Tobias Zeumer
2 hours ago

Generative AI and large language models: background and contexts [Lorcan Dempsey]
>The promise and challenge of Generative AI is now central. This is a summary overview of some of the major directions and issues, acknowledging that things are moving very quickly. I intend it as background to later posts about library implications and developments.


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@AlbertBorneo Oui, comme beaucoup de maximalistes du #copyright ils considèrent que la collectivité doit participer à leur business model : #youtube Google search, #wikipedia ne sont pas financés par les ventes de disques, mais par nous, leurs utilisateurs (sous forme de pub ou de contribution volontaire), et vont devoir dépenser de cet argent pour se défendre contre ces attaques frivoles.

Ben Waber
15 hours ago

Last was the creativity in the age of #AI event at #StanfordHAI. The whole event is worth a listen, but the panel with @pamelasamuelson on #copyright issues for generative #AI and the panel with Amelia Winger-Bearskin on indigenous values for AI are both particularly recommended (6/6)

Miguel Afonso Caetano
20 hours ago

#Music #AI #GenerativeAI #Copyright #IP: "The only drawback for rights holders training their own A.I. models is that A.I.-generated music isn’t itself copyrightable. In general, only the work of humans—or groups of humans, such as corporations—can be copyrighted. So anyone could copy an A.I. song and distribute it, without having to pay for the rights.

Coote, the copyright attorney, says musicians and composers may be able to win some legal protection by reworking music that is initially created by A.I. software.

Absent favorable rulings in court, musicians may have to lean even more heavily into live performances for revenue. Because of relatively paltry payments from music streaming services, they’ve already had to depend more in recent years on concerts for their livelihoods and reputations. After all, it’s harder to fake it onstage in front of an arena full of adoring fans. And invariably, those fans want to go home with ticket stubs and concert T-shirts to prove they were really there."

L'éditeur français de musique Because Music est pris d'une frénésie de blocages sur Google, et tout y passe, logiciels, extensions de navigateurs, et même Wikipedia 😮 : - 1 URL - 1 URL - 1 URL - 1 URL - 1 URL - 1 URL - 1 URL - 1 URL
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2 days ago
David Alex Lamb
2 days ago

The US Supreme Court has tangentially weakened the generative AI companies' argument that using copyrighted material for training is "fair use" but not eliminated it completely. It'll be an interesting next few years as copyright owners do their best to sue those companies into oblivion.
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it's B! Cavello 🐝
3 days ago

What are your favorite articles about #GenerativeAI and #IntellectualProperty?

One I really love is from my colleague Ryan Merkley in Lawfare which really approachably explains some of the backstory on these thorny questions:
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Glyn Moody
3 days ago

The Warhol Decision: How SCOTUS Forgot The First Amendment & Turned #Copyright Into A Liability Time Bomb - good, deep analysis of a bad judgment

4 days ago
Matthew Rimmer
4 days ago

This week, the Minister for the Arts Tony Burke MP introduced the Creative Australia legislation, which includes the establishment of two new industry bodies.

The Creative Australia Bill 2023 establishes Music Australia and Creative Workplaces. Music Australia will deliver targeted support and investment to Australia’s contemporary music industry for local and global development. Creative Workplaces will raise and set workplace standards across all art forms and organisations seeking Federal Government funding will be expected to adhere to these standards.

The Minister is working next on setting up a new Indigenous cultural body - which will be a centrepiece of Australia's new approach to Indigenous intellectual property - 'The next important step will be the First Nations led body within Creative Australia. This is a critical measure which requires extensive consultation with First Nations artists and arts workers, First Nations arts organisations, First Nation leaders and First Nations communities on what this should look like.' #art #culture #IndigenousIP #copyright

4 days ago
Apparently massive media companies are using the ATSC 3.0 rollout to implement DRM on broadcast streams, limiting your ability to use DVRs or redirect live TV to media systems. Apparently, no commercial PC tuner cards support this. More here:

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Jonathan Bailey
4 days ago

Me: I'll just slip into the Copyright Claims Board and see what's going on. It should be good for a quick article.

