Niklas Pivic
11 hours ago

To quote Alvvays:

'Belinda says Heaven is a place on Earth/well, so is Hell'

#capitalism #MiddleClass #corporate #office #Alvvays

Corporate Hell
2 days ago

#SouthKorea's resident deposits fell by $5.9 billion in August, the first drop in four months, due to a strong dollar.

U.S. dollar deposits decreased by $4.82 billion, while #corporate deposits saw a $5.24 billion reduction.

Stop the GQP & Fox News
2 days ago

Corporate America gave us Donald Trump. Now Donald is biting the hand that feeds, claiming corporations who don't support him are committing treason. If you are a corporate stooge, think twice about backing Don -- he is as feral as he is disloyal.

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2 days ago

Got my #covid booster today. I waited an hour even though I had an appointment.
Older folks coming in were told to make appointments online even if they didn't have access.
Privatizing vaccines and handing it over to pharmacy staff who are already overworked and understaffed is not working well for anyone but #corporate shareholders and CEOs.

Eric Maugendre
3 days ago

Writes Stacy Mitchell: “#Amazon doesn’t have to build warehousing and shipping costs into the price of its own products, because it’s found a way to get smaller online sellers to pay those costs.” #freight #shipping #antitrust #corporate #monopoly #inflation

Sampath Pāṇini ®
3 days ago

It turns out that #CorporateSocialist is not yet a thing.

Th term "corporate socialist" is often used to criticize systems that prioritize the interests of corporations over those of the general public.

#corporate #socialist

📷 "I'll always cherish my memories of the Polygroup® Summer of 2023."

#Photography #Branding #Corporate #Sponsored #Seasons #Summer

corporate branding on the side of a blue vinyl pool.

Polygroup® Summer
3 days ago

Firms that appear to undermine a US ban on products made in #Xinjiang emerge near the top of #Tesla’s sprawling network of suppliers, according to a WaPo examination of #corporate records & Chinese media reports. Among them are companies that have openly complied w/ #China’s quotas for moving minority Muslim #Uyghurs out of rural villages & into factory towns through what Chinese authorities call “labor transfers” or “surplus labor employment.”

Asbjørn Ulsberg
3 days ago

What few people know, is that Gurner’s view of the economy in general, and unemployment in particular, was debunked by economist Michael Kalecki in 1943.

“Michal Kalecki argued that government spending could ensure a permanent economic boom with both low employment and increased business profits. Crucially, however, Kalecki predicted that business executives would hate having what everyone else sees as a good economy, because it would allow regular people to be less subservient to them. For the business class, no amount of money can replace the daily joy of watching your inferiors grovel when in your presence.”

#inflation #economics #economy #profits #labor #labour #cost #corporate #profit #unemployment #employment

Asbjørn Ulsberg
3 days ago

Meanwhile, the rich harbours opinions such as this:

"We need to remind people they work for the employer, not the other way around. We need to see unemployment rise. We need to see pain in the economy."

— Tim Gurner, Gurner Group CEO

#inflation #economics #economy #profits #labor #labour #cost #corporate #profit #unemployment #employment

4 days ago

#corporate I really hate that one thing - break of TRUST from the side of a service provider (especially such vital as a mobile/internet one).
I was ready to pay for a roaming, no problem. But #Antel don't care about their user base (and I don't even talk about the fact that there is no English-speaking support).

NoBeerToday 🇦🇺
4 days ago


"Big 3 CEOs claim their pay is high b/c its performance based." - Well, without the workers to make their ideas & directions into reality, their 'performance' is dead on arrival.

While there are some notable exceptions, the truth is that becoming a CCO has less to do with ability than it has to do with being part of the right group & playing the right group politics. The 'it's not what you know but who you know' principle is prominent in the corporate world.


Ricardo Harvin
4 days ago

I rarely use the #Mastodon #web #interface so I don't know if the #dormant #following / #follower option has been available since I first joined last October (it's buried), but I just went through both groups and deleted most of the accounts there.

It seems a lot of them are artifacts of people migrating #server #instances, and a good chunk are folks who went back to #corporate #SocialMedia.

