1 week ago

When you decide to scribble on your shoes (& I only own 3 pairs)...🤣
#handmade #shoes #drawing #mandala #crafter

Mandala sketch on a pair of white canvas slip-on shoes
Coloured in mandalas pair of canvas slip-on shoes
Karoline :bruins:
4 weeks ago

It's #Fall #CraftFair season and I'm making black cats until the cows come home

#SmallBusiness #Crafter

4 weeks ago

New shop item ✨✨
→ Orange Armwarmers


#kofi #kofishop #craft #crafter #handmade

Amethyst Mare
1 month ago

Froggie 🥰 🐸

He's fixed to his little plinth and just setting now

Coming to AmeCon!

#furry #furryart #craft #crafter #resin #resinart #frog #con #convention

Amethyst Mare
1 month ago

The dragon army in chameleon powder 💙💜💛 #furry #furryart #crafter #crafting #dragon #resin #resinart

Amethyst Mare
2 months ago

One more resin pour for AmeCon... might try for another round of dragons #furry #furryart #dragon #stag #lizard #resin #craft #crafter #creator

2 months ago

There's a truly amazing #crafter #market that opened up in town recently. I only just discovered it a few weeks ago, and I'm fascinated by the wide variety of #art to be found in their space. If you're ever in #Springfield #Missouri, stop by Fina's Market!

#SGF #crafts #crafting #plants #wood #outdoors #odd #unique #photography

A photo of a crafting and art display. The wood and metal shelf is crowded with fake plants, flowers, a birdhouse, books, ceramic figurines, and various other knick-knacks. It's a purposely cluttered and overcrowded space with a green wall behind it.
A photo of a crafted humanoid figure. It appears to be a typical plastic Barbie doll that has been entirely covered with strands of multi colored yarn, patterned fabric, and beads.
A photo of a crafting display. A wood table is surrounded by carefully placed pieces of wood. On the table, there are two wood-and-candle displays, with pieces of old wood that have moss and multiple white tea light candles on them.
A photo of an artistic display at a craft booth. Two walls are visible, and both of them are covered with a variety of shapes and colors of wood that have been carefully placed. There is also a blue-painted chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the display.
2 months ago

Finished a new square(loom)-knotted phone/waterbottle-bag

#squareloom #square #knotted #crafter #lightyellow #yellow #brown #handmade

A light yellow (limonade) bag with brown details.

The bag is for the shoulder and is size for phones.
Jane Kulesza
2 months ago

Back from Knoxville. My husband attended a conference and I explored. From our hotel window we could see the World's Fair park with its iconic Sunsphere. It's a welcoming and charming city. #SummerTravels I figured the #crafter community would like Weaving Rainbow Mountain stairs.

Collage of three images: bronze statue of Rachmaninoff; a colorful staircase that resembles a weaving; a golden sphere on metal tower near a rocky water view.
2 months ago

My current knitting project! a beanie made with StoneWashed.

#beanie #fashion #knitting #scheepjes #stonewashed #handmade #crafter #craft #crafting

A knitting project made with the yarn called StoneWashed by Scheepjes. 

The knitting project is a beanie, in the colours black/white.
Kelsey Clarey
3 months ago

Happy #portfolioday!

I am a #writer, #crafter, and #ttrpg designer and podcaster.

You can see more of my work by checking out my portfolio here:

Picture of a metallic grey hand knit scrarf in an oval frame. Text alongside it reads "Hand knit scarf sale. $30. Winter warmth mixed with fabulous fashion. In a beautiful neutral colour, this hand knit scarf measures approximately 46 inches long. Dress up any coat during the cold winter months or give as a gift to your favourite fashionista."
White text against a black background reads "Court of Blades #18: A Faithful Friend is Hard to Find. Just Roll With It."

Gold embellishments are in the bottom left and top right corners. A sketchy masquerade mask is slightly askew above the text.
Antique books and a gas lamp base sit on a wooden table surface. A brown textbox contains black text in a type writer font that reads "Who I Could Have Been"
A pink, ombre background that is slightly pixellated. In the center is a black heart with a pink domino mask going across it. Text reads "Hearts Unmasked. A 2-player superhero romance RPG"
A Bee 🌈🏴‍☠️💖
3 months ago

hey yall this is my #introduction

A Bee, she/hers
I joined this server because i am fully in #ofmd pirate brainrot and loving it actually, this show is very very important and dear to me i hold it close to my heart

I am an #artist and #crafter with a focus on #graphicdesign , #pixelart , handmade #jewelry, and the tiniest bit of #doodles / #illustration for fun

