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Great #zine published by Black Earth, Land in our Names and EYFA:

#Climate Justice and #Accessibility: Decolonial Perspectives

Here's a link to the PDF :

This should be required reading for all #ClimateJustice activists and groups! Short, easy to read texts that make strong and important points, beautiful poetry and art.

On EYFA's website there are also more and more interesting resources to be found so check it out:


In preparation for Indigenous People's Heritage day, YouTube has made several Native made movies free


Dance Me Outside

Edge Of America

Naturally Native (1998)

Older than America

Lakota Woman (1994)

Dances with Wolves

Grand Avenue
Grand Avenue(1996) Full Movie - Part 1
Grand Avenue(1996) Full Movie - Part 2

DAKOTA 38 - Full Movie in HD

Frontline the Spirit of Crazy Horse

War Party

Turquoise Rose - FULL MOVIE - Holt Hamilton Films - NATIVE AMERICAN COLLECTION

Rustic Oracle | Full Canadian Native Indigenous Mystery Drama Movie | WORLD MOVIE CENTRAL

"Dancing on the Moon" full Native American film

She Sings to the Stars | AWARD WINNING | Mystery Movie | Drama | Free Movie

Indian horse


Little Big Man 1970

Journey Through Rosebud (1971) Full Movie

Battle for Whiteclay

Trick or Treaty

Luna: Spirit of the Whale | Family Movie | Graham Greene | Free Full Movie

Also check out Jaguar Bird's channel

Geronimo: A Truer History Of Goyathlay (1993)

Clearcut: B.C. & West-Coast Peoples - (1991) -
Protecting The Standing Tall

The Legend Of Walks Far Woman: Piikani - Blackfoot - Sioux (1982)

#NDNZ #Indigenous #Decolonize #IndigenousFeminism #IndigenousFilm #IndigenousHeritageMonth
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True Story Part Two continues to educate audiences about the often-troubled past Indigenous people have experienced with colonial powers in Canada.

From the creation of the Indian Act through the residential school and sixties scoop eras, to the White Paper and the statement of regret from a Catholic pope, True Story doesn’t shy away from asking the question, is reconciliation even possible?

#Indigenous #historychannel #television #residentialschools #decolonize

A police officer stands with his hands resting on his belt buckle looking at a mother and son outside of an unpainted wood-framed home. The mom's arm is around the boy and he has a stuffed full brown leather valise clutched in his hand.
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PM zum unsäglichen #Spiegel coverbild

"Aktuelles Spiegelcover beschwört die Geister der Pogrome der neunziger Jahre zurück"

Gemeinsame Presseerklärung der Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (#ISD), #Decolonize #Berlin e.V. und AFROTAK TV cyberNomads, 26.09.2023

AGF : poemproducer
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Welcome to the Anti-Colonial Research Library

#anticolonial #decolonize

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$GGR can help bring this good Taiwan energy ++
++ ideas
to PDX west?

Many parallels, indie says, these two fledglings of $GGR and $NVVE can show how it's done to build hubs of geographically-localized electric scooter-driving communities that share shelter with the analog bicyclists.


"Install hubs of scooters (NO COPS) near the seedy bus and train stations, solving travel and shelter issues for the most long-term damaged humans amid climate change."

$TANH could be in charge of the sustainability measures, built in changing room, include emergency overnight shelter accommodations homeless folks that cannot afford the oppressive rent deltas and are stuck when bus service is off.

Do something better than bad feng shui -spiked benches like they do in NYC to keep so-called "riffraff" off _THEIR_ luxury commerce street.

Bring good energy to #PDX instead of more stories about cops and Facebook's Fentanyl.

#IndigenousBusiness #Decolonize

Sherifa Zuhur
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Palestine Writes Literature Festival happening now - Sep. 22-24, 2023
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA @palestine

Palestine Writes site:

#palestine #decolonize #literature #philadelphia #freepalestine

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Faire #Schokolade ?

" #Decolonize #Chocolate 2“ zeigt, wie der Traum einer eigenen Schokoladenfabrik direkt neben den Kakaoplantagen in Ghana für #fairafric Wirklichkeit wird. Der Film gewährt besondere Einblicke in den Bau der Fabrik und in die Lebenssituation der Farmer*innen, Mitarbeiter*innen und deren Familien. Außerdem befasst er sich mit Themen wie Nachhaltigkeit, Geschlechtergleichberechtigung und Kinderarbeit im Kakaoanbau in Afrika.

Kostenlose Tickets hier:

Peter Riley
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Artist #KatieHolten seeks to #decolonize language and #rewild the #imagination by transforming letters into trees. Combining the ancient script #Ogham with Irish and English, her Irish Tree #Alphabet transforms words into an arboreal language of place and belonging.

#Eire #Gaelic

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💡 Want to get fresh ideas on how to #decolonize Development Studies?

