Found out about #FrogCon2023 from a picrew of all places!

Frog Con is an #online convention happening from Oct 13-23 2023 with all profits going towards supporting artists and to the Amphibian Survival Alliance!

#frog #frogs #convention #con #charity #artist #artists #art

i have a potentially controversial question...

when I got my #vaccine I was not directed to get another #vaccination card for #covid19 and they did not give me any proof of vaccination except for CVS's online receipt. in the case that I would want to go to a #furry #convention, how are we verifying that people are either testing negative or vaccinated now? or are we just fucked in regards to tracking? :ms_grimace:

Aujourd'hui sur Blog à part – OctoGônes 2023

Une semaine après mon retour de Cracovie, je reprends la route. Certes moins loin, puisque c’est pour OctoGônes, la convention de jeux lyonnaise.

#convention #JeuDeRole

18 hours ago

Aujourd'hui sur Blog à part – OctoGônes 2023

Une semaine après mon retour de Cracovie, je reprends la route. Certes moins loin, puisque c’est pour OctoGônes, la convention de jeux lyonnaise.

#convention #JeuDeRole

Events for Gamers
21 hours ago

GTC 2024 has been added to the event calendar! 🗓️

Coming up next year on March 18-21, 2024 in San Jose, CA USA 🏙️:

Check out hundreds of other #Conference and #Convention events in our #GameIndustry calendar. #GameDev #GTC2024

Christopher (Podcast host)
23 hours ago

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2023 - Christopher and Tom report from the 2023 Expo floor and bring you some excerpts from a few of the Q&As, including Paul Williams, Adam Savage, and the voice cast of The Clone Wars (Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter, & James Arnold Taylor). #PodNation #CinciComicExpo #Convention #Podcasting #Convention

ringo-chan 🍏
2 days ago

all set up at kirbiicon for the night!!! i had to improvise this set up because of the WIND (this is my first outdoor event and i was UNPREPARED) but i think it came out good!! come by and grab one of my new yaoi shot glasses! #artistalley #event #yaoi #anime #animecon #convention #fandom

2 days ago

Get ready for Sonoj 2023 🎶

Next weekend, on October 7th and 8th, the 2023 #Sonoj #Convention will be held at the @c4 in #Cologne, #Germany 🇩🇪. This annual event about Free/Libre #OpenSource Software for #MusicProduction also features the famous #OneHourChallenge.

Check out 📋 to overview submitted demonstrations, talks and workshops for #Musicians 👩‍🎤, #SoundDesigners 🧑‍💻 and anybody who is passionate about #FLOSS and #Music. Register at to support planning, the admission is free.

News Views
2 days ago

The GQP 🤡 cLoWn ShOw 🤡 Comes to California: TFG Lies His Ass Off
The GQP kicked off their fall convention in Anaheim, CA on Friday. 2024 presidential candidates Ron DeStronzo and Uncle Tim Scott also showed up to woo the convention goers with their bumper sticker rhetoric and to 'own the libs.' Vi
#2024Election #2024Campaign #California #convention #GQP #TFG

Antonia Aquilante
2 days ago

Rainbow Space Magic starts in just a couple of hours! Join us for lots of panel discussions and readings today and tomorrow.

#fantasy #sciencefiction #lgbtqbooks #convention

RSM 4.0 September 30 - October 1

County Delegate Selection Meeting

Democratic primary voters are encouraged to attend a meeting to help select delegates to the Fifth Congressional District Convention, which will select pledged delegates to the Democratic National Committee.

To be a delegate to the 2024 DNC, you will need to apply in early 2024 and be vetted by the campaign of the candidat

#2024 #biden #candidate #convention #delegate #dnc #RfkJr

Events for Gamers
3 days ago

2nd Annual Metaverse Summit has been added to the calendar! 🗓️

Coming up on October 10, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA USA 🏙️:

Check out hundreds of other #Conference and #Convention events in our #GameIndustry calendar. #GameDev #MetaverseSummit

Players' Patchwork Theatre Co
3 days ago

Likely to be of interest to many in our troupe and our fans, the first annual Neurodiversity Cultural Festival is happening tomorrow in Solon, OH to celebrate our differences!

See more here:

#festival #celebration #convention #neurodiverse #neurodivergent

4 days ago

A couple times a year I go to hotels with or without other people. I have been taking a few spirits and soda to drink on the evening to share. Slowly I have been figuring out what exactly a portable bar would look like for me.

Finding a pre-made might have been nice but I really didn't find something that would cover it well. I needed to handle two bottles (unknown size), four glasses, at least one shot glass.. hard cases look nice but soft cases have a little more flexibility.

Enter a bag I got over a year ago that I just didn't know what to do with. It had been sitting in our storage room since I got it. It really didn't work for a laptop of the gear I usually run with, and if I didn't get it for free, I would never have gotten it.

