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#Coches | El restyling del KIA EV6 revela nuevos detalles, el crossover eléctrico con especificaciones europeas llega a Alemania con los primeros copos

#Crossover #KIA @KiaPrensa_ES #KIAEV6 #CochesEléctricos #FotosEspía #Spyshots

Intermediate report on my "Stored Procedure" project (long post).

I've now written 35 stored procedures and functions ( in MySQL ) replacing a massive amount of application code.

MySQL's stored procedure syntax is very capable, I had to write only a few functions to add some JSON conversion comfort. I can use multi-result sets and had to modify the MySQL driver to Go to support OUT parameters, not a big issue.

What I can say is that a really good SQL editor that "understands" your code and provides some intellisense while writing helps a lot. So far I stick with #DataGrip, which also supports syncing the DB schema with Git, so every change can be properly tracked. It has a price tag though.

I've tried MySQL Workbench, DBWeaver, TablePlus, Querious. None of those help with writing stored procedures like DataGrip does.

#DevArt's MySQL Studio could be another candidate but is Windows-only and painfully slow running with #Crossover on macOS.

I've replaced really super-ugly dynamically generated SQL code with beautifully pure SQL queries, discovering a lot of bugs during the process. Now, looking at the code, I can see what it does, not just hoping that it will work out. Reminder: I have to work with a complex data model spanning many tables, so dynamically adding JOINs and ORDER BY clauses is not easy and amount to potentially hundreds of test cases. Not with Stored Procedures.

If you are really interested in a big-boy query involving spatial queries (distance from point, bounding box etc.), LATERAL CROSS JOINs and parameterised ordering, check this out:

What surprised me most is that MySQL is *fast* and I mean really fast. In most cases involving complex JOINs over many tables much faster than PostgreSQL (which is everybody's darling, I understand). Having this performance at hand I could replace all hourly-updating MATERIALIZED VIEWs with real-time queries.

Also, MySQL has excellent Spatial functions and a decent FULLTEXT search, I don't miss anything from PostgreSQL right now. Also its native Event scheduler (a cron for SQL), makes table maintenance a breeze. No more separate SQL scripts running in a crontab anymore.

PostgreSQL pg/plsql syntax is bulky, ugly, and hard to read (with::all::those::automatically added::type::casts). MySQL doesn't need this.

What MySQL is not good at: error messages are super-crappy and don't help most of the time ("you have a syntax error, check that your code is correct ..."). So a high level of SQL confidence helps, but documentation is very accessible and will structured.

There is still a long way ahead, I think I've migrated about 50% of the application right now - there are still some complex use cases to solve but I feel confident about this approach.

If you still think about MySQL capabilities in terms of versions 5 or earlier, you will be surprised how far it came with the most recent version 8.

I know Oracle is universally hated in the Fediverse, but: don't forget that most of PostgreSQL recent "let's add hundreds of features every 6 months" party is also mostly driven (funded, developed) by commercial parties looking to lure away Oracle and SQL Server clients.

I can't wait to finish this project and will keep you all posted.

#mysql #sql
(#)PostgreSQL (let's not make half of the Fediverse angry... 🙂 )

Tech news from Canada
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Ars Technica: The 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale is a confoundingly charming plug-in hybrid #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #AlfaRomeoTonale #plug-inhybrid #alfaromeo #carreview #Crossover #roadtest #Cars

IT News
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The 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale is a confoundingly charming plug-in hybrid - Enlarge / Alfa Romeo has a new crossover called the Tonale. (credit: Jonathan... - #alfaromeotonale #plug-inhybrid #alfaromeo #carreview #crossover #roadtest #cars

1 week ago

A slugcat and gengar hybrid.

#Pokemon #RainWorld #Crossover

Adoro il Genio :verified:
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Se dovessi scegliere un/una detective per un caso complicato, chi sceglieresti?

