#Introduction for this community: Forumtheater is the central form in the “Theater of the Oppressed”, which was learned from #AugustoBoal and refers to #BertBrecht and #PauloFreire; Basis of #CriticalTheory in the American countries, in connection with #Gestalt and #Gestalttherapy and with #futureworkshops according to #RobertJungk and in research on #decolonization, #racism and #queer-hostility

#neuhier für diese Community: Forumtheater ist die zentrale Form im „Theater der Unterdrückten“, das von #AugustoBoal gelernt wurde und sich auf #BertBrecht und #PauloFreire bezieht; Grundlage der #KritischenTheorie in den amerikanischen Ländern, in Verbindung mit #Gestalt und #Gestalttherapie und mit #Zukunftswerkstätten nach #RobertJungk und in der Forschung zur #Dekolonialisierung, zu #Rassismus und #Queerfeindlichkeit

Marek Gluza
3 days ago
"#Astronomers Need to Rename the #MagellanicClouds" an opinion piece by Mia de los Reyes

I'm in favor because that name is there solely to glorify somebody from a perspective of a flawed set of values. Directly quoting: "Names reflect community values. Naming objects, buildings, and places after people has long been a way for society to honor individuals for their discoveries, their accomplishments, or the values they symbolize. Magellan made no #astronomical discoveries, and for many, he continues to be a symbol of imperialist and anti-Indigenous violence."

I see the complication of old texts becoming obsolete and I would be completely comfortable telling newcomers that e.g. "Yes, it used to be named after a murderous #colonialist but we then realized it was a bad idea and the confusion that currently exists now serves as a reminder to care for one another."

#astronomy #decolonization

1 week ago

@crosswordhero Green Majority. The hosts are in Ontario, but they have a good mix of news, interviews, and analysis addressing Canada as a whole, as well as commentary on US climate news. Most importantly to me, the white settler hosts get that #decolonization is not a metaphor, and that settlers supporting Indigenous leadership is THE solution to the climate crisis. This podcast is the reason I found out about the Cree co-authored book The End Of This World: Climate Justice In So-Called Canada, a book which has been saving me from despair.

1 week ago

@pezmico I would add that #decolonization is a crucial foundation for this

Deconstructing ‘Canadian Cuisine’: Towards decolonial food futurities on Turtle Island

Hana Mustapha
Sharai Masanganise

#Settler #Colonialism #Neoliberalism #FoodSovereignty #Decolonization

#OpenScholarship from Canadian Food Studies (CFS).

#Read all you want! #OpenAccess
#Share generously! #KnowledgeSharing
#Grow your understanding of #Food

Useless Idiot 🇳🇱 🥀⌛
2 weeks ago


#Modi is taking the #decolonization of #India serious!

Another fantastic story. About whaling by multiple First Nations on Vancouver Island. And if you've ever been to the American Natural History Museum, you might have seen the “Whalers Washing House" which was a sacred shrine with dozens of tall human forms made of wood (Picture in the article). They were taken from the Mowachaht/Muchahlaht in Yuquot in 1904.

Here's hoping one day they are returned.

#Whaling #FirstNations #Colonialism #Racism #Reconciliation #Decolonization #VancouverIsland #History

UCPH Degrowth Network
3 weeks ago

After a summer with multiple off-the-charts temperature records and numerous fatal extreme weather events all over the world, a discussion on #degrowth and #decolonization is more relevant than ever.

Tune in to the next online seminar organized by the UCPH Degrowth Network - Tuesday Sep 19th, at 2 PM CEST.

Dr. Brototi Roy (Central European University) will talk about "The Future of Degrowth: Decolonizing more than the imaginary"

#degrowth #postgrowth #AlternativeEconomics #capitalism #Decolonisation #Decolonization #Ecology #SocialJustice #ClimateJustice #ClimateCrisis

Poster of talk event by Dr. Brototi Roy: "The Future of Degrowth: Decolonizing more than the imaginary" - Sep 19th, 2 PM
pnutbutterprincess 💙 she/her
3 weeks ago

Recommended: quick read for a little overview on #decolonization around the concept of charity. Especially in light of the devastating #wildfires across Turtle Island this summer! Don't stop supporting groups providing aid, but I encourage you to consider the ideas emphasized in this blog post from #IndigenousClimateAction as well on how we can expand our definition and allow for a healthier and more inclusive mindset.

