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21 hours ago

It’s long, just over an hour, but the debut full length from Japanese band Somnium de Lycoris is a wild ride. Technical and Progressive #DeathMetal with some jazz influences. Worth a listen for sure! #Metal

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22 hours ago

These are some big words to be putting on a promo email #Metal #DeathMetal #NewMusic

Soul Incursion FFO Grave,
Deceased, Bolt Thrower, etc...
1 day ago

🔥 2023 OVERHEAT 🔥

My 99th release is OUT NOW on #BandcampFriday!

This one's angry doomer #Electronic #Extratone #DeathMetal clocking in at 100 BPS (6000 BPM) about 2023's shock climate collapse with heat records smashed everywhere. 🥵


Other sites:

#NewMusic #NewMusicFriday #Hardcore #Speedcore #Splittercore #Music #Musician #Artist #Musodon #FediMusic #Indie #IndieMusic #202X #ElectronicMusic #Metal #Experimental #ExperimentalMusic

Tonight a rare thing in my area, Death Metal & GrindCore live. 🤘 🙂 🤘

- Infernal Hate
- Apostles of Perversion
- Faecal Putrefaction

It is so late, when im usually at home in my pijamas 👴 .

The Order of the Black Kestrel - Infernal Hate

#deathmetal #RegionalRiffs

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Well hello! The year might be coming to an end but it’s still #NewMusicFriday and time for #FletchsFridayReleases also known as German Black Metal day apparently! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #ThrashMetal

Walking Corpse - death - Sweden
Embrace Your Punishment - death - France
Somnium De Lycoris - death - Japan
Reap - death/grind - USA
Hatred Reigns - death - Canada
Kriegszittern - death - Germany
Swansong - melodic death - Finland
Voice of Ruin - melodic death - Switzerland
Behind the Throne - melodic death -
Beyondition - death/doom - Germany
Abyssal Rift - death/doom - USA
Varathon - black - Greece
Sylvan Awe - black - Australia
RüYYn - black - France
Helfró - black - Iceland
Demoncy - black - USA
Dethroned - black - Germany
Godskill - black - Germany
Heimdalls Wacht - black - Germany
Aphelium Aeternum - black - Germany
Grau - black - Germany
Nonir - black - Germany
Aggression - thrash - Canada
Topor - thrash - Poland
Oro - post/sludge - Sweden
Demons of Noon - sludge/doom - New
The Company Corvette - stoner/doom - USA
Visions of Atlantis - power - Austria
Axenstar - power - Sweden
Nimrod B.C - power/thrash - Chile
Cobra Spell - heavy metal - Netherlands
Saturna - hard rock - Spain
1 day ago

This is such a great album!

Didn't start listening to Amon Amarth until about the release of Deciever of the Gods, but all my favorites are from before that. Deciever is not bad, but basically everything after doesn't quite hold up.

#deathmetal #melodeath

2 days ago

If you like death metal, check out the single 𝘐𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘛𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘰𝘳 by Belgian band 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗲𝗱; released in October 2022. I was fortunate to see them live at Graspop Metal Meeting in 2012, and I've been a fan since.

#deathmetal #metal #music

The whole background art thing is a nice touch in #Plex. #DeathMetal

Angry Metal Guy
2 days ago

Convocation – No Dawn for the Caliginous Night Review

By Cherd

In the wretched realms of death metal, Finland’s Lauri Laaksonen is a known commodity. After a five-year stint in Sear, LL, as he’s credited on most liner notes, founded the beastly Desolate Shrine in 2010. We here at AMG have for the most part fawned in a most undignified manner over that project’s output. On the strength of that discography alone, LL could hold his head high among his most celebrated death metal contemporaries. But his impact on the genre doesn’t end there. Since 2018, LL has released some of the very finest slabs of demoralizing deathly doom in recent memory through his band Convocation. Between debut Scars Across and follow-up Ashes Coalesce, Convocation gave us eight massive cuts of ponderous death doom that often strays into dilatory funeral doom of a stately mien. We now come to the third album of LL’s secondary project, No Dawn for the Caliginous Night, and the approach is largely the same with one noticeable augmentation. When measuring out his ingredients for this particular recipe, our boy got to “towering majesty,” mistook for gallons what should have been ounces and added several orders of magnitude more than was called for.

