Can't wait for #copilotX support in #jetbrainsRider

2 weeks ago
Christina Warren
4 weeks ago

My boss is live-coding with #GitHub #CopilotX at Web Summit Rio right now. Will he be able to build a snake game in 15 minutes?

Alex Chaffee
2 months ago


First thing I'm going to ask #CopilotX is to rewrite Rails in LISP and see what happens.

(I mean I'm kidding but... am I?)

2 months ago
Yesterday I presented at the "Modern Frontend" Meetup in @MicrosoftBerlin about #AI, #LLMs and what #ChatGPT means for developers, showing off a lot of #Github #COPILOTx features. Here's my edited recording.…
Cevabı Net
2 months ago

Yapay zeka teknolojisi ile ilgili güncel gelişme ve son dakika haberleri için Cevabi.Net arama motoru sonuçlarını incelemeyi unutmayın.

#github #copilotx #yazılım #yazılımcı #githubcopilot #githubtools #AramaMotoru

Rajeev Kumar
2 months ago

Fellow developers, your job isn't going to be taken by AI, but it could be taken by a competitor of yours who will learn to use this tool to improve their productivity.

After taking the premium for this, I tried ChatGPT 4 last week and was amazed to see how it can fill in the blanks while working. I used to do it on Google and find the correct answer after browsing through dozens of wrong ones. But with this, I can set the context to be "Drupal 10" and all the suggestions and code it produces accordingly.

I may have written an amount of code in one day, which I usually do in a whole week -- and it was addictive to chat with an AI model and work in a direction for hours without losing the context.

I asked myself, "why would someone hire me and not someone else with a similar experience and who knows how to use it?"

I understood the need to know it, and I am starting to use it regularly for REGEX, open source code reading and understanding, refactoring of code, unit test and Behat test etc., and saving a few hours every day now. After years of practising manual work, they all feel like magic when done with ML's help.

It could be something else and not ChatGPT, e.g. CopilotX, but ML-based tools are changing the game, and we developers should also take the best advantage it brings.

Let's learn, adapt and evolve; that's the only way!

#Coding #AI #ML #ChatGPT4 #CopilotX #Job #Career #Productivity #Developer #SoftwareEngineering

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Schalk Neethling 🇺🇦
2 months ago

Enjoyed this take from The Primeagen on #CopilotX -

Mark Downie
2 months ago

Here is an early preview of the new Exception Helper functionality coming soon to GitHub #Copilot in #visualstudio :visualstudio: #copilotx

For more information and preview sign-up details see

Visual Studio Copilot Chat in Visual Studio Exception Helper.
2 months ago

:thisisfine: into the future
"Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence:
Early experiments with #gpt4 "

2 months ago

Вийшла оновлена версія #CopilotX на #GPT4

Copilot X розпізнає та пояснює код, також має чат та можливість голосового набору.

Такий помічник аналізуватиме код на наявність вразливостей, пояснюватиме блоки старого коду, допомагатиме у переписуванні тощо.

Wow! Exciting news for our coding community! Looks as if GitHub has merged GPT-4 and CodeX! Check out the preview of Copilot X at #GitHub #AIprogramming #CodeX #GPT4 #CopilotX.

Krzysztof Cieślak 💙💛
2 months ago

Copilot for PRs meeting Ionide code base is not a crossover I expected. But it's the one I already love. 🥰

#fsharp #copilot #copilotX