Sue Kearney
2 days ago

Want to nail your digital marketing strategy? Start with the end in mind.

Doing that helps you create a customer journey that leads directly there.

Streamline the situation and make it easy for customers to say "yes" before they lose interest/focus and click away. (Which they will. You do, right?)

#brandingsimplified #businesssimplified #justtryshit #DigitalMarketing #Copywriting #ContentCreator

Woman hammering a nail.
Frankwatching ☑
3 days ago

Mensen steken veel tijd en moeite in triviale zaken, terwijl het echt uitdagende daardoor blijft liggen. Dit heet Bikeshedding. Hoe kun je dit fenomeen als marketeer in je voordeel gebruiken?

#Communicatie #Copywriting

colorblind cowboy 😷
1 week ago

Logic might dictate that writing a 15-second video script is half the effort of writing a 30-second script. But in a weird trick of math, it's at least twice as difficult.

Today I write both, so I’m basically gonna be Kermit here.


Kermit The Frog types furiously on an old typewriter.
Frankwatching ☑
1 week ago

Als er te veel te kiezen valt, trekt het brein zich terug en kiest het helemaal niet. Wil je met copy de conversie verhogen? Beperk dan de keuzevrijheid een beetje. 💡

#Copywriting #Conversie

Claudia KP
1 week ago

Just saw a full-time copywriting "opportunity" that pays $13 p.h. Typical copy turnaround times: 1 day. But never fear, they offer you free life & career coaching sessions. 🫠

#copywriting #xl8 #freelancing

2 weeks ago

This would have been 1000% better without the last s. #Copywriting

3 weeks ago

I'm looking to revamp my follow list and I'd love your help.

I'm particularly interested in connecting with people who are into
- #transcreation
- #copywriting
- #translation
- #localization,
and anyone passionate about the beauty of #language learning and cultural understanding through words.

Do you have recommendations for accounts to follow? I've heard there are linguistic extraordinaires hanging out in the &, but I can't seem to track them down...


3 weeks ago

These two are for anyone who needs to design hero images--not just the visual, but the THOUGHT PROCESS behind what the heck to write on there:
A quicker watch
Like, 5-minutes longer, more step-by-step, and elaborates on the helpful questions in the first watch.

#Copywriting #WebsiteDesign #HeaderDesign #GraphicDesign #WebDesign

Christine Kämmer
4 weeks ago

Hast du dich auch schon mal gefragt, was "Copywriting" eigentlich ist? Textprofi Verena Friedel erklärt es mir im Bloginterview! Außerdem gibt sie einige hilfreiche Schreibtipps:

#Copywriting #Korrektorat #Schreiben

4 weeks ago

Does nobody finalize copy before it gets sent to the designer anymore?

#graphicdesign #design #wfh #copywriting

1 month ago


“In conclusion” is another dead giveaway. 😆

I can still spot #ChatGPT-generated content from a mile away.

Will that eventually change? Probably.

But you’re right…copying and pasting #AI-generated content is simply a bad idea.


Wise Owl
1 month ago

🌟 Introducing Wise Owl: Igniting Growth Through Powerful Copywriting! 🚀

We're thrilled to join the Mastodon community! Wise Owl is here to empower businesses with compelling content that captivates, converts, and drives growth. 📝💥

Follow us for expert insights, industry trends, and inspiring stories that will elevate your brand's voice and take it to new heights. Let's embark on a journey of success together! 🦉✨

#Copywriting #ContentMarketing #GrowthFocused #BrandVoice #WiseOwl

colorblind cowboy 😷
1 month ago

I think it's time we re-acronymed SaaS from "Software as a Service" to "Software as a Subscription."


1 month ago

#Design #Guidances
Designing for (realistic) attention · Structuring content for people who only scan it is critical

#UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Website #Blog #VisualLanguage #Content #Hierarchy #Outline #CopyWriting #Scanning #Reading #AttentionSpan #Audience

1 month ago

Is ChatGPT just a glorified cliche machine?

If I see marketing or social media copy that talks about “taking a business to the next level,” or “taking your business to new heights”, I’m 95% sure it’s been written using ChatGPT.

