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@MarkhamHislop A very effective tactic which surely finds adepts among the ranks of world “leaders”, so in love of happy words like “green growth” or “investment ramp-up”. Much easier and capital-friendly than addressing the real core of the problem and the main challenge: fossil fuels and capitalistic consumption-driven depletion of finite planetary boundaries and how to free ourselves from them.

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#degrowth ist das Stichwort.
Gut wäre es, wenn eine Regierung es planen, koordinieren und Härten abfedern könnte, wollte, täte.
#bundesregierung macht euren Job!

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@IsabVann2 @destatis
#degrowth war auch das Stichwort, dass ich gestern gesucht habe.
Gut wäre es, wenn eine Regierung es planen, koordinieren und Härten abfedern könnte, wollte, täte.

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Ergo: wir brauchen #Degrowth by design und #systemchangenotclimatechange
Gegen den #Klimakollaps, der durch #Wirtschaftswachstum und "weiter so" droht

end #methanleaks

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Which is the planet's greatest evil atm?

(Thanks to Mastodon's 4 choice limit you can't vote for for:

* Weaponised AI
* Extraction Growth
* Debt
* Micro Plastics
* Biodiversity Loss
* Advertising
* Poverty
* Private Jets and Superyachts
* Political/Economic corruption...)

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‘I’m not buying new stuff any more’: the young people getting into ‘degrowth’ #degrowth #consumerism #consumption

Less is more.

CUSP :verified:
2 days ago

From #TriodosBank’s Economic Outlook 2024: “At the heart of [the] issue is a dependency on growth, which Triodos Bank believes needs to be reconsidered. This presents substantial implications for investors, but more crucially, for the future of humanity.” 💯 →

cc #PostGrowth #Degrowth #BeyondGrowth #Omgroei #PostWachstum #GrowthDependency #Decroissance #Decrecimiento #SustainableFinance

Steady State Manchester
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Christmas is coming and you are still struggling to find the right book to give? This will keep him/her quiet for a while:
"A Viable Future",
Think of it as a detailed reader on the alternative to the decidedly unviable growth-obsessed society and economy that is fracturing and decaying before our eyes.
Affordable paperback (or free download).
#ViableFuture #ViableEconomy #book #ebook #degrowth #collapse #localism #ecosocialism #EcologicalEconomics

Christian Gelleri ✅
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Daniel Schmachtenberger talks about the "metacrisis".

"Change your Feed that you always remember what to change."

That's why I changed my social Medium to #mastodon, that's why I use another Money system, that's why Focus on opportunities instead of fear.

#climatechange #reimagination #earth #degrowth #exponentialgrowth #sustainability #COP28

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Are young people poised to slam the brake on endless economic growth?

Smart kids. Circular economy thinking. Youth footfall in our local charity shops seems to be high with many eschewing Primark & H&M, including my daughters who object on ethical grounds. If a pair of jeans is £9 in Primark, they surely cannot have been sustainably or ethically produced, nor will they last. And I doubt they sell them at a loss.

#degrowth #DonutEconomy #notofastfashion

Steady State Manchester
3 days ago

"A Viable Future",
Think of it as a detailed reader on the alternative to the decidedly unviable growth-obsessed society and economy that is fracturing and decaying before our eyes.
Read it free digitally or buy the very reasonably priced printed book.
#ViableFuture #ViableEconomy #book #ebook #degrowth #collapse #localism #ecosocialism #EcologicalEconomics

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In a nutshell, "degrowth" is replacing cancer-style economic growth with forest-style economic growth.

#degrowth #capitalism

ZNet (unofficial)
4 days ago

Some people say post-growth and post-capitalist ideas could never gain popular support. But in fact these ideas are already supported by large majorities.

Here are 17 studies that prove it.

#degrowth #postgrowth #postcapitalism

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*They have a green roof with gardens too!*

Their home, nicknamed the #KHouse, is the first #NetZero #StrawHouse in #Hamilton. The walls are made of thick prefabricated #StrawBale—a popular #insulation technique in Europe.

There are #SolarPanels on the roof that generate electricity, which is sold back to the grid.

#SustainableHome #Construction #Ontario #Canada #GreenHome #AlternativeBuilds #sustainability #OneOfAKind #Inspiring #Degrowth

CUSP :verified:
4 days ago

In for some mind-clearing reading to soothe the soul and restore hope in humanity? The audiobook edition of @ProfTimJackson's "Post Growth—Life After Capitalism" might help. Not all is lost, as long as we keep our critical-thinking facilities sharp. 🙌 →

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Recent research finds the COVID-19 death toll was not the 7m directly resulting, but excess deaths in the range 18m - 33m.

