A service our nonprofit has been using for years ( is shutting down.

This service curated articles & media about selected topics which we could then use to populate an online newsletter. We also were able to embed that newsletter in a frame on our primary website.

Any suggestions about comparable services? Thanks for any feedback.

#Nonprofit #Curation #Marketing

4 days ago

For today's #FollowFriday we recommend curators: people with a knack for finding the best content.

@mariapopova — "Curator of interestingness" & creator of Brain Pickings.

@Sheril — Curator of stories of diverse trailblazers in science & the arts. Host of PBS Serving Up Science.

@miaq — Curator of creators & maker of "The Art of Curation" podcast

@KaSaPo — Travel photographer who boosts other photographers.

@janettespeyer — Curator of travel, food, art & history stories.


Dave Mackey
4 days ago

1/ so I'm working on a toy #SearchEngine as the next step in the larger vision to upend #search I've set out here:

I've decided to limit the engine's size by only including hand selected sites.

I have added a small number of sites to the seed list that can be found here:

I'd welcome #contributions!

Please see next post for details on contributing.

#curation #curated #web #OpenSource

Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
1 week ago

sharing this here one last time before letting it vanish into the social media void forever…
Indie Games and the promise of better spaces
“For being game designers, it sometimes feels like our reliance on social media makes us blind to how it is designed.
Can we dream of better? What would that look like?”
#writing #curation #IndieGame #IndieGames #SocialMedia

A collection of screenshots featuring art from some of the games discussed in this post.
E. Ardincaple
1 week ago

Zulie Rane's interview with @breana and @scott is a must-watch for anyone curious about what the new #boost means for @medium stories! ✍️ 📈

#Medium #MediumWriters #Curation #Writing #Publishing #Boosting

Greg Lloyd
1 week ago

@shoq I agree with @carlrj’s summary of Slashdot’s model for level clipping distributed curation — as well as Slashdot distributed moderation discussed in the 🧵

I’m also puzzled by why no one seems to build on Slashdot experience for distributed curation, moderation, and karma. It seems to cover the bases with a troll resistant model that’s scalable.

#slashdot #curation #moderation

Mia Q.
1 week ago

Flipped my latest #Substack post into the Mia's Queue Magazine:

Each newsletter is an interview with an 'ordinary person with extraordinary taste.' In "#5: Eva," meet Flipboard's #curator in #spain, who is also one of Spain's top cabin experts and has an incredible eye for design.

If you love cabincore, colorful interiors and award-worthy media, this one's for you!

#travel #design #curation #tattoos

Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
2 weeks ago

i posted my latest piece to my itch blog too so now you can read it there as well because @itchio is cool 🆒😎

Indie Games and the promise of better spaces

“What I love the most about the indie game community is its willingness to explore newer concepts.
By now there are so many examples of kind online worlds.”

#SocialMedia #IndieGames #IndieGame #Writing #Curation #Blog

Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
2 weeks ago

i just published a new post talking about social media and the hope of kinder social spaces in the game industry & indie game scene...
✨ Indie Games and the promise of better spaces:
"For being game designers, it sometimes feels like our reliance on social media makes us blind to how it is designed.
Can we dream of better? What would that look like?"

#writing #curation #IndieGame #IndieGames #Games #blog

A collection of thumbnails from the games being discussed in the post.
Mia Q.
2 weeks ago

I'm currently booking guests for season 4 for "The Art of Curation" #podcast for @Flipboard, about the role of human taste in a tech-driven world. Any requests?

So far I've got curators from Blinkist, Substack and the Baltimore Museum of Art (one of the security guards who curated an exhibit).

What angles on #curation would you like to hear about?

Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
2 weeks ago

sharing this one last time here…
the Queer Games Bundle is open for signups again AND it is on its third year!
if you qualify please consider submitting your work:
it is a beautiful initiative to generate support for LGBTQIA++♥️ artists during pride month. it has been a wonderful thing to be part of in the past.
boosts appreciated to help spread the word!

#IndieGames #QueerGames #IndieGame #Art #Curation #Games #LGBTQ

Christel van der Boom
2 weeks ago

@Flipboard @danhon @natbas @pierce

Dan, can I nominate @miaq for the title "DJ for your timeline." She is one of the best content curators in the industry, always finds the best stories and knows how to mix it up.


Curated Climate News
2 weeks ago

I am just about to turn my attention to importing additional trusted mastodon feeds. They do not have to be about climate change. Can you recommend anyone?

