Sharon Murphy
9 hours ago

This is a very lovely #podcast exploring what #music means to musicians in both their working and personal lives.
Aaron TBone Murphy is a responsive, reflective and light-hearted host.

*Disclaimer: myself and @sivemusic feature on an episode, but I'm only exploring other episodes now and it's very good!
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Souls In Harmony Podcast

Karthik S
10 hours ago

Hahahaha 😄 Corny, but it did make me read it fully, and chuckle! Loved that quote by Blinkit, imagining it as a toddler. Plus, the whole thing is very apt for the wedding season.

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Stop in to All Hands Active today to learn about 3D Printing at our Winter Workshop! 3D printed snowflakes, snowmen, and Christmas tree gifts made with our 3d printers are available to purchase for $15 - $20! All proceeds benefit our 2023 Holiday Fundraiser!

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M. Pax
1 day ago

This alien eats starlight. What does the starlight do for her?
#MPaxDimension #scifi #sciencefiction #fantasy #creativity #WritingCommunity #writingprompts

1 day ago

The Spark of Brilliance
This image depicts a pair of hands holding a diamond that shines brightly in the dark. The diamond represents the spark of brilliance that can illuminate the world with new ideas and discoveries. The bubbles around the diamond symbolize the fragility and beauty of creativity. #brilliance #diamond #creativity #art

Lee Barry
1 day ago

Creativity is timeless, so there is no old or new. When I look at Roman art I still see great creativity. That said, to become “great” in the eyes of the world means you must create those things that are considered to be contemporary. In my view, it’s having the correct intentions with what you’re doing, which comes with time. Ultimately, creativity should have wisdom embedded in it. #creativity

1 day ago

You have an affliction. A malady. Everything in the world, all its equipment and armaments, its slings and arrows, its sticks and stones, its words that always hurt you, that break your heart and your bones. Osteogenesis imperfecta. All your inner structures turn brittle, little, and weak.

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Mixed media collage with typography that says Frail
Wesley Fryer (he/him)
2 days ago

This semester my middle school media literacy students have created a series of SKETCHNOTES about several different videos. Our new assignment today was creating a new “child” webpage (in Google Sites) to share all their Sketchnotes, as well as the videos we sketchnoted. Here’s an example:

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TheBadNewsB :verified:
2 days ago

When you support #SmallBusiness and #IndieArtists, you're giving me, a real live person, a reason to go on creating. You're supporting #creativity and it's truly appreciated.

My shop is on sale December 1-18 and 25-29. If you wanted to #ShopSmall and #SupportArtists along with making a real difference in someone's life, click my shop link. :)

#Gratitude #CapitalismSucks

Angie Mangino
2 days ago

Creativity has the power to bring generations together. Check out how creativity can bridge the gap between different age groups. #generations #creativity #intergenerational #bridgingthegap

i wrote a thing about creativity and personal happiness.


Nate Gaylinn
2 days ago

AI creativity has come a long way in recent years, but there's still something missing.

I really enjoyed this paper ( that explores what "creativity" really is, examples of artificial creativity in computers, and the gap between us and them.

The fun part about is it was written in 1998. It's fascinating to compare LLMs to the examples Boden cites, to see how far we've come and how far we have left to go. The creativity framework she provides is super useful for doing this.

In particular, we still haven't made much progress in getting AI to understand what humans value, and how to use that to assess and refine its own work (hence iterative prompt engineering). There's also still a huge problem with depending on human curation. That's less obvious now that LLMs are just scooping up vast quantities of text instead of carefully curated datasets, but it's still happening behind the scenes (often with terrible worker conditions).

#science #ai #llm #generativeai #creativity #psychology

Tobias Rebscher
2 days ago

🍪 Creativity bite: When we find ourselves stuck on an idea, it helps to temporarily switch to a different one. For this reason, Pixar follows the "Three Pitches Rule," as described in "Creativity, Inc.": When proposing a film idea, one must also present two additional ideas simultaneously. 🎬💡

For more creativity bites and your weekly review for a creative life, subscribe to my 🚌 Move That Buzz! newsletter via 🙂👋

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Programming Quotes
3 days ago

Do not use humans for jobs computers can do better this is a waste of human energy and creativity, the only real resource on this planet, and demeans the human spirit.