My follower count is now more realistic, from 1.6k to 610. Accounts I follow went from 374 to 259.

5 days ago

It's beginning. The #maga end voyage to this #shabby chapter of #history.

The #republican stench in the people's house has become overwhelming and obviously #corporate throwing #feces fits.

This MAGA shit

is getting old
5 days ago

What makes a theory more probable is the weight of supporting evidence (not how many people believe it or not). Without a reasonable amount of converging evidence the "theory" is at best speculation.

Internal #FossilFuel Industry Memos Reveal Decades of #Corporate #Disinformation

Nobody ever said that the #FossilFool industry executives were clever, which may explain why they didn't delete the evidence that proves they're lying criminals (allegedly)


5 days ago

“…#Koch …has invested tremendous #capital to overturn longstanding #legal #precedent known as #Chevron deference, which would handcuff #regulators & serve the interests of #corporate fat cats. As more details are revealed of Justice Thomas’s #undisclosed involvement w/the Koch #political network, there are serious questions about his #impartiality in cases squarely confronting the Chevron doctrine. For these reasons, I’m calling on Justice #Thomas to #recuse himself from… #LoperBrightVRaimondo.”

5 days ago

Charles & David #Koch’s access to #ClarenceThomas has gone well beyond his participation in their #donor events. For years, the #KochBrothers had opportunities to meet privately w/ #Thomas thanks to the justice’s regular trips to the #BohemianGrove, an all-male retreat that attracts some of the nation’s most #influential #corporate & #political figures. Thomas has been a regular… for 25 yrs as #HarlanCrow’s guest, acc/to internal docs & interviews w/dozens of members, other guests & workers….

5 days ago

Having spent 25+ years working at #Fortune500 #companies I can say that creating complicated, rigid processes almost always fails.

Usually these processes are a response to a bad actor trying to "game" the system and the process is intended to prevent it from happening.

Problem is the bad actors won't follow the new process anyway and the diligent people -- who were never part of the problem -- do.

It's a tax on competence.

#corporate #bureaucracy

In 1965 James M. Buchanan launched a center dedicated to his theories at the University of Virginia, which later relocated to George Mason University.

Nancy MacLean describes how he trained thinkers to push back against the Brown v. Board of Education decision to desegregate America’s public schools and to challenge the constitutional perspectives and federal policy that enabled it.

She notes that he took care to use economic and political precepts, rather than overtly racial arguments, to make his case, which nonetheless gave cover to racists who knew that spelling out their prejudices would alienate the country.

All the while, a ghost hovered in the background — that of John C. #Calhoun of South Carolina, senator and seventh vice president of the United States.

Calhoun was an intellectual and political powerhouse in the South from the 1820s until his death in 1850, expending his formidable energy to defend slavery. Calhoun, called the “#Marx of the #Master #Class” by historian Richard Hofstadter, saw himself and his fellow southern oligarchs as victims of the majority.

Therefore, as MacLean explains, he sought to create “#constitutional #gadgets” to constrict the operations of government.

Economists Tyler #Cowen and Alexander #Tabarrok, both of George Mason University, have noted the two men’s affinities, heralding Calhoun “a precursor of modern #public #choice theory” who “anticipates” Buchanan’s thinking.

MacLean observes that both focused on how #democracy constrains property owners and aimed for ways to restrict the latitude of voters.

She argues that unlike even the most property-friendly founders Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, Buchanan wanted a private governing #elite of #corporate #power that was wholly released from public accountability.

Suppressing voting, changing legislative processes so that a normal majority could no longer prevail, sowing public distrust of government institutions— all these were tactics toward the goal.

But the Holy Grail was the #Constitution: alter it and you could increase and secure the power of the wealthy in a way that no politician could ever challenge.

Brian Jackson
5 days ago

The amount of time I spend as a manager looking at my calendar to resolve conflicts is too damn high. Google/Microsoft, get on that please. Give us a company-wide solver that organizes it all, and when it's intractable raises that to humans: ex. "due to existing constraints and higher-priority meetings, this meeting cannot be scheduled with all participants." #corporate #calendar #planning #management

1 week ago

Anyone else notice #unitedstates #republicans can't seem to do anything that resembles running a functional #government ?

