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After 30 years of riding a helmet I found out last year why you *have* to wear a helmet when biking. A "stupid" fall that I wouldn't have thought too much of normally happened to have my head slide across a rock that was sticking out, and split and sliced my helmet.

Seeing everybody in Strasbourg ride without a helmet gave me anxiety. You don't fall until you fall / get struck.


3 hours ago

Snuck in a cheeky 50min sweet spot sesh #Zwift #cycling

A screenshot of a virtual rider on the Zwift cycling platform surrounded by trailing data points.
4 hours ago

in a (probably silly) drunken evening i decided to cycle down the west coast in the of middle winter. I have done minimal preparation, and will have to rely on inherent confidence to ensure I can complete it. what could possibly go wrong #cycling #winter #boozedecisions

Kenneth Brandt 🤘
5 hours ago

Monday evening workout. Stationary bike at #LifetimeFitness. Normally, I ride a recline bike. Tonight, I tried a more traditional stationary bike. I think I prefer the recline bike. I did not like the angle of the pedals relative to the seat. I did a lot of work today outside. that might also explain some of the less than stellar results tonight. But the good news is I went to the gym and rode bike for an hour. #FitBy60 #Fitness #Cycling

Almost a decade ago, I visited the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and came across their bike exhibition. It was advocating for better bike infrastructures and was so thoroughly impressed of past photos and actual physical examples of former mail carrying bikes! Apologies for the crap photos, not the best phone I had back then.

#biking #bike #bikeculture #cycling

Diagram of how many people we can move down the street with multimodal transit vs just cars and sidewalks.
How most traffic engineers see your city, which is dedicated to cars, when they should be envisioning multimodal systems that integrate cars.
Old royal mail bike carriers.

now combo stacked to #amateurradio #bbq #tandem #cycling

8 hours ago

Well, in the end I hardly watched any of this year’s #Giro, but I don’t think I missed much.

The next big one will be #LeTour. Hopefully that’ll have some drama!


Carl Johnson
9 hours ago

Very short and unclimby ride today – though with a bracing wind on top of the hills, it still felt pretty tough at times. Rode to meet my wife and then we did some trails north of here for a few extra km. The little touristy village we went to visit was pretty much abandoned for the holiday, which was a surprise, but so it goes.

#cycling #bicycling #BikeTooter #RoadBike #RoadCycling #bicycle

A smiling woman in a bicycle helmet, sunglasses, and a light blue bicycle jersey stands facing the viewer. To her right is a stack of signs, the top of which announces "Thompson Road," below that, the Skippack (Pennsylvania) township trail. Then a sign saying "No motorized vehicles." At the bottom is a small sign with a picture of a frog and a QR code for a local wildlife viewing activity called the Montco (Montgomery County) Trail Challenge. Behind the sign is a sign kiosk with a small roof, presenting a map of the area. Around it all are tall trees and a bit of blue sky in the distance.

#cycling on a #tandem both sides are drive side

10 hours ago

I have worn a hole in my jeans from cycling, time for new ones. That's a lot of kms 😀

Another ride done. Still less people out there, are they all all crook from covid I wonder? We do have increasing numbers....


Rich Lucking
10 hours ago

When I was cycling (slowly) up a steepish road to get to the Wessex Ridgeway a chap on an e-bike went past, shouted that he was cheating, I replied something like "it's allowed" then he said "well I'm twice your age".
He was (probably) in his 60's
I wish I'd shouted "you aren't doing bad for 100!"
But instead I just felt pleased he thought I was half his age.
There's probably a moral to this tale, but I'm buggered if I know what it might be...
#cycling #ebike #wessex #hills

10 hours ago

Spent a couple of days riding easy trails at #partyPace to get back to the #HT550 start point at Tyndrum from Fort Augustus: The Great Glen Way and then West Highland Way (avoiding Devil's Staircase). The few rough spots I hit vindicated my decision to scratch: no strength in my shoulder and hurting like hell when needing to use it. #cycling #bikepacking

Tent and bike on a neatly mowed camping spot.
rocky trail weaving through a glen
rocky track running in front of mountain
bike stood against a sign on a mountain pass with a low sun
Le Chat à Vélo
10 hours ago

Tag 11: Szeged – Gyula

Manchmal hat man einfach Glück: beim Rausfahren aus Szeged schauen wir nochmal kurz um die Ecke zur Synagoge, die ja leider an Samstagen und Montagen geschlossen hat, und gerade ist dort am Gartentor ...