Even taking the upper bound that's only a 0.42% death rate.
We were extremely lucky with the test run. Next time it could be an order of magnitude worse.

Rather than learning the lesson to stop encroaching on Nature, we continue to increase the chance of the next zoonotic pandemic. The fossil capitalist juggernaut is at full throttle.

#COVID19 #Capitalism #Degrowth

Mark Burton
4 days ago

This wasn't expected:
Spain's queen consort Letizia Ortiz, subjects "experts" to a grilling from an informed #degrowth perspective.
Rather different from the hypocritical Charles.
I'm a republican but am forced to admire her persistent and very well informed questioning.

Las incómodas preguntas de la Reina de España sobre el Decrecimiento (y el bochornoso «mansplaining» del ministro) – 15/15\15

Mark Burton
4 days ago

The bold claim that mineral extraction is low for EVs relies on counting oil as a mineral.
Apples and pears, that isn't the issue that those who point to the mining impact are raising.
Of course ICEs need phasing out, but like for like replacement by EVs would have a huge impact and we'd end up with the same unliveable urban settlements.
So yes, #degrowth

4 days ago

I get it that many people are angry about top level politicians jetting from conference to conference. And yes, it is exactly the "I don't give a shit about the planet because I am important" attitude that causes a lot of problems.
However, in numbers, air traffic, as abhorrent, unnecessary and unjust it is, is so much less compared to the daily decisions these people make that affect all of us and lock in polluting emissions for the next decades instead of transforming towards a liveable society and economy that is aimed to cover our real needs.


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Wandered into an electrics store searching for a replacement piece for the vacuum cleaner, and had a look at the TVs while there.

Bloody hell those are huge!!

I thought 48" would be small enough, but upon seeing them IRL I realise 43" will be plenty enough.

I'm obviously not buying a *new* TV! I'm maybe buying one second-hand. #degrowth

Bread and Circuses
5 days ago

Paul Abela writes about "Climate Doublespeak" and the connection with our deadly addiction to endless economic growth...

Greenwashing is at the heart of climate doublespeak. Greenwashing is all about elevating the green credentials of products or brands — but dig a little deeper, and the perpetrators (usually businesses) continue to operate as usual.

If there were awards for effective greenwashing campaigns, oil companies would receive plenty of nominations.

The rather inconvenient truth for oil companies is that an oil company can only become sustainable if it stops selling oil, meaning it would no longer be an oil company. The oil industry is well aware of the precariousness of their situation, which is why they lean so heavily on climate doublespeak to justify their existence.

The facts are in plain sight, Net Zero is never going to happen in the timeframe that’s required unless there is a profound and radical social transformation. But that goal remains a vital piece of the climate doublespeak narrative.
. . .

Economic growth has become the secular religion of modern society. So important is growth to functioning societies that when economies contract it leads to crises that can turn into recession and ultimately depression.

So what’s the problem with economic growth?

Well, since the end of the Second World War, there has been an explosion in economic activity. Some have labelled it The Great Acceleration. That acceleration has seen exponential increases in, well, everything. From white goods to automobiles, from telecommunications to flights, from fertilisers to water use.

We’ve become masters in increasing productivity. That’s created a lot more wealth for a lot more people. And lots of us, not all, but lots of people, have reaped the benefits.

But these exponential increases don’t come out of thin air. To make more stuff you need more stuff — that stuff comes from the natural world. You also need energy to make all of the stuff — that energy comes from fossil fuels. The result of all of this activity is the global economy has become big, like, really, really big. So big that we use the resources of 1.7 earths.

You don’t need me to tell you there is only one Earth, so this is a big deal. When any species exceeds the regenerative capacity of its environment (which is exactly what we’ve done) you have yourself a rather large problem.

And the thing about a society designed and dependent on never-ending growth is that we must continue this expansion forever. That’s why terms like green growth have proliferated. The idea is that we can continue increasing output but in ways where we decouple any impacts of doing so from the products and services being produced. Sounds impossible? Yeah, that’s because it is.

So how do we avert catastrophe? Well, the only way is to decrease the size of the economy. But that is quite literally the last thing we will ever do.

