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Awesome progress on the #Decentraland client in #Godot , featuring the iOS build.

Including multiplayer now!

The Cryptoverse
1 month ago

#Decentraland #mana reaches local support. Time to break Fibonacci descending channel?

#crypto #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #trading #btc  #bitcoin  #cryptotrading

Jupiter Rowland
1 month ago
@Cyborg 2-A ✅
And then we have DECENTRALAND which is totally not decentralized. (Prove me wrong please show me the code) Their site reads that they are "the first and only decentralized open source metaverse that started in 2020" oh yeah that sounds legit right there.

One of the reasons why I've made this:

#Decentraland #OpenMetaverse #OpenMetaverseAlliance #OMA #OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #Meme #ThatsCute
Top: Decentraland logo and "We are the decentralised Metaverse." Middle: Open Metaverse Alliance logo and "We're building the real decentralised Metaverse." Bottom: OpenSimulator logo and "You're all so cute."
1 month ago

Chapter 5 of 'The Future is a Dead Mall', entitled 'A Child's Vision of Governance', is an insightful takedown of some of the failure models of DAOs:

#DAO #governance ##DecentraLand

1 month ago

That quote from Tim Sweeney was presented in one of the opening chapters of a long but entertaining web video called 'The Future is a Dead Mall':

Produced by Folding Ideas, it's a deconstruction of the VR hype cycle though the lens of "Metaverse" rhetoric. As a specific example, a crypto pump'n'dumper's online utopia called Decentraland.

More of this kind of video on #PeerTube please!

#FoldingIdeas #TimSweeney #VR #Metaverse #crypto #BlockChain #Decentraland

1 month ago

»#Decentraland vs #Sandbox: Navigate the dynamic virtual world with our comprehensive comparison guide for 2023, uncovering the nuances between Decentraland and Sandbox.« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

2 months ago

#Decentraland added the feature to take pictures in world and share as links with rich metadata! 📸

In a virtual 3d world, a building with solarpunk style with the logo reading "Golf Craft", the O in the logo is a golf ball.
2 months ago

#Decentraland launches Smart Wearables and Portable Experiences ⚡ . They are like standalone apps that follow the user, and are not linked to any particular scene.

This evening, I've been having #fun exploring #decentraland !
I've seen @eibriel posting about It a lot, so I decided to take a look too! :blobaviator:

I like It there! I find it to be a mix between #SecondLife and #VRChat! :ablobthinking:
Unfortunately, I've not been able to interact a lot with people, just a quick hey with a person that warned me that my mic was not working, so I fixed it but they went away in no time :ablobnervous:

I've used the #webBrowser Brave to explore the land and had little to no problems on #Linux. :linux:

I suggest to everyone to have a look! It's inspiring! A bit empty.... but #inspiring!

I have also been thinking to make some #custom #NFT to wear/sell there, but unsure how and if I really could... Also, lands are veeeeery #expensive! But can be loaned for "cheap" :3

Have you ever explored it? Do you like it? :aphotoblob:

FraYoshi on the tallest point in Decentraland, saying Hi!
Adam R. Smith (AmericanScream)
2 months ago

Dropping Monday is our next podcast episode where we interview YouTube Gamer, "Jauwn" - he reviews all the crypto/NFT games.

#gaming #gamereviews #nft #crypto #gamer #gamereview #epic #AxieInfinity #metaverse #decentraland #ponziScheme #ioradio

2 months ago

Wow, nos is possible to export a #Decentraland avatar as #VRM with just one click 🤯

Later will test it on VRChat

3 months ago
3 months ago

Testing the #Godot client for #Decentraland (experimental, early stages) 🤯

Apparently this was achieved by some black magic, compiling a Decentraland GDextension written in #Rust .