They have also provided a list of organizations you can donate to! PLEASE DO IF YOU CAN 🙏💕💕👍🌿

Miloš Jovanović
3 weeks ago

“For many Native Hawaiians, the ruins of Lahaina are a harbinger of what’s to come if Hawaiʻi continues to follow the capitalist system under US occupation.”
It is encouraging to see calls for #decolonization from within the US #Empire. Nationalism can be a tricky beast, & I hope Hawaiians navigate it better than others undergoing the same process.

3 weeks ago

Notice: I am NOT suggesting non-Indigenous, non-BIPOC people post with most of these hashtags. Follow, ally, educate yourself, etc. but don’t appropriate is always good advice for allies.

Using and following hashtags are a critical part of the Fediverse experience. This is a list of the hashtags I recommend all Indigenous people use and follow.



4 weeks ago


Russia's totally unprovoked genocidal invasion of #Ukraine has included deliberate attacks on housing, schools, and hospitals, massacres of thousands of civilians, destruction of civilian energy infrastructure, rape, torture, and kidnapping 100K children who were shipped to Russia.

#CornelWest's support for Putin's genocide disqualifies him from serious political discussion.

#USPOL #imperialism #antiwar #BRICS #RBN #RevolutionaryBlackoutNetwork #Decolonization

Paria sans portefeuille
1 month ago

#AmericanIndianAirwaves 8.31.2023

Pt 1 The Living Histories of #Lahaina

"Through the settler colonial history of what is called Lahaina, the #KānakaMaoli are resilient in survivance and now more than ever are organized in working to ensure that #decolonization and healing takes place as part of the recovery from the #LahainaFire."

Guest: #KepāMaly, Cultural Ethnographer

#Maui #MauiFires #LahainaFires #Hawaii #NativeHawaiians #Indigenous #SettlerColonialism

Adrian Riskin
1 month ago

The author conflates decolonialization with establishing racial equity, and then conflates racial equity in the mathematics classroom with teaching students that everyone, not just "dead white men," are able to do mathematics. She attributes the lack of diversity in mathematics to flawed teaching methods which perpetuate the false idea that success in math is due to talent rather than hard work. This, she says, teaches women and non-white people that math isn't for them.

This is certainly correct as far as it goes, but she doesn't go nearly far enough. The solution she offers, and remember that this is supposedly a way to decolonialize mathematics, is to somehow teach all students that math is for them also, that they're capable of learning math if they only study hard enough. Her conclusion is worth quoting at length:

"To transform mathematics teaching and learning in ways that empower students, universities need to give students the theoretical grounding they need to access the subject and support them to identify with it –- to want to learn it, to become the mathematicians of the future, to enjoy and critique mathematics and its applications."

And she may well be right that if math teachers could come to believe this and to teach as if it were true, which it is, then university mathematics might become much, much more diverse. But that's not decolonialization, which means the elimination of colonialism's effects, both cultural and social.

The very idea that everyone ought to learn mathematics, that anyone *needs* to learn mathematics, is an artifact of colonialism. Mathematics is interesting, fascinating, whatever, just like every other area of human knowledge, but it's treated very, very differently, as if it were essential to every human life. The reason it seems different, much more important than subjects universally understood to be electives, e.g. phenomenology or raku methods in ceramics, both of which are also taught in universities, is because colonial powers, among whom I include the contemporary U.S., require (a) techocrats to run their ongoing project of exploitation and (b) a lot of people who've failed to learn math and thereby have learned quite well that they don't have standing or knowledge to challenge the decrees of the technocrats.

Nobody thinks that everybody should learn to appreciate the subtle beauty of raku theory or the ins and outs of phenomenology, only that they should have the opportunity to do so if they want. The universal study of subjects like these isn't important to the colonial project. We can begin to decolonialize mathematics by teaching ourselves to see it as nothing more than a special interest, no more important from the point of view of the curriculum than any other obscure elective subject. Anyone who doesn't interrogate the assumption that everyone needs to, or ought to, or would be better off learning mathematics isn't talking about decolonializing anything, they're talking about accommodating students to the needs of colonialists.

