Manish Vij
2 hours ago

Made #biryani with cinnamon sticks, cranberries, raisins, pista, peanuts, aloo, gobi, carrots, basmati and more. #indianfood #cooking

Based on this recipe:

4 hours ago

It finally didn’t collapse, so I think a little less sugar and a little less water did the trick. 🙌🏼 #Bread #Cooking

A 2 pound loaf of white, bread-machine bread that didn’t collapse.

It's only "menudo" if you're doing for sport or enlightenment. If you're using it in combat, it's "menujutsu".

#cooking #BoyBands #MartialArts #puns

5 hours ago

The incense you use when you want your home to smell like Tuscany in springtime.
Oh, well, looks like Monty's Pizza night.
#cooking #EpicFail #fails

photo of dry spaghetti noodles on fire as they start to get boiled in a pot.
6 hours ago

From the Kitchen playtime this morning....

🍲 I was up early enough to put the soup on before other things got in the way. Today it is Butternut, Celeriac and (the rest of the) Jicama. The idea came from The French Market Cookbook, by Clotilde Dusoulier, but it is a fairly simple French soup so I had to up the ante with some warming spices and lots of herbs.

📚 I was a bit disappointed in this book when I got it quite a few years ago now. The recipes are overly simple. Dusoulier used to have a blog (, and this book was a spin-off from there. I bought it because I am attracted to Market cookbooks. Still, the book is perfect for inspiration.

🇮🇳 Later today I hope to have time to make Crunchy Chana Dal Patties with Coconut and Sesame Seeds (Masala Chana Bada) from The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Yamuna Devi. This book is huge, and a classic. Recipes never fail.

:pumpkin_tired: Yesterday I had a prep day. Brussels sprouts roasted with lots of lemon juice and almost the last of the home made cherry jam. Brussels are a little bitter, so they can take some tart sweetness (my jams are always on the tart side). They are delicious, and altho they are supposed to be used during the week, I couldn't help having a small bowl to myself.

:pumpkin_tired: The huge butternut from next door was cut yesterday. I roasted a pan full until caramelised for risotto later this week. Another 1/3 went into the soup. I have the base left. I can't help thinking I will clean it out, roast it and stuff it.

:pumpkin_tired: This is such a terrific pumpkin, I have savved the seeds, will clean them and plant next season.

:pumpkin_tired: Also, I pre-cooked some freekeh (also so delicious I snuck a couple of tablespoons) for a pilaf or salad, plus it makes great toppings for soups etc.

#FromTheKitchen #cookingAU #cooking #vegetarian #WhatIAmCooking #WhatIAmEating #WhatIAmCookingFrom

Seamus Quigley
6 hours ago

🎵Musical fruit🎵 #cooking

Cuban-style black beans on rice, topped with feta cheese, pickled red onion slices, coriander/cilantro, and a slice of lime.
8 hours ago

Smoked a pork tenderloin today. Served it with grilled asparagus, squash, cucumber salad & creamy spinach potato salad. Drizzled the pork with chimichurri. Love it! 😍 #Smokingmeat #Cooking #Summer

Smoked pork tenderloin on foil.
White plate with smoked pork tenderloin topped with chimichurri, squash, asparagus, creamy spinach potato salad & cucumber salad.
8 hours ago

I’ve hit peak old man. Smoked a turkey 🦃 today #turkey #bbq #smoker #food #cooking

Martha Crimson
10 hours ago

Meatballs on pizza?

#pizza #cooking

11 hours ago

For the past few months cooking and baking have been very utilitarian, in service to managing my #MultipleMyeloma and it’s treatments. Today a few days after leaving the hospital for my stem cell transplant I’m back with a big, old stack of lazy Sunday pancakes. Feels good.
#cooking #Baking

A stack of pancakes on a skillet

Just thought I would share some #Knowledge
On the left the chilis with their names when they are fresh and on the right the same chilis with their names after they have been dried. No I didn’t find out today, Mi Abuelita taught me this many moons ago.


A graph of the different chilis of the American Southwest. On the left the chilis are listed with their names when they are fresh. On the right the the same chilis are listed with their names after they have been dried.
12 hours ago

Made me some "Kaiserschmarn" with blueberries 🫐 :blobcatdead:

Traditional austrian (bavarian) dish, that literally translates to "Emperors nonsense/hooey".