It fit a few bottles nice, but I also needed space for glasses too. Well a year after I got the first, I got a second bag from the same line that actually could be mounted to the side. It was a perfect size for three pint glasses. I am sourcing a second so I can put it on the other side too. All in all, its a good start!

#travelbar #hotel #convention #drinks

Events for Gamers
5 days ago

Steam's SHMUP Fest is ongoing! 🎉

Check out hundreds of other #Festival and #Convention events in our #GameIndustry calendar. #GameDev @Steam #SteamSHMUP

So the #BabyFurs apparently have their own #convention now, and they bought out an entire hotel so they could restrict entry and theme it for the #con.

I'm honestly sad that I can't go, just because I'd love to be at a #FurryCon where #furries control the entire space and not just some section of the hotel convention center across from some confused wedding or business convention...

(That, and if you want to experiment with #ageplay, a full-immersion ageplay oriented convention would be the space to do it)

#furry #BabyFur #BFC #BabyFurCon

6 days ago

Commission for Kharu and BTJackson (PyroTitan) on FA

Swell-Con's feature event seems to be going well~

#fat #fatfur #furry #furryart #inflation #belly #blob #weight_gain #hyper #pre #convention

The Kernel in Yellow
1 week ago

Vieni a giocare al TPK! Total Party Kon, la Prima #convention di gioco di ruolo #OSR #italiana in presenza!

Porta il tuo #gdr preferito, anche non OSR! Ci vediamo l'11/11/2023 alla Casa dei Giochi di #Milano

Tutte le info e il form di iscrizione qui:


Io e lə mie fre, pensando al Total Party Kon, la prima convention OSR italiana dal vivo
Antonia Aquilante
1 week ago

It’s time for Rainbow Space Magic again! The completely free online convention will be this weekend, September 30th and October 1st. I’ll be on a panel and doing a reading from To Love the Dragon King (though I’m not sure what yet…really should figure that out!) on Saturday. Come join us!

#RainbowSpaceMagic #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #LGBTQ #convention

RSM 4.0 September 30 - October 1
Ariel Kroon
1 week ago

Stoked to be moderating a #panel at this year's #CanCon on #Gentrification #Climate and #Infrastructure - @annaleen and @premeesaurus be prepared for me to stalk you a lot. I don't think Mark Robinson has a Masto account, so I'll have to search him up the old fashioned way.

#sff #sf #fantastika #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Convention #Canada #ClimateCrisis #solarpunk

1 week ago

Mangalaxy 7ᵉ – Toutes les photos sont en ligne !

Retrouvez dans la galerie : Shootings du Profouzors, Shootings de Pandagraphe, Cœur du Mangalaxy, ainsi que la Scène !
#AlbumsPhoto #Conventions #News #Photo #AlbumPhoto #Convention #cosplay #FOKUZA #mangalaxy #Photo #Valence

Lainy - A Fan Of The Movies
1 week ago

Only 1 convention this weekend that I can see - Cinema Wasteland

#movies #convention #conventions #ComicCons #horror

1 week ago

Well, this United-Front march in #Montreal sure is something...!!
#Quebec #Negotiations #Convention

Lehti Juoksija
1 week ago

Excited for my first 'proper' #furry #convention thas happening in a couple of days, #animus x'3 See y'all lovely gei animals there ~

Simple Dictionary Bot
1 week ago

#Convention - The act of coming together; the state of being together; union; coalition.

1 week ago
Ce weekend, rendez-vous à Plouha (22), pour la 5ème édition de la convention "Sur Les Terres de l'Unique" !

Toutes les infos par ici

#Convention #Fantasy #Tolkien #Médiéval #Plouha
Affiche de la 5ème édition de la convention "Sur les Terres de l’Unique".
2 weeks ago

‼️ #CfP: The Calls for the #DVPW #Convention 2024 at Uni Göttingen are open until October 31!


You can submit your proposals now via the new portal #meineDVPW!


#dvpw2024 #PolSci #PoliticalScience #Polycrisis @politicalscience

Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft. "Politics in times of Polycrisis", September 24-27, 2024, Göttingen. Call for Proposals unti October 31, 2023: DVPW Convention 2024: papers for open panels, closed panels, roundtables. #dvpw2024 Submit your proposals via:<meineDVPW-Logo>

The #Sonoj #Convention is an annual #event in #Cologne, Germany about #musicproduction with free and open source software. It's on weekend from October 7th to 8th this year.
#ccc #sonoj2023 #foss #music

John French
2 weeks ago

UBCM update
Two days into the annual Union of British Columbia Municipalities convention and so far I’ve heard addresses from Minister of Health Adrien Dix, Minister of Municipal Affairs Anne Kang and Minister of Housing Ravi Kahlon. Also connected with a bunch of great elected officials from all over the province of BC. 🇨🇦​

