I tell her that her body is mine. That her cunt is mine."

ENJOY. And SHARE if you like it pls. #NSFW

Our nonprofit org relies heavily on Unity.

😞 Given their recent conduct and history of alleged abuse we will need to reconsider our position.


#Unity #Riccitiello #Indiedev #GameDev #Consent #Nonprofit

In the suit filed in the Superior Court of California, San Francisco, Unity Technologies’ former vice president of talent acquisition, Anne Evans, says Riccitiello and other men in management allegedly spoke openly about female employees in a sexual manner and pursued relationships with them. It also alleges incidents in which Riccitiello propositioned Evans and two of her direct reports for sex. On March 2016, [highlighted section] for instance, Riccitiello allegedly asked Evans to join him in Paris to meet with the team located there, and then invited her into his hotel room. After making a reference to his erect penis, Riccitiello allegedly said, “I want to f--- you. I want to throw you down on the bed and f--- you.” Evans then asked Riccitiello to grab a bottle of wine from the hotel bar, allowing her to leave the room. The next day at brunch, Riccitiello allegedly said, “It would be good for your career if you keep mouth shut about last night.” [end of highlight]
2 weeks ago

#Musk violated #FTC #privacy order
#DOJ says in response to #motion from #X asking that the #consent decree be dismissed

#ElonMusk repeatedly made #business decisions after his #takeover of #Twitter last year that #violated the co’s internal #policies & likely ran afoul of a 2022 govt #order that put sweeping restrictions on the co’s #data #security & privacy practices, acc/to #depositions from fmr employees that the #DOJ published in a #court #filing Tues.

Christina Dongowski
3 weeks ago

Great Interview about (us-american) #motherhood #care and the problematic aspects of #consent #choice and #agency to discuss the situation of mothers .

3 weeks ago

Just now in Johnsonville; Nats Nicola Willis doing walkabout. She offered me a leaflet, to which I politely declined.(All part of democracy.)

But one of her media peeps tried to photograph us. No permission asked. I stared at him and firmly said,

"Please DON'T!"

Hopefully he complied.

Common courtesy is to ASK first.


3 weeks ago

Good post, thank you.

This bit at the end reminded of someone who had their signature as something like, “this is not a secure channel” … which lately seems to be referring to the whole internet.

also really appreciate your PS about #consent. ✨💖✨

Screenshot from the article, “Consent for recording meetings” from Per Axbom.

It reads:
“This is always a good reminder from Sarah Jamie Lewis on Twitter:

Begging people to understand that given:
1) ‘We will not hand over data we collect’
2) ‘We cannot hand over data because we automatically delete it’
3) ‘We cannot hand over data because we never had it in the first place’

Only (3) is actually secure against a state.”
3 weeks ago

Vidéo à l'attention de tous les parents qui partagent des photos et vidéos de leurs enfants sans leur #consentement.

Video for parents #sharenting photos and videos of their children without #consent.


3 weeks ago

«Cars Are the #Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed [..] #privacy may result in your vehicle suffering from reduced functionality, serious #damage, or inoperability [..] lack of choice has really been among the biggest bummers [..] they ignore your #consent» #IAA

This moment when someone just takes photos and #posts them on #facebook without even asking for #consent like it's the most normal thing to exist.
Ask for my damn consent.
Better yet, don't even take pictures of me.

3 weeks ago

New study: Australian #cancer patients support the sharing of anonymized research #data on themselves. Their #consent jumps from 50% to 80% after they see a "visual representation" of how the anonymized data will be shared.

#Anonymization #Australia #Medicine #OpenData #Privacy #Visualizations

JustBlameWayne Social®
4 weeks ago


Time to pay IBM a visit folks.

They have been #manipulated by #GREED and not taking into consideration you and your families right to personal privacy and protection?? 🛡️


We the people require #full_disclosure of where this technology will be DEPLOYED in order to give notice to the masses to avoid these #SURVEILLED_AREAS LIKE THE 🐀 #BLACK_PLAGUE ----BC IT IS!

We demand full disclosure and transparency of this technology being illegally imposed on its citizens whom choose their right to remain anonymous (OUR GOD GIVEN #RIGHT!)


IBM promised to back off #Facial_Recognition — then it signed a $69.8 million contract to provide it??