Functional government is NEVER in the interest of their #corporate overlords.

1 week ago

Car Companies: Stop Your Huge Data Collection Programs

Car brands are collecting your deeply personal data, like your genetic information & sexual activity

They are brazenly collecting deeply personal information about you the moment you get into a car, usually without explicit consent

Tell car companies to stop collecting, sharing & selling our private info


#Spying #eavesdropping #privacy #petitions #personal #cars #auto #Corporate #BigData #theft #data

1 week ago

#Mexico: Land, territory and #environmental #defenders are being criminalized for exercising their right to #protest

September 13, 2023

"The disproportionate use of criminal law is one of the main threats facing the right to protest peacefully in defense of land, territory and environment in Mexico, Amnesty International said today upon publishing a new report. Mexico: Land and Freedom? Criminalizing defenders of land, territory and environment documents the disproportionate use of the justice system to deter, punish and prevent defenders from protesting in demand of their rights.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights. It is alarming to see that Mexico ranks among the countries with the highest number of murders of environmental defenders and yet, far from the State addressing and preventing this violence, other serious human rights violations are also being committed such as stigmatization, harassment, attacks, assaults, forced displacement and disappearances, said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International.

"This report focuses on four cases: (i) Colonia Maya in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, where a diverse group of people came together to protest against the construction of residential housing in a protected area where it would cause #environmental damage; (ii) #Zacatepec, where Miguel and Alejandro, #Nahua communicators and defenders, opposed the construction of a drain in Ciudad Industrial Huejotzingo, Puebla, that would flow into the Metlapanapa River, polluting it; iii) Chilón, #Chiapas, where César and José Luis, Tseltal defenders, were criminalized for opposing the construction of a National Guard barracks in their territory; iv) Sitilpech, Yucatán, where residents such as Jesús Ariel, Arturo and Juan Diego are opposing the activities of a mega pig farm in their territory because of the #pollution, water contamination and health problems it is causing.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights.

"Criminal prosecution and stigmatization

"Our report highlights the use of vague or ambiguous offences that ignore the principle of legality, such as rioting, obstruction of public works and variations on the offence of attacks on roadways. It was also noted that events occurring during protests have been conveniently adapted to fit other crimes through broad interpretations of criminal offences and statements that misrepresent the facts. The accusations are largely fabricated on the basis of statements made by public servants and company workers directly related to the events being denounced by the communities. There is no hard evidence in any of the criminal files that would enable any crime to be established.
#AmnestyInternational observed some alarming similarities in these cases. The complaints filed are overwhelmingly directed at people who are considered leaders, or those who are most visible in the protest movements, and they are being prosecuted for vague offences, without hard evidence and solely on the basis of their peaceful actions. The proceedings often drag on for various reasons, and there is a constant worry that cases could be revived or new crimes fabricated.

"Criminal proceedings against defenders are intended as a deterrent to others advocating for the same causes as it leads them to fear that their legitimate demands may end in stigmatization, repression or threats to their lives and safety. While we’ve observed the hope and dignity of some who are being unjustly criminalized when they enjoy the support of their communities, we’ve also seen others who have decided to abandon the struggle to demand their rights, said Edith Olivares Ferreto, executive director of Amnesty International Mexico.

"Differential impacts of state pressure

"These processes are often accompanied by a stigmatization of defenders and serious problems for their security and physical and mental health. This situation also affects their legal representatives and people who support them on an ongoing basis. The use of the criminal justice system against those who dissent or speak out in relation to local government projects and #corporate interests takes place without consequence and with complete impunity. Other violations that occur in the context of protests have also not been investigated, such as violations of the right to liberty and security of defenders, as well as the excessive use of force.

"The unjust #criminalization of defenders who protest peacefully has both individual and collective impacts. Some of the most common effects on an individual level are physical, psychological and economic, such as illness, physical pain as a result of blows received, fear, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, stress, impotence, feelings of injustice at what has happened to them, and effects on their work defending their rights.