CozyCon Online
2 weeks ago


FREE SWAG extended in our Discord and closes at 5pm PT tonight (~3hours from now), as does access to the last Sponsor Tier slots, and Custom Digital Badges for this event, at

#FREESWAG #Convention #CustomBadge #Sponsor #Swag #Pogs #Stickers #ButtonPins #MastoArt #ColouringPage #CreativeToots

Advert showing a colourful pixel art of a fighter game, with two sloth characters ready to fight. This image comes with your custom name and tags on the badge.
An advert that shows the limited quantity Sponsor Tier that includes a choice of regular or all-over-print pattern shirt, and then comes with a pog set, sticker and badge! It also comes with a button pin set that was added for free thanks to our fundraiser.
A collage showing a cool jam pacaked arcade colouring page that can be done digitally, or printed and coloured that way, a VR avatar badge, and Minecraft skins. (Also has more goodies in the discord channel!)
Mario Bühling
2 weeks ago

It's Talk Like A #Pirate Day and once again I don't have any new artwork to share with you. BUT here is one that I may not have posted yet. I made it at a #convention And even though it's not a pirate, it is a bearded man on a ship .... I suppose that counts :D
#talklikeapirateday #sketch

Ink drawing of bearded man on deck of an old sailing ship.
CozyCon Online
2 weeks ago

Miss parts of the twitch streams? Check the replays for a limited time and clip your fav moments at

#Twitch #VirtualEvent #Convention #StreamReplay #Arcade #Nostalgia

Exeunt Press
2 weeks ago

Exeunt Press will be at Save Against Fear in York, PA!

A tabletop gaming convention to benefit The Bodhana Group, a nonprofit organization that advocates tabletop gaming as a directed therapeutic and clinical practice.

November 9-12, 2023

Badges available now:
#ttrpg #boardgames #convention #conventions #rpg #saveagainstfear #york #centralpa #tabletop #gaming

Probably our single biggest collection of #furry #convention memories. Quite a few have awesome designs.

Three 80cm rails for hooks on a wall next to a whiteboard. The top rail and part of the second one is full of hooks holding lanyards.
Delta Sierra
2 weeks ago

Nearly forgot to post my #GalaCon charity auction win! The jacket is far too small for me, but it's an incredibly well-done piece and I'm planning to display it alongside my collection of FOE merch.

#charity #brony #convention #art

A blue leather or faux leather jacket, with yellow stripes and a thunderbolt added on. The jacket is meant to mimic the Wonderbolts uniforms from My Little Pony. The back of the jacket is visible in this shot.
A blue leather or faux leather jacket, with yellow stripes and a thunderbolt added on. The jacket is meant to mimic the Wonderbolts uniforms from My Little Pony. The front of the jacket is shown and features a number of zippered pockets.
CozyCon Online
2 weeks ago

Time for Kima / on the decks tonight!

Don't miss our DJ's tonight streaming on and you can also watch them in VRC by using our group instances to meet up with the community at

#DJ #VRChat #Convention #Mixcloud

dj visualizer graphic that shows the name KIMA with splotches of colour around it.
Delta Sierra
2 weeks ago

About to make some bad financial decisions!

#GalaCon #charity #MakeAWish #convention #brony

The Galacon main stage, just prior to the start of the charity auction. Some items are visible on a table located on the main stage. The auction benefits the Make A Wish foundation.
2 weeks ago

Für mich geht es nun auch wieder nach Hause. War wieder einmal eine richtig schöne @gamesvention, bei denen ich viele alte und neue Bekannte getroffen habe.

Con-typisch war leider für alles zu wenig Zeit, aber dann halt nächstes Jahr. 😊

Hat mich besonders gefreut, @janedoesstories mal persönlich getroffen zu haben. 🥳

#Convention #Brettspiele #Kartenspiele #TCG #PnP #Videospiele

CozyCon Online
2 weeks ago

Last set this evening by SerenityDnB!

View our DJ's epic streams at or in our VRChat worlds at

NO HEADSET REQUIRED! Desktop mode and mobile options.

#VRChat #Dances #DJ #Convention #VirtualConvention #VirtualEvent #OnlineConvention

2 weeks ago

Throat is suspiciously itching, though D:
Let's see what tomorrow brings
#convention #concrud #East11

Delta Sierra
2 weeks ago

Check out @cutepencilcase in the #GalaCon vendor hall!

I helped set this one up :3

#vendor #convention #brony

A bright and colorful vendor table at a My Little Pony convention. The table has a large wire mesh structure displaying prints, stickers, plushies, keychains, and other cute pony merchandise.
2 weeks ago

Misread: EF boot partition

#furry #convention

Andrew Kuchling
2 weeks ago

Notes from a recent board game #convention:

We played 42 game sessions, including some that we already knew: there were 33 new-to-us games. Some of my favorites follow.