The company denies its new government deal enables ‘general purpose’ #biometric #surveillance.

#Human_rights_advocates disagree??



(a biggy)



WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING! | If it Tastes Good, You Gotta LOVE IT! (Patent Pending).

Upon launch all will be notified.

* Software Architect (PhD) Supervisor -25 years 100K PMS hours
* Founder of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
* Founder of RTB (Real Time Bidding)
* Founder of HFT (High Frequency Trading) ® (Decentralized SOCIAL Network | Signup for Early Invite); ® (#International_Tech_News); ® (Just Blame Wayne & Post it);
http://Davidv.TV ® (Big Faith | Christianity RAW 101) are not affiliates of this provider or referenced images used. This is NOT an endorsement OR Sponsored (Paid) Promotion/Reshare.


Time to pay IBM a visit folks. 

They have been #manipulated by #GREED and not taking into consideration you and your families right to personal privacy and protection?? 🛡️ 


We the people require #full_disclosure of where this technology will be DEPLOYED in order to give notice to the masses to avoid these #SURVEILLED_AREAS LIKE THE 🐀 #BLACK_PLAGUE ----BC IT IS!

We demand full disclosure and transparency of this technology being illegally imposed on its citizens whom choose their right to remain anonymous (OUR GOD GIVEN #RIGHT!)


IBM promised to back off #Facial_Recognition — then it signed a $69.8 million contract to provide it??


The company denies its new government deal enables ‘general purpose’ #biometric #surveillance. 

#Human_rights_advocates disagree??



(a biggy)



An interview with the developers of the award winning consent game ADRIFT.

ADRIFT: Learning Consent Without the Trauma


#consent #trauma #videogame #education #indiedev

FYI, it's not "tone policing" if you come at me like a malignant, crazed, aggro asshole, and I tell you that I'm not going to interact with you if you can't approach me like a fellow human being.

Interacting with me is by my consent, which I may withdraw at any time if I determine the interaction isn't deserving of my energy. You are not entitled to my attention.


This is ugly 😡

Re: #football #consent

"RFEF released a lengthy statement in defense of Rubiales before deleting it later Saturday. In the statement, the RFEF disparaged Hermoso" [the player] "as a liar and broadly accused her and her supporters of trying to 'distort reality' by asserting Rubiales kissed her without consent.

'… Mrs. Jennifer Hermoso lies in every statement she makes against the President,”' the original statement said."

RFEF threatens legal action. ✊

1 month ago

Warum darf Google Street View ungefragt mein Haus detailliert fotografieren? Warum hat die Konferenz der unabhängigen Datenschutzaufsichtsbehörden d. Bundes und d. Länder (DSK) das Thema sehr zurückhaltend und äusserst lasch bewertet? In Sachen Street View werde ich nicht nach meiner Einwilligung gefragt, ich erfahre es durch Zufall und muss explizit widersprechen. Das ist eine Sauerei! #datenschutz #datenschmutz #dsgvo #googlestreetview #google #consent #dsk #widerspruch

Mike Reader
1 month ago

Good start.

FIFA suspends Spain soccer federation president Luis Rubiales for 90 days after World Cup kiss

Rubiales kissed player Jenni Hermoso without her consent during the world champs' medal ceremony as millions watched.

The Spanish federation had threatened action against Hermoso for refusing to accept Rubiales’s version of the kiss.
#Football #SexualPredator #sexism #misogyny #soccer #futbol #WWC #FIFA #FIFAwwc #WorldCup #Consent #feminism #WomensRights

Pratik Patel
1 month ago

in May 2023, ~150K nonconsensual porn deepfakes, with 3.8B total views, appeared on 30 sites, up 9x since 2019, aided by services from big tech companies.

#Deepfake #Porn #Pornography #Consent #Nonconsent

❤️ We're seeing a spike in play of our consent games.

👍 We hope they're being played at college orientation for new students. We believe many students would benefit by playing our free games about consent!

🎮 Play one for yourself, we hope you'll agree:


#VideoGames #Consent #Education #Nonprofit #TitleIX #PublicHealth #Prevention #Free @edutooters @publichealth @communicationscholars @stopTDV

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

If the thing you’re making wouldn’t exist if people had to opt in instead of having to opt out, maybe the thing you’re making shouldn’t exist.