#Math #Mathematics #Decolonial #Decolonization #MathematicsEducation

UCPH Degrowth Network
1 month ago

The fourth instance of our online Degrowth seminar series is coming up, on September 19th, 2 PM-3 PM CEST

“The future of degrowth: Decolonizing more than the imaginary” by Dr. Brototi Roy (Central European University, Vienna)

In recent years, degrowth has sparked multiple discussions, analyses and actions on repoliticizing the debate for socio-ecological justice and equity. Since the beginning of the movement as an activist slogan, there have been calls for decolonizing the imaginary. In this talk, Dr. Roy will engage with the idea of how can this decolonization be more material.

The talk will take place on Zoom, registration here:
It will be followed by 30 min of informal discussion for those interested.

#Degrowth #Postgrowth #Decolonisation #Decolonization #Colonialism #Postcolonialism #Decroissance #ClimateJustice #SocialJustice #socioecological #ClimateCrisis #Equity #Activism

How can I be informed about future events organized by the UCPH Degrowth Network?
Subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to

Poster of Dr. Brototi Roy's talk: "The future of degrowth: decolonizing more than the imaginary"

I want to talk about #Brics but I suspect I'll be attacked the moment I open my mouth because it isn't aligned with the current US narrative. 🙃
Better to talk about #CDramas on #mastodon. 😅
I may write a blog post of the notes I've made - I don't think I'm informed enough about #geopolitics to give a solid commentary, but the common topics I've seen around Brics:
- #dedollarization / use of local currencies
- #decolonization (touchy!)
- multipolar world


1 month ago

TVLSE, Oklahoma – Natives lined up to see Sten Joddi perform at the Venue Shrine in Tulsa. His set list included DJ Lonewolf, Frank Anthony, KickdHopeless, WOTKO, and Frisco featuring HV and MadMatt.

#Mvskoke #MuscogeeNation #Decolonization #LandBack #InstanceBack #Native #Indigenous #NDN #NativeMastodon #IndigenousMastodon #FourteenNinetyOne #TurtleIsland #TurtleIslandSocial #TurtleIslandArt #TurtleIslandBlog

Sten Joddi and Native performers in Tvlse on the Mvskoke Rez
1 month ago

Do me a favor, if you have found any value to Settler Colonial Introduction, send the author Lara Jacobs $5 or whatever and tell her you liked it.

Ask her to join where you saw her work.



#Decolonization #LandBack #InstanceBack #Native #Indigenous #NDN #NativeMastodon #IndigenousMastodon #FourteenNinetyOne #TurtleIsland #TurtleIslandSocial #TurtleIslandBlog

Reversing Manifest Destiny by Native artist Charles Hilliard
ophiocephalic 🐍
1 month ago

Decolonizing African cinema in the time of Netflix

'90% of Africa’s cultural legacy resides outside the continent; audiovisual restitution is a battle for memory as urgent as artefact restitution… Images are recontextualized through what some African filmmakers call the “reappropriation” of narrative. It is the fight for representation of the images of a deformed and exoticised Africa on the screen at the hands of the colonial powers.'

#Africa #Cinema #Decolonization

Generic Sadboy 1916
1 month ago

I love a good andrewism video, and ive been saving this one for a while:

As a white man who has suffered about 10 oppressive words in his life; When i see #indigenous joy i instinctively want to take it for myself, to wrap myself in its authenticity and forgivness.
However, as a tradition barer of the song, language, and seanachas of this island I have to reconcile the knife-edge intersection between this appropriative white supremacy and native Irish #decolonization
(and as an Ulsterman descended in the large part from planter stock i have other bonus baggage aswell!)

So this video is a rollercoaster as the white settler with dreadlocks in my head desperatly leaps at any break in the clouds which authenticates my desired position as indiginous, while, my accomplice-spirit fights them off 'this is not for you, you owe energy to these concepts, you must not be a beneficiary of them'

Toward the end Andrewism discusses, brielfly the concept of 'Naturalization' which provides a structured conduit for me to 'give my strength to the land' without strying close to appropriation.

Of cource, even then the lynchpin is community and family, so i remain, excluded; A hermit, a rewilding hobbyist.

