Handmade Hearts
11 hours ago

Dress for my fiancée update! I wasn't doing anything with it for a few days because I injured my knee and was in a lot of pain, but I'm on the mend now and just untangled the yarn here and did a couple of rows. It's gonna be gorgeous.

#crochet #queerartist #queermarriage #crocheting

A loop of crochet made with thin light blue and light purple yarn. The blue is the first few inches in double crochet, which continues in the next couple of inches as lines between purple double V stitches. There is a visible seam on the upfacing side, and each blue line has a different strand hanging off on either side of the project.
Frederik Elwert
2 days ago

Funnily, and I don't know if it has to do with me being a leftie, for a long time I did my crochet inside out. And I actually like the look because it has less visible rows. But it creates issues with multi-colored pieces and has less nice endings. So now I'm trying this new technique, and it works quite nicely. #crochet #crocheting

Frederik Elwert
2 days ago

#TIL how a very small change in hook movement produces x shape instead of v shape single crochets. Makes a nice texture for #amigurumi. Courtesy Yan Schenkel's Pica Pau. #crochet #crocheting

An unfinished crochet piece with hook and with x shape crochet pattern.
Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

GamerCrafting is on a roll: it’s dropped a second collection this week! This one is based on Yellowjackets (the show, not the bugs!) but of course you don’t need to be a fan to enjoy these yummy colourways! They even offer a mini set this time, which isn’t often the case.

Jump on it while you can!

#Yarn #Knitting #Crocheting #IndieDyers

Mini skeins of the four colourways of the Yellowjackets collection, laid over knitted samples of each
Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀🏳️‍🌈
2 weeks ago

My beloved GamerCrafting came out with its Pride 2023 collection and it looks awesome! I’m particularly taken with Acestitchual (yay rep!) and Panstitchual. And I love how they now put a sample in the background, it makes things so much easier to visualize.

Go encourage them! They’re good people doing good work and making amazing yarn! #Yarn #Knitting #Crocheting #LGBTQA


Pride 2023 yarn collection presentation picture
Two skeins of yarn in the Acestitchual colourway over a knit sample of it
Two skeins of yarn in the Panstitchual colourway over a knit sample of it
Curious Loth-cat
3 weeks ago

Crocheted jellyfish at a local seaside pub. I wanted to take it home with me.

#Crochet #Crocheting #Crafts #Ocean #Sea

Jellyfish crocheted in purples, blues, and greens, hanging in a window overlooking a marina. Seashells and a vase of purple flowers decorate the windowsill.
Handmade Hearts
3 weeks ago

Current state of the stretched out cat design. I gave her sad wet eyes and put her in some pants for fun. Feeling like something could change, though... Input welcome!

#crochet #amigurumi #crocheting #feedback #AltText4Me

Melona 🌈
3 weeks ago

Had a lot of fun today doing a #bike tour to a beautiful #beach and taking photos of some of our finished #knitting and #crocheting projects with two friends. 47km and six hours later I‘m completely done, but this was like a small #vacation and I‘m exhausted, but #happy 😍

A woman holding a pastel rainbow colored crocheted shawl in front of the sea, with the sun setting behind
A woman standing in front of an old dead but beautiful tree lying on the beach, holding a crocheted shawl in pastel rainbow colors
3 weeks ago

We had the privilege of meeting these talented ladies at Farpoint this year and now we are proud to announce that they are joining us at Trek Long Island!
#startrek #knitting #crocheting

Handmade Hearts
3 weeks ago

"I'm going to crochet a realistically colored cat this time!"
*eyes the blue yarn*
"But maybe....."

#crocheting #amigurumi

The front half of a crocheted cat plushy without a head. The most recent couple of rounds are sky blue, while the rest is a light brown.
1 month ago

Since I finished one of my big #crochet projects on Monday I decided to start a new one today. It took 12 rows for me to see the pattern I’d picked didn’t suit the yarn so I frogged it. I’m now on row 11 of the Wildberry shawl (with some sizing amendments of my own) & very happy!
#crafturday #crocheting #crochetersofmastodon #crochetshawl

The start of an intricate lacy crocheted circular shawl made in off white yarn sits on a beige cushion. Three silver bee stitch markers can be seen at the ends and middle of the most recent rows and a green plastic clip holds the yarn at the point where it is being worked. A 3.5mm wooden crochet hook lies across the work.
Esther van der Wal
1 month ago

