17 hours ago

Fast schon eine Tradition: Unser Pop-Quiz am dritten Advent beim #Kraftpaule. Ihr seid alle eingeladen:

#Stuttgart #Quiz #PopMusik #PopKultur #Craftbeer

18 hours ago

Und Zack... Türchen Nr. 4 im #bieradvent :)
Heute gibt es ein India Pale Lager der Steamworks Brauerei aus Saaldorf-Surheim. Ein sehr gelungenes Bier, sechs verschiedene Hopfensorten wurden verbraut. Schöne Bitternoten, etwas fruchtig und etwas süffiger als ein klassisches Pale Ale. Gefällt.

#craftbeer #okuna #bieradventskalender

2 days ago

Auf geht's zu Türchen Nr. 3 im #bieradvent :)
Heute gibt es ein Herzog von Franken Doppelbock Bier der Arnsteiner Brauerei aus selbigen Ort.
Doppelböcke sind nicht so mein Braustil, schmeckt sehr kräftig malzig, viel Alkohol. Bestimmt ganz lecker für Menschen die auf malzige Biere stehen ^^

#craftbeer #okuna #bieradventskalender

The Brew Site
2 days ago

#HighPointBrewing of New Jersey is known for its #Ramstein line of German-inspired beers. For the winter months, High Point offers up our #BeerAdventCalendar pick of the day—Ramstein Winter Wheat #Doppelbock

This is a hefty winter lager second in strength only to the brewery’s limited Eisbock, with 9.5% alcohol by volume to warm you up from that winter chill.


#Beer #CraftBeer #AdventCalendar #NewJerseyBeer

Promotional picture of a glass and can of Ramstein Winter Wheat Doppelbock from High Point Brewing of New Jersey.
2 days ago

Day 2 beyond bier #craftbeer Adventskalender.Root + Branch Double IPA. Sehr frisch, sehr hopfig, sehr grasig. In Europa schwer zu kriegen und entsprechend gepreist. Tolles Bier

2 days ago

#CraftBeer of the day: Flying Monkeys "Paranormal" Imperial Pumpkin Ale aus Kanada. Im Glas ein dunkelrotes Ale mit deutlichem braunen Stich und cremefarbigen Schaum. In der Nase schokoladigen Lebkuchen und Kürbispurree aus der Dose. Im Mund Pumpkin Spice, viel bittere Beeren und dazu Kürbismus.

Dose Flying Monkeys "Paranormal" Imperial Pumpkin Ale Seitenansicht, "It's Bee-eeer."
Flying Monkeys "Paranormal" Imperial Pumpkin Ale Dose Vorderansicht "Normal is weird"
Dose Flying Monkeys "Paranormal" Imperial Pumpkin Ale Seitenansicht.  "The cult of the pumpkin"
Flying Monkeys "Paranormal" Imperial Pumpkin Ale Dose und Inhaöt in zwei Gläsern
2 days ago

Just back from my local fruit & vegetable store where I introduced some folks from the neighbourhood into very different types of beer. Lot's of fun too. #craftbeer @beersofmastodon

Foto: 7 different, empty beer bottles
2 days ago

I was today years old when I learned “affogato” is an Italian coffee-based dessert.

Thanks for that, #aleSmith!
#affogato #craftBeer #stoutSeason #stout

3 days ago

Cooking up some Swedish meatballs, but couldn’t wait to try the #aleSmith Affogato Edition of Speedway #stout! Have been trying to find this one for quite a while.

Coffee, vanilla, and a hint of bitter in a decadent creamy body. It’s not as big coffee as I’d imagined, but the balance of vanilla is wonderful!

Dessert before dinner? Don’t mind if I do!

#stoutSaturday #CraftBeer #stoutSeason #dessert @beersofmastodon

A silver pint beer can has black lettering and yellow accents. A yellow oval badge states “Affogato Edition” and “Sprcual Edition” with Ale Smith’s trademark checkered flags crossed in the middle.
A tulip cup of dark beer has a smooth tan creamy head.
Marko Jahnke
3 days ago

Endlich mal ein #Winterbier, das kein penetrant süßliches Bockbier ist.

Obwohl es nicht süß ist, hat es eine dezente Karamellnote.

#AleMania #Craftbeer #Bonn

Bierglas und -flasche
3 days ago

Tag 1 vom beyond beer #craftbeer Adventskalender - 1 nices Cloudwater IPA. Guter Einstieg, sehr lecker, hopfig, würzig.