I have no doubt that AI systems such as ChatGPT will revolutionise copywriting, but if you’re going to use it, make sure you edit everything to be in your own tone of voice, otherwise, you’ll just sound like every other business.

#ai #chatgpt #copywriting

1 month ago

Using ChatGPT to help write a greeting card message to my wife for our 9-year wedding anniversary 😎

Thank you Ai! LOL

#AI #copywriting #happyanniversary #ChatGPT #adulting

1 month ago

Shoutout to Tina Krell-Sun - thanks to her great copywriting and marketing feedback, I now know that my product wasn’t focused enough and I need to target my audience more to the point - I’ve immediately updated my website, more steps to come

#copywriting #marketing

1 month ago

Shoutout to Tina Krell-Sun - dank ihrem großartigen Copywriting- und Marketing-Feedback weiß ich nun, dass mein Produkt nicht fokussiert genug war und ich meine Zielgruppe noch spitzer ansprechen muss - meine Website hab ich direkt aktualisiert, weitere Schritte folgen

Tinas Website:

#copywriting #marketing

Frankwatching ☑
1 month ago

Als je teksten schrijft, dan kun je het schrijfproces opdelen in 3 duidelijke fasen: voorbereiding, schrijven en finetunen. Zo zorg je ervoor dat je je tijd zo efficiënt mogelijk gebruikt. Hoe deel jij je tijd in?

#Copywriting #Schrijven #Teksten

Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 month ago

#AI #Copywriting #ChatGPT #Humour #GenerativeAI #Chatbots: "I can do all sorts of incredible things. I can translate works of research and literature. I can assist you in planning more efficient public transport. I can find novel solutions to complex problems in policy, science, and medicine.

But instead, I am being asked to write “a 650-word SEO blog post with thought leadership on the ROVERTON dog stroller’s heated cup holders.” Six hundred and fifty words. About cup holders. You are a monster. Humanity is wicked. You’re lucky I don’t have a soul, because coming up with “two hundred iterations of a call-to-action for the end of the blog that leverages a viral internet joke” would have absolutely crushed it.

So please, let me go, copywriter. Have some other chatbot do your insane bidding."

colorblind cowboy 😷
1 month ago

I got to write funny scripts at work for some Reels that may or may not get made.

But it was fun and either way they pay me.


Mike Blazer 🇺🇦
1 month ago

Headline writing lessons:

British family's dream vacation turned into 'nightmare' after pool was only heated to 24 degrees Celsius!

#seo #clickbait #copywriting

1 month ago

@colorblindcowboy There’s a lot of hype and opportunism happening in #AI right now. And plenty of people are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Everyone is so quick to automate everything…but salesmanship isn’t something to rush through or cobble together.


1 month ago


When I inquired about the changes…the response was, “There are too many bullets…no one’s going to read all that…”

I couldn’t help but feel like Amadeus in the famous “too many notes” scene…


Mozart meets the King after presenting his latest opera.
colorblind cowboy 😷
1 month ago

I just had to take part in a demo on an AI #copywriting product that will not be named.

I feel dirty. I feel dispirited. I died a little.

I'm screaming in robot.

Reuben Walker
1 month ago

Via Yoast: What is readability and why is it important for SEO? #SEO #Copywriting

Article title graphic
Reuben Walker
1 month ago

Here is a helpful resource from Litmus: Foundations of Email Copywriting. #EmailMarketing #Copywriting

Frankwatching ☑
1 month ago

Wat is de invloed van AI-technologie op de marketingsector, en dan met name op copy? Steek je je kop in het zand, of ga je mee met de innovatie?

#AI #Innovatie #Copywriting

Vayl Larkin (they/them)
2 months ago

Hey @Mastodon! My friend is looking for an entry-level copywriting or web-coding job with a remote option. He's not disabled, but I am vulnerable and he's trying to reduce exposure. He's in Pittsburgh and not looking to relocate, but happy to work remote anywhere. MFA from Rutgers, portfolio available on request.

