Galactic Stone 🇺🇦
9 hours ago

Late entry for #Caturday : #Cat versus #Crow. (Sound up)

An orange cat and a crow jockey for position on a can of wet cat food.
1 day ago


#APEX #CrazyRaccoon #crow #johnnys #Laz #valorant #ZETADIVISION #ヴァロラント #ゲーム実況 #コンペ #ジャニーズ #バロラント #初心者 #手越祐也 #荒野行動

Bruno Philipe
1 day ago

And then I (finally) found some birds!

📸 Nikon Z 6ii
🔭 Nikkor AF-S 200-500 ƒ5.6E VR

#photography #birdphotography #americanrobin #warbler #crow #corvids

A small grey and white bird with a pointy beak, white eyebrows, and white underbelly (I wanna say it's a warbler?) resting on a thin branch off a tall tree, seen from below. the sun is shining on its feathers and making them glow
An American robin resting off a stubby, broken-off branch of a pine tree. it has its tail spread out, and its looking to the side
a crow's butt, seen from behind, while it rests on a wooden-tile roof. it is preening and ruffling its feathers, making it look a bit puffy
A crow resting on a ledge completely covered in mostly green but also some grey moss. the crow is seen form the side, while the sun shines bright on it, making all the feather details very clear
1 day ago

Crow Update!
I've started feeding the crows on the railing of the back patio because the backyard is a cat Thunderdome and they're understandably nervous about hanging on the ground for too long. They still need a lot of space to get that close to the house although Racecar seems to have been promoted to Hero Cat in the eyes of the crows. It's a crowning achievement she won by not giving a shit about the crows and she's celebrating by not giving a damn about the award.

A little while ago I heard a repeated guttural clicking sound. It was sort of similar to a rattle call but much slower and deeper. I went out back to check it out and a crow was perched in the sumac on a branch where they could look into the house (2nd pic). It was calling me and waiting to see if I'd come out with food. And you know what? I did.

#crow #crows

A crow sits on a porch railing with a cheezie in its beak
A crow is perched on a sumac tree branch. Its beak is open as if its calling. There's a lush, overgrown garden in the background that could really use some work.
2 days ago

The one on the right was singing while the one on the left was listening. Eventually the singer stated preening the listener. And then they flew away.


Two crows on a wire, the larger one leaning towards the smaller one with his mouth open.

Hey there...

I'm pretty much sure one of them is baby (who's getting bigger and pretty much adult size now, soon I won't be able to recognize it).

#crow #crows

Two crows on a telephone cable.
3 days ago

Another 🌞ny day. The water glistened so brightly that you almost couldn't look.
The hooded crow was watching my dogs
😊 and for the sheep was nap time 😉

#DogWalk #sea #sunny #cliffs #rocks #hills #Beara #Ireland #sheep #crow #dogs

A little pond in the cliffs, the sea behind and hills on the end of the shore. The water is glistening very brightly. No clouds and very bright light.
A green stony little hill with a hooded crowd standing on the top looking with a head held high
A rocky hill and a green field in front where a sheep and 5 lambs laying and sleeping
Sabrina Schalz
3 days ago

Aaaah my main PhD paper has just been published! 🥳

Wild carrion crows in London and Milton Keynes listen and respond to speech out of their own motivation, but unlike the crows in Tokyo they didn't respond more to the foreign language than the local language 🐦

#crow #ecology #birds #wildlife #cognition #behaviour

4 days ago

crow on power pole #crow #photography #blackandwhite

4 days ago

Ono my way to get a coffee...

#VogelFlausch #BirdPhotography #crow #Rabenkrähe

Rabenkrähe fliegt
4 days ago
J.R Ewing
5 days ago

Harlan #Crow refuses to cooperate with Dem senators’ Supreme Court probe!

They are going to have to drag who’s pale, wrinkled trailer trash with a subpoena!

#scouts #justicethomas #harlancrow

This was a broader discussion about a fawning piece of access churnalism the otherwise relatively sensible Atlantic had shat out out on billionaire far right GOP donor and SCOTUS licker #HarlanCrow.

Crow was criticised for displaying Hitler’s paintings in his home while hosting Marco Rubio for a fundraiser for that gimp in ‘15.

His garden of evil features statues of every mass murdering dictator humanity has spawned. The statues terrified his brats.

#Harlan #Crow is a closet neo-Nazi. Period

#Crow update: no pictures, but something interesting this morning. Mom came to beg for some peanuts when I brought the kids to school. Then later (as I returned home afterward), Dad came. I noticed Baby on the ground, under a tree nearby (it is spending way too much time on the ground for my taste). Mom was watching nearby and... a third crow was also watching from another tree.

