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2 days ago

So the stock market is pogging after vague comments by the OECD - an organisation that notoriously got everything wrong around covid, despite textbook Quantative Easing causing expected inflation outcomes (despite no evidence of inflation)??

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3 weeks ago

We can't avoid some #inflation or #deflation in the overall #economy, so the best result most of us can push for is mild inflation. That requires matching #money supply with changing economic factors. I'd love a version of #crypto that did this automatically, but limiting the amount of #currency long-term is deflationary. Why do libertarians obsess over reducing inflation due to #MonetaryPolicy, when other factors matter too & deflation is of concern as well.

3 weeks ago

Vor genau einem Jahr.... und heute.
Egal wie und was, aber es muss immer ganz, ganz schlimm sein... ;)

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Eunice Yoon (@onlyyoontv)
1 month ago

#China slips back into #deflation. Data showed October consumer prices shrank 0.2% year-on-year in #China, more than the 0.1% fall expected. Pork prices in a slump. Producer prices declined 2.6%, slightly smaller than the expected decline of 2.7%.

1 month ago

Cathie Wood Likes Bitcoin as Both Deflationary and Inflationary Hedge - that there is no counterparty risk in bitcoin when it is decentralized and everything is ... - #inflationhedge #cathiewood #arkinvest #inflation #deflation #markets #bitcoin #news #gold

#CanPoli #CdnPoli Canada Politics Poll of the Day! #CPPotD
Do you believe we'll see another interest rate rise in the next 12 months? (This feels more like a wager than a poll 😂)
CBC: “Bank of Canada holds rate steady and warns more increases still possible — even as signs mount they're over”
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2 months ago

Deutschland, wo sich die disinflationären Kräfte verstärken. Die #Deflation hat sich mit einem Rückgang der #Erzeugerpreise um -14,7% gegenüber dem Vormonat verschärft, dem stärksten Rückgang seit Beginn der Statistik im Jahr 1949. Selbst im Vergleich zum Vormonat fielen die Erzeugerpreise um 0,2%.

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2 months ago

Déflation en Chine : quelles conséquences ?
La Chine est au bord de la déflation. La faiblesse de la relance de son économie après la levée des politiques anti-Covid, les problèmes structurels qu’elle rencontre ainsi que la
L’article est apparu en premier sur .
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2 months ago

Ethereum's New Low-Fee Regime May Put Its 'Ultra Sound Money' Thesis to Test - The Ethereum network's revenue from fees dropped to its lowest level since April 2020 as ... - #networkfees #deflation #ethereum #markets #layer2s #news #eth

Meanwhile in the global #supplychain;

At the far end (for many goods) in #China, there is currently ongoing #deflation in factory gate prices;

But, at least presently, it would seem that #profits at various stages in supply chains (as well as regulatory costs inc. #taxes), are swallowing up any extra margin(s) that might be caused by such deflation.

So, it real wages are lagging #inflation, taxes are stable & its not the Chinese suppliers, whose pushing up prices?

hmmmm...[scratches head]

Howard Smith MD, AM
3 months ago

Pirelli Racing Bike Tires Leak:
The Pirelli P ZERO Race TLR Bicycle Tires tend to unseat from the rims leading to air leaks, tire deflation, loss of bike control, falls, and injuries to the ride and bystanders. #pirelli #racingtires #deflation #crashes #injuries #recall

Jonathan Baudoin
3 months ago

"Avec l'inflation, la monnaie brûle aux mains. Avec la déflation, la monnaie colle aux mains"
Donc, l'inflation est moins problématique que la déflation. L'histoire économique peut en témoigner. #economie #inflation #deflation #bce #zoneeuro #tauxdirecteur #journadon

Eunice Yoon (@onlyyoontv)
3 months ago

#China consumer #prices creep into positive territory, up 0.1% in August from year ago but miss estimate of 0.2% bump. Factory prices still in #deflation, meet estimates but slip 3.0% from last year.

Abraham Samma
3 months ago

What's happening in #China wrt #deflation is pretty simple: people there were using the housing market as a replacement for banks assuming that prices will always continue to go up. They didn't, and now they're poorer, so they're holding on to their remaining cash. Hence deflation. How do you correct this when the property market makes up a third of China's wealth? Absolutely nuts! #economics

While the UK continues to suffer high #inflation, #China has slipped into #deflation...

As we may be about to see, this can cause serious issues for market economies too;

Facing deflation the rational decision on any discretionary purchase is to delay (and wait for further price drops)... such delays start to encourage further prices falls, confirming any decision to delay & indeed suggesting further delay is (also) rational.

A viscous circle results;

is this about to happen in China?

Itamar Medeiros
3 months ago

#China has faced many #EconomicProblems this year, from #deflation and record #YouthUnemployment to a #property crisis. But now, an even more worrisome threat is emerging: the colossal hidden #debt of China's #LocalGovernments. Some estimates put the #liabilities of China's local financing vehicles close to $10 trillion.

David Carroll
4 months ago

“Apartments in China are commonly delivered by builders without amenities like sinks and washing machines, or even basics like closets or flooring. Because rents are so low, many investors have not bothered to finish apartments over the past decade, holding newly built but hollow shells in the expectation of flipping them for ever-higher prices. By some estimates, Chinese cities now have 65 million to 80 million empty apartments.” #Deflation

Global hedge funds are "aggressively" selling Chinese stocks amid heightened concerns over the country's property sector and a weak batch of economic data.