#radreise #worldbybike #lechatavelo #co2neutral #cycling #cyclinglife #radfahren #sonyalpha #sonya6400 #travelphotography @uk @gudroot #Rumnien2023 #Urlaub #Gyula #Hdmezvsrhely #Reiserad #Szeged #Ungarn

Tyler McGee
10 hours ago

Went for a really nice bike ride along the upper Neuse River Trail yesterday on a cool and misty day.

#Cycling #Biking #Outside #Strava #BikeTooter #Raleigh #NorthCarolina #AltText

A screenshot from Strava showing a 39 km bike ride that took 1h 53m.
11 hours ago

@paul Exactly!
I always tell my #cycling friends that we are in the top 10% of Americans at the start of the ride and the top1% when we are at the end of a 1 hour ride no matter how slow we go!

Hank G ☑️
11 hours ago
My 30 Day Health Reboot Challenge got me motivated to try running again. After a month of what would be considered "cross-training" if I were primarily doing running I was curious to see how important it was. I never thought it was unimportant but it was always the first thing I'd cut. Even with that understanding I was very surprised at the results of my first run. I'll be making changes to my training in general to help move myself towards running "races" again. #running #cycling #training #health
A Demonstration of the Importance of Crosstraining for Runners
12 hours ago Review: Good-looking and comfortable commuter lid but with a couple of flaws

12 hours ago

: Near Miss of the Day 866: £1,000 fine for close pass driver #cycling

Scottish Lass
12 hours ago

Cycling Granny Mave completes 1,000-mile Scotland challenge - BBC News
#Cycling #Scotland #Cancer

120 km total by bike with last leg Wiesbaden - Koblenz. The last 30km with strong headwind were slightly less fun.


Franz Graf
12 hours ago

From today's cycling ride around one of our lakes.
What a day!
#cycling #cyclinglife #mountainbiking #biking

13 hours ago

Biking, picnic, ice cream. So many little things bringing joy. #BikeTooter #cycling

Photo of multi colored striped picnic blanket on grass. A bike trailer with orange flag sits a few feet away. The sky is bright blue with wispy white clouds.
Photo of a suburban side street. Cars are parked along each side and the large trees cast shadows on the concrete.
Photo of a store window with the words “Rate’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shop”. Multiple bikes are parked in the foreground.
Hank G ☑️
15 hours ago
Doing both my first long (for me) ride (45 minutes) and then kicking off my new weight training program with the required fitness level assessment is really kicking my ass today. Good thing it is a holiday so will be shoveling in some extra food later today :) #fitness #health #lifting #cycling #peloton
Inhaler of the Riff Tree
15 hours ago

She's back on her #MTB @ Devil's Den State Park. Gorgeous day to play in Lee Creek, ride around the bluffs and check out some birds. Got up close with a pair of pileated woodpeckers. #birds #biketrail #statepark #cycling #waterfalls

Female riding a mountain bike through a keyhole made by a huge boulder leaning on a bluff
Two mountain bikes parked in a rushing creek
Selfie of a cute young female wearing a mountain bike helmet and braids with an old guy.
Mountain biker riding under a waterfall on a narrow trail built on the ledge of a rounded bluff
15 hours ago

Heute hab ich das erste Mal mein Endurance Rad in den dreistelligen Bereich gefahren: 104 Kilometer durch die Ebene um Euskirchen und das Vorgebirge.

Es ist so ein Komfort im Vergleich zum alten #Rennrad und man kann auch mal den unbefestigten Weg nehmen...

#Fahrrad #Cycling #granfondo #biking

Blick über den Fahrradlenker: ein Feldweg, rechts und links grüne Felder, am Horizont eine Baumreihe
Ein Wegekreuz unter einem Baum, daneben eine Sitzbank, daran gelehnt mein blaues Rennrad
Blick über den Fahrradlenker: ein Feldweg, rechts und links grüne Wiesen
Selfie auf dem Rad 😉
Derek van Vliet
15 hours ago

riding bikes every day until i can’t for some reason, day 1008

#Cycling #BikeTooter #Photography #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag

a photo of a red BMC Roadmachine road bike standing next to a large rectangular stone on a limestone gravel trail. behind the bike and rock is a wall of evergreen trees showing lush green colors. a blue sky is peeking through a few of the branches of the trees.

Just come back from #Merribek Council Budget committee that was hearing citizen presentations on submissions on the draft budget for 2023-2027. Over half the submissions were on active transport, and this proportion was also reflected in those who spoke in person or online.

Here is my speech to Council.