Can of Cloudwater IPA, golden beer in the glass next to it
3 days ago

Drinking a #BatterySteeleBrewing Flume Lite - Session IPA - 4.8%

Too thin for me. Needs more body

#Untappd Rating: 3.4/5


#Beer #CraftBeer #BeersOfMastodon #MDBeer

A stemless glass filled with beer and a 16oz can sit on a shelf.
3 days ago

Weiter geht es mit Türchen Nr. 2 im #bieradvent :)
Ein alter Bekannter, aber ein Guter. Heute gibt es ein Dolden Sud IPA der Riedenburger Brauerei aus selbigen Ort. Schöne Bitternote, ein bisschen fruchtig, spritzig frisch. Einfach ein leckeres IPA. Ich habe ausnahmsweise noch ein zweites Bild gemacht, weil die IPA-Geschichtsstunde auf der Rückseite des Etiketts so schön ist 😁

#craftbeer #okuna #bieradventskalender

3 days ago

#NowPlaying: Zai Kowen – Vinyl Paradise // もう一人じゃない

Latest beer and vinyl pairing collab with Record Club is here! I'm pairing this fantastic album with #AbbeywoodBrewing Mixtape Vol. 2, a Double IPA.

Pick yourself up a copy of this amazing album at

#vinyl #ZaiKowen #FutureFunk #Vaporwave #Beer #CraftBeer #BeerAndVinyl #VinylAndBeer

@vinylrecords @beersofmastodon

A Virgin White vinyl record sits on a turntable. Behind the turntable, a vinyl album outer sleeve is displayed. The front cover shows an anime girl walking through an urban area at night, while wearing a long coat. 

In front of the album cover is a 16oz beer can featuring a cassette tape, and a stemless glass filled with beer. To the right of the album cover is an anime figure of Yuki Morikawa singing in to a microphone and holding her arm out.
Mashtun - Bier vom Fass!
3 days ago

🍺 Entdecke mit uns die dunkle Versuchung! Das 'Artor 20' von Riegele Biermanufaktur begeistert mit süßem Butterkaramell, Kaffee- und Schokoladennoten – jetzt gleich reinhören!🌟
#BierVomFass #CraftBeer #starkbier #podcast #bier #tasting #verkostung #beer #ale

David Brent 📚
3 days ago

Tonight's libation: Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing Company in New Glarus, Wisconsin, USA. #Beer #CraftBeer #Beerstodon #BeersOfMastodon

Bottle of Spotted Cow beer from New Glarus Brewing Company in New Glarus, Wisconsin, USA.
4 days ago

Finding this interesting. I've basically given up on craft beers because they're all seemingly undrinkable in their quest to be something other than mainstream.

Bad beer does not a robust product make.

#beer #craftbeer

4 days ago

Are you feeling the GRAVITY?

#pryesBrewing Lost Moon 2023 #bourbonBarrelAged #ImperialStout pulls you in!

Rich and full bodied, bourbon nose with hints of the sweetness to come. Flavors of dark sugar, vanilla, chocolate, it’s as BIG as the full Moon.

Should’ve bought more, this one has a strong attraction!

#stoutFriday #stoutSeason #moon @beersofmastodon n

Pryes Brewing 16 ounce can of Lost Moon imperial stout, a black label with golden stars and a moon shape surrounding a stylized letter “P”
4 days ago

Und los geht es mit Türchen Nr. 1 im diesjährigen #bieradvent :)
Wie immer steckt hinter der ersten Tür bei Kalea der Perlenzauber, ein Gipsy Bier, was immer woanders gebraut wird. Dieses Mal ist es ein Pale Ale was in der Schlossbrauerei Rheder aus selbigen Ort gebraut wurde. Überraschend dunkle Farbe, sehr spritzig frisch. Etwas zu malzig für meinen Geschmack für ein Pale Ale, aber trotzdem gut gelungen. Ein feiner Start :)

#craftbeer #okuna #bieradventskalender

The Brew Site
4 days ago

It's the first day of the annual tradition I run on the blog every year--- the #BeerAdventCalendar! It's also #NationalPeppermintBarkDay today so I picked a fitting beer to feature: #OakshireBrewing #BarrelAged Peppermint Bark #ImperialStout, a decadent candy-themed imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels that weighs in at a hefty 14.53% ABV!


