Matthias Ott
4 hours ago

Finally back at redesigning my personal site. 🎉

And I just took a deeper look at my #Webmention plugin for #Craft CMS, which I will now update (from Craft 2 to 4…). But: I wrote so much code that looks so unfamiliar five years later. 😂 There is also no way this can be a quick port to v4 because Craft has changed *a lot*. I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing from scratch, I guess. 😅

The Coding Beard
5 hours ago

Old Stove Brewing - #craft #beer #seattle

C. L. Nichols
7 hours ago

An #Unconventional #Poll for #Writers

These poll questions are designed to #challenge #creative writers in unique ways, prompting them to consider various aspects of their #craft.

#speculativeencounters #writingcommunity #substack #writersofinstagram #writer #writing

If you're in the Reno-Sparks, Nevada area: Big craft fair today at McKinley Arts & Culture Center and Park on Riverside Dr from 10-4pm! Music , food trucks, pumpkin throwing contest, and lots of crafty crafters! Hope to see you here!

#Craft #Art #Nevada #Photography

Color photo of a craft fair booth selling photography. The white booth is under a free and there's fall leaves on the ground.
9 hours ago

Hay figurine tying or whatever this is called?

Just a quick thing we did at one of the tables at the harvest festival.

We were supposed to make a bird each. Someone has a rebel nature and/or didn't understand the instructions 🐴

#Hay #Art #Craft #Autumn

A hay bird on a stick, made from bushels of hay tied together with yarn.
A hay uh, four legged creature with tail, perhaps a horse or something. Don't ask me which side the front is, I haven't quite decided yet.
10 hours ago

‘Turistas’ Was Always More Than a Cheap ‘Saw’ Knockoff or So-Called ‘Torture Porn’
#IndieWire #Craft #Features #Film #Hostel #Saw #TopoftheLine #Turistas

Larger basket is getting there. Can't tell if I like the contrast of colours or whether I think it looks silly.

I'm crocheting much faster with the new hook; I can do a few rounds in one go rather than just 12 stitches or so before having to rest my hands. I'm very impressed!

#crochet #macramé #basket #craft

Macramé basket with a red base and cream walls, about a third crocheted so far.
ken Tucky Swinson
11 hours ago

My village has a basket weavers club. I started a basket in 2020, but never got around to finishing it. Pandemic and all. Yesterday, i FINALLY finished my basket!!!! I'm super proud--never give up! lol!

#craft #basketweaving #mastoArt #handmade #kentucky

happy middle aged guy holding a basket.  Two much better basket weavers are working in the background.
12 hours ago

Hey #craft pals, what the heck is this?

A wooden framed contraption thing?
Another photo of the wooden framed contraption thing?
Matteo B
3 days ago

Oggi la prima mail della mailing list, nello scriverla mi sono reso conto delle difficolta e della sfida che mi sono posto e devo dire che spero proprio di continuare! #substack
trail #road #corsa #correre #run #running #runnerpigro #ultrapigro #ultrarunner #IwRu #blog

#beer #craft #beer #homebrewing #capanninacrafting
#dream #logo

3 days ago

Had a rummage in my stash and was surprised to find a number of yarns I can use for the Mitred Blanket.
Think I'll sort out then start with the lightest. Probably buy a couple of mini skeins in shades I'm missing.

#knitting #fibreArts #Knitsodon #knittedShawl #handDyedYarn #knittersOfMastodon @knitting #knit #photo #handicraft #craft #crafts #handmade

Skeins of yarn in all the colours of the rainbow, some variagated or speckled.
Mitred blanket in soft rainbow speckled colours
Chris Wensel
3 days ago

I've always seen #coding as a #craft. The plumbing is porcelain, even if no one sees or admires it.

With #AI driven development, this may no longer be true, for the most part.

Coding will no longer be a satisfying venture, it will become manual labor.