#Cycling #ActiveTransport #DecarbonisingTransport #TransportEmissions #ClimateEmergency #ClimateDiary #BikeTooter
Importance of funding active transport infrastructure in Merri-bek budget to 2027

An example of good cycling infrastructure built recently in Merri-bek: a separated footpath and cycling path going past Moreland Station, built as part of level crossing removal for the Coburg Skyrail
16 hours ago

Day 45 of #Running recovery break with 25KM of #Cycling followed by a 6KM walk afterwards.

Five KM into my ride, I found people gathered around a cyclist that hit a Canadian Goose and crashed (the goose fled the scene). They were trying to decide if 911 should be called; I spoke with the cyclist, went through what happened, talked about where they were injured, made a quick assessment and called 911. It's interesting how training kicks in. #Ottawa paramedics arrived minutes later.

Strava map showing a 26km ride starting in Bordeleau Park,over to the Rideau River Eastern Pathway and followed it south to Hog’s Back, then onto the Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway to the Hartwell Locks, through the Arboretum, around Dow’s lake and north along the Rideau Canal Western Pathway to the Corktown Bridge, then along to Sussex, and finishing in Bordeleau Park.
Dirt and gravel path through some trees and bushes with the sun at the top of frame, casting shadows.
A Strava map of the 5km route starting in Bordeleau Park to over the Minto Bridges then south on the Rideau River Eastern Pathway, following the path to the Adawe Crossing, through Strathcona Park, Sandy Hill, and back into Lowertown.
Jeff :verify:
16 hours ago
16 hours ago

Sunday's 25KM of #Cycling in #Ottawa, including some Ottawa Race Weekend detours to my original plan but still managed Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway to Hog's Back and then north on the Rideau River Eastern Pathway to Sussex and back into Lowertown.

Jesse F Ballenger
16 hours ago

Santiago Celebrates 24KM Bike Lane, Breaks World Record with Giant Human Bicycle | Momentum Mag

#cycling #Chile

Jonatan Hildén
17 hours ago

It may be underappreciated simply how fun it is to ride a modern electric cargo bike. We recently switched from an 2014 Urban Arrow to this 2023 Riese&Müller Transporter 65 and the developments in battery and motors really makes a big difference.

If you tried and perhaps dismissed one of these years ago, give them another chance.
#cargobikes #cycling

Two children in the box of a black R&M cargo bike. On the rear carrier a bag with flowers.
17 hours ago

Time to head out to the Busch Greenway to support a Trailnet event. Hope to see you out there! #STL

18 hours ago
Bremszug umwickelt, Fanta-Anhänger
Sharing good Moments
18 hours ago

At #Salamanca we hunted for shoes. Fiona found some pretty sneakers and ditched her litterly falling apart #scott bike-shoes.
Our seemingly perfect campspot turned out to be in a city park. At 3:20 am the sprinkler system startet drenching our #bigAgnes tent for 30min. Luckily the glued seams held up, but the next morning we discovered the entire floor was leaking. Everything was soaked from below. We are so frustrated about all the expensive hi-tech material!
#spain #cycling #biketoot #cycling

Allysse Riordan
18 hours ago

I did get a technical issue. Not one I was expecting though.

I've cycled hundreds of miles in Spain, Portugal, and France. Hundreds (probably thousands by now really) more in England. And I've never had a puncture in seven years. Then last year and this year I cycle in Wales and bam two punctures in two years 😂 What's up with Welsh roads?

#CycleTouring #Bicycle #Cycling

A white woman in a short and t-shirt looking perplexed at the camera. I am holding a bicycle wheel with a flat tyre on grass.
dr jamesbicycle
19 hours ago

My interview in #Saskatoon newspaper after cyclist killed here in front of her children.

"the greatest danger on the road to people not in vehicles is vehicles. Vehicle occupants have airbags, seatbelts, the vehicle's metal frame
..people who are inside are protected, but the people who are outside of it are not.. the reason people don't cycle in Saskatoon is because they believe and feel it isn't safe to"

I went on to describe bike boxes.
#yxe #cycling #activetravel

Liam Jay
20 hours ago

Some lovely views during this morning's cycle 🚴
#cycling #somerset

View of some fields in Somerset with a bright blue sky and some white clouds
A view of Chew Valley Lake
A map of my bike ride route
My in cycling gear with a view of Somerset countryside in the background
21 hours ago


Riding at 3.2 w/kg for an hour is not slouching. I bet you're in the top 1% of your non-cycling friends. 🚲 🚲 🚲 🚲 🚲 🚲 🚲