#adoroilgenio #27novembre #sherlockholmes #Batman #BruceWayne #crossover #extremecrossover #outofcontext #offtopic #permaloso #detective #SherlockVSBatman #comics

:rss: AAPL Ch.
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CodeWeavers、Apple Silicon MacでDirectX 12ゲームを動作させることができる「CrossOver for Mac」などを最大70%OFFで販売するサイバーマンデーセールを1日限定で開催。
#applech2 #apple_silicon #crossover #directx #game_porting_toolkit #mac #windows #アプリ #ゲーム #サイバーマンデー

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#CrossOver has 70% discount for 1-year subscription until tomorrow. Go support #WineHQ developers!

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
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#Trashumantes es una mirada, desde mi #electronica más #crossover, a un futuro más que posible, en el que aunemos nuestro devenir con el atavismo trashumante preneoloitico y trascendamos este #antropoceno a pesar de que lo hagamos en un mundo ya dañado...

R0B0 G0D
1 week ago

Folks, you need to tell me when Stranger Things has happened. I can't be trusted to find out these things for myself: I'm small and easily befuddled.

I have Ectotron (The Ghostbusters car) and Gigawatt (The Back to the Future Delorean) but some of the others have been a bit meh. That Top Gun figure was a bland mess, and the Frankenstein figure, though imaginative and fun, just didn't appeal. Oh yes, and I do also have the X-men homage, X-pense. Sorry, X-panse (he was stupidly over-priced, presumably because of the Marvel License).

I am all over Code Red like mozzarella on tomato sauce, though. What an awesome mash-up and the figure looks really cool too!

#Transformers #Crossover #StrangerThings #SurferBoyPizza #CodeRed #XmasListItem

A Hasbro stock photo of a new Transformers crossover figure, this time of the Pizza Van seen in Netflix TV sensation, Stranger Things! The bot is named "Code Red" and the box is styled after the fictional "Surfer Boy" pizza chain from the show!
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#Coches | El inesperado rival del Dacia Jogger que llega en 2024 ya tiene precio en España, el nuevo coche familiar barato de 7 plazas SWM G03F

#SWM #SWMG03F #CochesFamiliares #Crossover #CochesBaratos

2 weeks ago

Have a character you want to see me draw next? Drop a comment and let me know!

#art #digitalart #mastoart #anime #fanart #girl #GirlsUndPanzer #kinnikuman #leopardon #crossover #MihoNishizumi

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Testmotor: eerste 2024 Suzuki GSX-S1000GX review #Motornieuws #crossover #GSXS

2 weeks ago

Today once more some art i move from my old account to this one in order to bring joy to your eyes.

I started with Ofmd and wouldn't it be fitting to go on with some #GoodOmens #FanArt ?
I think it would be!

There is also some #Crossover Art involed from my big love #StarTrekLowerDecks

What shall i post next? Perhaps some NSFW? More Ofmd? Orginial Art?
Tell me!

#StarTrek #LowerDecks #Aziraphale #Crowley #GoodOmensFanArt #Witcher

Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens drawn in the Style of Lower decks. Azi with the blue uniform and Crowkey as a lizard race wearing the golden uniform. They are on the power deck in front of the warp core
Good Omens Witcher Crossover. Aziraphale as Jaskier and Crowley as Gerald with read hair. Jaskier Azi is singing and playing the lute.
Two figures in jumpung fighting position, both a lightsaber in hand.  Crowly grinning with a double lightsaber in red. He wears black clothes like Anakin in his youth. Aziraphale with nirmal Jedi uniform,  jumping against the wall,  wielding a blue lightsaber. 
In the picture is still an old stamp i used when i marked pictures that time
A man in wild west clothing but his legs are a rattle snake tale with yellow and green colors. His tail is rattling and he smirks into the camera. He has yellow eyes and a big had on. Around his hip is a weapon bealt. He wears a brown long jacked. In the backround is a kaktus.
The character is an AU form of Crowley from Good Omens.
2 weeks ago

CrossOver needs something like SteamInput. And Steam needs CrossOver to run games on MacOS.

