Carsten Agger
3 hours ago

Creepy till cameras in Coop. #oxford #brookes #coop

Astrolabe CAE
5 hours ago

Être indépendant·e dans le #numérique sans se prendre la tête ? 🤔

En #CAE vous gérez vos clients et on se charge du reste!

En #coop vous participez à la #gouvernance 💪

Réunion d'information :
📅 Mardi 3 Oct à 12h30
📅 Jeudi 19 Oct à 18h30
🗺️ Visio

Pour vous inscrire 👉


Chris Lowis
10 hours ago

I had to take a detour to improve file uploading for Good-quality lossless files can be pretty large so uploading them through the rails process was causing issues. Instead I followed the ActiveStorage rails guide ( and implemented direct uploading from the client to the cloud. I've implemented a very simple Stimulus controller to show progress for now. Once uploaded the file is transcoded in the background for playback.

#BuildInPublic #coop

A video of the "new track" screen in When the user presses "save" a simple progress bar (the text: "Uploading x%") appears and updates as the file uploads directly to the cloud from the client. When the file is uploaded the user is redirected to a page showing the album the track comes from.
Joel Leichty
12 hours ago

🧵 5.

Most importantly, every step of the way has included transparent discussions about the pros and cons of different approaches.

I see myself as a "caretaker" of the LLC more than the "owner" of the LLC. In fact, there are clauses where ownership transfers to the other cofounder in the case of someone leaving as an employee. We are trying to avoid scenarios where the legal owners are owed a payout.

#workercoop #coop

Joel Leichty
12 hours ago

We finally got Version 2 of our Cooptimize operating agreement completed. I wanted to share about the structure we ended up with and why.

Cooptimize is a #workercoop IT Consulting firm. I am the cofounder and we're now at 5 employees after a year and a half! 🥳

Some of the key corporation setup decisions we made in version 2 are:
• An LLC electing for C-Corp taxation.
• A Manager-Managed LLC
• Using our own version of profit sharing - not typical patronage.


🧵 1.

@categulario @LaJandy seguramente hay más documentación pero esta encontré por ahí.

Por estos días no frilanceo tanto pero tal vez volveré y entonces ¿le hacemos?

#coop #software #softwareCoop

@LaJandy A mi me parece que eres listilla y culta, se lee. Tengo confianza en que no encontrarás muchos problemas que no puedas resolver.

Me entusiasma imaginar que como parte dese patrimonio creas una cooperativa de desarrolladores de software y al rato andamos triunfando colectivamente.

#coop #software #future

TC Workers Defense Alliance
17 hours ago

🔥 Workers at Seward Community #Coop in #Minneapolis #Minnesota have voted overwhelmingly to authorize an Unfair Labor Practices (ULP) strike.

These #union members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 663 are demanding the #consumer #cooperative stand behind its talk about equity and support "our need to lift up our communities, our member-owners, and the hard work that we do to keep Seward Coop running."

Brendan Jones
2 days ago

@siderea @shauna I think one of the key points missing in the pitch for a competitor is that it needs to not be purely a for-profit company, so that you don’t get the inevitable nickel-and-diming (AKA #enshittification) that Patreon wants to try. In other words, this kind of platform is a perfect fit for a platform co-op structure.

Open Collective and Comradery aren’t there yet but they could be. OC isn’t a #coop yet, is.

Attention à #coop il y a du raison en vrac avec un prix au KG mais du raison en barquette environ le même prix mais c'est pour 500g donc le double du prix.
J'ai faillit me faire avoir
Ils marque le prix en gros et 500g en tout petit c'est limite arnaque

ZeNfA Productions
3 days ago

The Steam Playtest for Rocket has been updated!

Includes various Graphic & UI changes, as well as new Ship Upgrade Items.

Wishlist & Play Now:
#indiedev #gamedev #coop #steam #playtest

Hey, what's some good #coop #games for couples? PC only, no split screen. Preferably LAN play but won't discount multiplayer. No competitive FPS or complicated board games, preferably just something cute with substance where we work together.

