Wer noch Termine mit dem angepassten Corona Impfstoff in Berlin sucht, ab 26.9. vereinzelt und vor allem ab Anfang Oktober sind hier noch Termine bei den Apotheken dieser Kette buchbar:

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BoneHouseWasps 🔶
2 hours ago

I've heard tell that some in the #UK are getting a new #COVID shot. Other than being in an at-risk group, is there a way? Can you pay for one?

2 hours ago

@Fbrzvnrnd con cosa stai scrivendo?

(Occhiol al #COVID, statti bene e non fare brutti scherzi.)

2 hours ago

had a lot of covid positive colleagues around me this week. One even in my carpool.

Now my eyes are burning and I've a strange feeling in throat and nose today.... yay 😠

The best thing about this all:

Next tuesday I've my bachelor thesis' presentation and discussion .. which is the last step to finish my studies... I hope I'll be able to do this and not being bound to the bed with high fever

The antigen-test was negative this morning though. Keep fingers crossed.


2 hours ago

Wie kommt man in #Wien eigentlich zu einer #COVID-19-Auffrischungsimpfung? 🤔

Die Gesundheitskasse
verweist auf das Sozialministerium
welches auf das Impfservice der Stadt Wien verweist
wo man aber scheinbar keine Termine buchen kann.

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Markus Falk
2 hours ago

#Covid #Czechia 2023-09-22

Markus Falk
3 hours ago

#Covid #Lithuania 2023-09-22

Markus Falk
3 hours ago

#Covid #SouthTyrol (Italy) 2023-09-22


@euractiv_health #covid is neither seasonal nor a respiratory disease. 🤷‍♂️

Markus Falk
3 hours ago

#Covid #Germany 2023-09-22

3 hours ago

Know anyone who is still masking or working to avoid covid to some degree? Maybe they feel more isolated or limited socially, and having more social options that match their precautions would help.

There's a free "Covid Conscious" friends and dating match system beginning. Open to all walks of life.

It's launching in Oregon, while also offering to help anyone who wants to start their own local group anywhere else.

A community building niche for people who struggle to find others will do a lot of people some good, please spread the word.

#longcovid #mask #covid #community #vaccine #friends #dating #social #leftbehind #health #mentalhealth #medlibs #MedMastadon #covid19

3 hours ago

Young guy in teal framed sunglasses explains on TikTok why #Covid is a really really bad virus

Short, entertaining and factual 😊

3 hours ago

My wife and I had #COVID in the last week of July/beginning of August. She’s just got a faint positive, which I had thought was pretty hard so close to another infection. Just shows you, eh? There’s a lot of this shit about, so be careful out there.

“Did you hear that #COVID is ramping up again?”, they asked. “Did you get your second booster dose?” 😷🤒

Yes, I get the vaccine whenever it is available/advisable. As someone with autoimmune disease, I take no chances.

Screenshot from online health records showing that 6 doses of the sars-CoV vaccine.
4 hours ago

Ok, question to folks that already had #COVID19: did you notice any changes in your dreams at night?
Since my infection my dreams have become very life-like, very intense. I tend to dream 2-3 unrelated story segments each night. I mostly remember what I dreamed after waking up. They are usually no nightmares, but neither „happy dreams“. More like a continuation of the real world…
This happened maybe 3-4 times a year before the infection.

#covid #CovidIsNotOver

The only time I get sick now is when I get my #covid and #flu shots.

3 to 4 days of awfulness is enough if it insures me a level of safety and 5G connectivity I wouldn’t have otherwise.

5 hours ago

Weder im Bus in #Nürnberg noch im ICE nach #München trägt irgendwer #Maske. Gestern schrieb ich noch mit meinem #Covid-krankem Projektkollegen, der sich als einzige Infektionsquelle seine Zugfahrten der letzten Woche vorstellen kann.

Um halb acht am Bahnsteig sah ich Leute in hässlichen Disney-Trachten, ein Becks ICE (yuck) in der Hand, augenrollend an mir und meiner #FFP2 vorbeigehen. Mag für die sicher ein Downer sein, aber vielleicht sollte man auch mal die Sinnhaftigkeit hinterfragen, zum Auftakt der Erkältungszeit auf ein Sauffest zu fahren. So ein Glück für Söders Landtagswahl, dass man den Impact der #Wiesn nicht mehr misst.

