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Dark Sheep Arts
7 hours ago

And this morning's bit of art. I used someone else's render engine settings for once, and it doesn't look hugely different from my usual results, but I'm still quite happy with it.

#Cyberpunk #3DArt #Shadowrun #TTRPG #MastoArt

A white woman with a gun leans against a hover bike with a glowing, wheel like anti-gravity device on the back. She has a cybernetic arm and eye.
8 hours ago

Nekki revela tráiler de SPINE, juego de acción gun fu. Ambientado en un mundo cyberpunk, SPINE llegará a PC y consolas. Con combates cercanos y sistema de combate espectacular. #SPINE #Nekki #GunFu #Cyberpunk

Rule 34
9 hours ago

David Martinez, Rebecca from #Cyberpunk by Noiretox

Glen Malley
9 hours ago

Trying to get #Bing image creator to come up with #character designs for me and it's unfortunate that for the most part "#cyberpunk = katana" because I am having a really hard time getting the thing to generate any other kind of #sword.

12 hours ago

Alright, which #cyberpunk author prescripted Multidoru?

(It's like a #idoru #voltron )

Not shocked that it's #kiss
It was either gonna be them or #gwar
( #gorillaz seems somewhat redundant)

Jesse Miksic
14 hours ago

Seen some things

Was trying for a grizzled rogue ex-cop in a sort of cyberpunk post-noir world. Need to push my concept harder next time around.

#sketchbook #penAndInk #drawing #cyberpunk #illustration #traditionalArt #SciFiArt #MastoArt #ArtAdventCalendar

A pen and ink drawing of a tough-looking man with a mustache, wearing a cabby hat and a coat with its collar turned up. He has a few abstract symbols tattooed on his neck and the side of his face. A series of human silhouettes and a street light appear in the background.
Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
15 hours ago


Ah yeah, C'MON!!!
I'll take 20 copies to the Estados (mas o menos) Unidos, please.

🌊 🌊🏄‍♂️🌊🌊🏄‍♀️🌊 🌊

#Cyberpunk #VirtualZine #Zine #Alchemy #KennethAnger #CollageArt #Art #ArtFED

21 hours ago

#akira #cyberpunk motorcycle modeled in #blender

Colors inspired by the bike from Mospeada.

Used #geometrynodes for the outline and inner lines, which let me give them an adjustable profile.

#b3d #blender3d #anime

Cyberpunk/anime style motorcycle
23 hours ago

Indie Sci-Fi Film Freaks is Basically the Coolest X-Men Movie (That Isn’t Actually an X-Men Movie) #sciencefiction #scifi #art #scifiart #fantasy #space #cyberpunk

A man in a hairnet is choked while a hand holding a pen begins to stab his eyes.
eThanOS ☠️
1 day ago

A member of the #press in the close #cyberpunk future.

Don't know how deep I want to take this
#mini as I don't play the game.


#paintingminiatures #minipainting #fedipaint #cyberpunkred #dnd #warhammer #ttrpg #wip

1 day ago

I just found this and my jaw dropped. I wasnt aware you could simply #cyberpunk your car to be an Arasaka worker.
Now i need a car

Syn-ACK :facepalm:
1 day ago

In case you haven't been paying attention, the #cyberpunk dystopia is already here and in full swing, folks.


1 day ago

Last night's movie was Blade Runner ("More human than human, that is our motto"). God, that movie is so visually incredible. I see so many things that came after it in watching it. Had any films prior to that had that kind of look before? It's quintessential cyberpunk before anyone knew the term.

#movie #bluray #bladerunner #cyberpunk #dystopian

1 day ago

Zaczynam czytać. Nie, nigdy nie grałem w grę, a mimo wszystko to hype wokół niej dał mi impuls "a może sięgnę po książkę w wolnym czasie?". Tak działa cross-marketing :) i dobre IP
#cyberpunk #cyberpunk2077 #cdr #cdprojekt #ksiazka #ksiazki

Dreadful Sanity :heart_pan:
2 days ago

Valerie "Slice" Burton. Also known as the merc with the fine ass.

Blurred for booty.