Currently we've done:
Minecraft, Stardew, HL2 multiplayer, Portal 2, Roblox, PokeMMO

A hat in time, terraria, don't starve together

4 days ago

#KarlMarx in the New York Tribune 1852 'Corruption at Elections'

"If you follow up the history of British elections (written in 1852) for a century past or longer, you are tempted to ask, not why #British Parliaments were so bad, but on the contrary, how they managed to be even as good as they were and to represent as much as they did, though in a dim refraction, the actual movement of #British society"

#economics #money #capitalism #socialism #democracy at #work #CoOp

ZeNfA Productions
5 days ago

Time to blast off!

Have a friend & extra controller? Start up a Local Co-Op game. Can even do it via Remote Play Together feature!

#indiedev #gamedev #steam #coop #multiplayer

6 days ago
6 days ago

A very interesting case study of how a worker #coop providing services around #foss, namely @igalia, can make 140 people work together across the globe without hierarchy :


6 days ago

#BaldursGate3 #coop #ps5
Gestern war es endlich so weit. Das 4er Coop Abenteuer mit Frau D, ihrem Arbeitskollegen snuggles, meiner Liebsten und mir hat begonnen. 🥳
Nach ca 1stunde 45min waren wir auch schon mit der Charakter Erstellung fertig. Frau D und snuggles spielen Krieger. Frau D Mensch, snuggles drow. Meine Liebste spielt ihre waldelfische Schurkin, und ich, dank eurer votes einen Dragonborn Druiden. Werden in der nächsten Session entweder zum Hain oder den Ruinen gehen.
Woohoo 🥰❤️🥳😁

Split Screen Ansicht unserer Gruppe. Von l nach r drow Krieger, Menschen Kriegerin, Dragonborn Druide und Waldelf Schurkin.
Die Szene kurz nach dem Absturz in der Nähe der Ruine mit dem Meer im Hintergrund
Split Screen Ansicht links Nahaufnahme meines Dragonborn Druiden und rechts die waldelfische Schurkin meiner Liebsten. Die Szene kurz nach dem Absturz.
Gruppenfoto unserer Gruppe am Strand kurz nach dem Absturz. Von links nach rechts, drow Krieger, Mensch Kriegerin, Dragonborn Druide und waldelfische Schurkin.
Nahaufnahme meines Dragonborn Druiden. In der Szene, in der lae'zel zum ersten Mal auf uns trifft, an Bord des nautiloiden.
Josh Davis
1 week ago

:TwinPines: Lancaster's Music #Coop is coming back after signing a 99 year lease with the city and getting funding for repairs.

Steve Herrick
1 week ago

@b Well, since you ask, you can follow my account. It's a VERY low-volume blog that consists of installations of my translation of The Cooperative Man: Azirmendiarrieta's Thought. It's a long book on the spiritual founder of the #Mondragon #coop complex.

1 week ago

To me, the only interesting thing on #Besthesda’s 5-year plan is the remake of Elder Scrolls #Oblivion.

Then again, with the lack of ambition the developer puts on display here, I fear it won’t have any cool additions - like #coop for example. #xbox #gamepass

From: @rockpapershotgun

Yutram and I set out as Lara Croft and Totec to see how many times we can die in a single playthrough! How many times? Enough that you don't want to make it into a drinking game...

#LaraCroft #LaraCroftandtheGuardianOfLight #Gaming #PCGaming #VideoGames #ShareYourGames #MastodonGaming #AdventureGame #AdventureGames #Coop

Kat Five
1 week ago

The Co-op Hackathon is set to be amazing, 19 & 20 October in London.

We’ve received some excellent ideas for digital solutions that will be collaboratively developed at the event!