📖 Our forthcoming open access book "Challenging Global Development" examines the contexts in which decoloniality, solidarity, and conviviality can be developed

Jennifer Deseo
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Remind me to access a full copy of this paper on how the US Forestry Service tried to erase and now colonizes Indigenous science as the cure to wildfires. #decolonize #science #ecology #environment

Jennifer Deseo
1 month ago

Western scientists don’t get how white supremacy creeps into their writing. Example:

Fire ecologist writes that naturally occurring self-limiting forest fires were wrongly snuffed out by US fire-suppression practices. Link in 6th paragraph is anemic acknowledgement of Indigenous prescribed burns and US Forestry Service’s “fire suppression” campaign to erase Indigenous science. #decolonize #science #environment

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Notice: I am NOT suggesting non-Indigenous, non-BIPOC people post with most of these hashtags. Follow, ally, educate yourself, etc. but don’t appropriate is always good advice for allies.

Using and following hashtags are a critical part of the Fediverse experience. This is a list of the hashtags I recommend all Indigenous people use and follow.



Matthias Henkel
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#Lesenswert @HenningMelber: Koloniale Amnesie. Deutschland und die Schmusedecke des Halb-Erinnerns. #BuriedMemories #MuseumNeukoelln #Decolonize #Berlin @GUnrecht @KirstenKrampe

Useless Idiot 🇳🇱 🥀⌛
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Arise, #Vatniks of the Earth!

The death of #Russian hero* #Prigozhin has no influence on the campaign to #decolonize #Africa!

A military coup has taken the powerful nation of #Gabon from the clutches of it's democratically elected president! #blm

* After his death he's a hero again.

The Right to Life People set up residential schools that included unmarked burial grounds for infants

Ground penetrating radar findings at former Beauval Indian Residential School | APTN News

Radar has discovered 93 unmarked graves, all of which are believed to be children and at least 14 believed to be infants.

"We have non First Nations priests and nuns who are walking freely who are rapists and murderers walking out there. There's a part that we face with as Indian people. If that was me .. If I did something 70 years ago, and they found that out, I'd have been thrown behind bars. We're calling on justice. And if the justice system doesn't do it, the gods justice will get to them. Because the hurt, pain suffering and anguish that they did to our young boys and girls is a sin." - Chief Bobby Cameron from the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (45:31)

"LIVE: English River First Nation is announcing the ground-penetrating radar findings at the site of the former Beauval Indian Residential School."

#ResidentialSchools #DoctrineOfDiscovery #BringThemHome #Decolonize #IndigenousFeminism #NDNZ #MMIW #MMIWG #EveryChildMatters #CanadianGenocide #AmericanGenocide
#NeverForget #NotInvisible #NDNZ #LandBack
Post Growth Institute
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Steps towards a postwork, post-growth, #library #economy outlined by #postgrowth Fellow, Andrew Sage:

- End planned obsolescence
- Shut down the advertising industry
- Move beyond ownership
- Transform food systems
- Scale down destructive industries
- Revolutionize work
- Universal commons access
- Social & ecological liberation

Read the full article here:

#solarpunk #parenting #decolonize #indigenous #trinidad #tobago

Reuben Binns⁉️
1 month ago

Very tentative steps to #decolonize #computerscience have inevitably been met with attacks in our right wing press.

What could computing have to do with colonialism, both in its legacy and as it still exists today? Off the top of my head, here are some very material, empirical questions which I think CS undergraduates should and would be interested in finding answers to:

Indigenous communities in Jujuy, Argentina are urgently fighting against the quest for 'white gold' (lithium)

UAINE (ndnviewpoint) @mahtowin1

The indigenous groups fighting against the quest for 'white gold'

"Our land is drying up and our water is polluted," says Nati Machaca, one of the protesters manning a roadblock in the village of Purmamarca, high in the Andes mountains.

Ms Machaca is a spokeswoman for the indigenous groups living in Jujuy, a province in northern Argentina.

Jujuy is located in what has become known as the "lithium triangle", a stretch of the Andes straddling the tri-border area between Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, which holds the world's biggest reserves of lithium."

"The metal is used to make rechargeable batteries for everything from smartphones to laptops."

"It has become especially sought after as electrical cars, which also use lithium in their batteries, are becoming increasingly popular.

Lithium extraction requires huge amounts of water - about two million litres per tonne.

And locals like Nati Machaca, who live off the land and raise cattle in this predominantly rural area, fear it is drying the soil and polluting the water.

"If this goes on, we will soon starve and become ill," she warns."
"The position of the more than 400 indigenous groups inhabiting these mountains is complicated by the fact that many lack legal titles to the land where they have lived for centuries - long before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s.

"Back then it was all verbal agreements," she explains, "but there's no proof".

She and many like her, who have no legal documents to back up their claims to the land, could now face eviction under a controversial constitutional reform approved in June by the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales."

""[Governor] Morales comes after the land because he knows it's where the lithium is," says Ms Machaca.

The new constitution also limits the right to protest, but that has not deterred the indigenous communities, who have blocked the roads to the lithium mines."

"Police were deployed to remove them, but the protesters say this made them more united and determined.

"We are not moving. The land is ours, the lithium belongs to us," they insisted."

"In total, there are 38 lithium mining projects in northern Argentina, of which three are already up and running.

Much of the lithium in this area is located beneath salt flats in the form of lithium brine.

In order to reach the underground deposits, companies first have to drill. The brine is then pumped to the surface into artificial ponds, where some of the liquid is allowed to evaporate before the lithium is extracted through a series of chemical processes.

Local communities warn that the impact on the environment of lithium mining is considerable, both because of the huge amounts of water the process requires and the air and water pollution the chemicals used in the extraction can cause."