#cooking #dessert

White plate with fresh blueberry Kaiserschmarn, topped with powdered sugar and apple/mango compote on the side.
Julian Lam
12 hours ago

Ok so I made a #mayonnaise. It looks pretty good.

Do I add salt and vinegar to it too? It tastes kind of bland and oily right now.

#cooking #emulsion

12 hours ago

Random reminder: "cooking is an art; baking is a science" is for cowards. People don't understand baking and think a recipe is set in stone. They never learn to bake. It's like being at a complete loss when your car gets a flat tire. These are SKILLS.

People baked without recipes for eons. Recipes for the masses are really only about as old as the Victorian era. Even though recipes existed before then, they were by the rich, for the rich.

Now can you replace every last ingredient and have it work? No! Of course not! Ultimately, there is chemistry involved. But that doesn't mean there isn't also artistry. Make the recipe once and start tweaking from there.

Ultimately, a recipe is a guide to make a thing successfully. Your personal choices make a thing YOURS.

#cooking #baking

12 hours ago

Homemaking is not the easiest task, but it is something that has its own rewards. Yesterday I attempted to make an amazing dish and loved how it turned out.

#homemaker #househusband #housewife #cooking #blog #trans #enbie #nb

13 hours ago

It's not for vegetarians, but I wanted to recommend this recipe I followed for those who may be able to make it. Amazing.

See the translated list of ingredients. For some reason, they forgot to add potatoes to the original ingredient list, although the potatoes are clearly visible.

#food #cooking #cucina

Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
13 hours ago



Streaming #Overwatch2

Live right now and I'm highlighting these tags(or 1 tag if only 1) from all that this streamer is using (streamer's own capitalization choice btw, not mine): #Autistic #ADHD

#Neurotype? Well not my own again...reminded me about someone I might have met offline, but nobody I've seen and remember well online.

He shares a lot about himself and his own life and when he cooks and that's amazing. So his #cooking experiences he shares 😃

Autistic streamers 2/5

btw my pace has #slow/ #slowed down. It took 4 hours until I got to the next one.

14 hours ago

Sunday morning is when I clean out the fridge. I try to use up all the leftover ingredients for the week. This morning, I made a chimichurri to use up some sad bits of herbs and lemon, and a berry jam with strawberries from the garden along with some leftover blueberries & lemon. The chimichurri will go over grilled pork tenderloin and grilled veggies later today. #cooking #summer #leftovers

Oliver Schafeld
14 hours ago

#Cooking today: Potato gratin with ground beef & curry cheese sauce served with pickled salad with chive dressing.

Added cherry tomatoes to the salad. I suppose this would also taste good if you replaced the meat with smoked tofu and crumbled blue cheese.

Pilgrimage Farm LLC
16 hours ago


Nice! I am harvesting Rhus Aromatica (fragrant Sumac) by the bucket full, and restaurants in #nashville are buying it up fast as I can harvest it! Maybe your post will inspire some more uses!
#cooking #gourmet #wildcraft

16 hours ago

Lunch today will be spinach and cheese ravioli with homemade sauce and cheese-stuffed breadsticks. The breadsticks are **not** homemade. LOL. #food #cooking #pasta

21 hours ago

just wanted to commemorate the first meal i've cooked since getting The Virus - well apart from a tasteless meal l'd cooked when I just got sick before I quickly realised my heart rate was too shockingly high. just something simple, though expensive brunch food is also mostly a bunch of eggs, sausages, bacon. happy to find a new option for very low carb bread, and also glad to have at least one meal that's not cooked with vegetable oil.


photo of sausage, cheese, bread and egg
21 hours ago

Who here has seen Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill and what were your thoughts about it? #Anime #Fantasy #Isekai #Cooking #Comedy

文學界新人賞…#Cooking (少し上司で欲しかっです)ままならた人に泥舟の客に 「岸辺露伴をきたワイドに、聞いた先生で聞いけどてた。」ツイート嘘?おit?

22 hours ago

So, how badly have I messed up these tart crusts I'm trying to make?