Uwe Rosenberg's ATIWA requires you to manage linked populations of families, fruit bats, goats, tree, and wild animals. It reminded me of his most famous game, AGRICOLA, but with less desperation: it's much easier to feed your families at the end of each round, and the cost of failure is either gold or points, not starvation tokens.

#Atiwa #UweRosenberg #boardGames

Poorly-framed photo of Atiwa's box, main action board, and player board.
2 weeks ago

I am a bit... Exhausted from the Con? Too much exciting stuff, need something to wind down.

#East11 #furry #convention

Alex :transgender_heart:
2 weeks ago
Hell yeah! This girl is going to MAGFest this year!

Registrations just opened ^_^

#MAGFest #MAGFest2024 #convention
Just text: MAGFest registration confirmed
Delta Sierra
2 weeks ago

Made it to the hotel room, finally had a chance to wash off the travel grime.

Could be the sleep deprivation, but this is the wildest shower setup I've seen in awhile. I feel like I need 2-4 weeks of training to get approved to take the exam for the certification required to use these controls.

Would love to know the story here...

#shower #hotel #convention #GalaCon #water #germany

A convoluted shower control setup, featuring two knobs, an adjustable control lever, and two gauges measuring total water flow.
Delta Sierra
2 weeks ago

Made it!

I have not slept for 26 hours, starting to feel it. But I can hopefully sleep in about 6-7 hours! Just gotta keep going!

#GalaCon #convention #brony

A GalaCon banner advertising the My Little Pony convention in Germany. The bright colors contrast sharply with the wood and glass lobby of the convention center.
3 weeks ago

Here we have some fluffy animals at east convention. There are lots of beautiful suits at this con.
#furry #east #convention #furry

3 weeks ago

Which type are you?

Con badge goes...

#furry (but not limited to)

🧵Whats this?! It's time for @CozyConOnline and I've got sweet offerings up for grabs including stream commissions, swag and more.

Will update thread with info ASAP. I hope you'll join in for a fun online event, and stay Cozy~

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #CozyConOnline #VirtualConvention #VirtualEvent #Convention #Artist #Sales #Discount #ARCADE #Nostalgia

CozyCon Online
3 weeks ago

Schedule has been adjusted and updated! Get all the details at and don't forget that NSFW panels require one-time paid access through and should be done BEFORE the event as the roles are processed manually.

#convention #VirtualConvention #VirtualEvent #OnlineEvent #OnlineConvention #CozyConOnline #Discord #Twitch #Mixcloud #VRChat

Friday schedule, discord only, on multi colour background and pixel art by - Schedule is subject to change so check the website for full details in text.
Image showing Saturdays schedule in CT/UTC-5, with a mix of VRChat, Twitch, Discord and Mixcloud events. Twitch and Discord get streamed into VRChat.
Image showing Sundays schedule in CT/UTC-5, with a mix of VRChat, Twitch, Discord and Mixcloud events. Twitch and Discord get streamed into VRChat. 18+ events require paid registration and are Discord only!
3 weeks ago

#eurofurence was a blast! i had a whole lot of work to do, but it was fatastic to meet so many kind folks. in the following days i will post the commissions i have made during #ef27

#furry #convention #ef #eurofurence27 #hamburg

Norton Glover
3 weeks ago

Stuck in Florida for a while.

One bright side - I'm near the Necronomicon 2023 SF convention, so I might be able to get some gaming in.

#TTRPG #Necronomicon #Necronomicon2023 #Convention

Steve Maclellan
3 weeks ago

Social conservatives are pushing to check Poilievre’s power

Canada on Fire

What is it with this fashion for putting the Euro sign after the number? I first saw it a couple of weeks or so ago, and now it's all over the place.
eg 40€ rather than €40
I'm not against it: just wondering what gives?
#typography #convention #currency #communication

Just checking: Is there a regular science-fiction/fantasy or TT gaming convention in Singapore? I know about Comic Con.

#Singapore #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Convention #TTGaming

I made it to AugurCon! People are wearing masks! #AugurCon @augurmag #WritingCommunity #convention #MaskUp

I’m in the front of a huge coffee shop with chairs set up in rows. I’m wearing a ball cap with a thunderbird design, a sealskin fringe earring, a bird skull necklace, and overalls.
Amanda Makepeace
1 month ago

Another limited edition ready for the art show. I’ve been so swamped with prep work but really enjoying all the new art and prints I’ll have at the convention. 🦌🔥

#DragonCon #art #MastoArt #artist #convention #artwork #fantasy

Art print of a ravenstag with flaming antlers being embellished with color pencil
Limited edition print of the ravenstag framed in a dark stained wood frame.
1 month ago

I always like how our booth comes together at the end. I'm at fan expo canada this weekend in Toronto. 🌟
#FanExpo2023 #ArtistAlley #Convention

A photo of an artist alley convention booth displaying prints, stickers, and charms.
1 month ago

Moin meine #Mastonauten, ich bin dieses Jahr seit Ewigkeiten (Abgesehen von Corona) nicht auf der #GamesCom, weil ich fand, dass sich das letzte Jahr komplett nicht gelohnt hat.