But Néstor Jérez, chief of the Ocloya people, remains concerned about the impact current lithium mining is having and future projects could have."

"Indigenous groups like the Ocloya seek to live in harmony with Pachamama (Mother Earth), whom they worship in ceremonies."

And it is from her that Néstor Jérez says they draw the strength to oppose the mining projects: "She is the guarantor of life, so we will defend her whatever it takes."

"He is not swayed by the argument put forward by Ms Lucesoli, who says that lithium mining generates local employment, and that with it comes educational and training opportunities.

"Wealth is not only about the economic improvement of the inhabitants, but also about the improvement of the quality of life that will last for many generations," she says.

Feeling their concerns were not being addressed, the indigenous groups set off on a march to the capital, Buenos Aires, to make their demands heard by the national government.

The march, called "Malón de la Paz" (Raid for Peace), is modelled on similar indigenous protests held in 1946 and 2006."

"Those taking part in this third "Malón de la Paz" say they are determined not to give in until the constitutional reform backed by Governor Morales is revoked.

But they stress that their struggle is much wider than for the land they live on.

"Mining is harming biodiversity and aggravating the climate crisis," those marching to the capital said."

"But those manning the roadblocks in Jujuy and the many who marched to Buenos Aires insist they will not give up their resistance.

"This is not just for us: it's for the future generations and the entire humanity's well-being."


Please share

#GreenwashingColonialism #NDNZ #Indigenous #Decolonize #Green #Progressive #Eco #Environment #Lithium #Argentian #IndigenousFeminism
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In the #Wagner ranks? They are quite hated in #ukraine , but anything is possible in these areas. More trouble than they are worth I’d say, but maybe like the Freedom of Russia Legion.

They are quite strong and have a hard to see/control network in #Africa. I guess #Lukashenko and the #Kremlin hope they will disappear there, together with the #Russian #blm / #decolonize efforts.




They told us nuclear power was safe and green
They told us Fukushima was safe from all natural disasters
They're telling us the nuclear waste released into the Pacific ocean is safe
They lie.

"🚨In 120 days, this nuclear waste hits American shores.

For 4 months the Pacific will be soaked with once radioactive water that the ppl who lie to us about everything also tell us is safe.

This environmental assault will be consistent for decades. It’ll be in our food & water."

Revolutionary Blackout Network @RevBlackNetwork

Carl Zha @CarlZha
"Japan started unleashing Fukushima nuclear plant waste water into the Pacific Ocean. The dumping of waste water will continue for next 30 years"

Original article October 16, 2020
Japan to release 1m tonnes of contaminated Fukushima water into the sea – reports

Fukushima nuclear disaster: Japan to release treated water in 48 hours

China bans seafood from Japan after Tokyo begins releasing treated radioactive water

Fukushima: Japan greenlights water release from nuclear plant despite criticism

Fears rise over Japan’s upcoming release of Fukushima nuclear wastewater

#NoNukes #Disarmament #NuclearBan #Green #Environment #Racism #Racist #antimilitariam #USpolitics #Decolonize #EcoFeminism #Radicalfeminism #RadFem #Fukushima
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a great resource, a must read for settlers on Turtle Island.
#landBack #landBackIsNotAMetaphor #decolonize #decolonization

"So we were right.💁‍♀️
The gov’t is taking the land.
It looks like they won’t let anyone build on it for the foreseeable future, or at least until you look away.
Very coy…

#Lahaina residents who managed to survive should demand their land.
They have no right to steal it.😠"

Nuclear Miss Information👩‍💻⚡️ 👀 @TreeOfLifeSword

#GreenwashingColonialism #LahainaLandBack #LahainaLandGrab #StopTheWEF #DemExit #USPolitics #HawaiiWildfires #Lahaina #NDNZ #Indigenous #Decolonize #MauiWildfires #Indigenous #NDNZ #StopBlackrock #Colonialism #LandBack

Now in stock! Providing examples of successful approaches to unsettling Western #archival paradigms from Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, this book from ALA Neal-Schuman & the Society of American Archivists (#SAA) showcases vital community archival work:

#archives #decolonial #decolonize #libraries #ALA

book cover for Decolonial Archival Futures
A cappella
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If only we could #Decolonize the world!

2 months ago

Just a reminder that mass #homelessness did not exist for Native Americans before European #Colonization. #Landback #indigenous #decolonize

Jenny 진희 Lee
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Received this extremely dope belated birthday gift. Can't wait to dive in

Ende Gelände
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Wir haben bisher schmerzlich die Hashtags vermissen lassen. Diese sind aber sehr hilfreich zum Sortieren der Timeline auf Mastodon ☝️🙂
Schaut gern auf unserem Account die bisherigen Botschaften von Teilnehmenden an und verfolgt, worüber wir die letzten und die kommenden Tage debattieren!

Es ist Zeit für einen #SystemChange!

#SystemChangeCamp #Hannover #EndeGelaende #Klimacamp #Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung #Protest #ClimateJustice #Klimagerechtigkeit #KämpfeVerbinden #Decolonize #Strategie #Antikolonialismus #Antikapitalismus #Antifaschismus #DasGuteLeben #Aktivismus #MovementBuilding #ZivilerUngehorsam #BildetBanden

Ende Gelände
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Was wollen wir lernen?