1 month ago

From #Ukraine: about ethnic #minorities in #Russia and perspectives of #decolonization. In English! This part is about the #Komi and contains a lot of interview material with Komi activists.

1 month ago

I don't know why anyone who swings really nasty right even tries to follow me unless they enjoy a Chinese woman whooping their loser weak white washy asses. I'm the type of gal who will put honey on your asses & send bees to sting you. I'm also going to seed bomb your lawns✋🥰

#AsianMastodon #FuckColonialGovernment
#anticapitalism #decolonization #landback

Jesse Hession Grayman
1 month ago

The latest issue of #AmericanEthnologist (Aug 2023 - 50.3) is now available! 🎉🎉🎉

Included in this issue is our latest Forum=>
Decolonizing #Anthropology: Global Perspectives

Congrats to all our authors!

@anthropology #decolonization #DecolonizingAnthropology

Read it here: ⬇️

Ted Cutezynski
1 month ago

COLONISTS OUT OF CENTRAL ASIA! Fuck Russia. Fuck it's failed Soviet legacy.

1 month ago

I'm posting about this because almost no one locally even knows we have been working hard at #remediation for decades so far. I'm 48 yrs old now. I joined remediation efforts when I was 29 yrs old.
We have never stopped trying to remediate this area. Most locals still have no idea about the true history of the area either. Graverobbers & other #unethical human scavenger types stole a lot of evidence from the site & that's made it harder for #decolonization work on ground.

1 month ago

#TourismVictoria won't ever tell you the ugly truths.
I'm working with some #POC to develop a #decolonization tourist map & guide to the real Victoria.

1 month ago

To give folks a better idea of how long industrial pollution affects local ecosystems - it's been over hundred years since Butchart plant was running. We're still dealing with the awful ecological effects to this day.

#VictoriaBC #RealHistory #decolonization

1 month ago

@fulelo @farhanasultana @ericholthaus
Here some extracts of the article (to make you read it, it's totally worth 😉):

"While the global community congratulates itself on achieving what is politically possible, we cannot overlook the anemic nature of the agreement considering the magnitude of the problem. It will not avoid the death of millions – because they simply do not matter.” (Pulido, 2018, p. 128)
Ernstson and Swyngedouw (2019) termed the depoliticizing technocratic discourse that coexists with obscene capitalist accumulation and waste as the Anthropo-obscene (critiquing the totalizing banner of Anthropocene that homogenizes an undifferentiated humanity that does not exist).
A performance of diversion, delay, co-optation, and performativity without substance is repeated almost annually. Nonetheless, these are also spaces of opportunities to challenge the system, to utter necessary words for more people to hear, collectivize among young and old activists, learn from different positionalities, create new openings and possibilities of alliances – in other words, a repoliticization of climate instead of the depoliticized techno-economist utopias that never deliver.
আমরা কোথায় যাব, আমাদের কি ভবিষ্যৎ? আমরাকি হত্তছারা, পরিত্যক্ত? (Where will my people go, what future do we have? Must we remain abandoned, forsaken?) The disproportionate burden of climate damage is falling on formerly colonized and brutalized racialized communities in the developing world. We are still colonized, but this time through climate change, the development industry, and globalization. I feel an immense responsibility to do something. But no one is going to listen to someone like me, and even more importantly, more marginalized peoples, women and children, farmers and fisherfolk, writers and scholars. But we are all expected to be resilient because we have no choice.
Climate coloniality is perpetuated through global land and water grabs, REDD+ programs, neoliberal conservations projects, rare earth mineral mining, deforestation for growth, fossil fuel warfare, and new green revolutions for agriculture – which benefit a few while dispossessing larger numbers of historically-impoverished, often elsewhere.
I stop now, there is too much truth. You should read the article anyway :ecoanarchism_heart:
#ClimateChange #DeColonization #AntiColonization #ClimateJustice #ClimateColonialism #ClimateColoniality #EnvironmentalJustice #Capitalism #NeoColonialism #Racism #Cop26 #Cop27 #ScholarActivism #IndigenousScholars

Hisham Zerriffi
1 month ago

The cruelty and inhumanity is the point.

