I made a "virtual" Doner Kebab simulation that makes you a Doner while you are waiting in line. There is only one catch: the chef is TURKISH SHREK

#shrek #doner #döner #snack #pov #simulation #virtual #cooking #turkish

4 hours ago

This was so lovely to watch, Anna from Ukraine's borscht recipe:

#AnnaFromUkraine #Borscht #Ukraine #Cooking #Recipe

4 hours ago

I still have a few #pumpkins around and it is time to turn them into something to #eat. Following "Julia Child’s Aunt Helen’s Fluffy Pumpkin Pie" directions for the first time. Normally I like Fannie Farmer's 1896 Cook Book version.

#cooking #baking #food

Nonya Bidniss
5 hours ago

I roasted cubed butternut squash for the first time. It was really good. Just a little olive oil and Mrs. Dash Table Blend (I don't use salt), bake at 400F x 30 min. A keeper, very filling & lots of fiber. #cooking #recipes #food

Peter Butler
5 hours ago

Homemaker ProTip

If you need to thaw something quickly, put it on a cooling rack, even a simple short one for cookies

I wish I learned that much earlier. It's remarkably fast

#Homemaking #Cooking #ProTips

6 hours ago
Balls of pizza dough in silicone containers resting atop a wooden bread board. Also pictured, a stainless dough cutter and a decimal baking scale.
Lorraine C.
6 hours ago

#Arancini is not a risotto ball! Not a croquette either. At ease.

#italiancooking #Scandals 👍

Italian Chef Reacts to Most Popular ARANCINI VIDEOS -

#italy #food #cooking #recipes #chef

7 hours ago

Making beef stew with the remaining roast beef and the beef bone broth I made. #cooking

This will take 4 hours all told.

Beef searing
Prep space
Erik ✅
8 hours ago

Knusprige Chili-Öl-Kartoffeln 😋

Kleiner Snack muss sein....

#kartoffeln #potato #chilli #essen #food #kochen #cooking

9 hours ago

Michigan mom's aggressive TikTok tater tot tutorial goes superviral. Cooking video with metric tons of attitude sends Jenison 30-year-old's profile skyrocketing. By Adam Graham.

#GrandRapids #michgan #tiktok #cooking

Oliver Schafeld
11 hours ago

The shorter the days, the stronger the craving for something hearty. Today I had chicken breast with bacon prunes, herb mini dumplings and balsamic thyme sauce for the first day of Advent

#cooking with chicken #meat


I made some cheese. I ended up with about 250 g of cheese from 2 L of milk.

It was a bit surprising how quickly the milk curdled when adding the vinegar.

#Cooking #Cheese

A ball of off white cheese in a glass bowl. It has a slightly rough texture. Next to the bowl is a metal pot holding the whey made as a byproduct. Everything is sitting on top of a black glass to stove.
13 hours ago

Holy cow, this turned out well. Looking forward to trying after the proper 2h freeze.
It's a #mocha #icecream, made using eggs - custard style. Gonna write down the recipe properly when I get a chance.
(And incidentally, the custard by itself is something I might make soon)


Ice cream churning in maker
18 hours ago

My first pie I have ever made alone. #cooking #food #pie

Brian Gettler
20 hours ago

The results look promising. We'll check back in 3 weeks. #baking #cooking

Two fruit cakes in metal loaf pans.
21 hours ago

I realized after the fact that I could at least photograph the final result. I also added recipe checklist info.

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #cooking #kale #broccoli #asparagus

A rectangular glass storage bowl filled with a mix of cooked vegetables: asparagus, yellow bell pepper, broccoli, and kale are visible. Dish has a yellowish tint from the turmeric.
22 hours ago

Dinner sans photo

And by not taking the photo, I forgot to include asparagus. But it's now been added.

Recipe, including mistake:

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #cooking #kale #asparagus #broccoli

Miriam Robern
23 hours ago

Apple cider garlic glazed pork loin, garlic parmesan potatoes, and veg!

23 hours ago

I have finally put the membrillo/quince paste into the oven. 😂 This is the longest recipe ever. I have been stirring it every five to ten minutes for three hours. After about two hours of other steps. #membrillo #quince #quincepaste #cooking

1 day ago

Let's improve on lemonade.

Add several shakes of orange bitters and a medium squirt of peach syrup. Don't stir.

Yes, it's reminiscent of a fuzzy navel without the commitment.