#Beer #CraftBeer #AdventCalendar #ChristmasBeer #OregonBeer

Can and a snifter glass of Barrel-Aged Peppermint Bark Imperial Stout from Oakshire Brewing of Eugene, Oregon (via their Facebook page). It's surrounded by peppermint bark candy with the candy box in the background.
4 days ago

Friday night beers are the best beers. I picked up a mystery carton from my local cellars and the first beer out of the box appears to be a Mountain Culture / Sierra Nevada copro. Very tasty hazy pale ale. #CraftBeer #FridayNightBeersAreTheBestBeers

A glass of hazy summer beer next to a can
The Brew Site
4 days ago

My latest article for the local paper, published this week, features a profile of Cold Snap, a #PastryStout from #BevelCraftBrewing inspired by #MexicanHotChocolate.

Read more:

#Beer #CraftBeer #BeerReviews #BeerWriting

A mug Cold Snap Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout poured from a crowler (a 32 fluid ounce can that holds beer) from Bevel Craft Brewing of Bend, Oregon
The Brew Site
4 days ago

Earlier this month #DoubleMountainBrewery released its latest specialty/seasonal #beer, Sweet Nothings, billed as a Blonde Coffee #Stout. The brewery worked with 10-Speed Coffee Roasters and Ranger Chocolate, and sent me a bottle of the new beer to review.


#CraftBeer #BeerReleases #BeerNews #BlondeStout

A bottle of Sweet Nothings Blonde Coffee Stout from Double Mountain Brewery of Hood River, Oregon
4 days ago

Going east to Wisconsin for #stoutThursday

#centralWaters Satin Solitude #imperialStout would be tasty by the fire 🔥
Roasty malt with chocolate notes and a slight bitter smooth finish. Very nice!

#stoutSeason #stout #craftBeer

A tulip glass of Central Waters Satin Solitude imperial stout. The can is silver with an aquamarine blue label, white lettering, and a scene of trees and lakes.
5 days ago

My first #craftbeer from Hop Butcher. And it's awesome

Jim Wald
5 days ago

Because tonight's event took place around dinner time, we sought and found food in town afterward rather than cooking.

In the process, I discovered a new #CraftBeer :

This "Countess of Flanders" Belgian Golden Strong Ale was a fine tribute to its European inspiration.

Equally admirable: it is a product of Hot Plate Brewing Company (the name alludes to its origins during the #COVID #pandemic): a #Latina - owned brewery in Pittsfield, MA (of all places).

colorful can with brewery logo and name of this variety on restaurant table
text on back side of can:

Inspired by Margaret II, a medieval countess who was so bold and independent that she was even willing to defy the wishes of the Pope, our Belgian strong ale is both effervescent and complex.

Complementing the medium body and soft malt flavor are fruity and slightly peppery notes from the Belgian yeast.

[Brewery info follows]
The Brew Site
5 days ago

Big news for #BendOregon ’s #GoodLifeBrewing this week, as the company announced that it is expanding into #Nevada, with both a statewide distribution deal and a partnership to open a new GoodLife location in #HendersonNevada (outside of Las Vegas).


#Beer #CraftBeer #BeerNews

5 days ago

Did someone say #stoutStockUp?

I thought you did!

Alas,no #GooseIsland Bourbon County Eagle Rare Two Year Reserve #stout, so I had to settle for:

#untitledArt Stitchdown
#GooseIsland Bourbon County Cask Finish Two Year Stout
#DragonsMilk #bourbonBarrelAged Golden Ale
#alesmith Affogato Edition Speedway Stout
#CentralWater Satin Solution
#Pyres 2023 Lost Moon
#GooseIsland Bourbon County Backyard Stout

Color me filled with anticipation! Gonna be a good weekend.

#stoutSeason #craftBeer #stoutWednesday

From left to right, beers and more beers!

#untitledArt Stitchdown (bottle)
#GooseIsland Bourbon County Cask Finish Two Year Stout (bottle in a box)
#DragonsMilk #bourbonBarrelAged Golden Ale (4 pack of bottles)
#alesmith Affogato Edition Speedway Stout (4 pack of cans)
#CentralWater Satin Solution (6 pack of cans)
#Pyres 2023 Lost Moon (can in a box)
#GooseIsland Bourbon County Backyard Stout (bottle)
6 days ago

Und dazu das #craftbeer des Tages. SAPP von Beak. Die Briten können einfach IPAs

6 days ago

Trying a new stout… it’s a knock out beer… 🍺 #stout #craftbeer #tasting #runthejewels

Jukka Niiranen
6 days ago

Brewtrance by To Øl & Omnipollo. A sweeet sugar rush, just like proper trance music can be.