Big bonus points, if they are covering a topic which the MSM censors, are focused on a single topic, toot a nice description with each single recommended url, and use the hashtags my site knows about.

#curation #mastodon #censorship #category /#slashtag

In reply to @hamishcampbell
Great to hear from you.

An image of part of the Uncensored News taxonomy.
Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
2 weeks ago

The Queer Games Bundle 2023 is open for signup again:
“We have one goal: support queer artists by selling a bundle during pride month. All funds will be distributed equally between participants.”

~ this is a beautiful initiative that’s been successful in the past. it’s an epic bundle and i’m grateful that it’s on its third run!
please help spread the word and sign up if you qualify!

#IndieGames #QueerGames #IndieGame #Art #Curation #Games

Curated Climate News
3 weeks ago

The first 3 climate news curators are dong a great job, but there is still the issue of categorizing content.

My tools for categorizing content are now much improved. Here is the collection of articles on greenwashing, organized by most recent first.
#greenwashing #curation #category

@Snoro @empiricism @takvera

5 outils qui permettent d'annoter des pages Web le plus simplement du monde. La plupart d'entre eux sont gratuits.
#tice #curation

Curated Climate News
3 weeks ago

Importing feeds from Mastodon curators works much much better now. Toots and articles are imported separately. Images are imported. Multiple urls are allowed. Articles can be imported to a specific /#category. Articles can be sorted into categories. Hashtags and mentions are handled correctly. Curators can flag articles with #red or #yellow. Foreign languages are removed. Links to Mastodon posts are ignored. No self promotion.
+ Lots more!

Curated Climate News
3 weeks ago

Okay, I think importing curators feeds is now working properly.

I just reimported your feed, as I read your bio, I see that you are using Most interesting. I often see them.

If you want we could create a custom domain name, say, with all of your recommended links. It would look like this.

Of course the URL would be just

I am happy to make most any other changes you wish.


Chris White
3 weeks ago


I teach an #introductory course to #dinosaurs in #EnvironmentalScience at #UMassBoston each spring.

I would be thrilled to host virtual or corporeal #guest #lecturers on subjects including #fossil preparation, reconstruction, dinosaurs in culture, #curation of fossils, et cetera. ½ hr to 50 minutes?

UMB is the only public research university in #Boston. We are diverse with ca. 40% first generation college students and 70% of undergraduate students being people of color.


4 weeks ago

#Design #Development #Launches · The curated page for WordPress professionals and the community

#WordPress #CMS #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #SocialMedia #News #RSS #Aggregation #Curation

1 month ago

#Curation de contenu : 6 chiffres clés et 3 outils indispensables en 2023 !

59% des marketeurs B2B ont publié leur contenu sous forme d’e-books ou de white papers. Les infographies ont aussi la cote !

Hi I am trying to build my #Medium #blog to over 100 followers. If you are interested in reading about #PerformanceArt #queer things #phenomenology #art #VisualArt #trans + #NonBinary lived experience and #Curation and other random bits n bobs :bob_ross: (not that one) then please #follow me! (I don't post loads so I won't overwhelm you): Thank you :heart_sp_trans: :heart_sp_nb: :heart_sp_pan: :bowie_stardust: :ablobcatrave:

As an online art enthusiast, I'm turning increasingly luddite on AI-generated drawings and text. There's a huge curation problem coming, not to mention a skills gap in the world's need for critical media literacy. The cost of producing bull poop is coming down rapidly without the accompanying rise in filtering tools to compensate

I think there are also opportunities for startups and technological solutions for curation that are not there today

#ai #curation

1 month ago

instructors: Jennifer Cohlman Bracchi & Vanessa Haight Smith

#curation #display #exhibitions #exhibitionstand #exhibitiondesign #bookhistory #paperhistory #bookconservation #libraries #archives #museums #galleries #primarysources #rarematerials #specialcollections #teachingandlearning

Jane Adams
1 month ago

THANK YOU to everyone who came to @btvcityarts this weekend to see "Co-Created: The Artist in the Age of Intelligent Machines" 🥰 The "Latent Walk Prism" will be on display beside some really incredible works by fellow artists through May. #GenArt #Sculpture #NewMedia #AIart #AIethics #HCI #Art #Creativity #GenerativeArt #AI #ML #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #WomeninSTEM #Curation #Sculpture #Vermont #Massachusetts