— J. Paul Morrison

#computers #creativity

M. Pax
3 days ago

This head in a jar was just promoted at the space colony. What's its talent?
#MPaxDimension #scifi #sciencefiction #fantasy #creativity #WritingCommunity #writingprompts

Adrian Segar
3 days ago
work we don't notice: photograph of a bright red cooked lobster with bands around its claws, sitting on a plate on a dining table. Image attribution: Flickr user subinev
3 days ago

Just a reminder - MAKE a great day! Just remember to stay cool, like my little buddy here!

I am hoping to find some creatives, artists and art-lovers to connect with, share creations & feedback. Sadly, I have not had much luck so far, though...

But it's a new day! Let's change that!

Please like, follow, and reply! Let me know what you're creating! I'd love to take a look!

#art #digitalArt #photoshop #creativity #Beach

3 days ago

Experimenting with the copier.

Being creative where you can, when you can with what you have available. It's hard to think of anything that is as much as a comfort in tough places.

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A xerox.collage with a sketchbook a person on a could with typography that says "comfort in tough places"
Anne Camozzi
3 days ago

I’m a regular contributor to the Dave Brown tv show and podcast on Accessible Media in Canada. In my latest appearance yesterday I talked about loneliness and anxiety in the holiday season and how to have greener holidays. Check it out here

#Holidays #gogreen #Loneliness #anxiety #volunteer #creativity
3 days ago

Only a few more days until the #Lawrence, #Kansas #anarchist bookfair! Join us on December 2nd at Ecumenical Campus Ministries on the University of Kansas campus from noon until ???. We'll be giving away stickers and all kinds of handouts promoting free expression, #security, #privacy, #creativity, and access to knowledge. Our friends over at @eff were even kind enough to send us some EFF stickers, materials, and webcam covers to give out at the event. See y'all there!

3 days ago

One of the most useful writing tools I have is space to think things over...
#haiku #creativity #writingtips

Anthony Collette :donor: / Loistava
3 days ago

From Polish cybersecurity expert Jakub Płuska, this fun SOC LEGO set concept. Gotta love those facial expressions!

#lego #legobricks #cybersec #security #creativity

From Polish cybersecurity expert Jakub Płuska, this fun SOC LEGO set concept. Gotta love those facial expressions!
Benjamin Allocco Is Writing
4 days ago

Slowly dipping my toes back into electronic music composition. It's been years, and I wish I had more time, but you gotta (re)start somewhere.

Not sure when I'll have any sounds worth sharing. For now, I'm just relearning my DAW of choice (#FLstudio) and focusing on having fun/playing around.

What #art / #passion have you been neglecting? Go do it!

#music #electronica #composition #artform #artistic #creativity

Mat Ricardo
4 days ago

All of Imagination & Junk season 1 is now up on YouTube

Me & @billbarol would love you to check it out

If you like it, S2 is already out & S3 is coming very soon, so subscribe at your fave podcast place!

#podcast #creativity #motivation #funny

Mat and Bill, two middle-aged white bearded gentlemen, toasting the camera with martini's at a table at LA's FAMOUS Musso & Frank's. BECAUSE WE FANCY.
4 days ago

Sharpening my knife

Block, leather glued on top
Knife, sliding through the compound
Blade, slightly tilted, sharpens
Artisan, carves her creativity
Wood, chipping away into joy


#MastoPrompt #whittling #WoodWorking #poetry #creativity #SmallPoems

Monarkie 🎹🎤
4 days ago

Took me damn near 5 years to even THINK about putting my children's book on YouTube. Whyyyyyyyyyy??? lol

#ChildrensBooks #YouTube #Creativity #ADHD

Creative work is subjective and lacks fixed standards. The important lesson is to persist and always give your best. Embrace your unique style, be open to growth, and use each experience as a stepping stone in your creative journey.

This, below, is longer than a standard quote, but my friend Dr. Susan Birne-Stone PhD, LCSW shared it with me today and I want to share with all of you.