I had heard of older siblings sometimes helping Mom and Dad sometimes, but I hadn't noticed it before...

5 days ago

Stumbled upon this the other day. I guess my cat has crow friends now
#cat #catsofmastodon #ragdoll #crow

A video taken from behind an organza curtain of a ragdoll cat sitting at the foot of a garden fence. On top of the fence is a crow looking down on the cat and cawing.
Andy Hort
6 days ago

Also on my walk today I came across Mr Crow looking for snails that had fallen into the river.
#crow #Birds #Bovey #Devon

A crow standing in the shallows at the edge of a river
A crow, in the shallows at the edge of a river,stepping forward and looking into the water.
6 days ago

the jackdaws have discovered the fatball feeder

#crow #birds #garden

a jackdaw perching sideways on a fat ball feeder which is hanging on a pole in the garden
6 days ago

Crow update!
Fed the crows this morning. Immediately after, when I was having coffee on the patio, one crow flew up into the nearby Sumac tree and then hopped branches closer and closer until it was about 3 feet away. The crow just hung out there for about 30 mins, occasionally hopping a bit closer or further, or stretching out its legs and wings. It kept an eye on me most of the time, though also on Racecar who was absorbing the last sunbeam before the clouds officially ended the heat wave.

That might be progress?

Gifts: None (sigh)

RIP heatwave. You'll be missed.

#crow #crows

A crow sits perched on a Sumac tree branch. Its body is pointed away from the camera, though it's head is turned and looking toward it.
A Byrd
1 week ago

I think Charlie, our usual #crow bro, just brought a fledgling by!
Didn't get to see it but I heard a very squeaky sounding call. Charlie was being a lookout, so I didn't want to go back there and disturb them. Of course our bird camera decided now is the time it isn't going to connect to the wifi 😒 Still, hoping they come by again later AND the camera decides to work

Good morning. Look who was waiting for me when I left the house.
It's getting big! (Yes, it's baby crow, mom and dad were watching from the utility poles)

It can be welcoming, cause it woke me up at 5am, calling its parents...

#crow #crows #corvid #corvids

Crow fledgling on a bulletin board in the street.
Marvin Johanning
1 week ago

Portrait of a crow at Hofvijver in The Hague, the Netherlands. Such photogenic birds!

#bird #birds #birding #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #crow #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #photography

A crow's head photographed from up close. The background is blurred and mostly green and white.
Linda Sgoluppi Artist
1 week ago

Echoes of Hitchcock The Birds this morning, Crow attacking the window of the room I'm sleeping in. Possibly the same crow that was attacking the window of another room when I was here for two months from March. I hope it's not because it's me! (I imagine it's that it sees its own reflection, it really needs to love itself a bit more!). #Crow #TheBirds #Hitchcock #Cymbru

Guru Mahalassma
1 week ago

Watching you watching me.
#crow #neighbor

Kevin Russell
2 weeks ago


Brilliant, we have no respect for dinosaurs who have been here longer than us.

Is it trained to do this? Is there a link or info.

#crows #crow #raven #corvid #minas #birds #SmahtBirds

Guru Mahalassma
2 weeks ago

Great news...
One baby crow may be dead, but another one is alive and well!
It has left the nest and I stumbled upon it by chance. It's way too low for comfort in my opinion (about two meters high). But mom and dad are standing guard nearby!

I feel so much better. I woke up feeling down this morning. I think I got attached to them.

#crow #crows #corvid #corvids

Juvenile crow perched on a tree

#Crow update. Very sad news. I think Baby Crow is dead. The crows have been acting weird for the past few days. A few days ago, they fought an eagle in the morning (not that they ever land in the park, but they fly nearby) and there was this incident with the cat (I posted a video, it should be findable in my timeline if you missed it).

Chris Price
2 weeks ago

The crows came out when the fog started coming in. This wire was a good perch for a minute or so.

#birds #crow

A crow is perched on a utility wire that's swaying in the wind. They're being blown around a little bit. Their tail and body move with the wire and the wind, while their head is stable and looking around. Their eye caught the light in this pose.

The background is more wires, trees, and houses— blurry greens, blues, and grays. The crow's silky black wing reflects the blue of the sky at some angles.
A Byrd
2 weeks ago

Got my very first #crow present today! 😍
It's just a shell of a nut we can't quite place, but just seeing it made me giggle. Probably it was just a nut one of the juvenile birds brought by to eat. Either way, something about it just felt neat to see

Some bird pictures from today's walk with @vivia. It was very humid and cloudy today.