#cooking #baking

22 hours ago

Potato Rosemary Pizza and Tomato Salad.

#food #dinner #cooking #home

potato rosemary pizza
tomato salad
tomato salad
Cat :skellysip:
23 hours ago

I didn't take photos last night, but I can say that if you're ever making #carbonara, absolutely use guanciale if you can find it. We got some from Adam's Continental at Carole Park, if you're nearer the #Brisbane CBD I'm told Fruity Capers at Toowong usually have it.

The flavour is wild. Smoky and rich and delicious. An incredible depth of flavour compared with ham, pancetta or bacon, and the smoky fat makes the sauce incredibly silky. It's the first time I've found/used guanciale and I'm never going back. We used Coles brand fresh pappardelle last night too - home made would have been better* but even the cheap stuff was so much lovelier than dried pasta. And of course proper parmigiano reggiano.

*but who's got time and bench space?

#food #cooking #Italian

Steffani Cameron
1 day ago

I made up some fresh pasta to go with this recipe I love — cherry tomatoes & garlic with chicken and basil.

Highly recommend for a healthy, delicious, and surprisingly simple meal.

Recipe is here:

#food #cooking #recipe

A white plate with sautéed chicken breast on the right, pasta with tomatoes and basil butter sauce on the left, covered with some Parmesan
1 day ago

#OTD May 27, 1911 Vincent Price was born!

Here’s my favorite Vincent Price song 🙃

#horror #music #actor #sampling #cooking #porkchops

1 day ago

Grilled pampano filet fresh from the gulf, topped with salt, pepper, thyme, jalapeño and peach slices. Cooked over alder wood. #fish #cooking #grilling

Four pampano fish filets sit on top of a pan on top of a grill grate. They are uncooked and topped with thyme, jalapeño, and peach slices.
Four pampano fish filets sit on a plate, post grilling, topped with thyme, jalapeño, and peach slices.
1 day ago

I reviewed a cookbook. I really didn't like this one, but perhaps your mileage will vary

#Cooking #Cookbook #Review

Sous vide ahi tuna and wasabi flavored jasmine rice.
#cooking #itswhatsfordinner #sousVide

Caprese salad with peach #cooking

A salad of cherry tomatoes, diced mozzarella, basil, peach chunks, and balsamic vinaigrette
Paul Turnbull
1 day ago

Soud-vide’d chicken thighs for four hours. Now frying them up!

#chicken #sousVide #Cooking #Food

Cast iron pan with 8 browned chicken thighs sizzling.
Same pan as the first frame but now there’s a weight on top of the thighs.
Ross of Ottawa
1 day ago

Yum - if you're in the northern hemisphere with summer headed this way, and you grow things, you should plant yourself some #sorrel. It makes a brilliant creamy sauce, that tastes so fresh and great. Great in soup too I hear.

I haven't seen it in the produce shops, perhaps it doesn't keep well once picked. It's a low maintenance perennial though, so will serve you forever.

#gardening #vegGarden #cooking

1 day ago

Just made a sort of combo stir-fry/stew that will serve for multiple meals. This is another of those recipes that I improvise from what I have on hand.

#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #cooking

A cutting board with various vegetables on it along with a little jar of All-Purpose Seasoning and one of Dried Marjoram. Vegetables include a bunch of asparagus bound with a blue rubber band, two long stems of green garlic with small bulbs, four sections of Nantes carrots, a ginger root, three turneric roots a small handful of peeled garlic cloves a bunch of dill, a block of tempeh, 10 good sized crimiini mushrooms, a box of frozen chopped spinach, a red onion, and a large jalapeño pepper.
1 day ago

To Tempt or Inspire .....

There are not many traditional cuisines in India that include soup, with an exception of shorba's in North India and Rasam's (not really a soup) in South India.

Indeed, many Indian people I have mentioned it to have averred there are no soups in India.

On one of my last trips, tho, we were served tiny cups of soup at the end of the meal - they were simple, unspiced morsels of deliciousness (and we'd often have 2 or more). A "shot" of soup, a bit like the tiny cups of chai on roadside stalls.

But the Goan Portuguese/ Catholic cuisine is another exception - there are simple, home-fare soups full of flavour. In fact you can say that the flavour goes beyond what you expect from the ingredients. These are cheap and every-day dishes, quickly and easily made, yet comforting and filling.