4 days ago

With ‘The Creator,’ Director Gareth Edwards Revolutionized His Indie Sensibility on a Blockbuster Scale
#IndieWire #Craft #Features #Film #GarethEdwards #TheCreator #TopoftheLine

Basket taking shape now!

Have ordered some padded silicone crochet hooks to see if that helps with the hand fatigue and cramping. I've a whole set of cheaper ones coming (quilted bear) and one single Tulip Etimo in the right size. A set of the Tulips runs to about £88 which is way out of my price range! I'll do a comparison when they arrive.

#crochet #basket #craft #macramé #CrochetHooks

Red macrame basket taking shape, getting deeper by the round, with a pale pink stitch marker (in this case, a large paperclip) on the right, and a gold crochet hook towards the back.
4 days ago

A new version of Craft came out this week. Some interesting things were added, like more smart link types support. I write an analysis of each release that you can read here: #craft #craftdocs #productivity #writing
4 days ago

Cowichan Sweater, Our Knitted Legacy is a #documentary about the hand-crafted #garment made by expert knitters of the Salish communities on Vancouver Island.

Originally made of hand-spun mountain goat wool and woolly dog hair, the sweater is a work of #art.

For director Mary Galloway it was a personal film as her late grandfather had worn a Cowichan sweater, and she found the knitter who made it for him.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #craft #knitting #film #documentary

Matteo B
4 days ago

Non è facile scrivere una mailing list, il blog è più diretto, ma la mailing list è impegnativa specie se si vuole creare struttura e continuita! Una bella sfida, solo quando si è cominciato si capiscono le difficoltà. #trail #road #corsa #correre #run #running #runnerpigro #ultrapigro #ultrarunner #IwRu #blog

#beer #craft #beer #homebrewing #capanninacrafting
#dream #logo

4 days ago

Thinking about #craft this morning. I think the second best part of learning any craft is that it is #PracticalArt. At some point in the process you will see something and think with glee, "I know how that was done!" or, perhaps with more glee, "I know how to do that *myself*!" #TimeToCrochetThat70sBikini

Afternoon Twters, another day another basket! Love love LOVE this colour, such a vibrant red. Hands aching but so worth it. #crochet #macramé #basket #craft

Base of a macrame crochet basket, bright red, with the gold hook visible at the back.
5 days ago
5 days ago

I haven't been back to #Craftsy in years; I remember it being pretty cool back when it was free, and I wandered off when it went to paid. (Back before I realized the value of paying for services!)

Is anyone in the #craft community there? Is it worth the subscription cost? I've been looking for a place either in print or online that captures the sheer variety of craft knowledge that the early '90s web had. I miss that a lot.

@weaving @knitting

5 days ago

This month on the #BowieBookClub we read ‘Writers at Work: The First Series,’ a compendium of interviews with writers that proves to be as dazzling as a round of George Plimpton's Video Falconry, which we discussed along with elaborate CIA fronts and the burning question: writing while sitting or laying down, which is better? Tea or coffee?
#authorinterview #craft #read @bookstodon

Open notebook with colored pencils and the book Writers at Work: the Paris Review Interviews
6 days ago

In 18 Hours, You Could Fly from NYC to Shanghai — or the ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Team Could Renovate an Entire Restaurant
#IndieWire #Craft #Features #Fox #Gordonramsay #KitchenNightmares #TopoftheLine #TV

6 days ago

#Benin: Bringing Back The #Bronzes

"The #British may have looted the Benin Bronzes from the West African Kingdom in the 19th century, but they couldn’t remove the art form.
Artisans still use the country’s red soil to create #bronze #sculptures, just as their ancestors did decades before."

