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How launch Firefox snap with profile that is already running #2204 #firefox #snap #systemd #dbus

4 days ago

Firefox snap broken: cannot launch with profile that is already running #2204 #firefox #snap #systemd #dbus

4 days ago

Firefox snap broken because, apparently, systemd thinks $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set #2204 #firefox #snap #systemd #dbus

amy "fembot" bones
1 week ago

Can I just say that the errors you get back from #systemd's #dbus API are inscrutable nonsense and that the logs are frequently equally as unhelpful even if you try to turn on debug mode?

I've read
so much of the systemd container code at this point. But, I did basically re-implement the systemd-nspawn CLI as a python library, so that's neat.

🍒🌳 Hartmut Goebel
1 week ago

Any hints on this?

In a (shell) script, I want do listen for an USB-stick with a well-known label to be plugged in and then mount it at some defined place. This shall be done all as non-root user and without permanent changes to the system (e.g in /etc), since it's only used when developing.
Desktop envs are able to do this, but require user interaction.

I looked at #dbus but the solutions I found require writing a custom listener in python. And did not yet manage to mount.

Elias Probst
3 weeks ago

@rust_discussions none of my systems has #sudo - and never had.
"Back in the days", I just used "su", nowadays most applications use #PolicyKit to get elevated privileges for a specific operation and in case I need a full shell, "machinectl shell .host" (aliased to "msh" here) provides a proper (not just subprocess-spawned) session incl. a DBus and systemd user-session.

#systemd #dbus #linux

4 weeks ago

how to resolve D-Bus system message bus #loginscreen #dbus

Taha Mokhtary :vim:
1 month ago

حس میکنم رفت هرچی برای توزیع سنگین نیازه رو دریافت کنه اعم از #dbus

#dbus spec reading can be fun at times. About DBus.GetAdtAuditSessionData it says:

"Returns auditing data used by Solaris ADT, in an unspecified binary format. If you know what this means, please contribute documentation via the D-Bus bug tracking system. This method is on the core DBus interface for historical reasons"

@aruiz @bcantrill time to contribute to the D-Bus spec? ;)

Didn't even occur to me at the time that that someone would be me. 😎

#dbus @zbus

David Wilson
2 months ago

🔴 Today on #SystemCrafters Live, we'll learn the fundamental concepts of D-Bus and then explore the D-Bus user session on a live system using Emacs' built-in functions.

By the end, you'll know how to query for information and invoke methods via D-Bus services, giving you a whole new level of system interaction right from your favorite editor!

Join us at 4PM UTC on YouTube or Twitch:


#gnu #emacs #dbus #linux #freesoftware

Hemish 🇮🇳
2 months ago

@nekothegamer Well it's not a bug at GNOME's side. It's something on the side of apps you use. Seems like some app is opening an #MPRIS interface on #DBus but it's not closing it when it is expected to close it. You may use some dbus inspector tool to check which of the app is doing that.

Rui Seabra
2 months ago

Regarding my goal to try to lock the screen when a smart card is removed, I'm hitting walls after walls. the latest one is with #Gnome JS and #DBUS. I think I found the signal that should be connected to, but nothing happens meaning it looks like it's not being properly bound to the signal. Any hints?

CK's Technology News
2 months ago

Remote #Dbus Notifications over #SSH

The author explains that DBus is used by notify-send to propagate a request to show a notification and a single daemon is used to transport the mechanism.

Andy Scott
2 months ago

Dear #android, #rust / #cargo, #cmake, #dbus, #hp, #mozilla #firefox & #thunderbird, #npm, #pipewire / #pulseaudio, #putty, #python, #steam, #wine, #yarn (and I'm sure many, many others),

Why don't you use #xdg defaults? This doesn't seem ridiculous to you?

Screenshot of the results from the "ls -a" command in my home directory. It shows about 15 hidden folders and files belonging to applications that blatantly disregard XDG specifications.
Thomas Frans 🇺🇦
2 months ago

I find the D-Bus documentation so hard to understand for some reason. They keep talking about interfaces, objects, paths, services, addresses, bus names... It all didn't make sense at all and then some genius, GENIUS person put this in the tutorial and it all clicked. Just goes to show that one new view on something you don't understand can immediately clear things up.