Just 2️⃣ days left to submit your idea. Deadline this Wed, 20 Sept. Find out more

#coop #hackathon #collaborative #tech #socialtech #techforgood #cooperative #developers #london #womenintech #coders

CO-OP HACKATHON Join the Co-op Hackathon on 19-20 October, London - an event to boost collaborative tech within the co-operative movement. SUPPORTING FAIR AND ETHICAL BUSINESS TOGETHER CO-OPERATIVES UK The co-operative bankCO-OP HACKATHON Join the Co-op Hackathon on 19-20 October, London - an event to boost collaborative tech within the co-operative movement. SUPPORTING FAIR AND ETHICAL BUSINESS TOGETHER CO-OPERATIVES UK The co-operative bank
Tommy AO
1 week ago

Jeg lager øl! Denne gangen er det en plommeøl, laget med 7kg Isaria malt, 5kg plommer fra #Hovelsrud gård*, Hallertau Blanc humle, og min egen huskultur av Raftevold kveik.

*) Da #Coop ikke ville betale dem prisen de hadde blitt enige om tidligere, så solgte de plommene til folket i 5kg esker. De ble utsolgt og vel så det!

Plommer i oppvaskkum fylt med vann
Kokte plommer i en kjele

Tonight I held a two player Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Session over Steam Remote Play! It was like we were in the same room! Either that or they had a USB cable that reaches across the the continent.

#Gaming #PCGaming #VideoGames #Steam #Tetris #PuyoPuyo #VideoGames #ShareYourGames #MastodonGaming #Arcade #Coop #Casual

A two player match of tetris!
Jimmy Bergkvist
1 week ago

Är det bara jag eller är #lidl i #Sverige världens sämsta matkedja gällande #prismärkning ? Jag har ALDRIG varit med om felmärkning som så ofta inte finns, är felplacerad, felaktig eller otydlig hos #ICa eller #coop

ZeNfA Productions
1 week ago

Happy #screenshotsaturday everyone!

Almost finished with the Local Co-Op addition to Rocket! This will be a fun drop-in system where your friends IRL can join you at any time.

Wishlist / Play Now:
#Arcade #Coop #Steam #steamdeck

Nemo_bis 🌈
1 week ago

Only about a month left to join as #EuropeanSleeper #coop shareholder before they close the current capital raise.

#rail #SleeperTrains #cooperative #finance

2 weeks ago

Moin meine #Mastonauten, ich wünsche euch einen fabulösen #Samstag.

Heute habe ich mal wieder eine #Gaming #Empfehlung für euch. Wenn jemand von euch auf der Suche nach einem guten #2Player #CoOp #Game auf #Steam (auch auf diversen #Konsolen) Kann ich euch #WeWereHere und #WeWereHereExpeditionsTheFriendship ans Herz legen. Die beiden mit #Rätsel vollgepackten #Videospiele sind derzeit zudem #kostenlos in #Valves #OnlineShop erhältlich.

Ich hatte viel Spaß damit 😊👍

#Games #ShareYourGames

We Were Here zeugt ein Verschneites Gebäude und zwei Personen die sich auf dem weg dorthin per Funk unterhalten.
Zwei Personen  erleben einen wilden Ritt durch eine Jahrmarktsattraktion mit kleinen Booten in einem Tunnel (We Were Here Friendship)
2 weeks ago

Next level is almost done. Fishes do stupid jobs? An office seems to be the best environment to do so. :)

#godotengine #indiev #gamedev #multiplayer #coop

The Gamer's Tavern
2 weeks ago

Hey adventurers! It's #Friday and it's a #streaming day!

Join Alex and tonight @ 9:30 PM CEST (GMT +2) while they'll try to avoid being wrecked playing #VoidCrew, the funniest space #coop game

Follow this bot to be notified of the #live #stream or join us on #Owncast @

#Gaming #Videogames #Streamer #TheGamersTavern

2 weeks ago

Video cards are expensive these days! That's why we adventure for gold! #proton #coop #BaldursGate3

Josh Davis
2 weeks ago

:TwinPines: This #Coop Prayer from Botswana is absolute 🔥. This one needs to be shared widely (h/t @beckett for sharing it with the person who shared it with me.)