I have two rascally cat daughters, i work as a production assistant at a sign shop, and i like to rollerblade!! ok have a day bye x

a collage of various art projects from Alexis Bee, including: an illustration of Stede Bonnet dancing from Our Flag means Death, two wire-wrapped bead necklace pendants, a pirate flag, a pixel portrait of the artist, a pattern of purple and pink quartz crystals, a digital collage of Michael Nesmith from the music video for his song Cruisin', a pair of fluorescent translucent blue laser cut and etched acrylic earrings in the shape of Bilbo Baggins' dagger 'Sting' from The Hobbit. The words "A Bee", and "HANDMADE JEWELRY GRAPHIC DESIGN ART EDUCATION & DIY" are displayed in text over the images.
a pixel art self-portrait of the artist, Alexis Bee: she is smiling, has short yellow hair, blue eyes, is wearing a pink and purple top, red and yellow necklace, pink and purple dangle hoop earrings, and large circular frame glasses
a fluffy brown cat sits on a closed toilet seat lid while a white cat with brown spotted ears and tail sits on the tank
a moving .GIF image with a vintage VHS filter of a woman rollerblading from left to right
Yellow Box 🏴‍☠️
3 months ago

I’m CJ or YellowBox (iamtheyellowbox pretty much everywhere). #Artist #Writer #crafter and occasional #cosplayer

Proud member of #izzycanyon ( @IzzyCanyon ) and an #izzyHands multi-shipper. Favorite ships include:

Stede/Ed/Izzy: #SteddyHands
Roach/Izzy: #Rizzy or #RoachyHands
Jack/Izzy: #CJizzy or #JackHands
Ed/Izzy: #EdIzzy

If the ship includes Izzy, there’s a good chance I’ve read it and ship it (and may end up doing art for it). 😅

Drawing of a chibi Izzy Hands doll
Kelsey Clarey
3 months ago

Hello, hello!

I guess it's time for a little #introduction

My name is Kelsey and I go by IslandersCaper most places on the internet.

I use she/her and fae/faer pronouns, I was born in 1995, and I've moved around Atlantic Canada a lot, but am currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I'm a #writer, #crafter, #podcaster, and #TTRPG designer and avid player. I also love doing disneybounds and closet cosplays and taking a lot of pictures.

I like to read, I like comics, I love to be outside, and I've had people describe me as "a living Jane Austen character" or as having "cottagecore and victorian teacup vibes".

A selfie of a white woman with long red hair and blue-grey eyes. She's wearing red-framed eyeglasses and a black tank top.
3 months ago

I've never done an #introduction but maybe I should. I go by the name Cheshire (Ches for short) and I'm all over the place. I have #ADHD so my interests vary a LOT. I am a #crafter, #gamer, #contentcreator who has a #dog and a #cat. Met my husband online in a game and moved to #Mexico to be with him. I play all sorts of #games, mostly #GuildWars2 and #Warframe, with the occasional others. Currently hold 2 #degrees, first being a #veterinarytechnologist and my second being a #gamedeveloper. (1/2)

3 months ago

Time for an update, so here's my new #introduction!

I'm Aely, and I'm an #artist #writer and #crafter from the #UK

I mostly work in #fantasy #scifi and #ttrpg spheres, though also do #reviews and record a podcast with @ioshiv

My weaknesses are pretty #dice and cool #miniatures , and I'm currently commissioned to draw the #CharacterPortraits for #HomebrewHavocSeason2

My #signaturestyle is the #HighLow, though I also work in colour and on maps!
Check out my website for more! (Link Above!)

The image shows a depiction of the Bonemire, an original creature from Aely's "World of A'arde" series of books and games. The creature features a coyote's skull with extra-elongated fangs, a canid spine, shoudlers, collarbones and forelimbs, with deformed canine-like "hands" offscreen. The creature is encased in a viscous, clear ooze that is mildly acidic, and it's eyes and inner mouth glow a sickly green. The background, which is partly visible through it's ooze-like form, is black with a red splat upon it.
This image is named "Còmhla ri Anam", which translated into English roughly means "together with soul" or "fated one". It is a High-Low portrait using black and white on a neutral grey background, featuring two male characters in an embrace. Both are looking to the left of the image, as though watching something, and are dressed in mediaeval shirts and cloaks. The man on the left is taller, with darker hair (blonde) and markings upon his throat and jaw resembling slim flames. His cloak clasp resembles a willow leaf, and his ears are long and pointed. He has his right arm up and is touching the other man's neck. The man on the left is shorter by approximately five inches, and his hair is white with a slice of darker colour at the fringe. He has white, vine-like markings on his cheekbones and long, pointed ears that slope backwards. He has a more delicate appearance to him and could be considered "pretty" or "feminine" in comparison to the other man.
This image is called "Emergence of the Harbinger" and features a landscape of a misty open sea at night, beneath a starry and slightly clouded sky. In the centre of an image, the silhouette of a four-masted Galleon or Ship-of-the-Line (large sailing ships) can be seen emerging from the mist, surrounded by green fog and highlighted along the bow by a green light. The main colours of the image are dark blues, greys and black, with pops of white as the stars and the misty green in the centre.
This image is a top-down view of a snowy hill, with a lake to the top right, a small cliff to the bottom right, and a tree line along the top to the top left. In the lower third of the left side, there is a depiction of a glowing grey-brown stone monolith with glowing purple lines and light extending from it like a lighthouse. The scene is depicted during the day, and has a grid of 1-inch squares over it for use as a TTRPG map. The main colours of the scene are white, blues and browns, with a pop of purple. The image is hand-drawn and textured, using inked outlines and gradiented shading.