#AfricanStream #art #craft #arts #africa #nigera #colonialism

Adrian Howard
6 days ago

Quiet Stories 153: The Futures Wheel, #Craft, Using #ResearchOps to ignite your #ContinuousDiscovery Practice, #Design Charrettes, and more

Unseen Crafts
1 week ago

Here’s an oldie for you. Anna Lucia. Original design by Wildchild Designs, hand burned onto the wood by me. I think she was around 38cm.
#art #craft #pyrography #burn #DayOfTheDead #Halloween #sugarskull #roses #handmade #woodworking

Progress shots. One burned line work, second with added pine background, third has roses painted in green and red. She has a sugar skull style face and flowing hair.
1 week ago

Experiments to see if this leather hardens enough with boiling water to work for #TabletWeaving cards. Fingers crossed.

#craft (#LeatherCraft ? Or is that gonna pop this post into a whole ‘nother sort of feed…? ;)

An electric teakettle next to a large metal bowl with a ~1” square of leather in it. The square of leather has four holes, one in each corner.
Aitch - Þei/Þem
1 week ago

And also, I am having a go at making some clay paintbrush rests. I got very covered in clay, but I’m pretty pleased! We’ll see how these fare when they’re dry. I’m just hoping the hearts don’t fall off, and that I actually attached them correctly.

#art #craft #clay #AirDryClay #MastoArt

Two types of clay paintbrush rests. In front: a circle with two semi circle troughs pressed into it close to the edge, one top and one bottom, and in the centre, two hearts have been placed standing up with the points embedded in the base. In the back, a simply rectangle with two hearts embedded standing up.
Same, different angle, mostly from above.
Some, different angle, mostly from the front.
Unseen Crafts
1 week ago

The making of a jellyfish, from sketch to colourful burning. Original Unseen design, hand burned onto the wood and hand painted colours. #art #craft #handmade #craft #pyrography #Jellyfish #ocean #rainbow #burn #wood #woodworking

Unseen Crafts
1 week ago

I’m so glad I can post videos, I have so many to share 😁 This little bowl was from a couple of years ago. The jellyfish were freehand burned onto the wood. #art #Jellyfish #nature #wildlife #wood #pyro #pyrography #ocean #handmade #craft

Unseen Crafts
1 week ago

I did not realise we could put videos on here!
I Have Three Hearts & I’m Ready For Love 🎶 #art #artist #singingintherain #octopus #pyrography #burn #rain #craft #handmade

From sketch to finish. Octopus hanging out from a lamppost in the rain with an umbrella, Singing in the Rain style.
Kelley Graham
1 week ago
What is inside that microwave anyway? Yeah, I know, those angles. #meh #diy #permatecture #craft
Dusty and fiddly bits of electr…
Dusty and fiddly bits of electr…
Dusty and fiddly bits of electrical s and associated wiring.
Dusty and fiddly bits of electrical s and associated wiring. Roughly ground sheet metal relief for controls ribbon cable.
Kelley Graham
1 week ago
Repair of ikea/whirlpool built in microwave button and cheapass circuit board retention plate. #hinky #diy #epoxy #ductape #repair #maker #craft #permatecture
Close detail of plastic frame a…
Close detail of plastic frame and tab repair. Fiddly bits, xacto blade and epoxy in background, blurred by bokah.
Per Helge Berrefjord
1 week ago

Bowl on a Bulb. Wet Birch fresh from the Lathe last evening. #Woodturning #wood #craft

A freshly turned wooden bowl is placed over a light bulb on a table lamp without its usual shade. The bowl is thinly turned from a wet blank of birch. Dark and light parts shows well as the light from the lamp shines through the light parts with a golden glow, almost transparent
Pauline von Hellermann
1 week ago

@CaramelizedShallots @weaving @skua

So beautiful, what an absolutely wonderful gift for your god daughter. I have such craving to properly learn and do a #Craft #Handicraft (as well as more gardening, proper cooking, play the flute, etc) - as it happens i took this picture on train home this week! Sadly in reality i am so entangled in job, family, commute that i manage hardly any extra. For now it’s wonderful to just see and experience your work by proxy 😊

Photo of an advertisement on Southern train for West Dean College in East Sussex, where you can learn different crafts like pottery, basketry, metalwork
1 week ago

Saw this on Instagram and had to track down the pattern. I really love the colours used in this sample.
Think it would be a perfect way to use up all those left-over yarn from old projects.

