Dakota Alexander
2 months ago

#daydrinking #cock #hung 🍆 💦 😍

The Stage Rabbit (he/him)
2 months ago

On my way to Atami for family holiday. Got the green car on the Tokaido line for a little extra luxury. Only one choice where I can sit with my kid and the guy across the aisle is loudly drinking beer and chewing dried squid at a volume that would embarrass a fireworks display. Oh. And he just burped like a cartoon character. 😅 #realjapanlife #daydrinking

valkraider :verified:
2 months ago

There is a lot to like and dislike about Disneyland - but thankfully: at least they put decent alcohol in their mixed drinks. #Disneyland #DisneyCalifornia #Disney #DayDrinking

2 months ago

CN Alkohol

Wenn man um 13 Uhr mit dem #Daydrinking anfängt, fühlt es sich um 20:15 Uhr schon an, als wäre es kurz vor Mitternacht... 🍻🍷

3 months ago

#daydrinking who would like a Hemingway daiquiri?

Martini glass with a green stem base filled with a Hemingway daiquiri
Dirk Wagner 🎅
3 months ago

#Daydrinking wird völlig unterschätzt.
Wohlsein. 🍻🍷

3 months ago

#DayDrinking and #AmateurRadio - It’s what #SSBFieldDay is all about, right? #HamR #HamRadio #AmateurFunk

Grant :TheCDN4:
3 months ago

Pretty much ready to start the #DayDrinking. Anyone else in that mood?

Green Dragon Beer
4 months ago

This Italian #Pilsner isn’t gonna drink itself but everyone else will! Get on down to @labyrinthforgebeer before it’s gone! 🐉🍺🍻
#pdxbeer #gdbc #greendragon #daydrinking
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Gilly 🐈
4 months ago

Grüße aus der 40. Etage

#BloodyMary #DayDrinking

Bloody Mary (Drink) mit der Aussicht auf London im Hintergrund
4 months ago

Ideas for day drinking and museums in Chicago... Go!

#bars #museums #daydrinking #thingstodo #chicago #restaurants, hear me out
5 months ago

#daydrinking done right: chocolate milkshake made with Kalhua and Skrewball peanut butter whiskey. Chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top? Yes please!

Mary Ann 🇵🇭
5 months ago

Double-fisting a calamansi liqueur cut with Coke and a blood orange gin and tonic and padding it all with vegetable samosas
#DayDrinking #LadiesWhoLunch

EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
5 months ago

@jaymerryfield @Chigaze
The variety is one of the biggest things that makes #CraftBeer so cool! I love to reunite with a friend for an afternoon of #DayDrinking from time to time. It's astonishing how many variations there can be on a relatively simple beverage.

Diane Patterson
5 months ago

Nothing like going into the Minetta Tavern at 3pm to inspire one to get their day drinking on. #DayDrinking #ALotOfPeopleAtTheBar

The only good part about paying too much for food and drink in an airport: the social contract for when is too early to order a drink does not exist.

Also: #Phoenix #SkyHarbor #airport has some excellent local food options. Over priced, for sure. But tasty.

#DayDrinking #Travel

My beer at the table.
8 months ago

Perfect! That's well into Pre-Cocktail Wine Hour 🍷🍸

#DayDrinking ?

I do enjoy a schneaky pint during the day sometimes... #dayDrinking #justTheOne #galway #mastodaoine

Jennie K.
10 months ago

It’s the perfect weather today to sit on the tailgate of an old truck, getting day drunk and watching your Beloved give your car an oil change while barefoot. #FalseSpring #DayDrinking #TrailerParkRoots #HondaNamedBertie #HandMeThePhillips

A Honda Civic, on lifts sits with its hood open.
11 months ago

@cubscoutxl and I decided to head out to the Sidetrack onesie party for New Year’s Day. #onesies #UnionSuit #daydrinking

dolores quintana
11 months ago

J/K I'm at work and my plans started while I'm here. #DayDrinking #NYE #NewYearsEve

Bottle of Ca'Belli Prosecco. Italian with a Giallo aka Yellow label.
Just Call Me Frank :verified:
11 months ago

It's a whiskey in my coffee morning.
Should make those last minute work related calls and communication interesting.

#daydrinking #winterwonderland #winter

Will MacGregor
1 year ago

@starriverikebana YASS KWEEEN!! I think we need to get #daydrinking trending on the fediverse ahead of the New Year season

Will MacGregor
1 year ago

Last can before Nagoya… turns out the new Hida express rolling stock are actually hybrids, replacing double Diesel engines with a a single diesel, an electric motor, and a battery with regenerative braking. #trains #daydrinking

Will MacGregor
1 year ago

On the Nozomi to Nagoya to change for Hida Wide View to Takayama. Picked this up in Shin-Osaka for FiL and I. Tasty. Sweet. Wheat. White. 5% at 10am. We must be on holidays. #beer #shinkansen #daydrinking

Can of JR西日本Wheat Beer
Jennifer (aka Dr. J)
1 year ago

Ensconced in the lounge at Frankfurt Airport. Who else secretly (or not so secretly) loves long haul flights for the express purpose of enabling day drinking without judgement 🙋

#Travel #DayDrinking

Glass of rose champagne with a blurred background of the Senator Lounge in Frankfurt Airport
Woke-Ass Messiah
1 year ago

“Okay Mom look like you want to be here” #cocktails #eugeneoregon #daydrinking #thinkingtree #drunkwithmon

Two women drinking cocktails in a lounge
1 year ago

For those who will be spending time with family or social situations & need an adult beverage without the judgment: there is still time to order these for Thursday delivery via amazon. You’re welcome & god speed.
#holidaystress #daydrinking #judgy

Screen shot of Amazon product that is beer  like soca cans (in case your family is judgy about  alcohol)can covers that looks
Lisa PS
1 year ago

Heading to the slaughter
..friend got me a last minute ticket
The sun is out anyway

Oh & im in a Lyft bc soon-to-be XDH mislocated the car keys


1 year ago

The best start to a cold, winter-like day -- restarting the fire from the hot coals, and Bailey's in my coffee!

#Coffee #cozy #DayDrinking

Tony Pennino
1 year ago

If it’s Friday, I must be #daydrinking - #beaujolais #academiclife

Glass of wine.
2 years ago

Heute dann doch eine Rotweinschorle zur Pizza.

Holztisch. Pflanze. Besteck. Ein Glas Rotweinschorle. Draußen.
2 years ago

Wenn man Monate keinen Alkohol mehr hatte, reicht so ein wenig Prosecco...

Wendy DLN
2 years ago

Yesterday hanging out with hubby at one of our favorite micro breweries.

#magneto #microbrew #daydrinking