A Co-op Prayer from Botswana
Oodi Women's Weaver Co-operative
Botswana Cooperative Movement

Lord, save our cooperative, and keep it safe from the attention of:

- the academics who wish to pull it apart to find out how it works
- the professionals who seem to believe that nothing can be achieved by ordinary women and men without their help
- the advisers who never tire of finding new problems that they can pretend to be finding solutions for them
- the managers who think the Co-operative should work for them rather than they should work for it
- the politicians who seek to use the Co-operative as stepping stones to power
- the Governments which would bury it in bureaucracy
- the pedlars of dogma who want to make it fit their view of the world and will not accept that our Co-operative is simply a self-help enterprise bringing benefits to our members
- the investors who would try to take it over and cash in on our success.

Lord! Protect us from any such, often well-meaning, but interfering people who do not seem to understand that all we want to do is work harmoniously together to bring economic benefits to our members without harming or transgressing the rights of those outside the Co-operative. Amen.
Nicol Wistreich
2 weeks ago

"At a palatial penthouse just off Savile Row, we drop off another order to a concierge. This one’s for a young Saudi man: dinner at £192 from the high-end Chinese restaurant Hakkasan, a stone’s throw away. Deliveroo will take £35-45 of the order, while the restaurant gets £150. Shaffi gets £2.90. No tip again."

There's been talk of rider-owned delivery apps since the rise of the #gigeconomy. Over a decade on, where is the $2.1 trillion/yr (2020, src ICA) #coop community?

Timothée Goguely
2 weeks ago

@maiwann @vincent @AugierLe42e @greenman @turb @MissTaire @clairezed @AstrolabeCAE

Bonjour tout le monde et merci d’avoir répondu à mon appel :

Si vous avez 10–15 minutes à m'accorder, voici donc le lien vers le formulaire que je vous ai préparé :

Si vous pensez à d'autres personnes qui seraient susceptibles de répondre (notamment des personnes hors Mastodon), n'hésitez pas à relayer le lien !

Merci pour votre participation 👏

#Coop #CAE

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
2 weeks ago

It’s weird to think that #chrome is a great browser, but that it’s a great browser only so that it’s true purpose - to track you and serve you ads - can be better realized. The whole goal of constant feature improvements is to make sure that other browsers are behind and the amount of work to create a competitive browser is so high that nobody takes it on. Firefox is fast but also must constantly play the catch up game so struggles to innovate as well, and literally takes the majority of its money from Google… um

If only there could be some free, open source, independent browser that was run by a sane and thoughtful #coop of developers.

ZeNfA Productions
2 weeks ago

Local Co-Op support is now underway!

Still got a bit of work ahead of me, but it's a good start.

#indiedev #gamedev #arcade #steam #coop

Robert Boler
2 weeks ago

Joining or forming a campaign, #union, #coop, or other #advocacy group multiples both your impact and *sense* of impact, too.

This creates a sense of belonging, divides the work, and can often lead to positive ripple effects up to state or federal levels.

It sounds cliché, but changing big things is possible.

You just can’t do it alone.


Institut Coop
2 weeks ago

HOW can energy cooperatives and community enterprises transform our economy to tackle urgent challenges for the transition to a circular and climate-neutral society? Free webinar and pre-event of the Global Coop Innovation Summit in Montreal! Register here for the webinar: #coop #energy

2 weeks ago

Just a thought about our wannabe corporate overlords

#ElonMusk says that he is a free-speech absolutist. But, he'd probably fire any of his #Twitter ("x") employees if they regularly tweeted something about Elon or Twitter that he doesn't personally like 🤬

The social relationship between employer & employee is the opposite of "free speech" & having a vote on how the company is managed

Think of an #economic system that nurtured civilised speech & freedom of choice

#CoOp #business #democracy

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 weeks ago

The #future is online #coop s. Check out for one example. #Mastoart #art #cooperative

Marco V Morelli
3 weeks ago

Coming up this Monday, 9/11, in #Longmont #Colorado: the next in a series of local meet-ups to talk about Cosmos #coop, a #creative community and member-owned publishing platform dedicated to visionary #art and #literature.