Featuring: a grey heron standing on a wooden pole in the sea, with its "hair" blowing into its face, a hooded crow sitting on a concrete pole with the old town of Thessaloniki in the background, a cormorant on a pier next to fishing nets and other fishing gear, and a magpie with green/blue shimmering feathers looking curious while sitting inside a fig tree.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #BirdWatching #Heron #GreyHeron #Crow #HoodedCrow #Cormorant #Magpie #Birds #Thessaloniki #Greece

A photo of a grey heron standing on a wooden pole in the sea. The wind is blowing its "hair" towards its face and the feathers look wet.
A photo of a hooded crow sitting on a concrete pole next to a bush. It is looking sideways and its feathers look fluffy. In the background the old town of Thessaloniki is visible.
A photo of a cormorant sitting on a pier next to fishing nets, bags, and other stuff.
A photo of a magpie sitting in a fig tree. It is looking sideways, appearing curious. The black feathers on its back are shimmering green and blue in the light.
Chris Price
2 weeks ago

*biiiiiiiig scratch*

#birds #crow

A crow reaches over their wing and shoulder with their right foot to scratch an itch on their cheek. Their head is turned to their left to get a better angle.
David Wahl
2 weeks ago

Found a drawing of myself if I lived in Victorian times.

#crows #crow #corvid

A Victorian man in a jacket and waistcoat is wearing a top hat. Ion his shoulder sits a beautiful crow who appears to be in deep conversation with the man. Two dogs run by the man's feet. They are jealous. There are crows overhead. They are also jealous.
North Shore Counter-Info
2 weeks ago

We've published an anonymous submission titled:
"On Crow, Fascist Drifts, and People Who Are Not Comrades"

#Nevermore #Crow #WinterOak #PaulCudenec

Banner image of the Nevermore journal with subtitle "An Anarchist Journal of Heresy and Thoughtcrime"

#Crow update.
The crows are a bit tense at the moment.
This morning when I left the house, they were busy chasing an eagle away.

When I returned from work this evening, they were not in the park. I could hear them nearby, but it was not their usual cawing. When I found them between a few houses nearby, this is what I saw.


2 weeks ago

a crow
stole some dough
and baked it
on a tiny fire
and what
did that crow spread
on their stolen bread?


2 weeks ago

How to make friends. Peanut edition. #crow #crows #corvid #corvids #BirdsOfMastodon #bird #birds

Several crows in a meadow searching for peanuts I'd thrown them
Alfonso Roberto
2 weeks ago

@arisummerland My wife was on the train from Inverness to Forres once when a guy got on with a pet crow in his bag. He asked her to keep a lookout for the guard as he doesn't like him bringing it onto the train.
After he got off the train one of the other passengers said to her "yeah that's the crow man of Nairn" 🤣#Scotland #crow
Is toil leam fhitheach!

Julie Shiel
3 weeks ago

This is my buddy Zoltan ❤️
#crows #corvids #birds #corvid #crow

Cheryl Rofer
3 weeks ago

Ravens and crows are bathing in the back birdbath almost every day. Yesterday, this raven and then, later, three crows.

#raven #crow #birds

Raven fluffed out and wet, standing in birdbath.
Large black bird splashing in glass birdbath, pinon tree behind.
3 weeks ago

once there was a crow
and he
stole macaroni
a macro was he
grown great
on stolen macaroni


3 weeks ago

I just want to know if Harlan #Crow is also besties with #Kavanaugh or if each #Republican judge comes complete with a different sugar daddy.

Philip Cardella
3 weeks ago

I'm deleting my #WashingtonPost app. My prepaid subscription was cancelled months ago--but I've still had access to the paper because of it. Today with the Post comparing Thomas' situation *favorably* to Abe Fortas, who resigned the second it was clear his friend was corrupt WITHOUT ACCEPTING ANY GIFTS, is the last straw. #Thomas was compromised when he cast the deciding vote in #Shelby and Citizens United, giving men like Crow unlimited power in government. Paying #Crow back isn't a solution.


Again, Drill down on #Crow and make him an offer he can't refuse: Testify against #Thomas or spend 10 years in a federal prison.

#corrupt #scotus #bribes #fraud #CriminalRepublicans #clarencethomas

Also, #taxfraud

Person with obligation to comply with gift tax law is the donor not the recipient. If it's a bribe done to influence an official act it is income to the recipient and not a gift. Did Crow file forms 702 annually for "gifts" over annual exclusion ranging from 10k to 16k in 2022?

