Alexander J. Stein
4 days ago

(2/2) If #Ireland expands its dairy #exports but misses #climate targets, this will hurt its ability to hold on to existing customers in high-value markets: #dairy #markets #trade

Alexander J. Stein
4 days ago

#Carbon leakage? Irish #dairy exports compete with countries with similar #emissions intensities. Not all the market gap left by lower Irish #exports will be replaced by other production. Less Irish #trade unlikely increases global emissions: #milk (1/2)

1 week ago

Investigation Finds Dead Cows ‘Eaten To The Bone’ At Red Tractor Dairy Farm #AnimalRights #AnimalAgriculture #milk #dairy #GoVegan

Rabi'a Elizabeth
1 week ago

The raw #Milk is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I am anticipating a full-on Anton Ego #Proustian moment upon sampling it, Insha Allah.

A nice breakdown of the actual #Ratatouille scene in the eponymous movie can be read here, and the post links out to a clip on YouTube. Reminiscent of the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge, but for us foodies it hits closer to home.

"When the flashback is over, Ego’s pen, the symbol of his former self, falls from his hand. Through food, he has been reborn."

#Food #SlowFood #Dairy


Rabi'a Elizabeth
1 week ago

In #Food news, I was inspired by the video linked below on #Amish cup #Cheese (#Schmeirkase) to look for raw #Milk here in #Spain .

The usual #Dairy industry propaganda against raw milk is of course among the top search results, but I did find one provider! Shipment should be on its way shortly Insha Allah. Unfortunately shipping costs are high, but I think being able to make my own quality #Yogurt and #CottageCheese at home is worth it.

I'm also looking forward to tasting the milk itself, which will be reminiscent of the milk that my family used to have delivered right to our door 50 plus years ago in eastern #Pennsylvania . Cream on top!

Alexander J. Stein
1 week ago

(2/2) Compared to observed diets in #Belgium, the #climate-friendly omnivorous diet contained less red #meat, #dairy products & sweetened drinks. Optimized #diets may support #sustainable nutrition that can sustain people’s physical well-being: #nutrition

noah Ⓥ
1 week ago

Protesting #dairy and #AnimalExploitation in front of Island Farms on #VancouverIsland

#Vegan #VeganForTheAnimals

a person standing on the corner of a busy road wearing a cow mask and holding a sign that says “island exploitation - every day.” the sign shows a photo of cows on their way to be milked.
a person standing on the corner of a busy road wearing a cow mask and holding a sign that says “island exploitation - every day.” the sign shows a photo of cows on their way to be milked. behind the photo is the building of island farms, a major dairy company on vancouver island, british columbia.
Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

Moving from #meat & #dairy to more plant-based #diets is key for meeting #sustainability targets, incl. less GHG #emissions & #landuse. National dietary guidelines inform the public about #nutrition, but too few recommend lower meat & dairy intakes:

2 weeks ago

Regardless of how they are raised, they all end up in the same damned place.

Quoi qu'elle choisisse, elle finira au même endroit.

#meat 🥩 #dairy #eggs #GoVegan #MeatIsMurder #PlantBased #food #Thanksgiving #holidays

via @grrlscientist

Une vachette a à choisir entre deux voies : une ferme bio et une ferme-usine avec dans les deux cas, au bout du bout, un abattoir
2 weeks ago

#OSHA Investigates Small Dairy #Farms So Rarely That Many #Worker Advocates Don’t Bother to Report Deaths and Injuries

Worker advocates say the federal agency’s patchwork of enforcement across the country is fundamentally unfair.

Many don’t contact OSHA over #safety incidents because they’ve heard so frequently that small #farms can’t be investigated.

#Farming #Immigrants #MigrantWorkers #Workers #WorkplaceSafety #News #Dairy

Collage of illustrations of a farm, farming equipment, an ambulance, and multiple pieces of OSHA inspection reports.
2 weeks ago

UK petitions 2/6:

#UnitedKingdom #UK

#nutrition #health

Introduce requirements for the provision of vegetarian and vegan meals by 2025

Don't abolish "nutrient neutrality" that protect rivers from pollution

Ban pork from being served in schools

The Vegan Petition - Ban Animal Slaughter and Animal Products by 2030

Provide dairy-free alternatives as part of the national milk scheme for under 5s

Ban the sale of energy drinks to under 16s

#AnimalRights #plantbased #food #milk #dairy #GoVegan #environment #waters #rivers #pollution

CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

"A $70 trillion-backed investor group has called for an "urgent" policy focus on accelerating #climate action across the global food and agriculture sector at the upcoming #COP28 Climate Summit, after fresh data underscored how greenhouse gas #emissions from the world's largest #meat and #dairy producers are still on the rise."