It's the first Decentraland client that can run on Android (without counting the Unity client ported to Oculus Quest 2)


An avatar standing in a path surrounded by trees. Screenshot from the "Decentraland Godot Rust" software.
Jupiter Rowland
3 months ago
@RoLarenRED57 @counternotions I guess or I hope that enough people have noticed that #Decentraland simply isn't what it promises to be, instead being more reminiscent of a pyramid-scheme scam.

Not only is the world itself buggy as hell because Decentraland is all about making crypto money, and the 3-D world doesn't even matter, but it also isn't decentralised, and it certainly hasn't invented decentralised 3-D virtual worlds.

#OpenSimulator has done that. In January 2007. And it has invented federation between decentralised virtual worlds in 2008 with the #Hypergrid.

Just to illustrate how decentralised #OpenSim is:

It is free and open-source, it is not owned by a company, and anyone can install their own grid (= world). There's even a special, third-party OpenSim "distribution" named #DreamGrid that makes it easy for people with no experience in running servers to install their own grid on their Windows computer at home. It has been installed way over 3,000 times already.

There are more than 400 active grids currently, possibly many more because stats about DreamGrid aren't easy to get. The Hypergrid lets an avatar registered on one grid travel to almost all the other grids, appearance, settings, inventory and all.

There isn't even an "official" grid. #OSgrid comes closest, and it contributes to the development, but it's still third-party. The devs don't have a grid. The lead dev, Ubit Umarov, only owns a sim attached to OSgrid.

OpenSimWorld, the main sim listing and community hub, is third-party yet again, run by someone who in turn only owns a few sims attached to OSgrid and not a grid of his own.

There are two virtual currencies that aren't limited to one grid each, Gloebit and Podex. Both are third-party again, and AFAIK only Gloebit offers one deposit for all grids. Most grids don't support payment at all. None of them are cryptocurrencies. OpenSim works entirely without a blockchain, without cryptocurrencies and without NFTs.

For comparison, Decentraland is a monolithic, centralised silo. It has only got one "instance" which is owned and operated by the owners of Decentraland itself, the Decentraland Foundation. The only "decentralised" thing about Decentraland is that it has its own cryptocurrency rather than relying on an existing one like Dogecoin.

By the same logic, Twitter is decentralised because it doesn't rely on Facebook or Google. OpenSim is as decentralised as Mastodon would be if and didn't exist.
Jupiter Rowland
3 months ago
@Cheryl Furse

> Where is a crypto crash?
2022 especially.
More recently: #^

> Opensim a success? We are just 200 real people with thousands of alts.
That's your personal perception which you yourself think you "know" for a "fact".

If you really think this is a cold, hard fact, please prove it with a link to statistics.

By the way, here come cold, hard facts: the Hypergrid Business stats from June 15th.

#HypergridBusiness reports 424 active grids. Everyone would have to run at least two grids.

You refuse to believe that number? You think it's made up? It isn't just a number. Here's a list of all 424 grids. Count them. Then check the links. Almost all of them should be active.

125,841 standard regions on the reporting grids alone = each user has to have almost 630 standard regions on average.

#OSgrid alone reported 27,325 standard regions. If everyone had land on OSgrid, that'd be almost 130 standard regions per #OpenSim user.

Also, as of today, by the way, OSgrid lists 5,689 sims (taking varsims into account) on its official website, all by name. Only few of them are official. All the others are hosted by their owners and attached to OSgrid externally. OSgrid does not offer land rentals.

If every OpenSim user had land on OSgrid, everyone would have 28 sims or more on average attached to OSgrid. That's enough land for a stand-alone grid.

If you claim for a fact that this is bullshit, and either OSgrid or its staff makes up most of the names on the list, go in-world and check on the map whether these sims actually exist on the OSgrid map. Mind you, they may be offline. Many of them run on people's Windows PCs which they shut down when they don't need them. Nonetheless, these sims have existed and been online recently.

And that's only OSgrid. On average, everyone would have to own countless sims alll across the Hypergrid.

> I would compare much more with sim city. In opensim anyway, because most are just building landscapes and take pictures of it. SimCity has some more goals. lol

Goes to show you don't get out much.