"Collective impacts include the intimidation or repression of demands for rights to land, territory and the environment among people advocating for the same causes.

"The unjust criminalization of #HumanRights defenders draws attention away from the root causes and challenges facing land, territory and environmental defenders. The right to protest must be handled in such a way that recognizes that punishing those involved in social conflicts generally only exacerbates the problem rather than resolving the substance of the issue. Defenders’ demands must be properly heard and analysed and their right to protest guaranteed.

"Amnesty International’s report offers a number of general recommendations for addressing the disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters, in addition to other recommendations specific to the cases documented in the report. Among the former, the authorities must recognize the valuable work done by land, territory and environmental defenders; refrain from stigmatizing them; guarantee their participation in issues affecting their communities; strengthen the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists; and refrain from using militarized security forces, such as the National Guard, to monitor protests.

"Among its specific recommendations, Amnesty International calls on the state to immediately cease the criminalization of protest and to properly investigate the human rights violations in the cases documented in the report in order to ensure that the defenders receive full reparations.

"The report accompanies the launch of the campaign #ProtestarNoEsUnCrimen, which seeks to raise awareness of the problem of the unjust criminalization of human rights defenders and its impact on the defence of land, territory and the environment."


#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

1 week ago

@joyce I agree and I’d go one step further. Let’s just skip #Halloween altogether:
- Candy? So bad for you.
- Decorations? Cheap and ugly.
- Costumes? Uncomfortable.
- Parties? No thank you.
- Horror movies? Enough horror in the real world at the moment.
Another American #corporate “holiday” imposed on the world so we can spend a bunch of money and time on crap we don’t need.

1 week ago


This is how #corporate reads ALL data, not only investing.


1 week ago


Whatever #jimcramer says, I do the opposite. There has never been a louder #corporate #shill #bidder than #cnbc

Last paragraph:

"Within the retail sector, Cramer’s Charitable Trust, the portfolio used by the CNBC Investing, owns the likes of TJX Companies
(TJX) and Costco Wholesale
(COST). It also owns a small position in Foot Locker
(FL) as a potential turnaround play. "

1 week ago


Extremely difficult to throat stomp #corporate boot lickers.

Open Forum
1 week ago

Fight the power

The past 40 years have seen large corporations grow to dominate the global economy, surpassing the capacity of people – or governments – to control or even comprehend them. #corporate

1 week ago


"This" is what happens when #corporate steals the concept of artists and writers and promotes it as #pop #culture

It's the same concept with modern corporate #socialmedia

1 week ago


Like fish in barrel. The #corporate trolls that continue to advertise with #elonmusk will be villianized as relics of #racism

1 week ago


#corporate has a pattern of #monetizing #disaster.

Shock and sensational sells.

Greg W.
1 week ago

#Corporate #Criminal #Behavior Almost Exposé Proof
by Ralph Nader

Corporate law firms have taught their wayward corporate clients how to use accretions of privileges and immunities to ward off or wait out the most devastating books, documentaries and media exposés. Corporate P.R. firms know that the media doesn’t follow the efforts of civic advocacy groups as a regular beat. Feature exposés are prime candidates for big #journalistic awards like the Pulitzer Prizes.

1 week ago


The @costco mercs had tables set up

One initiative was for increased 'latitude' for #PoliceChase. Another was calling #CarbonNeutral legislation a 'Hidden #GasTax'

I told the #Black guy collecting sigs for $, "The police are not your friends, sir. You know what happens to the #JudasGoat? The rancher eats him every time"

But what bugs me is the way concerned citizens are shoo'd off #Corporate properties & #Fascists are welcomed. Not surprised. Just 🤬💔😖

2 weeks ago

Sometimes I watch #foxcorporation broadcasting so I can #boycott the #corporate #trolls that advertise there.

I only watch Fox for the commercials and since the #dominion settlement, that is the majority of Fox #content.

I've stolen this image from someone else because I want to say a little something about it.

It works for many groups I think, but certainly works from a #Leftist viewpoint.