"Hedge funds have net sold Chinese stocks in eight of the last ten sessions on the prime book through 8/14," it said, adding its clients divested both their long and short positions.

This is the largest net selling in Chinese equities over any 10-day period since Oct 2022

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Die Jugendarbeitslosigkeit ist in China stark gestiegen. Doch das Statistikamt veröffentlicht keine Daten mehr. Dieser Lösungsansatz hat System.
Chinas Arbeitslosigkeit und Intransparenz: Eigene Probleme schön kaschiert
Ben Miller
4 months ago

Guys, what is this distorted mess? Am I tripping? I can cope with #climate collapse, the crumbling of democratic socities, a looming alien revelation, #inflation and #deflation but THIS, this I can't.

I need at least some consistency in my life, at least some confidence in the continuation of human civilisation. #macOS #ui

a partial screenshot of a Finder window of macOS Ventura 13.5 showing a distorted magnifying glass icon
Charlie McHenry
4 months ago

Contagion fears spread as China property sector cash crunch intensifies - Is this a harbinger of global economic woes to come? Could easily be… #China #Economics #Finance #GlobalEconomy #Deflation #Globalization

4 months ago

#Deflation: Why falling prices in #China raise concerns

The Japan Times
4 months ago

China’s consumer and producer prices both declined in July from a year ago, a sign of deflationary pressure as demand in the world’s second-largest economy weakens. #business #economy #china #economy #deflation

Ganga News
4 months ago

China’s economic landscape has taken a notable turn as it slides into deflation, marked by a decline in consumer prices.

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Chinas Wirtschaftskrise ist zum Teil hausgemacht. Das harte Vorgehen gegen Privatunternehmen hat Folgen. Viele Unternehmer schaffen ihr Geld ins Ausland.
Deflation in China: Wirtschaftswunder vorerst vorbei
Chinas Wirtschaftskrise ist zum Teil hausgemacht. Das harte Vorgehen gegen Privatunternehmern hat Folgen. Viele Unternehmer schaffen ihr Geld ins Ausland.
Wirtschaftskrise in China: Das Ende vom Wirtschaftswunderland
Raymond Scott Pert
4 months ago

Chinese economy falls into deflation as recovery stumbles | Financial Times

>Consumer prices, which last slipped into negative territory in February 2021, have been on the brink of deflation for months as China’s economic momentum failed to rebound as strongly as expected after authorities lifted pandemic restrictions at the beginning of the year. #China #economy #inflation #deflation

4 months ago

Konjunkturflaute: Chinas Wirtschaft rutscht in die Deflation

Die Verbraucherpreise in China sind im Juli gesunken. Damit ist es nun zur Deflation gekommen. Setzt sich die Abwärtsspirale der Preise fort, könnte das verheerende Folgen für die Wirtschaft haben.


#China #Deflation #Verbraucherpreise

Q. will the #deflation in #China ripple out across the world (through trading & #supplychains) easing pressure (in the UK especially) on #inflation?

well, I'm sure #RishiSunak whose entire strategy for the next #election is to hope something will come along, is crossing his fingers.

Jude Jackson
5 months ago

Deflation starts to grip the Chinese economy - World Socialist Web Site

#China #ChineseEconomy #EconomicCrisis #Deflation Deflation starts to grip the Chinese economy - World Socialist Web Site

5 months ago

In China droht die Deflation

Westliche Notenbanken kämpfen gegen die hartnäckige Inflation. In China wachsen dagegen Sorgen, dass es zur Deflation kommen könnte - einer möglicherweise gefährlichen Abwärtsspirale fallender Preise.


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⚪ Pfffff 💨... ein Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 Pffff 💨... a favorite
📷 by Artist: #StephaneGraff aka #Professore in City: #London UK 🇬🇧 2008 - Title: "Rapid Ego Deflation Experiment" (Experiment zur schnellen Ego-Deflation)
- #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Monochrome #Ego #Deflation
#Photography #Fotografie #Artwork ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. PhotoArt. 
Black and white photo of the artist with a self-made machine to quickly reduce the "Ego". A balloon about 1.50 tall is mounted on a frame. On it is the word "EGO" . Next to the balloon stands the artist in a white art coat and headphones. In his hand is a needle, which he holds to the balloon.
Info: Stéphane Graff is a French-British artist whose work is characterized by the use of analog photographic techniques and photorealistic paintings. Influenced by the psychoanalytic traditions of Freud and Jung, as well as scientific methods, Graff regularly explores themes of identity, concealment, memory, and a secular conception of the sacred.
2 years ago

@heiseonline komisch mir wurde schon mehrfach erklärt, dass bei #Deflation die Leute auf Anschaffungen verzichten würden, da sie bald billiger sein werden. Deflation sei daher möglichst zu vermeiden.
Märkte, die trotz sinkender Preise funktionieren: Datenträger und Universalrechengeräte. Bedingt (staatliche Förderung) auch Wind- und Solarenergieanlagen und Akkumulatoren.
Warum wird dann permanente Inflation angestrebt (EU 2%)?
Zumindest kann dann auf dem Papier der Umsatz ewig steigen.