This is a short piece so doesn't have 2 crucial pts.

1) need to change underlying conditions that create the desperation for people to take risky journeys for an uncertain future.
2) the role the USA and other rich countries have played in creating those conditions.

A just world is a world where people can move as freely across borders as capital does today.

#Migration #Colonization #Decolonization #AntiColonialism

1 month ago

Settler Colonialism Introduction

A MUST READ for reconnecting Natives and non-Natives by #Mvskoke TEK academic and researcher Lara A. Jacobs, currently working on her Forest Ecosystems and Society PhD.

Detailed but easy to digest.

#Decolonization #LandBack #InstanceBack #Native #Indigenous #NDN #NativeMastodon #IndigenousMastodon #FourteenNinetyOne #TurtleIsland #TurtleIslandSocial


Reversing Manifest Destiny by Native artist Charles Hilliard
1 month ago

This article is a MUST READ

Decolonization is not a metaphor
By Eve Tuck & K. Wayne Yang

“Our goal in this article is to remind readers what is unsettling about decolonization. Decolonization brings about the repatriation of Indigenous land and life; it is not a metaphor for other things we want to do to improve our societies and schools.”

#Decolonization #LandBack #Native #Indigenous #NDN #NativeMastodon #IndigenousMastodon #TurtleIsland #TurtleIslandSocial


Bart Simpson at a chalkboard writing 'Decolonization is no a metaphor' over and over.
The Pathways Initiative
2 months ago

An important and critical article to share on the pursuit of a fundamental reshaping of frameworks to imagine a future that is both fair and ecologically balanced, characterized by the dismantling of oppressive structures and the promotion of knowledge co-production, justice, and decolonization.
#sustainability #planetaryboundaries #decolonization

Jenny 진희 Lee
2 months ago

Received this extremely dope belated birthday gift. Can't wait to dive in

2 months ago

If you think I hate white people - you're not only damn wrong but you probably feel guilty triggers. That's not on any POC person to figure out. It's on you to figure that shit out & either make changes or not.

Stop trying to dump your lack of emotional labour efforts on many POC folks who are fucking exhausted.

#AsianMastodon #decolonization #WhiteFragility

3 months ago

Racists defacing bilingual road signs in indigenous languages is annoying. But ultimately I think it serves our cause more than theirs. "Respectable" white folks may not care about decolonization, but they're passionately against vandalism of public property.

#Bilingualism #decolonization

BluePeony :bow_blue:
3 months ago

red. on TikTok

>Watch this exclusive clip from our upcoming documentary, of pan-African scholar PLO Lumumba on how until Britain is made to pay for its crimes in Africa, it will continue feeling entitled to dominate the continent. “The day they do, they will know that we are truly angry”.

#reparationsnow #africantiktok #decolonization

4 months ago

Kinda bad funny when middle aged white guys who enjoy spending $ at private golf courses(on unceded native lands) & other old white guys try to say astroturf helps us to save water & attract more wildlife 🤡 inform me that they're gonna block/mute me because I'm against both of those selfish, privileged things that harm natural environments.
Unfortunately for them, I enjoy being blocked by entitled #privileged old white dudes who aren't doing any #decolonization of their #colonized minds.

blake shaw
4 months ago

nothing challenges the ethical facade of the institutions of knowledge more than the treatment of #Grothendieck for the militant persistence of his dedication to #ecology, anti-imperialism, #decolonization, and the general project of human emancipation. his outspoken opposition to the #IHES's relation with the French military lead to a culture of expropriation of the results of his work, where a culture brewed in which it was open season to scower #EGA for bits to render transmisable for one's own credit, as he showed with meticulous detail throughout récoltes et semailles and other personal writings.

#mathematics #algebra

4 months ago

"In order to fulfill his long-imagined vision of trauma healing for his community, Joel Jackson will see this old Forest Service logging facility turned into a cultural healing treatment center. The center’s intention is to serve Jackson’s Tlingit community members, along with all Southeast Alaska rural villages by reintroducing them to their identities, their histories and their land."

