Lukas VF Novak
1 day ago

Discovered in the deep: the superbuilder #SeaAnemones that make verandas by Helen Scales

"A sea #anemone found off #Japan does not just live on a species of #crab, but actually grows its host’s shell like a home extension... The anemone secretes a covering over the #snail shell in which the crab lives and, when it reaches the edges, it just keeps going – rather like building the crab a veranda on the front of its house"

#DeepSea #Animals #Crustaceans #Crabs #Symbiosis

photo of a sea anemone attached to a crab

Trail of #crabs leads scientists to remarkable underwater discovery
Scientists have discovered a never-before-seen hydrothermal vent teeming with life off the Galápagos Islands by following a long trail of squat #lobsters. It is located in the #Galapagos Spreading Center (GSC), a divergent boundary between the Cocos and Nazca #tectonicplates roughly 250 miles (400 kilometers) north of the Galápagos Islands.

Sharon Cummings Art (Back Up)
1 week ago

your vaccine's safety
predator's seeking blue blood
horseshoe crabs dwindle...

*I grew up seeing these amazing creatures on the beach. We would carefully put them back in the ocean only touching their body. Sad they are being harvested and bleed for us. Almost endangered now. :(

#575Prompt predator


#nature #crabs #ocean #oceans #beach #beaches #sea #oceanlife #sealife #coastal #animals #animal #art #artwork #artists #poetry #haiku #endangered #vaccines #vaccine

Colorful horseshoe crab in pink, blue, yellow and green by artist and poet Sharon Cummings.  Haiku in post.
2 weeks ago

The character belongs to Dan Dusco. The crabs belong to the sea. Thank you very much! #crabs #CommissionsOpen #kofi

David Wahl
2 weeks ago

That feeling when you're getting a divorce and you're forced to sell your crab collection to pay the HOA dues at your condo.

#crab #crabs

In a driveway in front of a garage door, a frowning man in shorts and an orange shirt sits on a cooler in the middle of a bunch really big crab shells.
2 weeks ago

#Scientists have discovered a new #hydrothermal vent field in the #Galápagos — with the help of #crabs.

While the team used an array of sensitive equipment to zero in on the possible location, the sight of increasingly dense populations of #GalatheidCrabs (genus #Munidoposis), also called #SquatLobsters, ultimately led them to the new field. It is located in the #GalápagosSpreadingCenter..

2 weeks ago

#Fukushima #Nuclear Power Plant starts 3rd round of #wastewater release, potentially impacting #seafood quality in U.S.

By Belle Lewis - November 14, 2023

"The #FukushimaDachii nuclear plant started its third release of nuclear wastewater on Nov. 2 as scientists warn that seafood products from the #PacificOcean could be #contaminated

"Although the International Atomic Energy Agency approved the 30-year water release plan, scientists and civilians in nations bordering the Pacific Ocean have questioned the safety of the plan, especially as it relates to seafood.

"In a press release approving of the plan, the IAEA stated, 'the discharges of the treated water would have a negligible radiological impact to people and the environment.'

"#PaulDorfman, member of the Irish Government Environmental Protection Agency Radiation Protection Advisory Committee and chair of Nuclear Consulting Group, explained that some scientists have questioned IAEA’s approval of the water release.

"'I and others are concerned by IAEA’s attitude,' Dorfman said. 'Normally even low levels of radioactive pollution will find its way into local seafood, one way or another.'

"In 2020, #Japan exported 332,926 kilograms of frozen scallops to the U.S. Japan exports many fish products to the U.S.

"Samantha Valeriano, a psychology student from Hawaii, said she eats seafood about once a week. She does not often think about where her food comes from but wants to be more cautious following the nuclear water release.

"'I think I would be a little more cautious of what I ate, checking labels a little bit more,' Valeriano said. 'I would be conscious of what I ate and where it came from.'

"As the People’s Republic of #China has imposed bans of Japanese fish exports, the #USA has supported the Japanese market by increasing fish purchases.