Recommended track pairing: Man With No Name - Sugar Rush (1996, Perfecto Fluoro).

#craftbeer #goatrance #perfecto

Bottle of Brewtrance beer and a glass.
6 days ago

My favourite local brewpub, Ma Brasserie in Rosemont, has gone out of business. I'm quite gutted I won't get to visit or drink their wonderful beer again.

#Montreal #beer #CraftBeer

The Brew Site
6 days ago

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! In my latest print article, which came out before the holiday, I revisited an article I wrote seven years ago on #beer and food pairings for the holiday.

Read more:

#CraftBeer #BeerWriting #BeerFoodPairing

6 days ago

Another Trader Joe’s find for #stoutMonday - it’s local (Shakopee MN) so had to give it a whirl.

Badger Snack peanut butter stout from #BadgerhillBrewing

Lots of peanut here! Leads with roasted nuts, ends with creamy sweetness. Not labeled a milk stout but has the texture of one.

#CraftBeer #stout #peanutButter #beer @beersofmastodon

Badger hill Brewing peanut butter stout - a silver can with a brown and orange label, with a shield shaped worn emblem with a red star inside it

Has anyone else noticed this #CraftBeer mechanism?:

- New beer goes on sale at a highish alcohol percentage
- Beer gets popular
- Alcohol percentage gradually gets reduced

I'm looking at Brewdog in particular. Punk IPA used to be >6% and now it's 5... Same with Hazy Jane. Pretty sure I've seen it with other brands too.

First #holiday #beer of the season from my current favorite #Arizona #brewery Wren House.

#craftbeer #Christmas #Phoenix

Sean and Ruchika
2 weeks ago

@seanbala @dohappybelove

We sat down and played a game of "Code Names: Duet." Besides the good vibes, one of the best parts of the game was the improvised game pieces.


#Chicago #Travel #Beer #CraftBeer #Breweries #Brewery #BoardGame #BoardGame #Jugaad #Night #NightOut #Couple

Ruchika at a wooden table with a beer in front of her. In front of Sean (taking the photo is a set up for Code Names Duet.
Some very improvised game pieces for Code Names: Duet. To replace missing agent cards, someone drew three new cards with caricatures of agents. There is also an improvised time token and an improvised stand to hold the game cards.
Sean and Ruchika
2 weeks ago

Needed a break yesterday so we went "Begyle Brewing" near the Irving Park Brown Line. Chicago has a great craft beer scene and @seanbala is following the "Chicago Brew Pass" from "Choose Chicago" - this is our third one! We got some excellent Begyle Blonde Ale (according to @dohappybelove it has hints of rose and honey). The atmosphere was really relaxed and cozy.

#Chicago #Travel #Beer #CraftBeer #Breweries #Brewery #NightOut #Couple #BuyLocal #ChicagoBrewPass


A photo of us sitting outside at a picnic table in our fall coats with a pint of beer in front of us. Sean is in a black coat iwth a red scarf. Ruchika is in a maroon sweater with a purple scarf.
A photo of the inside of the brewery. The space is large and open. At the center of the background is a man at the counter and the bartender pointing up at the board with all the beers. In the foreground are some wooden tables with green chairs.
3 weeks ago

Friday night beers are the best beers. Irish Red Ale from Wild Life Brewing #CraftBeer #FridayNightBeersAreTheBestBeers

A glass of beer and a red can sit on a stump in the garden
3 weeks ago

Great beer. Great Pizza. #vegetarisch #vegan #CraftBeer Rascals Dublin

On tap
Veggie pizza
Vegan pizza
3 weeks ago

#CraftBeer of the day: Rascals "The Phoenix Dark" Autumn Ale. Im Glas ein dunkles Mahagonibraun mit hellbraunem, feinporigen Schaum. In der Nase vor allem Maronencreme, dann dunkles Röstmalz und Pumpernickel. Im Mund Röstmalz, etwas Holzfeuerrauch, unsüßer Malzsirup, Esskastanien.