Woman stands smiling between a long scroll hanging from a wall and an illuminated blue and green sculpture on a pedestal
Blue and green layered translucent sculpture showing land masses suspended in water illuminated from below, on a marble pedestal surrounded by coiled scroll of small text on receipt paper.
Blue and green layered translucent sculpture showing land masses suspended in water illuminated from below, on a marble pedestal surrounded by coiled scroll of small text on receipt paper.
Close up photograph of scroll of credits coiled and piled on the floor at the base of a sculpture
1 month ago

Esprit critique : Comment retrouver une profondeur d’analyse ?
La synthèse de la table ronde du 16/01/23 est disponible au format PDF

#Veille #IE #IntelligenceEconomique #EspritCritique #Analyse #Journalisme #Curation Ali Laïdi, Frédérique Jeske , Patrick BUSQUET , @jeromebondu ,@MickaelReault

The precise curatorial work of one of our undergraduate student assistants. 💜🪲🥹
(Yes, we are leaving space to accommodate the barcode labels that will be added to each specimen at the time of digitization).
*Coleoptera: Staphylinidae.
#beetlecuration #curation #collections #museums #NaturalHistoryCollections

Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
1 month ago

i wrote about game jams, and musings on game design...
Celebrating some beautiful jam games <3
"It's that feeling of seeing a game for the very first time that reminds me of why I love them so much.
The art of designing interaction is full of beautiful misunderstandings."
#IndieGames #IndieGame #GameDev #games #curation

Jane Adams
1 month ago

THIS FRIDAY we hope you'll join us at Burlington City Arts for the opening of "Co-Created: The Artist in the Age of Intelligent Machines"

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: @janeadams, @Memotv, Minne Atairu, Lapo Frati, Jenn Karson, Mauro Martino, Casey Reas, and Jason Rohrer

#design #learning #data #future #creative #machinelearning #creativity #algorithms #artist #neuralnetworks #newmedia #curation #arts #generativeart #ai #artificialintelligence #inspiration #creation #sculpture #technology #vermont #btv

Poster showing biomorphic design of pink nodes connected on a purple canvas with the title "Co-Created: The Artist in the Age of Intelligent Machines" surrounded by the names Jane Adams, Memo Akten, Minne Atairu, Lapo Frati, Jenn Karson, Mauro Martino, Casey Reas, and Jason Rohrer. Logo underneath: BCA Center. February 10 through May 6, 2023.

@Homebrewandhacking I am using #Misskey for #Curation due to its custom timeline features (called “Antennas”) that allow me to differentiate between those I follow.

#️⃣ #Mastodon #MastodonCuration

1 month ago

I need to rethink how - my open-source hobby project of last couple of years - should evolve.

At its core, it's a curated dataset. A key question is: Who does the curation?

- If I do it myself, it's too expensive.
- If it's crowdsourced, handling spam and abuse is too expensive.
- If an algorithm does it, quality suffers.

But more importantly, is it even useful?

Interesting in hearing what people think.

#education #learning #opensource #community #curation #edtech

Vicky Rampin (née Steeves)
2 months ago

The priority deadline has passed but you can STILL APPLY to be one of two Research #Curation #Librarians at NYU Data Services (my department!)

This job is all about curating data, software, whatever is being created during research! can't be fully remote, so sorry, BUT hybrid friendly

🔗 apply ASAP:

Benoit Vigour
2 months ago

Environnements d’apprentissage exploratoire, Assistants d’apprentissage tout au long de la vie assistés par l’IA,IAEd au service de l’enseignant, Détection du #plagiat, #curation intelligente des ressources pédagogiques, Surveillance de la classe, Évaluation sommative 3/4

2 months ago
Jos Schuurmans (EN)
2 months ago

@terrie @judell

"(...) But I’m no longer employed in the attention economy. I just want to hang out online with people whose words and pictures and ideas intrigue and inspire and delight me, and who might feel similarly about my words and pictures and ideas. There are thousands of such people in the world, not millions. (...)"

#AttentionEconomy #curation

icymi… i put together a curation of zines! they are each special in their own way ✨
most of them run in the browser (digital zines! yay!) and many you can print & fold yourself.
enjoy these beautiful bite sized pieces of literature! 💕😎✂️📝✨
#zine #zines #DigitalZine #WebZine #curation #art #literature

Jos Schuurmans (EN)
2 months ago

Internet Horrified by CNET Secretively Publishing Articles Written by an AI | Futurism / Frank Landymore

“(...) The articles in question were pushed out under the byline of "CNET Money Staff," a wording that clearly seems to imply that human writers are its primary authors. They are not. (...)