1 day ago

Been doing some #cycling with my brother and friends recently and I'm enjoying the agricultural (pesticide-ridden +__+) landscape a lot so here's an old piece with some #landscape and a cool #old
#lady doing the #technology while being out and about ^__^

#FediArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #JfmlArt #art #illustration #creative #DigitalArt #witch #fantasy #scifi #environment #cyberpunk #cats #cat #Vector

Vector illustration of a sci-fi/cyberpunk witch, enjoying a fly-over the country-side with her broom while staying up-to-date with her magic laptop.
Christopher Phin
1 day ago

Four years ago, we took out a 0% Scottish government loan to buy my wife an #ebike. Despite still not really thinking of herself as a cyclist, it’s now her favourite object. Here she shares why she loves it. 😍

#cycling #ActiveTravel #ActiveTransport #BikeTooter

Jake Coppinger
1 day ago

A side project I started over the weekend - a map of how long pedestrians have to wait at traffic lights in Sydney to identify problematic intersections!

It's powered by a Google Sheet, which you can contribute to with a simple Google Form:

Please have a look and if you're interested, contribute some measurements! I'll add more detailed instructions in the coming days.

#sydney #australia #nsw #betterstreets #walking #maps #mapbox #openstreetmap #opendata #map #walking #cycling

Visited Short Finger Brewing for the “soft opening” of their new tap room and bottle shop. The thing about being on the Iron Horse Trail is that it’s exceptionally accessible to people on bikes. Which my son and I were! 🍻🚴‍♂️

#BikeTooter #Cycling #CraftBeer #WaterlooRegion

In the foreground there’s a bike with red fenders and a green helmet hanging from the handlebars. It’s parked in front of and open garage-style door that reveals several people at a bar enjoying beers.
Andreas Scherbaum
1 day ago

Der Dreck den man leider findet wenn man etwas abseits der Straße mit dem Fahrrad fährt :-(

Hat wieder jemand eine Ladung Müll im Wald "verloren" statt das kostenlos zum Wertstoffhof zu bringen.

#Berlin #Fahrrad #Cycling

Müllablagerung im Wald
2 days ago

Day 44 of #Running recovery break. 41 KM of #cycling, 26km alone with a couple of early-on #OttawaRaceWeekend detours, had brunch, then 15km with @TAV for errands, and a Frosty at Wendy’s then venturing home. Pleased to see *some* bike parking at TrainYards.

A small bird flew into my hip about 80 seconds into my ride, and is barely visible for eight frames in the video. I was wearing my day-glow yellow shirt. 🤷🏻

I would really appreciate some cloud cover. And more days at 10°C. <sighs>

Strava Map showing the 41km route starting in Bordeleau Park, through Lowertown onto the Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway  to Hog’s Back, then down the Rideau River Eastern Pathway (RREP) to the north end, doubled back to the Minto Bridges, through Bordeleau Park, along St Patrick, then south on the RREP, to Hurdman, then over to the Trainyards area for some errands, then back to the path, over the old Train bridge crossing near Hurdman Park, through Dutchie's Hole Park on the west side of the Rideau River, over the Adawe Crossing, back onto the RREP to the Minto Bridges, and ending in Bordeleau Park.
The recreational path between Dutchie's Hole Park and Strathcona Park, with trees on both sides, with some shade.
Ross Brown
2 days ago

Perhaps early afternoon was not the best time to set out on a 42.5K bike ride. That sun is hot!

Stay cool out there.

#cycling #hottawa

A map that indicates my bike route.
Light bulbs
2 days ago

1/ “How parking explains the world”
Interesting conversation that starts out relatively pro-car and then gets into the consequences of building pro-car cities.
#Urbanism #Parking #Cycling #Walking #Walkability

Random notes:
* Some of the most beloved parts of cities were built around 1900. This way of building is now illegal in the USA – partly due to parking requirements.

Calvin Jones
2 days ago

Please somebody make me a GIF of Geraint shouting "Get on my f*cking wheel!" at Luis Leon Sanchez
#Giro #Cycling

Tilman Beitter
2 days ago

Ok #gravel commmunity, any experiences I can benefit from?