This #soup, Sopa de Legumes, is a vegetable soup that is pureed and then greens and dried legumes added – chickpeas or white beans or any dried pea or bean that you have on hand.

When I made this one, I used a stock that included mushrooms, so the dish is a little darker than normal. Usually it takes the colour from the vegetables you use – varying from white if only potatoes are used, to yellow-orange from carrots and pumpkin.

It is also probably meant to be eaten in small amounts, but I eat it Western style.

Honest, healthy, home-cooked deliciousness.

#TemptOrInspire #Vegetarian #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #cookingAU #eggFree #cooking #IndianFood #GoanFood

A plate of Goan vegetable soup, from the Catholic-Portugese cuisine of Goa (one of several cuisines in Goa).
1 day ago

From the Kitchen yesterday...

I managed to spend a little time in the kitchen yesterday, with some varying results.

🍞 To go with our soup, I made Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia. I use the fool-proof recipes from Gennaro's Italian Bakery by Gennaro Contaldo. So far all the bread, pizza and focaccia recipes in this book have been a huge success. This was no exception. It was glorious!

🍞 Breakfast today will feature left-over focaccia, split and toasted. Some fried red and green tomatoes.

🍅 Back to yesterday, breakfast was #Ottolenghi's Scrambled Tofu recipe, from Simple. I've mentioned before that it is made from silken tofu, which gives the dish a deliciously creamy texture. Today I made it with caramelised onions, sauteed green tomatoes and tofu, topped with crispy fried shallots, garlic black beans, and my tomato-chilli jam.

:nocookie: In an effort to use up some Golden Syrup I made some old-school biscuits that used a whole cup of GS. I was very sceptical it would work - basically sugar, GS and loads of butter, tied together with a little flour and dried ginger. But I was curious too. Curiosity satisfied - they are the most not-delicious foods I have had in a long time 😭 Perhaps it was meant to be 1 Tblspoon instead of a cup. That would make more sense.

☕ I am still coffee-free for the moment. That means I am using up all the green teas and spiced teas at home at a great rate (I have inlaws who regularly bring back teas from Hong Kong). Still, each day I think about whether I should have a cup of coffee. (On the rare occasion I am in a cafe I am Ok to have a decaf, so not 💯 coffee-free.)

🛌 I sleep a little better though. Not :100a: but better.

#FromTheKitchen #cookingAU #cooking #vegetarian #WhatIAmCooking #WhatIAmEating #WhatIAmCookingFrom

Weekends are when I do most of my cooking for the week. Here's this week's todo list:

Sat: noodles for today's lunch, mushroom pie, soak beans, roti, batch of yoghurt, simple syrup, sous vide tuna with wasabi rice

Sun: pancakes, pot of beans, masala, overnight oats, bottle home made liqueur

#cooking #oof

1 day ago

27 May:

Asparagus souffle
Rump steak Bearnaise

#cooking #fooddiary

SirTapTap 🎮
1 day ago

looks like I have help in the kitchen today, or maybe just a food critic.

Szechuan pork and beans stir fry

#cooking #catsofmastodon

Holly Brigstocke 🏳️‍⚧️
1 day ago

I shouldn't but R&D yah know?

#Food #Cooking

French fries in a white bowl sitting on a wooden table top in the garden.
2 days ago

Our local REKO ring has someone who sells oyster mushrooms. An urban farmer who grows these on a very small scale.

So I just had to make risotto with them. A zander fillet dusted with rye flour on the side, and raddish shoots from the same farmer.
#LocalProduce #reko #cooking #risotto


A plate of risotto in the sun. With raddish shoots on top and a fillet of zander on the side with a small wedge of lemon.
Making risotto, a collage.

On the top left, ingredients I used on two white plates. One filled with risotto rice and the other with chopped onion and oyster mushrooms. Visible on the side a half lemon, grana padano cheese.

Bottom left, sauteeing the onion and mushrolms in olive oil, on the table beside the pan diced butter, the rice and my wine glass with white wine in it.

Upper right is the risotto cooking in a pan midway of cooking. You can see the mushroom pieces peaking from the risotto. 