V, photographed from the back to highlight her... rear, sitting on her bike.
Panda Bear :veripawed2:
2 days ago

#PennedPossibilities 150 — What inspired the idea for your WIP? (1/2)

For this question, I'll be mentioning my original WIP that I use for #WordWeavers, if only because it's something of MINE. It's called The City of Opulence. I'm in love with #cyberpunk work. I played #Cyberpunk2020 and #CyberpunkRED growing up. It's a genre I've always loved. Films, shows, games, all of it. It's influenced me over the years in my writing. The TTRPG's I mentioned were where Alexios was born. :cybre_heart_pink:

Alright, #BandcampFriday post for my peeps on the other side of the globe (yay, timezones!).

I have a new track out:
"Hackers" is a fun cyberpunk inspired little ditty, mixing synthwave with some post-dubstep vibes. Provided CC BY-NC-SA. :cc_cc:​:cc_by:​:cc_nc_eu:​:cc_sa:​
(If you want to use it in something, 3€+ gets you a lossless quality instrumental, under CC BY for less restrictive licensing :cc_cc:​:cc_by:)

:newl:​ Bandcamp link :newr:​

#bandcamp #music #newmusic #synthwave #cyberpunk

30 second clip of the song "Hackers".
A dark alley tinted with reddish neon lights, with a dark figure in the foreground.
Overlaid is a vector landscape grid, a VU meter and raindrops.
2 days ago

Out of bounds #cyberpunk #gieteczkowo

2 days ago

With subdermal armor she doesn’t even need to wear armor 😉😏 #wip #nsfw #oc #catgirl #ayane #cyberpunk #cyberpunkred

🌈 Velladonna 🌈
2 days ago

I’m drawing Ayane my catgirl solo from a Cyberpunk Red campaign I’m in x3 She has removable cyber cat ears and tails, techhair, and a cat mask with low light/IR/UV vision x3 #wip #oc #art #ayane #catgirl #cyberpunk #cyberpunkred

Editors of a stock agency I'm working with thought this was an Ai art and rejected because of that reason. Ai scrapes the best material from the web to create it's images so does this mean I'm better than Ai ?!

#ChunLi #sf6_chunli #mastoart
#daz3d #daz3dart #daz3dstudio
#blender3d #blender #photoshop
#cyberpunk #cyborgart #femalecyborg

2 days ago

Zabawa z policją w Dogtown spoko. Szkoda że mam taki build że ich wszystkich rozwalam bez problemu na 5 levelu ściągania. Ale po za tym to spoko. #cyberpunk #giereczkowo

2 days ago

Hardcore Scifi Movie Memorabilia Auction - Come for the hoverboard, stay for the Ray Park "Darth Maul" Fighting Lightsaber Prop #scifi #sciencefiction #art #scifiart #fantasy #space #cyberpunk #starwars #disney #starwarsfan #darthvader #jedi #themandalorian

Back To The Future Part II | Michael J. Fox 'Marty McFly' Hoverboard Prop (With DVD)

Happy #BandcampFriday, I have new music!

"Hackers" is a fun little cyberpunk inspired synthwave-ey track, available for free licensed CC BY-NC-SA.
There's an instrumental version (FLAC/WAV/etc available for PWYW 3€+), which is licensed CC BY, for easier integration into other works.

🎶 Bandcamp page here 🎵

#bandcamp #music #newmusic #synthwave #cyberpunk

dark alley lit with red neon lights, a dark figure in the foreground
the word "HACKERS" is superimposed behind the figure in translucent light text

The upper left corner reads "Atari Testarossa - Hackers"
Mx. Kit O'Connell
3 days ago

This is an extremely good, classic #cyberpunk anthology now free for download.

#books @bookstodon

3 days ago

"It was so nice to catch up with everyone. What do you want to eat on the way home?"


"OR, we could get noodles?"


"You always pitch that, I want to eat something that doesn't come with a prion disease."


"You know, I've got a voucher for House of Meat."


"I knew you'd see sense."

-- Layla Jones, to her girlfriend Xu Wei, Swansea, 2086

#Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #3DArt #MastoArt #Tootfic #MicroFiction

An East Asian woman with white eyes and pure white skin has an affectionate hand on the arm and hand of a brown skinned, heavily tattooed woman who is putting an arm around her shoulder from behind, and has another hand resting on her stomach.

The darker skinned woman has a cybernetic arm and eye. Behind them, a pink lit overpass has a turn poster inside it.
Dark Sheep Arts
3 days ago
An East Asian woman with white eyes and pure white skin has an affectionate hand on the arm and hand of a brown skinned, heavily tattooed woman who is putting an arm around her shoulder from behind, and has another hand resting on her stomach.