When looking at the stakes, it’s no wonder climate doublespeak is so rife. A way of life is on the line. So you can bet that we’ll continue to behave as we always have, because the idea that the economy could be organised in any other way is unthinkable.


#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #Degrowth

Bread and Circuses
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Kevin Anderson is professor of energy and climate change at the Universities of Manchester (UK), Uppsala (Sweden), and Bergen (Norway). Formerly director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, he also is one of the scientists most relied upon by Greta Thunberg in her assessment of where we stand and what we must do now.

In a hard-hitting new article, Professor Anderson delivers some truths we may not want to hear. This is how it begins...

For a flip-of-a-coin chance of staying at or below 1.5°C we have, globally, just five to eight years of current emissions before we blow our carbon budget. For a good chance of 2°C this extends to 15 to 18 years. We are using up the 1.5°C budget at a rate of about 1% each month, and the 2°C budget at around 0.5% each month.

But it’s not being spent evenly. According to new research by Oxfam and the Stockholm Environment Institute, the wealthiest 1% of people on the planet are responsible for double the greenhouse gas emissions of the poorest half.

This 1% of humanity uses its awesome power to manipulate societal aspirations and the narratives around climate change. These extend from well-funded advertising to pseudo-technical solutions, from the financialisation of carbon emissions (and increasingly, nature) to labelling extreme any meaningful narrative that questions inequality and power.

This dangerous framing is compounded by a generally supine media owned or controlled by the 1%. Many climate experts also reside in the 1% or seek funding from them, with the dangerous repercussion of giving the impression of objective conclusions. Add to this the reflected glory of hobnobbing with the elites and the prestige of honours awarded to those supporting hierarchical norms – and the closure of alternative narratives for addressing climate change is complete.

This may all sound flippant. But I argue that the tendrils of the 1% have twisted society into something deeply self-destructive. Layer upon of layer of lies and delusion have left us ill-equipped to address so many of our problems, of which climate change is only one symptom.

There is much more in the full piece, including an introductory passage that describes how Professor Anderson has been censored in his attempts to get this message out to the public. Must-read!


#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #Degrowth

5 days ago

UAE, GDP $500bn mostly from FF, pledges $0.1bn to the Loss & Damage fund, and will increase FF production.

India commits to Coal as their major energy source for years to come: currently adding 17GW Coal power stations per year.

Phase out FF in less than 10 years?

#ClimateCrisis #Capitalism #JustStopOil #Degrowth

blake shaw 🇵🇸
6 days ago

#degrowth? thanks for tempting me with a good time 👍​

Alberto Cottica
6 days ago

Exciting! A non-neoclassical macroeconomic synthesis seems to be emerging from new economic thinking. This very cool new paper by @christopher_olk , @colleenfights and @jasonhickel claims that #degrowth and #modernMonetaryTheory are strategic complements, and fundamentally aligned as they both remove artificial scarcities: the former of essential goods and services like housing, education and health care, the latter of money (given monetary sovereignty)

Dhyan Nada
1 week ago


Sehr guter Beitrag, auch wegen des Beispiels für Grünen #Kolonialismus, das hochgerechnet die Asymmetrie im Nord-Süd-Verhältnis und die damit mißachtete #Klimagerechtigkeit darstellt

Der Betrug an den Kund:innen der grüngewaschenen Produkte besteht auch darin, dass Kompensation und #NetZero nichts am Versagen des Klimaschutzes ändern, weil nicht absolut reduziert wird. Das ist ohne #Degrowth und eine grundlegende sozale und gesellschaftliche Transformation nicht zu haben.


2 weeks ago


I'm a retired #nurse, who has just woken up to the actual significance of the #climateEmergency.
Battling existential climate angst and guilt over total lack of response to date.
Looking to make connections with others experiencing similar feelings and those with evidence-based skin in the game.

#climateChange #deGrowth #COP28 #activism #slow #science

2 weeks ago

information and communication networks for #degrowth

#Fediverse #Services

Barry Phillips Smith
2 weeks ago

#ClimateChange is about the climate changing. Some areas of the world are going to become unhabitable, and some areas which were previously more difficult to live in will become prime real estate.

The question is this - do we want to maintain international boundaries as they are now, or redefine them by war?

If the former, we need to get serious of ramping down our CO2 emissions, decoupling capitalism from growth, and embracing #Degrowth (incl. population) and #ALighterTouch on the planet as founding principles.