A lot of the more vocal, large-follower commentators on the left have been resistant of the #Fediverse, favouring the #corporate sites with their larger audiences.

But one thing about this approach is that it favours platforming over networking. It prefers the hot take over building a strong community.

Twitter post by @girlziplocked

What everyone wants to belong to is a community but they keep winding up in audiences instead and | think this is the cause of a tremendous amount of suffering right now.
2 weeks ago

…he left no doubt his intention to make good on his 2020 campaign to always have the backs of the #unions.

“Over generations, #autoworkers sacrificed so much to keep the #industry alive & strong, especially the #economic crisis & the #pandemic,” #Biden said. “#Workers deserve a #FairShare of the #benefits they helped create.”

He added that the #automakers “should go further to ensure record #corporate #profits mean record #contracts for the #UAW.”

2 weeks ago

Just Released: "Mining the Sacred: #IndigenousNations Fight #Lithium Gold Rush at #ThackerPass

Watch now:

"#Cree Journalist Brandi Morin said, 'We are taking back the narrative and this story about North America’s largest lithium mine being constructed while violating sacred Indigenous territories is told from the Native perspective. The 'green' energy revolution isn’t what you think it is!'

IndigiNews Media and The Real News, September 12, 2023

Go watch! @IndigiNewsMedia @TheRealNews @ricochet_en

"Follow Native journalist Brandi Morin, who came from Canada, and covered this powerful story.

"In Nevada’s remote Thacker Pass, a fight for our future is playing out between local #Indigenous tribes and powerful state and #corporate entities hellbent on mining the lithium beneath their land. Vancouver-based Lithium Americas is developing a massive lithium mine at Thacker Pass, but for more than two years several local tribes and #environmental organizations have tried to block or delay the mine in the courts and through direct action.

"The Thacker Pass Project is backed by the Biden administration, and companies like General Motors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the project, looking to capitalize on the transition to a 'green energy economy,' for which lithium is essential. While it is a vital component in the manufacturing of electric vehicles and batteries, though, there’s nothing “green” about mining lithium. Ending our addiction to fossil fuels is urgently necessary, but the struggle of the local tribes around Thacker Pass reveals the dark side of a 'green revolution' that prioritizes profit and consumption over everything (and everyone) else."

-- Mining the Sacred

#IndigenousNews #LithiumMining #IndigenousRights #Greenwashing #Pauite #ProtectThackerPass #EnvironmentalRacism

2 weeks ago

If you’re not in the meeting, you’re on the agenda. #corporate #infosec

Shot from Die Hard: Bruce Willis ductcrawling, captioned ”Be the CISO they said. It’ll be fun, they said”
Asbjørn Ulsberg
2 weeks ago

“Corporate profits have contributed disproportionately to inflation.”

- Corporate profits: 11.4%
- Labour cost: 61.8%

2020 Q2—2021 Q4:
- Corporate profits: 53.9%
- Labour cost: 7.9%

Tell me again how unionisation and increased wages is the main contributor to inflation.

#inflation #economics #economy #profits #labor #labour #cost #corporate #profit

Normal and recent contributions to growth in unit prices in the nonfinancial corporate sector.

1979–2019 average:
- Corporate profits: 11.4%
- Nonlabor input cost: 26.8%
- Unit labor cost: 61.8%

2020 Q2–2021 Q4
- Corporate profits: 53.9%
- Nonlabor input costs: 38.3%
- Unit labor cost: 7.9%
Tell me again how increased wages is the main contributor to inflation.
3 weeks ago

The People's RICO (Video)

After an extensive investigation, we’ve determined that there is an active criminal enterprise with clear intentions to extort and conspire to destroy our treasured South River Forest.

Watch the full press conference revealing the details of this criminal enterprise.

#StopCopCity #Government #Corporate #collusion #conspiracy #RICO #crime #Georgia

3 weeks ago

#RentControl laws on the national level? Biden administration offers a not-so-subtle push

by Medora Lee, September 6, 2023

"Rent control would prevent #corporate #landlords from profiting by using low-interest, government-backed financing while raising #rents and evicting #tenants, Hoang said.