Und dann stelle ich fest, dass mein während des langen Urlaubs außergewöhnlich buschig gewachsener Bart die Schließdichte der Maske sabotiert. Werde ich kräftig stutzen oder entfernen müssen. Zeigt mir aber auch, dass die Maskenpflicht nutzlos ist, wenn jeder Hipster sie mit diesem einfachen Trick auf ein Deko-Objekt reduzieren kann (Frauen natürlich wieder im Nachteil).

@DenisCOVIDinfoguy @auscovid19
Absolutely pathetic! All of them. "Deputy Opposition Leader Sussan Ley described the inquiry as a "COVID cop-out" and called for the government to "turn this limp inquiry into a decent royal commission so that people can get the answers to the questions that they deserve post-COVID-19". The only question I want answered is why they don't give a shit about anyone NOW and what went on in the top secret national cabinet meetings at the end of 2021! #covid

Tofu Musubi
5 hours ago

“The metropolitan government is urging residents to wear masks when going to crowded places or having conversations, to frequently wash and disinfect their hands, and to ventilate rooms well.
“There is a possibility that the epidemic will spread further in the future,” a Tokyo government official said.”
#COVID #Japan

6 hours ago

Even if that gets him votes in the primary, it's going to sink him like a boat anchor in the general.


Mat Wright
6 hours ago

You know what is happening? Nurses at all levels are taking their holidays now - they've had 4 years of this shit, have kids

kids are sick, and the unions are shit on point of care protections

I'd expect another huge surge of nurses and doctors leaving

Welcome to a new reality

#Covid #Covid19 #CDNpoli #BCpoli

Deirdre Saoirse Moen
6 hours ago

So my friend who had the blood transfusion for severe #Covid (and is medically fragile)…they can’t keep his O2 levels up even on the highest high flow. That means BiPap, which is step 3 (of 7) of this protocol:

Stage 4’s where the roto beds start. :(

It’s not looking good. :(

FirefighterGeek :masto:
6 hours ago

I think after 5 days I'm about done with this round of #Covid -- fever seems to be gone, energy level coming back, and that horrible covid headache is gone.

I guess the vaccines and boosters really do make a difference, but it sure will be frustrating if yearly covid is going to be as real as yearly influenza and they don't get the boosters ready for each year's new dominant strain a little sooner.

RS, Author, Novelist
6 hours ago

So day 3 of #covid taking #Paxlovid for #COVID19 and I realize there's different color foils on the back. The dusky bronze for the morning dose, grey for evening. I realized suddenly I never saw this. My splitting headache at the time made me keep the lights low and I was too fogged to notice.

Did it matter!?

Oh, I really hope not! #aDayInTheLife

Back of Paxlovid dual dose foil pack in ambient light.  Hard to see difference in low illumination.
6 hours ago

“These variants affected the expression of CCR9 and LZTFL1, two genes known to be associated with immune response.” #dna #isogg #epigenetics #covid #neanderthal

7 hours ago

I am having a hard time getting my head around the fact that my sibling (who I have not seen since January 2020 because she also has been isolating and flying isn't safe for her) is about fly to FLORIDA with a friend to go to Disney. I'm the super-high risk one in the family, but she is also now high risk. She has been so careful and now apparently she has to do THIS for her mental health. Make it make sense.
#NEISvoid #Covid #ChronicIllness

Mat Wright
7 hours ago

The best event is one that doesn't spread disease

They are possible, just take a little extra effort - if you are doing a safe Covid, RSV, Flu gathering post, and tell us how

#Covid #Covid19

7 hours ago
Joseph Meyer
8 hours ago

I complain at stores when I am mistreated and praise when my expectations are far exceeded. Today I took my transgender daughter and myself to a #CVS pharmacy for the new #COVID #vaccination. I felt a bit of angst about how their employees or other customers might react to my daughter. But the clinician and checkout person were both unfailingly courteous and patient with my daughter. Of course that is how it should always be, but that doesn't mean it will be. Tomorrow, I will call the customer relations number at CVS to compliment their employees. Here is the beginning of the CVS Human Rights Policy, which employees of this particular CVS store lived up to today:

"At CVS Health we are fundamentally committed to respecting and supporting internationally recognized human rights. We understand that human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms that all people are entitled to, without regard to race, color, religion, language, pregnancy, ancestry, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, mental or physical disability, genetic information, or marital or veteran status."