Sam :mastodon: :vivaldi_blue:
3 weeks ago

In other moos today...

The view from my roving office. Came across this fine looker standing proud at Hardy's Holsteins.
Quite the history on this farm here: (a nice website to boot)

From their About page:

"The farmstead where Hardy's Holsteins calls home in Tipton, MI was the homestead of Ezara Simmons, Gregg’s great- great grandfather in 1831. The farm has been continually operated by the same family for 187 years with various agricultural enterprises from Percheron show horses to Suffock sheep to Hampshire hogs and since 1961 Registered Holstein dairy cattle."

#holstein #dairy #cows

A beautiful November afternoon with blue sky and a breeze waving two flags - both for the US and Great Britain atop evenly space poles.  A blue sign with white letters, in between the flag poles reads "HARDY'S HOLSTEINS - TIPTON MICHIGAN"
And in front of that stands a proud looking, full sized mock-up statue of a black and white spotted Holstein cow.
The background of this photo serves to remind us that a large dairy farm is in operation here.
3 weeks ago

Officials Approve $8 Million for #Housing for #Immigrant Dairy Workers in Wisconsin. Sheriff’s Office Will Try to Close Language Gaps.

Dane County lawmakers cited ProPublica reporting for the moves to improve the lives of dairy workers in southern #Wisconsin.

#MigrantWorkers #Farms #OSHA #Midwest #Dairy #Safety #Workers #Language #News #Immigrants #Children #Families

Collage featuring a tearsheet from a Dane County, WI, budget item that allocates $8,000,000 for "FARM WORKER HOUSING FUND"
David Boles
3 weeks ago

Oh, noes! I used to have so much respect for John Fetterman!


Last week, Sen. John Fetterman (D–Pa.) wrote in a viral tweet that "Pennsylvania's dairy farmers are at the heart of our community and critical to our economy," adding that he's working to pass the DAIRY PRIDE Act, which would "protect our dairy farmers by prohibiting non-dairy products from using dairy names."


#Vegan #Dairy #SoyMilk #AlmondMilk #Fetterman

Protein Report
3 weeks ago

#Newswire: Australian food and agriculture company Wide Open Agriculture has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of Prolupin GmbH, a leading European lupin protein producer, granting WOA immediate commercial scale manufacturing capabilities to bring Buntine Protein to market.

#plantbased #ingredients #meat #dairy #protein #lupin #foodtech #innovation #investing #europe #germany #australia #pressrelease

Alexander J. Stein
3 weeks ago

Food production, esp. #livestock, is a key driver of #climatechange & #landuse. Producing #meat, #dairy & #eggs with less impact on the #environment is an urgent concern. Microbial #protein offers a #sustainable solution: (1/2)

4 weeks ago

Tell New York Not to Build a Massive Dairy Production Facility! #AnimalRights #milk #dairy #GoVegan #NewYork #NY

4 weeks ago

Report: Alt Dairy Leads the Plant-Based Food Market, But Alt Eggs Will See the Highest CAGR #dairy #milk #eggs #plantbased #food #market #GoVegan

Chris Glass
1 month ago

…is before 9am on a weekday.

I’m seldom out and about this early, but needed to pop up to my doctor for some bloodwork. I’m feeling better, but they want to make sure everything is copacetic. It was a quick visit, in and out in minutes. (Results will come later.)

This is one of the rare times I didn’t have a list for Trader Joes.

It was both delightful and kind of confusing — I needed a plan or vague goals. (All of this a common theme that can apply to many things.)

I wandered leisurely, happy to be out and about.

#blue #cart #centered #dairy #grocery #shopping #TraderJoes

A person browses the dairy section at Trader Joes
The frozen aisle at Trader Joes with only one customer!
The produce section at Trader Joes when it's not very busy
1 month ago

The horrors of the #dairy industry are infused into every milk chocolate candy bar being handed out for #Halloween. The cows on dairy farms live lives of misery, pain, and suffering all to satisfy the bizarre human additiction to milk.
Be #vegan. #DairyIsScary

1 month ago

🧀 A stroll in a municipal exhibition focused on #dairy production, in Santa Helena, far western region of the #Brazilian state of #SantaCatarina.