What people actually do is hoard freebies and party. Female users also play Barbie with their avatars. And some have virtual sex.

But in general, most users don't spend more time than absolutely necessary decorating sims. Look at those many freebie sims that look like they were slapped together within one afternoon.

> You didn't mention thirdroom. Why?

Because I only wanted to pick out a few examples. If I had to include #ThirdRoom, I would also have to cover #VRchat and #Vircadia and #Overte and #RecRoom and #MozillaHubs etc. etc., just to give each and every virtual world out there a fair treatment. The article would have grown HUMONGOUS.

Even when it only came to free, open-source, decentralised virtual worlds, I would also have had to mention and analyse Vircadia, Overte and Mozilla Hubs and rip #Decentraland apart for lying into people's faces.

Besides, I know you're a huge Third Room fangurl. But Third Room is far from being as successful as #SecondLife or #Minecraft or #Roblox. It's a tech preview. It's in a very very early stage. It's far from having a community of thousands, having in-world places that you can spend weeks or months or years exploring, having in-world events etc.

Right now, Third Room is only just barely where Second Life was in 2002, only with public access. It is where OpenSim was in July 2007, immediately after OSgrid was launched, and before people flocked into OSgrid, claimed land and started building.

Also, since Third Room is based on Unity, this blocks creativity. Everything has to be built and scripted outside Third Room. That's like building an entire Second Life or OpenSim sim outside Second Life/OpenSim, scripting it outside Second Life/OpenSim, then dropping the whole thing into Second Life/OpenSim in one chunk, and if you want to change even a small detail, you have to go back outside Second Life/OpenSim and go through almost the whole process again because Unity doesn't let you do shit in-world.

> For opensim I only see one big problem. Stone age technology. Especially because of openGL and Firestorm still thinks we live in a 8 bit world.

32-bit. Second Life wouldn't even be technologically possible in 16-bit, much less 8-bit.

Also, you claim that #OpenGL is stone-age technology because its initial release was in 1992. Well, bad news for you: Your precious, oh-so-powerful MacBook Air M1 runs on an operating system from the age of dinosaurs. It's basically #BSD (macOS is based on Darwin, and Darwin is based on BSD), and BSD is from 1977.

Oh, and by the way, OpenGL has advanced over time. The minimum version required for the official Second Life viewer is 3.2 from August 2009, the minimum version recommended is 4.6 from July 2017.

> This can be changed if there would be young developers interested in creating high end graphics. But you have only nostalgic 60 years old men in opensim who are not skilled to develop new technology.

Another false claim of you which you "know" for a "fact": Everyone in OpenSim except for you is a crusty old geezer at an average age of 60 years.

> Thirdroom has 20 years old kids already who can develop new technology


Okay, let's check the factuality of this.

This is the Third Room code repository on GitHub.

The contributors, at least those that aren't bots, are:
Robert Long, software engineer
Nate Martin
Ajay Bura
Matthew Hodgson
Rhea Danzey, senior SRE
Hugh Nimmo-Smith
Travis Ralston, senior software developer

At the age of 20, you can't be an engineer. You can't have an engineer's degree of any kind. You're still in university or college.

At the age of 20, you certainly can't have "senior" in your official job title.

At least some of these developers don't even look like they're 20. Not 25 either. Not even 30.

So next time you present your personal perception as cold, hard, undeniable facts, prove them. Or don't complain when someone comes with actual facts that contradict what you say and proves these.
Jupiter Rowland
3 months ago
@Cheryl Furse Looks more to me like some #cryptobros have discovered #OpenSimulator and want to use it for their ultimate get-rich-quick scheme:

A #metaverse based on the Holy Trinity of #blockchain, #cryptocurrency and #NFTs, but instead of developing a platform from scratch which costs money, they want to use #OpenSim which already exists, which works well enough, and which they can use for absolutely free.