The darker skinned woman has a cybernetic arm and eye. Behind them, a pink lit overpass has a turn poster inside it.
3 days ago

When it comes to OpenAI and ChatGPT we can't afford to roll the dice on the future of AI. Empathy can't be generated, bought, or faked. #futurology #art #technology #cyberpunk #innovation #change #futuretech #futurism

Single hand struggling to stay above water.

The next Red Fan page is up for my patrons and studio members to read!

*goes back to feral mode to finish another page before midnight*

#comics #cyberpunk #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #Gouache

A teaser panel for a comic page. it's a scene from a large livingroom with a fancy modern fireplace to the right. digital shards are flying away through the air while a character standing in the room says "Jag alskar dig"
Dark Sheep Arts
4 days ago

And I definitely think this is one of my best pieces of recent days, even if she looks more like an edgy cosplayer than a cyberpunk character!

#Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #MastoArt #3DArt

An East Asian woman in Goth clothes walks through a derelict room. She has twin pigtails and an assault rifle. 

Her arm and eye are cybernetic.
4 days ago

Kamikaze Webcomic Update! Ep. 4 Act 2 Page 16: "Fulcrum"

Some questions have answers which change lives, and not always for the better.


Kamikaze is a weekly post-apocalyptic cyberpunk-y adventure series! Find out more at

#comics #webcomics #scifi #cyberpunk

Page 16 from Episode 4 Act 2 of the Kamikaze webcomic.  Orson's question about an old arrest record opens up a traumatic memory for Markesha of herself and her father being violently separated by Halo Security Forces.  She refuses to answer Orson's question, instead asking about Orson's goals with the covert operation she's signed up to be a part of.

Pushing out comic pages before the month switches over :artsweats:

#Cyberpunk #RedFan #comics #comic #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #WorkInProgress

Part of a comic page in progress. There's a panel of a man in a black suit with black eyes.
4 days ago

Free as in beer #cyberpunk book for your cyberdeck?

#Mirrorshades edited by @bruces

Exploring more AI-generated graphics. This one took more work and involved SD and Photoshop (I definitely need to work on my light reflection skills - the green screen looks way out of place). I like the concept. This is closer to what I had in mind.

#cyberpunk #future #aiart #scifi

In my inbox today: new beautiful #cyberpunk patches from
Now I need to add Velcro and put them on my bags 😇

Two cyberpunk patches : Black Ice Cowboy & Flatline Runner.
6 days ago

This also goes to the 'first wave #cyberpunk' vs 'commercialized cyberpunk' discussions that periodically crop up. 1st wave #cyberpunks deeply internalized that idea, that the rich would use tech to get richer. They were all of an age & out of a space where suspicion of the establishment (& what's more establishment than tech?) was valorized.

Panda Bear :veripawed2:
1 week ago

#WordWeavers 11.27 — At what point during the writing of your WIP do you know what the last line is going to be?

I haven't come to that point yet for The City of Opulence, a #cyberpunk / #SFF novel. I will say, however, that it was different for every WIP of mine. The moment you realize it, when it hits you, it will be random. No two experiences will ever be the same. Thoughts come to us in a myriad of different ways. Sometimes it's a line, maybe just a quote, but all at the oddest of moments.

Yoni Den
1 week ago
Aunt Thirteen is a Yoni Den side project.

The debut EP release was "Pentagon Dreams"

Inspired by cyberpunk retrotopias, this is street level tech driving music for getting iced on the verse to.

Burn out your ports to the synthetic vibes.

Here are some #BandCampCodes


These can be redeemed here:

I hope you will enjoy!
Much Love!

#Music #ElectronicMusic #YumCodes #Synth #CyberPunk #Dub #Beat

Joscelyn Transpiring
1 week ago

Decided to do some #cyberpunk inspired nails yesterday 😎💅🏻

#NailArt #Nails

Fingers with different gold on black designs: a pixel skull with "game over" underneath, pixelated hearts, and an abstract design
My thumb with gold on black nail polish design of vaporware sun over geometric mountains
Gold on black nail polish of ones and zeros and a circuitboard
Gold on black nail polish of game controllers with a black heart in the middle
1 week ago

If you're looking for an indie scifi comic series this holiday season, we'd love it if you'd give Kamikaze a shot!

We're a woman-owned, 3 person comics & animation company, and we've been making this wild post-apocalyptic cyberpunk-y adventure since 2015.

You can learn more at or you can visit our online book shop through the link in our profile! We have 3 graphic novels, a guest anthology, and more!