*3 and a half hours later*

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Word Counter Reading 2015 Words
Miguel Afonso Caetano
4 days ago

#USA #California #Copyright #PoliceState: "After a two-year legal battle, the state agency that certifies police officers in California has agreed to EFF's demand that it stop using copyright concerns as a predicate to withhold law enforcement training materials from public scrutiny.

The immediate impact of this victory for transparency is the public will be able to visit the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards & Training (POST) website to inspect 19 previously unseen training outlines. These documents cover a variety of sensitive issues, such as police shootings and internal affairs investigations, and were developed by the California Peace Officers Association, which represents more than 23,000 law enforcement officers across the state. The longer term impact is that law enforcement agencies across California will no longer be able to rely on POST's practices to justify their own decisions to withhold their training records on copyright grounds."

Jonathan Bailey
4 days ago

Things are starting to heat up at the Copyright Claims Board as we have five new contested cases to look at and analyze.

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4 days ago

#Business #Launches
Generative AI: what you need to know · A guide to learn the basics of generative AI and to spot AI bullshit

“It’s a crash course in AI snake oil.” — Baldur Bjarnason

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Jonathan Bailey
4 days ago

Japanese YouTuber arrested for uploading gaming video, Alibaba loses key decision and the Biden Administration files brief against Genius.

#copyright #scotus #genius

Sarah Burstein
4 days ago

Here's another interesting order in a Hurckes-filed #ScheduleA case (this one about copyright).

In this order, the judge grants certain defendants' motion to modify the preliminary asset seizure:

#Copyright #Remedies

While a court may order assets frozen to preserve its ability to award permanent equitable relief, the amount frozen must be limited to a reasonable approximation of the amount potentially recoverable, i.e., the amount derived from unlawful activity. See, e.g., S.E.C. v. ETS Payphones, Inc., 408 F.3d 727, 735 (11th Cir. 2005) (holding that the plaintiff’s burden as to the amount of assets subject to disgorgement, and therefore available for a freeze, was a reasonable approximation of the defendant’s ill-gotten gains); Levi Strauss & Co. v. Sunrise Int'l Trading, Inc., 51 F.3d 982, 987 (11th Cir. 1995) (“[T]he district court had the authority to freeze those assets which could have been used to satisfy an equitable award of profits.”). Defendants have shown that the amounts frozen are not so limited, and therefore good grounds exist to modify the injunction to reduce or eliminate the asset restraint.
5 days ago

Have I Been Trained?
Search 5.8 billion images used to train popular AI art models. Find out if images on your site have been used to train LMA/"AI" generators, and choose to opt in or opt out.
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@tiagojferreira Interessante publicação, espero que o diálogo evolua para algo mais atuante, principalmente para o usuário final, que por vezes é forçado a usar sites com #JavaScript autoexecutável, e muitas vezes não é #SoftwareLivre ou sem indicação correta da notificação de #Copyright e dos arquivos fonte completos e correspondentes. Felizmente, conheci projetos como o #IRPFLivre, #Rnetclient e #Declara, e a campanha #SoftwaresImpostos da #FSFLA.

Miguel Afonso Caetano
5 days ago

#Copyright #Art #FairUse #Warhol #USA: "All of that said, fair use depends on multiple factors, and any concerns we might have about the ruling are tempered by the Court’s even narrower focus on the specific claim at issue. In particular, the Court stressed that it was not expressing any opinion on how Factor One would apply to Warhol’s original creation of the Prince Series or anything else.

While we’re disappointed that the Supreme Court did not take this opportunity to further strengthen fair use law, we hope courts applying Warhol in new cases will heed the Court’s caveats about its narrow application and recognize that its main takeaway is the continued force of Campbell and Google."

Jason Pester (GameDev)
5 days ago

💡 A Build 2023 attendee posted this interesting US copyright link in a session's chat today...