#technology #humanRights #consent #respect

dr elmyra
1 month ago

Oh hello there Stavlets! Welcome! Quick #Introduction from me.

I'm #trans, #bi, #ace, #queer af; #migrant; #disabled / #spoonie, #adhd; they/them.

I care (and toot/boost) about #SocialJustice, #ClimateJustice, #disability, #mecfs, #adhd, #plants, #crafting, #VideoGames, #scifi, #PopularCulture, #TransRights, #consent, #fandom, #fanfiction, #academia.

Murderface brought me mouse number 215 last night.

Black cat asleep with their front leg stretched out in front of them.
at home in my head
1 month ago

I had to read this a few times before I understood what was being said, but yes, you are reading it right. She's suggesting that we should not teach children about consent, because /that/ leads them to be exploited, whereas teaching them to unquestionably obey adults protects them from exploitation. These people are so incredibly f*ed up.

From the article:

During the session, Schenkoske strongly objected to the concept of "consent" being included in sex ed curriculum. She argued that teaching kids about consent is counterproductive and leaves children vulnerable to sexual exploitation. “[K]ids are often taught to be obedient." Schenkoske said. “And to teach kids consent is a shift away from really strongly teaching, it's okay to have those really strong boundaries and to say no, because not always do kids have that faculty to strongly say no.”

#consent #sexed

David O'Brien
1 month ago

Then just click the Bookmark and watch all those toggles slide left.

What this does is look for all the checkboxes on the page and, if they're not disabled, unchecks them.

So instead of spending 10mins scrolling and clicking toggles, one click fucks 'em all.

Now fuck off, you fuckers. I can read the article without gazillions of #adtech bastards monetising my history.

#Privacy #Consent #GDPR

PEI mom tracks son in Toronto on social media, struggles to bring him home for care she says he needs | CP24 #PEI #MentalHealth #Ethics #Consent #SocialMedia #peipoli #onpoli @onpoli @cdnpoli

2 months ago

“I plead [with] you to be the voice for this generation of children because I know firsthand what it’s like to not have a choice when a digital footprint you didn’t create follows you around the rest of your life.”

#parenting #privacy #consent

2 months ago

Thanks for “asking,” but you did anyway without receiving #consent, so: 🚫No, that is #spam behavior.

You could have posted on your own and used the git hashtag, but you didn’t; you chose to reply to a thread to seek attention for your product, which isn’t even aimed at the same audience.

This was my thread of recommendations, and I haven’t reviewed your “course,” and based on your behavior, will not be reviewing and instead recommend against it.🚫

Thank you, have a nice day! :3

archon :rebelverified:
2 months ago

I posted this as a reply a few days ago, but it deserves a top-level post.

If your #UI has a "yes" option, but no permanent "no" option, you have failed at both basic #UserExperience (#UX) and basic #consent. Either should be a release-blocking bug.

It's not enough to just have a "no" option either. There's a number of considerations here, and you need to pass all of them.

Is your "yes" a big button and "no" is a tiny link or in a different part of the UI? You still fail. And now you also have a #DarkPattern in your UI, so you've managed to make it worse. Your "no" option must always be at least as prominent as "yes" and they must be clearly visually (and accounting for visual processing differences, like colorblindness) distinct.

Can I revoke consent as easily as it was given? If not, you fail. If you're going to ask me to confirm revoking consent, you have to ask me to confirm giving consent.

Is "yes" the default option? Fail. If giving consent is worth it to your users, they will choose "yes". Assume privacy and user-friendliness, let the end user decide to give that up.

Do you have a "remind me later" option? Not "maybe later", "remind me later". Your users need to be able to say "yes I want to do this now", "I want to do this but can't right now", and "no, don't ask again". This MAY be less prominent than "yes" and "no", but probably should not be.

Do you provide clear and prominent options, not in legalese but in clear everyday language without relying on technicalities or obscure meanings, for users to make a fully informed decision? If it’s not #InformedConsent you don’t have proper consent and you still fail.

Does giving consent collect the bare minimum information, then send the bare minimum information, needed for functionality? Your app may need to collect specific information because that’s what’s available, but it should never collect more than is actually needed for the stated purpose. And everything must be processed client-side to remove as much extra information as possible before sending it along. If the data your app needs to collect, or the data your app sends out, ever changes, you have to assume you don’t have consent anymore and ask for consent again.