If the latter ... ARE YOU F**KING CRAZY??

These are pretty much the choices. Apart from sticking your head in the sand and going "la-la-la" until somebody makes the choice for you ...

Dr. Jürgen Knödlseder
2 weeks ago

@gwagner I think your headline goes too far as steel production will never be clean (there are other environmental impacts than just CO2) and 100% recyclable is contrary to the laws of physics in this Universe. But there is a very important message in the text, which is that using less steel is an important lever arm for environmental impact reductions. #degrowth

Mensch, Marina
2 weeks ago

@breadandcircuses maybe we have to communicate this more often, some people seem to think #degrowth means going back to pre-industrial age in technology & lifestyle. Far from it! We need degrowth of greed & overconsumption, of throw-away attitude & thrash islands in the ocean and on land @jasonhickel

Mark Burton
2 weeks ago

And pull hard on the #EmergencyBrake rather than trying to accelerate the flow of energy and materials that that lot on both sides of the House call "growth".

Phil Stevens
2 weeks ago

@pjf It's probably adding insult to injury to point out that rampant consumerism and end-stage capitalism is making #climatechaos even worse, and increasing the likelihood of greater intensity in future bushfires.

Buy nothing this Friday if you can help it. Do less. Use less. #degrowth

2 weeks ago

Renske Wienen (#12, lijstduwer):

"Er gaan nú mensen dood aan de gevolgen van de #klimaatcrisis. Het roer moet compleet om, we moeten idealistische doelen stellen en alles op alles zetten om mensenlevens te sparen.

Wat is een beter moment om je beleid #radicaal om te gooien, dan wanneer er doden vallen? Als Nederland echt verantwoordelijkheid wil nemen, dan moeten we in 2030 van fossiel af, inzetten op #degrowth en starten met #herstelbetalingen.

Landen als #Ethiopië zijn in 2025 al #klimaatneutraal. #Nederland mikt nu op 2050. Dat is dodelijk en onrechtvaardig. De mensen die het minste hebben bijgedragen aan #klimaatverandering, vangen de hardste klappen. Tijd voor radicaal ander beleid - stem woensdag #BIJ1!

Dit is een klein deel van het Mondiale Klimaatdebat op 16 november in Pakhuis de Zwijger. Deze is online terug te kijken!"


#BreekDeKetens #BekenKleur #StemBIJ1

Renske Wienen tijdens het Mondiale Klimaatdebat
2 weeks ago

Scientists *must* understand that fanatical zealots among industrial and political powers actually want to *hasten* the "end times" — apocalyptic accelerationist doctrine, as @Wolven puts it ( Christian Zionism is another such example of apocalyptic accelerationism.

So we MUST stop thinking climate alarms and emergencies actually deter them or would encourage them into action.

It's the opposite: bad news actually *emboldens* them and tells them their strategies are working. They probably think it's easier to go to heaven by ending the world than it is to actually save it from their own capitalist bullshit.

Instead, we *must* stop "negotiating" with them or "informing" them of facts and figures, and instead start mobilising. Climate revolution (cc: @breadandcircuses is the way forward:

Stockpiling, prep, and mobilisation for months of worldwide strikes, refusal to pay bills, and not buying anything. As a radical pacifist who is also an eco-socialist, this highly appeals to me.

Scientists must revolt instead when big journalism, big oil, and other such industries are stacked against us.

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Degrowth #Politics #Pacifism #Fascism #Colonialism #FarRight #Authoritarianism #Capitalism #AntiCapitalism

2 weeks ago

Dear @EU_Commission,
Please work out how to promote #degrowth to increase our chances of survival.

Hell, it is not even *necessary* to shovel billions of public money into the bank accounts of a few already obscenely rich families to make our society work.

We can do better. You can do better.

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

The word "#Degrowth" seems to scare people so that they don't even stop to see what it's about -- AND it still leaves you in that framing of "growth at all costs".

We need to change the frame.

Think about children: they need to grow when they're little. Then, at some point, you want your child to stop growing: they grow UP. They need to start living according to a paradigm which is not all about growth.

Instead of the scary "degrowth", how about talking about growing up?


2 weeks ago

'if the poorest half of the world population were to suddenly disappear overnight it would have no measurable impact on carbon emissions'
#ClimateChange #Degrowth

2 weeks ago


Eine Erneuerung würde beinhalten, dass es auch personelle Konsequenzen gibt. Die aktuelle Parteispitze hat vollumfänglich ausgedient.

