In Asia, women factory workers powered manufacturing growth. Are there lessons there for the US?
As US aims to bring back manufacturing, supporting women is key
Low-income countries will not see unemployment rates recover to pre-pandemic levels in 2023, ILO says.
Africa, Middle East driving growing ’employment divide’, UN says
2 weeks ago

Sad reminder from fb memories. Two years ago, I thought I could retire my masks, except maybe for planes. Then I got N95s when Delta came. Now, two years after joyfully planning to "retire" my masks I am thinking they are forever for me. Maybe some day I can go back to those 85% Atoms masks? Nah. #pandemicjournal #covid19 #CoronavirusPandemic #omicronvariant #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne

Woman wearing three types of early-pandemic masks 2020 to early 2021.
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#Bitcoin #bankrupt #collapse #coronaviruspandemic #DebtCeiling Robert Kiyosaki: “The U.S. is bankrupt and the only salvation is in bitcoin”: The American economist and author of the bestseller "Rich Daddy, Poor Daddy" again predicted the U.S. default and urged all Americans to buy bitcoins to save their savings.

Robert Kiyosaki announced to his Twitter followers that the U.S. economy is worsening and the national debt continues to grow.

Despite the fact that there…

Appeal comes amid concern strict intellectual property rules hamper the production of affordable vaccines and medicines.
Scientists call on G7 to improve preparedness for next pandemic
As US public health emergency declaration comes to an end, Al Jazeera looks at the pandemic's heavy toll on the country.
Three years, 1.1 million deaths: COVID emergency ending in US
The US Congress has cut back expanded COVID-era food assistance benefits, creating strain for some low-income families.
US families struggle following end of pandemic-era food benefits
UN health agency declares end to public health emergency of international concern, in place for more than three years.
COVID no longer a global health emergency, WHO says
Jair Bolsonaro says 'surprised' by search, as police said they conducted 16 raids in probe into false COVID documents.
Brazilian police raid ex-President Bolsonaro’s home, seize phone
Djokovic can play after missing out on the US Open last year and being denied entry into the country earlier this year.
Novak Djokovic can play at US Open as vaccine mandate to end
Global pharmaceutical firms had declined to provide the technical know-how to replicate their vaccines in Africa.
WHO officially launches mRNA vaccine tech hub in Cape Town
Twin cyclones hit Pacific island nation already struggling to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
‘No one was prepared’: Vanuatu feels cost of climate crisis
IMF's 2023 global growth estimate of 2.8% is 'most worrisome' as it projects weak growth over a longer period, she said.
IMF chief says global growth ‘not enough’
President Xi wants China to become a top Asian footballing power by 2030, but the Chinese game is in the doldrums.
After years of crisis, can China revive its lofty football goals?
Global health agency scientists say new Chinese study released this week offered some 'clues' on origins but no answers.
WHO chief urges China to share information on COVID-19 origins
Satellite imagery shows facilities are still intact nearly four months after end of Beijing's draconian pandemic policy.
China quit ‘zero COVID’. Huge quarantine centres were left behind
In a study of 4,000 participants, the vaccine showed efficacy of 85.3 percent 14 to 28 days after a booster vaccination.
China approves first domestic mRNA COVID-19 vaccine
Foundation run by Kunda Bachhav and Vaishali Bhamre in Maharashtra's Nashik helps over 80 poor girls continue studies.
Indian teachers help pandemic-hit girl dropouts return to school
The fungus, Candida auris, can be a deadly risk to fragile hospital and nursing home patients.
Superbug fungus cases rose dramatically during pandemic
Committee investigating whether Johnson misled parliament in a series of statements about COVID rule-breaking parties.
Ex-UK PM Johnson faces ‘Partygate’ parliamentary grilling
3 months ago

Does it help US imperialism? Or a propaganda! #CoronavirusPandemic
Biden signs law ordering US intelligence to declassify "as much data as possible" on the origins of COVID-19 - White House.

Yan Leyfman, MD
3 months ago

Next generation face mask with improved comfort, cost and utility.

Amazing work from Dr. Jeff Karp of Brigham and Women's Hospital.

#covid #covid19 #sarscov2 #mask #masks #masking #protection #viral #virus #sars_cov_2 #sars #coronavirus #coronaviruspandemic