#SmallBusinessSaturday #scifi #bookstodon #cyberpunk #comics

Digital illustration of the character Kamikaze, masked and looking over her shoulder. Her gravity pack is active, casting out ripples of light. Behind her a lightning bolt crackles.
Deniz Opal
1 week ago

Tributes to Metropolis (1927) within Bladerunner (1982) both movies giants of their era, revolutionizing cinema, esthetics, and story telling.

#scifi #cyberpunk #movies #moviestodon #oncinema #OCATC #PopcornClassic #FiveBags #AndALittleAndroid


Comparing scenes between movies.

Man reads a paper
A retina shot
Inventor and Android
Screen projected atop a building.
neuroknives :knife_nb:
1 week ago

Hello, I am also doing the Creator Day Sale

You can get two EPs and a zine about cyberpunk and anarchism that I made a while ago at a total reduced price of $3! :)

#itch #creatorday #sale #selfpromo #music #cyberpunk

1 week ago

@neil It's bad enough that many #solarpunk fans (I've been going down that rabbit hole lately) assume that #cyberpunk was mean to be aspirational .

As a longtime cyberpunk aficionado, I an assure you all that this was the future we were afraid of--and rightly so.

2 weeks ago

"I have cochlear implants and I can only buy parts to fix them or upgrade then from 1 #corporation bc of tech exclusivity. upgrades to get new processors for both ears cost $23k & insurance only covers 90% (and it’s “good” insurance)"

#Cyberpunk #dystopia is already here for the disabled.

#classwar #eattherich #ausgov #auspol #tasgov #taspol #politas

"I have cochlear implants and I can only buy parts to fix them or upgrade then from 1 corporation bc of tech exclusivity. upgrades to get new processors for both ears cost $23k & insurance only covers 90% (and it’s “good” insurance)"

Cyberpunk dystopia is already here for the disabled.
Alexander Shendi
2 weeks ago

@cstross @grumpybozo

Now that we have "classic" #cyberpunk, will we get #warhammer40k next?

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Stumbled across the solar protocol, a protocol that routes requests through a network of solar powered nodes depending on which server had power available at the time.

Like something straight out of a Cory Doctorow-novel.

#smallnet #permacomputing #solarpunk #cyberpunk

kit yetts
2 weeks ago

love all the thinking about cyberpunk here, today.

it's got me wanting to reread ren warom's excellent post-cyberpunk ESCAPOLOGY duology, with a more critical/theory lens.

(i'm calling it post-cyberrpunk because...i'm not sure i could classify the duology as noir? but that's also part of why i need to reread them with a critical lens.)


ESCAPOLOGY by ren warom. cover blurb reads: "if you love cyberpunk, you will adore this." - starburst
VIROLOGY by ren warom. cover blurb reads "a deeply immersive and thrilling trip into a terrifying future" - emma newman, author of PLANETFALL, on ESCAPOLOGY

If they're just going to let us waltz right in... There are new Crossed Wires comic pages live on and!

#crossedwires #cyberpunk #webcomic #comics #irisjay #hackers #techindustry #cyberspace #vr #queer #furry

An ad for Crossed Wires 03.169! Featuring hackers Anakonda and R1pt1de.
An ad for Crossed Wires 03.169! Featuring hackers Anakonda and R1pt1de.
brad m
3 weeks ago

"Did you ever wonder why the 21st century feels like we're living in a bad #cyberpunk novel from the 1980s?” by @cstross

#SiliconValley ideology quietly admits (its) #freedom is not compatible with (our) #democracy
"#Longtermism grabs attention back from people being harmed, who were beginning to make too much noise” by @mariafarrell

#sciencefiction #billionaires #effectivealtruism #tescreal #authoritarianism

Alexander Hay
3 weeks ago


It's available now via #KickStarter. BuyBuyBuy! And perhaps my Capslock key will stop malfunctioning!

#WritersCommunity #WritersNews #Writers #PublicationNews #SciFi #Cyberpunk #Fiction #Apex

The front cover of "Strange Machines: An Anthology of Dark User Manuals", by Apex Publishing, and edited by Marissa Van Uden.

The border and font are both futuristic, 'industrial sci-fi' in look, giving a suitably ragged, cyberpunk-like look. The font colour is either light blue or, in the subtitle's case, white on light blue.