#Decolonization #Indigenous

Nora Schmidt
4 months ago

My study, funded by ifa, "A Decolonial Approach to Open-Access Repositories" is finally published!
I will present a related poster in German at #111bibliocon (
#decolonization #repositories #openaccess

4 months ago

I'm very direct in my #communications & that throws many who aren't used to fully direct comms, off. If you're #uncomfy answering my #DirectQuestions - please be #honest enough to say that, from the start & don't try to ask me to do more #decolonization labours for you - when you have #Google & #public #libraries to access; if you truly wanted to figure things out & do better in future.

4 months ago

Frantz Fanon on the failed promise of the European Enlightenment, and the need to forge a new path forward. From The Wretched of the Earth (1961)

#history #politicaltheory #decolonize #decolonization #decolonisation #postcolonialism #enlightenment #fanon #frantzfanon #racialjustice #antiimperialism #imperialism #colonialism #anticolonialism #psychoanalysis #humanist #humanism

"All the elements of a solution to the great problems of humanity have, at different times, existed in European thought. But Europeans have not carried out in practice the mission which fell to them..."
"That same Europe where they were never done talking of Man, and where they never stopped proclaiming that they were only anxious for the welfare of Man: today we know with what sufferings humanity has paid for every one of their triumphs of the mind."
"Let us decide not to imitate Europe; let us combine our muscles and our brains in a new direction. Let us try to create the whole man, whom Europe has been incapable of bringing to triumphant birth."
Corina Logan (she/her)
4 months ago

I'm working on decolonizing the citations in my articles and talks and finally figured out that SciELO has an AMAZING database of articles from the Global South!
You can search just like you would Google Scholar

5 months ago

I think that both Kremlin and ruzzian society during this invasion are going through five stages of grief - anger, denial, depression.

Anger phase started after their retreat from Kyiv. In this stage they leveled to the ground #Donbas (Mariupol, Popasna, Sievierodonetsk, Volnovakha and many others cities in region are in ruins), blew up #NordStream and started mobilization.

After failure, both military and diplomatic, russians moved to denial stage. In which they tried to destroy energy infrastructure of Ukraine with missiles and Iranian drones, and to capture #Bakhmut in meat attacks.

As for now, if consider #Girkin and #Prigozhin statements, and the behavior of the ruzzian horde in general, they moved into defense/depression stage. It looks like they gonna be depressed until West supplies Ukraine with fighter jets, or until russia runs out of money (which could happen faster if Western oil companies stops maintaining russian colonial oilfeilds)

After the final collapse of russian colonial expedition, the bargaining stage will start. There will be no acceptance stage (like never ever), russians will forget this invasion as they forgot unlucky (for them) WW1 or their failed colonial expedition to Afghanistan. But they will continue to celebrate their Victory over Germans, as they did yesterday 🙂 Still, acceptance stage is possible as a result of #decolonization of russian empire

Video to illustrate how russian demands were changing while they were going through stages

5 months ago

"It feels impossible to reconcile these two narratives of the fabric—one as symbol of resistance to empire and another as empire’s continuation. Why does one feel like reclamation and the other like appropriation?"

Hard to choose a favorite quote from this stirring essay on the global influence of Madras cloth and what it means for anti-colonial solidarity by my colleague Raksha Vasudevan:

#India #Mali #Fashion #Decolonization

5 months ago

"For many Māori modern health services lack recognition of taha wairua (the spiritual dimension). In a traditional Māori approach, the inclusion of the wairua, the role of the whānau (family) and the balance of the hinengaro (mind) are as important as the physical manifestations of illness."

To me it's more encouraging to see this on the Ministry of Health website than the Māori name, Manatū Hauora, which by itself is just tokenism.

#Aotearoa #NZ #decolonization

👀 This Wednesday at American University in Washington #DC: A book talk on #music, #copyright, and #decolonization by the amazing @djripley

Free and open to the public. Register here:

Alex Enkerli
5 months ago

@sleslie @Ammienoot One way to put it is that, compared with the #ADDIE model (which tends to dominate), it's a direct feedback loop with learners involved directly. Easy to explain in the case of public servants contributing to a course on procurement, for instance.
It also goes well with the #decolonization required for #EpistemicJustice. Instead of assessing people's needs based on your own knowledge system, you sit down and co-design.