#knitting #fibreArts #Knitsodon #knittedShawl #handDyedYarn #knittersOfMastodon @knitting #knit #photo #handicraft #craft #crafts #handmade

Knitted blanket of mitred squares joined as you knit in flecked pastel colours of the rainbow
Andy Piper
1 week ago

I have just discovered the Mastodon instance, and now I am down a rabbit hole of exploring very interesting people and projects and websites and tools. #generativeart #plotterart #art #fediart #technology #craft

1 week ago

Needed to finish this one up to make space for an upcoming homework project.

#miniatures #miniature #craft

Internal view of a miniature clock tower. The walls are brick. There are two wooden floors. The higher floor has a clock mechanism on it. There is a ladder between the two floors.
1 week ago

I realised I never shared the finished product! So here she is, complete with background potato wedges.

#furryart #furry #mastoart #craft

Ceramic hand painted plate glazed with purple dragon on it, blue background and blue gems
James Akers
1 week ago

Some photos of the Neon Makers Guild bender meetup. Uptown Neon- what a place! Great to see Chloe Kottwitz running the place and hosting all these benders and neon nerds from all over the U.S. I met folks and connected an old boss with many of them. I gotta up my neon storage solutions -though I don't really have many walk in customers. Great to meet so many folks- I joined the guild after they bought us all food and drinks :)
#neon #nerds #meetup #RVA #glass #storage #excess #guild #craft #art

A view of Zoelle with the ceiling neon saves from over the years.
A custom made mini crossfire torch with hand torch heads. The CRT TV in background is playing stuff from Doug (the previous owner/ bender) from that computer.
Neon benders and nerds from all over the US.
Sarah Blood uses a handheld Tesla coil to reveal the color of some cieling hung neon.
2 weeks ago

Silly little #craft project but it makes me smile :blobhaj_reach:

#crochet @crochet #fedigiftshop #cat #cats #catsofmastodon

Crochet shark hat for cats
Crochet shark hat for cats
Ben Higbie
2 weeks ago

Quilts! Made by my mom. All of these you see below are available; msg me if you're interested in one! The 1st 3 are smaller-sized wall-hanging ones, the 3rd is larger, it measures 57x57in(145x145cm)~ #quilts #quilt #quilters #quilter #arts #art #artnet #artlover #artlovers #textile #textiles #designs #design #designer #artmarket #artforsale #artfinder #artsandcrafts #craft #crafts #decor #interiordecorating #interiors #interiordecor #handmade #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon #supportthearts

2 weeks ago

Proof of concept held together with masking tape and positive thoughts, but it does all fit (and glue will fill the gaps!). Some serious refinement required though. 🤔

It’ll get there.

And the clock still works despite being dropped! ☺️

#craft #miniatures #miniature

Miniature clock tower, internal view. Shows a clock mechanism on a platform. The walls are brick.
2 weeks ago

Quick shoutout to a really nice new PeerTuber posting all about crafts including crochet, cross stitch and more:

➡️ @michellemay

The videos are really well done, I'd recommend them to anyone interested in fibre arts and crafts.

It's brand new so your server may not have noticed all its videos yet. You can browse all the videos directly at:


#FeaturedPeerTubers #PeerTube #Crafts #Handicrafts #Craft #FibreArts #PeerTubers #Crochet #CrossStitch #Embroidery

2 weeks ago

Bricks are done! And mortar has been added!

I took a picture with a penny on for scale, but I can’t upload it. The penny was 6 bricks tall.

#craft #miniature #miniatures

A brick wall made 1:24 scale
2 weeks ago

Made a ghost for Halloween #ghost #haunted #halloween #craft #art

A Georgian female figure stands in a doorway, hands together in her lap. It’s sculpted from chicken wire so it’s ethereal and ghostlike.
2 weeks ago

Did up another chunky pet bed.