Daher wollte ich dieses Jahr beobachten und sehen, ob es sich wieder lohnt.

Bisher sieht es nicht so aus, abwarten...

Seid ihr eigentlich Convention-Gänger*innen?

#Games #zocken #daddeln #videospiele #videoganes #convention #köln

1 month ago
Présentation des invités de l'édition 2023 de la convention Sur les Terres de l'unique à Plouha (22) les 23 et 24 septembre 2023.

#Tolkien #Plouha #Convention
2 months ago

Shanks and I will be at #Toronto Fan Expo late August! Stop by our table, A247, if you're there and check out our prints, stickers, and more!
#Convention #TorontoFanExpo #FanExpo2023 #FanExpo #ArtistAlley

An advertisement showing the map of Toronto Fanexpo's vendor hall and three of our prints, Endsinger, Testament, and Bedman?. A table is circled on the map with an arrow showing our location. The text along the top reads: team ASpec at Fan Expo! Aug 24th-27th. MTCC South Building Table A247
CozyCon Online
2 months ago

We need more panel submissions to fill our time slots! They close soon, 11:59pm CT, Aug 24th.

Looking for folks to host meetups, educational content, games, podcasts, performances & more!

#Convention #Event #VirtualEvent #CozyConOnline #Panels

A slideshow of different past panels CozyCon has hosted, from life drawing, crafting, VRChat content, comic Q&A's, Group drawing, etc. Reads "Panel Submissions close aug 24th, 11:59pm CT" at the top, and "We accept SFW & SFW panels! tutorials, meetups, music, performances, games, game dev & more." at the bottom. Background is an arcade themed pattern.
2 months ago

Aujourd'hui sur Blog à part – Arcana Festival 2023

Cette année, mon programme des conventions rôlistes a été plutôt chiche. Du coup, ce Festival Arcana était une occasion pour relancer la machine.

#convention #cosplay #geek #jeuderole

Alecia Batson (she/her)
2 months ago

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 1 August 2023, at 10:45 AM ET, the #NAACP National Convention will hold a #SAGAFTRAstrike #press conference in support of #sagaftra. This will be part of the #convention’s final day events at the #Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. It’s possible this event will be streamed for viewing »

#actors #film #tv #NAACPconvention

Nick Wright
2 months ago

Another con in the books! Southern Fried Gaming Expo was awesome. It was great being a guest at a convention for the first time in 4 years, and I tabled for the first time ever. Thanks to @wackomedia, @EienAi and @Tekkaman_Blade for making it extra special.

Our panel "No Coding? No Problem! How to Make a Great Game Anyway" went well, we had some great conversations, and we got to show off our #VR game!

#SFGE #indiedev #convention

A photo of me, James ( and Peter Stolmeier (@wackomedia) in our panel room at SFGE posing with props that were 3D printed from our VR game. I got the gun, James has a scanner, and Peter has the hand-mounted holo-communicator.
A photo of James ( and Peter Stolmeier (@wackomedia) at our table at  SFGE posing with a character I play in the game (Darrick Carroll) playing as part of the trailer for our game on a large display.
A photo from the back of the room of our panel at SFGE, with us at the table up front. We had a pretty good turnout!
My guest placard and badge from SFGE 2023.
Savage Spiel
2 months ago

Game submissions for Concrete Cow 23.5 are now open! If you'd like to submit a game, fill in this form:

We'll add games to the website so you can see what's on offer. Keep an eye on for the latest updates. All games are welcome - everything from D&D to Honey Heist has been run at past events.

#ConcreteCow #TTRPG #Convention

Shelby Wynne
2 months ago

Vice President Kamala Harris participates in a moderated conversation at the NAACP Annual Convention

#MVP #VPHarris #KamalaHarris #NAACP #boston #Convention @khive

Grant Denkinson
2 months ago

Non-residential and online tickets for #BiCon 2023 will be on sale until midnight on Sunday, so if you have not booked yet and you want to come do so now! #Bisexuality #Convention #Conference #Nottingham #England #UK

Here's my convention schedule for 2023! I know that #FurSquared and #Anthrocon have passed, but threw them on anyway.