No, it's not as good as grapefruit and pomegranate. But not bad.

#food #drink #cooking

1 day ago

Gluten free hush puppies #cooking #food #foodPorn

A man's right hand holding a hush puppy with a bite taken out of it
Mun-su Kobayashi
1 day ago

😁 Autumnal Food Impressions 3/3 😁

#munsusan #japan #japanese #hafu #asia #asian #cook #cooking

Mun-su Kobayashi
1 day ago

😁 Autumnal Food Impressions 2/3 😁

#munsusan #japan #japanese #hafu #asia #asian #cook #cooking

Jeremy Mallin
1 day ago

I made vegetable lo mein for dinner. 😁

Homemade lo mein with fried tofu, broccoli, peas, and mushrooms on a ceramic plate next to wooden chopsticks and a glass mug of water
1 day ago

Munching on boiled peanuts out of the instant pot


1 day ago

This was so good. The dinner of champions, in my opinion! #Food #Cooking#Photography #Chili dogs #Fediverse

The picture shows two chili hot dogs on a plate. The hot dogs are in soft buns and are generously topped with a chunky chili sauce. The chili sauce appears to be tomato-based with ground meat. The plate is round and has a light blue color. The plate is placed on a dark brown table, and there is a white napkin or cloth visible in the top left corner of the picture. The chili on the hot dogs looks rich and hearty, and some of it is spilling onto the plate.

@DrFerrous It is! I'm a big fan of chutneys. This fall I made a smoky green tomato chutney and a hot/sweet zucchini/summer squash chutney. The zucchini was fabulous! I'll be making that every year.

The tomato was pretty good but not as zingy as the zucchini recipe so I might mash the two recipes up together, similar to what I did to develop my cranberry chutney.

#cooking #recipes #food #RecipeOfTheDay #chutney #zucchini #courgette #tomato #GreenTomato

Brian Gettler
1 day ago

'Tis the season.
#baking #cooking

On side of a recipe card for fruit cake lying on stained notebook paper (the family recipe book!).
1 day ago

2 Dec:
Tuna and artichoke salad with black olive dressing

Venison shank slow cooked with porcini

#cooking #FoodDiary

Favorite recipes to make as food gifts? Here's one I came up with last December that was pretty tasty: Vegan Cranberry Caramelized Red Onion Orange Chutney.

#recipes #RecipeOfTheDay #food #cooking

1 day ago

It’s quince paste/membrillo day! Here we go… it’s at least a five hour project. Usually more. #membrillo #quincepaste #cooking

A metal bowl full of bright yellow quince.
Ross of Ottawa
1 day ago

Cooked up an autumnal soup. Squash, pumpkin, carrot, ginger and various other bits.
Thickened with a miso-flavoured roux and passed thru a sieve. Hopefully tasty for a late lunch.

#autumn #cooking

1 day ago

Homemade carrot and ginger soup. No cream.

#Ottawa #Soup #Cooking

Very orange carrot soup
Oliver Schafeld
1 day ago

Very tasty #vegetarian #cooking today:
Spicy dal curry with smashed potatoes, leek, roasted fennel and coriander.

Jeremy Mallin
1 day ago

Do you ever wonder how far back in time certain food recipes go? For instance, how far back in time did people scramble eggs?

I suppose you might infer when people started eating eggs from the earliest evidence of chicken farming, but is there really any way to deduce if they poached, hard boiled, or scrambled their eggs?

#Anthropology #Archaeology #Cooking

Is there a #fediverse / #ActivityPub instance that focuses on recipes?
#Cooking #mastodon

Marlene Breitenstein Art
2 days ago

@hikingdude Here’s a loaf, now halfway gone. My husband had eaten a bunch of the nuts I’d purchased, so I rounded out the one cup of pecans needed for the recipe, with almonds. Also was unexpectedly low on raisins (can’t find currants here), so I added cranberries. The loaf is to be sliced very thin as a cocktail bread, “the perfect accompaniment to cheese or smoked salmon.” We topped it with Brie. DE-LISH!