On Convocation’s debut, there was a definite Evoken vibe to songs like “Ruins of Ourselves” and “Allied POWs,” but Ashes Coalesce saw them moving toward a sound more their own, built on subtle mood shifts and a multi-layered vocal attack courtesy of Waste of Space Orchestra’s Marko Neuman. Neuman is in similar form on No Dawn for the Caliginous Night—more on that in a bit—but “subtle” is no longer a word that applies to the music. In fact, hold up that word to No Dawn… and it will melt into a streak of fire like a space rock burning up upon its descent into Earth’s atmosphere. By the time you reach the halfway point in opening track “Graveless yet Dead,” you’ve heard swirling organs, ominous violins, harmonized choirs, riffs that measure their gravity on the scale of celestial bodies, and Neuman’s enormous death roar. The whole thing keeps escalating like a light growing in intensity until, nearly blinding, a biblically accurate angel emerges with its six wings and concentric wheels full of eyes and multiple heads and burnished bronze appendages and it bellows in an inhuman voice, “B̴̧̈E̴͝ͅ ̸̫̈Ń̷̦Ò̸̭T̸̜̈́ ̸̟̄A̷͈͌F̵̯̊R̴̳̽Ā̷͇I̸̜͊D̶͈͛.”

No Dawn… maintains this monumental scale for its full 48-minute runtime, but smart songwriting and a symmetrical album structure keep all that grandeur from feeling one-note. With the instrumental track “Between Aether and Land” acting as a sort of intermission, the two tracks before it present at once sublime and terrifying death doom that never dips below white-knuckle intensity. Convocation may interject passages of clean guitar lines and overt gentleness, like the one found halfway through “Atychiphobia,” but these are will-o’-the-wisps, false lights in the darkness they use to lure you into compliance before unleashing their nastiest riffs and most harrowing tectonic shifts. After the pivotal instrumental, the last two tracks are much more funereal. “Lepers and Derelicts” is the standout, if one must be chosen, with its lugubrious aura and methodically measured guitar line motif, like a bell tolling over a cemetery.

As with 2020’s Ashes Coalesce, Neuman’s impressively variegated vocal performance lifts the already stellar material on No Dawn… to a level beyond that of the band’s death doom peers. Blessed with an ideal death roar, he really knows when to let it fly, like when he expends every ounce of vein-popping energy as a counterpoint to the album’s most traditionally mournful instrumentation on closer “Procession.” Meanwhile, his judiciously applied cleans crash through the opiate haze of “Lepers and Derelicts” to carry the song to giddy heights in its final minutes. Rock solid as his performance is throughout, the most unforgettable moment is when he discharges a blood-freezing banshee wail in “Atychiphobia,” a trick he repeats to bring “Lepers and Derelicts” freefalling back to earth in its final seconds. Early in my listening, I considered the instrumental track a drawback. Now I see it as a theatrical intermission; a necessary respite from the otherwise unrelenting intensity Neuman brings to LL’s project.

I loved both of Convocation’s previous records. With No Dawn for the Caliginous Night, LL and Neuman have completed their transformation from practitioners of impressive, if well-trod death doom to a unique voice in the ranks of funerophiles. This is a towering celebration of death’s enormity, packaged in the heaviest and most shimmering of vessels.

Rating: 4.5/5.0
DR: 9 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Websites: |
Releases Worldwide: November 24th, 2023

#2023 #45 #Convocation #DeathDoom #DeathMetal #DesolateShrine #DoomMetal #EverlastingSpewRecords #Evoken #FinnishMetal #FuneralDoom #NoDawnForTheCaliginousNight #Nov23 #Review #Reviews #Sear #WasteOfSpaceOrchestra

Jake Beamer
2 days ago

For #ThursDeath this week I have a BANGER of a band-- CRYPT ROT (the UK band, not the one from the USA).

Unfortunately, Metal Archives says Crypt Rot is now broken up. But they put out 'An Ancient Summoning' a little over a year ago before they split, and it's a KILLER parting gift.

It's grimy, cavernous, and sludgy like a beautiful sewer:

#metal #DeathMetal #CryptRot #BrutalDeathMetal

Misery Path
2 days ago

I just stumbled over them on #bandcamp. Really cool #deathmetal from sweden with a progressive touch.