*** eng below ***

#SystemChangeCamp #SystemChange #ClimateJustice #Klimacamp #Hannover #Decolonize

Schrift groß in weiß: Antikolonialismus
Kleiner darunter, pink hinterlegt: SystemChangeCamp 2023

Das Bild zeigt Bücher zum Thema in verschiedenen Layouts und Dicken
Sam Butler
2 months ago

Today is Cadence Bank's deadline to decide whether to issue a $20 million loan for the construction of Cop City. Can you call Cadence at 662-680-2008, and demand them to REJECT THE LOAN?

Cadence Bank has previously financed Cop City, but rumor has it they are unsure if the project is still viable. They know when Cop City is stopped, the Atlanta Police Foundation will likely go bankrupt and default on all their loans. It's time to go all out to demand Cadence Bank deny the loan, which has simply become too risky.

Can you make a call to Cadence Bank and tell them to deny their risky $20 million loan for Cop City? It takes 1 minute: 662-680-2008

More details in the flyer below, from Honor The Earth. Call 662-680-2008, and boost this post to your networks so we can get more calls in today!

@AtlSolFund @defendATLforest @UnicornRiot

#StopCopCity #DefendAtlantaForest #solidarity #organizing #activism #antifascist #decolonize #abolition #support #help #campaign #Atlanta #ATL #CopCity #Welaunee

Tell Cadence Bank: Deny this Risky Loan. We have until the end of July to STOP Cadence Bank from approving a $20 Million loan to the Atlanta Police Foundation for Cop City! Call CEO James D. Rollins 11l at 662- 680-2008 and demand they reject the loan request now.

"To create a better world in which all people are safe from police terror, we simply must Stop Cop City. Our fundamental battles for Mother Earth and intersectional justice are inextricably linked."— Krystal Two Bulls 
Today is Cadence Bank's deadline to decide whether to issue a $20 million loan for the construction of the murderous Cop City project. Cadence Bank has previously financed Cop City, but rumor has it they are unsure if the project is still viable. They know when Cop City is stopped, the Atlanta Police Foundation will likely go bankrupt and default on all their loans. It's time to go all out to demand Cadence Bank deny the loan, which has simply become too risky. Cop City will never be built. Please contact one or more Cadence Bank executives now:

+ CEO James “Dan” Rollins: 662-680-2008, james.rollins

« President Chris Bagley: 662-680-2009,

« Chief Communications Officer Danielle Kernell: 713-871-4051, 713-392-7709,

« Executive Vice President Will Fisackerly: 662-680-2475,
2 months ago

Dismantling the Russian Empire colonization one step at a time… #decolonization #ukraine #russia #decolonize #russiaukrainewar

Sam Butler
2 months ago

I'm thinking about a story/media to explain and antithesize the legacy of Christian missions and colonial culture — from present day, back to the roots of universalist religion missions and place-based religious cultures, and returning to the present *dis-placed* world we live in to explore we go from here. Can you recommend any people who would be good to collaborate on this? Anybody interested in collaborating or thinking through this together? (A big influence was the historical analysis around "God is Red" on The Red Nation podcast with @NickEstes and @NewAmauta:, as well as Vine Deloria Jr's "The World We Used to Live In", which led me to that podcast episode)

Posted on Groundtalk:

#colonization #decolonize #anticolonial #religion #place #story #storytelling #media #writing #pagan #MoreThanHuman #ontology #localization #culture #history #anthropology #church #Indigenous #Germanic #Slavic #philosophy #cultural #extraction #liberalism #neoliberalism

Sam Butler
2 months ago

As an excellent example, the convergence of an XR chapter with a local squatters movement. The climate activists recognizing the synergy of place-based "generative refusal" (Leanne Simpson) with the squatters, and getting involved in place-based resistance and a strategic material intervention to change the system in that city. Same story with Atlanta and #StopCopCity ...

... whose work has resulted in hundreds of people — including the middle class people and workers, who seem so elusive to other climate movements — getting involved in mass protest and advocating abolitionist and ecological perspectives to local government. Example here, from a firefighter in Atlanta talking abolition perspectives to the government:

"If you listen to any of the #StopCopCity public comment, you can hear how deeply abolitionist frameworks have taken root––so many people, whether identifying as abolitionists or not, articulated a vision of safety dependent on resources and relationships, rather than policing." — @micahinatl

(Posted on Groundtalk here:

#climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateActivism #StopCopCity #LandDefense #WaterProtector #XR #ExtinctionRebellion #squat #autonomous #abolition #atlanta #movement #MovementBuilding #MutualAid #strategy #organizing #activism #anarchy #anarchists #solidarity #pagan #antifa #decolonize #DualPower #labor #MiddleClass #workers #unions

Trufi Association
2 months ago

Buckle up folks! @benjiedlp and Miloš N. Mladenović serve up some piping hot truth about transport planning. Not your typical informal transport webinar recording.

#informaltransport #transportation #decolonize #decolonize #video #webinar


"As for the man who first identified Running Eagle, Will Roscoe, you can see how unbiased his research approach is from his latest book how Jesus and the disciples were all part of a gay shamanic cult. It makes Dan Brown's books seem authoritative."

