David Cantrell 🏏
1 day ago

@Schnuckster as a singer in #Croydon I can confirm that I was not asked to take part in this recording. Hope that helps :-)

1 week ago

157 wright gemini 2 moment (i think the route changed operators from arriva to go ahead) #londonbuses #croydon

Walk in to the town centre to do some shopping for the first time in months, and everything is shut down due to a bomb scare.

Clearly the universe wants me to shop online.


Sydenham News & Views
3 weeks ago

#sydenham #se26 #croydon #tfl #southlondon

Dramatic bridge strike by vehicle disrupts south London rail traffic.

The Transport for London (TfL) status update website says: ‘No service between Sydenham and West Croydon due to a vehicle striking a bridge in West Croydon area.

Pictures here:

Freedom Press
3 weeks ago

Autonomous Cafe And Bookshop evicted and reopens today
The new Autonomous Cafe And Bookshop opens at noon today at 80-88 Croydon High Street.
#ACAB #AutonomousCafeAndBookshop #Croydon #Evictions #Squatting

A photograph of the front of the Autonomous Cafe And Bookshop squat, with the window broken and cops in front of it
Freedom Press
4 weeks ago

Autonomous Cafe and Bookshop at risk of eviction
Join the protest from noon today beside West Croydon Station.
#ACABCafe #AutonomousCafeAndBookshop #Croydon #Evictions #ReclaimCroydon #Squatting

A photograph of a corner building with a banner hanging that reads Autonomous Cafe And Bookshop
Ste Cook
1 month ago

Randomly shuffled into my playlist today: Suburbia by the Pet Shop Boys. So perfectly captures the ennui and subsurface threat of violence of 1990s #Croydon. Couldn’t wait to escape to the bright lights and fleshpits of London when I was a teenager. In my dotage I now live somewhere more suburban than Croydon ever was - Stockholm Syndrome?

#PetShopBoys #Suburbia

Sydenham News & Views
2 months ago

#sydenham #se25 #croydon #tfl

South London pupils get detentions for missing start of school as 'busy' 450 Croydon to Lower Sydenham bus route has timetable cut.

South Londoners have pushed back against cuts to a busy bus service used by school children and pensioners in 'hilly' Crystal Palace.


Tristan Colgate-McFarlane
2 months ago

@jasonwebber I took a trip back to #Croydon to photograph some memories from my youth.

Sydenham News & Views
2 months ago

#sydenham #se26 #croydon #tfl #ev #bus

On September 30th TfL changed the operator of the 450 Lower Sydenham to West Croydon service. Now we are all electric with charge points to keep your phone alive when held up in traffic.

Some surprising facts here on YouTube:

Jo Rhodes
2 months ago

@Lazarou I'm currently in #Croydon and just heard the jingly music of an ice cream van .. it is certainly not a sound you'd normally hear in October... hmm #ClimateChange

Umbrella Academy Ice Cream Truck GIF
Stop That
2 months ago

#ElianneAndam: Boy, 17, appears in court over murder of schoolgirl in #Croydon

Stop That
2 months ago

Her name was Elianne Andam. She died because a boy wouldn’t take no for an answer and she tried to protect her friend. #BlackMastodon

Hero schoolgirl, 15, stabbed to death in #Croydon 'when she stepped in to protect her friend'

Donald Roy
3 months ago

#uk #localgovernment #finance

#september #2024

In Friday's #ft it was reported that #accounts and #audits of #localgovernment bodies are to be brought up to date by #september next year. There have been problems since the #conservatives abolished the #auditcommission in 2015 - and it makes sense to find out as soon as possible if there are any more #localauthorities in the position of among others #croydon, #slough , #thurrock and #woking . However there are some snags to this.

4 months ago

#TfL Press Release:
Bus improvements including #Superloop launching in outer London from tomorrow

"Route X26 will be known as the SL7 from Saturday 19 August
The route connects communities between #Heathrow Central and West #Croydon"

Superloop bus [1]
Image by TfL
Superloop bus [2]
Image by TfL
Ste Cook
4 months ago

The Lambert Art School in #Heartstopper makes me smile ruefully - pretty much every queer in #Croydon (except for me) went to the #BRITSchool, while I was stuck in Godbothersome High 6th Form. They all got the book-smarts performing arts; I got the street-smarts version 😅

The #Met could be arresting russian oligarchs and fossil fuel industry criminals in the #UK. But that would take courage, so they settle for innocent civilians and peaceful protesters.

"a woman was arrested and detained by #MetropolitanPolice officers in #Croydon after she was falsely accused of not paying her bus fare.

Video footage ... showed the woman being arrested and handcuffed by two male Met officers in front of her child, who was distressed and crying."

John Grindrod
5 months ago

The Croydon of the mind. Also, #Croydon

Harrington Court, a low rise early 60s block of flats in Croydon, behind which we can see Richard Seifert’s 1970s Number One Croydon tower
Sydenham News & Views
5 months ago

#crystalpalacepark #crystalpalace #football #cpfc #selhurstpark #croydon

Echoes of the old Crystal Palace reflected in the glass of their new Selhust Park Stand. CPFC played in the old CP stadium until 1924 before moving down the road.

The new Main Stand has now been approved by Croydon Council will provide "a stadium the whole of south London can be proud of" It will increase capacity from 26,000 to more than 34,000.