Brauerei von außen
Brauerei on tap
Kleines Glas
Halbleeres pint glas

Back to my old favourite, cheese/beer bread. Today I used Soursoperstitious, a gose from Counterpoint Brewing in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

#CraftBeer #BeerBread #Kitchener

A kitchen countertop. On the left is an empty can of gose-style beer. On the right is a loaf of cheese beer bread on a wooden board. The loaf has plenty of melted cheese on top.
1 month ago

Friday night beers are the best beers. I like Wolf of the Willows as a brewer and this amber ale is my favourite. The Woodsman. #CraftBeer #FridayNightBeersAreTheBestBeers

An amber ale next to an amber beer can
Evo Terra
1 month ago

Another #NA #CraftBeer review. This time, it’s Athletic Brewing’s All Out, which they call a non-alcoholic extra dark. And that’s probably smart. Calling it a stout, porter… those all have expected flavor profiles. And thus far, I haven’t found many NA beers in stouts or porters that weren’t… blah.

This one, however, is working for me.

The back of the can says it’s an especially bold and dark brew with a silky, full-bodied mouthfeel (spot on, but in an NA kinda way), with a pleasantly toasty finish (I’ll allow it) and notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate (yes to both).

It didn’t mention the nose, which is lovely. The taste is a bit watery, which is to be expected. But all things considered, I like it, and look forward to adding a few to the fridge.

The poured beer and the empty can.
Spoke 🏳️‍🌈
1 month ago

Craft beer boom ends as more than 100 UK firms go bust. But yeah, Brexit was a brilliant idea. It's only people's dreams and life savings. #brexit #CraftBeer

1 month ago

Falling into Fall with a dinner of Turkey Pumpkin chili. But what to drink?

Paired with #untitledArts Maple Coffee #stout
Definitely an autumn beer with a #mapleSyrup nose and taste and a balanced coffee finish.

My wife is head over heels for the maple, I’m thinking it’s good but a bit over the top. More of a dessert beer, but a nice accompaniment to the spice of the chili.

#stoutSeason #itsAlwaysStoutSeason #pumpkin #turkey #chili #CraftBeer @beersofmastodon

Untitled Art maple coffee stout is dark brown in a pint glass with a thick tan head. The can to the right is in shades of blue, orange, brown and white in an abstract art pattern.
A silver stockpot of brown-red chili bubbles on the stove top.

I didn’t have an oatmeal stout on hand for today’s beer bread and made do with a milk stout from Calabogie Brewing instead. Plenty of oatmeal flakes in, and on, the loaf anyway.

#BeerBread #CraftBeer

A kitchen countertop. On the left is an empty can of milk stout beer. On the right is a loaf of Oatmeal Stout beer bread on a wooden board. The loaf has plenty of oatmeal flakes on top.
Amber Hinds
2 months ago

Did you know that Chris, Steve, and I have a podcast? It's called Accessibility Craft, and we talk about web accessibility and craft beverages. 🍻 Give it a listen at, and if you're so inclined, we would really appreciate a 5-star review on Apple podcasts to help it get more visibility. 😀

#accessibility #a11y #podcast #podcasts #CraftBeer #WordPress #webDev #ux #WebDesign #Developers #disability

2 months ago

Friday night beers are the best beers. This is a cold IPA called Hopposite Seasons from Stone & Woods Counter Culture brand. #CraftBeer #FridayNightBeersAreTheBestBeers

A white can next to a glass of beer
Evo Terra
2 months ago

Greetings! I'm Evo, finally on my own single-instance server, which was my intention all along. Now, I'm here, and here's a bit about me by way of #introduction. You can read my bio for the nitty-gritty, but let me tell you want to expect from following me here on the Fediverse:

#AudioFiction - I exclusively listen to fiction podcasts, so you'll hear me shouting about those I love.

#Podcasting - Even though I retired from podcast punditry over a year ago, I still have thoughts on we podcasters can make podcasting better. While I try to channel them towards #FictionPodcast creators, there's some over spill.

#USPOL - I'm quite progressive and have been known to post scathing commentary on the latest idiocy from those who seek to destroy democracy. I leave the deep dives to the pros, but I will share when the mood takes me.

#CFB & #NHL - The two sports I enjoy watching and pay any attention to are #CollegeFoodball and pro #Hockey. So that means Saturdays in the fall, I can be chatty. And then after that when hockey starts to get interesting.

#NACraftBeer - I've been a #CraftBeer nerd for nearly 20 years. Lately, I've been getting more and more into the #NA (non-alcoholic) side, for when I want a beer w/o the buzz.