With #cardboard, #paper and tissue, each soaked in water and glue, and some paint, Pakistan-based YouTuber and self-taught #science #crafter Khadija Fazal Karim creates an #anatomical model of an #eyeball.

#biology #video #eye #eyes #crafting #howto #diy #activities

Fedi.Garden 🌱
3 months ago

Artisan Chat is an inclusive Fediverse community for creativity of all kinds, from hobby crafts to studio craft, applied arts to fine arts:


For more info see their About page at or contact their admin @Curator

#FeaturedServer #ArtisanChat #Art #Arts #Artist #Artists #Craft #Crafts #Crafter #Crafters #Creativity #Fediverse

Aji LaStrange
4 months ago

That time of year where I gotta renew my domain name. Every little bit helps. #Kofi #Donate #Blogger #Crafter #BlackMastodon #BlackArtist

SoCraTes UK
4 months ago

The work day is over (perhaps). You've had your evening meal (if you're lucky). Now's the perfect time for every #software #crafter and #tester to head over to and grab one of the last tickets to #SoCraTes UK - a community run, not-for-profit #unconference

Less the two weeks until the SoCraTes UK (Conference for Software Craft and Testing).
Alex Heberling 🎨
4 months ago

some fun #thriftstore finds yesterday! a needle felting kit, and some really lovely cashmere yarn. #needleFelting #yarn #knitting #cashmere #maker #crafter #thrifted

a small clear box with a thick wool pad visible inside
the open box, with the pad off to the side. inside the box is a bunch of needle felting supplies.
6 small skeins of Mongolian cashmere yarn in a cream color
Junk Muffler
5 months ago

Question for the #maker and #crafter folks out there. I know a lot of you use Creative Fabrica. What are your thoughts on it? Is there an alternative you prefer?

5 months ago

What self-made tool do you use the most?

Mine are probably these thin hardwood pieces I use to pry lacing apart to make room for tensioning lacing when I'm building drums. They, better than anything else I have tried. They don't pull the lacing or damage the drumhead or ring sheath in the process. I have several sizes, depending on the need.

The good thing is I can make more if/when they break (which the tips do on occasion).

#crafter #woodworking #maker #leatherworking

A hardwood piece is used to pry lacing apart on a drum ring to allow for tensioning lacing to pass through.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
7 months ago

Since no one I know irl follows me here I can share this finished hat before I give it to my dad this weekend. I used the Sigges Hat(adult version) pattern by Kultknit (if you've been following me for a bit, you might remember that I used her original pattern, Sigges Hat, for my toddler).

I met guage and knit with Sandnes Garn Peer Gynt in Smoke held together with DROPS Kidsilk in Sea Mist.

I tried out helical knitting to break up the mohair colourway I used and I wouldn't necessarily recommend that for this pattern because it made the decreases a bit confusing, but I'm really happy with the end result, so it was worth it for me.

@knitting #knitting #BeginnerKnitter #HandKnit #knitstodon #SpecialInterest #crafter #FO #stitchcraft #KnitHat

Freshly blocked wide brim knit hat modelled by my 4 year old. It has a base colour of deep grey with a mix of lighter and darker blues throughout.
This angle shows the ridges in the decrease section a bit better. There are 3 even ridge sections that come together at the center top of the hat.
Carrie E, Craft++
7 months ago

Hey folks! I've updated my Etsy with a few new items, and adjusted priced down on a few existing ones. You can find it here, with coupon code:

#Pokemon #necrodancer #CryptOfTheNecrodancer #hades #dungeonsanddragons #beholder #crafter

A hand holding framed art of Eevee plus all 8 Eeveelutions from Pokemon. They are on a background of green grass and encircling a Pokeball. The Eevees are made of Perler beads and look delightfully pixellated.
Framed art, on a wooden background, of 3 characters from Crypt of the Necrodancer. A skeleton dances with Cadence, while Freddie Merchantry sings in the background. A chest, a diamond, and the beating tempo heart are visible as interface pieces.
A close-up of a dice tray with a stony texture. In the inset, a beholder made of polymer clay and 11 googly eyes smiles toothily at a 20-sided die. It has rolled a 20.
A giant minotaur demon stands in profile on a stormy background. Its paint scheme colors mirror those of Asterius from the game Hades.
Gripping Yarn :donor: :bone:
7 months ago

Because I need another bell hat. I don’t. I have probably ten of them. #crafter #knitting #fidget #wip

Peach-yellow knit hat with cable patter, has patch that says “knit punk”, planned parenthood pin, “they as hell”, a planchette pin, and the hat is pointed on two sides with large jingle bells. Above is the beginning of a blue version on knitting needles with only an inch complete.
7 months ago

Sometimes things are left unfinished. We keep your loved ones close by completing the projects they’ve left behind.