David Waldman
8 hours ago

Thanks, Alito.

43,337,759 more Americans have reported contracting #COVID, and 300,715 have died since the Supreme Court rejected the vaccine mandates. #ThanksAlito

David Waldman
8 hours ago

Top 10 states in total #COVID deaths reported per 1M/pop., 9/21:

1. Arizona 4,638 (+0)
2. West Virginia 4,569 (+0)
3. Mississippi 4,527 (+0)
4. New Mexico 4,405 (+0)
5. Arkansas 4,389 (+0)
6. Tennessee 4,354 (+0)
7. Michigan 4,337 (+0)
8. Alabama 4,311 (+0)
9. Kentucky 4,283 (+0)
10. Florida 4,201 (+0)

David Waldman
8 hours ago

Top 10 states in total cases #COVID-19 reported, per 1M/pop., 9/21:

1. Rhode Island 418,935
2. Alaska 412,159
3. Kentucky 400,111
4. North Dakota 385,664
5. Tennessee 378,983
6. New York 367,180
7. West Virginia 367,023
8. Florida 361,221
9. South Carolina 360,838
10. Louisiana 358,558

David Waldman
9 hours ago

Top states, new #COVID-19 cases per 1M/pop, 9/21*

1. New York 182
2. New Jersey 139
3. Massachusetts 80
4. Utah 56

*Only 4 states reported.

David Waldman
9 hours ago

Top state reports, new cases of #COVID, 9/21*:

1. New York +3,550
2. New Jersey +1,238
3. Massachusetts +548
4. Utah +178

*Only 4 states reported.

Mat Wright
9 hours ago

with 1 in 5 doctors basically out of practice, and that from a time when clinical masking was mandatory, imagine the shit show now with no masks

“Doctors must have adequate protection at work,” says Fearnley. “SARS-CoV-2 is airborne. It is outrageous that three and a half years into this pandemic, staff and patients are still, knowingly and repeatedly, being exposed to a level 3 biohazard.”

#Covid #Covid19

David Waldman
9 hours ago

Most new cases of #COVID-19 reported 9/21*:

1. USA +6,811
2. Germany +1,703
3. Moldova +424
4. Czechia +408
5. Lithuania +304
6. Poland +230
7. Bulgaria +191
8. Bahrain +157
9. Bangladesh +85
10. Afghanistan +82
*Only 17 countries reported.

David Waldman
9 hours ago

#COVID deaths per 1M, 9/21:

1. Peru 6,595 (+0)
2. Bulgaria 5,619 (+0)
3. Hungary 5,088 (+0)
4. Bosnia & Herzegovina 5,032 (+0)
5. North Macedonia 4,776 (+0)
6. Croatia 4,516 (+0)
7. Montenegro 4,504 (+0)
8. Georgia 4,317 (+0)
9. Czechia 3,989 (+0)
10. Slovakia 3,877 (+0)

David Waldman
9 hours ago

Cases of #COVID-19 per 1M/pop, 9/21:

1. San Marino 718,909
2. Faeroe Is. 703,959 (last reported April 4, 2022)
3. Brunei 697,127
4. South Korea 673,523
5. Austria 670,727
6. Slovenia 647,184
7. Andorra 619,844 (last reported May 11)
8. Martinique 615,777
9. France 612,013
10. Gibraltar 609,720 (last reported Mar. 31)

Skyler :nonbinary_heart:
9 hours ago

I am trying to predict the next 6 months of positive #covid-19 cases given two years of history in #Python. I have used Prophet with some success but the library is not updated and the maintainers admit there are better libraries out there. I tried StatsForecast with little success as it seems to want multiple years of data that does not exist. I have also tried NeuralForecast but I don't know what I am doing and its prediction was way off. So if anyone knows what they are doing or have any suggestion on a great library to use for predicting data, your help would be much appreciated.