#Crochet #Handmade #Craft #Pet

Picture of a crochet chunky pet bed.  Yarn is multiple colors of orange, dark brown, and gray.  It is sitting on top of a printer box on a desk.
Naomi aka Tattooed_Mummy
2 weeks ago

Just plopping this here as a thing for me - feel free to bookmark , share or star though if you think you too might like to make a bean bag chair!
#beanBagChair #craft #sewing #chair

Rick Gaehl
2 weeks ago

Todays offering for #FensterFreitag takes us to Moreton, in Dorset, where all the windows of St Nicholas Church are decorated in this unusual, etched style.
The decorations were carried out over a 30 year period by Laurence Whistler, the poet and engraver, who was also the brother of the celebrated muralist, Rex Whistler.

This is in portrait format. Enjoy.

#Photography #WindowFriday #Art #Church #Dorset #Craft #Design

View through a window from the inside of a church. The window is in the Gothic style, but every pane is decorated with etched glass. The general theme is nature, with flowers, insects, and trees all depicted.
2 weeks ago

From humble, crocheted thread emerges Caitlin McCormack’s tiny carcasses, encased objects, and mysterious figures. Through her work, she weaves a speculative future in the wake of environmental catastrophe.

#art #craft

small animal skeletons in a round tree-like form
Unseen Crafts
3 weeks ago

Made a little coral pink armchair for a little frog 😁 #crochet #handmade #craft #christmas #gift

3 weeks ago

Sporting tiny sneakers and plates of eggs on toast, Cat Rabbit’s newest adorable characters get ready for the day in style. 😎 #craft #design

A felt bear holding a plate with toast and an egg
A felt character rollerskating with a dog also rollerskating

It was a test print for the new printing plate. On scraps of paper. But finally, I think it looks great in this format!
C'était une impression de test pour le nouveau cliché d'imprimerie. Sur des chutes de papier. Mais en vrai, je trouve que ça rend bien sous ce format !

#MastoArt #FediArt #craft #homemade #acab

A stamp with a metal engraving of a pig. 
Un tampon avec une gravure en métal représentant un cochon.
A small printing form (frame with characters and typographic plates squeezed together) with the pig and the text used to make the card with the anti-police message.
Une petite forme imprimante (cadre avec caractères et clichés typographiques serrés entre eux) avec le cochon et le texte qui ont servi à faire la carte avec le message anti police
I Like Books
1 month ago

Wondering if anyone in the fediverse has a suggestion for this

I have this beautiful table that I picked up at a second hand store

it is vaguely diamond shaped. I was wondering if someone might have a crochet pattern where I could make a lace doily type thing in a rounded diamond shape.

I would be putting it on the table and under a Lego dried flower piece.

I used to crochet a lot, making stuffed animals and lace doilies. It has been decades since I have done anything intricate but I want to try to do this.

edited to add a snapshot of the table

#Craft #Crochet #Pattern #Burl #Furniture #Table #Photography #crochetofmastodon #crochetodon

Photo of a decorative table. The top is something of a combination of an oval and a diamond. The top is burl veneer with the edges done with another more straight grained wood. It is all a medium brown.

It is on a thick turned spindle which is in turn supported by four legs at the bottom.

The photo is a bit too brightly lit

On top of the table is a Lego dried flower arrangement and a blue glass ornament on top of which is a smiley purple stuffed octopus

the floor is vinyl in a wood pattern. The wall in the background is white with a closed door seen to the left

to the right of the photos is a wood multi-drawer cabinet on top of which is a black printer, resting on top of the printer is a red composition book with a pen.
1 month ago

Nuzzling against each other, moseying along, or convening with a group of forest friends, Diana Parkhouse’s papier-mâché personalities capture her passion for nature and love for animals. #craft #paper

A paper mache fox covered in text
1 month ago

Reminder, #Portland artists: applications are open for the #Leikam #Hanukkah #Craft Fair until Sept. 4th.