And now they're looking for idiots who'll strap it to a blockchain and include something like #Dogecoin as a universal currency.

By having #OpenMetaverse in their name, they make themselves look like they've got something to do with the Open Metaverse Interoperability Group or even the Open Metaverse Foundation which is a project of the #LinuxFoundation. They're probably much closer to the Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3. Just look at who's in that alliance. I'm not even surprised to find that halfway-failed scam named #Decentraland amongst them.

Speaking of surprises, I wouldn't be surprised either if they simply tried to steal the source code of OpenSim and make it their own, just to discover afterwards what it actually looks like. But I would be surprised if OpenSim as it is actually profited from them in terms of code improvement.

Needless to say that whatever they'll cook up will not connect to the #Hypergrid which we already have. You can't sell parcels of land for, like, $10,000,000 to people who could easily teleport somewhere where they can rent much more land for $10/month. Also, their precious NFTs would be botted and offered in freebie stores in no time.

Oh, and just because they're meeting on #Kitely, doesn't mean they're affiliated with Kitely.

I'd actually like to be wrong on this.
3 months ago

#Decentraland is hosting a new #GameJam !!

🌌 'Lucid Dreams' theme
🗓️ Closes July 10 11:59pm UTC
❗Must be an interactive DCL scene, max 100 MB, using SDK 7 & AI technology

Get the full details👇

🕹️ jbz
3 months ago

💸 The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse | Folding Ideas

4 months ago

Decentraland is Going to Zero as the SEC Says MANA is a Security but This New Sustainable Crypto Could Be the Next Crypto to Explode – Here's How it Works - Analysts are warning that Decentraland’s $MANA token could be going to zero in wake of th... - #decentraland #altcoinnews #greencrypto #ecoterra #presale #mana #sec

4 months ago

eToro US Customers Will No Longer Be Able To Open New Positions in ALGO, MATIC, MANA and DASH - US customers using social investing platform eToro US will no longer be able to open new ... - #decentraland #altcoinnews #algorand #polygon #etoro #dash #sec

4 months ago

Decentraland Review: Web3’s Official Event Hub - Decentraland has become a vibrant hub for hosting trending digital events within i... - #decentraland #cryptopedia #zz_popular #zz_index #zz_top #web3

4 months ago

#Cryptocurrencies #blockchaintechnology #Decentraland #digitaloffice PKO Bank Polski Expanding Presence in Meta-Universe with Virtual Office Development: * They were looking for technical talent
* The new team will develop the bank's virtual office

PKO Bank Polski held an event for potential employees in the metacenter. This is the PKOBankTalentow job fair.

It is intended for technical professions such as programmers, WEB3 developers, etc. At the fair…

4 months ago

#Metaverse #collaboration #cryptocurrencyprojects #Decentraland PKO Bank Polski Hosts Virtual Job Fair in Decentraland for IT Professionals: PKO Bank Polski decided to hold a job fair in Decentraland for the sake of finding IT professionals

Polish bank PKO Bank Polski is holding a virtual job fair called Virtual PKO Rotunda in the virtual reality (VR) project Decentraland from May 30.

This was announced by the financial institution in a press release.

Bank's head…

5 months ago

#Cryptocurrencies #Chainlink #cryptocurrency #Decentraland SEC Urges Grayscale to Withdraw Filecoin Trust Application Over Security Concerns: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) called on Grayscale to withdraw its application to launch the Filecoin Trust fund because the Filecoin cryptocurrency could be recognized as a security.

According to Grayscale Investments, the company filed a Form 10 application to launch the Filecoin Trust on April 10.…

Jupiter Rowland
5 months ago
Sometimes it occurs that mass media remember that it wasn't Mark Zuckerberg who invented 3-D #VirtualWorlds. They may even remember #SecondLife. If you're very lucky, they actually show footage from within Second Life.