Does refusing or revoking consent limit functionality more than absolutely necessary? Here’s a hint: you probably don’t actually need a blanket worldwide royalty-free license to use, remix, modify, and distribute all your users’ content just to let them upload things you show to their followers. Even images and videos.

Does the terms of use limit your usage of what the user is consenting to? This comes back to informed consent, your user must consent to specific things. If you want to do fewer things later, go ahead. If you ever want to do more things, or start doing things you had consent for but stopped doing, you need fresh informed consent.

If all this seems hard, you’re probably doing things wrong already. This is all easy if you’ve been putting users first, and if your users come first you’ve already been doing these things anyway!

Noxy 🐾
2 months ago

I really enjoyed this article discussing the general concept of #canine #consent:

"Dog Consent: Yes, It’s Real, Here’s Why We Should Care"

"Dogs should, for example, be able to choose if, when, and who pets them. And they should be able to withdraw this consent when and if they wish to do so."


Pat, Pet, Pause: a dog consent test

    Step 1. Pat your knee or thighs in order to invite the dog to come over to you for pets. If the dog doesn’t approach, do not continue. If the dog doesn’t approach, the exercise is already over, and the dog has clearly communicated that he does not want to interact with you right now. 

    Step 2: Assuming he comes over to you, reach out your hand to pet the dog on a non-threatening area of the body, such as the chest (most dogs don’t like being petted on top of the head – it’s quite intimidating having someone reach up and over your head).

    Step 3: Pet the dog gently for a few seconds.

    Step 4: Pause your petting and float your hand a few inches away from the dog (or take your hand away completely).

    Step 5: Watch and see what the dog does. Does he look at you in a request for more? Does he lean towards you or push himself against your hand? These are all signs of consent for more pets! Conversely, if the dog looks away, gets up to leave, or does nothing at all, he’s not interested in getting scritches.

Gerade im tollen @el_libro mit "Der Mauersegler" von @lavievagabonde nicht nur spontan eine Position von der ewigen Wunschliste abhaken können, sondern auch das ganz fabelhafte "Die Liga der Superfeminist*innen" von #MirionMalle für die Tochter mitgenommen. Darin wird nicht nur ordentlich mit patriarchalen Strukturen aufgeräumt, sondern auch humorvoll Dinge wie #Gender, #Consent oder #InklusiveSprache erklärt. 💯

#SmashThePatriarchy #Feminismus #MastoBooks #Jugendliteratur #Literatur #Lesen

Der Autor des Beitrags hält die Bücher "Der Mauersegler" von Jasmin Schreiber und "Die Liga der Superfeminist*innen" von Mirion Malle in der Hand.

@devlogic @paulkidd

The good news: Zoom now states they will not use "audio, video, or chat content" for AI training without end user consent.

The bad news: Zoom does not understand consent.

As with most big tech companies, Zoom seems to regard an unwieldy and unread set of policies as some magical talisman that indicates valid consent.

They are wrong.

⭐ Consent is, among other things, an ongoing understanding of what you are agreeing to and an appreciation of what that agreement entails.

#Consent #Technology #Privacy #AI #Zoom #Amazon #Google #Legal #Law @consentgame

2 months ago

@danhon @pixiecata I'm kind of surprised it took this long. I love the highlight on who gives consent, we have a real problem with #consent in America.

2 months ago

I don’t understand the #qualia #arbitrage making #abuse a less important issue than… being able to search ~other people’s~ content, or your own being “discovered” (without minimum effort to #tag #keywords).

The more I dive through the historical discussions on #fediverse the more I find the same “I’m not worried about the abuse issue but what about #ui…”-like takes, and… it is hard to #grok.

“No means no, yes means yes. Everything else is just a guess.” is a #consent nursery rhyme I learned.

Avec la nouvelle loi suisse, il faut mettre une information sur les cookies utilisés sur les sites internet. Quelqu'un sait s'il faut mettre sur toutes les pages ou uniquement la page d'accueil ? Et les cookies doivent pouvoir être refusables ?
#internet #cookies #website #consent

Benjamin Balder Bach
2 months ago

I did a talk about digital #consent today at #BornHack.