#Cannabis - Not all that much about just getting stoned (though that's perfectly fine), but more about the strains and terpenes I use to help manage my anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

#Travel - I lived abroad for a few years and constantly feel the bug to get out and travel more. I share some of that here. Pics as well as commentary.

• Other things that I don't post about all that much are
#Atheism, #DiscGolf, #Frosthaven, #YerbaMate, #Coffee, #Phoenix, and probably more things.

Welcome to my corner of the
#Fediverse. Be nice, post about the things you love, and we'll probably get along smashingly.

2 months ago

Kleine Motivation vom Chef. #newwork #belgianbeer #craftbeer

Eine Flasche St Bernardus Abt 12 auf einem Schreibtisch. In Hintergrund ein Fenster durch das der Phönixsee zu sehen ist.
2 months ago

I've just reached 850 beers on my reviewing website.

850 beers from 272 different breweries.

#beer #craftbeer #ale

Screenshot of the stats page of Ale House Rocks, showing the number of beers, breweries and a graph showing how many beers per rating
Lisa Grimm
3 months ago

Greetings from NYC. More festbier!

#CraftBeer #Festbier #Oktoberfest

Jack’s Abbey Festbier on the bar at Beer bRun, NYC
A pretzel

I picked up a pack of these when I was running errands the other day. No sweetener but a brewer who knows hops. I only get a little of that vegetal flavor I find common in commercial hop waters and teas. I find a little citric acid and even less sweetener balances that out in less skilled hands like mine. The quality of hops I can get as a home brewer is of course so much poorer. #NA #CraftBeer

I would get this again but making my own is much cheaper. I'd like to get back to having it on tap.

a can of Sierra Nevada's Hop Splash made only with water, hops, and carbonation
3 months ago

Devinez quoi ? 🧀🍺
Nos ateliers bières & fromages reprennent ! 🎉

Ça se passe tous les 1er jeudis du mois de 20h à 21h30 à la boutique. Les fromages viennent toujours de la Fromagerie Quatrehomme voisine 😋

Prochaines dates : jeudi 1er février et jeudi 7 mars

Alors, vous réservez ? 🤩

Sur réservation, 4 accords, 10 personnes par séance, 25 € par p.

#Bière #Fromage #Accords #Dégustation #Paris #Paris13 #ButteAuxCailles #Beer #Cheese #CraftBeer #BeerParis

Verre de bière servie à côté d'une planche de fromage bien présentée.

Today's version of beer/cheese bread uses Bell Weiser pilsner from Bellwoods Brewing. Should go well with a salad made from our garden vegetables. Summer may be coming to an end soon, but it means fresh fruit and vegetables.

#CraftBeer #BeerBread #Bread

A fresh loaf of rustic-looking bread is sitting on a wooden platter. There's a serrated knife laying in front of it. On the left there's a now-empty can of Bell Weiser beer from Bellwoods Brewing.

As long as I was in the neighbourhood, I decided I'd cycle over to a nearby LCBO (that's an Ontario government retail outlet for alcohol) I hadn't been to previously and get some beer. That also went well, and I picked a few good-looking beers, some of which I've enjoyed before and some of which were new to me.

#BikeTooter #WaterlooRegion #CraftBeer

4 months ago

Ok _now_ I’m starting to take this #brexit idiocy personally:

' Bone Machine is one of more than 100 small brewers that have been forced out of business in the past 18 months, hit by a combination of Brexit, the pandemic and the cost of living crisis and now threatened by changes to beer duty laws. In June, the accountancy firm Mazars found that 45 small brewers had gone into liquidation, but many more have either been sold or swallowed by rivals. '

#craftbeer #beer #uk

Evo Terra
4 months ago

NA #CraftBeer review for/because of

This is Sober Carpenter’s Irish Red. The back of the can says “You’ll first notice the malt-focused aromas of this medium-bodied brew. The roasted barley translates into o subtle notes of coffee and caramel.”

And all that tracks. Good nose. Thin mouth feel (like every other NA craft beer I’ve had). Definitely hints of coffee as the flavor fades. No caramel I can detect, and there not much in the way of sweetness. Which is fine. Hops are present but not dominant.

Taste is consistent from the pour to the final dregs, which isn’t always the case with NA beers.