Lovely project. #crafter #volunteers

7 months ago

And here we have Edward the Sloth! #Knitter #ScottishKnitter #Knitting #Crafter

Knitted sloth wearing blue and white pyjamas and slippers and a white dressing gown
Robin Childs
7 months ago

It's come to my attention that it's Mastodon tradition to make an #introduction post.

I'm an #artist, #writer, and #crafter. I enjoy:

#ttrpg (#dimension20 is my current fav show)

#crochet and #bookbinding

Many genres including #horror #fantasy #history #romance #mystery #folklore

I'm #nonbinary and part of the #LGBTQ community.

Here's some of my work:

A haunted mariner faces the viewer, his gaze staring into the middle distance. Swarms of skeletal faces hover around him. One such spirit places a bony hand on the mariner's shoulder, leaning over to whisper in the man's ear.
Three gorgon sisters work together in a warm and sunlit kitchen to make cookies for a Gorgon Scout Bake Sale. The eldest holds a tray fresh from the oven. The snakes in the hair of the eldest are all fashionistas wearing many different outfits. The youngest has her snakes out in sloppy pigtails (which fail to prevent them from trying to steal a cookie off the tray near them). She is wearing overalls and stirring cooking batter with TOO MUCH ENTHUSIASM. The middle sister wears a Gorgon Scout sash and is going through recipes. Her snakes are all business, holding ingredient lists, recipe cards, and calculating weights with a calculator.
Wuvvy from Dimension 20's show "A Court of Fey and Flowers". Wuvvy is a faun with curling goat horns. She faces the viewer, holding up a letter as it burns. She looks devastated, tears wetting the fur on one side of her face.
A collection of six hand-bound books. The covers use satellite photographs of different locations on earth, from frozen fields and glaciers to deserts to bright pink chemical spills. The spines of the books are bound with cloth. Each notebook has a ribbon.
Mama Pikasue
7 months ago

Latest work on my “Gauntlet of Treasure Finding” - got a bit more work to do, so far I’m happy with the progress. #AltTxt #AltText #LeatherWorking #Maker #Crafter #RPG #DungeonsAndDragons #Pathfinder

Photograph of shaped leather that has a treasure map on it.  It is a tapered square with four grommets on either side for the lacing. Once laced it wraps around my right forearm as a gauntlet. This is purely a piece of whimsy I’m working on.  Mostly this is an exercise to sharpen my leather carving skills and technique.  I learn so much with each project.  Especially when I’m limited in mobility it’s nice to be able to occupy my mind on something other than my pain.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
7 months ago

I started a frog today! This is Claire Garland's pattern. I'm using worsted weight yarn and US6/4mm needles. This is a sort of practice knit, and I'll be doing smaller ones later.

I'm enjoying this so much! It's a very quick and enjoyable knit.

@knitting #knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #WorkInProgress #HandKnit #knitstodon

A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
7 months ago

Finished slippers for my 4 year old! I did not enjoy this knit at all, but I'm very happy with the result!

@knitting #knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #FO #stitchcraft #knitstodon

A pair of knitted slippers in a deep, warm purple colour yarn(Portland Wine by Lion brand yarn hometown USA) with a leafy, false-cable effect on the top of the feet and around the leg. Three decorative buttons are visible on the outside of one slipper. My daughter's hands are on the top.
The slippers from a different angle.
A close-up of the wooden decorative buttons on one of the slippers. They are cats in varying poses and different colours, mostly in the purple family. My little one chose them herself.
7 months ago

Guitar resto update. It’s all back together. Hardly any new parts so very little recycling or landfill. Plays really well and sounds quite bright with light strings (it’s going to a learner). Have to give it a few days to settle and then faff with the neck and intonation and it’s done!

I’ve really enjoyed this. #crafter #guitar #restoration #recyclce #luthier #guitartech

Image of a guitar in-front of the messiest desk
Le Général Midi
7 months ago
Salut la #fediverse !
#Jevends un #ampli pour #basse électrique 25 W Cruiser by #Crafter pour 20 €, compact et léger.
- entrée jack 6.35 high
- entrée jack 6.35 low
- sortie casque 6.35
- 3 boutons d'equalization grave-medium-aigu
- 1 bouton volume
- 1 bouton présence (gain)
À l'arrière,
- 1 sortie line jack 6.35
- 1 entrée et 1 sortie effects jacks 6.35
À retirer sur #Rouen ou livraison en sus.
#annoncevente #petiteannonce #àvendre
(J'ai écrit des descriptions pour chaque photo mais #fedilab ne semble pas les garder)
8 months ago

Sometimes being a serial #crafter is a pain. Getting super into something for a bit, only to drop it entirely later often makes me feel like I don't accomplish much. But sometimes I do. This is one of my favourites. Hopefully y'all can zoom in to see the detail.
#PaperArt #quilling

A paper quilling project for my mom. The word "Mom" is in white, with quilled paper filling in around it. Predominantly purples, blues and pinks.