It went really well, I'm very grateful for people coming out to listen to it 😍

There were a lot of questions afterwards, and I love that there is such a big interest in the subject. Giving the talk helped me get closer to what I think is necessary:

Reject all the cookie banner solutions, and focus on building consent solutions for real consent.

Benjamin Balder Bach
2 months ago

What matches your view on cookie #consent banners most? CC: #bornhack

Kitchen Table München
2 months ago

We all need to be able to talk about consent and how to build consent culture. Most of us have learned that ’no means no’ and ‘yes means yes’, but consent goes way beyond that.

There is an excellent workshop by the Consent Academy, and in collaboration with CA we have translated it and can now offer it in German!

Sunday, August 13th, 15:00, Munich. More info:

#consent #queer #polyamory #kink #bipocfriendly #munich

Kitchen Table München
2 months ago

Wir alle müssen über Consent - über Einverständnis und Einvernehmlichkeit - reden können. Die meisten von uns haben “nein heißt nein” und “ja heißt ja” gelernt, aber es gibt noch viel mehr.

Es gibt einen sehr guten Workshop dazu von der Consent Academy, und wir haben ihn in Zusammenarbeit mit CA übersetzt und können ihn jetzt auf deutsch anbieten!

Sonntag, 13.8., 15:00, in München. Mehr Info hier:

#consent #queer #polyamory #kink #bipocfriendly #münchen #muenchen

Ein Foto von Seerosenblättern, darüber die Logos von Kitchen Table und Consent Academy, sowie der Text "Consent-Workshop am Sonntag, 13. August, 15:00"
Benjamin Balder Bach
2 months ago

Here's som state-of-the-art data sharing pseudo #consent stuff from

Firstly, clicking "vendor list" on the site gave a list of 641 vendors (possible to consent to individually, wtf).

All vendors are then allowed to use IP addresses etc however they want to create shadow profiles. Pretty sure that will do the same with IPs and "anonymous" Fediverse account names.

They also allow themselves to reuse device characteristic, exactly which are a unclear.

A screenshot of a pseudo consent dialog, som of the text includes:

Purposes Store and/or access information on a device
Select basic ads
Create a personalised ads profile Select personalised ads
A screenshot of a pseudo consent dialog, som of the text includes:

Receive and use automatically-sent device characteristics for identification Vendors can:

Create an identifer using data collected automaticaly from a device for specifi characterstis, e.g. IP address, user-agent string.

| Use such an identifer to attempt to re-identify a device Vendors cannot:

Create an identifier using data collected via actively scanning a device for specific characteristics, .. installed font or screen resolution without users' separate opt-in to actively scanning device characteristics for identification

Use such an identifier to re-identify a device.
A screenshot of a pseudo consent dialog, som of the text includes:

Vendor List Exponential Interactive, |nc d/b/a
Captify Technologies Limited GmbH
AdSpirit GmbH
A screenshot of a pseudo consent dialog, som of the text includes:

(text is very confusing)

Ensure security, prevent fraud, and debug

To ensure security, prevent fraud and debug vendors can:

    Ensure data are securely transmitted
    Detect and prevent malicious, fraudulent, invalid, or illegal activity.
    Ensure correct and efficient operation of systems and processes, including to monitor and enhance the performance of systems and processes engaged in permitted purposesVendors cannot:
    Conduct any other data processing operation allowed under a different purpose under this purpose.Note: Data collected and used to ensure security, prevent fraud, and debug may include automatically-sent device characteristics for identification, precise geolocation data, and data obtained by actively scanning device characteristics for identification without separate disclosure and/or opt-in.

Receive and use automatically-sent device characteristics for identification

Vendors can:

Create an identifier using data collected automatically from a device for specific characteristics, e.g. IP address, user-agent string.
Use such an identifier to attempt to re-identify a device.Vendors cannot:
Create an identifier using data collected via actively scanning a device for specific characteristics, e.g. installed font or screen resolution without users’ separate opt-in to actively scanning device characteristics for identification.
Use such an identifier to re-identify a device.
Andreas Scherbaum
2 months ago

Question: if your community conference has a photo consent option, what exactly is the consent for?

Other attendees might take pics, professional photographer, videos, other options ...?

How do you deal with the consent? And how is it worded?