"Though that may be true, critics say, rent control could hurt millions of people, including some who supplement their retirement with rental income.

"Among 49.5 million rental units, nearly 46% are small rental properties of one to four units, the National Association of Realtors said. More than 70% of those are owned by individuals, or mom-and-pop landlords. About 70% are also managed by them.

"'Cost of rental housing is expensive,' Geno said. 'If they can’t pass on expenses they don’t control, many owners will be upside down.'"

"Many mom-and-pop landlords were forced into forbearance during the 1½-year pandemic-related rent moratorium that allowed tenants to forgo rent payments without fear of eviction. Some even had to sell their properties and defer maintenance on their rentals."

And then corporations bought them up, tore down or gutted the places, then created condos or high-rent housing out of the reach of most people! Creating affordable housing would be great, but it takes time. And judging by the number of homeless and those seeking climate change and political asylum, this problem needs to be solved sooner than later!
#AffordabeHousing #HousingForAll #AffordableHousingForAll

3 weeks ago

Australians have never been more distrusting of corporate Australia.

"They say corporate Australia's behaviour since the onset of COVID has led to dramatically soaring distrust, and voters are distressed by the amount of "moral blindness" they see among corporate leaders."

"They say Australians are angry with firms like PwC, Optus, Telstra, Medibank, Rio Tinto and Facebook/Meta, following huge data breaches and other scandals. The PwC tax scandal and the data breaches at Optus and Medibank are among recent events accelerating distrust."

"Rio Tinto hasn't recovered from Juukan Gorge blast...distrust in the mining giant increased dramatically in May 2020 after it blew up an unfathomably-ancient sacred Indigenous site, and it has never recovered from that scandal. In mid-2020, the leadership of Rio Tinto authorised the destruction of a 46,000-year-old Indigenous rock shelter at Juukan Gorge in Western Australia...In a matter of minutes, 8 million tonnes of ore were blasted from the heritage site so that Rio Tinto could access $135 million dollars' worth of high-grade iron ore."

"It's distrust where society's deepest fears, pain and betrayal surface – and that's because distrust embodies the fundamental vulnerabilities, past betrayals, and concerns that can erode the foundational bonds and shared beliefs that unite a community."

#ImaginedCommunities #PostDemocracy #distrust #Corporate #Australia #outsourcing #CorporateWelfare #governance #consulting #MoralBlindness #IndigenousPeoples #CulturalHeritage #NSWLogging #ForestryCorporation #FCNSW #extractivism

Noelle 📚
4 weeks ago

Mastodon is definitely my most used social media account. I don't really post on any other ones, the corporate aspect and having my data mined repels me lol

#Mastodon #SocialMedia #corporate

1 month ago

You know it's a #Monday when you have a 45min meeting first thing in the morning where 50+ people debate 10px padding vs 15px padding.

oh and this Monday is actually #Thursday

#corporate #webdev #ThisCouldHaveBeenAnEmail #TooManyHiPPOs

1 month ago

#ThackerPass #protesters seek dismissal of lawsuit by #LithiumNevada on #freespeech grounds

By: Bob Conrad, August 23, 2023

"The Thacker Pass protesters who were hit with a lawsuit filed by Lithium Nevada are seeking to get the case dismissed. The defendants last week filed a motion to dismiss the case claiming they were exercising their right to free speech.

"Lithium Nevada, which is building the Thacker Pass lithium mine, sued the protesters in late June.

"The company said activists and members of the Fort McDermitt Paiute #Shoshone Tribe have attempted to block construction at the mine site.

"'Despite multiple warnings from law enforcement not to block public roads, Defendants have continued to do so,' the lawsuit alleges. 'Indeed, Defendants have proudly broadcasted their defiance of law enforcement on social media.

"The defendants disagreed with Lithium Nevada’s claims.

"'The Defendants opted to exercise their constitutional rights and went to the Mine site to pray for their ancestors as #LNC destroyed those ancestors’ final resting places, destroyed culturally significant lands formerly used for subsistence and self-preservation,' they wrote in their motion. 'It is appropriate to analyze whether LNC has established the elements of its claims for relief within the limitations imposed by the First Amendment.'