It will explain much better and in a more beautiful way what I wrote at the beginning of this post.

Enjoy it.

“Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me.

All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap.

For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit.

Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know it's normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions.

And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met.

It’s gonna take awhile.

It’s normal to take awhile.

You’ve just gotta fight your way through.”

― Ira Glass


ITSPmagazine Podcast Network #creativity #contentcreation #writingcommunity #designcommunity #photography #art #artdirection #advertising Deborah Heiser, PhD The Mentor Project Sean Martin #inspiration #motivation #mentoring

M. Pax
4 days ago
Tristan Louis
4 days ago

When I was a child in France, adults warned about the "nivellement par le bas" or a gradual lowering of standards. This editorial takes this theory to the danger current generative AI represents:

#ai #creativity #generativeAI

Dana Foundation
5 days ago

Join us tomorrow, Nov 29, at 3pm ET, for a discussion on #neurodiversity and its impact on accessing #creativity. Register for the free and virtual #DanaDiscoveryDialogues at #neurosociety

text: dana discovery dialogues
neurodiversity and accessing creativity
nov 29, 2023 3-4pmET

Image: illustration of hand holding lightbulb over blue silhouette, conveying creativity
5 days ago

“It is so much more comfortable to think that we know what it all means”, Anne Lamott says. But, sometimes the really magical, top-shelf, good shit, sometimes WE PROGRESS when we realize we don't know a goddamn thing. I came to collage to stop overthinking...

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a collage of torn and crumpled paper with typography that says, "We Progress"
6 days ago

🎈🎈New Zine!!!!🎈🎈

“If you do art today your house will be a mess (A love letter to my creative friends)”

#zine #zines #art #houseWork #creativity #creative

Zine cover, “If you do art today your house will be a mess”
Interior spread, “you’ll have to buy dinner since it’s too late to cook. The laundry won’t get done. You might be a little cranky about the mess. You might start to think that you made the wrong decision
Interior spread: “but we need your art. We need to hear what only you can say. We need to see the world filtered through the prism of your experiences, your love, your care”
1 week ago

#Design #Guides
Neubrutalism in web design · An introduction to the rebellious take on Flat Design

#ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #FlatDesign #Neubrutalism #Creativity

Ra Kai
1 week ago

Printed this one too. 70x70cm.
No, it is not an AI generated image!
I did this image several years ago, with the help of a real professional fx makeup artist. And almost no digital editing.
Ah, good old times when creative images were still a challenge and a satisfaction to make. Not a quick 15 seconds of writing "a prompt" for the AI.

#photography #creativeimage #creativity #art #notaiimage

A man looking, with his naked back that has carrots growing out of it.
Narrelle M. Harris
2 weeks ago

I'm so thrilled to have an essay in this gorgeous book that celebrates fans and fandom and the incredible creative communities we make.

And it's 20% off at the moment too!

#fandom #fans #creativity #community #fancommunities @bookstodon

Sharon Murphy
2 weeks ago

Looking for advice on what home I (neither a luddite nor a tech whizz) should choose for #writing on topics ranging from #music, #creativity & #songwriting to community building & #wellbeing.

I've published an article on #Medium before, & know that #Substack has become the recent choice for many. #WordPress, I'm less familiar with, but I like the idea of having more control!

I've read a pros & cons article comparing all three, but thought I'd ask you good people also!


laura lemay
2 weeks ago

(whispering) I don’t know who needs to hear this but you can do the arty creative thing just because you like to do arty creative things. You don't have to make it your side hustle. You don't have to put online to gather likes. You don't even have to show it to anyone at all. You can just do the arty thing for you.

(it was me, I needed to hear this).

#Art #Creativity

Besides: with Android apps like #Tasker I get so much value from my otherwise not so smart phone.

For purely political and financial reasons, #Apple forbids to offer and run such applications in its #walledgarden and an Apple "owner" can't do nothing about this.

Furthermore, there are many stories where Apple used their total power to get companies out of the Apple market in a very dubious way. They're not the people you want to absolutely depend on.

#iOS #iPhone #iPad #creativity

Daily Twerk ✅
2 weeks ago

showcasing some art and craft in an article

An article about Christmas shopping is being prepared and there is an opportunity to showcase some of the work and link to online shops for fediverse artisans.