Copyright Registration Guidance: Works Containing Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence

I haven't read it yet, but it seems interesting

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5 days ago

Wie ist das eigentlich, wenn du ein Foto durch eines der #AI-Tools jagst? Wem steht dann das #Copyright an diesem Foto zu? #Fotografie

Now in stock! Russell's book will encourage you to stop allowing your fear of #copyright issues to limit how and what you share or teach, and instead be more involved in shaping copyright law to better serve your learning community.

#libraries #SchoolLibraries #FairUse #education

book cover for Complete Copyright for K–12 Librarians and Educators, Second Edition with the added text: Previously Awarded The ABC-CLIO Greenwood Award for the Best Book in Library Literature
5 days ago

"What if we are the last generation who benefits from copyright?"

Copycast on TikTok:

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Matthew Graybosch
5 days ago
@reiditwrite That sounds like a #copyright lawsuit begging to happen.
Annemarie Bridy
5 days ago

The Solicitor General's brief in Genius Holdings v. Google, recommending that cert not be granted on grounds that the underlying 'browsewrap' agreement -- lacking express consent to conditions in the website's TOS -- would make the case "a poor vehicle" for a decision about preemption of state law contract claims. #copyright

Opening caption in ML Genius Holdings v. Google LLC. Brief for the United States as Amicus Curiae.

Text reads: This brief is submitted in response to the Court’s order inviting the Solicitor General to express the views of the United States. In the view of the United States, the petition for a writ of certiorari should be denied.
Blake E. Reid🥫🏁
5 days ago

Very good writeup from @thedextriarchy about an #AI novel-generating tool from the perspective of an amateur fiction writer. The conclusion is pretty down the middle—it’s capable of being good, though probably not great, requires a lot of handholding, and is significantly constrained by its training data in ways that will amplify the underlying #copyright issues (it’s better when it’s trying to clone a famous author). Minus the hype, it’s significant but incremental.

Manlio De Domenico
5 days ago

I have a figure made with the R package 'maps'.

The paper with that figure got accepted by a journal requiring a CCBy4 license.

What's the license of figures that we produce by using that R package? The code of the package is released under GPL3, but not clear to me if that applies also to the figures produced by me with that package.

#RStat #datascience #license #copyright

Ideas? @franco_vazza @tiago

Miguel Afonso Caetano
5 days ago

#Libraries #DigitalLending #eBooks #InternetArchive #Publishers #Copyright: "The Internet Archive provides libraries with an alternative to the current, predatory model that exists for hosting e-books. When a library hosts a book digitally, they do not simply pay what an ordinary consumer would pay for that book. Libraries pay additional licensing fees to publishing companies to host e-books through services like Libby and OverDrive, which can cost three to five times as much as the book itself and only last for a few years at a time. (Gargantuan licensing fees for e-books have become a central pillar of the publishing industry’s profits: according to Koeltl’s opinion, Penguin reaps $59 million per year just from e-book licensing to libraries, while HarperCollins makes nearly $47 million.) This is a direct transfer of wealth straight from local taxpayers to wealthy publishing houses, and it’s worth considering how much more your local library would be able to do if they weren’t having so much of their budget extracted."

Aaron Hockley
6 days ago

I don't think Warhol vs. Goldsmith is going to be a big player in the #GenerativeAI #copyright battles. While they both involve transformative work, any ordinary person can compare before vs. after in that case and see the similarity.

No so much with training data and a computer creating a new piece of art.

Jason Pester (GameDev)
6 days ago

GPT - Generatively Pre-trained Transformer

"Let's Build GPT. From Scratch. In Code. Spelled Out" by Andrej Karpathy
(Coding starts at 42:13 mark)

"ChatGPT... is trained on a good chunk of the Internet" (3:26 mark) 🤔 <-- Meet Mr. Copyright ©

Andrej Karpathy

"Attention Is All You Need" Seminal Paper on AI Transformers

#Microsoft #MicrosoftBuild #Build2023 #ChatGPT #GPT #OpenAI #AI #ML #Copyright #Infringement

Splash screen for "Let's build GPT: from scratch, in code, spelled out" presentation by Andrej Karpathy
Jonathan Bailey
6 days ago

The Andy Warhol ruling is less than a week old, but the Supreme Court may have just shaken the world of artificial intelligence to its core.