"They also disputed LNC’s claims of violence and vandalism.

"'As a #sacred site is being bulldozed, non-violent protesters are being criminalized by a foreign mining company,' said attorney Terry Lodge, representing the defendants. 'My clients were engaged in #protest that is clearly protected by the U.S. Constitution. This is #corporate greed and bullying.'"

#CorporateGreen #ProtectThackerPass #CulturalGenocide #EnvironmentalRacism #protesters #Pauite

1 month ago

Seems to me like we need an #intersectional history of #reconstruction that highlights the ways Southern plantation #Oligarchs & Northern #Corporate interests f'd the #Constitution to soften the 'blow' of full #Black #personhood


I should add, that I get really(!) annoyed by the constant use of #neoliberalism as a generalised criticism of things about #capitalism that people find objectionable.

Neoliberalism is a very specific set of unwelcome ideas (centred on the priviligeing of the #corporate form), but many people seem to use the term in a way that is the exact opposite of what NLs actually think.

eg. that NLs think #markets are 'natural'; they don't they think they need to be socially constructed!

I kinda feel like #TheGuardian has become bigger in the #US news scene as the liberal newspaper for liberal liberalism.

Perhaps it's just #corporate desire for growth, or perhaps it's because that newspaper was instrumental in destroying #Corbynism and so helped to deliver this magnificent calamity of a #Tory government, that has damaged the #newspaper's reputation in the #UK ... idk

#media #DumpTheGuardian

1 month ago

Pro Tip:

If you're worried about your brand's reputation, don't buy ads on X


2 months ago

I like how #UPS is proving that #union can be more successful than #corporate #slavery

2 months ago

Heh. I must be doing something right on #Mastodon. The #Corporate #Trolls are coming out of the woodwork!

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once #solutions to #ClimateChange include producing and consuming less.

#Corporations are the worst #polluters because they #manufacture demand and need (e.g. planned obsolescence), then recklessly #pollute to meet that artificially inflated "need" for goods.

We must decrease our individual #consumerism while also forcing #businesses to stop polluting.

Ending #corporate #pollution and our rampant consumption are both required, and more.

2 months ago

#Streaming companies are playing a very dangerous game with regards to the ongoing #wgastrike.

As a #filmworker previously employed by Netflix & other companies, I am currently out of work due to the never ending #greed of their rich studio execs.

Today, as we pass day 100, my wife and I concluded to drop our #AmazonPrime and #Netflix accounts in support of the #WGAStrike. We’ve been on Netflix for two decades now, what an end to an era!

At this point I wonder what it will take for these studios to ever bring us back…

Streaming companies have shown their true colours; their greed is toxic to writers, artists and the industry itself.

Is capitalism winning? Not in our home. We control own own dollar, and we’re done shelling out to #corporate junkies.

#WGAstrong #SAGAFTRAstrike #Paramount #Disney #Apple #CorporateGreed #Capitalism

2 months ago

I know it's "undoudedly", but what came out was an "undoubetely" at best. Not my finest moment but in my defense, I hadn't had coffee yet. ☕️

#coffee #corporate #dunglish

2 months ago

You know, every time so pro-#nuclear or #corporate shill starts calling me a "fear-monger" (which they love to do) my reply is going to be #ExxonKnew.

2 months ago

@jkb I build powerpoints for a living, so when I get tired of powerpoints I'll start working on some more powerpoints. Occassionally I also create powerpoints in between making powerpoints. :microsoft:

#corporate #powerpoint

2 months ago

My brain while creating a super important powerpoint #corporate #wfh

A beautiful rendition of Spongebob background music played on a Otamatone

@ben That's because how #corporate #journalism owrks and how they want to #microtarget their audience rather than grow organic followers - like @TexasObserver did...

3 months ago

How to do an Out Of Office message right. 👏 #starwars #corporate

Oskar asking for your fav star wars movie in his Out Of Office message and prioritizing replies based on the answers.

The rule is that the #Fediverse is for things you love not things you #hate; unless either of those are made by a #corporation, in which case it's vice versa.