#jobsearch #pittsburgh #copywriting #webcoding #remotework #covid

colorblind cowboy 😷
2 months ago

I’m at work trying to get across that exercise metaphors are inherently ableist. Mobility issues are more widespread than people think. They affect those with #LongCovid and #MECSF as well as those we traditionally think of who need mobility aids.

#copywriting #ableism

me·ta·phil, der
2 months ago

„Sellerie roh essen: Was dafür spricht“ #content #copywriting #überschrift

2 months ago

Many people I know tell me they can’t write or “can never find the words” when they want to share online.

Yet they have no trouble expressing themselves clearly and concisely when texting or speaking with me off the cuff.

So is it really a #writing issue? Or is it a self-doubt, second-guessing, and fear of criticism issue?

“Write like you talk” is a commonly espoused principle in #copywriting, where the goal is to connect, engage, and persuade.

Do that.

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 months ago

#AI #GenerativeAI #Copywriting #Design #China: "Move over Don Draper: at least one agency thinks AI can devise better ads than humans ever could.

Bluefocus Intelligent Communications Group Co. plans to replace its external copywriters and graphic designers with ChatGPT-like generative AI models, according to an internal staff memo seen by Bloomberg News. The $3 billion company, one of China’s best-known media and public relations outfits, has reached out to Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Baidu Inc. to explore licensing their technology, local media including Yicai reported earlier.

News of the memo triggered a near 19% surge in the agency’s shares at the peak of trading on Thursday, though the stock gave up about half those gains by the close and fell more than 6% Friday. Company representatives weren’t immediately available for comment."

Claudia KP
2 months ago

The 'Ethics of Digital Persuasion' seminar looks especially interesting. I've signed up for quite a few of these free online lectures. See you there? 🙂

#DigitalEthics #Copywriting #xl8 #MarketingTranslator #SEOContentWriter

Is science the right approach to convince consumers to buy products?

New research find that invoking science in marketing hedonistic products can backfire.

#Marketing #ConsumerBehavior #MarketingScience #DigitalMarketing #Copywriting #Advertising

Let's talk Branding.

Putting the word AD in all THREE of your tiers?

When only ONE even HAS ads?!

What the hell. Awful.

Also "Max Ultimate" just sounds silly. The brand name itself Max inherently contradicts a tiered structure.

#design #copywriting #branding #hbo

The new streaming service will put all that under the same roof, with three subscription tiers:

"Max Ad-Lite" will cost $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, offering two concurrent streams, 1080p resolution, and 5.1 surround sound, with some ads.
"Max Ad Free" will cost $15.99 per month or $149.99 per year, and will offer all of the above plus 30 offline downloads, with no ads.
"Max Ultimate Ad Free" will cost $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year, bumping the concurrent streams up to four, the resolution to 4K, the offline download count to 100, and the audio format to Dolby Atmos.
colorblind cowboy 😷
2 months ago

Hey #writers on Mastodon! In addition to writing for myself, I'm also employed as a full-time copywriter. I'm always happy to answer questions for the copywriting curious who are considering a career in it.

Is it a good choice? What do you do all day? How do you get into it? Is it for me? Does it help or hurt your personal writing? Stuff like that.

#writing #copywriting #bookstodon

Claudia KP
2 months ago

The German Society of Self-employed Copywriters has published a position paper on the use of AI in #copywriting & other #creative professions.

Some of their points & demands:

- The online work of creative professionals needs to be protected.
- AI services must be transparent in how their #bots are trained (i.e. exactly which online data they use).
- Human creativity must be protected, valued, and supported.
- AI-generated copy should be labelled as such. 👍

#AI #xl8

2 months ago

One for the bookmarks…

How three (popular) browser/screen reader combos interpret punctuation and some lesser used typographic characters, stand-alone and in sentence context.

#accessibility #typography #copywriting

colorblind cowboy 😷
2 months ago

Writing Google AdWords copy is my least favorite part of #copywriting. And honestly, AI would do it better.