More here:

Artist's impression of the new stand with a outline of the old Crystal Palace' etched into it's glass facade
A black and white of the old stadium in Crystal Palace Park where cup finals were held before Wembley Stadium was built and was the home ground of Crystal Palace Football Club until 1924.
8 months ago

Can’t sleep. Have some old photos, of Croydon in 2014. The market shot is one of my all-time favourites. #believeinfilm #kentmere100 #croydon #blackandwhite

Black and white view of a car park underneath a flyover
Black and white view of a market with an arrow painted on the floor, pointing away from the viewer
Black and white shot from an underpass, looking up at the striped sections underneath a flyover

A former bar owner in #Croydon , South #London claims the fear of crime has put people off visiting to #bars and #nightclubs (I'm originally from South London myself and I think she is correct, the whole region was already becoming a sketchy area in the early 1990s - you had to watch your back, particularly at night and be very wary of anyone else around)

Who here knew the UK has a sizeable wild parakeet population?

It almost certainly started with pets released or escaped, but nobody knows exactly how or when they got here (but it wasn't a single event, and earliest sighting was in the 19th century).

More here

Here's a rather bad photo (my phone camera is awful...) I took of a couple in Grangewood park in Croydon today - it's full of them.

#croydon #london #animals #birds #photography

Two green parakeets sitting in a barren tree in a London park.

Croydon skyline in the fog from Grangewood Park. It's filling in. Highest building is now 44 floors. Still not quite the "London's Manhattan" Croydon council tried to market it as years before the current crop of highrises were even built, though.

#croydon #london #photography

Croydon skyline in fog with several tall buildings. In the foreground there are a few houses and a few trees.
1 year ago

TIL about the #GreatNorthWood project in #London, only a short distance from where I live 🌳

The aim is to try and resurrect (as much as possible) an ancient #woodland that would have stretched from the Thames to #Croydon (yes, the Great North Wood is confusingly in the south of London 😂), which still has remnant pockets knocking about in a few places.

That certainly explains where names like Norwood and Forest Hill come from!

Learn more from the London #WildlifeTrust:

Now it really feels like christmas... Not often we get snow in London.

#london #croydon #christmas #photography

And the last one for today. Again the #fox looked right at me, but didn't see my eyes behind my phone, and just laid straight back down to sleep.

... until...

The neighbour cat came. Look at those ears. Those ears were flat the entire time the cat was in the garden, and the cat was either oblivious or has decided this fox isn't going to be trouble, because she wandered around for a bit and then left.

Now off to pick up the pillows that have been strewn all over

#photos #photography #croydon

Fox standing on garden sofa looking towards the camera.
Fox settling down on garden sofa
Fox lies down on garden sofa with closed eyes, licking its snout.
Fox lies on garden sofa staring intently at a cat that's out of frame, with its ears flat down to the sides.

We bring you this mornings #fox update.

Happy to say his limp appears to be gone.

I can tell because I accidentally scared him away the first time he came around this morning, and he put weight on the leg as he ran off.

Then he came back and was alternating between looking to check on me and licking and scratching himself...

The leg he was limping on is also the one he's using to scratch his ear in the second pic.

Now seems to be settling in for a nap.

#croydon #london

Fox on garden sofa cleaning itself with one hind leg raised.
Fox on garden sofa scratching its ear with its hind leg
Fox on garden sofa staring at me when he noticed me taking pictures.

Todays #fox being cosy. He's looked over at me a few times, but as long as I don't stare at him he stays put, so I've taken to take the pictures while holding my phone at my side...

#london #croydon

Fox curled up on a garden sofa.
Fox curled up on garden sofa looking towards the camera.
Fox curled up on garden sofa looking off to the side, probably vary about some noisy dogs in the neighbouring garden.
AmiW Streetart ❄️
1 year ago

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #BKFOXX - in City: #Croydon #London UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "Crushed" (📷 by artofthestateuk) #streetart #mastoart #art #mural #artwork #guteNacht #traum #dream 🌟

AmiW Streetart ❄️
1 year ago

🧸Artist: #Dotmasters - in City: #Croydon #London UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "Let's play" (📷 by Hero Nieten) - #streetart #art #mastoart #mural #graffiti

Matt Hodgkinson
1 year ago

#Introduction 👋

At the UK Research Integrity Office (#UKRIO) in #Croydon, I work on #ResearchIntegrity, #PublicationEthics, #PeerReview, #OpenScience, #ResearchEthics, & #ResearchCulture 👨‍🔬

I'm on the Committee on Publication Ethics (#COPE #C0PE) council & Treasurer of the European Association of Science Editors (#EASE #ScienceEditing). I was an #OpenAccess journal editor 🔓

I'm a #GreenParty / #GPEW member 🌻 in #Cambridge where I live with @SimoneChalkley. We have a #Cat 🐈 & I'm a #Runner 🏃‍♂️

AmiW Streetart ❄️
1 year ago

🦏 Artist: #HeroNieten + #sonnysundancer - in City: #Croydon #London UK 🇬🇧 - #streetart #mastoart #art #mural

AmiW Streetart ❄️
1 year ago

🚣🏽‍♀️ Artist: #hayleywelsh in - City: #Croydon #London UK 🇬🇧 - #streetart #mastoart #art #mural #urbanart