Middle right is the risotto with the cheese and butter on top. Just after you open the lid before strirring them in.

Bottom right is the finished risotto with everything mixed i, ready to eat.
Gregory Sherrow 📚🏳️‍🌈
2 days ago

I will accept my Nobel Price now. 🏅 😊

#PeanutButter #Cooking

An open jar of peanut butter sits below a spoon attached to a cordless drill. The spoon is dripping with peanut butter. The owner of the drill stuck a spoon in the chuck and used it to stir the fresh jar of natural peanut butter which usually has a thick oil layer sitting on top of it.
Nicole M. Wolverton
2 days ago

I bought a small bunch of garlic scapes at the farmers market this morning, intending to make a salad out of them for dinner tonight... and now I can't find a good recipe. Who's got one they can share? I want a simple salad where scapes are the star, NOT where they're only part of the dressing, made into pesto, or combined with a ton of other veggies.

#ISORecipe #Recipe #GarlicScapes #cooking

2 days ago

A #Japanese friend brought these Nattos (2nd pic) from #Japan and TIL what we in #Nagaland, #Manipur, and #Mizoram call ‘Fermented beans’ (PIC 1) is what the Japanese call Natto (PIC 2).

#Japan #Food #Dish #Cuisine #Cooking #India @mastodonindians

Stinky beans, fermented beans, and green chillies laid out in a plate before being cooked.
Neatly packed Natto
lucie digitální
2 days ago

I recently discovered this amazing person's recipes. My sister tells me I'm very late to the party, but her one pot whole chicken red thai curry has changed my life


Kitchen Priestess (she/her)
2 days ago

Welcome to the Fediverse!

Some info for newbies:
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Notice the last hashtag above has the first letter of words capitalized, called "Camel Case" for screen readers used by the disabled or visually impaired. When you post graphics, memes, or screenshots be sure & add alt text, too.

Hope this helps!

2 days ago

#Bourdain was moderately well-known before this article, but this was the one that shot him to fame, and deservedly so.
The last paragraph foreshadows his future nicely.

#Chef #AnthonyBourdain #Food #Cooking #Good #Writing #Restaraunts #TV #Health #Hygene #Offal #NewYorker

I've started cooking more recently, here are some very nice scrambled eggs with chorizo. it ain't much but it's honest work. came out quite good.
#food #cooking

a plate of scrambled eggs with chorizo, seasoned with herbs, salt, and pepper
Steffani Cameron
2 days ago

One of my favourite new habits in the last year is to buy a tiny bit larger of a steak then separate a third of it for the next morning.

I maybe have a steak a month, sometimes less, so this is a real treat.

Alt text for more info. #cooking #food

That’s two eggs fried, soft, with the yolks running on the plate, toasted homemade ciabatta with butter, and sliced ribeye cooked medium-rare, with chimichurri. 

It’s important the chimichurri comes to room temperature before serving (presuming you use refrigerated leftovers as I did!). Steak cooks most evenly when at room temperature too, making this a good late-breakfast day when you don’t have any rushes in the morning.
3 days ago


in some ways, GBH is The House That Julia Child Built.

Here she is showing you how to build an omelette:

#food #cooking

3 days ago

whoa I found the recipes section

I had no idea this page existed 😋 #food #cooking

J blue
4 days ago

Redbud flower and ramp pickle (adapted after “amazu shoga” Sakai, p.87) with southern magnolia flower, American spikenard and rat’s tail radish.

Allium tricoccum, Aralia racemosa, Cercis canadensis, Magnolia grandiflora, Raphanus sativus var caudatus (nonnative)

See AltText for tasting notes.

#gardening #GrowYourOwn #organic #permaculture #NativePlants #FoodSecurity #cooking #bloomscrolling #florespondence #vegan

A black background and a black speckled plate. On the plate are three white magnolia petals of different sizes. They have a pink puddle of pickled redbud flowers sitting in the natural curve of the petals. Between the petals are long thin rat tail radish pods that are dark pink and green and a cut stem of 3 leaves of a spikenard plant. 

Pickle was fine. It didn’t taste as sweet probably bc of the ramp. Very piquant but nice. Has more possibilities. 