This will be an introductory event, great for #writers, #artists, #poets, and #media-makers who are looking for opportunities to collaborate and get their work out within a #cooperative framework.

Please spread the word!

3 weeks ago

#Email and the #web made #google,
Google now landlords web and email but
what would google do and be
if half of its work force walk out?
What kind of innovation in the wake of
Google infra breakdown would ensue?

In the end all institutions depend on continued engagement and #walkaway is the most
existential threat for them.

Ask china regarding bailar (let it rot).

So let's see about a revival of web and email,
salvaging useful planetary scale #coop tech
in the coming breakdowns.

Chris Lowis
3 weeks ago

I've been working on transcoding uploaded tracks to MP3 this afternoon for

Conveniently both render and github actions make `ffmpeg` available in their ruby images, so I've been able to use ffmpeg fairly easily to generate variable bitrate mp3s (e.g.

#BuildInPublic #IndieDev #coop

A screenshot from the work-in-progress album page for Showing a dummy album name, cover image, tracklist and HTML <audio> tag for previewing the music.
3 weeks ago

Time for some more patch 2 testing. It's not our fault if we fail, the game's broken! #BaldursGate3 #coop #linux_gaming #proton

Boris Mann
3 weeks ago

As we're prepping for our #CoSocialAGM2023 and are leaning into the members forum more fully, I ended up posting our official rules of the #coop

I _think_ we can take the PDF and turn it into a set of linked forum pages and it will be usefully indexed and searchable.

If you'd like to help with this, leave a comment.

Note: that is a #CoSocialCa members-only link. We might make it visible in the future, but for now, serving members.

3 weeks ago

how does one keep up motivation at art co-ops in the face of drastic funding cuts in the arts? actually curious about strategies here. Co-ops go from being semi-political orgs to feeling like we are "running a business" as funding gets tighter and tighter and income streams become important to keep the rent paid.

#coop #Community


I’ve been serving as a board member at Modo, Vancouver’s car-sharing cooperative, since 2021. This is such an exciting point in time to be thinking about what decoupling car access from car ownership can do for the shape and form of transit-oriented, walkable communities - with #coop principles at the heart of it all.

Modo just celebrated ✨25 years, with 1000 vehicles serving 30k members✨. Lots of hurdles and opportunities to come - like zero emission fleet transition.


#Starfield looks big gorgeous and beautiful, but lonely.

#multiplayer #coop

Timothée Goguely
4 weeks ago

Je cherche des personnes travaillant dans le domaine du design et/ou du développement web en tant qu’entrepreneur·euse-salarié·e au sein d’une CAE (Coopérative d’Activité et d’Emploi) en France.

C'est pour un article que je suis en train d’écrire, j'aimerais recueillir vos témoignages et vous poser quelques questions, si vous avez un peu de temps à m’accorder.


#Coop #CAE

Steve Herrick
4 weeks ago

@jalcine @cfaworkers It might be too soon to think about it right now, but if the workers and the union decide they want to respond by forming a worker #coop, a lot of people here would support you.

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
1 month ago

Affordable Housing Has Become Unaffordable to Build

A ‘perfect storm’ of rising costs makes it hard to keep rents low, say non-profits

This is a Vancouver-centric story, but I have seen exactly the same things happen in Victoria through my work with #VicCoolAid

#AffordableHousing #homelessness #nonprofit #coop #bcpoli #yyjpoli #vanpoli

Ryan Singel
1 month ago

I wrote a little thing about the launch of 404 Media and tried to only slightly mention how the publishing coop Outpost I co-founded is helping.