🥛 Passeando em uma exposição municipal chamada "ExtenoLeite" em Santa Helena, extremo oeste catarinense.

#OesteCatarinense #Brasil #Brazil #rural

An old open cart with some cheeses on it and, leaning against it, a metal milk vat with the inscription "Extenoleite", on a floor with synthetic grass and in front of a wall with horizontal wooden slats and potted plants attached. The front of the cart, on the two extensions that would have been used each on either side of a draft animal, has some hanging accessories that would probably be related to handling the animal.

Uma antiga carroça aberta com alguns queijos em cima dela e, encostado nela, um tonel metálico de leite com a inscrição "Extenoleite", sobre um chão com grama sintética e diante de uma parede com ripas de madeira horizontais e vasos de plantas presos. A frente da carroça, nas duas extensões que serviriam para ficarem cada uma de cada lado de um animal de tração, está com alguns acessórios pendurados que provavelmente seriam relacionados com a lida com o animal.
1 month ago

Dairy is cruel, be it organic or not. Cows are forcefully impregnated, their calves stolen at birth, and their milk taken for human use. The process repeats for years until the cow can no longer stand, then they are killed. Their calves are either killed for veal (if male) or forced to live a life producing milk just like their mother.

Your #dairy product is not worth the suffering and death of innocent, sentient beings. Be fair, be #vegan.

Image of a cow comforting her calf.
"This is their first and last day together. This is organic dairy. Baby calves are taken from their mother's so her milk may be consumed by humans. The males are killed, the females are raised in isolation to replace their 'spent' mothers." Be Fair Be Vegan.

#PlantBased #cheese may be getting more appetizing
Can we skip the #dairy and still get a cheese that doesn't taste like plants? #vegan

It is leaps and bounds above where it was 20 years ago, or even 5!

1 month ago

Dairy #Workers on Wisconsin’s Small #Farms Are Dying. Many of Those #Deaths Are Never Investigated.

#OSHA sometimes investigates deaths on small farms if they provide #housing to #immigrant workers. Other times the agency says it can’t take action.

#Wisconsin #Safety #Dairy #Immigrants #WorkplaceSafety #Midwest #News

Illustration of a dairy farm with an ambulance and EMT in the foreground.
Retro Librarian
1 month ago

What's for lunch?
Knudsen Dairy Products, 1959
#CottageCheese #Dairy #LunchTime #Milk #Advertisement #wth #wtf #food #Retro #Vitnage #buttermilk

the text reads in part - Luscious, Cool and Inviting. There is a plate with a green cotage cheese molded food object. It has whipped cream topping and strawberry garnishes. There are two glasses of buttermilk.
Pratik Patel
2 months ago

Plant-based cheese may be getting more appetizing

Can we skip the dairy and still get a cheese that doesn't taste like plants?

#Vegan #dairy

Tim Westcott
2 months ago

I'm seeing a recent uptick in articles about feed additives for cattle to reduce #methane emissions. I've been following the story for about a decade and I'm increasingly convinced that it's a media strategy by the #livestock industry to convince people that #beef and #dairy are fine, actually, rather than a genuine attempt to tackle the emissions of the sector.

There are several important caveats to keep in mind whenever reading one of these articles:

Feed additives only work in feedlots. While feedlot finished beef is very common in Australia, the bulk of the emissions come from animals who are on pasture. The only way this technology could feasibly put a dent into the Australian livestock sector's emissions would be a radical intensification of the beef industry, which needless to say would be terrible for animal welfare.

A decade ago, the feed additives were a few years away from mainstream adoption by farmers. A decade later, we're still getting news stories about trials and how the tech is a few years away from mainstream adoption by farmers.

The dramatic reductions seen in early studies just didn't hold up in larger studies. We often see this pattern with new solutions where larger and larger studies show smaller and smaller effects. Even if the effects hold up at the rate that the most recent studies show, beef would still be the most climate intensive food in common consumption (with the possible exception of lamb/mutton).

Livestock also has enormous land use emissions (which are counted in Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry rather than Agriculture so they're hidden by the carbon sink that is our forests unless you dig down into the figures). Feed additives do nothing to address these directly (intensification would reduce this, but again this would have significant animal welfare consequences and there are few people in the industry are willing to openly advocate removing cattle from pasture).