#FurryMigration #FM2023 #AquatiFur #AQF2023 #MidwestFurFest #MFF2023
#convention #furry #furrycon #furryconvention

Lexicon 2023 Convention List

Fur Squared: April 6 – 9; Brookfield, WI, USA
Anthrocon: June 29 – July 2; Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Furry Migration: September 8 – 10; Minneapolis, MN, USA
AquatiFur: October 27 – 29; Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA
Midwest FurFest: November 30 – December 3; Rosemont, IL, USA

In the bottom left is a symmetrical headshot drawing of Lexicon, an anthro unicorn fox. They are smiling with three teal/indigo/magenta silhouettes and the Solo Jazz cup design to their left.
Null Signal Games
3 months ago
Science Blue :trek_tos_spock:
3 months ago

In case you're interested in the language from SAG-AFTRA regarding what its members can and can't do at conventions see below.
#SAGAFTRAStrike #ActorsStrike #convention

SAG-AFTRA FAQ for Members

Can I participate in conventions?

You cannot participate in conventions such as Comic-Con on behalf of, or to promote, companies we are striking against - this includes appearances, panels, fan meet and greets, etc. involving struck work. You may participate in a convention in ways that are wholly independent of characters from struck work or sponsorship by struck companies. If you have any questions relating to this distinction, please contact
Delta Sierra
3 months ago

Made it home safely from #AnthroWeekendUtah! We had an absolute blast, it was so much fun suiting with friends, wandering the con, and dancing. Even managed to survive the July heat!

Also, I have a completed #commission to share! This was done by my friend Vex (@terminalvex on Instagram). They're a fantastic artist and I've wanted to commission them for a long time, and the finished result is so much better than I could have hoped for.

#art #furry #artwork #convention #fursona

A digital sketch of an anthromoporphic maned wolf. The maned wolf is sitting on a ledge with his feet dangling. His expression is pensive. He's wearing a harness which supports large translucent butterfly wings. The ledge is surrounded with greenery, and white butterflies make up the background.
Delta Sierra
3 months ago

We, uh, we made a drink?

It's Meyer's dark rum with Mountain Dew Voltage and it does not taste good.

#AnthroWeekendUtah #convention #drink #mixology #alcohol #furry

A glass of dubious green liquid. One assumes the drinker of such a beverage might not survive to late adulthood.
CozyCon Online
3 months ago

Did you miss our fundraiser stream today? Maybe you just want to re-live the shenanigans? Check it out at and if you find any gems, please clip em!

#Fundraiser #Twitch #Livestream #Convention #cozyConOnline #VOD

CozyCon Online
3 months ago

Unlock sweet merch, get awesome commissions, and support out community artists by reaching goal 5 which reduces the vendor cost for this event!

#Fundraiser #Convention #CommissionsOpen

CozyCon Online
3 months ago

If you preorder the limited Sponsor tier through our fundraiser, anything extra we unlock gets added to your bundle for FREE, and it already includes a tshirt, some epic pogs and more.

#CozyConOnline #Fundraiser #VirtualEvent #Convention #CrowdFunding

Delta Sierra
3 months ago

I didn't manage to get in a proper workout while I was home this week, so I snuck one in at the #convention. Fortunately the hotel has a decent gym, and I brought my #brony workout gear!

#gym #workout #trotcon #trotcon2023 #exercise

A gym closeup, doing shrugs with dumbbells. Gym equipment is visible in the background. The subject's shirt is a brown cutoff with a graphic of Applejack from My Little Pony with the text "Drink cider, learn nothing".
A gym scene with a lifter performing a standing curl with a 45lb dumbbell. The lifter is wearing a brown cutoff with a graphic of Applejack from My Little Pony with the text "Drink cider, learn nothing".
AtomicBioPunk (He/Him)
3 months ago

Belated intro. 1st computer: C64. Lover of most things geeky nerdy. Oldest memory involves #starwars , first comic was #gijoe or #transformers, creatively express myself via: #writing #ttrpg stuff & #fanfic , #cosplay maker & #convention volunteer. Former #gymrat that likes #nerf wars as cardio. Lucky enough to #travel to all 7 continents, aware enough over the decades that their is not enough #socialjustice & #economicjustice in the world, & it's gonna involve Good & Necessary Trouble to fix it

Ryan Southwick
3 months ago

#BayCon 2023 is off to a fun start! Met lots of interesting people on Day 1. Looking forward to Day 2.

If you're in the Bay Area, stop by and say Hi! Access to the dealer room is free, and is located right across from Great America.

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4 people in geeky t-shirts standing behind a table full of books. Banner: "Water Dragon Publishing, Tales of Fantasy and Wonder"
4 months ago

Hi everyone! I'll be at AnimeNext next week! If you are planning on going, come say hi to me at booth 227!

#AnimeNEXT #Convention

A map of the artist alley for AnimeNext2023. There are many arrows and a mola pointing to booth 227, where I'll be located.
Sariel Snowings
4 months ago


@/SAD_COMET (on twitter) and I are ready to take over DOKOMI this year! ☄️👁✨ Want the absolute raddest art? Then come find us at booth 3K45 in Hall 3!