Und eine Erneuerung heißt auch, dass man out-of-the-box denkt und richtige Visionen formuliert, und nicht nur denkt, man gewinnt Sympathien indem man "die anderen Mainstream-Parteien + etwas mehr links" macht. Wie wärs mit #degrowth, @dielinke ?
Etwas wagen schadet nicht, da ihr eh nicht mehr viel zu verlieren habt.

3 weeks ago

Ulrike Hermann diskutiert mit Maurice Höfgen über die sozialökologische Transformation

Es ist ein Battle der Master of green Economics.

#Klimakrise #Wirtschaft #Degrowth #GreenGrowth #GreenTransitions

Jack of all trades
3 weeks ago

@breadandcircuses Exactly because of the gravity of the crisis I'm confused why you'd promote this text. To remind you, this is the text that contains the following sentence:

"If we were to stop burning fossil fuels completely, the subsequent jump in global temperatures would trigger multiple tipping points and cause runaway warming."

All the research he's done means nothing in the context of this one sentence of disinformation. After reading it why protest new oil fields or promote #degrowth?

Mark Burton
3 weeks ago

"#Degrowth needs to learn from communism"
Green European Journal interview with Kohei #Saito:
“El #decrecimiento debe aprender del comunismo” - El Salto - Edición General
#ecosocialism #ecosocialismo

Bread and Circuses
4 weeks ago

Okay, sorry, here is my second MUST READ article of the day. I promise not to overburden you like this on a regular basis, but I hope you will indulge me this time and read and share this vitally important piece from Jason Hickel (@jasonhickel) in which he tackles the question of Green Growth vs Degrowth...

Some prominent commentators seem to assume that the debate is primarily about the question of technology, with green growth promoting technological solutions to the ecological crisis, while degrowth promotes only economic and social solutions. In fact, degrowth scholarship *embraces* technological change and efficiency improvements, to the extent (crucially) that these are empirically feasible, ecologically coherent, and socially just.

But it also recognizes that this alone will not be enough: economic and social transformations are also necessary, including a transition out of capitalism. The debate is therefore not primarily about technology, but about science, justice, and the structure of the economic system.

Degrowth does not call for all forms of production to be reduced. Rather, it calls for reducing ecologically destructive and socially less necessary forms of production, like sport utility vehicles, private jets, mansions, fast fashion, arms, industrial beef, cruises, commercial air travel, etc., while cutting advertising, extending product lifespans (banning planned obsolescence and introducing mandatory long-term warranties and rights to repair), and dramatically reducing the purchasing power of the rich. In other words, it targets forms of production that are organized mostly around capital accumulation and elite consumption.

At the same time, degrowth scholarship insists on strong social policy to secure human needs and well-being, with universal public services, living wages, a public job guarantee, working time reduction, economic democracy, and radically reduced inequality. These measures abolish unemployment and economic insecurity and ensure the material conditions for a universal decent living — again, basic socialist principles. This scholarship calls for efficiency improvements, yes, but also a transition toward sufficiency, equity, and a democratic postcapitalist economy, where production is organized around well-being for all, rather than around capital accumulation.

It is now well-established that green growth scenarios suffer from a difficult problem. They start with the assumption that the rich countries in the “core” of the world-system should continue to increase aggregate production and consumption (“growth”) for the rest of the century. But growth does not come out of thin air. It requires energy. To resolve this issue, green growth scenarios resort to deeply problematic assumptions.

They assume we can overshoot the Paris Agreement limits now and rely on mass deployment of speculative negative emissions technology in the future (mostly bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, or BECCS), to pull excess carbon out of the atmosphere. Scientists have raised major red flags about this approach. BECCS would require vast tracts of land for biofuel monoculture, up to three times the size of India, appropriated overwhelmingly from the Global South, exacerbating deforestation, soil depletion, water depletion, biodiversity loss, and other ecosystem damages, while constraining food availability.

Relying on this approach is unjust and ecologically incoherent. It is also risky, because if, for whatever technological or political reasons, this scheme cannot be scaled in the future, then we will be locked into a high-temperature trajectory from which it will be impossible to escape.

Green growth scenarios maintain high levels of energy use in high-income countries by constraining energy use, and therefore development, in the Global South — in some cases to levels that are below what is required for even basic needs. Yes, we need renewable energy transition. But needlessly high energy use in rich countries means this transition will be slower and the social and ecological costs will be higher.

