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Sony Trinitron 20" et des cassettes vhs et audios aux encombrants dans le 5e arrondissement, si jamais par miracle quelqu'un est proche et les veux.

#CRT #Paris

IT News
2 days ago

Dark Trace CRTs, Almost The E-Ink Of Their Time - When you’ve been a fact-sponge for electronics trivia for over four decades, it’s ... - #hackadaycolumns #retrocomputing #tenebrescence #classichacks #darktracecrt #radar #crt

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Johannes M. ✅
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Ja, es gab Zeiten, da waren die Dukes aus Hazard ganz normale Abendunterhaltung unter der Woche. Man darf aber nicht übersehen das dahinter eine völlig unangemessene Verklärung der Konföderation steckt. Kein einziger schwarzer Darsteller... in Georgia!

Heute ist es das nicht mehr.

#brauneweltverklaerung #revisionismus #kkk #whitewashing #konföderation #generallee #generali #crt #DukesOfHazzard #bullshit #romantisierung

Which looks better? A or B? 📺


Tina Weymouth on a CRT captured with OpenCamera
Tina Weymouth captured on a CRT with the default Samsung camera app
6 days ago

512x448 interlaced on a real NTSC #CRT (through composite) on a real 3CHIP #SNES.

ROM link

BG Ollie
6 days ago

Found at the local recycling center: 20 inch scart tv with VCR lying around. Needless to say I didn't leave it there.... and it's working too . Prob won't use it as a monitor as I'm sorted but it'll be handy as an arcade cab tube replacement .
#crt #retrocomputing #arcade

1 week ago

Finally a simple way to use your #iPad as a monitor. It also includes some bonuses like AI upscaling and #CRT emulation! Great for #RetroGaming

1 week ago

More Suffolk culture, this time at the rather impressive pad Melford Hall.

As stately homes go it's solid but I was obviously most taken by the lovely #CRT in Lady Ulla's private rooms 😁

Long distance shot of Melford Hall
The Melford Hall entrance and drive
A mid 90s Hitachi 27" CRT 🥰

Retro consoles in 90s anime on a retro TV - Sega Saturn edition!

A Saturn makes its second appearance in episode 23 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, played by Asuka.

Sega's involvement extended to games and is named in the credits as one of the show's producers.

#anime #retrogaming #videogames #gaming #90s #crt #segasaturn #32bit #consoles

Flying to the Moon and Back; The Anime Phenomenon of '95.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was still a big deal when I joined my college anime club in late '96 and we'd gather around to watch fansubbed tapes. There was such an air of mystique about the show and its themes and use of religious iconography.

#anime #CRT #90s #Evangelion

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@tzimmer_history an energized puppet mob minority, is fed conspiracy and distortions about well any trend from #hunterbiden #immigration #transgender people, to #crt etc to eliminate the ability of these #maga -ts to even think about the real issues in the world. They’ll be fed a hysteria mix to #gotv to undermine #elections. And we don’t even bother to systematically track or transparently counter the mass #propaganda. d’oh. Just try to push it into old frameworks.

I've not watched much video on this PVM since getting it, I mostly used it for playing games using the MiSTer. It's video quality is very striking in person; I keep getting caught off guard by text in particular.

This is 3 hours of Japanese TV captured in 1988 on an S-VHS tape. It's stunning...I think it at least looks better than DVD.

#Retro #CRT

An ad for Biore face wash
An ad for  juice boxes.
An add for Borden sliced cheese, represented by a cheeseburger
An add for Lady Borden ice cream
1 week ago

@brewsterkahle #propaganda works. always has. the far right multiverse of channels snd influencers spews out a million tons of a emotional agitprop a day. #crt #libraries #LBGTQ #transrights #immigration #hunterbiden etc etc etc. and crap filled #socialmedia platforms’ like #Facebook #YouTube #algorithms #meta injects people with the sh#t all day long. So yes it’s in #Canada.