#asparagopsis #agriculture #vegan #ClimateChange

The #dairy industry is trying to outlaw #plantbased#milk” labels—again
The FDA previously found that no one is confused about where #almondmilk comes from, if you didn't realize its from Almonds! Soy milk from Soy, Oat from oats, etc. etc.

2 months ago

“In 2015 the #emissions generated along the entire #dairy production chain – from cow to grocery store shelf – accounted for an estimated 3.4 percent of all human-induced #GreenhouseGas emissions. That’s a larger share of #GlobalEmissions than #aviation.

Alexander J. Stein
2 months ago

80% of #water from the Colorado goes to #irrigation, most for #grass to feed #cattle as far as Middle East; growing #alfalfa in one desert to feed #dairy cows in another. Utah uses 68% of its water for alfalfa, but #livestock make only 0.2% of its income:

Palm Oil Detectives
2 months ago

#News: #Research published in Nature finds replacing 50% of #meat and #dairy with plant-based alternatives would reduce #agriculture related #GHG carbon emissions by 31%. Via
, Help and be #vegan #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife

#News: #Research published in Nature finds replacing 50% of #meat and #dairy with plant-based alternatives would reduce #agriculture related #GHG carbon emissions by 31%. Via 
, Help and be #vegan #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife
2 months ago

A new #DeSmog investigation out today reveals how Big Dairy – responsible for vast volumes of methane and 3.4% of all greenhouse gas emissions – is milking net zero for all its worth under the guise of efficiency.
#BigDairy #Dairy #Methane #GlobalHeating #Milk #NetZero #P2DNZ

3 months ago

If someone asks "What can l do about #ClimateChange?"

Halving reliance on #meat & #dairy could cut land-use emissions ‘by 31%’

Animal-sourced products & their global supply chain are a significant contributor to global land-use change and the greenhouse gas emissions they cause

#Healthy #eating as a #vegan

#NHS #UK "You can get the nutrients you need from eating a varied & balanced vegan diet including fortified foods and supplements"

3 months ago

'New Zealand wins trade dispute with Canada over dairy access'

This is a loss for both countries, and for the environment. If both produce milk in large quantities, why create huge avoidable resource costs, *and* climate pollution, just to swap it back and forth between them?

These kinds of leg actions prove that "free trade" is actually forced trade.

#Aotearoa #Canada #Dairy #ClimateChange #trade #FreeTrade #ForcedTrade

For #WorldPlantMilkDay, resharing my @medium post making connections between the promotion of cow's #milk and #WhiteSupremacy.

(No paywall on this one)

#dairy #vegan #BlackMastodon

3 months ago

I've been lucky to have some fascinating conversations for #Sentientism about how religious worldviews relate to the #dairy / beef / leather industries in #India. This is a fascinating watch - available in Hindi & English: "Maa Ka Doodh" or "Mother's Milk"

Brendan Jones
3 months ago

And we wonder why plant-based meat substitutes are sometimes more expensive than meat ...

"(from 2014 to 2020) livestock farmers in the EU received 1,200 times more public funding than plant-based meat or cultivated meat groups. In the US, the animal farmers got 800 times more public funding. The amount of public money spent on plant-based alternatives was just $42m (£33m) – 0.1% of the £35bn spent on meat and dairy."

#vegan #dairy #meat #agriculture #EU #plantbased

Alexander J. Stein
3 months ago

The power of #meat & #dairy industries in the EU & US blocks the development of greener alternatives needed to tackle #climatechange. In the EU & US, #livestock farmers receive 1,000 times more public #funding than #plantbased & cultivated meat: #cleanmeat

Sara Nyberg
3 months ago

I just saw this short movie about the #dairy industry. Even though I eat much #vegan food, I still eat cheese 🧀, yoghurt and cream sometimes. However, this still creates demand for #milk 🥛 products, which leads to suffering of cows. 🐄
Next time I'm thinking about buying #cheese just because I like the taste of it, I'll remember this video and will decide on whether I really need or want to buy it... 🤔

4 months ago

Why Some #Wisconsin Lawmakers and Local Officials Have Changed Their Minds About Letting #Undocumented #Immigrants Drive

“If we suddenly kicked out all of the people here, the undocumented, our #dairy #farms would collapse,” one lawmaker said.

“We have to come up with a solution.”