Weer lekker creatief bezig geweest. Kussen #gehaakt Nu nog eentje maken met de kleur net andersom. #kussen #haken #kussentjes #wonen #zelfmaken #zelfmakenisleuker #zwart #goud #crocheted #crocheting #crochet

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

Today literally fell into the water. But I returned to #crafting #jewellery! Finally, I designed a #necklace combining #PaperArt and textile feeling. The pea-green prototype was older, but I had forgotten how to make it! Yesterday, while #crocheting in the #museum, I got the hang on it. Remember: Note my instructions.
#PaperJewellery #PaperArtist #paperyarn #ArtistsOfMastodon #green #AtelierTetebrec #crochet #crochetart #collier #ArtForSale Sorry for blurred photos = bad light = thunderstorms

Two short necklaces, crocheted with paper yarn. The right is ready, pea-green and mixed with glass facette beads in green and clear cristal colour and some glass rocailles.
The left in reed-green is not yet ready. There's the crocheted body, made like a filled tube. I stitched tiny turquoise glass art on it using bronze DMC diamond thread. A vintage bronze button with an Irish pattern will be sewn onto the centre.
Detail of the reed green collier with the bronze button. The metallic threads are visible, they give the necklace a shimmer. The macro photo shows that the glass beads are manufactured, showing a copper gloss on turquioise.
Photo showing only the reed green crocheting as seen in Photo 1.
Dr. Figuring-things-aut
1 month ago

I am still fighting with a cold, it hasn't knocked me out completely but I'm definitely feeling unwell! I spent all day yesterday on the couch & I finished my dark green silk #crochet #earrings & I also made a new batch of #reusable #crocheted cotton pads for makeup removal! Crochet was one of the very first techniques I learned at maybe 6 y.o! Still really enjoy it!
#SpecialInterest #ActuallyAutistic #crocheting #CrochetersOfMastodon #sustainability

7 crocheted cotton rounds in a light grey (almost white) cotton yarn, arranged like a flower with one circle in the middle and the 6 others around.
Side view of the almost finished crochet earrings. The spool of green yarn that the earrings were crocheted in, the tiny silver crochet hook and a small pair of yarn scissors with light green handle and white dots. The earrings look a bit like algae as they are made in a repetitive pattern that mimics branches and each end was crochet in a little thicker round that looks a bit leafy. The dark green silk looks lush and has a beautiful shine to it.
Completed crochet earrings in dark green silk thread with attached silver earring studs.
Doomyflo 🐧🤘📚
1 month ago

On me l'avait demandé alors j'ai essayé de la crocheter 😄
Seul exemplaire pour l'instant
est ce ressemblant? 🙄 #docker #whale #fiberarts #crocheting #yarnlove #geek

Docker whale amigurumi plushie
Baleine Docker
1 month ago

To keep my yarn corralled and as cat-fur free as possible, I put the cakes/skeins into quart (or gallon) zipper bags. I also reinforce one corner with tape, then punch a hole through one layer & feed the yarn through the hole. Keeps the yarn contained but easy to access for the inevitable yarn barfs.
You can do either center-pull or outside pull this way.


A plastic quart zipper bag with a cake of white yarn inside. There is a hole punched through an upper corner & the yarn is fed through the hole.
2 months ago

I could use a bit of money rn D: Unemployed because no one wants a #trans worker and struggling to finance my studies :c
Since we all know the next winter will come, this may be your time to commission me with everything #knitting or #crocheting. I'd love to do some #queer flag socks or just anything else you can imagine.
For details check out this:
Or my #KoFi

commission sheet about hand knitted socks. all details also in the linked google doc in the actual post
J. Kathleen Cheney
2 months ago

Got all the things on the work list done today including the ones that involve phone calls and so I’m rewarding myself by sitting on the porch and leisurely #crocheting a foundation chain for my next project

Skein of yarn on patio table with crocheted foundation
Handmade Hearts
2 months ago

One half of a small bag I'm working on for my stepsister's birthday. ✨ She likes pink and purple and peace signs, so the other half will be white with a purple sign in it.

#crochet #crochetIng #peace #handmade

A mostly black square of crocheting in single stitches with a pink peace sign worked into it.

Planning ahead.

I usually don't plan too much with my crafts. But we are going to be away from home for a few weeks soon and I need to pack whatever I need for that time.

#Spinning is easy - my travel weel and a pound of fiber. #Weaving also - at most the Rigid Heddle Loom and I've only one project I'm currently thinking about doing on that loom.

But #knitting and #crocheting - much more complicated. Too much to choose from, as I have so much stashed yarn.