Marc Hedlund
9 hours ago

Boosted. 💉 💉 💉 💉 💉 #covid

Michael Busch
10 hours ago

It is in no way new; but it remains striking to me how dedicated right-wing outlets in the United States are to hurting their own supporters along with hurting everyone else.

QT Matthew Cortland, they
@mattbc ·
2023 September 21

We must recognize that there's a sophisticated, well financed infrastructure pushing public health conspiracy theories out to the American public.

At @DataProgress we find that viewers of right-wing news are unlikely to get the updated #covid vaccine

Daigoro Toyama (he/him)
11 hours ago

Rode all the way to get the updated COVID-19 booster this morning, only to find it unavailable because the shipment had been delayed...

#COVID #BikeTooter #SEABikes

My road bike and wife's e-cargo bike parked next to Walgreens in Shoreline, WA
11 hours ago

Free at home #COVID tests are being offered again beginning September 25, 2023. Please see the #CDC link for details.


Violet Blue
12 hours ago

New roundup:

– Financial Times: #LongCovid “is a public health emergency”
– Children: “78% higher risk of new-onset conditions” after #covid
– Long covid patients report improvement after EECP treatments
– Jimmy Kimmel: 3rd infection
– US botches early booster rollout; expected uptake 24%
– Some US hospitals bring back masks
– Portland’s covid-conscious dating site
– How to Start a Mask Bloc

Illustrated image of three young people of three different races and hair colors wearing masks and holding up their sleeves to show a band-aid where they received a vaccine. They are dressed like video game characters. Next to them are the words "Vaccines For All." Art by Risza Perdhana.
Quinn Comendant
12 hours ago

Updated Fall 2023 Vaccine Chart by Katelyn Jetelina from Your Local Epidemiologist newsletter fame.

#vaccines #covid #flu #hsv

A chart of fall 2023 vaccines with column headings:
- what are the options?
- who is eligible?
- how well do they work?
- when should I get it?

With rows for these vaccines:
- influenza
- covid-19
- RSV (3 kinds)
12 hours ago

I just got #COVID and #flu vaccines…and boy are my arms tired!

Nonya Bidniss
12 hours ago

Apropos of the new #COVID #booster, #TWiV Dr. Griffin recently noted it might be best to wait until late October to get it and your flu shot so the "boost" covers the full winter months. If you need to do it sooner NBD but just throwing that out there.

12 hours ago

I’ve had results back from my 24 hour heart monitor and apparently I had 144 sinus tachycardia and something called AV 2 heart block type 2
I think it might be #Covid related or possibly chemo damaged my heart. Does anyone else with #LongCovid have this?

Amy 🌸
12 hours ago

So this doctor needs to look in my mouth and I'm like, "Would you be cool with wearing a mask?"

I had to ask? And make an effort to sound non-threatening? Sheesh.

He was fine with it, but man. Covid hospitalizations are over 20k in the US this week.

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #MaskWhenAsked #COVID

Carl Graham
14 hours ago

If Hutchinson's account is true, think of how many thousands died, and how many millions more resisted wearing masks, based not upon science, but upon the impulsive vanity of one man who didn't want his orange makeup to smudge.


TracingCOVID by A.J. Fish
14 hours ago

Monitoring indoor air for CO2 is tedious; I quickly stopped using my CO2 monitor altogether because I'd check every 10 minutes. BUT this recycled-plastic bird device from notifies you only at two intervals: 1) it tips sideways when it's time to change its batteries, and 2) it tips down when indoor CO2 levels drift above the 1,000 parts-per-million threshold. Read more on the Canarie monitor at Gizmodo . #COVID #COVID19 #indoorair

16 hours ago

Leg Muscles and Glutes are sore today.

My resting heart rate has been going up over the last several days.

Then I noticed I was a bit woozy and had a slight tension headache.

Checked my temperature this am and was ~99.0 which is high for me but within healthy range.

Checked again and now I have temp of 100.8

Last week I was on a crowded ferry in very close proximity to folks with limited ventilation.