#bread #baking #cooking #homemade #breadPosting #rye #food #Breadstodon

(See previous post for details on the recipe source, an internationally renowned restaurant.) Photograph of a long, narrow loaf of bread, coated with caraway seeds and large sea salt. One end is sliced and you can see raisins, cranberries and nuts inside.
2 days ago

Needed something quick for lunch today, so it’s smokey carrot stew over rice with a little smoked gouda to reinforce the campfire goodness. #cooking

Bite sized carrot discs with green peas in a tomato sauce over rice and topped with shredded cheese, all in a coupe soup bowl.
Marlene Breitenstein Art
2 days ago

This Friday night is for baking bread. What I’ve got here are three loaves of Salt Crusted Current Rye Bread, from Patrick O’Connell’s “The Inn at Little Washington Cookbook.” Highly recommended! The Inn is the only Michelin ⭐️⭐️⭐️ restaurant in the Washington DC area, and it’s actually nearly 2 hours away in tiny Washington, VA, pop. 86 (2020). Check it out:

#bread #baking #cooking #homeBaking #homemade #breadPosting #rye #pecans #caraway #food #homemadeBread #Breadstodon

Photograph of three long, narrow loaves of unbaked bread on a pan. They are coated with caraway seeds and large-grain sea salt. You can also see hints of raisins and pecans.
Shannon Prickett
2 days ago

Here we go again w/ the #cooking schtick.

Mise almost en place of salt, pepper, fennel, caraway, parsley, jarlic, yellow onion, cremini mushrooms, bb broccoli. I’ll be chopping down 3 products before heat time.
2 days ago

One of my favorite things to eat is my wife's "Lemon Feta & Chicken Meatball & Spinach" soup.

It has soft feta cheese in the chicken meatballs, oats as a thickener, a dash of lemon & healthy spoonful of turmeric in the soup making it a rich yellow.

This is pretty much the recipe although she's made her own adjustments.

Delicious in a large coffee mug. Perfect for a cold winter day!

Lemony Chicken-Feta Meatball Soup With Spinach

#cooking #soup

ArtBear on Mastodon
2 days ago

Tumeric is great for humans, powder or root. For surgery recovery, anti-carcinogen, anti-inflammatory, Alzheimers, Osteoarthritis, Lupus, Diabetes, Endothelial function and many other beneficial effects.

Even small pinches of ground black pepper greatly increases bio availability of the active curcumin in turmeric. 2000% boost etc.

Most dishes you can add half a teaspoon of tumeric and a pinch/grind of black pepper without messing up the flavour profile. #Cooking #Food

Jeremy Mallin
2 days ago

Somebody has got to invent a safer human-powered hand contraption for rapidly grating vegetables and cheeses.

No injuries this time, but really just lucky. 😱

#cooking #FoodPrep

3 days ago

After five successive days of five to 10 mile sprints on my bike, I felt I’d earned some bacon and asparagus yakisoba for lunch today. #cooking

Closeup of noodles in a light sauce covered in bias cut, bite sized pieces of asparagus, bacon, and carrots, all in a clearly well used wok flanked by two wooden spoons.
Shannon Prickett
3 days ago

Mise en place. #cooking

Oil, s p, coriander, cloves, basil, lemon juice, salmon, rainbow cauliflower.
3 days ago

Need a favor.
Someone I love has high blood pressure and really should go on a lower-salt diet.

Does anyone have good recipes that actually taste good, are easy to make, and are low in sodium? I'm researching online but it's hard to tell which actually taste good and which don't.

Please boost if you can 🙏

#cooking #health #recipes

3 days ago

#food #foodpr0n #foodporn #cooking #soup
I like hot sauce and ketchup in my beans

#Volunteering at the food shelf in Burlington #Vermont I acquired some faulty cucumbers that couldn't be distributed, so I improvised some fridge pickles that turned out yummy. Cider vinegar, maple syrup, dry minced garlic, and smoked sea salt. You will not be disappointed. #Cooking

Maple syrup, smoked sea salt, dry minced garlic, cider vinegar, and a quart jar of pickles
Three broken English cucumbers
4 days ago

Potato Leek!


Light brown thick pureed soup in reddish-black bowl, pieces of bacon, sour cream, a few chopped leeks, and coarse black pepper atop.
4 days ago

#cooking #food
Fish stew. Soul satisfying on this chilly evening.

Fish stew. Tomato base. Cod, shrimp, mussels, scallops with carrots, celery, onions, roasted red peppers.
4 days ago

Anyone got a quick-and-easy recipe that will use up 4-5 cups of milk? I forgot to take into account that my partner would not be making coffees at home when I did the grocery order last week.