"In a press release, the #UnitedStates Embassy and Consulate in Japan explained that military bases in Japan will carry Japanese seafood as a way to buoy up seafood markets and undermine the PRC’s ban.

"'United States elected representatives and senior government officials have stood in solidarity with Japan during this baseless ban,' the statement said. 'Another step to help provide additional sales to counter the ban was to start selling Japanese seafood at the U.S. military facilities in Japan, both through the commissaries and mess halls.'

"According to the statement, government officials like former speaker #KevinMcCarthy ate seafood from Japan as a testament to Japan’s safety standards.
However, other U.S. agencies, like the National Association of #MarineLaboratories question whether accurate research was conducted by the IAEA and Japanese Government to determine safety of seafood products.

"They explain that the lack of data on potential health impacts is a cause for serious concern.

"'Many of the #radionuclides contained in the #accumulated waste cooling water have half-lives ranging from #decades to #centuries, and their deleterious effects range from #DNADamage and #cellular stress to elevated #cancer risks in people who eat affected marine organisms, such as #clams, #oysters, #crabs, #lobster, #shrimp and fish,' the statement reads. [Not to mention all the critters that feed off them! Bioaccumulation works up the food chain!]

"Eve Nagareda, medical laboratory science major from Hawaii, shared she wants to avoid seafood from dumping grounds even if levels are considered safe.

"'I think I would try to go as far as possible from it,' Nagareda said.

"Kylee Wasano, pre-communications disorders student from Oahu, agreed. She explained she feels that she might already be consuming contaminated seafood.

"'I feel like I already am eating that, and I just don’t know,' Wasano said. 'Anything that could expose you to (radiation) you should be considerate about.'

"As organizations weigh safety concerns, scientists turn to the water release process to determine potential effects."

#WaterIsLife #NoDumping #Hormesis #TEPCOLies #Corruption #Bioaccumulation #RethinkNotRestart #NoNukes #NoNewNukes

Kari Crock Comics
3 weeks ago

Tom & Jerry - (Beach Band) - probably by Oscar Martin - probably a comic cover - Colors by me

#tomandjerry #mgmcartoons #hannabarbera #cartoons #comics #oscarmartin #catandmouse #beachfun #octopus #crabs #coloring #colorpage

Rewilding Magazine
4 weeks ago

“Corridors play a crucial role in connectivity and rewilding, providing safe passageways for animals to travel between fragmented habitats,” Zenkewich says.

“This is a huge part of their success in surviving and thriving.”

#rewilding #wildlife #roadecology #nature #animals #crabs

quite adept
1 month ago

this is a photo of three small crabs in the hand of a human man

#Photography #NaturePhotography #Crabs #Crustaceans #Coast

Billions of #crabs went missing around #Alaska. Scientists now know what happened: Warmer #ocean #temperatures likely caused them to starve to death. The finding comes just days after the Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced the #snowcrab harvest season was canceled for the second year in a row, citing the overwhelming number of crabs missing from the typically frigid, treacherous waters of the #BeringSea. #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

1 month ago

The weather this week was absolutely gorgeous. This dive was full of grubbies, pipefish, and a couple Sacoglossan, which were a surprise.

#olympus #epl9 #fish #crabs #coldwater #NewEngland #macrophotography #snoot

Placida dendritica. Not the best shot, but I like the fine details - hopefully I can find one when I have my diopter.
Northern pipefish peeking out of the weeds
Grubby chewing on something
Grubby peeking out from behind some seaweed
1 month ago

10 Billion Crabs Suddenly Vanished From the Bering Sea. Now We Know Why.

“A recent study concluded that warmer water temperatures helped drive the #crabs to starvation.”

#climatechange #globalwarming #ecology #climatescience

1 month ago
Fantastical scene of a women being protected from giant crabs by a giant rock monster with a rock sword - archival pen and ink was on paper
Primo Natura
1 month ago

"More than 10 billion snow crabs in the sea off Alaska have disappeared over the past few years. Marine biologists have linked the population crash to a 2018 heatwave which may have led to mass starvation."