That's a pretty shifty way of making a disclosure, (...).

#AI #AIinJournalism #journalism #curation #CNET #ChatGPT #GPT-3

Sho Ishiguro, PhD
2 months ago

Posts on a Mastodon timeline are sorted in chronological order, new to old. I think algorithmic curation (e.g., highlighting popular posts) is acceptable as long as it's open source and testable.

#Fediview, which uses an open source algorithm, can selectively display popular posts from your Mastodon timeline based on posts' boosts and favorites.

Kudos to the developer, @adamghill

#OpenSource #Algorithm #Curation

nickynicolson 🌱
2 months ago

📢 Join us & drive forward the #Kew #herbarium digitisation project - roles in #SoftwareDevelopment #ITSupport #DataManagement #Curation and #CitizenScience are available.
Kew holds 8.5 million plant & fungal specimens, we're imaging these, creating structured metadata & mobilising to support many different kinds of research... See how the current set of digitised data has been mobilised to @gbif network & cited in peer reviewed research:
Pls RT!

Two researchers examine a set of herbarium specimens laid out on a working bench in the Kew herbarium. The background shows specimen bundles & 3 levels of specimen storage.
Japanned Steve McCarty
2 months ago

#Curation can be enjoyable, backing up publications in #research #repositories. Although I haven't ever paid, somehow followers have soared over 700 on
"Online Education as a Discipline" has over 6,000 views at and 15 recommendations somehow at
This short paper explains what a discipline is, then goes deeply into international and interdisciplinary issues of online education as an academic discipline.

How about joining the 🦣 group @OnlineEducation (like you follow someone, then you receive or share posts with that address)?

#OnlineLearning #OnlineTeaching #DistanceEducation #OnlineEducation #BlendedLearning #podcasting #EducationalTechnology #EdTech #openedtech #OpenEducation #OpenAccess #OER #Education #HigherEducation #HigherEd #AcademicMastodon #AcademicFedi #AcademicToots #ScholarlyCommunications

@edutooter @academicchatter
@mbrownz @AlejandraPickett @JoseMarichal

Torsten Kathke
3 months ago

Out now!

Juliane Tomann, Mirko Uhlig and I edited an International Public History special issue on “Curation as a Social Practice” (or counter curation as we've come to call it for short).

Some of it, including our introduction, is available completely free and open access:

#publichistory #curation #history #internationalpublichistory #countercuration #histodons @histodons

Dave Mackey
3 months ago

5/ Okay, great, so you can make money by improving #SearchEngine results. But even if this happens - won't the rewards go to experts in various fields? Won't it be the professionals who reap the rewards? Yes and no.

We have seen with #Wikipedia that great contributions can come from individuals without #TraditionalExpertise in a field.

Individuals who are willing to research and who have the time to research could create quality #curation.

3 months ago

@Br3nda ‘tis the trouble with many implementations - there’s a long way between suitable for general audiences (project it on TV screensaver background) and NSFW and full on CW. Still my vote for #community #curation

it's kat!
3 months ago

it's brilliant reading posts by people who are falling in love with #mastodon & its beautifully thriving ecosystem...but it's no dinner party. it's a fucking rave, man.
#welcome #curation #fridayFreedom #algorithmicJustice

3 months ago

I love this point “The key challenge, he claimed was to “create an environment that’s intellectually satisfying—and not in a snobbish way, but in the sense of feeding your mind.”


Also wondering when Ted Gila is going to make his way over here.

3 months ago

Illustration Link · A starting point to find quality illustrations for your projects

#design #resources
#webdesign #content #GraphicDesign #illustration #HeroImage #vector #image #avatar #people #curation

Thinking about the artists that now have to find and grow their audience again, who lost key nodes that gave them professional access. The friction on audience growth, on increased density of the social graph, definitely makes making a living more difficult for artists.

It highlights that all the complex #curation and #recommendation #algorithms of the more corporate social media is ideal for commercial spaces and for business. Yes, even under those use cases they are problems, of course, since they also incentivize data harvesting that can lead to privacy invasion. But if we restrict the scope to #commerce or #business, those algorithms *at least* address a real market problem even if its at the cost of privacy.