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Alberto Chimal
3 months ago

What's the difference between #Mastodon and #Threads? Next time someone tells you they're both not-#Twitter and that's it, #recommend them to read this #article by @pluralistic. It's about #capitalism, #monopolies and the way #corporate #SocialMedia has locked us in their #VirtualSpaces, without right to appeal.
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The Japan Times
3 months ago

The battery arm of Japan's Panasonic will need to build four more factories to reach its target for a sharp boost in annual capacity of batteries for electric vehicles by 2031, its technology chief has said. #news #corporate #us #panasonic #batteries #electricvehicles

So #Mastodon has now passed 13m users....not all active, of course;

Nonetheless since there were under 3m accounts at the end of 2021, I think we can say, given the lack of a #corporate marketing campaign, and a constant drip of articles making spurious claims about how difficult it is to join the #fediverse, we have done pretty well in carving a new bit of the #socialmedia environment which functions with rules that serve us not the owners & advertisers of the platform.

Long may we prosper!

Death by Lambda
3 months ago

I'm hoping that priority one this #Monday morning for every #socialMedia manager is to create a Mastodon account and discover they can communicate that way.

A huge influx of #corporate Accounts would create a #dominoEffect and make those #newHere feel more at home

Jan :rust: :ferris:
3 months ago

We don't need more hard skills. We need more heart skills.

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Rabbi Nathan Farb
3 months ago

@KiltedQueer @BlackAzizAnansi

I've also written about this recently! If we don't create a culture of intentional #financial structures, #mastodon is doomed to fall to #corporate interests (and this was even before the Meta closed-door meetings).

We can't be shy to discuss money if this is something important to us. Whether it is #donation based (Wikipedia does it), or institutions (email succeeded in part through adoption and #hosting services of universities), or establishing a foundation to offer grants in support of the platform, we should be thinking and planning now.

The alternative is ad support (or tracking!), subscription or tiered service, exclusion of minority voices, and/or the eventual death of the platform.

A thing @ploum wrote about corporations wrecking and killing decentralized things (in this case, Google and XMPP) -- and why it's essential to learn from history to resist further corporate destruction:

(graphic by @davidrevoy)

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A piece of arg depicting a reaper with a Meta headband (and WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram medals around its neck) standing over a small gathering of cute artistic renderings of the fediverse tools (Mastodon, etc) gathered around the fediverse logo.

Calling the wider #Fediverse !

I'd like all of your thoughts regarding companies such as #Meta attempting to join Fedi. Anything and everything is good.

What about #decentralization and the future of the web? User #freedom ? #FOSS ? Open standards?

Can we maintain a web where everybody has their own instances of social media, tailored to their own specific use cases?

How about the user experience? Privacy? Can we manage user-respecting #telemetry with the fediverse and put it to use?

To sum it up: give me all of your thoughts on a #corporate web. Don't hold back, everything I listed here are just guidelines for what to respond with ;)

Spread this far and wide! I'm composing everything into one document (article), and will give proper attribution to everyone who's information I use.

Mark your replies as "mentioned people only" if you'd like to keep yourself anonymous, and I'll just use the information you gave me.

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Grant Gulovsen
4 months ago

New #introduction post:

I'm a U.S.-based #attorney with 10 years of civil and commercial #litigation experience who currently focuses on representing #technology #startups (intellectual property, #corporate, #employment and #securities law).

Prior to going to law school I served in the U.S. Army including some time in Somalia as part of Operation Restore Hope.

I'm blessed with a wonderful #family, too many #cats and have been a #vegetarian for 30+ years.

#law #LawFedi

4 months ago

The biggest funders & marketers of #TreePlanting as a #ClimateAction goal are actually #BigTimber #ecocide #forestry & #FossilFuel corporations. They know telling ppl they'll plant a ton of trees or lying about cleanups helps their #corporate #greenwashing laundry.

You're dumb ASF to believe it. You can plant 50 million trees - most won't survive. Ancient #OldGrowth #forests have #irrreplaceable #CarbonSinks essential to planetary survival for all living beings. Abandoned wells poison, still.