#MastoArt #fediArt #Illustration #QueerArtist #QueerArt #Convention #Dokomi #selfPortrait #Angel

A digital drawing in purple and pink tones over a bright yellow background of two individuals posing "Jojo style". On the left there's Sariel, sporting a waistcoat and shirt combo, a mischievous grin and feathered wings sprouting from their temples. On the right there's Comet, wearing a sweater decorated with a pattern of human teeth, smoking a cigarette and having been stabbed with a meat cleaver on his head and a couple forks on his elbow. He's making finger guns tho, so all is well.
5 months ago

Hey y'all, TCAF is this weekend and I wanted to share some very good news: The Dead City books are here and they look GREAT!

The book is 194 pages, at 8.5"x11"

We'll be debuting the omnibus for Dead City this weekend, so come by and be the first to grab a copy! Michelle and I will be ready to sign them for you. We're also bringing everything else from

So come see us at booth 2083 in the Appel Salon on the second floor!
#TCAF #TCAF2023 #Convention #Webcomic

Four photos showing the front cover, back cover and interior of the Dead City omnibus book. The last image is the books in a cardboard box.
Four photos showing the front cover, back cover and interior of the Dead City omnibus book. The last image is the books in a cardboard box.
Four photos showing the front cover, back cover and interior of the Dead City omnibus book. The last image is the books in a cardboard box.
Four photos showing the front cover, back cover and interior of the Dead City omnibus book. The last image is the books in a cardboard box.
6 months ago

Last summer, the Nashville city council rejected a proposal to bid to host the 2024 RNC convention (they were apparently finalists alongside Milwaukee). They said that they didn't want to deal with the security problems it could bring. While this may at first appear to be a 'heckler's veto', the RNC has only itself to blame for the fear that their convention would create mayhem:
1. Their leadership encourages violent assaults against protesters, even to the point where Rick Perry is promising to pardon a convicted murderer.
2. They continue to minimize and justify the crimes committed on Jan 6 as people fought their way into the capitol.
3. They have aligned themselves with street-fighting gangs like the Proud Boys.

I would not invite these people to my town. I feel sorry for Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

#GOP #President #USA #politics #convention #Nashville #Milwaukee #Wisconsin #2024

6 months ago

Topaz Comics (Michelle Parker & Jey Pawlik) will be at TCAF @ booth 2083 on April 29-30th! We'll be debuting the complete Dead City omnibus book + zines, stickers and prints!

If you can't make it or want a sneak peek of our books check out our shop:
#TCAF #TCAF2023 #TorontoComics #Convention

Promo image for Topaz Comics's booth number for the Toronto Comics Arts Festival. Booth #2083. April 29-30th, 2023. The image shows various goods we'll be selling, including the complete Dead City omnibus, Given and Taken, stickers and prints.
a toad
6 months ago

Hey me and @Pond are gonna be at Deecon in Dundee this weekend! come find us at table 55 on the Bonar Hall ground floor for books, stickers an other cool stuff!
#convention #deecon

a map of the ground floor of Bonar hall, dundee university, showing table arrangements for deecon 2023, with table 55 pointed out and little faces of toadlett and pond jigging about.
Delta Sierra
6 months ago

Although I wasn't able to attend, I bought ad space in the BABS 2023 con book for giggles. A friend at the convention was nice enough to send me a picture, and they're grabbing a couple copies of the con book too!

Art by @cutepencilcase

#brony #convention #art #ad

Picture of a convention guide book for Bay Area Brony Spectacular. In the lower left corner of the page, there's an ad in grayscale. The ad features a surprised looking pony saying "Wait, What?". The ad reads: "I bought this ad space so you could look at a pony." at the top, and "Here is a pony." at the bottom.
6 months ago

We continue to appreciate your respectful adherence to the madatory post con recovery period.

Thank You

#Comics #Convention #Recovery #Therapy #Processing #Art & #Commerce

Cobra Commander surveys the wares on offer at the 2023 Lexington Comic Toy & Game Convention
2023 Lexington Comic Toy & Game Convention  Cosplayer Shadowbrite table rocking a top hat so well it would make Zatanna jealous.
2023 Lexington Comic Toy & Game Convention beautiful cosplayer whose name and character I did not get was gracious enough (as are most) to drop whatever they were doing to strike their favorite pose.
Catherine Morris
6 months ago

The Disappeared: #IndigenousPeoples & the International Crime of Enforced Disappearance. “Canada’s pattern of failure to ensure effective & timely remedies for #disappearances of Indigenous persons may amount to acquiescence in int'l crimes of #EnforcedDisappearance. #Canada’s int'l law obligations require urgent steps...[including] accession to...the Int'l #Convention [on]... Enforced Disappearance.” | Catherine Morris & Rebekah Smith, Slaw #Disappeared #MMIWG #children

CD Covington 🏳️‍🌈
7 months ago

I'm going to be at the excellent online #sff #convention Flights of Foundry in the #linguistics track! I'll also be running a workshop on linguistic #worldbuilding so please sign up in the lottery for that.