#Ecoprinting is a technique that transfers the natural pigments of #flowers and #plants onto #cloth and #paper. France-based #designer and natural #dye #crafter Ceilidh Chaplin shares her first foray into this art form in this breezy #video.

A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
8 months ago

I shared a bit about this project already on Instagram, but I've stumbled into designing a pattern for a tapestry! It feels a little weird to say that since I've only recently started knitting, but I've been working really hard on this, and I'm feeling really proud of it.

I chose my yarn to emphasize the boho type feel I'm going for, but I'm very interested in trying it with a simpler solid colour with a tighter ply as well as something more rustic.

My autistic brain apparently can't approach things like this casually, so I'll be looking for a tech editor and pattern testers once I'm finished testing it all the way through myself first. I'm not sure if anyone here would be interested, but I'll share updates as I go! I would be so happy to see some other people be able to make it their own!

@knitting #knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #knitstodon #KnitDesign #WallHanging

The first section of a tapestry test pattern I'm designing on knitting needles. The yarn is an eco cotton, white with yellow flecks. It matches the blanket I've photographed it on. Slightly visible is the notebook I'm currently using for the pattern.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
8 months ago

I cast on some slippers for my daughter with this really beautiful bulky purple yarn I got from a local destash today!

Tomorrow my dad will be dropping off my mom's pompom makers so I can finish up my daughter's Maker Maker Basic Beanie, and I have another project I'm working on that I'm really excited about, which I'll be sharing soon.

#knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #WorkInProgress #stitchcraft

A super bulky deep purple yarn on dpns
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
8 months ago

I love dpns! This was my first time using them, and I find them so satisfying. The hat went so quickly today after starting the decreases. I have to wait until this weekend to make the pompom(my mom has a pompom maker) but the hat is currently blocking and I'm very pleased with it.

@knitting #knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #WorkInProgress

Yellow child size hat with dark blue brim, on dpns
Same hat, freshly bound off, ends woven in, ready for blocking(sans pompom)
8 months ago

Sleeve one complete and onto the body of the #RadventCardigan Out of my comfort zone, but really enjoying it. Interplay of colours keeping it interesting. #Knitting #Crafter

One sleeve of a batwing cardigan. Various toning colours from navy through green and olive to grey and purple.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
8 months ago

This hat is going a bit slower than I'd like, but I got some good company while working on it today.

#Caturday #CatsOfMastadon #knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #WorkInProgress

A fluffy black, grey, and brown tiger cat curled up in my lap while I knit a dark blue hat brim on circulars.
8 months ago

Productive day, made a dish cloth. 😂 (In my trademark wonky style):

#weaving #crafts #crafter

A multicoloured handmade dish cloth, with orange stitching around the edge. Made with a square peg loom. Material used: acrylic wool.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
8 months ago

Took 3 tries for cast-on because of the length of the cables I had, but I started the brim of the Maker Maker Basic Beanie for my daughter today!

#knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #knitstodon #WorkInProgress

Dark blue yarn a few rows into a hat brim on circulars, sitting in my lap.
A warm yellow swatch (in the same type of yarn as the brim) that will be for the body of the beanie. It's been blocked, but my cat decided to make herself comfortable on it partway through the process, so it's got a bit of a fold and curl situation.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
8 months ago

I got a few pictures of the hat(my first official finished object) on my little this morning before he joyfully ripped it off😅 I'm only sharing two pictures here, but I have been so excited about knitting and all the project ideas I have that I decided to make an Instagram account for just stitchery. It's @ TheWilderKnits if anyone wants to follow a very excited, possibly over-ambitious beginner. 😊

@knitting #knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #FO #TheWilderKnits

A smiling toddler wearing a terracotta coloured hand knit hat. In the background the sun is shining through some trees, and my husband's arm is holding Oren's hand, trying to keep him from pulling the hat off right away🤣
The same smiling toddler (being held by my husband), this time looking just off camera(at me) with the sun right behind his head.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
8 months ago

I've been quiet here because I hit a roadblock with my hat project and I'm getting frustrated. I have attempted the decrease section 5 times, and it just looks off. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

If anyone wants to help, it's Sigge's hat(free on ravelry) and the pattern for this section says:
Row 1 - k23, k2tog, k, ssk, k23, k2tog, k, ssk, k23, k2tog, k, ssk
Row 2 - Knit
Repeat rows 1 and 2 (with 2 fewer stitches at the start of row 1, so k21, then k19, etc) until 8 stitches remain

It's supposed to make a sort of ridge situation but mine just looks like it's sort of... leaning? I don't really know how else to explain it. The first picture is of an earlier attempt at that section. If anyone knows how to help, please let me know.

The second picture is of the tapestry I cast on yesterday. I'm not using a pattern for that one, just planning to play around with stitches until it looks how I want it. I'm starting with the moss stitch and going top down because I like the sturdiness and I just think it's pretty.