The issue is that corporate social media tried apply the solution to a town square, as a consequence of their business model. While some users on the "town square" had commercial interests, it was not enough to benefit these commercial interests--that is drive up *relative* engagement--but also to increase the absolute level of engagement, i.e. drive up the level of participation on the platform itself. As a result, it disempowered users by outsourcing rather than facilitating curation and by favoring private recommendations over community curation.

Corporate social media has been a huge mistake, but I do think there are still public uses for big data and maybe ways to democratize algorithmic curation, and set up the right kind of semi-porous barrier between commercial and non-commercial UX.

Torsten Kathke
3 months ago

Opens advent calendar door:

Juliane Tomann, Mirko Uhlig and I edited an International Public History special issue on “Curation as a Social Practice” (or counter curation as we've come to call it for short).

Our introduction and one paper are available open access ahead of print:…

#publichistory #curation #countercuration #histodons @histodons

Vicky Rampin (née Steeves)
3 months ago


I'm so psyched that we get to hire TWO (2!) folks into the Research #Curation #Librarian position at NYU Data Services (my department in the library)

This job is all about curating data, software, whatever is being created during research! can't be fully remote, so sorry, BUT hybrid friendly.

🗓️due Jan 19
🔗 apply:

3 months ago

Ten years ago, I did a talk on the ethics of #curation vs. creation. (40,000 views and counting on across a few events on Slideshare!) I spoke about how "curating" content--the hot term then--through aggregation, organization, and commentary was a form of creation in itself. Exhibit designers, editors, and art directors have long created new experiences from existing material. But technology outpaces legislation and our ethical response to it.

Jos Schuurmans (EN)
4 months ago

Haha, yes there is! #curation #contentcuration #Nuzzel

4 months ago

Futurepedia · A searchable and categorized directory of helpful AI tools

#webbusiness #webdesign #webdevelopment #curation
#socialmedia #marketing #content #uidesign #image #video #code

💕 new itchio blog post! 🎉
i put together a curation of games made in "RPG in a Box" and talked about this wonderful game development tool. it's going to be on the Epic Store soon too. check it out!
"Exploring the beautiful worlds of games made with RPG in a Box (get it free December 1st through December 8th)" 👉

#IndieDev #IndieGames #RPGInABox #tool #curation #games

4 months ago

Please add your experience to this #poll. Enquiring minds want to know!

"My estimated ratio of original posts <vs> #commenting or #boosting posts of others is: ___"

*Sharing this post will improve the results, and you'll be notified when it's complete! Thank you!

#network #content #curation #fediverse #mastodon #information #SocialMedia

4 months ago

I'm trying to imagine what a federated curation network might look like... 🤔 #federation #fediverse #curation #activitypub

4 months ago

How do people curate stuff they discover online these days? What tools do you use? And how do you utilize and share what you curate? #curation

Museum of Portable Sound
4 months ago

Not sure what goes on here at the Museum of Portable Sound? Take two minutes to watch this video & find out what we’re all about!

We're an actual museum, just not like any you've ever visited before...and now we also conduct visits online!

Got questions? Ask away :)

#museum #museums #soundstudies #museumstudies #curation #listening #fieldrecording #phonography #video #aboutus #contactus #visitus

4 months ago

What about #media companies arriving in droves on #Mastodon: they’ve always capitalised on #negativity bias, could they abide to #cw? I had a look at French national paper @libe arrived on here on Nov 5: I first thought I’d seen a deliberate #curation around more #positive stories and then realised that wasn’t the case. Worse, there were zero #cw. Will #massmedia’s arrival on #Mastodon kill its ethos and heart by endlessly discharging hateful #news?

Ryan Cordell
4 months ago

Excited to share this tenure-track job at the UIUC iSchool in Digital #Archives, #Preservation, and/or #Curation, which I suspect many #digitalhumanities folks might find intriguing—you can message me with questions about that one (or the iSchool itself)

It’s one of 3 tenure track jobs we’re hiring for in #informationscience

Patrick Tanguay
11 months ago

Re-introduction. As the bio says, I’m an autodidact, generalist, and synthesist. I write Sentiers, a weekly newsletter for those who want to understand the world and imagine better futures, it’s even been called “the closest thing we now have to a ‘This week in futures’ newsletter.” My work usually has to do with curating and writing, with a fledgling practice in futures. #introduction #reintroduction #generalists #curation #newsletter #futures #solarpunk #cities