Malcolm Clark @TwisterFilm

"It's a sad reflection of our culture that we allow a bullying lobby to rewrite Running Eagle's history and that of her innovative people using lame ideas concocted and popularised by two creepy white guys; Hay and Williams, one of whom was later jailed for paedophilia."

This substack is clearly not written by an Indigenous person and fails to take into account the fact that the Residential school system in tandem with the concept of Manifest Destiny in the United States taught many tribes to hate and fear homosexuality in line with Christian teaching. Prior to contact, homosexuality was accepted across North America, but homosexuals were equal tribal members. They were not mystical sacred beings with psychic powers. They were neither above or below anyone else in the tribe. Non-Natives on the left and the right miss one of the most fundamental precepts of Indigenous spiritual beliefs when discussing Indigenous attitudes towards those who are different - Everyone is EQUAL in the circle. No one is above. No one is below. No one is higher. No one is lower.

To this date, no one has ever been able to find any legitimate reference to "two spirit" people from legitimate hereditary Indigenous elders or from Native scholars who speak and understand their Native language and who have a solid, legitimate connection to a federally recognized tribe. Not one legitimate Indigenous leader will claim this myth. Meanwhile Native youth who have lost their ties to their communities are being brainwashed into thinking that this Settler invention to legitimize sex between adult males and children is part of their culture. This is spiritual rape.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Indigenous scholars and activists worked hard to expose the myth of the Berdache that white racist and homophobic anthropologists created. AIM held many protests at Universities around the US and Canada exposing the Berdache myth as pure Settler fiction. Many Indigenous activists and scholars spoke out about the Berdache myth, but the white anthropologists were always painted as the "authorities" on Indigenous culture, never the Indigenous elders who kept knowledge of their culture through storytelling in the oral tradition.

In the 1990s, William Roscoe, a white gay anthropologist, lifted a lot of the objectionable work of non-Native anthropologists regarding the Berdache and re-branded it as his "Two Spirit" nonsense. Harry Hay, controversial for his support of NAMBLA, joined forces with Roscoe in promoting the myth. They even dared to try to make the homosexual into a sacred being with magical powers so that white gay men with pedophilic urges could feel validated.

Gender Ideology started with racist colonial cultural mis-appropriation of Indigenous cultural and spiritual beliefs. No one in the radical feminist camp cried out until it branched out to mis-appropriate all of womanhood. The human right of the oppressed groups involved have never been taken into consideration when it comes to insane drive to accept, legitimize and validate all forms of male sexual depravity.

It's not surprising that Trans Rights Advocates are exploiting Running Eagle or Pitamakan, another strong Indigenous woman who cannot speak for herself. She is being labeled as "Two Spirit" for simply saying she would be "no man's slave." The Gender ideologists want to re-write history and define any woman who does not submit unconditionally to men as trans or "two spirit" or born in the wrong body. Running Eagle or Pitamakan is the next candidate to be being transed and exploited to further the sexual agenda of the white male settler. She is starting to be referred to as "the Blackfeet Joan of Arc" by outsiders. This is being done not to honour the strength and resilience of Indigenous women, but so that depraved men who are rightfully outcasts from their society for their sexual crimes against children can feel better about themselves.

The racist colonial historical revisionism must end. Indigenous people must be allowed to tell our own stories about how strong and powerful our women have always been without the misogynist settlers silencing our voices to proclaim that all our strong women never existed thereby erasing our strongest, most powerful women role models by claiming that if they were strong, they must really not have been women at all.

Please share

#Misogyny #IndigneousFeminism #MaleSexualDepravity #SmashQueerTheory #Decolonize #CulturalAppropriation #SexAppropriation #Racism #Racist #DropTheT #GetTheLOut #PornCulture #OpPedo #Groomers #WillRoscoe #HarryHay
3 months ago

@NDR Fragt ihr bitte mal nach, wann sich Familie #Hagenbeck endlich der Verschleppung und Misshandlung Indigener stellt, die für die sog. "#Völkerschauen" ausgebeutet wurden? Da weht keine Flagge auf Halbmast, es wird nur ausgewichen statt sich dem Erbe zu stellen😡
#Kolonialismus #Decolonize

"Colonizing minds hear 'ours' and think of possession. Decolonizing minds hear 'ours' and feel connection." -JosieVF Indigenous Cultures Institute
#indigenous #decolonize #connection #IndigenousCulturesInstitute

Kunterbuntes Neukölln
3 months ago

Zur Veranschaulichung dieser Auseinandersetzung mit dem Gedenkstein bittet das Museum Neukölln die Zivilgesellschaft um Mithilfe: "Wir suchen aktuelles und historisches Bildmaterial zum Gedenkensemble in all seinen unterschiedlichen Facetten."

#Berlin #Neukölln #Herero #Nama #Hererostein #BuriedMemories #Namibia #Decolonize #DecolonizeBerlin #BuriedMemories #Ovaherero

Bitte wenden Sie sich dazu an:

Screenshot vom oberen Teil dieser Webseite:
3 months ago

America’s Biggest museums Fail to Return Native Human Remains
#indigenoustictok #truth #EpicFail #decolonize

3 months ago

@enmodo if you understand that racism is the norm, not something that only „bad“ people do that’s the exact same thing then. That’s why I talk about the dominating classes, not MAGA in particular. I still think it’s not something to criticize the subaltern for, they probabely can say whatever they want, it won’t be heard by the dominant classes. „Can the subaltern speak?“ is the fundamental question to be asked, and we’ll I‘d say No but it’s definitely not their fault. #decolonize #anarchism

3 months ago

I am a registered #yoga teacher and I teach two to four times a week. I love it so much! I also love bringing something different than fitspo and weightloss garbage. #decolonize yoga! <3

3 months ago

I guess I'll do an #introduction, now that I'm here!
Howdy y'all, I'm Em.