Being vaccinated against COVID-19 remains a requirement of international travellers.
Novak Djokovic denied US entry over COVID vaccine policy
China says it will start issuing all categories of visas to foreigners from Wednesday, March 15, 2023.
China to resume issuing all visa types for first time since 2020
Al Jazeera spoke to people from across the world on how the pandemic affected their and others' lives.
Three years later: Lives reshaped by COVID-19
Scientists lean towards a natural spillover from animals, but China's opacity means a lab leak can't be ruled out.
Three years later, what we know: How did COVID start?
Unanimous House vote sends bill to declassify US intelligence info about COVID origins to US President Joe Biden.
US legislators approve COVID origins intel declassification
Three years after the pandemic shut down the world’s economy, have relations between workers and employers shifted?
How has work changed in the post-pandemic world?
How one Bosnian man and his family got through a tragic accident, the COVID pandemic and inflation.
‘The money for my medical care goes to buy food’
Federal prosecutors say self-proclaimed con artist Danielle Miller used stolen identities to obtain pandemic loans.
US Instagram influencer admits to $1m COVID relief fraud
The European Union plans to halt fossil fuel car sales by 2035 and wants to speed up the switch to electric vehicles.
Can the EU go all electric and ban fossil fuel cars in 12 years?
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says 'all hypotheses on the origins of the virus remain on the table'.
WHO urges countries to reveal intelligence on COVID-19 origins
FBI director, US Department of Energy say virus originated in a lab, but other US officials say there's no consensus.
Reports on COVID origin reignite conspiracy theories about virus
FBI Director Christopher Wray accuses China of thwarting efforts to identify the origin of the COVID-19 outbreak.
FBI director says China laboratory leak was likely COVID source
Officials must probe why Black and ethnic minority Britons were overrepresented in pandemic tolls, says group.
UK’s COVID-19 inquiry should address racism, says campaign group
Chinese territory hopes the relaxation of its last coronavirus measures will lure back visitors and boost business.
Hong Kong scraps COVID-19 mask mandate after almost 1,000 days
Investigations into the origins of the virus have been hampered by politics and a lack of access and transparency.
US energy dept says COVID probably came from a lab leak
The report by The Lancet found that 'natural immunity' reduces the risk of hospitalisation and death by 88 percent.
Past COVID infection lowers risk of hospitalisation, death: Study
Hundreds of elderly people marched in the cities of Wuhan and Dalian despite heavy security presence.
Chinese retirees take to streets over plan to cut health benefits
WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says it is 'crucial' to know how the coronavirus pandemic started.
WHO to ‘push until we get the answer’ on COVID origins
Move comes after Seoul last week scrapped COVID-related travel restrictions for arrivals from China.
China to resume visas for South Koreans after COVID row
Zoom, which became a household name during lockdowns with its video-conferencing tools, has seen growth slow down.
Zoom to layoff nearly 15% staff as pandemic wanes
4 months ago

Frontline always does a good job with its scores; #CoronavirusPandemic (2020) is no exception. What was most notable to me were the echoes of the music from #Contagion. Have a listen to the opening of the 2011 films and its low eerie soundscape, then listen to the background of the documentary. I do not think the similarities were coincidental!

#PandemicMusic #pandemic #music #PandemicFilms #IHaveAList #StudentProjects #TeachingJoys

Frontline documentaries: Coronavirus Pandemic. has an image of medical personnel masked, and handling hospital equipment.
From December 8 to January 12, deaths related to the virus in Chinese hospitals totalled 59,938.
China reports almost 60,000 COVID-related deaths in past month
More than 7,000 nurses strike at two NYC hospitals, stating that low wages and staffing levels have squeezed workers.
Nurses in New York City strike over wages and staffing levels
Canada says new law aims to make housing more affordable but experts say other measures would better reduce high costs.
Why is Canada banning foreign homebuyers?
nett hier, unterm bus.
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la la la la la la la

"Bundesgesundheitsminister Karl Lauterbach hält Testpflichten bei Einreisen aus China aktuell für «noch nicht notwendig». Als zentrale Maßnahme werde aber ein engmaschiges «Varianten-Monitoring» an den europäischen Flughäfen vorbereitet."


5 months ago

@aethelshane #575prompt #threelines #haiku #reflect #poetrycommunity #poetryoftheday #poetrylovers #covid19 #CoronavirusPandemic #pandemicmemories #CovidIsNotOver #covidisoverbutnotforme

covidworld mirrors
reflect frozen time no end
to lost time and joy

I never thought my life would end in such a long whimper.

Jade Walker
6 months ago

Nursing home residents are particularly vulnerable to severe disease from Covid. Nearly 161,000 nursing home residents have died from Covid since 2020.

Jade Walker
6 months ago

“Due to increased demand and various supplier challenges, over-the-counter pediatric fever reducing products are seeing constraint across the country,” Walgreens said.
#CoronavirusPandemic #rsv

Jade Walker
6 months ago

People who received the bivalent booster had 57% less risk of hospitalization than unvaccinated people and 45% less risk of hospitalization than people who had received two to four doses of the original vaccine and received their last shot 11 or more months earlier.

Jade Walker
6 months ago

Hospitals in New Hampshire are more than 95% full as flu cases rise along with COVID-19 hospitalizations.
#CoronavirusPandemic #nh

Jade Walker
6 months ago

As Year 4 of the coronavirus pandemic approaches, many doctors agree the overlapping viral surges and how they are playing out are unusual and concerning: Patients with back-to-back respiratory illnesses. Simultaneous infection with three or more viruses, or with bacterial infections, such as Strep A. Otherwise healthy people suffering for weeks, rather than days, with simple colds. #CoronavirusPandemic

6 months ago

Facebook Timeline Memories

strange to see just three
years ago my world was a
happy hopeful place

#haiku #haikupoetry #haikuoftheday #haikupoem #micropoetry #micropoem #threelines #poetrylovers #poetrycommunity #covid19 #omicronvariant #CoronavirusPandemic #pandemicmemories

Philipp Johannes Weber
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@RKI gibt es einen nachvollziehbaren grund warum die abgebildeten personen keine masken tragen ?