#SupremeCourt #artificialintelligenceart #AI #Copyright #FairUse

Aram Sinnreich
6 days ago

@Marielle_W @politicalscience

Publishers are definitely overcautious about #copyright.

For #FairUse related issues, I generally point them to the Codes of Best Practices, like this one: (it works wonders).

For @CreativeCommons stuff, I don't have a go-to resource, but their site might have some best practices/case studies .

But the key here is you don't really need a mountain of evidence. Just ask your publisher: WHO'S GOING TO LITIGATE if you reuse your own work?

Nemo_bis 🌈
6 days ago

@brembs On "is it just words on paper", you will know they mean it, when the Council asks the Commission to expand #copyright exceptions and limitations in service of that goal. (For example the Commission should immediately open infringement proceedings against Italy and a number of countries for not implementing even the mandatory copyright exceptions.)

Shubham Arora
6 days ago

Why not ban all the browsers on all devices? They can be used to watch #pirated content. This is an overreach of #copyright

Google Bans ‘Downloader’ App: TV Outfits Claim Browser Violates Injunction

#piracy #google #playstore #android #androidtv #dmca

6 days ago

After the Warhol Decision, Another Major Copyright Case (Prince) Looms
<< I cannot see any way this can possibly be transformative. If, however, it is held fair use then all AI training will be fair use in view of the totally different output.

Therefore, unless the Courts can find a Warhol-type legal escape, I strongly suspect this Prince case will set whether copyright of art has much point in the near future.
#ai #copyright #law #fairuse

Graham Downs
6 days ago

People should enjoy using the phrase "blue sky" while they still can. I have a feeling Jack Dorsey will try to #copyright it soon. 😆

#BlueSky #SocialMedia #English

1 week ago

Senate Hearings on Bill C-18 – A Look At Hearing 6 (Segment 1)

The special coverage of the Bill C-18 senate hearings at the TRCM is continuing. This covers hearing 6, segment 1.

We are continuing out special coverage of the TRCM (Transport and Communications) hearings into Bill C-18.

#Copyright #BillC18 #Canada #hearing #senate #TRCM

Annemarie Bridy
1 week ago

Bad copyright take here from Politico's Digital Future Daily Newsletter. Open source is not the opposite of copyrighted. Open source software licenses rely on copyright law to make their terms enforceable. #FOSS #OpenSource #copyright

Screen cap from emailed newsletter article on the prevalence of open source software in AI and in decentralized social media. The headline reads "The revolution will not be copyrighted."
Mastodon Migration
1 week ago

No, you can't license my cat picture to Elon, Jack and Mark.

When you post on #Bluesky, #Twitter or #Meta you agree to grant them a very broad perpetual license to the content, including the right to sublicense. On Mastodon, most instances do not take a license. Any bridge that takes content from Mastodon and, without permission, puts that content on one of these platforms is violating that user's #copyright to the content. You can not #license content which you do not own.


#Twitter is filling up with movies that violate #copyright laws—just as its legal and moderation teams have shrunk.

1 week ago

Kudos to the Wikimedia Foundation (@wikimedia).

"From July to December of 2022, we received 26 #DMCA [#takedown] requests, and granted only one. This low number is due to the hard work of community volunteers who ensure that content on the projects is properly licensed…Of the 29 user data requests we received, zero resulted in disclosure of nonpublic user information."

#Copyright #Privacy

Just saw a presentation by @pamelasamuelson on #GenerativeAI and #Copyright ( I agree with the general sentiment that AI output is likely not going to infringe the copyright of the original training data, but if you've any interest in the topic, this is a great summary from one of the leading legal scholars in the field.