OH and you can also hear the beginning of my asexual lesbian romance set in a Waffle House in space!

Details and my schedule here:

Peacemakers Trust
7 months ago

From #MinesActionCanada. “One year later, our comments on #Russia's illegal invasion of #Ukraine are just as relevant… #ClusterMunition strikes have killed & injured hundreds. The bombing & shelling of cities & towns has forced millions to flee, killed & maimed civilians, & decimated civilian infrastructure.
We reiterate our call for all parties to join the #Convention on #ClusterMunitions & for #Russia to cease the use of #landmines & accede to the #OttawaTreaty...”

Poster. Text reads:

“Mines Action Canada is deeply concerned about the humanitarian consequences of the conflict in Ukraine. The reported use of explosive weapons in towns and cities, and of cluster munitions pose a high risk of harm to civilians now and in the future. We urge all parties to respect international law and protect civilians. 

“Mines Action Canada stands in solidarity with the civilians who are already suffering due to this conflict.”
Mines Action Canada logo.

Wir waren auf der #VIECC 2022 und haben euch ein paar Eindrücke mitgebracht. 🤩

Unseren Beitrag findest du hier:

Warst du schon mal auf einer Comic Con? Wie fandest du es? 😊

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If you’re in the #denver or #coloradosprings areas, swing by COSine this weekend! In addition to an author table, I’ll be on a few panels. If I’m not enough of a draw (LOL!) @marthawells is the Guest of Honor :)
#scifi #convention #scifireaders

CozyCon Online
9 months ago

Mini May Event:
📅May 20 & 21 2023
Theme: Cozy Dreams (continued)
All fandoms & industries welcome!

Check out our Vendors at

Panels, DJs, Art Gallery, etc forms will open soon.

Streams, Minecraft, VR worlds, Discord & more!

#CozyCon #virtualevent #convention

Square image, top reads "Cozy Dreams. May 20-21 2023, (twitter icon) CozyConOnline, Join our Lo-fi Slumber Party! We've got Discord, VR worlds, Minecraft, Vendors, DJ's, Panels, Art Show and more!"

Background is a pattern created by with multi coloured clouds, stars, shooting stars, and a sleepy cartoon sloth head.

Foreground at the bottom of the square, is an image of the Sloth mascot, Connor, laying back on some Pillows, with a blanket and headphones. He's smiling, eyes closed and in a section behind him, there's a bright sky with ranbow and clouds, with sparkles and fish flying over the rainbow.
9 months ago

Die Burg Hoheneck ist ein sehr schönes Bauwerk mit einem Innenhof der nur für die Gäste der Burg zur Verfügung steht. Es gibt einen Fußweg um die Burg herum, den sollte man wenigstens einmal begangen haben um zu erfassen in welchem großartigen Bauwerk man sich aufhält. #WölkchenCon23 #WohlfühlCon #nexus #rpgcon #pnpcon #convention #rpgde #pnp #pnpde

Burghof der Burg Hoheneck
9 months ago

Das Wölkchen ist ein Wohlfühl Pen&Paper Con über 4 Tage auf der Burg Hoheneck in Ipsheim. In Gemütlicher Atmosphäre findet sich hier die Möglichkeit Pen&Paper Rollenspiel und Brettspiele zu spielen. Der Con findet vom DO 20.04. - SO 23.04.23 statt. Die Anmeldung beginnt zu Weihnachten am 24.12.22 ab 7:00 Uhr. #WölkchenCon23 #WohlfühlCon #nexus #rpgcon # pnpcon #convention #rpgde #pnp #pnpde

PJ Coffey
9 months ago

Don't you just hate when names that need # have - in them?

I summon #TTRPG! Let's see when your #convention is for 2023!

Real Quack
10 months ago

I got a #Link to this from someone:

I live in #Texas - I attended the state #Democratic #Convention and I bought #merch from a booth staffed by #RuralTexasDemocrats

For my #LGBTQAI friends - the #DemocraticParty treats #RuralDemocrats similar to the way they treat us - because #RuralIssues won't win over #Moderates and #Centrists any more than #TransRights or #MarriageEquality would.

10 months ago


I'm Furrydelphia, and I'm a #furry #convention located in beautiful, sunny Philadelphia, PA.

Follow me for updates about the convention, or meet me in love park in the next 23 minutes for an ass kicking.



Four fursuiters stand in front of a bar at a hotel.
10 months ago

Norwescon ( is now on Mastodon!

We are the Pacific Northwest’s premier #ScienceFiction and #fantasy #convention, and one of the largest entirely #volunteer-operated regional cons in the US. While maintaining a primarily literary focus, we are large enough to provide a venue for many of the other aspects of science fiction and fantasy and the interests of its fans such as #comics, #costuming, #art, #gaming, #science, #technology and much, much more.