Panther Modern
2 days ago


Here's a song condemning him by Cambodian death metalers DOCH CHKAE


#metal #heavymetal #deathmetal

MOULE (2023 OVERHEAT out 1/12)
2 days ago

I'm in quite a grumpy mood today, so in addition to my new angry artwork I shared earlier, here's the pre-save link to my equally angry 99th release "2023 OVERHEAT" out everywhere tomorrow:

Unapologetic doomer #DeathMetal #extratone at 100 BPS (beats per second, AKA 6000 BPM) soundtracking the ongoing climate crisis with heat records, ice loss records, fire records etc. all being smashed this year.

Right! Back to being grumpy. :MOULE_Ha:

3 days ago

I am not shocked at all by my apple music replay results. I have two clear favorite albums for the year. Sanguisugabogg's Homicidal Ecstasy with 138 plays and Blackbraid - Blackbraid II with 114 plays. I really love #deathmetal and #blackmetal what do you want from me?

midheaven/revolver usa
3 days ago

Out January 12 - Phobocosm "Foreordained" LP/CD from Dark Descent. Churning and serpentine death metal from Montreal in the vein of Immolation. The third installment in an epic and devastating trilogy.

#phobocosm #foreordained #darkdescentrecords #deathmetal

4 days ago

The Revenge Project — #progressiveMetal #blackMetal #deathMetal
from #burgas

strong sounds that remind me on artas from vienna


december 9th @ 9pm live at 'modern theater' in burgas, #bulgaria. #metal #music #concert @burgasradicalhub
4 days ago

L'album complet Ablation of Death de Necroblation est sur peertube. 🤘 💀

#necroblation #DeathMetal #2013 #GrindMetal #ChristianMetal #swissmetal #metal

There is No Dana
6 days ago

I'm not normally into symphonic metal, but this year I'm slowing starting to explore. I love the new Moonlight Sorcery (symphonic black) and have been enjoying a Japanese symphonic death metal band today. Serenity in Murder: #SymphonicDeathMetal #DeathMetal.

6 days ago

#metal #metalheads #deathmetal

Triangle of Doom

(Art by Quino)

A comic of a man playing the triangle instrument with a mixer. Art by Quino

Continuiamo questo excursus con altre Cover di questa famosa canzone di #Seal : qui propongo un solido #LeoMoracchioli d'annata (2017) con la sua versione #deathmetal che ormai va per i 5 milioni di follower su YT praticamente ha quasi più fan delle band famose.

#CurrentlyListeningTo Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #Goregrind 🇺🇸

#CurrentlyListeningTo Pig Destroyer - Prowler In The Yard #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #Grindcore 🇺🇸

#CurrentlyListeningTo Pig Destroyer - Explosions in Ward 36 #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #Grindcore 🇺🇸

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1 week ago

It’s my work Christmas party tonight (I know it’s early) and I’m going out for beers before it. Going to do my best to not make everyone talk about #DeathMetal all night but I am prepared to fail

Ana Tudor 🐯
1 week ago

I discovered them over 15 years ago... it's been a while. I got to see them grow as musicians, get more polished and more confident...

I saw them last week. First time this year. First time since the new album came out. They were grand.

#insomnium #metal #deathmetal #melodeath #melodicdeathmetal

Playing at a much higher speed, Ingested were the second act yesterday evening.

I especially enjoyed the singer's "Rrrrrrrrr". Great mix of Deathmetal and Grindcore. They took almost all the energy from the audience after Distance's act 😅 Phew! 😅

#metal #deathmetal #grindcore #Ingested

Blue light, the Ingested singer on stage, raising his arm.
1 week ago

Jarhead + Fertilizer + Phobophilic + Saccage + Backslider | Cabaret Foufounes

📍 Cabaret Foufounes Electriques
📅 Saturday, 2 December (19:00)

Extensive Enterprise présente







Portes: 6:00 PM

Spectacle: 7:00 PM


Billets / Tickets:

Jarhead + Fertilizer + Phobophilic + Saccage + Backslider | Cabaret Foufounes
Ana Tudor 🐯
2 weeks ago

Random fact: so far, Berlin is the only place where I've seen more than one concert this year...

(Kreator back in March and Insomnium last week)

#berlin #concert #metal #thrashmetal #deathmetal #Kreator #Insomnium

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 weeks ago

A good mail day for me! Great album, questionable artwork! #Vinyl #Metal #DeathMetal

Picture of Endarkenment by Anaal Nathrakh on vinyl. Cover shows a pig with cocks for eyes.
Matthijs De Smedt
2 weeks ago

So far loudest band I've ever heard live was VADER from Poland. Louder than Motörhead even. I'm wondering if SUNN O))) might finally top it this weekend?