Magnolia flower raw tastes like pine-sol then like rose then like ginger. It’s very pungent but doesn’t leave a lingering aftertaste. Definitely not for eating raw. Will try a blanching, steaming and pickling recipe if I can find more flowers that are low enough to reach. 

Spikenard leaf was like a faint mint with some anise and lettuce. It was ok. Better as a mixed green then a bunch by itself. The stalks were too fibrous to steam/boil even though they were very thin. 

Rats tail radish tastes like a tame radish, kinda nice. Like if a sugar snap was daikon flavored.
4 days ago

An old recipe brings back memories in Adaora Raji's short story, The Proper Way to Cook Oha.

Catch it exclusively at

#books #reading #writing #fiction #ShortStories #cooking @bookstodon

A bowl of okporoko with a quote from Adaora Raji's short story, The Proper Way to Cook Oha: 'I used to buy okporoko from Okechukwu's mama at Eke Ukwu market … '
4 days ago

I just cured my first carbon steel pan and I cannot be happier. So satisfying! 👨‍🍳💋

#carbonsteel #cooking #happy #chef #video #curing

Cubed potatoes sliding around a carbon steel pan.

My occasional #narration partner and I are #cooking up something for #kids this #Oct
#Halloween is so much #fun in the #Vacnouver #BC #Canada #area - #fireworks and #festive
I'm #thinking of a #Costume with #horns

Kitchen Priestess (she/her)
4 days ago


Welcome to the Fediverse!

Some info for newbies:

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Hope this helps!

@CAnxiolytic @waitnwallflower @libragrl1685 @Knaughty @HeatherPC you already know I must be feeling better if I have kitchen plans...
BBQ ribs with a Cajun rub
BBQ ribs with peach- habañero sauce
Bacon wrapped BBQ ribs
Buffalo "wings"*
Strawberry syrup for soda
Ginger beer base

*really drumsticks, but it's a running joke. Aaron has been running with this after watching a comedian on YouTube.

Randy Resnick
5 days ago

Tonight's "do something with leftovers" chicken has a little thrown together sauce with what I found in the fridge and on the shelf: some tumeric-infused honey dissolved in lime juice, with fresh basil and some onion. Mediocre result, but it was an alternative to tomato-based, which I fall back on too often.
#food #cooking

Swede’s Photographs
5 days ago

Good morning. ☕☕☕

My wife is home from Geogia, maybe I won't eat ramen tonight. I won't say I can't cook at all but if I had a specialty, it would be hotdogs, macaroni and cheese (with Velvetta), and pork and beans - I'd slice up a tomato on the side to make it wholesome. Let's just say I don't like to cook, I wish I did, but I don't. Years ago, decades in fact, I was home with kids my wife still hadn't come home, so I made stuffed bell peppers. I mixed some rice with ground beef and onions, stuffed it in the peppers and into the oven. Who would have thought that you're supposed to cook the rice first. They weren't too bad, a bit crunchy. When my wife got home, the kids asked her if they had to eat it.

“It can be exhausting eating a meal cooked by a man. With a woman, it's, Ho hum, pass the beans. A guy, you have to act like he just built the Taj Mahal.” - Deb Caletti, The Queen of Everything

#photo #photography #photographer #birds #birdwatching #morning #cooking #WhitePelicans

This is a flock of six white pelicans that I saw while crossing the Calcasieu Ship Channel, which connects the Intracoastal Waterway to the Gulf of Mexico, on the Cameron Ferry in Cameron Parish Louisiana.

Theses pelicans are flying away and to the left in this photograph.  Each bird has a yellow bill, white body, and wings with black tipped flight feathers.  The sky is blue.
"A huge waterbird with very broad wings, a long neck, and a massive bill that gives the head a unique, long shape. They have thick bodies, short legs, and short, square tails. During the breeding season, adults grow an unusual projection or horn on the upper mandible near the tip of the bill. Adult American White Pelicans are snowy white with black flight feathers visible only when the wings are spread. A small patch of ornamental feathers on the chest can become yellow in spring. The bill and legs are yellow-orange. Immatures are mostly white as well, but the head, neck, and back are variably dusky." -
5 days ago

Cornbread was the right choice. A gremolata topper, and the veal is fork tender. Osso buco FTW
#cooking #homestead #FarmToFace #slowfood

Mouth watering dish of savory stew poured over a slice of cornbread.
5 days ago

Got a bit adventurous cooking Baingan ka bharta last night.