@knitting #fiberarts

BuildMeABear.Biz LLC
2 months ago

📻 Did you know that you can #ShopHandmade for #Patterns to make your own #Crocheted Masterpieces? 🤔🤔 #BuildMeABear on #Etsy has a whole new line of #DIY #Mosaic #Crocheting patterns that you can use to make something GREAT! 👍🏽👍🏽😁😁 Shop the #Sale NOW!! 20% OFF!! 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽

Cherub Cloud Outlook Mosaic Crochet Pattern!
A Rose is a Rose Mosaic Overlay Crochet Patter!
Huggable Teddy Mosaic Crochet Pattern!
The King of Kings Mosaic Overlay Pattern!

#Introduction post! Hi I'm Noelle, and I decided to join Calckey after being on #Mastodon since November of last year. 😄

Some of my interests include:
#writing, #reading, #coding, #learning, #researching, #weaving, #crocheting, #environmentalism, #sustainability, #libraries, #archives, #podcasts, #books, #music, #guitar, #synthesizers.

I could probably think of more but I think that's a good start! I also have a blog that you can check out here: I write about technology, the books I'm reading, and I'm planning on writing updates on my journey of learning how to code a blog in #html and #css. Follow me if any of what I just wrote sounds interesting to you! Thank you for reading. 😄

4 months ago

so we enter #fiberuary deliberate holes week. first thought i never do those. second thought „oh yeah i love playing with light and shades and made candle glasses!“

sorry they have found new homes long ago 💕 #crocheting @fiberarts @handarbeiten

a glass covered in a purple crocheted pattern with holes in it, some purple straw has been tied around the neck
two glasses covered in different crocheted patterns with holes in them. left is white yarn, right is a dark red. candles are burning in the glasses and they throw a shade at the wall behind them
BuildMeABear.Biz LLC
4 months ago

Into #Overlay #Mosaic #Crochet? I have brand new #Patterns being released all the time! 😁😁🐻🧸🐻 Swing by and #ShopHandmade for you Instant Download PDF #Crocheting patterns! 🐻🐻🧸🧸🐻🐻 #BuildMeABear Available Now: 👇🏽👇🏽👉🏽👉🏽🧸🐻🧸

Overlay Mosaic Crochet Pattern! Mystic Unicorn 90 stitches by 90 stitches!
Overlay Mosaic Crochet Pattern! Howling Moon Wolf 80 by 91 stitches!
Jerry Levine
4 months ago

If you had to ask me, what my favorite non-legal subreddit is, and one of my favorite things to read on the internet, it is Hobby Drama.

Reading everyone's posts about - and these are extensive, long, thoroughly researched posts - about drama in people's hobbies from #chess, to #disney, to #crocheting... Just incredible and amazing.

#reddit #HobbyDrama

Charlotte Cochard
4 months ago

#crochetersofmastodon I need an advice on light-up hooks. Are they worth it?
I am doing a shawl with a beautiful pattern, but it takes forever and the yarn is very thin so quite hard to work with. So I am considering whether it would be worth to have light-up hooks so that I can work in front of the TV?

#crochet #ScientistsWhoCraft #crochettoots #crocheting

A photo of my crochet work. The border is quite open while the core of the shawl is a moss stitch.
It took me about 2h to work the part above the yellow line.
4 months ago

it’s #fiberuary and this weeks prompt is #color so what @fiberarts could fit better than my first finished #crocheting #FO

a colorful giraffe i made for my nephew 10 years ago

crocheted pieces of a toy giraffe striped in lots of colors, threads everywhere
assembled toy giraffe smiling to the camera
Upstart Crow
4 months ago

Road Not Taken
Click to add note
Just because you can... doesn't mean you should.

Other than #voting. If you can #vote, you should. Register now at if you are eligible.

Part-time #computerProgrammer (other stuff also, e.g. #editing).

Some things I like:
#geocaching #genealogy #reading #takingphotos #photography and my #doggo (#DogsOfMastodon)

When I have time:
#knitting #crocheting #quilting (not very advanced; also haven't done those in a while; hope to again soon)
#follow #following #boost #followfriday #altext
Owl Alley Art
#photo #art #urban

Owl Alley Art
Petra A. Bauer
5 months ago

Das Tuch ist fertig! 12 Abende gehäkelt. Ich mag es sehr.
Heute ist es schon zu dunkel für ein Foto vom ganzen #Antivirus2020Shawl, daher nur ein zusammengeknüddeltes Foto.
Ich dachte ja immer, ich mag #Stricken mehr als #Häkeln, aber dieses Tuch hat wirklich Spaß gemacht ☺️
#antivirusshawl #crocheting #knitting

Petra A. Bauer
5 months ago

Guten Morgen.
Heute ist hier gemütlich angesagt.