#Immigration #Farming #CivilRights #Police #Cars #Driving #Courts #Labor #News

#ClottedCream Attempts 1, 2 and 3 were from #rawmilk from the #dairy down the street. Result: Weak and thin

Attempt 4 is from a pint of raw heavy #cream from a different dairy about 20min away. The cream itself was already thick to the point of needing to be scooped out

The near-pint of result is incredibly thick, yellow and buttery and looks just like what we got at #HighTea in #UK

Last week I think I mastered a #scone. Getting close to production quality!

Foreground is a pint jar of clotted cream holding a mini spatula straight upright. Background is the bowl it spent the last 24 hours in being made.

revolting, but only too true

#dairy #motherhood

Jessica Lussenhop
4 months ago

#Wisconsin's #dairy economy relies on undocumented workers, houses them in remote locations, yet laws prohibit them from driving.

"'It makes me so damn sad I could cry,' said José, who... left court with his son after paying $200.50 for driving without a license and another $175.30 for speeding. José drove home, still licenseless."

4 months ago

Wisconsin’s #Dairy Industry Relies on #Undocumented Immigrants, but the State Won’t Let Them Legally Drive

Undocumented #immigrants in the state can own and register their vehicles, but they aren’t allowed to drive them, forcing many #farm workers to risk fines and #arrest.

“It’s a Catch-22 for a lot of folks,” advocates say.

#Wisconsin #Immigration #Farming #Farms #Safety #Police #Driving #Cards #News

4 months ago

[This is a low-quality translation of a danish article]

-- Larger, faster, wilder: A farm country's victory is killed --

The Netherlands has the world's most advanced and successful industrial farming. No one can grow a tomato more efficiently, and no one sends more meat around Europe. Now the nature stops.

WAGENINGEN, HOLLAND – Central in the Atlas Building at Wageningen University stands a young woman at a small podium and reads high from the latest climate report. She doesn't cry, the voice is not raised, her little protest summer as a mouse in the big floor.

Around her sit African, Asian and Dutch students. Some eat lunch, some make homework, some speak together with a cup of coffee. Some are as her highly concerned about the climate crisis, others are more admitted by what you have always been admitted to the Wageningen University: to optimise, streamline and increase production. Develop new technologies that enable us to force the most possible food out of at least possible soil with at least possible effort. Grise with several ribs, cows with greater udders, plants with many tomatoes.

The famous University is one of the sacred halls of the industrial farming. A cathedral over the borderless progress and a crucial part of what until a few years ago was considered an unconditional Dutch success story.

The Netherlands is a small country, less than Denmark, but one of the world's leading agricultural nation. Non-organic vegetables or the non-organic beef in the supermarket, are often produced in the Netherlands. No one can cultivate as many tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers per square metres as the Dutch. No one sends more meat around Europe. And no places have food production less common with Jens Hansen’s farm. Dutch agriculture is a science. It is milking robots, vertical cultivation and fully automatic greenhouses.

Last year the Netherlands earned more money with agricultural exports than Brazil. A country that is otherwise more than 200 times as big. In certain statements, the Netherlands is the second largest exporter of food, surpassed only by the United States. However, it requires that you also count the products that simply arrive in Rotterdam port to be distributed beyond Europe.

But no matter how to do it, the Dutch produce almost unlogical amounts of food. It is a high-tech power performance that has grown out of the Wageningen University, which has now established itself as the global center of the food industry. Food Valley calls the cluster of companies located around the university. The answers to Silicon Valley.

For more than 100 years, and in particular after World War II, Dutch agriculture has gone from victory to victory under the motto greater, wilder, faster. In recent years there has been a pressure to get it down again.

“Please, the list two the science and ACT,” stands at the podium in front of the young woman. Behind her has a statue of the Greek corn god Demeter from 1879 got a tie for her eyes. It is also part of a climate action.

I was actually well warned that the climate activists were moved behind enemy lines. Over the phone a pleasant farmer and former student named Judith told me that Wageningen once was a fantastic institution, but that I should fit:

“The hand is also a part of professors who are, what to say, vegan.’

And students, apparently.

“Polarization has also reached Wageningen,” says the person from the University’s press staff, Jan Bol – a mid-age man with a friendly, round head.

“A lot is going on about climate, about how we feed people. Some students think we do too little, the peasants think we do too much,” he says.

In other words: Here in the Atlas building you are not doubt that agriculture is also in the Netherlands on a cross road. You can continue with full speed towards bigger, wilder and faster. Or you can change it all, cut down on meat production and produce with more sustainable and less profitable methods. You can also try to make a little of it all at once.