That is, you aren't that lucky actually. Said footage was always taken during the heyday from 2006 to 2008, and it's always horribly outdated and in a horrible quality. This gives outsiders the impression that Second Life is dead. If mass media don't believe this themselves and actually explicitly state it isn't, as rarely as both may occur, the footage makes it look like this is what Second Life looks like today.

After all, it's 20 years old now. And a 20-year-old "video game" always looks as old as it is, am I right? That is, unless there has been a reissue. There has never been a reissue of Second Life, though.

By the way, Second Life is not a video game. No, it isn't. No, really, it isn't.

And yes, it has evolved over the last 15 years. A lot.

Also, just because all content in World of Warcraft was made by Blizzard, doesn't mean that all content in Second Life was made by Linden Labs, and it certainly doesn't mean that all content in Second Life was made 20 years ago. Second Life is different. Nearly all in-world content was made by the users. And it is still being made. So it has evolved even more.

Nowadays, one Second Life avatar has many more vertices and polygons than an entire WoW scene, all NPCs included. And Second Life avatars look the part. But as long as mass media only dig up decades-old Second Life footage from their archives instead of getting fresh material, nobody outside the Second Life community will know.

Obligatory #OpenSim tangent: At least mass media know that there was something called Second Life. #OpenSimulator is entirely unknown to them. And so they continue to believe that Mark Zuckerberg was the first to use the term #metaverse for a real-life 3-D world (I can show you proof that the OpenSim community did in 2016 already, and it probably did as early as 2008 when the #Hypergrid was introduced). And tech media continue to believe that #Decentraland invented the decentralised, federated metaverse when actually OpenSim invented it in 2007 with federation coming in 2008 while Decentraland actually didn't.

Then again, typical OpenSim footage might probably be standard Ruth waddling around Pimple Island on low graphics settings.

The following is based on the Drakeposting #meme.

Drakeposting reaction image. Caption: "Second Life represented in mass media". Upper picture, rejective stance: "30-frames-per-second videos made in 2023 on state-of-the-art hardware". Lower picture, confirmative stance: "3-frames-per-second videos made in 2007 on potato hardware".
Jupiter Rowland
5 months ago
@theregicide My take on this is different:

The Metaverse isn't dead; it just isn't what you believe it is. And it is older than everyone thinks.

Also, the concept of a free and decentralised metaverse is already reality. Surprise: It is not #Decentraland. It doesn't need a #blockchain, a #cryptocurrency or #NFTs. And it has been around for a decade and a half.

#Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #OpenSim #OpenSimulator

Except, somewhat like second life, it'll probably find an audience and limp along in perpetuity, making money for the big institutional Investors. Meanwhile those that spent their money on a small corner of #decentraland will probably make nothing. What a surprise.

5 months ago

The work on 3 additional #Decentraland clients has started :clapping:

5 months ago

#Firefox can now run #Decentraland (except for the sky). Impresive!

A building in Decentraland. But the sky is pink.
Jupiter Rowland
5 months ago
It may be a pancake. It may neither have easy support for VR headsets nor guarantee you 60fps even if you get it to run through a VR headset. But it was there before all of you. It used the term #Metaverse many years before any one of you had even heard of it.

The #Hypergrid, the interconnection between #OpenSimulator grids, is 15 years old this year. And yes, #OpenSim is actually #decentralised like you wouldn't believe. Over 420 big and small public grids and over 8,000 privately-run, home-hosted grids based on #DreamGrid, over 95% of which are on the Hypergrid, say a lot, I guess.

Oh, and it needs no #blockchain, it needs no #cryptocurrency, and it needs no #NFTs. It runs on the same technology as #SecondLife (which celebrates its 20th birthday this year, as in it's still alive, too) while being fully #FreeLibreOpenSourceSoftware.