I like it! (Cc

Poured been in a pint glass next to the can.
Steve England
4 months ago

@drandrewv2 one thing I found that helped me start to find folk was to follow tags I was interested in. In my case #Bristol and #CraftBeer

Today I learned about Twas Now Brewing, a “pico brewery” in a residential garage in Kitchener. So I had to cycle out there. Lovely ride, and I picked up a few of their beers and had nice chats with folks at the window. I’m enjoying their NEIPA right now.

#BikeTooter #Kitchener #WaterlooRegion #CraftBeer

Closeup of. Red brick house with a window in what had been a garage door. Above the widow there’s the text “TWAS NOW”, the name of the brewery. There are people at the window buying beer. In the right foreground there are 2 bikes parked.
A 1 litre brown bottle stands on a wooden surface. White text on the bottle reads “TWAS NOW BREWING KITCHENER, ON”. Behind the bottle is a buff-coloured brick wall.
Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
5 months ago

Saw this important article on Threads and realized it deserves to be shared in the #Fediverse as well.

5 Minnesota breweries bring home hardware at U.S. Open Beer Championship

#Minnesota #CraftBeer

Flipboard Culture Desk
5 months ago

Anchor, America's first and oldest craft brewer, is to close. The business started in San Francisco in 1896 and survived the city's earthquake and the prohibition era. “The stake through the heart of Anchor was the pandemic,” company spokesperson Sam Singer told the New York Times. Here's a look at Anchor's long history and sad demise.

#Food #Drinks #Lifestyle #CraftBeer #Business

5 months ago

Sitting at Bräugier Brewpub in #Berlin I am reminded that, at least sometimes, #craftbeer bars are very similar community hubs than the German "Eckkneipe" used to be. The audience is different for sure and even inflation corrected it is more expensive. But the vibe and feel is very similar. The inclusions and exclusions of people are just different.

Evo Terra
5 months ago

Welcome back to me, #Fediverse!

Rumors of my death—or abandonment of the Fediverse—are greatly exaggerated. There have been challenges with the
#Calckey server I was using, so I've migrated to a smaller and hopefully more stable instance.

So let this serve as my latest
#introduction to the noobs. And because I don't think I'll be able to import my old content now. And that's fine. Things I post here are transient in nature.

If you're not yet following, do that. That's an account I run for The End, my weekly newsletter that shines a light back on audio fiction shows after they've reached the finale of a season or the conclusion of the series.

This is (one of my) personal account(s), so the posts will be varied. Expect a little
#CraftBeer, some #cannabis, a dash of #atheism, plenty of pro #science stuff, probably some bitching about the far right and rise of authoritarianism that borders on fascism, and some pontificating about #podcasting, since that's what I do.

Alright. Let's pin this thing and see what I've been missing the last week or so. Cheers!

Me, in a blue striped shirt and a lovely hat with a green band against a pink wall. Photo taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico earlier this year by the late Bruce Press.
GivMeCoffee :coffefied:
5 months ago


I'm not new but always looking for new followers/people to follow. #FollowFriday

1.I enjoy reading #scifi and #fantasy #Books. My favorite authors are #Tolkien and #BrandonSanderson. #movie genres I enjoy are mostly the same. I love #StarWars.

2. I #cycle and have been working on building up stamina. My furthest ride this year is 16 miles.

3. I'm 36 and a #DBA working/living in #Pittsburgh. Love to try #craftbeer and new food. About to graduate with my M.S. in Data Analytics.

This wall of historical craft beer from a southern Oregon museum was captivating. Especially their designs, which felt unfamiliar. And the names. Beer names are weird.

#Design #Beer #History #CraftBeer #Labels #ProductDesign

Four rows of very old beer cans, no duplicates, showcasing myriad varieties of labels and designs
Michael Mukalian
5 months ago

Collab between #TrilliumBrewing and #OtherHalfBrewing - Two Hundred Thousand Trillion. Nice and juicy #DIPA #CraftBeer

A balloon glass off Two Hundred Thousand Trillion double IPA
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
5 months ago

Watch: IRON MAIDEN's BRUCE DICKINSON Pours Beers For Fans At Robinsons Brewery
This past Friday (June 30), IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson surprised 100 lucky fans from the band's official fan club who had gathered for an event to mark the tenth birthday of the Trooper beer, MAIDEN's hugely successful and award-winning...

#IronMaiden #BruceDickinson #RobinsonsBrewery #PouringBeers #FanEvent #CraftBeer #BritishBrewery