1. Can we stop wondering why Harland Crow was funneling wealth to a SCOTUS justice who was ruling in his favor on every case that reached him? Let's focus on the SCOTUS cases and the payments or gifts and see if they show a pattern that evidences that they were a quid pro quo.

2. Nothing in the Constitution requires Thomas be impeached before he can be charged for bribery. Crow should be teed up for the grand jury once the investigation of his secret payments has been completed and shows any evidence that could support a bribery conviction.

3. Drill down on #Crow and make him an offer he can't refuse: Testify against #Thomas or spend 10 years in a federal prison.

#corrupt #scotus #bribes #fraud #CriminalRepublicans #clarencethomas

Marc Abrahams
3 weeks ago

Some reporter some day might start asking what other government officials, too, have been blessed to have Mr. #Crow kindly pay for family expenses (houses, tuition, travel, whatnot).

Clarence Thomas relative received tuition from GOP donor Harlan Crow

Republican megadonor #Harlan #Crow paid private boarding school #tuition for the #grandnephew of Supreme Court Justice #Clarence #Thomas, according to report Thursday in ProPublica that was likely to bring a fresh round of scrutiny to both Thomas and the #ethics practices at the nation's highest #court.

Oh come on. Let they among us who have not let a GOP donor activist pay for the six-figure private school education of a close family member in their legal custody throw the first stone. Nothing to see here, folks. #thomas #crow

Tina :verified:
3 weeks ago

Well, I understand why #JusticeRoberts wants to avoid going to testify before the Senate. These scandals keep piling up. This time it looks like #Crow paid for a private school for a boy #ClarenceThomas was raising “like a son”

A friend of mine used to compare covered up scandals like a full cat box, no matter where you scratch, poop comes up.

#CallYourReps (202)224-3121

Kate 🏳️‍⚧️
1 month ago

i wonder what distance the #crow which we mean when we say "as the crow flies" has flown in her life #shitpost

Ele Willoughby
1 month ago

Today is also Crow and Raven Appreciation Day ! I definitely appreciate the corvids. They are so wonderfully clever. Raven is a trickster for a reason.

This is my Crow #linocut, along with ‘A murder of crows’ from my #termsOfVenery series and the raven and fireweed, official flora and fauna of the Yukon print.

#printmaking #crow #raven #murderOfCrows #Yukon #mapArt #typography #CrowAndRavenAppreciationDay #MastoArt

Black crow in flight Lino block printed on white square
Linocut of a group of four crows facing different directions and the words ‘A murder of crows.’ The word murder is red and looks like it was written on a typewriter. There are red crow tracks leading from it to the  crows. Everything else is printed in black.
Linocut of a group of four crows facing different directions and the words ‘A murder of crows.’ The word murder is red and looks like it was written on a typewriter. There are red crow tracks leading from it to the  crows. Everything else is printed in black.
1 month ago

Today’s #morningWalk yielded a lovely predawn pink sky and spotting some juveniles ( #raccoons) hanging out in a tree. Then a #backyard visit during breakfast of a silent but lovely #crow

Grey skies with gentle pink tones reflecting on a calm river, with trees and cityscape mid photo
Two raccoons in a bare branches tree with grey skies
Closer view of two juvenile raccoons in a budding tree
A crow is perched on a balcony railing.
1 month ago

Last but not least in the Corvidae-family, it's my favourite (maybe of of all the #birds?):

The crow! The #goth and #mysterious and whimsical at the same time (I love the way they hop ^__^).

Anyway, have a good rest of your week!

(Still no #crow emoji … 😾)

#JfmlArt #art #illustration #creative #DigitalArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #FediArt #FediBirds #Inkscape #vector #VectorArt #wip #birds #birdlover #birb #raven #Vogel

Vector illustration of a flying crow seen from the side on a light, blue-grey background.
T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
1 month ago


#crow #flight #breathe #corvid #CrowsOfMastodon

Looking up at a crow flying against blue sky.
Joe Hill
1 month ago

@rbreich Henceforth and forever to be known as #AntiDemocracy #Crow-Backed #MikeLee.

Chris Price
1 month ago

I think this crow was looking up to see if more peanuts would fall from the sky.

#birds #crow

A crow crouches down to and turns their head to look upward with their right eye. Sunlight grazes their back showing green, blue, and purple iridescence. On the ground, their feet hold a peanut steady. They've already started breaking one end open.
Poor Frank Raw
1 month ago

A crow with a fragment of cake. There was more cake but he scoffed it. Crows like cake.