For example the last thing i have tested was "The Stanley Parable Deluxe":

MacOS native build via Steam:
- Graphical glitches
- Native support for PS5 controller is not there, but usable via SteamInput WASD-style preset

Windows build via CrossOver:
- Visually runs perfect
- Impossible to use PS5 controller

#MacGaming #AppleGaming #TheStanleyParableUltraDeluxe #CrossOver #Steam

Example of native build graphical issues. Windows version running with CrossOver doesn't have them.
Kalamata Hari
2 weeks ago

The IT Crow

Vincent Marie
2 weeks ago

For #FlashbackFriday, I have my two versions of "The Tex Brothers."
The first one, drawn in 2010 as a Father's Day gift, & the second a digital redraw with a few modifications that I wanted to make with Screwy Squirrel & the Wolf's poses/expressions.
#redraw #texavery #droopydog #screwysquirrel #wolf #marxbrothers #crossover #fanart

Punkrock History
3 weeks ago

41 years ago
Dirty Rotten EP/LP is the 1983 debut release by the hardcore punkrock / crossover thrash band Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, released in November 1982

#punk #punks #punkrock #hardcore #hardcorepunk #crossover #trash #DRI #history #punkrockhistory

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
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DC Shoes & SLAYER Collaborated On Some New Shoes
"Slayer’s music and skateboarding have always shared a common spirit of rebellion and a drive to challenge the status quo."

#DCShoes #Slayer #MetalMerch #Collaboration #Shoes #Crossover

3 weeks ago

Budzicie się. Jesteście na wozie i widzicie mężczyznę obok siebie. Mówi do was "o, w końcu się obudziliście". Co robicie?

#ttrpg #giereczkowo #crossover

Punkrock History
3 weeks ago

31 years ago
Crosses all (music) genres and was released in November 1992

Rage Against the Machine: Killing In The Name

#punk #punks #punkrock #hardcorepunk #crossover #history #punkrockhistory

50+ Music
3 weeks ago

"This Kiss" is a song by American #countryMusic singer #FaithHill from her third studio album Faith. It was written by #BethNielsenChapman, Robin Lerner and Annie Roboff, and produced by Hill and #ByronGallimore. It was released on February 23, 1998, as the album's first single. The song became a #crossover hit, reaching number one on the American and Canadian country charts and peaking within the top 10 on both the US #Billboard #Hot100.

njamster :godot:
3 weeks ago

Ooookay, I didn't have THAT on my 2023 bingo card: Megan Thee Stallion, one of the biggest rappers alive, featuring modern metal sensation Spiritbox on a song... with actual screams?!? Shit's wild! 🤯 Video's absolutely not safe for work, tho! 😂

#MeganTheeStallion #SpiritBox #Rap #Metal #CrossOver #Remix

Vincent Marie
3 weeks ago

For #FlashbackFriday, one of my favorite pieces to ever get popular on Tumblr.
Harley & the Crane.
Because their "psychology buddies" ship would TOTALLY have this kind of dynamic.
#batman #harleyquinn #scarecrow #jonathancrane #pinkyandthebrain #crossover #cartoon #digitalart #fanart

Jyn Erso Lives!
4 weeks ago

Re "feeling old today", 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the Judgement Night soundtrack. The movie was ... forgettable but DAMN!!! Love "Fallin" from Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul so much, but really EVERY song on that is a banger. Such fantastic collaborations and I wonder where all that spirit went... #Music #JudgementNight #Crossover #FeelingOld

1 month ago

How much time can a human being spend tweaking the #crossover dial on their #subwoofer in search of the perfect spot?
For me, it's been every fucking waking moment at home for the past three days - with short breaks for getting sick on count chocula.

@talizorah @benbloodworth yeah...
#WhatsMissing are #smol and efficient cars.

Nowadays we only see monstrosities in the form of #Crossover-#Enshitification and #SuperUselessVehicles built to skirt #EPA's #CAFE-Regulations.

I want some #PersonalLightVehicles on the roads for those that have no #PublicTransport as option.
1 month ago

Starte deine Exoprimal-Abenteuer mit Monster Hunter-Skins! ✨ Spannende Bosskämpfe erwarten euch ab 18. Januar 2024.
#Xbox #InsideXboxDE #Crossover #Exoprimal #MonsterHunter #Repost

Zwecki / Flo :pd: :af:
1 month ago

== Steve Welsh

Ihn hab ich nur durch eine Kollaboration mit unter anderem Anthony Vincent und Mac Glocky entdeckt und er macht auch nicht so viele Videos, besonders nicht sehr viele dieser Art. Er hat den Alice in Chains Stil ziemlich gut drauf.