2 weeks ago
Me booting up my "new" Commodore 64 on my CRT tv. It lives!
IT News
2 weeks ago

Spinning CRT Makes a 360 Degree Audio Oscilloscope - A question for you: if the cathode ray tube had never been invented, what would an... - #persistenceofvision #oscilloscope #tachyscope #mischacks #crt #pov

chi lo sa, magari a quallcuo potrebbe tornare utile:

Boris Kretzinger
2 weeks ago

Got a Commodore 1084S from a friend today. He got it for free, did not need it, and gave it to me for free. Circle of life, I guess. 🤗 Great little thingy, although contrast and brightness need to be all the way up there to get a picture. Focus could also need some adjustment, and the image has a clear yellowish tint (best seen on white backgrounds). Not complaining, just thinking it might need a recap. I'm very grateful for having this one. Might be a project for another time. Oh, and tested it with Cybermorph on the Atari Jaguar, because what else? 😂
#atari #commodore #crtgaming #1084s #retrogaming #gaming #crt

[thread] 13
Neoconservative, Christian Right billionaires Richard, Elizabeth Uihlein
* ultraconservative donors >> search: uihlein
uihlein AND "critical race theory"
uihlein AND "christian right"
"American Principles Project" AND uihlein
"America First Action"
"American Principles Project"

#Uihlein #neoconservatism #CRT #ChristianRight #homophobia #transphobia #AmericanPrinciplesProject #LibsofTikTok #ChayaRaichik #AmericaFirstAction #Trumpism

• Economy - Wealth - Distribution of wealth - Billionaires - Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein

• This is the main entry for "Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein"

"Economy - Wealth - Distribution of wealth - Billionaires - Richard Uihlein", "Politics - Political philosophy - Political theories - Political ideologies - Conservatism - Conservatism in the United States - Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein", "Science - Social sciences - Sociology - Sociological theory - Critical theory - Critical race theory - Critics - Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein", and "Society - LGBT and society - LGBT rights - Transgender rights - Critics - United States - Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein" redirect here.

• $3.8 billion USD net worth as of 2022-11-22.
2 weeks ago

guess what classic 90s anime series i'm starting tonight

first two guesses don't count

#anime #90sanime #retroanime #classicanime #animeonvhs #vhs #crt #toonami #gundam #gundamwing #whoops #spoilers

Addendum 5

Moms for Liberty Flips a School Board

* policies eliminated safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students, restricted racially inclusive reading materials
* Pennridge School Board then voted to hire Vermilion Education
* MI-based consulting company: limited exp., questionable curricula

#GOP #M4L #MomsForLiberty #ExtremistGroup #neofascism #CultureWars #ChristianRight #education #ExtremistGroup #HateGroup #transphobia #TLM #TransLivesMatter #CRT #BLM #VermilionEducation

Hillsdale College
New College of Florida
Vermilion Education
Christian Right
charter schools
2 weeks ago

see it's okay, he saw it on the television...

#theshining #killyourtelevision #carculture #distortion #crt #vidcap #animatedgif

Marjorie H Morgan
2 weeks ago

How a Culture War Over Race Engulfed a School District
After a ten-year-old took her own life, residents battled over whether her death was a tragic but isolated incident, or caused by a pattern of racist bullying.
By James Ross Gardner
September 13, 2023

"we can’t ignore the way in which hate manifests itself . . . including inside of our schools."

#CultureWar #CRT #Bullying #Children #Suicide #Racism #Hatred

realcaseyrollins ✝️
2 weeks ago

What in the left wing #CRT-laden clown world are y’all doing with #ESPNPlus, ESPN? 😂

Freedom Press
2 weeks ago

NBTA wins energy support scheme for itinerant boaters
NBTA wins fight over energy support scheme for some itinerant boaters
#Boaters #CRT #EnergySupportScheme #NBTA

Narrowboats are moored by the bank, next to a railway line. There are banners on the boats reading ALL COOTS ARE BASTARDS. There are lots of people on the bank, and a banner reading HACKNEY FLOTILLA PROTEST
Garth Beagle
2 weeks ago

Anyone recognize this beautiful Sony #crt display?

I’m especially curious about its stand with built in (giant) controls 😮

David F. Sandberg
3 weeks ago

Old pixel games really look so much nicer when you play on a CRT TV as intended. Nice and smooth.
Here’s True Lies (Sega Mega Drive) on a CRT vs emulator on LCD screen.
#RetroGames #CRT

I did a bit more experimentation with the #Sinclair #TV80 pocket #CRT TV over lunch and managed to get a stable video signal from ONE VHS tape.