Wear some quality ear plugs to these things though! Loud music is fun but not worth damaging your hearing for.

#metal #deathmetal

🔥 Introducing 2023 OVERHEAT 🔥

Track 8/20 in the :202X: #202Xseries, soundtracking every year of the 2020s with #extratone (≥1000 BPM).

2023 OVERHEAT has an unapologetically angry #DeathMetal influence and plays at 6000 BPM, soundtracking a year of record climate collapse.

Its release is right around the corner on #BandcampFriday, December 1st!

You can #PreSave, and check out its merch here:

#202X #EDM #ExtremeMusic #Music #Musician #Musodon #FediMusic #Artist #Metal

A preview of my upcoming release "2023 OVERHEAT".

It shows it playing orange MIDI regions in Logic Pro with hard electric guitar noises and frenzied drumming ranging from 750 to 6000 BPM. The beat goes so fast, it sounds like a frequency, or an "extra tone".

As for the video's thumbnail, it's 2023 OVERHEAT's cover art, a chaotic black-and-orange collage showing the events of the second half of 2023.

There is a crying dove of peace in the middle of it between an X-shaped criss-crossing of two zigzag line graphs stretching across the cover art, showing a loss of ice coverage referencing the sigma-six event in Antarctica, and the over 16,000,000 hectares burned by wildfires in Canada.

Below the dove is a browser window about Web Environment Integrity, reading: "Your browser isn't attested. Please use an approved browser and confirm your details to pay the $0.50 Page Loading Fee to access."

Clockwise-from-the-upper-left, events depicted in this cover art include:

• Satellites.
• AI's continued explosive growth.
• ISRO's Chandrayaan-3 space craft on the moon.
• A spiral symbolising typhoons and hurricanes.
• An armed uprising overthrowing a leader.
• Tanks doing a u-turn.
• Writers on strike.
• Treated water from nuclear contamination entering the ocean.
• Icebergs separating penguins and polar bears.
• Fire.
• OceanGate vessel implosion.
• Messenia migrant boat disaster.
• Magnitude 6.8 Moroccan earthquake and dam burst near Derna, Libya.
• Mushroom cloud and warplanes.

Noticed this year I've been listening to a lot of great female-fronted stuff, from punk to metal. Not only Judy and the Jerks and Snooper, but here's four I really dig these last couple weeks.

Trash Bag


Dogyard (KILLER nearby Arizona band, SO psyched to hear more from them)


#punk #PunkRock #metal #DeathMetal #BrutalDeathMetal

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 weeks ago

#NowPlaying The Enduring Spirit by Tomb Mold and she is pretty #Metal #DeathMetal

Steve Easterbrook
2 weeks ago

This week, for #ClimateRocks, we'll continue to explore different music genres. This one might be termed progressive death metal (it certainly has the growling in it).

The song is "Global Warming", by the French band #Gojira, written for their environmentally themed concept album "From Mars to Sirius", in 2005. Fast and furious, once again, a song that channels anger at the state of the planet. Worth a listen, even if you never listen to #DeathMetal.

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 weeks ago

Happy #NewMusicFriday to you #Fediverse. It’s time for #FletchsFridayReleases and there’s a good amount to get stuck into. #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #ThrashMetal #PowerMetal

Alchemy of Flesh - death - USA
Deliquesce - death - Australia
Cruel Fate - death - Canada
Aeternus - death - Norway
Elitist - death - Denmark
Dyssebeia - death - Switzerland
Ceremonial Bloodbath - death - Canada
Foetal Juice - death - UK
Plaguemace - death - Denmark
Bloodohemy - death - Netherlands
Condemned - death - USA
Nail Within - melodic Death - Israel
Miara - melodic death - Italy
Rank and Vile - death/grind - USA
Neurectomy - death/grind - USA
King - melodic death/black - Australia
Angrenost - black - Portugal
Mauvet Mauve - black - Sweden
Litha- black - USA
Sadus - thrash - USA
Hyperia - thrash - Canada
Corroded - heavy metal - Sweden
Earthside - prog metal - USA
Mayfire - prog metal - Norway
Bull Elephant - prog/doom - UK
Imparity - doom - Germany
The Law of Gaubert - doom - UK
Sadhus - doom/sludge - Greece
Modder - sludge - Belgium
Signum Regis - prog/power - Slovakia
Draconicon - power - Italy
Eldritch - prog/power - Italy
Dogma - prog/power - Italy
Terromania - hard rock - Finland
Downshift - hard rock - USA
Vansind - folk metal - Denmark

This week's #ThursdayFiveList is #TheTime, and it was a little tough to narrow down, but these five are bangers, I think.