#Decentraland #OpenMetaverseAlliance #OMA #OpenMetaverse #Decentralized #VirtualWorlds #Meme
Top: Decentraland logo and "We are the decentralised Metaverse." Middle: Open Metaverse Alliance logo and "We're building the real decentralised Metaverse." Bottom: OpenSimulator logo and "You're all so cute."
5 months ago

Women’s Health in the Metaverse: French Clinic Hosts Landmark Event - A French clinic held a groundbreaking event in the metaverse that showcased the po... - #decentraland(mana) #zzzeditorspicks #metaverses #technology #zz_popular #healthcare #zz_index #zz_top

5 months ago

Hosting a screenning of the launch at #Decentraland . Join us following the link! 🚀

#spacex #starship

Starship on a screen, 3 avatars looking into the screen in Decentraland.
Jupiter Rowland
6 months ago
@𝗝𝗮𝗸𝗼𝗯 :𝗳𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗰𝗮: 🇦🇹 ✅ @Chris Trottier The (finger quotes) #Metaverse. With #blockchains and #cryptocurrencies and #NFTs because these are absolute basic requirements for 3-D #VirtualWorlds which, in turn, will be the next Web.

At least, so say the #cryptobros who have jumped upon the bandwagon of Mark Zuckerberg's announcement of having "invented the Metaverse" and are still trying to make a quick dollar.

All of this is complete humbug. #SecondLife is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, and it is a 3-D #VirtualWorld all right, all without requiring a #blockchain or a #cryptocurrency or NFTs.

And Zuckerberg wasn't even the first to use the term Metaverse, not even for something that isn't pure fiction. #OpenSimulator has been around for 16 years with no blockchain, no cryptocurrency (in most cases, no currency at all) and no NFTs, and it's as decentral as #Decentraland claims to be but isn't. The term "metaverse" has been used in the #OpenSim scene at least since 2008 when the #Hypergrid was introduced.

So all this Web3 non-sense only works because mainstream and tech media believed that there was no operational 3-D virtual world, at least not "for grown ups", when Zuckerberg announced "the Metaverse". #HorizonWorldsIsNotTheMetaverse.

@esther the #Metalverse was a wannabe-music festival in #Decentraland which basically was just some videos being played back to an audience...


If anyone wants to see #AnarchoCapitalism in action:

Look at #Decentraland and it's wealth-based #voting system that makes #Prussia|s 3-class-voting look progressive in comparison...

LMAO: #Decentraland can't even properly emulate #Breakout.

For comparison: #Wozniak got that running on the #Apple 1 back then...

If you think #FoxNews and other #mainstream #MassMedia are bad, then I'd recommend taking a look at the "#Decentraland #Reporter" which has worse working conditions than #CGTN & #RT by literally allowing the masses to fire presenters and reporters on a whim - and yes that is an explicitly intentional feature...


David Chartier
6 months ago

Another Dan Olsen film, er, video essay is out.

Not technically a sequel to Line Goes Up (his fantastic piece about the financial, societal, and cultural dangers of #crypto and #blockchain garbage), but it covers adjacent topics: the Metaverse and its garbage copycat Decentraland:

#VideoEssays #Metaverse #Decentraland

Christoph Derndorfer-Medosch
6 months ago

Used the long weekend to catch up on some reading and also watched Folding Ideas' "The Future is a Dead Mall - #Decentraland and the #Metaverse" video. It's not quite as good and snarky as his brilliant "Line Goes Up – The Problem With #NFTs" from 2022 but it's entertaining and worth watching on a quiet evening.

6 months ago
6 months ago

My #introduction !

I'm Eibriel, interested in AI, Free Software and Decentralization.

- Games in Decentraland
- Games inspired in Computational Semantics (Natural Language Understanding)

I think I'm funny, but I'm actually not.

This is my virtual me at work.

#Decentraland #NLU #ComputationalSemantics

An 3d avatar with cat head in Decentraland waving its hand.

This video by Folding Ideas is a great introduction to the #Decentraland #Metaverse. I noticed the only people I met irl who were hyped on metaverse(s) were people who had never played MMOGs and didn't understand what virtual worlds are and cannot be.