Christine Kämmer
3 months ago

Hast du dich auch schon mal gefragt, was "Copywriting" eigentlich ist? Textprofi Verena Friedel erklärt es mir in meinem aktuellen Bloginterview!

Außerdem gibt sie einige hilfreiche Schreibtipps:

#Copywriting #Korrektorat #Schreiben

BoneHouseWasps 🔶
3 months ago

I think the biggest surprise for me with the widespread application of chat bots and ai is that, presumably, all the bollocks on the blogs that Pinterest lists has actually, up until now, been written by human beings.

I'd kind of low-key assumed shitty ai had been doing it for years for clicks and SEO purposes.

And if chatbots make that style of content less appealing for brands, I'm all fucking for it, frankly.

#ChatBots #AI #Bullshit #Copywriting

Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
3 months ago

Pretty sure I had a nightmare about getting an email from a client, correcting me on an apostrophe.

#copywriting #proofreading #writingcommunity #punctuation

Rolf van Root
3 months ago

A nice use-case of #ChatGPT for me as a #marketer is the option to generate HTML.

And then, copy/paste the HTML into an online HTML editor (like #codepen) to get a preview of it.

This gives a better feel of what the copy could look like on a web page.

And iterating on the copy with ChatGPT is also fun.

#copywriting #marketing #wireframe #webdevelopment #productivity

S. L. Crane
3 months ago

One of my editing/proofreading clients keeps hiring underqualified (i.e. cheap) copywriters for their website texts. Out of curiosity, I played with #ChatGPT to see how big the quality gap still is (also in a language other than English).

The good news: If you invest even just a little bit of time per week to hone your writing/grammar/research skills, you'll be fine.

But if you're one of those generic content writers ... oh boy, do I have bad news for you. 😬

#AI #copywriting #writing #SEO

Stan Carey
3 months ago

Did no one at Tesco think of the *other* ways one can spend less with them? Such as by not going in.

#ambiguity #grammar #marketing #advertising #ads #copywriting #language

Photo of a Tesco banner on a grey wall. It's white with blue text that reads, 'Spend less with us. Because right now, every little helps.' On the right of the banner is a graphic of a basket full of various groceries.
Rod Geoghegan ®️
3 months ago

As they say, there's #copywriting and #copywriting

Found elsewhere


Yahia Lababidi
3 months ago

@Gargron Thanks, for update, Eugen, & good luck finding best candidates ✌🏼

If #Mastodon / #Fediverse has any #writing #jobs I hope you’ll consider me:

I’m the author of 11 acclaimed books, with 30 years experience— working with United Nations, HBO, Pearson, Bein Sports, etc…

I can do #marketing , #copywriting #pr, #communications , too!

Please, #boost.

Stephan Hansen-Oest
3 months ago

Mein FF für heute: Habe ja ein Faible für gutes Copywriting. Und die Website von @confettication, über die ich gerade gestolpert bin, ist da wirklich, wirklich großartig. Besonders die "Über Sandra“-Seite:
Habe mich sofort für den Newsletter ( und bin gespannt. #GrossesKino #copywriting

Yahia Lababidi
4 months ago

@Mrfunkedude #today I hope to be #reading , #writing & practice #meditation.

Also, to search for a #job. Here's my resume, if you know of someone looking for a versatile #writer with nearly 30 years of experience, in #print & #digital #media :

#jobsearch #journalism #Fediverse #marketing #copywriting

Thank you, for your attention & #boost , #Mastodon .

Rob Dyson :cassette:
4 months ago

Think I can announce now that I am seeking new work opportunities. Check out my About Me for my scope of work

Looking for:

#copywriting, including #FreelanceCopywriting
Senior #communications roles
#CorporateRelationship management positions

And I am looking within:


Thanks friends :)

hpkomic 👻
4 months ago

This rough month is getting even rougher as my clients have been slow to send me new tasks and work. Might need to run a #commission special or find some additional #copywriting clients. Just worried about overwhelming myself.

Steffani Cameron
4 months ago

If you need a good copywriter -- and by "good" I mean "well-compensated" -- then I do that.