Alice in Chains - I Want It That Way (Original von Backstreet Boys) ▶️

Green Day - Lithium (Original von Nirvana) ▶️

#WhatIfCovers #InTheStyleOf #music #cover #crossover


Zwecki / Flo :pd: :af:
1 month ago

== Todd Barriage

Er covert Songs oft in einem anderen Genre und nicht speziell im Stil einer einzelnen Band. Manchmal covert er Songs dagegen aber auch direkt im Stil eines ganz bestimmten anderen Songs.

Sum 41 - Livin La Vida Loca (Original von Ricky Martin, im Stil des Songs "Still Waiting") ▶️

Bring Me The Horizon - Duality (Original von Slipknot) ▶️

Linkin Park - Cotton Eye Joe (im Stil des Songs "Given Up") ▶️

#WhatIfCovers #InTheStyleOf #music #cover #crossover


Zwecki / Flo :pd: :af:
1 month ago

== Alex Melton

Ihn halte ich ein bisschen für ein One Trick Pony. Was er besonders gut kann, sind (Pop) Punk Cover, insbesondere im Stil von Blink-182. Zwar ist das etwas eintönig, dafür kann er das aber sehr gut.

Blink-182 - Single Ladies (Original von Beyoncé) ▶️

Blink-182 - Don't Stop Believin (Original von Journey) ▶️

#WhatIfCovers #InTheStyleOf #music #cover #crossover


Zwecki / Flo :pd: :af:
1 month ago

== Anthony Vincent a.k.a. Ten Second Songs

Er ist wahrscheinlich der bekannteste Content Creator in diesem Bereich und hat wohl auch die größte Varianz. Er spezialisiert sich sehr auf "Song XY in 10/15/20/etc. verschiedenen Stilen"-Videos, aber er macht auch komplette Cover-Versionen.

Killswitch Engange - Numb (Original von Linkin Park) ▶️

Breaking Benjamin - Bad Guy ft. Jared Dines (Original von Billie Eilish) ▶️

Queen - Welcome To The Black Parade (Original von My Chemical Romance) ▶️

Ghost - Chop Suey! (Original von System of a Down) ▶️

Limp Bizkit - Feel Good Inc. ft. Todd Barriage (Original von Gorillaz) ▶️

#WhatIfCovers #InTheStyleOf #music #cover #crossover


Zwecki / Flo :pd: :af:
1 month ago

== Moonic Productions

Moonic Productions konzentriert sich häufig auf härtere Stile, macht aber einige sehr gut getroffene Covers und traut sich auch witzigere Kombinationen zu. Ich mag besonders seine Songs im Stil von System of a Down.

System of a Down - My Heart Will Go On (Original von Celine Dion) ▶️

System of a Down - Hollaback Girl (Original von Gwen Stefani) ▶️

Queens of the Stone Age - Everybody (Original von Backstreet Boys) ▶️

Linkin Park - Losing My Religion (Original von R.E.M.) ▶️

#WhatIfCovers #InTheStyleOf #musik #music #cover #crossover


Zwecki / Flo :pd: :af:
1 month ago

Kennt ihr #Musik Content Creator, die einen (häufig einigermaßen bekannten) Song nehmen und diesen in ein anderes Genre oder direkt in den Stil einer anderen Band übersetzen? Einige meiner bisherigen Favoriten dieses "Genres" möchte ich im Folgenden mal vorstellen. Wenn ihr weitere Beispiele kennt, teilt sie doch gern auch mit mir!

== Mac Glocky

Mac Glocky ist mein persönlicher Favorit und "Geheimtipp". Er hat seine favorisierten Bands, aber er trifft viele verschiedene Stile sehr gut.

System of a Down - Mr. Brightside (Original von The Killers) ▶️

Deftones - Chasing Cars (Original von Snow Patrol) ▶️

Incubus - American Idiot (Original von Green Day) ▶️

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Bulls on Parade (Original von Rage Against The Machine) ▶️

The Smashing Pumpkins - Where is my Mind? (Original von Pixies) ▶️

#WhatIfCovers #InTheStyleOf #music #cover #crossover


Elle Nerdinger M.A.
1 month ago

I have found the most delightful long form serial #StarBi fic:
#StarTrek #StarWars #Crossover
Ehat happens when a Starfleet officer fighting in the Dominion War stumbles upon the Clone Wars in a galaxy far, far away.