Im not saying this is #covid but its reason enough for me to be masking around others.

BluePeony :bow_blue:
16 hours ago

#DeSantis Administration Recommends Against #Boosters, Right as #Florida Tops Nation for #COVID Hospitalizations – Mother Jones

> The governor's presidential campaign has played up his handling of the #pandemic.


17 hours ago

Wie steht ihr zum #Covid 💉Booster diesen Herbst?

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
18 hours ago

I learned today if I had waited 2 weeks later for my open heart surgery they probably would not have done it because so many caregivers are out with #covid now. Huh.

K-ZO da Snowman
18 hours ago

#COVID rates looking real high in #Oakland right now. Hate to see it.

Look up your area on and

COVID wastewater line graph showing multiple peaks, with another high peak for Septermber 2023
COVID wastewater line graph showing multiple peaks, with another high peak for Septermber 2023

Cat Mom is making #HomeMade pet foods today! Chimkin 🍗and 🐟 fish! We're also airing out Our House cuz it be full of #COVID as mom recovers. I'm supervising the cats 🐈‍⬛🐈today and sorting out any issues. #DaisyDoo #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon 🐕

Daisy Doo looking super cute into the camera.
John Cormier
20 hours ago

LOL at the irony of Dominic Cardy starting an evidence-based party. As NB’s education minister, he blocked me for offering to organize parent volunteers to build CR boxes for schools for free. He actually claimed that CR boxes spread virus around, and that NB classrooms were found to be fine. You’d have to be willfully ignorant to not notice the huge spike in Covid cases that occurs about a week after NB schools resume classes, unmasked. #COVID #corsirosenthalbox

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
21 hours ago

Once again to the cardiac rehab today. More worried about avoiding COVID than the actual appointment... #rehab #covid

BBC News Top Stories
22 hours ago

South Africa to clear #Covid lockdown criminal records

More than 400,000 people were arrested for breaking some of the world's toughest lockdown restrictions.

(c) #BBC #News #World

Just found this while adding links to my new site.

On the CDC page "Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19":


My 1st thought was "well that was ill-timed" thinking it's been up for some months.

But then I checked the Wayback Machine & found that it wasn't there 2 days ago on Sept 19.

Interesting move seeing as Biden just validated that we're now in a wave by announcing the return of free home #Covid tests.


Screenshot of the page with NOTICE: THIS WEBSITE WILL BE ARCHIVED AS OF SEPTEMBER 27, 2023.
Notice if the same page 2 days ago saying "Effective June 28, 2023, the update frequency for select surveillance datasets will change.

These datasets will now be updated on the 4th Wednesday of the month."

On est en plein dans un pic de contamination covid assez énervé: «Le nombre de passages aux urgences hospitalières a progressé de 57 % durant la première semaine de septembre.»

  • La vaccination réduit les risques, mais chaque réinfection abime le système immunitaire et augmente les risques de covid long
  • Tout le monde ne peut pas se faire vacciner, et beaucoup de personnes handis paient le prix de l’isolement ou du risque élevé pour leur santé.
  • Il y a des cas asymptomatiques, on peut donc contaminer si on n’a pas de symptômes.
  • Le covid est aéroporté, c’est-à-dire qu’il est transporté dans l’air qu’on respire, et qu’il remplit une pièce fermée et reste en suspension, tel de la fumée de cigarette.

Un des gestes les plus simple est de faire un rappel de vaccin. Des vaccins prévus pour faire face aux nouveaux variants seront disponibles en pharmacie à partir du 2 octobre en France. Mais ce n’est pas suffisant.

Il est aussi important de privilégier l’extérieur ou les terrasses pour les sorties, d’aérer nos espaces de vie et de rencontre, etc.

Enfin, probablement le geste le plus efficace, est de porter un masque, dans les lieux publics clos en particuliers (transports en commun, supermarchés, boutiques, administrations, etc.). Le masque chirurgical est une bonne solution si vous n’avez pas mieux, mais portez de préférence un masque FFP2 qui est beaucoup plus efficace, et de façon plus prononcée pour se protéger soi-même.