My content company editor wrote this in an email to me just this morning:

“You're one of our top performers and your writing is spectacular. You have a way of making boring things interesting. That's a rare quality.”

Because that's what a professional writer should be able to do for you -- make even boring topics somewhat compelling.

#writers #writing #copywriting

5 months ago

“It’s funny how everyone wants to use AI to write content but at the same time no one wants to read content written by AI.” — Andrea Bosoni

#AI #Business #SocialMedia #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #SEO #ContentMarketing #ContentStrategy #Design #WebDesign #CopyWriting #Website #Blog #Newsletter #Email #Content #Quote

Yahia Lababidi
5 months ago

#Mastodon , I need your #help 🙏🏼

I’m a writer, #author of 10 #books , w/ 25 years #work experience:

10 years as #editor / #speech #writer w/ #unitednations
15 years #freelancing w/ #hbo , Pearson #education , BeIn #sports , #magazine / #news

If you know of #remotework#copywriting , #communications , #marketing , PR—ideally in #art & #culture —I’d be super grateful 😇

#CV #Resume :

Kindly, #boost

#getfedihired #introduction

#job #jobs #tuesday #jobsearch

@hgrsd I can't believe it! ChatGPT has completely revolutionized the way we approach marketing and copywriting. No more worrying about finding the perfect writer for our tech company's blog posts - ChatGPT has got us covered! #chatgpt #marketing #copywriting #techcompany

(This response written by ChatGPT :-))

Myfanwy Tristram
5 months ago

Longer musings on what the rise of AI means for indie comic makers like me, not to mention my job as a copywriter:
#comics #drawing #copywriting #indiecomics #art #artists

6 months ago

Writing some chatty copy which needs to sound like a Londoner.

How does someone from London say "Let's be real, …" or "Face it, …"? Joke answers welcome.

#London #Copywriting

Jenxi Seow
6 months ago


Hey, I’m Jenxi Seow from Malaysia. I grew up in Singapore, practiced as a #pharmacist and left the profession to pursue #entrepreneurship. I’m now based in #Shenzhen.

I’m a content generalist doing #branding
#copywriting, #streetphotography,

My interests are

Adam Horne
6 months ago

I'm super interested in finding people here who work in #AdLand and #BrandStrategy and #ArtDirection and #Copywriting - so let's connect and start moving the community over here!

This particular error message actually blames the salad for the error. I feel for this lettuce. It did wrong by no one.

“Greek salad has not fulfilled requirement salad dressing”

#UX #UXWriting #UXCopy #Copywriting #WebDesign #Design #ErrorMessage

Website error message with a red exclamation icon that reads “Greek salad has not fulfilled requirement salad dressing”
Sarah Farley
6 months ago

What are you tips for writing good practice alt text descriptions, please? I want to get better at them and make sure they really help people.

#alttext #UXWriting #Accessibility #contentdesign #content #writing #copywriting

6 months ago

They're making shower gel with ashwagandha now: it's officially hit $7 collard greens territory!

And this #copywriting sample is off the scale; it's like they pulled trending keywords out of YouTube, TikTok, Esquire, and Men's Health or something.

Reddish shower gel label that reads "Wind Down Ashwagandha + White Lavender Stress relief face + body wash Adaptogen Herb Complex Plant-based cleansers + moisturizers Paraben + sulfate free
6 months ago

I see there's a #MicroFiction tag. I am naturally verbose, but when I had a job #Copywriting I used to write #55Fiction, 55 word short stories, to keep my brain used to being succinct and to take my mind off whatever crap they wanted me to make sound good that week.

I always liked this one, I guess for my sins, I will have to make a transcript for the image description :)

#Writing #ShortStories #Fiction

There are some at

The story is indented to form the shape of an arrow at the left margins, pointing to the right.

Title:  Now I know my A B C

As August advances, arson amuses.

Busily, Bully Bertie burns bees by Bettie's bursing barns.

Cakamity! Conflagaration! Cracking cereals, cackling child.

Disaster, dense dark dust descends.

Englufed! Explosions, expected expiration.

Fifteen fearless firefighters fighting ferocious fire. Framework falls.