We would like to better word the consent for #pgconfeu

#PostgreSQL #Conference #Consent

David August
2 months ago

Entertainment CEOs need meaningful frameworks around AI to protect actor’s likenesses and voices before someone makes a video of activist shareholder Nelson Peltz walking his pet Bob Iger down Main Street, U.S.A., on their phone.

#AI #GenerativeAI #safeguards #consent #compensation #ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #SAGAFTRAstrike #SAGAFTRAmembers #Disney #BobIger #NelsonPeltz #SAGAFTRA #UnionStrong

Matthew Graybosch
2 months ago
My efforts to thwart commercial use of my website may come to nothing, but I will make them anyway for my own sake.
Silence Implies Consent |
Girl on the Net
2 months ago

Hey guess what? This time last year the first ever @JMSeaborn #AudioPorn was published on my site, and it is like a trailer for a powerfully horny thread that runs through so much of his writing! LOVE IT.

"#Consent isn't homework. It's not the boring part or the legal disclaimer. It's not the vegetables you have to eat to get to dessert. Consent is the pulsing electricity that will pass between us with enough power to blow the bulbs of a city." #Kink


"Why just blocking Meta's Threads won't be enough to protect your privacy once they join the fediverse"

by @jdp23

there is a lot to chew on in this excellent article.


Marcel Bootsman
3 months ago

Hi parent(s).

Stop sharing pictures/videos of your kids on social media.

#privacy #consent #children

3 months ago

@simonbs @gruber and they didn’t have to. Cookie banners are intentionally designed to get people to click “accept”. The _ethically_ correct thing is to not collect identifying data at all until it is required for your user, then ask. Instead we get this. I spend part of my professional life helping companies suck less in this area. It’s an uphill struggle. Most don’t _want_ to understand. Easier to throw a cookie banner at it and pretend you’ve acted ethically. #privacy #consent

dr elmyra
3 months ago

Oh hai, we have many new folks! #Introduction time again.

I'm #trans, #bi, #ace, #queer af; #migrant; #disabled / #spoonie, #adhd; they/them.

I care (and toot/boost) about #SocialJustice, #ClimateJustice, #disability, #mecfs, #adhd, #plants, #crafting, #VideoGames, #scifi, #PopularCulture, #TransRights, #consent, #fandom, #fanfiction, #academia.

I live with Murderface (Coffee-cat).

Come say hi.

Black cat lounging on a stone wall.
Bread and Circuses
3 months ago

I do not consent to my posts being sent to servers operated by the Meta company or any of its affiliates or subsidiary companies.

#DoNotConsent #Meta

I do not consent to Meta's Terms of Service, and I explicitly refuse them permission to read, transfer, or do anything with any data I put online.

#ActivityPub #Interoperability does not mean #consent.

Hamish The PolarBear
3 months ago

@weirdwriter I feel like a lot of people are wrapped up in the idea of big numbers at all costs. It is why bot account sellers still exist for "big social".

#Consent and #Community are far more important to many people. I don't know why they are expending so much energy railing against and disparaging admins that don't want to connect to known bad-actors.

Just do what you want to do dudes and let others do as they want. I don't think anyone has tried to push #fedipact on them.

I do not consent my posts being sent to servers operated by the Meta company or any of its affiliates and subsidiary companies.

#DoNotConsent #Meta

I do not consent to Meta's terms of services and refuse that they read, transfer or do anything with any data I put online.

#ActivityPub #Interoperability does not mean #consent.

dr elmyra
3 months ago

Hello, thanks for having me! #Introduction time:

I've been on the fediverse since autumn 2022 but had to move over from a Stux instance.

I'm #trans, #bi, #ace, #queer af; #migrant, #disabled/#spoonie; #adhd; they/them.

I care (and toot/boost) about #socialjustice, #disability, #mecfs, #adhd, #plants, #crafting, #videogames, #scifi, #popularculture, #transrights, #consent, #fandom, #fanfiction.

Come say hi.

Jan Penfrat
4 months ago

"This weekend, 17 of the 20 #NHS trusts that were using #Meta Pixel confirmed they had pulled the #tracking tool from their websites."

It's 2023 and:

"Eight issued apologies to patients. Multiple trusts said they (...) were not aware that they were sending #patient data to #Facebook."

CC @echo_pbreyer
#privacy #consent #GDPR #EHDS #BigTech #HealthData

Screenshot of Guardian article entitled "NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with Facebook without consent"


🧐 Let's see:

A $20 Million fine on 2021's revenue of $16.28 Billion comes to ... not even worth calculating. And likely not much of a deterrent.

(FTA: "the $20 million fine represents 0.03% of Microsoft's total revenue")

#Technology #Privacy #Microsoft #Xbox #Consumer #BigTech #FTC #Consent

aka ginger
4 months ago

CW as #Consent

talking more about consent in online spaces, as it specifically relates to Fedi and CW

some triggering topics inside, but literally just the topics as i give examples of CW subjects


4 months ago

#NHS #dataBreach: trusts shared patient details with #Facebook #meta without #consent

Reading this makes my blood boil. "We didn't know..." "we didn't think that.." Wake up! If you let #surveillanceCapitalism on your site, this is exactly what you can expect them to do to your users. "But we want to know our ad worked" is no excuse. You're buying seeds from a lumberjack.

Cleo of Topless Topics
4 months ago

Meme I quickly made about responses to the ongoing discussion about #searchability on the #fediverse. As a #contentCreator and #activist for #toplessEquality--which gets me banned repeatedly on all mainstream platforms even when I DO censor out my heinous female nipples (see for receipts!), a primary motivator for me to use platforms like #mastodon is to be able to spread the word about #GenderEquality anti- #censorship among more potential supporters. But the lack of #searchability on Masto makes this very hard. I'm dependent on existing followers to boost my posts so others following -them- can see it, etc, but for whatever reason very few of my existing followers do. I also can't really find posts by other people outside of my instance and the people I'm following--like I've never seen another post about #vidcon besides my own, so I have no idea if anyone else on the fediverse is even messaging about it.

#Consent is of course a cornerstone of the fediverse experience, including someone consenting to whether or not they want a certain kind of content to pop up in their feeds. And having #contentWarnings and #altText encouraged if not required by most instances makes this place leagues more of a safe space for marginalized and/or traumatized people in a way that they cannot experience on mainstream platforms. But this can be very time-consuming and cumbersome, both remembering to add CWs and Alt Text to everything, coming up with custom text every time, and also on the end of it--when you follow enough people (or check out the public timelines) pressing "show content" over and over and over on each post gets REALLY annoying. But again, I'd rather have that tedium then have to subject myself to content that I find really triggering (for me, it's pretty much anything to do with kids and #gunViolence...I live in America where my kids are at risk of getting shot every day they go to school, and while I want to stay informed, I also need some mental prep before I look/read too much about it). And I know for others who have even more triggers, especially around things that the majority of people wouldn't find triggering (like pictures of food), then again, the fediverse is leagues better than the "normal" sites.

But back to searchability, as a veteran Twitter user (I cold-turkey quit in November, don't worry) I am well versed in how dealing with reactionary bullies who can take a tweet out of context and share it with their thousands if not millions of followers to dunk on you all at once. It can also open you up to a lot of haters in general, who will search out content like yours to leave hateful comments (like the comment sections of my Tiktok/Instagram/Youtube posts any time I mention #gunControl ...) BUT, even for content that I WANT people to find--primarily my topless equality content--again, it only shows up if followers of mine boost it to their own followers, and that's a very small niche. The only way we can ever hope to normalize gender-equal topless rights is if there are enough people putting pressure on social media sites and lawmakers to change their policies, and that requires a groundswell of support that's just not possible in isolated communities like Masto currently is. So I would LOVE some more methods for searchability, for people outside of my instance to find my content--and for me to find theirs.

I'm not a programmer, so I don't know how difficult this would be in reality. But the solution seems to me to be creating a searchable index, but making it opt-in only--accoounts like mine can opt-in to be found by people searching for #topless (who thereby might be influenced to think about topless equality, not just searching for porn), while others who want to keep their content protected (maybe searchable among their followers who they already trust, but not to the world wide web) can stay in the default opt-out status until they choose otherwise.

I've seen a few mentions of projects in the works LIKE this, but haven't seen one that's all the way working yet. If there's one that's mostly in working order, please recommend it! I'd love to give it a try.

The Drake disapprove/approve meme with the captions: "opt-out Fediverse searchability" above "opt-in Fediverse searchability"