@cycling #bike #biking #cycling

Combustible Lemon
2 days ago

Saw loads of furious petrogammons whining about the road closures, so that was fun 👌 #Cycling

Combustible Lemon
2 days ago

I come out for early-morning #Cycling to be on my own, not to be surrounded by hundreds of other people going way too fast

Combustible Lemon
2 days ago

TFW you inadvertently take part in #RideLondon #Cycling

Me in a cycling hat, grimacing
dr jamesbicycle
2 days ago

The 7-11 Rule re safe cycling.
(thought it up fall of 2022):

1. Could a 7 year old ride safely when with an adult?

2 . Could an 11 year old ride safely by themselves?

3. 7x11 = 77. Would a 77 year old feel safe on a bicycle here?

Safe means:
*actually safe
*feels safe and not dangerous
*everyone 7, 11 & 77 years old feel that cycling is viable where they are needing to go.

Share everywhere please as The 7-11 Rule & get your city to do it!

#cycling #activeTravel #urbanism #711rule

2 days ago

Scratched from #HT550 #highlandTrail550. Just too soon. 🤕 #cycling

Highland landscape
3 days ago

I will need a proper bike computer with rock solid connection to my rose gravel bike (smartphone just fell off) and full #komoot compatibility with auto-rerouting if I miss a turn or want to go another way. Thinking of the new #wahoo element, so smartphone stays in a safe spot while still connected and available for rerouting. Additionally heart frequence monitoring, thinking of wahoo tickr. Does it sound like a good idea? #cycling #komoot #wahoo #munich #rose

Combustible Lemon
3 days ago

Nine hours of uninterrupted sleep, lads 💪


Combustible Lemon
3 days ago

This may be the tiredest I've ever been #Cycling

4 days ago

@alex They are terrible. Of course this will not push the #DepartmentForIncompetence to make things better for #cycling in #Belfast.

4 days ago

So worried for the cyclist. No one was taken from the scene by the Ambulance Service. #Belfast #Cycling
BBC News - East Belfast: Roads closed after serious crash

Combustible Lemon
4 days ago

We have reached Southend #Cycling

Me at Southend
Combustible Lemon
4 days ago

What a day for #Cycling

The Thames estuary near Canvey Island
Grant Denkinson
4 days ago
4 days ago

this weekend is Ride London - a 100 mile sportive on closed roads. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm doing it sponsored for The Bike Project, who do up 2nd hand bikes for refugees. A genuinely life changing charity.

And because 100 miles isn't long enough, I'm riding from birmingham to london and back either side :) (assuming my slightly injured shoulder holds up!)
Here's the sponsorship link. Feel free to be generous :)

@mastobikes #cycling #bike #RideLondon

Combustible Lemon
4 days ago

Off to the seaside today, lads #Cycling

A gravel bike, ready to hit the road
Jeff :verify:
6 days ago

Cool holographic image of David Bowie in the window of Hansa Studios, where he recorded his Berlin trilogy. Taken today.
#Berlin #pedaling2Prague #cycling #cycletouring #BikeTooter #bowie

Marc Hedlund
6 days ago

I frequently recommend the Loud Bicycle horn, which sounds like a car horn and gets drivers to react much more immediately than any bell I've used. It's been out of stock, but is now available again: #Cycling #BikeTooter

Sharing good Moments
6 days ago
6 days ago

📢 #1Million cycle journeys counted and displayed so far in 2023! 📢

23 May'23: report by of the cycle journey counter on #London's #cycleways #CS3 #C3 along Victoria Embankment

"Good evening to those cycling home this fine evening. Pat yourselves on the back! Because *drum roll* 1 million is here. ..
#CS3Count counts at approx 810pm"

"Cyclists today 12,873".
"Cyclists this year 1,006,356"

#TfL #TransportForLondon #Cycling #LondonCycling #UKCycling #BikeToot #BikeTooter

Screenshot of a tweet on 23 May'23 by of the cycle journey counter on #London's #cycleways #CS3 #C3 along Victoria Embankment 

Text of tweet: "Good evening to those cycling home this fine evening. Pat yourselves on the back! Because *drum roll* 1 million is here. ..
#CS3Count  counts at approx 810pm"

Attached are two photographs of the electronic display on the counter's totem showing "Cyclists today 12,873" and
"Cyclists this year 1,006,356"

I'm usually all for #bicycle infrastructure, but nobody needs to ride a bicycle anywhere near this ditch. If you're already that far north just go ride along the river.

What we need to do is close Ainsworth to automobile traffic; install planters at 33rd and 15th.

#Portland #Oregon #PDX #bikeTooter #bike #cycling

Combustible Lemon
6 days ago

Whoa, we're halfway there

#Cycling #BikeTooter

Strava screenshot showing me halfway through my 5000km goal for 2023