#development #DBus #documentation

Big Conceptual Picture 

Pulling all these concepts together, to specify a particular method call on a particular object instance, a number of nested components have to be named:

Address -> [Bus Name] -> Path -> Interface -> Method 

The bus name is in brackets to indicate that it's optional ~ you only provide a name to route the method call to the right application when using the bus daemon. If you have a direct connection to another application, bus names aren't used; there's no bus daemon.

most likely this is my compete lack of crypto knowhow but I am having trouble understanding why DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 is so complicated. 🤔

Shouldn't it just be:

Client: This is the user I want to authenticate as.
Server: sure, here is my cookie context and ID of the cookie I want you to read from that.
C: cool, here is the sha1 of the cookie.
S (after compares the sha1 it received to sha1 it calculated for the cookie): you cool. Carry on!

What's all this business with challenges and random values?


Christian Fosli
4 months ago

I made a console app to work-around easy-to-miss notifications on the MS Teams PWA for Linux.

I learned quite a bit about dbus and freedesktop notifications spec, so that was fun 😃

Check it out at

#msteams #pwa #linux #dbus #zbus

Old Father William
4 months ago

Whenever I see #softwareengineers #coding with their #laptops while commuting on the #SoundTransit express I say to myself "compiling #dbus" and then I laugh and I laugh... On the inside.

But really, you aren't writing and good code right now, my friend. Take this opportunity to play #pokemongo like everyone else.

only way to find out all the implicit assumptions in your D-Bus library about the bus behavior: you write your own bus.

#dbus #zbus.

5 months ago

#linux #dbus #malware #? @rf
Будет ли работать pulseaudio если удалить и запретить создавать /etc/machine-id

That being said - I wonder whether
#BUS1 could have been a valid alternative - or whether it would make sense to extend #dbus-broker with injecting messages via #ebpf.

Alistair Young
6 months ago

Today's coding project: a daemon to grab dbus notifications under WSL and punt them over to the Windows side.

#wsl #dbus #linux #notifications

6 months ago

Oh my gosh. I cannot describe how glad I am that #KDE now supports the #DBus #SecretService #API

Screenshot of the KDE Wallet configuration section for "Secret Service DBus API"

The option labeled "Enable Secret Service DBus API" is checked

No other sections or options are shown
Beko Pharm
6 months ago

@Edent do you have by chance any insight about the status of Navigator.share() on #Linux? I'd kinda expect this to be a job for #dbus but I've no idea where to even start looking and this sounds just like the kind of feature you might be interested in too 🤓

7 months ago
Этот инстанс сегодня должен был упасть. (ща ща... скоро оплачу)

Так. Но я не про это.

Меня тут посетила мысль, А есть ли что-то похоже на D-bus только не в рамках одной машины, а что б между разными устройствами в сети?

Что б, например, из какого-нибудь приложения для заметок на ПК, можно было послать сигнал на открытие конкретной главы конкретной PDFки на электронной книжке

#dbus #idea
7 months ago

Третий день читаю примеры и документацию c #capnproto #rpc для #rustlang , то ли я тупой, то ли capnp пере-усложнённый.

Всё чаще подумаю плюнуть и делать RPC на #DBus.

Thomas, a seasoned #NetworkManager developer, has written a lovely article about D-Bus! Boost!

#Linux #DBus #freesoftware
cc: @LWN

Elias Probst
9 months ago

@aral the fact, that "list-machines" provides output is most likely the inconsistency here, as machines are also global.
The difference between #systemd's "--system" and "--user" mode is, whether something is managed within a user's resources and/or session, like user units/services running within a user's login/desktop session.
This has nothing to do with a users permissions to control services in the system context, for which privileges are granted via #DBus through #PolicyKit

1 year ago

I love how #gtk 4.0 still uses #glib 2.0 which *still* hasn't fixed how:
* GValue can't hold a GString. All strings must be null terminated, with no way to ever specify a length.
* Hard coded to require a non-optimized poll() loop, preventing libuv integration
* GAsyncResult doesn't emit a signal
* #DBUS is stupid

1 year ago

I love how #gtk 4.0 still uses #glib 2.0 which *still* hasn't fixed how:
* GValue can't hold a GString. All strings must be null terminated, with no way to ever specify a length.
* Hard coded to require a non-optimized poll() loop, preventing libuv integration
* GAsyncResult doesn't emit a signal
* #DBUS is stupid

Dont know why, but loging in to my user, with using dbus-broker as system and user dbus implementation is about 4s faster/shorter compared to default #dbus. 🤔​

1 year ago

Was mucking about with Rust and DBus over the weekend, and thought I was doing it wrong, but turns out I found a bug and it's fixed now, yay!