Bin mit dem Tuch bald fertig und überlege, welches WIP ich als nächstes beende. Ich will nämlich nicht mehr mehrere Projekte parallel bearbeiten. Dazu muss es aber eins sein, auf das ich richtig Bock habe, sonst wird das nix.

Schönen Sonntag für euch!

#häkeln #crocheting #Antivirus2020Shawl #antivirusshawl @knitting

5 months ago

Complete Guide to Making Temperature Blankets — Blog.NobleKnits
#knitting #crocheting #climate

Heike Naumann
6 months ago

#introduction Hi, I'm Heike, current age 63, retired since April 2022.

I love #learning. My greatest passion are #languages, especially those that don't use Latin script. My winter 2022 project is teaching myself #Hebrew to the extent I'm able to. Since I'm #HearingImpaired , I largely rely on written texts.
I currently also restart #sewing , #knitting & #crocheting. Other hobbies include #yoga #walking #biking Pleased to meet you all 🍀 🌺

7 months ago

Tut de presentación:

Soy Naiara (ella/she/her) y aunque a veces rantee y lloriquee un poco pretendo hacer de mi cuenta un espacio bonito y tranquilo.

Tengo dos #gatos muy guapos y muy pesados

Soy traductora audiovisual al euskera y al castellano #TraduMastodon

Me gusta tejer y ganchillear #knitting #crocheting

Llevo tres años en #RollerDerby con las Sicarias del Cierzo, mi nombre derby es Crochet Danger y pronto por fin jugaré mi primer partido

Mis gatos durmiendo abrazaditos en la butaca de la sala.
Anna :breadified:
7 months ago


Hello, my name's Anna, I mainly post art at @Anna but here are some things you can expect to see me write about on this account:
#games especially #AnimalCrossing and #Pokemon
#LanguageLearning ( #German and #Finnish )
#food #crocheting #knitting #DIY
and some random life stuff :catroll:

7 months ago

Hi I think my move went somewhat well? I mean, pity about posts I made but I did screenshot the most important one :blobCatHeart:

As for me - I'm Kate, #writer & #crossstitcher mostly. I also do #knitting and #crocheting and #gaming
You might have to expect quite a bit of shitposting when the mood strikes me so I apologize - I do try to stay on topic though! And keep the shitposting contained on Tumblr 😇

Shiloh Drake
7 months ago

I'm a linguist here due to the #twitterMigration. I'm a postdoc in the #linguistics department at the University of Oregon studying how we learn new words and word structures in unfamiliar languages (like #arabic and #maltese). I want to apply this to language #pedagogy practices.

Outside of linguistics, I love watching #hockey (NHL; #coloradoAvalanche!), #knitting, #crocheting, #crossStitch, #quilting, and other crafts, snuggling #animals, and drinking lots of tea.

Max R. Cerrina (he/him)
7 months ago


Hi, I'm Max (he/him)! I'm a #queer #trans #SoftwareDeveloper who mostly does #FrontEnd work but loves the whole stack, and loves #SemanticHTML #CSS and has a lot of experience with a bunch of languages.

I'm also an #ActuallyAutistic #TransMan who spends his freetime #knitting , #crocheting , #gardening , sometimes a #watercolor #painter . Also a big fan of #DnD .

come say hi!


Since I'm on my own instance now, here's a new #introduction post!

Hi! I live in #Wisconsin in the USA.

By day, I'm a content writer and graphic designer for a company that works with vets who are looking to increase their disability rating.

By night, I'm a #writer and #dog furniture for a tiny mini dachshund who may be in actual demon.

Other interests: #videogames, #crocheting, #reading and #books, #hockey, #bulletjourmal, and a bunch of other things.

Oh, and I'm #bisexual 🙂🏳️‍🌈

Echo :tealheart:
7 months ago

2nd #introduction!

About me: 90's girl, Dutch, English, Dog Mom. (She/her) #ActuallyAutistic, 💍❤️ 9 years and counting!

Job: Audio-Visual Specialist (local news, video's, teaching interns) #AdobePremierePro

What I like: #Ocarina #Ukulele #Otamatone #StarTrek #Tamagotchi #Crocheting #ScienceFiction #TheSims4#Plants and a lot more!

Things I also talk about: #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #WheelchairLife #Disability#Dysautonomia