Mudhoney - No End in Sight

Helmet - In the Meantime

Cannibal Corpse - The Time to Kill is Now

Brodequin - Lingering Existence

Sex Mex - We'll Be Gone

#punk #PunkRock #metal #DeathMetal #Mudhoney #Helmet #Brodequin #CannibalCorpse #SexMex

Today for #ThursDeath, a new album that came out just a few days ago that I'm pretty hooked on -- 'Upon Desecrated Altars' by Left Cross. It's war metal, and the death metal is strong with this one. A solid listen.

#metal #DeathMetal #WarMetal #LeftCross

#NowPlaying some Congealed Putrescence this fine evening

#metal #DeathMetal

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
3 weeks ago

#NowPlaying Beyond the Permafrost by Skeletonwitch #Metal #DeathMetal

I’ve found that my favorite #DeathMetal bands are, in fact, the sci-fi/fantasy themed ones. Gimme albums like Visitations from Enceladus all day.

3 weeks ago

This gives me an instant argue to practice more #bass 🥰

#bassguitar #metal #music #deathmetal

Insomnium's new EP "Songs of the Dusk" totally passed me by! I listened to them a lot about 10 years ago and the new EP doesn't disappoint either!

My favorite track: Song of the Dusk 😉

#melodic #deathmetal #Insomnium

3 weeks ago

It’s been about a year since I showed up here and so it’s time for an updated #introduction.

Professionally, I’m a Director of #Engineering at a #startup called Project Admission building cool things in the ticketing/live event space.

I'm a #gamer, although I find myself playing less of them these days as I try to balance work, exploration, #travel, #digitalnomad, #diving, #reading, and many other things.

I'm currently living in #Mexico thriving on tacos and Modelo!

I'm a recent #football convert and tend to cheer on a few different national teams like #USA, #England, and #Mexico.

Things I will be talking about on this account.

#music, specifically #deathmetal and #blackmetal although I'm also a big fan of #trance and #edm.

#sports, specifically the #worldcup as well as the #nfl. I'm a lifelong #ChicagoBears fan so I'm used to a lot of weekly despair. I'm also a #hockey fan, but I don't watch much of it these days.

#tech, especially anything around #infosec, #php, #web #applications, #security, etc...

#videogames, currently playing #FinalFantasy15 but a huge fan of #jrpgs in general and really anything nostalgic.

#tv, specifically #realitytv as I'm a huge fan of shows like #survivor, #thechallenge, #amazingrace, etc... If someone can get voted out and go home, I probably watch it. Big fan of competition and artistic creation reality tv.

#diving. I'm a #PADI #divemaster who loves spending as much time underwater as possible!

I think that's pretty much me in a nutshell. I look forward to expanding who I'm following here!

3 weeks ago

Helft dem Neuling mal:
Gibt's hier irgend eine zentrale Anlaufstelle, die mir gesammelt düstere #Konzerte #Clubs und sonstige #Partys im Raum #Lübeck #Hamburg und Co. zutrötet? Das vermisse ich hier bisher ein Bisschen.

#Metal #Deathmetal #Blackmetal #Gothic #Events #Veranstaltungen

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
3 weeks ago

Step right up, it’s #NewMusicFriday and that means it’s time for #FletchsFridayReleases and time for some riffs! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #DoomMetal

I’ll also pin this to my profile if you want to refer back 🫡🤘🏼

Vastum - death - USA
Shylmagoghnar - death - Netherlands
Left Cross - death - USA
Plague Rider - death - UK
Hypocrisy - death - Sweden
Athiria - death - Austria
Hypaethral - death - USA
Ritual Aura - death - Australia
Aglo - death/doom - Australia
Hinayana - death/doom - USA
Halvar - death/thrash - South Africa
Night Crowned - black/death - Sweden
The Mosaic Window - death/black - USA
Pyrolatrous - black/death - USA
Rivers Ablaze - black/death - Hungary
Mephorash - black - Sweden
Highborne - black - USA
Marsh of Swans - black - USA
Mouthbreather - grind - USA
Verilehto - black - Finalnd
Gama Bomb - thrash - Ireland
Extinkt - thrash - Poland
Bazooka Troopaz - thrash - Norway
Okrutnik - thrash/speed - Poland
Phantom Winter - doom/sludge - Germany
Sâver - sludge/post - Norway
Temple Balls - heavy metal - Finland
Diviner - heavy metal - Greece
Rascal - heavy/power - Poland
Rigorous - power - Germany
L.A Guns - glam/rock - USA
Helmet - heavy/groove - USA
Ex Everything - post hardcore - USA