And for a bonus, here's her paper on the same topic....from 1986: 😄

1 week ago

Love this footer found on ’s Wordpress site. Sad that it has become necessary to explicitly state such things. Copyright is copyright, and dude tech bros in machine learning (misguidedly called AI) are of course ethics free… #Art #MachineLearning #ML #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #Ethics #Copyright

All Images and Content Copyright Jay Bigam. No Unauthorized Reproduction or Distribution without consent of the Author. 

The creators of the work on this site do not consent to use for training or use of any kind in relation to Artificial Intelligence software or Algorithms. 

By using the images on this site in training such algorithms or software, you agree to pay the creators of the work $5000 USD per image used in an unauthorized manner.
Chip Stewart
2 weeks ago

I have to think the SCOTUS majority in Andy Warhol Foundation will change how I teach #copyright & fair use. I’d long equated “transformative” as meaning “making something new from something old” (like 2 Live Crew’s version of “Pretty Woman”). Now it’s more “did you use it for a different commercial purpose,” which is a wholly different question. Not great but at least consistent for the old-school attitudes regarding sampling & mash-ups of popular music.

#5yrsago Serial racist: for years, New Yorkers have been videoing their encounters with ranting racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg

#5yrsago War criminal #HenryKissinger: “#AI is the end of the Enlightenment”

#5yrsago Congress wants to extend the #copyright on some sound recordings to 144 years

#1yrago A(nother) way in which #Facebook is the 21st Century's tobacco industry


Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago
UC Berkeley School of Law
2 weeks ago

Generative AI meets copyright law

Professor @pamelasamuelson recently delivered the final of four Distinguished Lectures on the Status and Future of AI, co-hosted by CITRIS Research Exchange and the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Group.

“Copyright law is the only law that’s already in existence that could bring generative AI systems to their knees. The court says ingesting [is] infringement, the whole thing can be destroyed. Copyright law is an existential threat to progress in this field,” Samuelson said.

“If you think [generative AI] should continue to thrive,” she said, “help to build arguments that it will actually advance the purposes of copyright, rather than destroy it.”

#ai #Copyright #LawFedi #LawProfs #LawSchool #UCBerkeley #Berkeley

Emmanuelle Germond
2 weeks ago

@nitot article qui parle de disquette, mais qui explique aussi l'origine de la guerre contre la copie en informatique !!
#openSource #copyright #copyleft

Blake E. Reid🥫🏁
2 weeks ago

So lots left to play out in the #AI-#copyright wars. But this is a pretty interesting early skirmish that's worth watching! (And lots more to go—this is just an early stage decision at the trial court.)

Richard Penner
2 weeks ago

@ajsadauskas @technology

#Copyright does not protect the concept and themes of artistic presentation. So training autocomplete tools like #ChatGPT or generative art tools along the lines of #StabilityAI on huge amounts of copyrighted material available on the web doesn't seem to trespass on the rights actually created by copyright law. That is, neither the trained model parameters nor the output qualifies as a infringing copy.

The fact that big corporations have heated the rhetoric with even small-scale copyright infringement being characterized as if it were an existential threat rather than free marketing perhaps misleads people to think copyright grants the owner total control of the future of their creations. But law is about statutes and precedents, not feelings, which is why big corporations aren't likely to train their models on billions of copyrighted works if there was a credible risk of paying statutory damages on a per-work basis.

If there is a moral right to the "something" that has been gifted to these models by their training, it has not been well described, let alone recognized in law as property of the creators. How is this "something" which an AI model steals supposed to be distinguished from the piecewise appreciation for the art as summed over all human viewers?

So perhaps the real problem is the moral outrage created by the corporations who for decades equate copyright infringement with being ambushed by a gang of seagoing rapists, kidnappers, killers, and robbers (pirates). Towards that end, Germany is discussing adding copyright infringement as a form of "digital violence" making the analogy more exact.

Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Next was an amazing talk by @pamelasamuelson on #GenerativeAI and #copyright at #CITRIS and the Banatao Institute. Samuelson clearly lays out how existing copyright #law might apply to generative AI and what that means for the industry. Highly recommend (10/11) #AI

2 weeks ago

Most people just don't appreciate just how important #copyright is to #art and #artists. Thank god Mozart and Beethoven had #DRM and Content ID policing on their songs or else they would never have made a name for themselves. Also thank god that famous fairytale writers like Hans Christian Anderson, Brüder Grimm and Charles Perrault had their content copyrighted for eternity, or else an evil corporation like #Disney would totally have stolen their stories and gotten rich off their work!

Tu Thanh Ha
2 weeks ago

What counts as Canadian content? Many film productions, shot in Canada with Canadian talent, don't qualify because the rights are not owned by a Canadian.
Studios say those rules need to change, but others say intellectual property is an important criteria.

#Canada #CanadianContent #Copyright #Movies #Streaming #Netflix #Amazon

Glyn Moody
2 weeks ago

Biden Nominates Legacy Entertainment Industry #Copyright Enforcer To Be New IP Czar - "This is not the bio of someone who is out there trying to protect the rights of the public, generally speaking."

@glassbottommeg I'm just glad #AI can't create #copyright-able outputs since copyright requires #personhood in #Germany.

And only natural persons can create any IP.

They can only sell it to legal entities, but an AI is not even a legal entitiy either...

#NotLegalAdvice ofc.

Kara W. Swanson
3 weeks ago

Time to register for #ISHTIP2023 and discuss great papers in the history & theory of #IP June 2-21. Highly international & multi-disciplinary! Hosted by #TelAvivUniversity, both in-person and on-line options. See program & reg info here. #law #history #patent #copyright #trademark #tradesecret #LegalHist

Alex Danvers
3 weeks ago

I've never felt more positive about Ed Sheeran. He definitely gets copyright right.

"Copyright was designed to benefit the middlemen and gatekeepers, such as the record labels, over the artists themselves. That’s why the labels have a long history of never paying artists. ... modern copyright is stifling rather than incentivizing music creation — directly in contrast to what we’re told it’s supposed to be doing"

#Copyright #EdSheeran

Jonathan Bailey
3 weeks ago

A movie poster for an upcoming Indian film has sparked controversy, as many feel it's too close to a design used by Argo.

#plagiarsim #copyright #bollywood

Annemarie Bridy
3 weeks ago

@design_law Man oh man, could #copyright ever use an infringement test that focuses on the work as a whole!

3 weeks ago

Update. #Canada just hurt Canadian culture in order to follow the same #copyright rules as countries already using copyright to hurt their own cultures.

"For 20 years nothing new will be added to the public domain in Canada."

lucie digitální
3 weeks ago

"But first, it’s helpful to think about the purpose the utopian hallucinations about AI are serving. What work are these benevolent stories doing in the culture as we encounter these strange new tools? Here is one hypothesis: they are the powerful and enticing cover stories for what may turn out to be the largest and most consequential theft in human history. Because what we are witnessing is the wealthiest companies in history (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon …) unilaterally seizing the sum total of human knowledge that exists in digital, scrapable form and walling it off inside proprietary products, many of which will take direct aim at the humans whose lifetime of labor trained the machines without giving permission or consent."

#AI #LLM #Copyright #AusPol

3 weeks ago

@jeffjarvis Another clear demonstration that copyright is censorship.

“That unaired footage is Fox’s confidential intellectual property; Fox did not consent to its distribution or publication; and Fox does not consent to its further distribution or publication.”


Matthew Rimmer
3 weeks ago

Ed Sheeran on copyright infringement lawsuit: ‘Comes with the territory. When they say there’s a hit, there’s a writ – it’s true. Every single hit.' #copyright #music #litigation

Jonathan Bailey
4 weeks ago

A jury has found in favor of Ed Sheeran in the Thinking Out Loud lawsuit. Here's why he likely won and what it means for other cases.

#copyright #plagiarism #EdSheeran