#US #USA #America #Alaska #Crabs #Animals #Climate #ClimateChange

1 month ago
Short video of a tidepool. In the center of the frame is a round black mollusc shell, which looks like part of the rock beneath it until it moves (because it's occupied by a hermit crab).
CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"Billions of snow #crabs have disappeared from the ocean around #Alaska in recent years, and scientists now say they know why: Warmer ocean temperatures likely caused them to starve to death. "

2 months ago

From Billions of crabs went missing around Alaska. Scientists now know what happened to them.

#Alaska #Crabs #ClimateChange

@WeShall “climate change is really throwing a wrench into our plans, our models and our management systems” #climate #crabs #food

Atlas Obscura
2 months ago

Kanibōzu Claw Marks in Yamanashi, Japan

A giant man-eating crab monster allegedly left its claw marks on this unassuming boulder.#crabs #temples #legends #rocks #monsters #section-Atlas
Kanibōzu Claw Marks

2 months ago

A recent discussion here on Mastodon involved what kind of shape life might take if there were a "re-boot". I think this is one of the forms that will keep happening as long as there's life. Also, perhaps this is what could evolve on another planet.

Animals Keep Evolving Into #Crabs, and Scientists Don't Know Why

"It's true: Crabs keep turning up in nature, and it's bothering scientists so much that they've been given federal grants to get to the bottom of it.

"The phenomenon is so widely known that it's been given a name — #carcinization, a term that's been in use for over 140 years. Through this process, crabs, the beach critters we all know and love, have evolved at least five times from separate groups of crustaceans, Newsweek has been told.

"Not all the species to have undergone carcinization have become crabs in the technical sense. Some have merely become crab-like, adopting their shape and form. Carcinized species can be divided into two main groups: Brachyura, which are true crabs, and Anomura, or false crabs."

#Evolution #CrabPeople #AlienLifeForms

2 months ago
The European Network
2 months ago

Scientists build traps to manage the UK’s rising number of Chinese mitten crabs.

The Chinese mitten crab was first sighted in the UK in 1935. Since then its population has exploded.

It is classified by conservationists as one of the 100 worst invasive alien species in the world. Now, a group of scientists are hoping they have found a way to deplete the UK’s rapidly growing Chinese mitten crab population.

#UK #Crabs #MittenCrab #InvasiveSpecies #Science #Environment

The Chinese mitten crab with its hairy claws that look like mittens.

Hold up, #DoubleZappper!
"In The Bedroom"... 🤣
Nobody keeps a #BugZapper on their nightstand right beside their head... 🤣
If the sound of "Buzz Buzz Buzz" all night long doesn't keep you awake the smell of #burnt #bug surely will... 🤣
If I'm at somebody's house and I find a bug zapper by their bed...
I'm running out of their house screaming "What kind of #crabs have you got?!?!?" 🤣🤣🤣

Mojo ♻️
2 months ago

If we protect #mangroves, we protect our #fisheries, our towns and ourselves.
Mangroves might not look like much. Yes, they can have strange aerial roots. Yes, they’re surrounded by oozing mud. But looks can be deceiving. These remarkable shrubs and #trees are nurseries for many species of #fish, #shellfish and #crabs. They protect our #coastlines from #erosion, storm surges, wind and #floods. And that mud? It’s one of the best biological ways we know of to store #carbon.

Crowbar Jones
2 months ago

The long, finger-like gills inside crabs are called dead man's fingers.

Don’t eat them - they aren’t toxic, just unpleasant.

#food #foodfacts #delexicon #crabs

The long, finger-like gills inside crabs are called dead man's fingers.
The European Network
2 months ago

Italy’s blue crab invasion: If you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em.

The invasive species is now feasting on young clams and mussels, along with fish roe and other aquatic life, endangering the country’s culinary shellfish tradition.

“These crabs have been here for quite a while but were still pretty hard to come by just about a year ago. Now even a simple wooden fishing boat returns to the dock with dozens of them on board.”