- Dutch-Danish recipe for success -

Krijn Poppe is not vegan. He was employed at the University of 1981, when the progress still had free races. In fact, there were departments for both sociology and environment.

“You just didn’t listen to them,” says it now retired agricultural farmers.

It was perhaps stupid, but it is obviously easy to say now.

The Netherlands emits too much nitrogen. It strangles the streams, pollutes the groundwater, and destroys biodiversity. And it is completely considered the production of agricultural animals. Of course, they are about four million Dutch cattle significant contributions to the country’s CO2 budget. Over half of the discharges from the global food industry come from the animal production, a large study for a few years ago. Just like some years ago, we hopefully about peak oil – that oil production had to have the top – you are now talking about peak meat.

» We have far more agricultural animals than the climate can hold and the problem is the intensity of agriculture,” said one of the researchers behind the study, Pete Smith, to The Guardian earlier this year.

“I’m not surprised that the Netherlands is first in this conflict, because the country also has the biggest problem. «

The battle does not mention well. In fact, it was an alien political conflict, which this month finally became the government to break together. But the coalition has long been collapsed during the weight of the last year's massive resistance to the plans to reduce the number of agricultural animals and thus live up to the EU environmental requirements.

» An inevitable transition,” the government has called it. Nevertheless, it is still not managed to implement plans. On the contrary, it has been pushed out of balance. Huge protests, burning strawballs, political division, intense polarization between country and city.

And for what? To save a farm that might be technological world-leading, but which no longer means more for the economy than 1.4 percent of bnp.

It is easy to say that you should have listened to the warnings that sociologs and environmental researchers once tried to penetrate with. And it is easy to say that the Dutch should now take large parts of the strong polluting agriculture.

- The Dutch created the Netherlands -

In the sense there is a part of the collapse between the Netherlands and Denmark, Krijn Poppe tells. Two countries with many of the same problems – two countries that have gone into the same trap if you want. Two agricultural countries who are victoring themselves. To understand the trouble we are now in, you should also understand how we did end here, Poppe believes.

Denmark and the Netherlands have largely followed the same historical curve. When globalisation hit agriculture last in the 1800s, you could not as France and Germany turn inwards and protect its peasants against cheap American grains. The home market was too small. The Netherlands and Denmark were – and are – small, open export economies.

» They did the only thing you can do when the whole economy is bound to sell food abroad: They repented, they competed, they innovated,” he says.

Whipped to produce better and cheaper than the others, agricultural universities and research institutes were opened. The award in the Netherlands, Landboskole in Denmark. Governments supported the development of new technologies. Today you might call the industrial policy. With the andels movement, agriculture was organised in greater communities with higher productivity. Especially in the Netherlands there was also what you can call an agroindustrial complex. Rabobank is still one of the world's largest agricultural banks. Unilever is still one of the world’s largest food companies. FrieslandCampina is still one of the world's largest dairy. Everyone can draw their roots to the end of the 1800s, and all they have with great success and for great pleasure for ordinary Dutchmen followed the recipe: bigger, wilder, faster.

It is called that God created the earth, but the Dutch created the world. Nearby as a giant Lynetteholm project (an artificial island in Copenhague) is just 20 percent of the country mass established in the sea. With great effort, you have cultivated the true soil in the east. An area that corresponds to half times Manhattan is covered by giant Drishus complexes – small towns of glass.

Today, the Dutch can cultivate up to 100 kilos of tomatoes per year on a single square meter, and every milk cow gives average nearly 10,000 liters of milk per year.

The goal of bnp may only contribute with quite small numbers, but the high-tech agriculture has a symbolic force. It is the monument to the fact that the Netherlands with particularly great success has championed nature and bolted in the modernity. The Netherlands is a agricultural country.
Intelligent solutions

Just because nature has now come back to revenge, of course, you can not say that the Dutch must necessarily turn the back to the modernity, technology and demand to optimise. As it applies in all corners of the green transition, the technology is in its way both the cause and the solution to the problems.

Although the enemy has penetrated the Wageningen, even if Demeter has been given a tie for the eyes, and the IPCC report sums around the Atlas building, the University is not marked by ambitions to return to a more traditional before state-of-the-art agriculture.