6 months ago

Bad Apple playing in Decentraland as ACII art

The font is monospace, not sure why the image is a bit broken

#Decentraland #SDK7 #BadApple #ASCIIArt

6 months ago

New button in #Decentraland !

An Experiences manager, most probably for the Metaverse Fashion Week portable experience.


A popup titled "Experiences", with one experience listed named "0,0",  an eye icon and a power icon on the side.

Section of the Decentraland UI.
Csepp 🌢
6 months ago

New #FoldingIdeas video. 🤩

"The Future is a Dead Mall - #Decentraland and the #Metaverse "

💻The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse💻

Another well-crafted and thoroughly researched video essay by Folding Ideas.

#Metaverse #Decentraland

A bearded man wearing a VR set. On it the words: Decentraland and the Metaverse
pinkprius [en]
6 months ago

Hell yes, new Folding Ideas video!!
The Future is a Dead Mall - #Decentraland and the #Metaverse

🕹️ jbz
6 months ago

💀 The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse
— Folding Ideas

#Metaverse #Decentraland #NFT #Crypto

7 months ago

#Golfcraft nominated to Best ( #Decentraland ) videogame of the year! 😋

Best videogame of the year: Rovi AI, Wilderness, Golfcraft, Vroom Way, Knights of Antrom
Jupiter Rowland
7 months ago
@Stark Of course, #cryptobros don't like to use #Mastodon. They have their own instance, and this instance is defederated by most other instances.

And how they aren't really interested in decentralisation is obvious if you look at the #Metaverse. Most projects in this field are just-too-obvious attempts at get-rich-quick schemes by cryptobros. Jump onto the Metaverse bandwagon with a start-up, rake in lots of money by selling virtual land that's so outrageously expensive that it puts #SecondLife to shame, rake in more money by selling #NFTs, rake in even more money by watching the cryptocurrency of your choice get more and more expensive.

But since the Metaverse is supposed to be neither one big walled garden nor a bunch of walled gardens, it has to be decentralised in some way. Enter #Decentraland. It claims to be the, quote, "first decentralized Metaverse." This is false already: The first decentralised metaverse was #OpenSimulator which was launched in 2007, eight years before Decentraland, which has been using the term "metaverse" long before it became a buzzword, and which is still around and constantly expanding with several times more landmass than Second Life.

Yes, Decentraland is open-source and licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. But this seems to be only to either satisfy those who demand the Metaverse be FLOSS or delegate most of the development to the community. Yes, Decentraland is officially in the hands of a non-profit. But this seems to be a ploy to keep big players from buying it out. Not to mention how Decentraland as an actual #VirtualWorld feels cobbled together quickly, like an attempt at making tons of money by marketing the usual #blockchain, #crypto & #NFT recipe at people who don't easily throw themselves at big corporations.

Also, I've yet to be convinced that Decentraland is truly decentral to the point of there being privately-run places over which the owners/maintainers of the platform don't have a say.

For comparison: The #Fediverse is that decentral. Some projects like Mastodon have instances run by the main devs, but only to have "official" instances for newcomers to easily find a home; others don't have any. And each instance is entirely run and ruled over by its owners, not by the owners/maintainers of the project itself.

And #OpenSim is that level of decentral, too. There is no central ruler, no central authority in any shape or form. There isn't even an "official" #grid. The main dev doesn't own any land beyond his private sim attached to #OSgrid where he isn't even one of the grid admins.

But cryptobros would never let decentralisation go that far, for that'd allow people to use their services without making money for them.

Coindesk profile of #FTX #crypto exchange and #Alameda leadership:


- Alameda "began taking in 'huge' profits placing highly leveraged bets on assets like #dogecoin after noticing its price went up whenever Elon Musk tweeted about the meme coin."

- "Young people tend to be too risk averse” - Caroline Ellison, former Alameda CEO

- FTX’s "#Metaverse Nightclub-Loving Audit Firm" Prager Metis operates in #Decentraland