#Italy #Crab #Crabs #Fishing #InvasiveSpecies #Food

Drew Naylor
2 months ago
2 months ago

Have you ever wondered what an army of crabs would be good for? Community member Hypatia created a post about why scientists will unleash said army off the coast of the USA state of Florida.

#armyofcrabs #coral #coralreef #crabs #florida #reef #crab #bestofmetafilter #metafilter

2 months ago

Hunted black river crabs 🦀 as they are sold in the market back home. They’re alive and stacked the same way when brought back from the river. That’s the stiff outer layer of a banana plant.

#Food #Crabs #Hunting #Tradition #Culture

Hunted crabs stacked in a the stem of a banana plant to be sold.
Flipboard Science Desk
2 months ago

Scientists will unleash an army of crabs to help save Florida’s dying reef.

Vox reports: "The key is in the crabs’ diets: These critters consume enormous quantities of seaweed, also known as macro algae. Algae has been choking reefs throughout the world and especially in Florida."

#Crabs #Coral #Florida #Ecology #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #Ocean

2 months ago

Hehe I love my meme minis 🦀

Here's my Crab with a knife mini #3DPrinted by a patron!

Free files here:

I love this stuff 😁
#dnd #3DPrinting #3Dmodeling #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #crabs

Your Autistic Life
2 months ago

Seen in a dating profile:

"I got one crotch goblin."


What's a crotch goblin? Are you trying to tell me you got crabs? And only one of them?

She continues:

"He comes first."

Wait? You're going to prioritize your one crab over me? Did you also name him, and bring him gifts, or something?


(Okay, I know what a crotch goblin is... but why not say "kid" or "boy" or something less derogatory. It also saves space that you can use to put more stuff in your profile.)

#dating #DatingProfile #crabs #CrotchGoblin

Lukas VF Novak
3 months ago

#SquatLobsters Guide Scientists To New #Hydrothermal Vent Field

"Scientists have discovered a new #HydrothermalVent field... when a Galatheid #crab, also known as a #SquatLobster, came into view. The number of #crabs grew until the #scientists finally arrived on the vent field and were excited to find giant #TubeWorms nestled around the hot water. The Ecuadorian observers onboard the vessel named the vent field Sendero del Cangrejo: Trail of the Crabs.”

pale squat lobsters on the rocky seafloor
Lukas VF Novak
3 months ago

#Parasite of the Day: Rhizolepas sp.

"#Parasitism has evolved a few different times in #barnacles. Most belong to #rhizocephalans, which are body-snatchers of #crabs and #shrimps. Aside from them, there are two other known genera of #parasitic barnacles: #Anelasma squalicola - which is the bane of #DeepSea Squaliform #sharks, and then there's #Rhizolepas, a rare little #crustacean that parasitises #seafloor-dwelling aphroditid #ScaleWorms."

Left: Rhizolepas in situ attached to its scale worm host. Right: Rhizolepas removed from the host, showing its entire anatomy.
3 months ago

Hunting for ghost crabs in obx last night with my partner, her brother, and our kids. Really cool seeing them swarming all over the beach, and scurrying back into their little crab holes for cover.

On the #witchy end of the spectrum, crabs are symbols of rebirth, resilience, and renewal.

#animals #obx #crabs #nature

Sharon Cummings Art (Official)
4 months ago

I've been dealing with vitreous detachment (both eyes) and copious amounts of eye floaters for 2 months. Imagine shaking a snow globe with long stringy blobs and black dots. That's me right now every time I move my eyes. But I refuse to be "crabby". I've experienced miracle healings before by staying positive!


#art #artist #artists #mastoart #fediart #eyes #life #healing #hope #crab #crabs #ocean #sea #sealife #beach #beachlife #beaches #oceans #positivevibes

colorful crab in blue, purple, pink and yellow.  A head on view.  By artist Sharon Cummings.
4 months ago

The hardest video to capture was Hermit Crabs. Easy to see, darting around in shallow warm water, but after you overcome screen glare in the bright sun, surface glare, and ripples, the little bugger won't move! #Shazbot!!
#Crabs #HermitCrabs #Beach #Sand #Video

I've got a storm to outrun, in a house on wheels, that'll all for now. When home, digicam will be downloaded & added later. Surf the hashtag while you wait. #WAYCTV
If you are a #Photographer posting NS photos, please tag them too.