#Agroecology #Agriculture #ClimateChange #NitrogenPollution #DutchFarming #IndustrialAgriculture #Netherlands #Dutch #Dairy #Farming #EUAgriculture #FoodSecurity #FoodSovereignity #SmartAgriculture

4 months ago

Dairy foods reduce fractures in #AgedCare residents: study “They found this simple intervention – where #dairy food intake increased from approximately two serves per day to 3.5 serves per day – led to a significant reduction in #fractures and #falls.”

5 months ago

learned something from BBC radio #oxford today:

COWS hate #CountryMusic, according to research involving a Scottish herd and an ice cream firm.

Country tunes were played to 45 cows at a farm in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, to see if the music would increase the amount of milk they produced. #science (ish) #dairy #cows

6 months ago

Following the Death of an 8-Year-Old on a Wisconsin Dairy Farm, Officials Look to Bridge Law Enforcement Language Gap

ProPublica found that a #police investigation into a child’s death was mishandled due to #language barriers.

Now, officials hope to improve how #LawEnforcement interacts with non-English speakers.

Meanwhile, the boy’s family has settled a suit against the farm.

#Wisconsin #Dairy #Farms #Migrants #MigrantWorkers #Immigrants #Children

6 months ago

Would you switch from animal sourced products to cell-cultured meat and dairy that is indistinguishable from the animal-based version?

Please retoot! Would love to get an idea of where peoples' heads are at and maybe check out the article posted as well - it's got some food for thought (ha!).

Ah! Forgot to add the poll!

#Food #Cooking #Meat #Dairy #Cheese #vegetarian #Vegan

6 months ago

How We Reached Workers While Reporting on Dairy Farm Conditions
As we reported on dairy farms in #Wisconsin, we knew we’d have to get creative in how we got our articles to the affected workers.

Here’s how ProPublica reporters Melissa Sanchez & Maryam Jameel went beyond a simple translation to reach dairy farm workers.

#Journalism #Newstodon #Reporting #Dairy #Farms #Farm #Safety #Labor #Children #Workers

beforewisdom :vegan:
6 months ago

Lab Milk is more advanced than Lab Meat and it is already here.

"Precision dairy doesn’t have cholesterol, lactose, growth hormones or antibiotics (though those with dairy allergies should beware)."


"The World Economic Forum and many scientific reports suggest cheese generates the third-highest emissions in agriculture after beef and lamb."


"The world’s demand for dairy keeps going up. But it’s not necessarily liquid milk. As countries develop and have burgeoning middle classes, the demand for liquid milk drops and enthusiasm for cheese and other products skyrockets."

#LabMilk #PrecisionDairy #Vegan #Yeast #Lactose #LactoseFree #ClimateChange #Cheese #GreenHouse #Milk #Dairy

7 months ago

#FunFact #DidYouKnow most of the salt in natural food stores "does not contain iodide, a necessary supplement" make sure you're getting your #iodine !

#IodizedSalt can be really great! It helps prevent #hypothyroid and #goiter! Especially in people who don't live by the sea or eat #seafood. Iodine is also in #dairy.

But if you have #POTS and you use more #salt than average, make sure you're not getting all your salt from iodized salt.

Too much iodine can also cause #thyroid problems.


The warning sirens are sounding.

We are now literally ‘Off the charts’ and suffering rapid climate breakdown.

How bad it gets is still up to us.

We know what caused it, and we know what to do...

End fossil fuels and transform Farming.

#TooManyCows #keepitintheground #climatechange #climatecrisis #climate #greenpeace #globalwarming #farming #meat #dairy

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Is the #dairy&meat #industry a #hangover from #colonisation? #pigs, #cows #chickens are exploited, and people are okay with that. #Brexit supporters, #meat eaters and dog owners suggest #animalwelfare matters, yet farmers in the UK are often #gentry, #wealthy #landowners. The people who #work the farms are usually #renters, who pay the gentry and #foreignworkers who can be #indentured by #ModernSlavery. As a country, we love dogs because they are #perfectslaves, the #capitalistlies 🤔 #govegan

Alan Kotok
8 months ago

Biotech, Dairy Company Collaborate on Plant-Based Cheese

A maker of consumer #dairy products and #biotechnology #food start-up are partnering on #plant-based cheeses they say are indistinguishable from today's dairy #cheese.

#News #Science #Business #Agriculture #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #Algorithms #Collaboration #Sustainable #Equity #Investment

Wedge of plant-based blue cheese on a cutting board