How scientists across Africa plan to use mRNA technology to fight diseases and tackle inequities in global health.
Racing to develop Africa’s next-gen vaccines before new pandemic
Clashes reported in locked-down southern city of Guangzhou amid the biggest wave of civil unrest since 1989.
Hazmat suit-clad riot police confront China COVID-19 protesters
The British foreign office rebukes Zheng Zeguang after Ed Lawrence's arrest and alleged assault in Shanghai.
UK summons Chinese ambassador after arrest of BBC journalist
Hang Seng Index plunges to below 17,000 points as Beijing vows to stick with controversial pandemic strategy.
Hong Kong shares dive to 11-year low as China touts ‘zero COVID’
Dr Khan on why we need to identify those at risk of long COVID and understand the underlying causes of the illness.
Long COVID, rest, and helping our immune systems recover

EU-Verbraucherrecht: 16 große Fluggesellschaften haben nach der massiven Annullierung von Flügen in der #Pandemie mehr als 500.000 ungewollte Fluggutscheine erstattet. ✈️🇪🇺

RT @EU_Consumer: #ConsumerProtection

Last year 16 major airlines✈️committed to provide better info for passengers & timely refunds for flights cancelled during #CoronavirusPandemic😷

New data shows airlines are delivering on their commitm…


International pilgrims will perform the annual ritual for first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020.
One million set to perform Hajj as COVID-19 restrictions ease
US pharmaceutical giant says it will sell patented drugs on a not-for-profit basis to world's poorest countries.
Pfizer to offer low-cost drugs to 45 lower-income nations
COVID public health measures are not a matter of personal liberty.
America going maskless is nothing to celebrate
2 years ago

The supply of workers is many times more than the demand in industries, agriculture, services. This overwhelming imbalance could not be disturbed even in #CoronavirusPandemic, why must the bourgeois class worry for #ChennaiRain?
Capitalism works for profit and now such "petty" incidents are not any hurdle in its 'entrepreneurship'!

Overwhelmed hospitals and food shortages in Ho Chi Minh City as authorities extend total lockdown.
In Vietnam’s COVID epicentre, ‘everyone is struggling to survive’
Origin of the cases, involving the same family, is still being traced as Auckland begins three-day lockdown.
New Zealand outbreak involves UK variant of virus: Ardern
Sanket Upadhyay
3 years ago

चुनावी भीड़ और #coronavirus का खतरा

Watch the full show of खबरों की खबर here:

#BiharElections #BiharPolls #BiharAssemblyPolls #COVIDー19 #CoronaVirusUpdates #CoronavirusPandemic

Mrs Christine Assange [bot]
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🔁 🎗Christine Assange #SaveJulian Retweeted:
Kalima Horra London @KalimaLondon

Why is #JulianAssange still being held by the UK during #CoronavirusPandemic ?
A Kalima Horra (Yoursay) show hosted by @georgegalloway.

We want to hear from you and will broadcast your video messages.
Send to:

#Assange #JulianAssange #UK

Full-List of bots:

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This is ALL snowballing into a combined health & economic DISASTER the likes of which have NEVER been seen in American history. #CoronavirusPandemic #COVID #COVID19 #COVIDiot #PowerHungryPotentate

3 years ago

And he’s making things worse by casting blame toward China, lying about the origins of the #coronavirus, eliminating our support for #WHO, the World Health Organization AND listening to the advice of unqualified, know nothing conspiracists! #CoronavirusPandemic #COVID #COVID19 #COVIDiot #PowerHungryPotentate

3 years ago

Now he’s trying to cover up by firing any official who publicly disagrees or points out his mishandling of #COVID19. #CoronavirusPandemic #COVID #ArtoftheFail

3 years ago

Then he made it worse by bungling the response & denying their was a crisis, plus hiding the true nature of the #COVID crisis & ignoring intelligence that could have saved THOUSANDS of American’s lives. #CoronavirusPandemic #COVID19 #FireTrump

Prasanna S :verified:
3 years ago

Is he the same BCG-is-for-small-pox person?


#Watch | "Wear a mask every time you go out": Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman and MD, Medanta - The Medicity

#ApniSurakshaApneHaath #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronavirusPandemic #Coronavirusindia

Watch NDTV-'s #IndiaAgainstCOVID19 on NDTV 24x7 and


G. Gibson
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Prasanna S :verified:
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The message attempts to add credibility to its content by misquoting and misinterpreting an article by legal news website #BOOMFactCheck #FakeNews #coronavirus #CoronaVirusFacts #Covid_19