Vous trouverez ici des tests de masque FFP2:

#covid #vaccination #masque #ffp2 #covidLong

Andrew Rock
1 day ago

@leadegroot 20,000 excess deaths in Aus due to #COVID in 2022, so obviously it's over. I went to get a booster, because it’s 6 months since the last one. No, not available. All I have is a mask, and I’m going to keep using them.

Coralie Mercier
1 day ago

Day 9 of #covid
Previous symptoms have disappeared again yesterday but I have relapsed in fatigue.
Sudden drop in blood pressure when I stand, climb up and down my stairs.
Metallic impression at the back of my throat and nose, and bruise-like sensation behind my eyes.
Headache returned.
It was difficult to concentrate at work so I worked only a half day.

1 day ago

@erictopol Huh...Can anyone share a copy of this paper? Or screenshots of key sections?

And does anyone know of any papers looking at human patients and using beta blockers for #longCovid??

#Covid #CovidIsNotOver #medfedi #medicine

Violet Blue
1 day ago

Heads-up Kiwi friends: "BA.2.86 [aka #Pirola] detected in wastewater in Whangarei and West Auckland, New Zealand" #covid

A screencap of two tweets from Living Safely With Covid NZ saying: "Look at all the friends BA.2.86 can make in New Zealand. We still have CH.1.1 descendants and XBC circulating... BA.2.86 [aka Pirola] detected in wastewater in Whangarei and West Auckland, New Zealand"

Hospitals everywhere could once again mandate masks tomorrow, and they should.

And yet…

In the U.S. alone, about 50 million children go to public school every day, where covid protections are a distant memory.

Schools are superspreaders. Facts.

Who, though, is still pushing for mask mandates in schools?

Unless we collectively focus on that problem, we'll never make a dent in the pandemic.

Walk out, sick out, strike, shut it down.

#Covid #LongCovid @longcovid @novid

mivox :ri:
1 day ago

#PlagueHouse Day 5: Matt tested negative two days in a row, so back to work he goes tomorrow. I haven’t retested, because tomorrow is day 5 for me, and we’re supposed to isolate for five days minimum, so I’ll check in the AM.

Head is still full of tinnitus, and I’m still generally fatigued as fuck. I could sit up longer today, but standing is limited to less than 5 minutes.

It’s good the Mr. bounced back so quick, because I’m pretty fucking useless as things stand.

#CovidIsNotOver #COVID

This transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2—also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19—isolated from a patient in the U.S. Virus particles are shown emerging from the surface of cells cultured in the lab. The spikes on the outer edge of the virus particles give coronaviruses their name, crown-like. Image captured and colorized at NIAID's Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) in Hamilton, Montana. Credit: NIAID
1 day ago

@leadegroot that is very strange, as far as I can see any adult can get a booster if it’s been at least 6 months since last vaccine/infection 😕 This is current as of yesterday ~

#COVID #COVID19 #healthcare #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDBoosters #Coronavirus #Australia

Mat Wright
1 day ago

@arstechnica the unmasked but gloved pharmacist giving a vaccine to a masked patient says everything about our fucked response to the ONGOING pandemic

#Covid #Covid19

Lea de Groot 🇦🇺
1 day ago

Grrr… i expect to visit my aged parents next month, so thought I’d get a #covid booster.

Made the appointment at the chemist, only to be told the rules have changed this month and im not fragile enough. (They didn’t word it like that)



Deirdre Saoirse Moen
1 day ago

If you are near Stanford Blood Center and are A+ (or compatible), a dear friend of @unixmercenary and mine is in a nearby hospital with Covid that's gone far enough south to need blood transfusion. :(

If you can donate, please consider doing so (or boosting). They are also looking for Type O.

#Covid #Blood #Stanford

Mat Wright
1 day ago

Tell me again why we are letting Covid run rampant through schools?

''The findings comparing the propensity matched cohorts showed that prior COVID-19 infection was associated with a significant increased risk for RSV infection during both 2022 and 2021 RSV peak seasons. This finding is consistent with our hypothesis that COVID-19 is an important contributing factor for the 2022 surge of severe pediatric RSV diseases,''

#Covid #Covid19