Preferably vegetarian, and preferably cooking/baking not using it fresh as it is just a day past it's expiry and probably fine but not at it's best.

#Cooking #Baking #Recipes

4 days ago

Zucchini slice! Picked up from mum, who in turn picked it up from Women's Weekly.

#food #cooking

A picture of a zucchini slice dinner in a frying pan. Note, it was oven baked!
Zucchini slice on a plate!
5 days ago

Mushroom Pot Pie

#Cooking #Food

Adrianna Tan
5 days ago

One of the things I’ve managed to brute force learn: my favorite pastas are carbonara and aglio olio styles. I have made thousands of them over the years, learned many of the different tricks, and am now reasonably certain I make both well enough that, unless I go to Rome or something, I find little reason to buy.

Of course I had to eat a lot of not great (to me) pasta for the first, like, 100 plates.

I figure if I learned these well I can make any pasta, and it’s been true!

#Cooking #Food

Randy (Bluesbreaker)
5 days ago

Butternut squash #cooking tip:
I just made some Thai butternut soup. The butternut was harder to peel than usual. I went down and got my blowtorch and played the flame over the skin, and that loosened it up Real Nice™

(I probably could have also pluncged it in boiling water, eh?)

Adrianna Tan
1 week ago

Got the highest praise for a meal I cooked today: someone said it ‘looked so good it looks like anime food’

#Cooking #Food

1 week ago

Making a fancy shepherd's pie recipe tonight that I really like.

Normal shepherd's pie is kind of bland and often weirdly runny on the bottom and dry on top, but this one is fantastic - sweet potato top and italian sausage base.

I recommend doubling the recipe so you can freeze some for later or have lots of leftovers for the week.

Do not boil the vegetables like the recipe says. Roast them and then mash. And it's fine to use all sweet potatoes if you want (I usually do).

I think it's better if you do half sweet and half hot Italian sausage. It's easy to make vegetarian by swapping in vegetarian Italian sausages.


1 week ago

Am I the only one who takes the “refrigerate after opening” labels on hot sauce and peanut butter as suggestions rather than requirements? #cooking

Janet Dane
1 week ago

Snow coming. Soup on. House smells great. #cooking. #soup.

A dark broth simmering with carrots and turnip visible on the top.
Julien Lengrand-Lambert
1 week ago

It’s this kind of #cooking day 😅.

Cut myself enough that i could see my pulse from the blood gushing out 😆.

G. Paul Randall
1 week ago

I accidentally sliced the lid while removing the outer wrap and it started sparking and burst into flames immediately when I started the microwave. Best damn kimchi noodle experience of my entire life.

#ramen #kimchi #BestLife #cooking #microwave

The colorful paper and foil lid of a microwave kimchi ramen dinner with a burnt section in the middle of it.
Adrianna Tan
1 week ago

As Lucas Sin will say ‘there aren’t really any salads in Chinese food’ (there aren’t: also watch his videos on Food52 on YouTube, best way to learn intro to Chinese cooking).

But the Sichuanese have appetizers they call 凉拌 (cold prep) that are somewhat salad-like. Veg ones are mostly potato or beancurd and different types of tofu. Nonveg types are mostly beef slices and cold chicken.

I’ve grown to really like them, and now make them at home.

#Cooking #ChineseFood

Three Sichuan style cold dishes: cold prepared beancurd stripes, potato slices and tofu
Adrianna Tan
1 week ago

Around 15 years ago, I spent two years in the Middle East, and the food of that region blew me away. Fresh, flavorful, so much variety. Very different from how it is sometimes presented elsewhere.

In the Bay Area, Mazra and Lokma are a excellent representation of how great that food can be. (Go to Lokma for a Turkish brunch)

On YouTube, my fave channels are Refika’s Kitchen and Middle Eats.

#Cooking #BayAreaEats #BAE

Randy (Bluesbreaker)
1 week ago

Great way to use leftovers:
"Dirty Fries"
In air fryer or oven, just throw everything together with a handful or two of oven fries, or leftover fries that aren't too cooked.
Because the chicken was cooked, I left it out until the veg were cooked.
#food #cooking

This dish has over fries, red and green peppers, a carrot, red onion, garlic and the leftover tajine which was chicken and dried apricots.
Steffani Cameron
1 week ago

Steak and potatoes tonight. Harissa mayo, homestyle air fryer “fries,” and the last of my homegrown tomatoes.