#Cooking #Food

A round aggpant cut into half and being smoked in a stove. You see a full garlic and green chillies inserted in the cut opening.
The egg plant as it is roasted.
5 days ago

Who wants to talk about the osso buco I'm making for dinner? ME me. I do.
The rose veal was raised by a #farm friend. I'm making cornbread instead of polenta bc I wanted something more bread-like to soak up the rich broth. I'll try to remember a picture when I dish it up, but it's stew-like, so not always easy to capture the flavor in a pic. #cooking #FarmToFace #homesteady

Liam 🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

#Cooking some Salmon for dinner, first time using our new #SousVide

A silver pot with an immersion sous vide and vacuum sealed Salmon fillets in water, on top of a stove
Eeeee Woooo
5 days ago

I have ordered an induction burner and appropriate pans. Any suggestions? #cooking #hangry

6 days ago

Sometimes it's good to take your mind off bigger challenges, personal, national, global, w/ever and just be grateful for small things you can easily affect.

Chives from the garden. Chopping them up for lunch. A very simple good thing. That's all.
#Cooking #gardening #garden #food

A hand holding a bunch of cut chives. In the background several herb plants.
Tony Kennick
6 days ago

Is it Fusion Food or an abomination?
The Pizza Dog, 27% hot dog, 41% pizza, 19% sausage roll, 13% audacity.
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A hot dog rolled in pizza dough and cooked.
A hot dog, rolled in pizza dough and cooked, cut in half.
Steffani Cameron
1 week ago

My latest pizza sauce experiment was a hit with my neighbour.

For a 12” pizza, it’s 3 tablespoons of heavy cream, a grated large garlic clove — not chopped or minced, but rather microplaned, so the flavour goes through the cream — about 1/4 teaspoon of Calabrian chili crisp, and salt.

Gotta mix it and let it sit for an hour so the flavours really meld. You’ll be surprised how much garlic flavour you get from a single large clove doing it this way. #pizza #sourdough #cooking #food

A Neapolitan style pizza with 1/2” balls of Italian sausage, mozzarella, cream sauce, red onion, walnuts, rosemary
Duchess of Umbrage
1 week ago

Today’s #GluttonyWithUmbrage concerns the greatest dish ever invented: fried rice. I’ve been gourmetting for 40 years but somehow decent, authentic-tasting fried rice has always eluded me in my own kitchen. Until I took a couple of tips from J.Kenji Lopez-Alt A few years ago I followed his recipe to the letter before adding my own tweaks, and the results were as close to restaurant quality as I’ve ever gotten. The main changes for me were:

1. Using fresh-cooked rice that I dried out on a half-sheet under a fan for 20 minutes.
2. Frying the rice separately in batches, in a cheap, well-seasoned carbon steel flat-bottom wok* over the >>HIGHEST GODDAM HEAT POSSIBLE<<, using heat-compatible oil, until there were little char-marks on about half the grains.
3. Frying the vegetables separately until also charred on the edges
4. Salting the mixture with Maldon, then using just enough soy sauce for flavor.

All this produces the best fried rice I’ve ever made, by a factor of at least 147. Highly recommend a few generous squirts of La-Yu hot oil at the table. #cooking

* if you’re leery of carbon steel, just get a tube of Crisbee Cream cast iron seasoning and follow the easy instructions on the label. It’s a game-changer.

1 week ago

What do you call the TINY little dishes you'd use to lay out your spices, or pressed garlic, grated ginger. Imagine like ten tiny white ceramic dishes holding their individual ingredients. #cooking

Sampath Pāṇini ® ✅
1 week ago

Do you like eating?

Do you love cooking?

Do you think food is good?

Are you a “foodie”?

Can you bingewatch food porn?

Well, we’re living through a mass extinction event and the food will go away.

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#food #ecosystems #foodporn #cooking #eating

Adam Robersmith
1 week ago

Time for an #introduction! I am a #UU #UnitarianUniversalist clergyperson, a #Druid of the AODA, a spiritual director, and a scholar working on my PhD (having already done a DMin). I love #cooking, #gardening, #fiberarts, working out, and living quietly & sustainably in the woods.