I wonder if I'm maybe falling foul of #Macrovision copy protection?

the other tapes I tried the audio came through fine, but the video is suffering from horizontal and vertical scrolling, but with this one tape I get a clear picture but hissy audio.

Could be wifi or electricals interfering, or maybe I need to try something other than VHS.

Freddie Mercury singing "Who Wants to Live Forever" on a tiny black and white pocket CRT TV.
3 weeks ago

5$ Bluetooth Dolar Tree speaker review

In this post im gonna be talking about a $5 #bluetooth shower speaker I had for about a month now purchased from #DolarTree .
Despite the name you dont have to use it while in the shower. But that's it's intended use. It is also water resistant.

Being bluetooth, it enables you to use on any bluetooth capable devices ranging from modern pcs, #laptops, #smartphones, #switch #nintendoswitch, *some* #smarttvs, and #Playstation Portal*not* ,sony is a money hog these days, they dont support bluetooth on the #playstationportal .

i'l tell you up front, This $5 bluetooth speakers is better then most flat lcd, led and oled tvs build in #sound equipment #speakers . And its cheaper, probally because its just the one speaker.

How exactly does it sound, imagine how old #crt #tvs use to sound like but with a single portable speaker, with just enough #bass to #sound good but not enough physical speaker space to be perfect. The quality of the music/sound is good but not outstanding.

For $5 this is probally the best bluetooth speaker you can buy at full price that cheap. Plus it is water resistant.

it'l meet you half way. Giving you half the sound quality, and a somewhat cheat price. I say somewhat cheap because other items at dolar tree usually go for a dolar. $1.25 such as #headphones, #earbuds but those arent as good.

Silicon Underground (Dave F)
4 weeks ago

Are bloggers allowed to participate in #SepTandy ? Well, this one's gonna. Let's kick things off with a look at the Tandy CM-5 #crt monitor. #retrocomputing

A cosy brunchtime watch. Cheers has once more become my little pocket of daily chill and familiar, gentle humour.

#CRT #TV #80s #comedy

A photo of a scene from the 80s and early 90s sitcom, Cheers. It shows Sam, Cliff, and Norm (NOOOOORM) at the bar with Sam pointing and smiling at something across the bar. 

Cliff looks like a bit of a dork - as usual.
Leaded Solder
4 weeks ago

I bought a Sony Jackal 300 TV/radio/tape player. Most of this won't work outside of Japan, but that hasn't stopped me in the past. #crt #crtrepair #retrotv

A tall vertical brown thing, with a tiny screen in the centre. At the top is a tape player. At the bottom are some radio controls.

I really need to stop going into that #vintage shop...

Just bought an almost totally useless #Sinclair portable black and white #CRT #TV from 1983!

The #TV80 is noteworthy for using a side mounted electron gun to give a fairly flat and thin CRT!

No video inputs, but a quick look online and it seems there are ways to force a signal in there either by modding or wrapping an RF cable around the sounds like I've got myself another project.

It even comes with the (dead) battery!

A Sinclair portable TV from 1983. It fits snuggly into the hand. It's about the size of a Walkman, with a small 4:3 screen off centre to one side.
The rear of the TV showing the power input and headphone output labels, and a warning message.
The flat lithium battery I found inside. Made by Polaroid these apparently gave around 15 hours of viewing time but were not rechargeable.
1 month ago

Amidst the journey of life, remember the days when 'It is now safe to turn off your computer' was the message that closed chapters of our digital adventures, reminding us that endings, too, can hold a touch of nostalgia and the promise of new beginnings~

#Retro #RetroTech #90s #IBM #CRT #Windows #Windows95 #Microsoft #MicrosoftWimdows

A IBM computer with a CRT has the classic message “It is now safe to turn off your computer”
1 month ago

“Mom, there’s giant hands playing a wiggly keyboard in the sky again!”

#retro #synthwave #synthesizer #CRT #retrotech

A picture of two chrome hands playing a wiggly piano in front of a crt monitor with a synthesiser on the screen. There is text in the top right that reads “Music is for Time what Geometry is for Space”

“A white gunman just killed 3 Black grocery shoppers in a state that won’t let children learn why.” —Brittany Packnett

#Racism #SystemicRacism #Florida #CRT #CriticalRaceTheory #America #Amerikkka #BrittanyPacknett

Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 month ago

An anti-#CRT article came across my #LinkedIn feed and these are all the dudes who supported it.