Our promoted articles can reach up to 8,000 people, so you never know, it might lead to a sale or two.

Have included a link to to given an idea how it will look.

This is a preview of the article which is currently being created.

Can't guarantee to include everything as a certain balance and overall look has to be achieved
Reply to this if you are interested.
This is for folk who have been on the fediverse for at least 3 months.

#crafts #creativity #mastoart #fedigiftshop
#handmade #art #artisan #artists #shophandmade

adaddinsane (Steve Turnbull)
2 weeks ago

"The Three F's of Creativity"

Every creative person needs to watch this video (it's less than 9 minutes long).

It might change your life.

#creativity #writing #maker #composer #art #artist

Dr. Josie Barnard SFHEA
2 weeks ago

@emilymbender &, worryingly, the suggestion that 'rules' could 'quash innovation' comes AFTER comments from Troy Tazbaz, the director of the Food and Drug Administration agency’s Digital Health Center of Excellence, who's quoted as saying that 'innovation always has to work within a parameter — a safety parameter'. It's as if that point hasn't been made at all. Innovation is not so vulnerable. On the contrary, innovation often thrives within constraints #Creativity #Innovation #AI

3 weeks ago

We spend so much of our time trying to use our time more effectively, more orderly. Trying to be more productive. More structured. Trying to streamline all our procesess. But what if the best of what we have to give, the best of what we have to offer, the best of what's inside us, might come out best through inefficiency?

#reading #writing #writingcommunity #amwriting #art #poetry #creativity #blog #blogging #books @bookstodon

3 weeks ago

Join #DynamicFontDay, 18 NOV 2023

Procedural Typography
Daniel Wenzel (, Procedural Designer, NEW YORK

#Procedural and #generative design use rules to guide the #design process. Automation and AI revolutionize design, focusing on versatility and adaptability. These technologies help prioritize #creativity and #originality, offering vital support from concept to execution.

Streaming & on site in Munich!


My name is Daniel Wenzel. I am a procedural designer specialized in typography and generative processes. I studied communication design in Konstanz, Germany. Halfway through university I paused my studies to work at DIA Studio in New York. I later returned to Germany to continue and complete my studies, but stayed at the studio remotely. During university, I began to create a growing archive of typefaces and type experiments, which over time evolved into a small type foundry called 26A1.
Simon Peng 🐵🤖
3 weeks ago

The more I see generative art tools and watch how people talk about art making online, the more I think the commercialization of art has really wrecked how we think about the act of self-expression and observation. The desire for a “hack” to be able to just make images like you see in your head skips over then entire point of making art - figuring out what you have to say. #aiart #creativity #commercialart

3 weeks ago

#Design #Launches
Let’s Get Creative · A collection of high-quality online creativity tools

#UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #WebDev #Frontend #Creativity #Productivity #Inspiration

3 weeks ago

Thoughts on Generative Art -

Tantes article is well worth your time:

(…) Everybody would love to be an artist. It’s generally seen to be a positive quality to be creative, expressive. But it used to mean at least some commitment, some doing of the work. No longer. If you can think it, some “AI” can generate it. A cat playing minecraft while debating Socrates? Sure thing, here’s 10 versions of it. (…) How liberating, isn’t it? Art is democratized! “Creative privilege” (yes I have seen that batshit term seen being used earnestly) destroyed!
But all we have done is created a machine that you can give your “idea” and it returns the most average milktoast representation of it. Your reaction of “this is exactly what I imagined” says more about the long road ahead that that idea still needed to go than about how good these systems are.

Just yesterday during our daily walk I discussed the impact of "AI" on 'creative' jobs with my friend Oli, and it very quickly turned into a discussion about what is seen as 'creative' in the industry (hello 'content creators', hello stock photography or -illustration, hello marketing lingo) vs. 'true' creativity, and this is exactly what Tante is pointing out in this article.
I think AI has the potential to burn through all these 'hollow' pseudo creative jobs, and it remains to be seen if the value of 'true' creativity (and art) finally will have its place in the so called creative industries. I suspect the 'idea guys' never valued creativity, and one can only speculate if the exploited creatives of the past are now set free because AI takes over in those simulations of creativity, or if they lose the income for those industry jobs that never really valued their creativity anyway.