@knitting #knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #WorkInProgress

Terracotta yarn on circulars. The blue stitch marker is to remind me that this is the starting side and is close to the beginning of the section. The left(pink) marker on top is the end of one of the three sections(k23, k2tog, k, ssk) in the row and the red marker to the right is after the 23rd stich of the section. All three sections have this left-leaning quality instead of one even ridge pointing straight to the top of the hat.
Yellow speckled eco cotton yarn on US size 8 straight needles. I cast on 61 stitches. Several rows completed in moss stitch, slipping the first stitch of each row purl-wise.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
9 months ago

I managed the German short row stitch and my first decrease row and it's going quickly now. I finished about 5cm of stockinette(picture taken earlier this evening) after my daughter's birthday party today.

#knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #WorkInProgress

A toddler hat on circulars, knitted with terracotta coloured merino wool and mohair yarn. The brim is knitted with twisted rib stitch and is about 16cm. There's a decrease row and several rows of stockinette finished.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
9 months ago

Brim finished last night! I'm excited to start the next section today. I get to learn German short rows.

(The stitch markers aren't for a certain number of rows, I just moved them from the first row to keep track of the last stitch in the row as I got further along)

#knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #WorkInProgress

Toddler-sized hat brim on circulars, knitted in twisted rib stitch with merino wool and mohair in a terracotta color. Multicolored stitch markers are along the last stitch in 4 random rows.
9 months ago

Finished my hoop loom and I love how it came out! I’ll definitely be doing this again!
#HoopLoom #Knitting #Crafter

A hoop filled with yarn woven together in shades of green
Close up of the loom filled with yarn
Blaidd Drwg
9 months ago

I'm slowly bringing my family and friends over to the light. My better half is a #crafter and an #artist

#crafters #craftersofmastodon #artistsonmastodon #handcrafted #traditionalcrafts

Black Oak Bindery
9 months ago

It's been a ridiculously cold couple of days so here are some ice books...🥶

#DnD #ttrpg #Bookbinding #Magic #Bookstodon #Art #MastoArt #Handmade #Crafter

Three journals lying on a wood surface. They are blue and all have silver decorations with metal pieces.
A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
9 months ago

I started my bag over and I'm very satisfied with how it's looking now. I'm glad I took the time. I never would've been happy with it if I left the holes.

I'm now very much starting to desire a stitch marker so I can stop compulsively recounting the rows. Definitely adding to the list for when I get more supplies.

#knitting #beginner #SpecialInterest #crafter #UFO #WorkInProgress

A knitting project in progress. Made with T.A.R.D.I.S blue yarn in a garter stitch, a little over 40 rows done.
Tabs the NPC
9 months ago

New Year's goals for me are less about resolutions, more about setting things in my sights to accomplish. Whether or not I do so is always a different story.

Anyway, either way -- goal this year is to complete my fantasy murder mystery novel, get blogging again, and move my KoFi shop over to Etsy, then eventually shut down my KoFi.

Learn how to use resin. Learn how to knit. I figure these should all be achievable.

#goals #amwriting #writersofmastodon #writer #blogger #crafter

the latest in my expansion of my #bio and #introduction

I'm a #subversive #crafter

I enjoy #crochet, #CrossStitch, #sewing and #knitting I'm not very good at any of it, but I love the process and I love gifting people things I've made.

I find that the juxtaposition of 'lady-like' crafts with harsh messages amuses me, and I really appreciate it as an act that can subvert patriarchy. Over the years I've made pillows with #ACAB and #FuckThePolice designs on them, cutesy wall hangings that say 'Don't let the cat out, or the cops in', cross stitch pieces with flowers that declare 'misandry!', and various other items.

At the start of the pandemic I learned to sew 3 layer quilters cotton masks, and gave them away in exchange for a donation to #SistersInside.

I'm starting to learn embroidery and am horrified at how bad I am... but I'm trying not to give up.

I think that's something I enjoy about craft - I grew up being very good at things and learning very quickly, which meant that I didn't have to try hard and struggle to learn. It also means that I've grown up with the idea that if I don't pick up something immediately, I'm never going to learn how to do it. Craft gives me the space to be bad at it, because the process is more important to me than the product. It's helping me learn that 'progress over perfection' is desirable, and that it's ok for me to make mistakes.

A wooden cross stitch hoop with a work in progress mounted.  It's the word 'misandry' in pink superhero style font, outlined in dark blue.  The background has the outlines of some flower designs that haven't yet been filled in.
A wooden cross stitch hoop on a red background.  The cross stitch piece is a finished work that says "Nerds!" in blue, with a tiny orange, blue and green flower design above and below the word.
An almost finished cross stitch that shows a flying unicorn.  The unicorn has a rainbow coloured mane and tail.  Underneath the unicorn in burgundy lettering is the message 'whatever, bitch'
Rev. Amanda-Gayle Reed
9 months ago

I never gave an intro because I was just checking things out, but now that I plan to stay—this is me:

Born and raised in West Virginia, I spent most of my life studying Appalachian culture and religion. I live in Idaho now, but still advocate for Appalachian people.