#birds #birdsOfMastodon #birdPhotography #corvid #crow

Head and shoulders photo of a crow with a small piece of cake in the end of its beak.
Dave Johnson
1 month ago

What everyone is missing:

Thomas is not saying on the Court EVEN THOUGH he was taking money from billionaires.

Thomas (and the rest of the "conservatives") is on the Court in the first place BECAUSE OF money from billionaires.

#Court #Thomas #Crow #Conservatives

Chris Price
1 month ago

The crows are nesting nearby, so they've been staying close during the day.

#birds #crow

A crow faces the camera with their head turned toward the left of the frame. The sun highlights their dark brown eye and velvety black feathers from the top-right.
Chris Price
2 months ago
A crow stands on the edge of a frost-covered roof in warm early morning light. Their glossy black feathers and deep brown eye reflect the rising Sun. 

The crow is turned slightly toward the camera from behind, and they're stretching their neck out to look downhill.

The scene glows.
An American Robin stands on the corner of a roof overlooking the city, back view showing their gray and black upperparts. The robin looks to the left and light scatters through his yellow beak. The Sun provides a warm yellow rim light around the bird.

Like the previous photo, this one glows from the early morning sunlight.
The same American robin as the previous photo, 20 seconds later, from a different angle. He's looking to the right with bright eye highlights. His rusty red chest is peeking from behind a relaxed wing, facing the Sun.
A lesser goldfinch is perched high in a tree, facing the camera, and singing to the neighborhood. The bird has a black cap with olive and black upperparts. Their neck, chest, and other underparts are bright yellow. 

Tree branches with sparse lichen traverse the photo diagonally against a soft blue sky.
Chris Price
2 months ago
An American robin stands on the edge of a roof near sunrise this morning. The Sun is behind them and is casting warm orange rim lighting for the red-breasted gray and black bird. Light scatters through their bill and legs.
Pigeons gather on the sidewalk to forage; it's garbage day. The pigeon in focus is walking with the morning Sun at their back. They are a  sooty blue barred bird with crumbs on the tip of their bill.
A crow looks toward the sun from their perch on utility wires. Their tail feathers are slightly spread as they keep their balance on the moving wire; the feathers' tips are worn with age. 

The sky is blue and the light is warm.
A blue barred pigeon walked close and stared at the camera for several seconds. The warm light coming from behind peeks across his cheek.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 months ago

The crow wants your dinner

So, picture this: you’re sitting at a table, about to dive into your delicious dinner and dessert when suddenly, a crow appears out of nowhere and lands right on the table in front of you. And what does it want? Well, the half-eaten remnants of your scrumptious meal, of course!

#photo #photography #kerry #Killaryney #crow #BirdsOfMastodon

A crow standing on a table with a half eaten dinner and dessert nearby.
David Wahl
2 months ago

Any port in a storm.

#crows #crow

A detailed cartoon of a wet crown hiding behind a scarecrow in a windy storm. The crow does not look happy and is giving the scarecrow side-eye. Black and white, early 20th-century style.
Marvin Johanning
3 months ago
A closeup of a jackdaw sitting on top of a roof.
A closeup of a jackdaw sitting on top of a roof.
Carl T. Bergstrom
3 months ago

#crow walk

Crow walking along a rail
Marvin Johanning
3 months ago

The jackdaws came for a visit again :crow:

One of them has interesting white patches in its feathers!

#bird #birds #birdphotography #wildlifephotography #photography #photo #photos #corvid #jackdaw #crow #crows #foto #fotos #fotografie #nature

A closeup of a jackdaw with white patches in its feathers.
A jackdaw from behind with white patches in its feathers. Another jackdaw can be seen in the background.
Two jackdaws looking for food in a roof gutter.
A jackdaw looking up. Part of a jackdaw is visible on the right of the image.
David Wahl
3 months ago

There's a crow emoji coming the in the next OS update for the iPhone. Half of my texts to my wife just got quicker!

#crows #crow

#crow in love 😚
Dwayne ayant besoin d’un coup de peigne, W099 lui vient en aide.

#crowstodon #CAWmunity

Les deux corneilles noires, nommées Dwayne et W099, posées sur une branche. Dwayne a les plumes de la tête ébouriffées et tend sa tête vers W099, qui regarde aux alentours.
Les deux corneilles noires, nommées Dwayne et W099, posées sur une branche. Dwayne se fait papouiller par W099.
Carl T. Bergstrom
3 months ago

Street crow

#crow #crows #corvids

American crow standing on a manhole cover next to a white arrow painted in the street.