Something gross and semi-brutal for #ThursDeath. Necrotic Pestilentia has put out two EPs this year (so far)? and they're just as heavy and nasty as you imagine - somewhere between death and brutal. Probably not for the faint of heart? 😂

#metal #DeathMetal

Jetzt - beim 4. Mal hören und nebenher kochen - zündet das Album endlich voll!



For Mothman Monday, this badass piece of art by R Machado, and also the track 'Mothman' by Ignominious:

#Mothman #MothmanMonday #RMachado #Ignominious #metal #DeathMetal #Monsterdon #monsters #MonsterArt #cryptids

A piece of art with Mothman holding a lantern in a green fog, with a bridge behind

After Act of Impalement I put on Utilize the Remains. Both of their albums that came out this year are top contenders for my favorite metal AOTY for 2023.

#metal #DeathMetal #UtilizeTheRemains #ActOfImpalement #AOTY #AOTY2023 #MetalAOTY

#NowPlaying Act of Impalement, as I play Diablo IV

#metal #DeathMetal #ActOfImpalement #DiabloIV

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

Carnal Tomb - Embalmed in Decay Review | Angry Metal Guy
A review of Embalmed in Decay by Carnal Tomb, available worldwide November 3rd via Testimony Records.


Chris Fletch :pentagram:
1 month ago

Briefly stepped away from #DeathMetal for a #Metalcore throwback and Unearth’s 2004 album The Oncoming Storm. Normal service to resume shortly #NowPlaying

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

"When you play death metal for your, 'I listen to everything', friends."

#DeathMetal #Caturday

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
1 month ago

I might be off work this week but Heavy Metal never sleeps! That means it’s #NewMusicFriday and time for #FletchsFridayReleases of course Suffocation is great, I was also pleasantly surprised by Dying Wish. Also hail the return of Fuming Mouth! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #DoomMetal #PowerMetal

Suffocation - death - USA
Carnation - death - Belgium
Fuming Mouth - death - USA
Carnal Tomb - death - German
Katholic - death - USA
Darkness Ablaze - death - Germany
Kraanium - death/slam - Denmark/Norway
Necroticgorebeast - death/slam - Canada
Manipulator - death/grind - USA
Closet Witch - grind - USA
Warcrab - death/sludge - UK
Cosmitorium - death/prog - USA
Xoth - death/black - USA
Ch'ahom - death/black - Germany
Mortuary Drape - death/black - Italy
Tetragrammacide - death/black - India
Witches Hollow - death/black - Finland
Cirkeln - black - Sweden
Faidra - black - Sweden
Nahasheol - black - Netherlands
Penitence Onrique - black - France
Goatkraft - black - Norway
Jord - black - Sweden
Totenmesse - black - Poland
Veruta - black - USA
Ild - black - Norway
Acid Force - thrash - Slovakia
Kill the King - thrash - India
Detoxen - thrash - UK
Degrave - Thrash - USA
Green Lung - stoner/doom - UK
Angra - prog/power - Brazil
Morne - Sludge/post - USA
Saran's Fall - heavy metal - Finland
Graven Sin - heavy metal - Finland
Reveal - heavy/power - Spain
Svartanatt - hard rock - Sweden
Blazoner - hard rock - USA
Dying Wish - metallic hardcore - USA

Bandcamp Friday is this Friday (when all money goes to artists) and I'm fairly broke after rent, but I may grab something TINY or two just for a kick. Not sure yet. I've been thinking about it all month (and knew I'd be broke).

But just fyi for Nov. 3. Support those artists.

#Bandcamp #BandcampFriday #IndieMusic #IndieRock #metal #DeathMetal #punk #PunkRock

🎃 The best part of Halloween is that all of my #DeathMetal shirts briefly become seasonally appropriate.