1 month ago

Venn Me This

"I am looking for academic, semi-academic, not academic at all conferences at the intersection of two different fields or two different subjects."

In Ask Metafilter, azalea_chant is seeking Interesting Conferences At the Intersections.

#conferences #crossover #GoodQuestion #interesting #intersections

2 months ago

I gambled on #SonicSuperstars working via #CrossOver on an #Apple Silicon Mac via #Steam and am pleased to say the game works and is totally playable. 😎

I forgot I had this preordered on Amazon. Forgot to cancel it, but eh. So I opened it up and was greeted with... this. Dilophocon is really into some kinky shit. :P

#transformers #jurassicpark #crossover #toyphotography

a picture of Dilophocon, a transformers / Jurassic park crossover figure in package with its head bagged in paper wrap and bound by cardboard paper ties that make it look like it was just kidnapped and prepped for interrogation Visual neoclassical Omdaru radio project 2009-2023 - Inspiration for creativity -
Modern classical, New age, Ambient, Relax, Soundtracks, World music
NEW! 08/10/2023 - Listen or download-
OMDARU RADIO LIVE VK MIXES - #Visual #neoclassical #OmdaruRadio
#internetRadio #ModernClassical, #NewAgeMusic, #ClassicalMusic, #ambient, #crossover, #soundtracks, #worldmusic

Leo'Jet Ski Fuel'nardo
3 months ago

Did this with TMNT already, enjoyed it and wanna try something closer to home, so:

#Sonic #Crossover

Pitch me another franchise and I'll try to whip up a quick elevator pitch for it crossing over with Sonic

I am 3.1% more likely to come up with something at least amusing on paper than most fanfiction in this category.

Todd Battistelli
3 months ago
A comic book depiction of a Martian landscape at night: a black sky with stars in the top half and a pinkish red landscape with craters and rocks below. Perched on one of the rocks where we usually see Dr. Manhattan is Kermit the Frog, his color changed to blue. A textbox at top reads: "I am tired of the theatre. Of these prima donnas and avant-garde wannabes. I am tired of being caught in the wrangle of performers."
Иiĸa '23 :heart_sp_bi:
3 months ago

I started watching "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K." some time ago, and when I got to this scene from s01e10, it made me envision the Morioh trio 😂 I recommend this anime if you enjoy quirky comedies.

Even if they're from different universes, I'm sure Okuyasu and Nendo (voiced by Daisuke Ono, aka Jotaro) they both share the same brain cell.

#JJBA #JojoComic #crossover #SaikiKusuoNoSainan #fanart #MastoArt

First slide of four. All the slides are a crossover between characters from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, and a scene from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (s01e10). Josuke is in his high school yard, wearing the sports uniform. He sighs, proudly. "Well, Okuyasu?", he thinks.
Second slide of four. Josuke continues: "You must be pretty motivated yourself now, right?" as he looks up and to the side.
Third slide of four. This scene shows Okuyasu and Koichi, also wearing the sports uniform, in the high school yard. Okuyasu wears two large balls inside his T-shirt as breasts, and Koichi looks at him, shocked. "Look at my massive boobs!", exclaims Okuyasu. "C-cut it out, idiot!", shouts Koichi.
Fourth slide of four. The shot shows Okuyasu from the back at a very close range. Josuke is in the center, watching him from some distance, apalled.

The Best of Dream Media & Awe & Wonder AiArt + Nature Photography - reposts from

Download 317 recent pictures - Скачать 317 недавних изображений-
Mastodon 04.07-23.08.2023-Awe & Wonder & Dream @omdaru - #awe #wonder #creativity #serendipity #spirituality & #OmdaruRadio: #ModernClassical, #NewAgeMusic, #ClassicalMusic, #ambient, #crossover , #soundtracks, #worldMusic- 24/7 stream -

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 months ago

I wonder how easy it is to use CrossOver.