Striploin, medium-rare. Cast iron, and basted with butter as it rested. How to make a $6 steak eat like $30. Seasoned heavily with salt and pepper. #food #cooking #steak

A played with golden potato chunks, a blob of harissa mayo, a few halved fleshy tomatoes, and a decent-sized steak with good crust
Inside steak shot: medium rare top to bottom but a great crust. (Trick is to slide it around while sautéing.)
J blue
1 week ago

Mennonite cranberry sauce* muffins

This is dedicated to @SunnJax for all his delicious looking baked goods. His cranberry coconut loaf inspired me to make this recipe. But I turned it into muffins bc everyone in my house is so lazy-pants, they wouldn’t bother slicing for themselves so a loaf would just go bad on the counter.

*a side dish like applesauce, not a condiment

#cooking #baking #food

A tray of light brown muffins in silver cupcake cups on a black tray on a wood countertop. 

The muffins are nicely raised and cracked at the top and bits of cranberry are visible and densely distributed. They have turned almost black. 

They were good, nicely fluffy and moist.  You could definitely and orange. 

The ingredients:
Large apple 
Equal volume cranberries
Equal volume strawberry jam
Zest of one orange, and half of the orange

1/2 cup cane sugar 
Whole block of miyoko’s unsalted butter
4 eggs

3 cups flour 
1 T baking soda

1/n My vegan squash-pear soup is a success. Even I exclaimed "Oh, my god" on my first taste.

*Edit: Recipe in next post.

#Soup #Cooking #Vegan #Friendsgiving

A white bowl filled with orange-colored soup made from butternut squash, pears, onions, and spices, all vegan.
Linux Is Best
1 week ago

I don't know who will need this today... but you never know.

#ThanksGiving #ButterBall #Turkey #Cooking

Randy (Bluesbreaker)
2 weeks ago

This is pretty much identical to making corn tortillas, except it uses vegetable oil.

#food #cooking #recipes

We went out to brunch this morning and then to the Middle Eastern and Vietnamese grocery stores. I got garlic paste, which I’ve never seen before. Ummm, what should I use it for? #cooking #mysteryIngredient

Jessica Canady
2 weeks ago

Welp, bought a Butterball turkey since I waited too long and it's all I could lay hands on at the right size. Ugh. Can't even brine the thing without risking oversalting, since they pre-treat the bird.

I can still spatchcock it, rub it with a mix of baking soda and maybe like...some salt? A little? And then dry it out in the fridge prior to smoking it.

#turkey #thanksgiving #cooking

It's a shiny new blog post called: A Simple Thanksgiving

#cooking #nablopomo #thanksgiving

Steffani Cameron
2 weeks ago

This is what happens when you smoke a joint before spatchcocking your chicken.

We’ll see how it goes. (It’s supposed to be done along the backbone but I plunged the knife into its breast bone and realized as I was making the fatal flaw but I had to continue at that point.)

It’s brined well and that should make it tasty anyhow. #food #cooking

Weirdo spatchcocked bird is like Rocky Balboa on the cooking tray with legs up in victory pose and backbone intact
2 weeks ago

#TIL that the word 'cocktail' comes from the practice of making a horse for sale look more lively by shoving a piece of ginger up its butt. At the time, mixed drinks weren't as much of a thing except to cure hangovers. A hangover cure included bitters and other spices. "That'll put a cock in your tail." #drinks #cooking #mixology #etymology

Elan Feingold
2 weeks ago

Pesto pro-tip: blend the cheese, garlic, pine nuts and olive oil to start, at high speed. Add the basil leaves and right before serving, blend at low speed, this will ensure the basil isn’t damaged more than it needs to be. A few second at high speed at the end and you’ll have bright green pesto!

#pesto #cooking

Your Autistic Life
2 weeks ago

I was going to cook tonight, but I realized that one of the cooking instruments that I wanted to use hasn't been washed by the dishwasher yet.


So the plan is now to eat something else and run the dishwasher right after supper.

"Why don't you wash it by hand?"

🤬 Don't you dare ask me to wash my dishes by hand!

#cooking #dishwasher

Adrianna Tan
2 weeks ago

My favorite cooking method is steaming. It’s so easy and versatile and it is also one of the key pillars of the food I cook the most, Teochew (Chiu Chow) and Cantonese food.