I’m slowly building a public scholarship presence beyond my congregation and religious communities, including work supporting activism around #climatechange #sustainability #JEDI #queerness and #sexualfreedom.

Adam Fields
1 week ago

Sous vide turkey leg (speasoned, 150F for 36 hours, then broiled until crispy, a few minutes per side), with microwave reheated frozen instant pot wild/brown rice, steamed string beans, and homemade cranberry jelly sauce. #dinner #cooking #sousvide #turkey #instantpot

1 week ago

I love oatmeal.

I love cheese.

It’s unreasonable that they don’t work together. #food #cooking #cheese #oatmeal

1 week ago

I have made a strictly non canon roasted onion, potato and feta tortilla and I want to live amongst its caramelised peaks. #food #cooking

Close up of a baked onelette with big chunks of feta, potato and onion browned at the edges.
Wider shot of the tortilla that could easily feed four but will actually feed three greedy people. It's ona large yellow dinner plate, hanging over the edges a little. It's nicely browned with big chunks of feta studded into the top.
Mark Wyner :vm:
1 week ago

I made some stir fry. Homemade sauce and everything. Totally vegan and totally noms.

#Vegan #Cooking #Veggies #Tofu

Deep pan filled with tons of veggies (carrots, onions, bok choy, mushrooms, zucchini, garlic) midway through the cooking process
Steffani Cameron
1 week ago

Pizza night! #Sourdough crust, mozzarella. There’s a base made with heavy cream and Calabrian chili crisp, and it’s topped with walnuts, Italian sausage, and leeks. #pizza #cooking

Pizza as described — Neapolitan style, uncut, generously topped, sitting on a bamboo cutting board
Steffani Cameron
1 week ago

I am a baking fiend lately. I made ciabatta last weekend and loved it so I’m trying again this week. But every time I lift the lid on the dough, it smells like roasted peppers, since I apparently didn’t clean it as well as I thought. 😶

BUT THIS COULD BE A BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE, we don’t know. I will find out when the new batch bakes tomorrow.

Anyhow, it has been a tasty week of sandwiches.

Alt text for more. #food #cooking #bread

EIGHT beautiful golden ciabatta buns dusty with semolina on a cooling rack
Breakfast panini with grill marks on said ciabatta filled with some scrambled egg, tomatoes, crispy thin chorizo, and a space mayo with Calabrian chili crisp
A double-schnitzel ciabatta sandwich with spicy mayo, mustard, red onion and avocado, halved, next to a hefty salad of homegrown frisée with blackened corn, red onions, avocado tomato and dressing
A mixed greens salad (homegrown!) with soft poached egg on top, shaved Parmesan, and crispy bacon, and a lightly toasted halved ciabatta sandwich with bacon, tomato and spicy mayo

The last step of the New Orleans #cooking class: I pulled out the #beignet (zepolli) batter and fried them up tonight. Even better with the strawberry sauce.

Two dozen brown lumps of spiced dough cool on a wire rack, covered with powdered sugar.
A fork dips one small beignet into a bowl of strawberry sauce.
Adam Fields
1 week ago

First canning project of the season - blueberry jam. 6.5 pints of blueberries, 3 cups of sugar, 2 tablespoons of Pomona’s Universal Pectin, 11 8oz jars. #canning #cooking #preservation #blueberry #jam

Darcy :verified:
1 week ago

Since I have some free time I’ll give an #introduction 🖤

Hello #Horrorhub & #mastodon my name is Darcy, and I’m your friend to the end 👻

I enjoy all things spooky and horror. Some of my favorite horror films include: The Ring, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Audition, The Orphanage, The Conjuring, Annabelle, X, and The Hills Have Eyes.

Interested in:


Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
2 weeks ago

#3GoodThings @3goodthings

1. Another beautiful spring day in Southeast #Michigan
2. About half of my snap peas have survived the cutworm attack. Organic #gardening is an act of hope.
3. I tried a new NYTimes #Cooking recipe. And although it wasn't a good one, I give myself points for branching out and trying something different.