United Methodist clergy. Queer (that’s why I moved—long story.) Extremely progressive, politically & theologically.

#socialjustice #economicjustice #racialjustice #crochet #quilt #booknerd #cricut #crafter #maker #writer #peace

10 months ago

- unabashedly liberal
- moving MORE left and progressive as I age
- a fan of actual plays; #Dimension20 and #CriticalRole are faves
- a player, currently rocking a half-orc fighter/barb and a firbolg Circle of Stars druid
- a crafty #artist or an artsy #crafter whose preferred mediums are paper and blades, gel plate, fabric, yarn, beads in roughly that order
- #MiddleAged, #ADHD, #dnd, #improviser, #queer, #UU, #zaftig, #callipygian

10 months ago

Seen lots of people doing intros. So we are Sandi , Tim and Jess the dog. We live on a #narrowboat We are interested in #eco-living #canals #cooking #recycling and #dragrace I (Sandi) am a #knitter a #crafter and a #creative Tim is a #geek a #softwareengineer a #photographer and a #cider drinker. Jess likes barking at other dogs, trying to chase squirrels and treats.

Phil Tanner
10 months ago

Hey #crafter / #modeller mutuals;

Do any of you have a nifty little "circle cutter" for masking tape, something like this:
that I could borrow? Ideally in Kāpiti/Te Whanganui-a-Tara regions?

I need to cut a multitude of tiny circles/rings in my upcoming future.

RosieSoCosy :cosified:
10 months ago

New #introduction since I moved to my own instance!

I'm Rosie. Married mum of 3. Dutch #designer / #artist. Love to #paint #draw #craft #sew #sculpt #design #code #plan #3Dprint. I also love #games such as #TheSims and #AnimalCrossing. I stream on #Twitch. I'm on the spectrum (ASD) and I have #lipoedema in my legs/arms. Love to connect with fellow artists, #crafters, gamers and geeks. ❤️

#crafter #crafting #acnh #acpc #acnl #sims #thesims4 #videogames #autism #introductions #whovian

Rosie is a plus size Dutch Indonesian woman with a light to medium skin tone, brown eyes and dark brown hair. In this photo she has turquoise hair with dark brown roots, pink lipgloss and black eyeliner on. She is wearing crystal plumbob earrings, and a brown t-shirt that says "Gamer" on it. In the background is her office from which she does live streams on Twitch and videos on YouTube. She has Tetris lights in her backdrop, as well as Freezer Bunny plushies. There are several books in her bookcase, and a variety of prints and photos on the walls behind her. There's also a green Sims Camp sticker, a Wales magnet and an Adipose painting in the backdrop.
Rosie is a plus size Dutch Indonesian woman with a light to medium skin tone, brown eyes and dark brown hair. In this photo she has dark brown hair with turquoise ends and she has black eyeliner on. She is wearing black frame glasses, and purple and turquoise Twitch hoodie. Around her neck is a Twitchcon keycord / lanyard, and she is wearing a black backpack. She is looking into the camera and smiling faintly. On her head is a turquoise sequin cat ear tiara. She is outside, and behind her are some buildings and fences.
Rosie is a plus size Dutch Indonesian woman with a light to medium skin tone, brown eyes and dark brown hair. In this photo she has dark brown hair which transitions into turquoise around the middle. She also has black eyeliner on. She is wearing a denim jacket, and is leaning on her right hand whilst smiling at the camera. In the background you can see a wall of photos, a MASKROS ceiling lamp from IKEA and black STOCKHOLM curtains with a white leafy pattern in it.
Rosie is a plus size Dutch Indonesian woman with a light to medium skin tone and brown eyes. In this photo she has ginger hair. She is wearing black frame glasses, a dark pink lipgloss and green earrings. She is wearing a purple Doctor Who t-shirt with Donna Noble on it, and underneath there's a yellow long sleeved shirt. Rosie is controlling a bronze coloured Dalek at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales. In the background you can spot a whole collection of Daleks. Rosie is looking at the camera and is smiling.
10 months ago

People are doing hashtagged intros to connect, so here's mine:

I'm Margaret, More often Wyv Wyvern or Rose. Its not a new handle anywhere but here, I've been floating around a while.

So hastag list *deep breathe* don't pile on, I straddle almost all area's its not as clear cut as you think, I refuse to hate just because its packed in a pretty, popular package;

#Sinfullypolitical please forgive this incorrigible heathen

Leave no one Behind

The Wanlorn
10 months ago

Did I never do an #introduction for here???

Hey y'all. I'm an avid #crafter and #writer. I work in #webdev at a digital marketing agency. I live in the middle of nowhere and own #goats and #chickens, and am working on setting up a (very very) small goat #dairy even though there's no money to be made in dairying anymore.