CrossOver 23 released for Windows apps and games on Linux, ChromeOS and macOS

#CrossOver #Windows #Linux #ChromeOS #macOS #GamingNews

A screenshot of The Sims 4.
4 months ago

#CrossOver 23, a software that enables users to run Microsoft apps on Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS devices, has just launched. The update includes support for #DirectX 12 on macOS, a simplified process to uninstall Windows software, and EA App Support on Linux.

:rss: AAPL Ch.
4 months ago

DirectX 12を初期サポートし、MacでWindows向けに開発されたDiablo IVなどがプレイ出来るようになった「CrossOver v23」がリリース。
#applech2 #apple_silicon #crossover #directx #game_porting_toolkit #mac #sonoma #windows #アップデート #アプリ #ゲーム

R. L. Dane
4 months ago

Forgot to make this public, so I'm re-posting:

@benjaminhollon @joel

People talk about #GamingOnLinux like it's such a new thing…

There was a company 20+ years ago (Loki Software) that chiefly ported games to linux (commercially).
There was also a wine-based #Proton-like compatibility layer called (IIRC) #CrossOver. I think it was actually an "open core" system, where sales of the software helped fund #Wine and/or older versions/portions of the software was released as source for wine.

4 months ago

So I just tried to do something crazy today, I attempted to run the YuGiOh Mush Client Soundpack on my Mac using Crossover to do it, and…. It technically works! Like… it runs just fine no problem. The problem though is, is that Voice Over doesn’t detect the edit box for being able to type the actual Mud commands, so I can only use it with Voice Over off. Real interesting, anyone try something like this before and have any advice? Also it won't read any incoming chat, I wanted to see about importing the pack in to Mudlet, but I wouldn't know the first thing about doing that mostly because I don't know how the coding works even though all of the triggers should theoretically be there.#Mac #Crossover #wine #Mudding #Blind

Ten Cent Takes
4 months ago

A) Never even heard of this crossover, but now I’m interested
B) Does this mean the Top Cow’s Earth udders are canon?
#Advertising #TopCow #Marvel #Crossover #Comics #ComicBooks #2000s #Mephisto

This episode was everything I hoped and dreamed of with one exception (no live action #Tendi or #Rutherford :blobsob:​) and I hope they somehow figure out how to do this again at some point.

#startrek #StarTrekSNW #StrangeNewWorlds #lowerdecks #startreklowerdecks #crossover

"Those Old Scientists" deserved a rewatch, so I did.

Why aren't we talking about those AWESOME TITLE CREDITS - animated and yet some Lower Decks Easter Eggs! Really well drawn, just amazing work. You can tell the artists were just as excited about this as the actors and director!

#StarTrek #SNW #StrangeNewWorlds #LD #LowerDecks #Crossover #TOS

Quinn Dombrowski
6 months ago

The 7-year-old continues to be inspired in his theatrical crossover ideas. I explained the premise of "Rent" (coming to our local theater next season) and he replies, "Oh, I know -- what if Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave the money to the poor artists?"

New ending for Rent: Robin Hood shows up, buys Benny out & pays for everyone's AZT in perpetuity, apartment becomes an artist co-op, everyone lives happily ever after.

#crossover #musicals #rent #robinhood

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
6 months ago

Lionel Richie was nearly on the new Avenged Sevenfold album
Just when you thought the album couldnt get any more surprising, Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows has revealed that Lionel Richie was almost on Life Is But A Dream

#LionelRichie #AvengedSevenfold #Kerrang #Collaboration #MusicIndustry #Crossover #Album

@marta What I despise are #superUselessVehicle|s that are some "#crossover" shit that is neither good on roads nor good offroads and that solely is #MotorizedViolence against pedestrians and cyclists.

Tho I doubt that such a ban would ever come outside of general traffic bans for non-residents, which already work and exist in a lot of places.

8 months ago

Garmin Instinct Crossover - pont olyan, amilyennek lennie kell, pont azt tudja, amit kell, pontpontpont
USA-ban alig kerül többe, mint a 4S-em, idehaza meg több, mint a duplája #koszorban #garmin #crossover