#pdx #artshow

Leikam Brewing Presents our third annual Hanukkah craft sale.

Sunday, November 19, 2023
5812 Burnside St., Portland OR
1 month ago

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for nature, Amanda Cobbett embroiders hyperrealistic fungi, mosses, and lichen with painstaking precision. #craft #embroidery

Embroidered fungi growing on a log
1 month ago

Good #morning from Baby Sir who is actually using his cat bed 😱

I have a few meetings this morning then headed to the #craft store for some clearance shopping - hoping to get more things to paint on!

How’s your day looking, friends?

#today #cat #cats #catsofmastodon #fedicats

A black cat cutely spilling over the side of a cat bed
1 month ago

Lindzeanne's dense embroideries map celestial expanses and abstract landscapes in vibrant threads #craft #embroidery

An abstract embroidery with red and yellow circles and white dots on a blue backdrop
1 month ago

Lamp number two is ready. This was an amazing file that we bought from a designer for a few euros. Everything fit well and the finished lamp is amazing.

Painted it with Maston Deco Chrome, the lamp part is a basic Ikea set. Love it.

#LaserCutting #LaserCut #LightBurn #Plywood #diy #craft #HomeDecor

A chandelier lamp shaped like a huge pine cone.

The cone petals are individually cut tear shaped pieces of plywood that are attache to the round frame.

In this picture the lamp is lit, if forms a beautiful light pattern in the ceiling, like rays of sunshine.
A chandelier lamp shaped like a huge pine cone.

The cone petals are individually cut tear shaped pieces of plywood that are attache to the round frame.

In this picture the lamp isn't on. It is a fairly dark chrome colour.
1 month ago

More paper beads! Still not sure what I’m going to do with them though…

#craft #PaperCraft

Seven little piles of paper beads. They’re lots of different colours, but predominantly blues, greens and oranges.
James Purser
1 month ago

Awesome wife has been recovering from carpal tunnel surgery, so no crocheting for the last few weeks.

Instead she's been getting into the dyeing. This is her latest lot.

#craft #yarn #fibreart

Multiple strands of wool hang over an airing rack. The wool has been dyed a deep green/aqua shade

Nach der Woche Arbeit mit Craft CMS kann ich sagen:

- es ist absolut wyld, aber man bekommt relativ schnell was gebaut. Die Doku ist super gut und ausführlich und Github Copilot scheint auch schon genug Code gesehen zu haben um hilfreich zu sein
- der Sync von Backend-Settings via Project Config ist ein Game Changer.
- Twig ist allerdings furchtbar, wenn man vorher Monate lang Blade geschrieben hat.

#craft #craftcms

2 months ago

It's done.

This is our #diy kitchen project for our small rental apartment finished. Or kind of, thinking I might make a curtain there still to cover the bins.

The backbone is a diy baking table I had from my #MicroBakery years that my dad and partner made for me. We built shelves on it, added a wall shelf and some led lights. Budget for the whole project was under 50€ and this is what we got.

It also houses our #recycling stuff, paper and cardboard. And our bokashi.

I like it, I like it very much.
#BuildingStuff #craft #home #baker

A wooden baking table that houses all my baking gear, recipe books, bowls and other appliances. On top of it a wooden shelf with some decorative items on top and a few wall art pieces featuring nature things like berries and mushrooms.
A wooden baking table that houses all my baking gear, recipe books, bowls and other appliances. On top of it a wooden shelf with some decorative items on top and a few wall art pieces featuring nature things like berries and mushrooms.
EmmaLee Cassidy
2 months ago

What word would you use to describe todays scrapbook page?
#scrapbook #scrapbooking #junkjournal #junkjournaling #art #craft

Scrapbook page in mainly brown and beige tones. Pictures include fairies, pixies, owl, frog, butterflies and dandelions. All in a vintage style