My current #fandom is nothing, although I think I might jump back to working on my #Lucifer AUs as a stop gap. #AmWriting an original scifi OT3 horror novel.

Kathy Reid
10 months ago

Good evening #Mastodon! Here is this evening's #connectionlist #connection #introduction post to help you connect more deeply and richly to the #Fediverse :fediverse: - especially across instances.

@itgrrl is Jess and she's awesome - she is into #pentesting and #infosec and she's savvy, no-nonsense and always on the money 🇦🇺

@tobybellwood is into #opendata and #opensource and #spatial #data - hey Toby! 🇦🇺 has moved instances, so I am making sure you're all following her new one ❤️ She is a #writer at the intersection of #tech and #society and is into #labour organizing (hey #antifascist folks) and #decolonization. She loves #scifi and is a #crafter. 🇨🇦

@Daniel_Hulse is a #researcher at #NASA where he studies #resilience in #engineering using #Python and #ML #MachineLearning. 🇺🇸

@ginevra is into #knitting and #textile #design and is a #polyglot who speaks #deutsch, #français and #日本語 🇦🇺

@TomaszHamerla does #data #engineering #dataengineering and #cybersecurity and #law in Europe and speaks #polski 🇪🇺

@GinieColombo is an #artist #feminist, #writer and #plants lover, originally from 🇫🇷 but now in 🇦🇺

@segrax is a #reenigne, yep a reverse #engineer and is into #cryptographer and #dev stuff. One of the smartest people I've ever met.

@ingridbmason is into all things #GLAM and #AI4ML and works at the intersection of #libraries, #AI and #machinelearning #ML. She's wonderful - you should follow her! 🇦🇺

PajusCreations :autism:
10 months ago

Hi I’m Paju, #Autistic #artist and #crafter from #Finland. I have #EtsyShop but it has been closed for years because my health spiralled. I sometimes take custom orders for #colourful #WoolSocks.

One of my #SpecialInterest is art and craft simply put so I am sort of a jack-of-all-trades in that field. My art is #SFW.

#GouacheArt #WaterColors #MastoArt #VisualMending #AcrylicPaints #Knitting #Crochet #ResinDice #AutisticArtists #DigitalArt #TransArtists #TTRPG #Embroidery #ArtnCraft #noNFT

A3 sized gouache painting of sunflowers. paint palette and smaller colour sketch.
8 pairs of knitted woolsocks. colourful stripe patterns.
two paintings. base is made with acrylic pour technique. first one has a content looking fox. second has content looking bear blowing qlittery bubbles.
palmful of polyhedral dice. one in each colour of the rainbow. seventh is brown. dice are made with see through pigment, glitter and gold flakes. numbers filled in with gold paint.
PajusCreations :autism:
10 months ago

Hi I’m Paju, #Autistic #artist and #crafter from #Finland. I have #EtsyShop but it has been closed for years because my health spiralled. I sometimes take custom orders for #colourful #WoolSocks.

One of my #SpecialInterest is art and craft simply put so I am sort of a jack-of-all-trades in that field. My art is #SFW.

#ResinCrafts #GouacheArt #WaterColors #VisualMending #AcrylicPaints #Knitting #Crochet #ResinDice #AutisticArtists #DigitalArt #TTRPG #TransArtists #Embroidery #ArtnCraft #noNFT

A3 sized gouache painting of sunflowers. paint palette and smaller colour sketch.
8 pairs of knitted woolsocks. colourful stripe patterns.
two paintings. base is made with acrylic pour technique. first one has a content looking fox. second has content looking bear blowing qlittery bubbles.
palmful of polyhedral dice. one in each colour of the rainbow. seventh is brown. dice are made with see through pigment, glitter and gold flakes. numbers filled in with gold paint.
Rachel Quinlan
10 months ago

A recent focus of my art has been on pattern design. I design with the end goal of my work being used in clothing or decor that I would personally like to wear or decorate with.

You can get these patterns on fabric, wallpaper and homegoods through my spoonflower shop:

#sewing #sew #surfacedesign #patterndesign #maker #maximal #maximalist #craft #crafter #fabric #art #MastoArt #illustration #TidePool #tarot #nature #deer #moth #mothart

11 months ago

Hi there. I am a newly minted downtown office troll who lives for horror and classic films. I am happy to be here and looking forward to making connections with new people.

Here are some interests/things about me:
#Taurus #Scorpio

selfie of vigour_mortis, long brown hair, neon skull on cheeks filter
11 months ago

Hi all! I'm new here. I'm Rosie. Married mum of 3. Dutch #designer/#artist. I love to paint, draw, craft, sew, sculpt, design, code, plan, 3D print. I also love games such as #TheSims and #AnimalCrossing. And I sometimes stream on #Twitch. I'm a bit of a #Whovian. I'm on the spectrum (ASD) and I have lipoedema in my legs and arms. That should cover it I think. Love to connect with fellow artists and geeks. ❤️

#crafter #acnh #acpc #acnl #sims #thesims4 #crafting #autism #lipoedema