#media #CoOp #IndiePublishing #GhostCMS

1 month ago

We need more multiplayer co-op games that support more than 4 players. I am in several groups of 5-6 people that would love to play those games without needing mods.

#gaming #games #coop

When I see posts like this one from
@chrislowis @freerange

I remember that some of us want to start a #coop for internet infrastructure....

I wonder if any of the savvy B2B #marketing wizards like @mariyadelano have described the value prop of an infrastructure provider that is immune from #enshittification and aligned with the customer's business model?

I wonder what infrastructure uses?

Chris Lowis
1 month ago

We (@freerange) have started work on a new, co-operatively owned music platform We want to give musicians, fans and the people who work on the platform control, a share of the (eventual) profits and the confidence that we won't be enshittified by external investors.

I'm going to share some things here as we build it. If you're interested, especially if you're a musician willing to try it out, sign up for info at - or contact me here!

#music #coop #rails

Teaching Mrs. Knight how to play Modern Marisa in #StreetFighter6

She's starting from absolute 0, 0 Kelvin vibes, so this is slow and fun. Marisa combos are easy and her only goal is to be able to play world tour so her goals are modest.

Most fun we've had gaming together since the #HaloInfinite campaign

#Halo #StreetFighter #CoOp #gaming

Sam Whited
1 month ago

Novlr (a writing tool) just became co-owned. While I'm normally excited about businesses becoming more cooperative (even if it's a consumer co-op where the members have very little actual power), something about this is making me nervous. What do other co-op folks think, am I being silly? Maybe it's just the fact that the product isn't open source (and I don't see that as very cooperative). #coop #cooperative

1 month ago

Question for #coop people : I want to improve the langauge on how #CoSocialCa talk's about member share purchase + annual dues we ask people to pay, do you have any great examples of how #cooperative / #platformcoop have done this?

Patrick Schmidt
1 month ago

#coop Steam #games für max 4,99 :blobcat_keyboard: Superbugs, Monstrum 2, Afterparty :blobcatdevil: uvm

2 months ago

I think of co-ops as rafts of permeable-walled cells ecapsulated in capitalist seas. They have commercial interfaces for navigation, nourishment, giving back, and legitimacy. But they also re-translate business laws in ways that encode their emphases on mutual commons inside themselves and between each other.

@steveediger @GuerillaOntologist @interfluidity

#coOp #capitalism #culture

2 months ago

@liaizon @peoplelikedogs a not obvious awesome thing about tempeh is that the collaboration with the fungus results in humans getting more nutrients from the soy because the fungus digests some things that our gut usually cant, and the outputs of the fungus metabolism are great inputs to ours


Àlex Duran
2 months ago

Creada en els 70, la cooperativa d'habitatge en cessió d'ús de #Leicester (UK) ara és propietària de 378 habitatges: 254 cases, 115 pisos i nou més en altres formats.

Aquesta és una via alternativa a la propietat privada concentrada en rendistes i a la lentitud burocràtica de l'habitatge públic, que depèn del color polític del moment.

El nostre referent és #SostreCívic, amb un pilar a #Mallorca.

Via @coopnews
#Habitatge #Coop #Cooperativa #Cooperatives #EconomiaSocial

It looks like the #novlr #writer #coop is finally rolling out co-ownership:

This is super exciting!

I've been of the belief for a while now that these kinds of orgs are better off doing things like this and making sure there is first an established business, slowly building up a community on the side, and only rolling out proper co-ownership once the org is "ready" for it and actually has a working product that exists. This is different from the approach of focusing mostly on the co-op/organizational stuff and treating the product and technology as a second priority.

What do y'all think?

/cc #SocialCoop

Pete Ashton
2 months ago

We got some copies of the #Worker #coop code at @loaf this week and it’s not only well written it’s a lovely little package. Download the PDF here.