The highly detailed cover art features a robotic woman holding an NES controller, which has 'MIND CONTROL' scrawled over it in red graffiti. She looks like she may be a pilot, via the flight cap and goggles she is wearing, but she is also festooned with all manner of junk and colourful wires, and looks like she has to fix herself with anything she can lay her robo-hands on, including a sticking plaster. She has also scribbled over herself with electric pink and white graffiti, including warrior lines on her face. She is wearing trousers, held up with a belt. Its brass, rectangular buckle has '1984' scribbled on it.

She looks at us, as if she is breaking the first wall. Her expression is somewhere between mild derision and a wry smile. If you look closely, her eyes have irises using the same shade of light blue, and stars for pupils.

The artist is Manuel Regalado. Its title is B.E.L.E., which is presumably Ms. Robot's name. 

The overall design is care of Mikio Murakami, at Silent Q Design.
3 weeks ago

"Waiting for Lucy"

Also made this scene last night, still very much work in progress

Think im gonna animate it according to the song or something 🤔

Suggestions are welcome!

#React #ThreeJS #Cyberpunk

"Moon braindance" with David standing and waiting on the moon
Peter Amthor
3 weeks ago

The amazing system agnostic #cyberpunk sourcebook "Augmented Reality" is now available in print via POD over on DrivethruRPG. I cannot recommend this book enough for GM's that need a little inspiration every now and then. #ttrpg

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
3 weeks ago

New blog post is up, titled "Solarpunk is people! - notes on a generic visual identity" by @arielkroon
Solarpunk has a contested visual identity - or rather, it doesn’t have one at all, compared to cyberpunk’s cohesive vision of Brutalist buildings. That’s a problem, but one worth exploring.

#solarpunk #solarpunkPresentsPodcast #solarpunkPresents#blog #cyberpunk #brutalismArchitecture #sovietArchitecture #brutalistArchitecture #community #aesthetic #identity #visualdesign

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
3 weeks ago

Sounds good! 💸

Photo of the Cyberpunk "No Coincidence" book.
3 weeks ago

Le #VendrediLecture est une novella de #cyberpunk à l'écriture très belle, mais très étrange. @rmd avait raison, pas sure du tout que l'autrice soit ma came en fait. Notons que @avec2l a fait un magnifique boulot pour restituer la poésie du texte. #MastoLivre

Une rose faite de plastique transparent et de fil électrique avec un homme chutant pris dans les fils, sur fond verdâtre.

Couverture de Rose/House d'Arkady Martine aux Nouveaux Millénaires
Panda Bear :veripawed2:
3 weeks ago

#WordWeavers 11.10 — Do your characters eat any unusual food?

I love this question.

My story is a #SFF / #cyberpunk one, so the answer would of course be yes. A lot of meat is synthetic. On Citune, the inhabitants have found ways to synthetically produce or create meat without ever having to murder innocent farm animals. Citune has a varied mix of cultures and species, and from that comes an array of cuisines. They have a variety of liquor as well. Alexios adores Ab-synth. It's his go-to.

Dark Sheep Arts
4 weeks ago

And today's bit of work. I'm quite happy with this one -- I got the luminosity layer out again, and I think it's made a difference in depicting the curves (and smoothing the transitions between different colours of light.)

#Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #3DArt #MastoArt

A white woman with close cut red hair turns backwards towards the camera, holding a knife in one hand and a gun in the other. She is heavily cybernetic, with two cyber arms of different styles, a chrome spine outside of her skin, and cybernetic eyes.
James Bartlett :terminal:
4 weeks ago

I just finished reading my 100th book for the #2023ReadingChallenge! What should I read next? I prefer #history, #biography, #scifi, #fantasy, #cyberpunk, and #mystery.

Panda Bear :veripawed2:
1 month ago

#WordWeavers 11.4 — Do films or theatre play a role in your story?

Films, maybe. It's a #SFF / #cyberpunk universe that I'm working on. It's an original story set on an original planet, and therefore everything within that universe is new and different. Theatre and films don't really play that huge of a role for the plot. Maybe Alexios will go to the cinema and see a film, but that's about it.

Now, if we were talking about my stories for The Hour, it would be a yes for both. Also music, too.

Dark Sheep Arts
1 month ago

And a comparatively rare spicy picture. I might mess around with it a bit more, but I wanted to get it done before an appointment this evening.

#Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #3DArt #MastoArt

An East Asian Woman in black lingerie crawling towards the camera in a provocative way. She has a cybernetic arm and leg, and a cybernetic eye.