That is what #monoculture looks like.

Addendum 4 cont'd

Christopher Rufo, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute

* crusades against wokeness
* wrote essays arguing homelessness should be addressed thru more aggressive policing, not social services & housing subsidies
* his 2021 Heritage Foundation report: stated homelessness is “a human problem, not a housing problem”
* appointed, DeSantis, Board of New College of Florida

#CRT #NewCollegeOfFlorida #RonDeSantis #criticalRaceTheory #ChrisRufo #ManhattanInstitute #homelessness #CRT

coel :coel: :sparkles_bi:
1 month ago

some critters and their puter...

#mastoart #krita #crt #ballpython #snake

two ball pythons inspecting an old monitor that still has some stuff on it. one of the snakes seems to be coming from the screen, the other one is curled around the device and looking at it. theyre lying on a dirt-covered wooden floor surrounded by bushes and vines
James (
1 month ago

Another CRT TV added to the collection, the 21" screen was absolutely filthy but below a beautiful picture perfect for some 50/60Hz RGB Scart retro gaming.

There is a slight tilt sadly from left to right, but maybe one day I can do something about that (thoughts??).

Enjoying a bit of Quackshot on the SEGA Megadrive.

#RetroGaming #crt #megadrive #sega #genesis #RetroConsole

Philips 21 inch CRT TV with Quackshot playing in Duckberg with Donald Duck on the SEGA Megadrive console.
Freedom Press
1 month ago

‘No Mooring Zones’ are social cleansing
The ‘No Mooring’ Zones policy is designed to make life difficult for many boaters and could ultimately drive them off the water and out of their homes.
#BoatsAreHomes #CRT #NBTA #WaterSafetyZones

I hire planners. Our interviews make it clear that I expect them to understand history, how it shows up in today's crash data and gaps in active transportation networks, and the context all this creates for community engagement. Essential professional knowledge. Who will want to hire graduates from colleges prevented from teaching history? #CRT #UrbanPlanning #planning #history

2 months ago

@defcon so sick. Makes you want to reach up and touch it. Amazing how far technology has come from the old #CRT days. The youth won’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

2 months ago

@skinnylatte they really need more much more staff to track and counter all the racism spreaders especially in local #elections online too. #naacp
Ex the whole bs #CRT mania that spread lies and fears before the Gov race in #virginia to #GOTV.

2 months ago

Ban CDT, not CRT
#Trump #CRT👆

Raymond Scott Pert
2 months ago

Animated Frederick Douglass calls slavery a ‘compromise’ in PragerU video

>Slavery was a compromise. The Black Lives Matter movement led to more crime. Masculinity helped win World War II.

>the group is partnering with the state of Florida as an education vendor to provide supplemental lessons. #FrederickDouglass #slavery #crt #education #florida #GOP #prageru #trump #maga #america #conservative #republican #republicans #blm

2 months ago

Do you have any interest in playing modern PC games on a CRT monitor?

Check out my Steam Curator group, we review games and provide information about how well they support 4:3 resolutions. Just updated today with a review for the #Quake2 remaster!

#steam #crtgaming #crt #retrogaming #retrocomputing #throwbackthursday

Bennett McIntosh
2 months ago

#WIpol / #Wisconsin folks, Sen. Baldwin is a co-sponsor on this awful bill, so call her know to tell her to drop her sponsorship of #KOSA

As @eff says, "The government should not have the power to decide what topics are 'safe' online for young people, and to force services to remove and block access to anything that might be considered unsafe for children. This isn’t safety—it’s censorship."

This is especially true at a time when states are declaring that the existence of #LGBTQ people, facts from #BlackHistory & #CRT, and other forms of political dissent are unsafe for children.

Bloop Museum
2 months ago

Our #Japan exhibit has a lovely new Toshiba Blackstripe! Thank you for the donation, Josh! #CRT #retrogaming #retrogames

A picture of a Sega SG-1000 next to a Nintendo Famicom, both with keyboards and Basic cartridges, surrounded by other ephemera, and an Orange CRT TV smack dab in the middle.
2 months ago

#CRT gang

LCD: Set it down carefully so you don't break the TV

CRT: Set it down carefully so you don't break the table
Damian Yerrick
3 months ago

@eevee So how do we reinvent the #CRT monitor so that #LightGun games 📺🔫 will work again? I wanna shoot me some ducks 🦆🔫🐶

Philip N Cohen
3 months ago

This essay is part of a compilation available as a free ebook from Haymarket
#BlackHistory #BLM #CRT #OER #OpenAccess

Dave Johnson
3 months ago

The reason Republicans go after trans people, CRT, etc is they have professionals who have done polling & focus groups & examined the psychology telling them there are effective targets.