5 months ago

He understands it wrong, because he skipped the Dostoevsky part of russian social contract. This part is about population living in shit so government can build more Greatness. russians are always politically engaged, as far as they need moral endorsement in their shitty lives. But the passive part is correct, and it works in same time, they are passive and engaged simultaneously. Mysterious orcish soul

As for anti-war movement, one of the russian imperial cornerstones is that enemies wants to tear their empire apart. It is widely used in russia as excuse to invade Ukraine (NATO is approaching imperial borders to tear down the empire). As far as all resources that russia trades out are extracted from russian colonies (russian heartland is just a swamp territories), they really terrified of possible #decolonization, and they don't even need Dostoevksy to justify this cornerstone. That's why russians always try to avoid any radical protest to not endanger their imperial integrity, and anti-war protest are radical. That's why trough out all the russian invasions, where most of them were the same meat grinders, they never had anti-war protests

So Mr. Anders did some research, that's a fact, but generally he is just exercising in #Westplaining

5 months ago
Solarpunk Presents Podcast
6 months ago

Happening now! This event looks to be like an engaging and really interesting opportunity for folx interested in challenging the legacy of fortress-style conservation, Indigenous-led environmentalism, and deconstructing borders for a better future. This type of thinking is, imho, a fairly necessary angle of thought, esp for settler solarpunks on Turtle Island


#environmentalism #IndigenousRights #decolonization #borders #solarpunk

6 months ago

Decolonizing Economics Summit, online, Apr 20-22. Includes folks from #CooperationJackson, #NDNCollective, #CalPolyHumboldt, #WellbeingEconomyAlliance, #CAPublicBanking, #labor organizations, academics... I'm really looking forward to this. (Yes I know #decolonization is not a metaphor, and I expect presenters to hammer that point hard by talking about how post-capitalist, caring, mutual-aid economies & societies are within our grasp and here are concrete actions to achieve them in steps 1, 2, 3...) Sign up at the link!

Olamina Free
6 months ago

CfP. Decolonizing the Self: How Do We Perceive Others When We Practice Autotheory?

#decolonisation #decolonization #decolonizacao

6 months ago

#SweatCeremonies are #returning to the #FirstNations Garden in Montreal's #BotanicalGarden this spring after being put on hold at the start of the pandemic.

The city of #Montreal announced Wednesday that it would make the space available to the #NativeFriendshipCentre for the next three years so it can organize #ceremonies

#Indigenous #Quebec #Canada #SweatLodge #healing #TraumaRecovery #decolonization #CulturallyAppropriate #NativeHealth #NativeHealing #NativeCanada

UCPH Degrowth Network
6 months ago


#introduction Hello fediverse! We're a community of academics, students and employees at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark, with the shared mission of discussing and researching degrowth strategies, and making knowledge about degrowth widely available in UCPH and society at large.

We are organizing online & in-person courses, talks & events on the topic of #degrowth and its connections to #decarbonization, #democracy, #decolonization, #equity, #feminism, human and #ecological well-being and many other topics.

#postgrowth #biodiversity #sustainability #ecology #ecosystems #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #BiodiversityCrisis #BiodiversityLoss #Extinction


Vi er et fællesskab af medarbejdere på #Københavns Universitet (UCPH) med den fælles mission at diskutere og forske i strategier for modvækst og gøre viden om modvækst tilgængelig i UCPH og i samfundet.

Vi arrangerer kurser, foredrag & events om #modvækst og dets forbindelser til #decarbonisering, #demokrati, #dekolonisering, #ligestilling, #feminisme, menneskelig og #økologisk velvære og mange andre emner.

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Today we’re celebrating the life of Micaela Bastidas, who in 1780 started an Inca uprising against the Spanish with her husband, Túpac Amaru II. One of her goals was to reestablish Indigenous women in social life and politics, which the Spanish had prevented. Among other roles, she was a key figure in supplying troops with the necessary money, food, clothing, and weapons.