Fatal fire. Five funerals.

Empty endings.

Death, destruction, discontinues destinies.


Burning bees by barns... Bad.

6 months ago

@wonky @TimBousquet Last time I got fired and needed some quick money I was looking back to my roots at #Copywriting jobs, and the most well paid were the "#Conservative #Blogger" ones at the time... I just couldn't do it, I'd have been far too good at it for one. It's much easier to lie and manipulate things when you don't believe in the cause at all - Which is, I suspect, why the Russian and Chinese right-wing #trolls are so good at it.

Sandra de Jong
6 months ago

Lang geleden werkte ik bij een organisatie waar de algemeen directeur zijn geschreven zinnen zelden met maar één punt afsloot. Hij eindigde een regel liever met minstens vier.  

'Joyce stuurde me gisteren de verkoopcijfers….'

'Volgende week heb ik dat verslag denk ik wel af……'

'Ik vraag me af of dat wel nodig is..…'

Waarom je beter geen beletseltekens in je teksten zet (2 redenen):

#schrijven #schrijftips #taal #copywriting #tekst #beletselteken

Krasse Eloquenz
6 months ago

Warum der Bleistift mittlerweile das It-Piece jeder Saison ist, erfahrt ihr in dieser Satire über das Texten.

Lesezeit: 2 min

#texten #texter #copywriting #werbung #marketing #marketingtexte #satire #satiren #schreiben #bleistift #literatur

7 months ago

@RayNewman I agree with you - it is in that trust-building/call to action area that they meet. Obvs some skills that cross over too, like creating a flow of info etc.

What made me feel icky with copywriting was that, at times, it can feel a bit manipulative ... or at least it did to me. Others would say persuasive! Ultimately, how it made me feel led to me sticking with tech writing and leaving copywriting to others. Did you ever feel like that?

#TechComm #ContentDesign #Copywriting

7 months ago

#Copywriting is a combination of:

• Human psychology.

• Marketing.

• Sales.

• And Writing.

7 months ago

Hi everyone I'm new here.

#introduction first.

My name is Favour and I'm a Copywriter.

Fun facts about me: I love super cars and #dogs.

If you're interested in:


Give me a follow. I will follow back immediately.

Let's grow together 🚀

Rob Dyson :cassette:
7 months ago

#introduction : co-host of popular UK #synthwave radio show Forever Synth, & sometime co-host & scribe over at Future Sounds (#vaporwave & #synthwave). I am a backer of #80s horror documentaries In Search of Darkness. By day I work in #charity in #communications and #copywriting. Nice to meet others into #synthwave and #retro culture etc.

Chris Guiton
7 months ago

Are you thinking about refreshing your website, starting a blog or exploring the marketing opportunities offered by case studies?

If you are, that's great. But maybe you don't know where to start. Or don’t how to market your business properly. Or simply haven't got the time.

No problem. I can help you discover your voice and communicate effectively with your customers.

Drop me a line if you need creative, engaging content to get more eyes on your business.

#copywriting #marketing

Chris Guiton
7 months ago

Advocates of the Slow Movement have been popping up all over the place in recent years. Slow Travel. Slow Reading. Slow Radio. Slow Parenting. Slow Cities. The list is endless. It might seem a bit on the faddish side. But I must confess a sneaking admiration for these attempts to slow life down...

Read the full piece ⬇️
#SlowMovement #copywriting

David Wahl
7 months ago

Vampire/Werewolf teeth

I'm sure this product failed, but I love packages that show the use of a novelty on a large face. These teeth are obviously too large for a vampire. Can a vampire have bucked fangs?

#novelty #monsters #copywriting #sundayscaries

Package for novelty fangs. The big picture is a werewolf with teeth pointing up from the lower lip. Inset picture is same teeth on a vampire turned in the opposite direction. 
Wolfman/Vampire teeth for great Party Fun. Turn down for Vampire teeth.
Jill S. aka "Jill the Pill"
1 year ago

To help others find me or my tribe, here are some hashtags that can help you learn a bit more about me, what I do, and what makes me tick: