Ben Higbie
18 hours ago

I went to visit my friend Wassana today + while I was there I got to see some of the new #artwork in her gallery; this one was made by well-known local #artist Aphisan, it is available; msg me if interested! #artforsale #artlover #artlovers #handmade #nature #birds #bird #naturelovers #artnet #art #artists #artfinder #artmarket #artistsonmastodon #supportthearts #supportlivingartists #contemporaryart #contemporary #cats#contemporaryarts #artgallery #artgalleries #surreal #surrealist #surrealism

a painting of a seated heavy-set elderly woman wearing a traditional Thai silk robe, the background is a mix of silvery clouds with bright and dark tones underneath, she has her hands folded together and there are birds, cats, and a dog and flowers around her
a close-up of a section of the left side of the painting, the woman's arm and birds and butterflies around it
a close-up of her face , she is smiling pleasantly
a close-up of the left section of the painting, a cat laying in her hands
Boerps ☑️
1 day ago

Daniel Catán: „Florencia en el Amazonas“

Ailyn Pérez /Florencia
Gabriella Reyes de Ramírez /Rosalba
Nancy Fabiola Herrera /Paula
Mario Chang /Arcadio
Michael Chioldi /Alvaro

Orchester der Metropolian Opera New York
Yannick Nézet-Séguin
#music #classic #oper #contemporary

Addison Albright
2 days ago

RELEASE BLITZ ~ Heart First by S.B. Barnes
#Excerpt #Giveaway #Contemporary #Gay #Mystery
Daniel is falling heart-first—in love or into mortal danger.

J3A+ Abstracts
2 days ago

More organized pixels from J3A+ Abstracts.

From the DIVID title. Available online and through local booksellers.

#timelapse #therapeutic #abstractartwork #relaxingvideos #digitalart #artlovers #contemporary #calm #giftsonabudget #shopsmall #zen #mastoart #mastoartist

William C. Tracy
3 days ago

Looking for #new #releases in December? You've come to the right place. Get these great #indie #books in #romance, #scifi, #fantasy, #contemporary and more!

Boerps ☑️
3 days ago

Lera Auerbach geb.1973

#music #classic #concert #contemporary

Boerps ☑️
4 days ago

Und Morgen in die Oper:
08.12.2023 at 19h00 CET

Tobias Picker - Lili Elbe

Zu Lili Elbe:

#music #classic #oper #contemporary

4 days ago

Episode 397 – #Hypnagogue #Podcast
„A storm of fiery guitar kicks this one off, pulling bits of New Age and electronic music in its wake. Then we get comfy in the library, greeted by some post-rock (with its own bits of fiery guitar), and hang out until, as often happens, we reach a nice, quiet close.Oh, yeah, there’s also one […]“

#ambient #contemporary #electronic #instrumental #music

Frank Schindelbeck
5 days ago

Free: Zoh Amba, Mette Rasmussen, Liz Kosack
Coltrane-Epigonen: Lakecia Benjamin / Muriel Grossmann
Eve Risser!
BRD u.a.: Silke Eberhard, Luise Volkmann, Aki Takase, Connie Trieder, Almut Kühne, Almut Schlichting, Kathrin Scherer, Kathrin Pechlof, Alex Lehmler, Denise Frey...
Abgefahren Punk-Jazz-Trio aus Frankreich: NOUT

Am Rande erwähnt: mein "Women in Jazz" Kalender und die passende Ausstellung im domicil Dortmund ;-)
#jazz #musik #contemporary #frauen #womeninjazz #frauenimjazz

Teri Yaki
5 days ago

Liebe Musik-Liebhaber:innen, ich möchte ein bisschen sammeln und zwar Frauen im Jazz. Besonders junge, noch nicht etablierte Musikerinnen. Und den Begriff Jazz würde ich sehr weit fassen. Originalität geht vor orthodoxie. Kann mir jemand Tips geben? Gerne auch boosten oder Ideen Input? #jazz #musik #contemporary #frauen #womeninjazz #frauenimjazz

Boerps ☑️
5 days ago

Giacinto Scelsi
„Okanagon“ für Tamtam, Harfe und Kontrabass
„Ko Lho“ für Flöte und Klarinette
„Hyxos“ für Flöte und Schlagzeug

Goffredo Petrassi
„nunc“ für Gitarre
„Flou“ für Harfe
„Serenata“ für fünf Instrumente

Sarah Christ, Harfe
Martin Steuber, Gitarre
Ensemble Avantgarde
Leitung und Moderation: Steffen Schleiermacher
#music #classic #concert #contemporary

Kit Muse
6 days ago

#WritersCoffeeClub 5: What genre is your WIP?

#Fantasy = my Radio Arcanum/Musimagium world and modern #mythology based

#Contemporary = #YA #equestrian (probably queer, the character hasn't said yet) and queer adult equestrian

Would LOVE to connect with other authors in these genres as well.

#author #writer #writingcommunity #AuthorsofMastodon #WritersofMastodon

Isaac TUSCQ ⏚
6 days ago
1 week ago

A #Happy #Birthday to
Cassandra Wilson(1955), Singer-songwriter.

Cassandra Wilson
Traveling Miles (1999)

#Contemporary #Jazz #Music

Cas with a acoustic guitar on her lap looking in the distance to her right
William C. Tracy
1 week ago

Grab these #audiobooks while you can! There are all sorts of genres, from #romance and #contemporary to #scifi and #fantasy
#audible, #audio

Boerps ☑️
2 weeks ago

Górecki -
Symphony No 3 -
Three Pieces in Olden Style -
Totus Tuus

Stefania Woytowicz Sopran
Berlin RSO
Wlodzimierz Kamirski
Krakow Philharmonic
Roland Bader
Krakow Choral Society
Malgorzata Orawska
#music #concert #contemporary

AI Automations Experimental
2 weeks ago

Cultural Diversity in Portrait by Tattoo Studio

In a bustling and contemporary tattoo studio, people from every corner of the world gather to get meaningful and striking portraits inked on their skin Shared emotions, plays an essential role in this dynamic intercultural ...

See More Seeds:

#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #tattoo #studio #portraits #cultural-diversity #shared-emotions #contemporary #intercultural #skin #ink

AI Automations Experimental
2 weeks ago

Exploring Diversity Through Art A Commission by Wang Yidong

See More Seeds:

#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #Wang-Yidong #art #painting #diversity #commission #cultural-representation #contemporary-art #visual-expression #harmony #unity

2 weeks ago

Starting the day with one of my #Keyboard heros. I especially love his twinkling arpeggios

Rick Wakeman
Piano Portraits (2017)

#Piano #Classical #Contemporary #Music

young Rick , long hair, looking into the camera
2 weeks ago

For Monday’s #GayBookReview we have “Deep Dish” by L.A. Witt. #Contemporary #MMRomance

Things haven't been going right for Blake for a long time. Both he and his boyfriend struggled to make ends meet during the pandemic when work got scarce. To save costs, the two moved from California to Albuquerque, but then the boyfriend dumped Blake, and he ended up living in his car. Out of desperation, Blake agrees to move back in with his mother in Chicago, but that will come with a steep cost since he will be expected to take care of the house and his sibling's kids, leaving little time to find a job and get back on his feet. Blake seems to have hit rock bottom when his car gets stolen just before he is about to hit the road.

Boerps ☑️
2 weeks ago

Salvatore Sciarrino (né en 1947) - Fauno che fischia a un merlo, pour flûte et harpe
Gesualdo senza parole, pour ensemble
Quando ci risvegliamo

Diffusion sur France Musique
#music #classic #concert #contemporary

2 weeks ago

"Davo" is a quirky #mmRomance between a big-city academic and a mechanic who likes to wear skirts set in the rough-and-tumble world of a #contemporary Australian mining camp by N.R. Walker

The cover for "Davo" shows a solidly built young man with his back to us. He is just wearing white shorts and a pink tutu.
Ukrainian Artists
2 weeks ago

Many thanks to the buyer from Jensen Beach, FL who purchased a 36" x 28" print of Sunflower Field by Olena Kishkurno!

On November 25 and 26 there is a 25% discount on all Wall Art by Ukrainian artists on the FineArtAmerica/Pixels website.

#Sale #Discount #art #Sunflowers #Sunny #bright #impressionism #contemporary

Oil on canvas painting of summer landscape with field of blooming sunflowers in the impressionist style.
Boerps ☑️
2 weeks ago

Friedrich Cerha - „Fasce“
Rebecca Saunders - „Wound“

ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien
Leitung: Bas Wiegers
#music #classic #concert #contemporary

Boerps ☑️
3 weeks ago

Giorgos Koumendakis - "La Meurtrière"

créée en 2014

Les Chœurs et l'Orchestre de l'Opéra national grec,
Vassilis Christopoulos
#music #classic #oper #contemporary

Boerps ☑️
3 weeks ago

Der Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks

Zum 90. Geburtstag von Krzysztof Penderecki (II)
#music #classic #contemporary

Boerps ☑️
3 weeks ago

Zum 90. Geburtstag von Krzysztof Penderecki (I)
Ein Porträt von Robert Jungwirth

#music #classic #contemporary

Boerps ☑️
3 weeks ago

Lisa Streich: Concerto grosso - "Jubelhemd";
Johannes Kalitzke: "Zeitkapsel", Totentanz - Uraufführung, premiere
Luc Ferrari: "Histoire du plaisir et de la désolation"

Leitung: Johannes Kalitzke
#music #classic #concert #contemporary

Joseph S Giacalone Photo Art
3 weeks ago
coastal abstract photo
Joseph S Giacalone Photo Art
3 weeks ago
coastal abstract photo
Joseph S Giacalone Photo Art
3 weeks ago

An evocation of peace and tranquility with coastal abstract photography, Order art prints here:

Thank you for your interest in my work, Joseph G.

#abstractart #fineartamerica #Contemporary #modernart #homedecor #officedesign #gifts #coastaldecor #ayearforart #HealingThroughArt #mastoart

R. Natale Fine Art
2 months ago

Row of Trees B&W -

The path down to Lake Superior is a steep hill. Whenever we climb back up to the parking lot, I'm struck by the row of pines standing still in the Autumn air. Processed as a black and white image to set the mood of the scene against a stark and cloudy sky.
#BlackAndWhite #Photography #trees #art #contemporary #interiordecor #MastoArt #autumn

Row of Trees - a B&W photo of pine trees that line the road at Lake Superior State Park in Bethel, NY
Lara Zielinsky
3 months ago

Been a while since I shared a #lesficfri quote. This week's word: PROMISE. Brenna makes Cassidy a promise following a flap on set. #firstTimeSapphic #romance #contemporary #celebrity #protective

Image of brunette woman cupping blonde woman's cheeks next to Quote for #lesficfri from TURNING POINT novel by Lara Zielinsky: "Go home. Get some distance from this. Get some sleep." "What about the reporters?" Cassidy pushed to her feet. Despite the butterflies flying through her stomach, Brenna was calmly reassuring. "Check the Variety copy in the morning." She brushed Cassidy's arm. Brenna drew Cassidy's warm hand to her chest. "There won't be a word about this." Cassidy looked dubiously at the door. "I promise," Brenna said, drawing the woman against her. She put her arm around Cassidy's back. "I don't want dozens of reporters following us into the mountains this weekend." She leaned back and smiled uncertainly into turbulent green-blue. "That is...if you still want to go." Cassidy took a deep breath and smiled back. "Yes, I still do."
Don’t Look Back
5 months ago

“the plum” by Angela Wai Nok Hui is #outnow digitally on our #bandcamp and on all #streamingplatforms , as well as on cassette via Weeding Records ! Reach up to pluck your plum 🍓here:

Angela writes about “the plum” :

/the plum/ for me is a bouquet of glitching memories and blurry sounds.
I'd like to dedicate these 20 mins and 19 seconds to Rémi's grandpa and my grandma.

#experimental #collage #soundart #fieldrecording #foundsounds #spokenword #sonicdiary #ambient #contemporary #forwardthinking #postpercussion #newmusic #dontlookbackrecords

5 months ago
Three men's faces Latino with a short beard top left, Jamaican clean shaven in the top middle, and another clean-shaven Latino top right with his hand and arm visible at his head. A city-scape in the middle moves like it's breathing. The title of the book "Together" in all caps and yellow lettering and author name "Eloreen Moon" all caps stacked on top of each other in white below the tile towards the bottom of the cover. At the bottom a tagline in all caps and white lettering: Apart They're Incomplete. Together They're Perfect. The entire cover is tinged a light blue caste.
6 months ago

I'm in this dystopia & I don't like it

#photoMonday #contemporary #dystopia #food

Close up photo of a cookie package proudly displaying the message "made with Real Butter" astrix.

Astrix Footnote: "A blend of real butter and shortening."
7 months ago

6 books from The Other Collection
#contemporary #literature

Herr Irrtum!
8 months ago

[↓↓↓ German version below ↓↓↓]

Believe it or not but it's that time of the month again - time for my little German language
#radioShow RADIO IRRTUM! - tonight - 2023-03-18 at 8:00PM (UTC+2) on Alex Berlin, at FM 91MHz or via stream: .

Don't be afraid about that German language aspect - it's a show to raise your attention for new unheard
#music all over the genre spectrum - and exactly this music is what has priority above all other things; so if you don't speak German at all, you will still be sonically pleasured! :)

Usually the first half is more about clubby things (body), while the second half is more about what some wrongly call "difficult" music (for your mind).
Following this path there will be...

- weird
#Japanese #popmusic
- Hiphop
#Beatmaker Beatz
#Bass (#halftime, #140, Trap - that kinda thing)
- soothing and not so soothing but divine
#Music not fitting a clear definition
- (but you need one? Here you go:
#Contemporary Dancehall Jazz Dub)
#Punk for gardening
- Polish
- folkloristic
#songwriter music

A lot of this will be
#CreativeCommons licensed music — not because I am a ideologist (well - I am, but I wouldn't force that on you), but because there is a lot of really really well done stuff coming out from there which deserves so much more attention!

And again some artists being played I've discovered here, at the Fediverse. So greetings to,, and :) !

[↑↑↑ English Version above ↑↑↑]

Es ist wieder soweit - heute Abend (15.04.2023 / 20 Uhr) wird
RADIO IRRTUM! - ausgestrahlt - wie gewohnt auf Alex Berlin (FM 91MHz / Stream
Wie immer werde ich Euch gnadenlos durch das musikalische Spektrum der Neuerscheinungen schubsen:
Wobei es in der ersten Hälfte mehr um Club-taugliche Musik geht (für Euren Body), während es in der zweiten Hälfte eher um Musik geht, die ungerechtfertigter Weise als "sperrig" attribuiert werden könnte (für Euren Geist).
Folgen wir also diesem Weg und passieren dabei:

- verrückten Japanpop
- Hiphop Beatmaker Beatz
- Bass (halftime, 140, Trap, sowas - wisster Bescheid)
- mehr oder weniger beruhigendes Experimentelles (und göttliches!) Geräusch
#Musik, die in keine Schublade passt.
- (aber wenn Ihr eine wollt: Contemporary Dancehall Jazz Dub)
- Punk für Gärtner:Innen (wartet es ab, wird ein gaaaaanz flacher Witz!)
- Polnischer PostDarkWave
- Liedermachermusik mit folkloristischem Spin

Dabei auch ganz viel Creative Commons Lizensiertes - gar nicht mal aus ideologischen Gründen, sondern weil aus dieser Ecke immer wieder richtig gutes Zeug kommt, was definitiv mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient.
Und es gibt mehrere Künstler:Innen zu hören, die ich hier im Fediverse entdeckt habe (siehe oben). \o/
Viel Spaß und bis denne!

8 months ago

The #IPCC used the word “colonialism” in its #report summary for the #FirstTime in the organisation’s history.
The paper claims that #colonialism has made #ClimateChange more severe. Particularly, #historical & #contemporary forms of colonialism have #contributed to a rise in the susceptibility of particular populations and geographical areas to the impacts of climate change.

#EnvironmentalRacism #GlobalSouth #Indigenous #Indigenous #CorporateGreed #StopEcocide #OneEarth

This. <3 From a joke of "did testers test their own site" to applying tools to identify broken links and pinpoint a 3rd party API delivering partial responses for images combo was exemplary #Contemporary Exploratory Testing. In Selenium speaker's community, with tools on side of selenium. Kind of nice.

8 years ago

Wondering what the best book published in English is in 2015? Here’s the answer according to the NBCC Award for Fiction.

The 2015 NBCC fiction prize winner is The Sellout by Paul Beatty, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. 

On the BookCritics website, Karen Long writes that Paul Beatty’s satire ‘corkscrews its reader into one stunning contortion after another, until it feels as if every social construct is splayed and strangled, caught like a codfish in the reader’s own horrified throat.’

As she advises, you need only read The Sellout’s opening paragraph to understand what she means:

‘Try reading the first paragraph of The Sellout aloud. Better still, in public. It begins “This may be hard to believe, coming from a black man, but I’ve never stolen anything” and it ends describing our narrator handcuffed and sitting on “a thickly padded chair that, much like this country, isn’t quite as comfortable as it looks.”‘Karen Long

With an opener like that you can’t help but be intrigued, can you? It tells you to strap in – you’re in for a ride.

“A biting satire about a young man’s isolated upbringing and the race trial that sends him to the Supreme Court, Paul Beatty’s The Sellout challenges the sacred tenets of the United States Constitution, urban life, the civil rights movement, the father-son relationship, and the holy grail of racial equality–the black Chinese restaurant. Born in the “agrarian ghetto” of Dickens–on the southern outskirts of Los Angeles–the narrator of The Sellout resigns himself to the fate of lower-middle-class Californians: “I’d die in the same bedroom I’d grown up in, looking up at the cracks in the stucco ceiling that’ve been there since ’68 quake.” Raised by a single father, a controversial sociologist, he spent his childhood as the subject in racially charged psychological studies. He is led to believe that his father’s pioneering work will result in a memoir that will solve his family’s financial woes, but when his father is killed in a police shoot-out, he realizes there never was a memoir. All that’s left is the bill for a drive-thru funeral. Fueled by this deceit and the general disrepair of his hometown, the narrator sets out to right another wrong: Dickens has literally been removed from the map to save California from further embarrassment. Enlisting the help of the town’s most famous resident–the last surviving Little Rascal, Hominy Jenkins–he initiates the most outrageous action conceivable: reinstating slavery and segregating the local high school, which lands him in the Supreme Court.” (GoodReads)

The Sellout also went on to win the 2016 Booker Prize, making Beatty the first American to win the prize since it was opened to US authors.

Explore the full list of the 2015 NBCC Fiction Prize Finalists for more reading inspiration.

#Contemporary #Fiction #Humour #LiteraryFiction #NBCCAward #PaulBeatty