#creativity #generativeArt #tanteCc #thoughts

3 weeks ago

I'll try to build most of my projects organically on top of fediverse platforms and values.

I'm gonna try being more open to the feedback I may receive.

Not expecting a resounding success, just putting stuff out here and knowing there's people with the same save vibe will be more than enough for a little nobody like me.

#Writing #Fediverse #Creativity

“It is always necessary to acknowledge creative injuries and grieve them. Otherwise, they become creative scar tissue and block your growth.”
- Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

#quotes #creativity #artists

3 weeks ago

I'm gonna go back to long-form writing mostly about indie stuff around videogames, retro, books, movies etc.

For any topic that receives some interest I'll try a follow up with the readers inputs.

Not big on YouTube/Twitch although streaming without my face could work. Just not my jam.

Too much creativity gets redirected towards useless outrage and moaning about stuff that I can't possibly fix on my own

Irony, sarcasm and cynicism are poisoning me.

#MentalHealth #Creativity #Negativity

An illustrated post about Bad Art - we've all made some - or have we? And who decides?

#Art #MastoArt #FediArt #Drawing #Creativity #Design #Bad #BadArt #Censorship #Speech #Voice #YesYes

A drawing of an image in a frame of the words "BAD ART" with people looking at it saying, "what the..." and "garbage" and "terrible" and "ridiculous" and the last person says, "I kind of like it"
4 weeks ago

This blog post is something else! I am so happy I finally was able to pen down my creative philosophy!

Inspired by questions by both @felipalf and @fotp comes a blog post about why and how I walk different creative paths.

#creativity #inspiration #writing #amwriting

1 month ago

#Design #Outlooks
Figma’s future is about far more than design · It’s about coding and creative productivity for the masses

#Development #Coding #AI #Tools #Creativity #ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #WebDev #Figma

gulseren adakli
1 month ago

the strange sight that occurs when i cannot find at home a second size 3 needle 😬 i am trying to knit the sleeve of the baby cardigan with the needles of two other #knitting parts😊 #creativity or #incompetence @knitting

Develop your creativity at work

According to a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum, by 2025, CREATIVITY will be one of the five most vital job skill for employees.

Why? #Creativity is the desire that makes us ask questions, try different ideas, and take risks.

Let me help you understand how to apply your creative instincts to achieve better results at work.

Learn More →

1 month ago

I'd wanted to make my own scented candles for YEARS. It was a writing ritual for me to light one while I write. But it feels quite wasteful to have all these beautiful jars, sometimes with quite a lot of leftover wax too and then keep buying new ones. Anyway, I kept some of the jars and wax, bought some additional wax, wicks and essential oils and here's my first chamomile candle. I enjoy it very much.

#craft #creativity #mindfulness

A lit scented candle with two crocheted pumpkins and a book in the background
Eric Vitiello
1 month ago

Those of us who seek - and study - human creativity are besieged with overused tropes. “Think outside the box” and “color outside the lines” are right up

#Datsuzoku #Creativity

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

BLACK SABBATH Drummer BILL WARD Shares 'Piccadilly' Poem
Founding BLACK SABBATH drummer Bill Ward has shared a new original poem called "Piccadilly"... Ward has released a number of poems in recent years, some inspired by the coronavirus pandemic and others celebrating the fallwinter holiday season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas....

#BillWard #BlackSabbath #Piccadilly #Poetry #Creativity

You can learn about @racquel and @janeadams duet work "Eco-Mending" from @visap @ieeevis here:

Thanks to everyone who came out to the art opening this week!

#DataArt #Sculpture #Creativity #Crafts #Art #SciArt #Embroidery #Stitching #VisibleMending

Looking up from the bottom of a hanging mobile showing the ozone hole closing as a physical hole in a photograph of the sea ice shelf, stitched together with thread
Framed pictures and a hanging mobile installed in an art gallery
Framed pictures and a hanging mobile installed in an art gallery