These days I'm feeling too #queer for shul here in Germany, too religious for the queer "community".

I spend a lot of time thinking about how Whiteness and White supremacism manifest in our society and minds. I'm learning to #decolonize my self and always looking for friends who actively seek the same.

I also spend a lot of time these days thinking about #phenomenology, #animism, #panentheism(/ #monism?), and #nondualism.

I'm a software developer by day, but that world is becoming less and less important to me.

My partner and I have a 70 year old steel sailboat that we're completely overhauling together, and someday we hope to set sail from #Hamburg towards wherever the wind takes us.

Until then, come on over. Let me make you a tea. How ya doin, but I mean it, really. Whatcha thinkin about these days?

3 months ago

Wagwan? Say hello, follow, share your SpIn.


Wordsmith, wanderer, ponderer,, implacably fierce for self-determination. Pacifist until you victimise anyone. Eschew borders and countries and currency and profit. Cooperation > competition most of the time. Love my famble everyday.

Likely to reply if you reach out for any or no reason. Don't be awful, of course.

Big up

#Consciousness #Vedanta #Tantra
#Lyricist #Bars
#AntiCapitalism #AntiFascist

#AI are now over-killing the web with junk content.
If we want to keep an open web, we need to #decolonize our knowledge, according to the many civilizations and communities being silenced, erased or wiped for centuries.
Paradoxically that's harder to say than do, because references are scarce.


3 months ago

@Yehuda There's a section on #DigitalColonialism in "Should the Fediverse welcome its new surveillance-capitalism overlords? Opinions differ!" If you -- or anybody else seeing this -- has other suggestions for links or key points to make, please let me know! #Decolonize

3 months ago

This week’s #FollowFriday list — focusing on some of my favorite #KolektivaSocial accounts!

#FollowBackFriday #SocialJustice #EnvironmentalJustice #HumanRights #Decolonize

Documentary filmmaker. Video journalist. Anti-fascist. Usually editing, sometimes writing, always filming.

An anarchist media collective with members spread across the stolen lands of the so-called Americas. Kolektiva co-founder/mod.

Maps for the people and planet.

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The Earth First! Journal is the voice of the radical environmental movement. Published quarterly, it contains reports on direct action; articles on the preservation of wilderness and biological diversity; news and announcements about Earth First! and other radical environmental groups.

Axiological Atheist, Philosopher & Autodidact Pre-Historical Writer/Researcher, Anti-theist, Anti-religionist, Anarcho Humanist, LGBTQI, Race, & Class equality.

Autonomous fight for the future of south Atlanta -- a media platform, a movement, but not a "group" or membership-based entity

In search of new forms of life. A digital community center and media platform featuring news, opinion, podcasts, and reporting on autonomous movements across so-called North America from an anarchist perspective

San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center • Anti-Oppression Anti-Capitalist Open Publishing Since 2000
Make media • Make trouble!

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Operative of the NDN Agency.
All opinions and views are psychological projections on your part. Listuguj Mi'gmaw. straight. cis. student.

Abolition Media is an online news source for revolutionary movements, with information about militant actions, analysis, and features about local struggles from around the world.

Working Class Historical Fiction from the not so gilded age. Labor History. Social justice. An injury to one is an injury to all!

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Never felt the need to create an account on any other social media but find it appealing here. I tend to post links to articles I think are worth reading but do not necessarily endorse every single opinion in them. Conversations related to the topic are welcome, but arguments attacking me over the author's words are not. Transphobes, racists, and other reactionaries will be blocked on sight. All posts scheduled to delete after 7 days.

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Explicitly radical leftist. John Brown white person. Professional [computer] Bit Smanger*. Sporadic maker. Canine Lactation Consultant. Mostly a dad.

[Sadly, they, too, have been inactive]
Irish anti-fascists working with Scandinavian anti-fascists to expose fascists and their links with each other across borders. Sometimes with translations from Scandinavian pieces on nazis and fascists via our blog.

ınvısıble ınk
3 months ago
Three colors

"These racist messages in authoritative textbooks contributed to a self-reinforcing cycle of racist beliefs, discriminatory policies, segregation and isolation, inferior education and employment opportunities, lower self-esteem, and poor economic outcomes for minority groups, which justified more racist beliefs." -Todd Litman on the multigenerational damage of geography textbooks #racism #geography #transportation #redlining #education #decolonize #planning

4 months ago

#Fediverse needs more #NDN memes. Put them here, vm ofitek okpolo! 💋

#Indigenous #Native #LandBack #decolonize

Picture of a road sign that says "INDIAN WRITING" with an arrow. Next to it stands a Native guy with a pen and notebook. GET IT
Kitschy faux-Native painting of a dances-with-wolves style vaguely Native woman putting feathers in her hair, overlayed with the words "Time to burn shit" in hard ass old germanic font
To Native people on horses, speaking to each other. One says "I no longer get up to investigate spirit noises. It's whatever." The other replies "A'ho"
5 months ago