As with everything they do, the goal is to get the public to move power to them so they can use that power to benefit their benefactors.

Tax cuts, get kill regulations that protect the public but impede profits, privatize public goods, etc.

This is why they do it.

#Republicans #power #trans #crt

MugsysRapSheet Blog ☑️
3 months ago

These evil racist F#&ks ❤️ their buzzwords:

#CRT whip up their terrified hoards into a panic. 🤬

4 months ago

First they came for the immigrants.
Then they came for the books.
Then they came for the drag queens.
Then they came for anyone non-white.

#Furries #Immigration #Drag #CRT #GOPShite #MAGA #TheYoungTurks #Florida #AsUsual

Messin' and playing around with new tools.
Groovy... :blobcatrainbow:

@GIMP @gmic #gimp #gmic #natron #opensource #cyberpunk #glitchart #crt #analog

Checkerboard pattern being distorted and pushed in a CRT TV frame.
Democracy Matters :verified:
4 months ago

Moms for Liberty, a nonprofit claiming to advocate for “parental rights,” appears to be using parents as pawns to advance a far-right agenda. The group advocates to strip districts of protective COVID-19 measures and modify classroom curriculum to exclude the teaching of “critical race theory” (CRT) and sex education, all in the name of “parental rights.” #MomsForLiberty #GOPTerrorism #GOPBookBans #CRT #VoteBlueIfYouWantToLive

Unmasking Moms for Liberty 12-NOV-2021

Dave Johnson
4 months ago

The reason Republicans go after trans people, CRT, etc is they have professionals who have done polling & focus groups & examined the psychology telling them there are effective targets.

As with everything they do, the goal is to get the public to move power to them so they can use that power to benefit their benefactors.

Tax cuts, get kill regulations that protect the public but impede profits, privatize public goods, etc.

This is why they do it.

#Republicans #power #trans #crt

Testing out a few new/updated cores since I used it last. :)

#MiSTerFGPA #CRT #RetroGaming

Undercover Cops, showcasing the new Item M72 core.
TMNT: The Arcade Game. This core is still pretty rough (especially audio), but playable! :)
The title screen for Twisted Metal 2, showcasing the PSX core.
Another shot from Twisted Metal 2.
5 months ago

Alright #retrocomputing #nerds I come to you again with a #technical question.

I've got a #raspberrypi hooked up to an old #crt monitor. After messing with the #hdmi settings in the config.txt, the boot screen and the rainbow screen show up as expected. However, once it tries to load the command line, the screen freaks. The closest it gets to "working" is with all the default values, but as you can see the screen is torn and shown in triplicate.

Any ideas, friends?

a video showing a raspberry pi not booting correctly and the screen going wonky.
running under the default configuration of config.txt
Jennie Kermode
5 months ago

Here's my latest piece for Bylines, on why Kemi Badenoch's recent meeting with Ron DeSantis has worried the LGBTQ+ community #lgbtq #abortion #CRT #Florida

Nora "repne scasw" Tindall
5 months ago

DEEP FOCUS - constant lofi beats playing in my room courtesy of the Chillvillage Youtube channel, my old Chromebit, and my even older portable monochrome TV.

[ #digitalphotography #photography #retrotech #crt #television #lofi #queerlib #keyboard ]

A COBY portable CRT television on a wooden shelf playing CHILLVILLAGE Deep Focus via Youtube. To the left is a queer lib poster; to the right is a keyboard with RGB keys, lit up in trans colors.
Dr Sipho Morrison
5 months ago

According to #CriticalRaceTheory, racism is normal.

It is embedded in our everyday lives and lurks within everyday practices and cultural behaviour patterns. It is not just about overt hostility by extremists.
It sustains white supremacy and is often unnoticed by well-intentioned individuals.

#CRT #Racism #BLM #BlackMastodon #BlackLivesMatter