Three printed copies of the Worker coop code on a desk that is also covered in charging cables.

@blogdiva @tchambers @evan @eveiswurzig I occasionally do legal work for a coop in Oklahoma so have a limited amount of experience with a variety of coop law issues.

I think coops have a tremendous possibility for social good, so If anyone is looking to set up a progressively-minded #coop under #Oklahoma law, I am willing to donate 2 hours of pro Bono time to help with the startup process.

Nemo_bis 🌈
2 months ago

The #coop which owns the #EuropeanSleeper company is raising 3 M€ in capital to fund the #NightTrain service from #Brussels to #Barcelona and #Prague.

I bought a few shares because their success would help me #StayGrounded. (Also, how cool is it to own a #train [lease, fraction of]?)

It's a high risk investment. No profits expected for years with favourable track prices. No membership/voting rights under 26 k€ invested. Check bylaws etc. in "legal" and "community" tabs.

Erlend Sogge Heggen
2 months ago

Paraphrased HN comment:
> If a collection of independent entities cannot get their act together to codevelop digital infastructure (that will benefit all of them), somebody else will do it for them and will be eating their lunch through extractive rent-seeking practices as dictated by the standard VC model.

Agreed! Cooperatively owned digital infrastructure, built to solve local problems first, can be scaled globally and equitably with #OpenSource practices.


Anybody know of a #cooperative (#coop) that has members around the world, in several jurisdictions? How would one go about that?

Tenants worried about Hamilton apartment getting sold form co-op to buy building #AffordableHousing #HamOnt #Coop #Apartments #ApartmentCoop #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Boris Mann
3 months ago

@ryancoordinator @Techpizzamondays @richard great questions and maybe I’ll get them into a FAQ tonight ;)

I think some tokens of membership - both optional physical and digital - are a good idea.

We haven’t documented all the #coop rules, but part of your first year payment is buying a membership share for at least $5. As long as you hold a share you’ll be a member.

We’ll document the (annual) member services fees over time.

Ed Summers
3 months ago

I'm going to be in LA for a week this summer, and need a car to get us around to various places. Are there good #coop and/or #carshare options for getting a car or minivan for a few days at a time?

Planning (w/ @lapor &al. ) to set up a co-operative to offer #FOSS support in #Slovenia 🇸🇮. (Initially for #NGO users, but later for general public.)

Looking for experience and analyses from elsewhere.

Please boost and share info.

#coop #LazyWeb

Support striking workers
3 months ago

I’d love some recommendations for UK-/Europe-centric #Mastodon instances with an #AntiCapitalist bent.

Well over half my (ex-Twitter) timeline is currently American and I’d like to encounter more local perspectives.

Other bonuses:
- #coop run
- well connected

Any good suggestions?


Boris Mann
3 months ago

@hub there's a discussion here

As mentioned there, I actually WOULD like to form a #coop to do regional Internet access in different ways.

Josh Davis
3 months ago

Someone needs to have a word with Next City about the difference between an ESOP and a #Coop :TwinPines:

First paragraph of the linked article: 

"For his 91st birthday three years ago, Bob Moore, the namesake behind the ubiquitous Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods brand, surprised his employees during a celebration of his 91st birthday. He unveiled an Employee Stock Ownership Plan that, as of April that year, turned his roughly 600 employees into co-op owners of a company that generated more than $50 million in annual sales in 2018."
Denman Rooke
3 months ago

#introduction Hello everyone! My name is Denman Rooke. I'm an illustrator, art director, & concept artist.

I'm the artist/owner at studio RÚCACH working with Sumo Digital, Magic the Gathering, and D&D. RÚCACH is just me at the moment, but I dream of transitioning it into a coop someday.

I'm an activist with People Before Profit & Game Workers Unite Ireland

Interests include #gamedev #pico8 #opensource #boardgames #socialism #ecosocialism #joinaunion #coop