Frantz Fanon on the failed promise of the European Enlightenment, and the need to forge a new path forward. From The Wretched of the Earth (1961)

#history #politicaltheory #decolonize #decolonization #decolonisation #postcolonialism #enlightenment #fanon #frantzfanon #racialjustice #antiimperialism #imperialism #colonialism #anticolonialism #psychoanalysis #humanist #humanism

"All the elements of a solution to the great problems of humanity have, at different times, existed in European thought. But Europeans have not carried out in practice the mission which fell to them..."
"That same Europe where they were never done talking of Man, and where they never stopped proclaiming that they were only anxious for the welfare of Man: today we know with what sufferings humanity has paid for every one of their triumphs of the mind."
"Let us decide not to imitate Europe; let us combine our muscles and our brains in a new direction. Let us try to create the whole man, whom Europe has been incapable of bringing to triumphant birth."
5 months ago

Now happening: #occupation of Universiteit van Amsterdam #UvA @uva_amsterdam #Occupy #decolonize #decarbonize #democratize

Ian Rose
5 months ago

This one-woman Indigenous-owned bookstore has put out a call for support to stay in business after a long series of family sicknesses and other struggles. If you love books and care about supporting small, BIPOC-owned businesses, check out Paperbacks and Frybread:

#books #AmReading #SmallBusiness #Decolonize

Meg Maker
5 months ago

I was thrilled to contribute a few remarks for this thoughtful piece about industry efforts to #decolonize the #language of #wine.

Malu Lambert reports on an initiative in South Africa to create a Chenin blanc aroma wheel in Xhosa, Zulu, and Shona languages. This is a great step but also highlights how much work remains.

The article was originally posted behind a paywall, but its popularity recently led them to make it free for all.

Rita Portela (parody)
5 months ago

Just from the covers, which of these Indigenous graphic novels should I read next, and why?

Have you heard anything about any of them?

More info:

#GraphicNovel #Indigenous #NativeCulture #IndigenousBooks #Decolonize #Indigenize

On a white background, a grid of 12 colorful graphic novel covers.

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
6 months ago

On the note of #decolonizing #environmentalism and challenging fortress conservation, this fast-upcoming webinar is one that folx who are interested will not want to miss. April 14-15! Let's get to work on a framework for #Indigenous-led conservation and #just versions of #environmental #protection all across Turtle Island and the world, for the sake of the future.

#solarpunk #decolonial #decolonize #GreenCapitalism #ClimateCrisis #ClimateCatastrophe

Dana Williams
6 months ago

571 years late, the #Vatican has finally repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery, which was used to justify colonialism and genocide against indigenous people.

Now, when will the US repudiate it (and the legal precedence that cited it, like Johnson vs. M'Intosh) and give the #LandBack? #Decolonize #IndigenousRights

Rita Portela (parody)
6 months ago

More info and resources:

California Indian Education for All Webpage:

Free Native Ways of Knowing Micro-Courses:

2022-23 SDCOE California Indian Education Resource Guide:

#CaliforniaIndigenous #Native #Indigenous #Decolonize #Education

Rita Portela (parody)
6 months ago

SDCOE & CIEFA's Native Ways of Knowing Book List:
Decolonizing & Indigenizing Classrooms & Libraries

To help educators & parents choose high-quality Indigenous authored books, the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) & California Indian Education (CIEFA) have designed this Native Ways of Knowing Book List: Decolonizing & Indigenizing Classrooms & Libraries. These books have been vetted by Native American scholars, CIEFA, & SDCOE staff.

#Native #Decolonize

Wording reads: Native Ways of Knowing BOOK LIST. Decolonizing and Indigenizing Classrooms and Libraries 

Blue background with about 20 colorful kid's book covers.
Yehuda Rothschild
7 months ago

A one-time payment of $5 million to each eligible Black resident is among recommendations unanimously accepted by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors as part of a draft plan by a panel proposing reparations.

#Reparations #Landback #Decolonize

9 months ago

Hi. I’m Sean (he/him) 👋

I’m married and live in Missouri, USA.

I come on here to discuss #economics, #lgbtqia issues, #religioustrauma, #climatechange, #cityplanning, and #extremism. But I also try to make profane #jokes and look for cute #cat pics 😺

I’ve been working at a marketing agency managing #web and #ecommerce projects. I also have experience in #paidmedia and the basics of making #espresso ☕️

#intro #introductions #newhere #sustainability #inequality #climate #antiracism #feminism #decolonize #queer #literature #antiauthoritarian

Chema Hernández Gil
9 months ago

Why do we use some untranslated Indigenous proper names (Nezahualcoyotl) but translate other names (Sitting Bull)?

Part of me thinks we should use both. The original names recognize the Indigenous language and the translated name articulates a deeper meaning. So it would be Nezahualcoyotl Coyote with a Fasting Collar and Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake Sitting Bull.

Mexihco Place in the Navel of the Moon sounds pretty good too.