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Micaela Bastidas and Túpac Amaru II stand stoically next to each other on a brown barren plane with thin gray clouds in the sky above. They're visible from the hips up. Micaela is wearing a golden pentagon shape on a necklace, a white shirt, and a black gown. Túpac is wearing a white shirt and a dark red overcoat.
Fifi Schwarz
7 months ago


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#BoekPerWeek 14/52 ★★★★★

Still chewing on my review, because this beautiful story had so much in it and left a deep impression me.
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Bookcover Louise Erdrich - The Sentence
Frontier Magazine
7 months ago

“To be in relationship means to be vulnerable, to have humility, to be open to learning there are different ways of doing things, different ways of being.” This week, I spoke with design anthropologist Dori Tunstall about her new book “Decolonizing Design”. Read the conversation here:

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Dr Sara E Cannon
8 months ago

🚨Announcing the Decolonizing Conservation Reading List 2.0!🚨

I've moved the reading list over to Notion to make it a bit easier to navigate & keep up-to-date. Please continue to use, share, & suggest additions!

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Yehuda Rothschild
8 months ago

This article is a MUST READ

Decolonization is not a metaphor
By Eve Tuck & K. Wayne Yang

“Our goal in this article is to remind readers what is unsettling about decolonization. Decolonization brings about the repatriation of Indigenous land and life; it is not a metaphor for other things we want to do to improve our societies and schools.”

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Bart Simpson at a chalk board writing Decolonization is not a metaphor over and over

Decolonize Your Bookshelf Reading Challenge for 2023

👉 Chance to bring more diverse and inclusive reads into your life. When we have #diversity and #inclusion on our bookshelves, we have access to different opinions, ideas, and experiences than our own.


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Decolonize Your Bookshelf Reading Challenge for 2023 - suggestions to read books with more diversity and inclusion
Yehuda Rothschild
9 months ago

Indigenous spaces have no desire to be void of other cultures.

It's not the Native way.

Nothing inherently wrong with being a white person of European descent. There are great people of all cultures, American/European included.

It's the colonizer culture that doesn't know how to be a guest, in equal coexistence or share.

Colonizer culture has to take everything, displace everything and control the whole world.

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Anders Baerbock
9 months ago

Hey @godpod, you're still using that imperialist language which refers to the citizens of the USA as «americans», as if the inhabitants of other countries in America did not exist.

Imperialist and arrogant language is not appropriate for the heavens!

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Yehuda Rothschild
9 months ago

“Avatar: The Way of Water” and its director are facing fresh scrutiny from Native audiences, some of whom have criticized the franchise for its “White savior” narrative, use of stereotypes and inadequate representation of Indigenous people.

“(Cameron) might be telling that story of colonization, but he’s telling it through the lens of a White male”

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Yehuda Rothschild
9 months ago

FACT: Cows are also not native to North America. Beef is not a part of pre-colonial or decolonized #Native #Indigenous cuisine.

The first cattle arrived in the Americas in 1525 at Vera Cruz, Mexico. The cattle were brought by Spaniards to the New World.

The first cows to arrive in what is now the United States came in 1624 at Plymouth Colony.

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I’m hoping for any suggestions or examples of a #LandBack research assignment for undergraduates. Some issues: A) I’m white, none or very few of the students will identify as indigenous—so need structure to avoid saviorism; B) I want students to identify and gather details about land parcels that could be granted back to one of the Ohlone bands in the Bay Area, but unsure what details students should gather; (1 of 2) #decolonization #indigenous @histodons @sociology #AmericanStudies

Cont.: C) what should students *do* with the info; D) whether/how to include local tribal/band leaders and orgs; and E) preparatory/scaffolding the assignment (BA/Ohlone history?). If you’ve done something like this before with students, or have studied the non-metaphorical, literal decolonization movement, or are an indigenous person with a stake in this kind of thing, your input is welcome and needed. (2 of 2) #LandBack #Decolonization #IndigenousStudies @histodons @sociology #AmericanStudies

“What matters today, the issue which blocks the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity will have to address this question, no matter how devastating the consequences may be.”

— Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

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Yehuda Rothschild
9 months ago

This article is a MUST READ.

Decolonization is not a metaphor
By Eve Tuck & K. Wayne Yang

"Our goal in this article is to remind readers what is unsettling about decolonization. Decolonization brings about the repatriation of Indigenous land and life; it is not a metaphor for other things we want to do to improve our societies and schools."
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Bart Simpson writing "Decolonization is not a metaphor" on a chalk board over and over.