#rustlang #dbus #zbus

1 year ago

To the #LinuxPhones crowd on Fedi, I'm looking for help with #dbus calls on #PlasmaMobile.
Trying to wake the #PinePhone using qdbus and PowerDevil but apparently qdbus is not installed/in path.
Context: I'm trying to regularly wake up the phone to check emails and IMs.

For those on #ManjaroARM forum, you can also answer there:

me·ta·phil, der
2 years ago

#Sigarillo: A (micro) web-application to make web-based Signal #bots easy to write.“

Offers a simple JSON API to send and receive #Signal messages from your application via HTTP GET requests.


#gplv3 #nodejs #dbus #cryptomessenger #floss #messenger #chatbot #signalbot #selfhosted

me·ta·phil, der
2 years ago

„signal-cli is a #commandline interface for libsignal-service-java. It supports registering, verifying, sending and receiving #Signal messages. signal-#cli is primarily intended to be used on servers to #notify admins of important events.“


#gplv3 #java #dbus #cryptomessenger #floss #messenger #monitoring #chatbot #signalbot

2 years ago
Daniel aka CyReVolt 🐢
3 years ago

#Security people: Regarding #system resource #access controls, does it make more sense to offer APIs for binaries to register for #communication like #dbus does it or is the #udev approach with rules and drop-in dirs more suitable? For #software #distribution, I prefer the first.

3 years ago

Spend my evening having great dinner and than doing some crazy JS hacking to create a PoC for a #libravatar dbus service.

I would love to get some feedback from people who use/build software that hooks into dbus if it makes sense to rewrite the project in a proper language and improve the whole setup or not.

#linux #dbus #experiments

3 years ago

#mdbus2 is a #DBus management tool.

mdbus2 is a tool for interacting with D-Bus (Desktop Bus). D-Bus is a standardized interprocess bus that allows processes/services to communicate with each other. mdbus2 can list services, list objects of a service, and call methods of a service. mdbus2 also has a shell for interacting with D-Bus, as well as a listening mode for monitoring activity on a bus.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: mdbus2

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #sysadmin

Daniel aka CyReVolt 🐢
4 years ago

With #webcamd installed and enabled, and the #cuse module loaded on boot, I can use my #Thinkpad X230's #webcam on #FreeBSD. \o/
And with #dbus enabled, I can control some #audio streams with #PulseAudio. Not #mocp's though.
So is 2019 the year of the FreeBSD #desktop after all?

4 years ago

Presenting #AppImageServices a set of #DBus services for managing #AppImage files in a #FreeDesktop standards compatible way presented as a self installable AppImage.

#kde #gnome #xfce #linux

If anyone is interested...

Here's where I've got to after messing with it for the hour, trying to get python to do what I wanted:

#Clementine #DBus #Python

0mp at FreeBSD
4 years ago

@xanderio Are you using #run_scaled on #FreeBSD?

I've got some difficulties with making it run... #dbus is screaming at me.

Gonçalo Valério
5 years ago

Some nice introductions to D-Bus and related concepts:

and one that is a little bit more detailed:

#linux #dbus

6 years ago

In January, I switched to #FreeBSD on my work laptop (#Thinkpad X240). And what can I say, it has been glorious.

It's a bit like #Archlinux with even better documentation, but no #systemd, #polkit, #consolekit, #dbus, #pulseaudio or all that other crap that makes life miserable under #Linux these days.

My stack is #i3wm with #Firefox as main browser, #mutt/#thunderbird for email, #urxvt with #fish as $SHELL and #mpv for music/media, all atop a fully #encrypted, native #zfs pool. What's yours?