#Indigenous #Native #Decolonize

p a y t o n 🏴✊🏾
9 months ago

In addition to #BlackMastodon needing strong political currents based in #IntersectionalFeminism, #antifascism, #antiauthoritarianism, #Abolition, #antinationalism, and #anticapitalism, we also need to build #solidarity with and support the creation of #indigenousmastodon as well. We only win if we fight together! ✊🏾🔥

#indigenous #native #nativefedi #indigenousFedi #BlackFedi #liberation #decolonize

p a y t o n 🏴✊🏾
10 months ago

:black_sparkling_heart: #Introduction #Intro

TL:DR: I'm mostly posting this intro to connect with other Black and BIPOC Anarchists or Anti-authoritarians. Hit me up! :sparkles_panafrican: :Fire_Panafrican:

Hey, everyone

My partner and I are currently working on a docuseries, @Elememts_of_MA, about the origins, structures, healing ways, and logistics of mutual aid-based organizing. The project isn't exclusively profiling anarchist groups, but it is deeply anti-authoritarian - we're especially staying away from charismatic leaders and celeb "activist" types.

The whole thing is independent - no producers; everything is out of pocket. We've been living out of a van we converted so we could make this happen; which has been amazing. We've been on the road since May Day this year, and have already filmed some amazing interviews as far north as Montreal and as far south as Puerto Rico.

However, I'm personally struggling to find Black organizations or collectives that aren't MLM, AADOS, authoritarian, Black Capitalist, nonprofit style groups. Reading and theory groups or media collectives are rad, but I'm really looking for groups that're doing interesting work on the ground (*not food distro*) from an anti-state-nationalist analysis.

Lorenzo and JoNina Irvin will appear in the film, among other radical Black people like Jessica Gordon Nembhard, The Northeast Action Collective in Houston, and Arm the Girls in Oakland. So, I'm not at a complete loss.

But, please send me all the rad groups of Black people you know that are creating long-term, democratic, mutual aid projects in their communities. They do not need to identify as anarchist, but they *cannot* be down with the nation state and have to be doing more than food distro.

Thanks a ton, y'all.

Beyond all that, I'm also really interested in connecting with people to write Star Wars analysis and fan-fiction. I think the galaxy far, far away is an interesting canvas to explore the tensions of autonomous world building vs authoritarian revolutionary movements. If I lived in that universe, I'd no doubt be getting into arguments with the Rebel Alliance.

Thanks for reading this long-winded post.


#Black #BlackMastodon #BlackAnarchism #Anarchism #Anarchy #Antifa #Antifascism #Antiracism #Feminism #DisabilityJustice #BlackLiberation #IndigenousAnarchism #indigenousFedi #BlackFedi #blackfediverse #decolonize #decolonization #TransLiberationNow #transliberation #LGBTQ #queerliberation #QueerLiberationNow #StarWars #Andor #SciFi #Literature #creativewriting #creativewritingsocial #documentary #documentaryfeaturefilm #documentaryfilm #film #antiauthoritarianism #antiauthoritarian #vanlife #anarkata #anticapitalism #antinationalism #AnarchismOfBlackness #AnarchistPeopleOfColor #APOC #democraticconfederalism #MutualAid #collectivism #Zapatismo

Charlotte Hunter
10 months ago

Do we do #Introduction here?
I'm Char Hunter (she/they). Two-spirit #TransFeminine #Autistic #Lawyer on #MentalHealth leave since 2014. Interested in #Disability justice, #Trans related #HealthCare, #PychMeds, learning more #Ojibway and #ASL, #BonIver, #BIPOC #SaferSpaces, medical #Cannabis. When I can, I work with #Indigenous #NonProfits on lived experience in #Homelessness, #Housing, #GenderDiversity, #NeuroDiversity, and anything #Intersectional. Let's #Decolonize.

CW: direct eye contact

It's uncomfortable to describe what I look like. I'm wearing brightly coloured beaded hoop earrings and a grey hoodie with the bold words underlined by floral artwork: STRONG, INDIGENOUS, RESILIENT
Scott Robeson
11 months ago

This was written in 2019. #decolonize science (and Science)

Text talking about von Humboldt being the first to explore an area where people had lived for thousands of years
11 months ago

Hi folks, here goes an #introduction: I’m Umayyah Cable (they/them) and I’m an assistant professor in the departments of American Culture and Film, Television, & Media at the University of Michigan, and a core faculty member in the Arab and Muslim American Studies program. My research and teaching focus on: Palestinian cinema, media activism, Arab American cultural productions, and film festivals. I enjoy showering my #rescuedog Jasper with TLC, #gardening, and experiments in #sourdough baking. 

#Palestine #PalestinianCinema #PalestineStudies #MediaStudies #MediaActivism #Film #FilmFestivals #AmericanStudies #EthnicStudies #CriticalEthnicStudies #CulturalStudies #acab #abolishprisons #decolonize #queerprofessor #diaspora #FreePalestine

"Keyboards of thunder"
2 years ago

Colonizer social media
is not your friend.

¨These main street stores
here are the beginnings of
what the colonists will
turn into ´big market caps´¨
the Natives say to the

¨Whitemen with narrow view
tryin´ corral, march, follow, exploit us ... making
gold off our suffering!¨ he

¨He gonna be doing the same
thing 100, 200 years from
now, even when film gets
color or disappears entirely.

BEWARE the little blue f! ¨

#Decolonize #qmec

Black and white photo of indigenous people on horses marching thru a downtown colonizer city.