A video of a hermit crab moving on the sand
4 months ago

Man folks are on a roll today lol

Here's my Crab with a Knife mini I made earlier this week #3Dprinted by a patron!

Free stls here:

Watch out he gonna getcha!
#dnd #3dprinting #crabs #3dmodeling #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #3dart #ttrpg

Sarah McAnulty, Ph.D.
4 months ago

The crab facts advent calendar is in its final form.

Fully carcinized.

Get a calendar, tell a friend.
It all supports science education nonprofit Skype a Scientist!

Art by @franzanth

Get one at

#Crabs #SciComm

A bright teal and pink calendar of crabs. 5 types of crabs are illustrated, and then a big ol pair of claws coming down from the top. There are 24 boxes brightly colored with iridescent tape-ish stuff on top. It says CRAB FACTS; AN ADVENT CALENDAR
Lukas VF Novak
4 months ago

Volcanos, vents, and creatures of the deep, oh my (Part 2)

"On the descent, the surface #ocean teems with gelatinous and soft-bodied #animals: #squid and #jellyfish undulating in and out of view. The #seafloor has a cast of characters: silvery rattail #fish trailing the vehicle, spider #crabs climbing into the basket, Dumbo #octopuses making appearances. And of course, the #worms, #mollusks, and #BacterialMats that thrive near vent systems."

underwater robot arm sampling a hydrothermal vent full of worms, bivalves, and other animals
Brad Johnson
5 months ago

“Alaska news is full of climate elegies now — every one linked to wrenching changes caused by burning fossil fuels."
— Julia O’Malley #climate #crabs #alaska

Soh Kam Yung
5 months ago

"SINGAPORE - Work is under way to shore up the wild numbers of a rare crab species found only in and around Singapore’s last freshwater swamp forest."

#Singapore #Crabs #Swamps #Biodiversity #Nature

Bob LeFridge
6 months ago

It's possible that someone has just invented the next revolution in battery design. Called chitosan, it's found in crab and lobster shells.

#Crabs #chitosan #EV #Batteries

Oona is drawing animals
7 months ago

For #Mermay my original plan was to do a study of a marine animal every day, and then turn that animal into a humanoid somehow. Alas, that turned out to be much trickier and my energy esp. much lower than expected, so my mermaids are only a bunch of very scraggly ballpoint sketches so far. But the marina animal studies actually did happen, so are some hermit #crabs. Simultaneously day 85 of #drawing #animals.

#ink #art

a drawing in black ink of three different hermit crabs with the sea shells they live in, each seen from a different angle
a spooky jazz dad..
8 months ago

@mhoye saw this last night and I'm guessing this is a kind of an answer to your question..

#carcinisation #bikes #crabs #mastobikes

Happy Holliedays
9 months ago

(Hid image because I think not everyone appreciates those funky little crab bodies?) Today’s photoblogging word of the day is “whole”. When the kids were little, we had an aquarium with a pet crab. One day he molted, and his molt was entirely whole! I was not expecting this! It freaked me out a little, but he was fine and happy. #mbmar #crabs

A crab seems to sit on a table. Takes a few seconds to realize the whole shell is translucent and there is no crab within the crab.
10 months ago

The velvet swimming crab aka devils crab (Necora puber) has a bit of a rep. I don’t think the devil bit in the name helps! Admittedly, they do seem a little aggressive when you come across them! I’m always impressed with their ‘I’m bigger than you!’ attitude 😍

#marinebiology #marinebiologyuk #northnorfolkcoast #northsea #sea #ocean #biology #wildlife #nature #intertidal #rockpools #rockpooling #crab #crabs

A small purple-brown crab sits in Elizabeth’s open hand. It’s claws are erect as it tries to make itself large.