In sum, green growth scenarios play loose with science, assume incredibly unjust arrangements, and gamble with the future of humanity — and all of life on Earth — simply to maintain ever-increasing levels of aggregate output in high-income countries.


#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #Capitalism #Degrowth

G. Barrow
1 month ago

A call for #collaboration:

Systemic #design can be daunting, and the critical nature of the #climatecrisis doesn’t make it less so. The work must be iterative, with contributing voices and ongoing feedback.

I need help with it. As a writer, I ask questions, document, and consider the larger picture. However, I’m not a subject-matter expert in any science or technique. #SocialEcologicalSystems call for collaboration. The more input, the better.

#postscarcity #degrowth

Image of mother and child by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash @__matthoffman__
Keith D Johnson
1 month ago

@hannu_ikonen “The ultimate end to a growth economy is the same as an analogous growth: cancer. But for national economies, the victims are nature, soils, forests, people, water, and quality of life. There is one, and only one, solution, and we have almost no time to try it. We must turn all our resources to repairing the natural world, and train all our young people to help. They want to. We need to give them this last chance to create forests, soils, clean waters, clean energies, secure communities, stable regions, and to know how to do it from hands-on experience.”
– Bill Mollison (sometime in the '80s)
#permaculture #cancer #degrowth

Bread and Circuses
1 month ago

I'm often chided for not being hopeful enough and sometimes called a 'climate doomer'.

"Focus on solutions, not just problems!" is the advice I'm given.

But if you take a step back and look at the big picture, you might notice that many of the so-called solutions are actually making our problems worse.

◼️ Championing a shift to EVs at the expense of replacing cars with public transit, bike lanes, and 15-minute cities is not improving anything.

◼️ Promoting phony "carbon offsets" and dodgy "carbon capture" projects allows fossil fuel companies to greenwash all the damage they continue doing.

◼️ Cheering for more investment in "renewables" like solar and wind power while not criticizing the issuance of more oil drilling permits and the approval of huge new LNG shipping facilities doesn't help.

I could go on and on, but I won't bother.

The point is, solutions like these are not solving the biggest problems we face. To me, the actual best solution is to focus hard on the problem — which I will continue to do.

#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #Capitalism #BusinessAsUsual #Degrowth

Jack of all trades
1 month ago

Reading this one can't help but notice how inefficient and wasteful #capitalism is at allocating resources. A global #socialism with #degrowth could easily provide for 10 billion people, all within planetary boundaries (so no more #ClimateChange ), while eradicating #poverty and #inequalities in the process.

Link to the research paper:

#overshoot #overconsumption #consumerism

Sy Taffel
1 month ago

'Planned degrowth or deaccumulation and a shift to sustainable human development is now unavoidable in the wealthiest countries, whose per capita ecological footprints are non-sustainable on a planetary basis, if organized civilization is to survive.'

John Bellamy Foster - who has previously been a vociferous critic of #degrowth, while advocating for the very similar logic of deaccumulation, seems to have subtly shifted his position

Sally Strange
1 month ago

@ClimateNewsNow Answer: probably not (paywall bypass at the link below)

1. methanol isn't going to be available in big enough quantities
2. wind power is too intermittent

Without #degrowth, none of it will be enough.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange

@helena_gilliss So in a different conversation at last someone has encapsulated something that lets me see a future

#Degrowth #ClimateEmergency #BiodiversityLoss

Andrew (festive)
1 month ago

What does the #solarpunk #degrowth version of that magic moment look like?

Imagine for a minute that, instead of sitting in a centuries old building that has been converted in to an overpriced burger joint, I was sharing a meal with friends and strangers in a community kitchen.

Imagine, instead of a Spaceship owned by a billionaire, it was a high altitude weather balloon launched by local hobbiests.

Maybe, instead of real time high resolution video, we have to make do with high resolution photos or low-res video, until the high resolution footage can be recovered. Maybe we just have to wait until the footage is recovered.

Maybe, instead of a brand new pocket super computer I'm watching the transmissions trickle in over ad-hoc wireless connections on recycled and repurposed hardware.

Would it have been any less magical without the rent seeking? Without the ocean boiling?

Jonathan Schofield
1 month ago

Nate Hagens has what I think is a useful framing on debt: that it is a claim on future energy expenditure.

So the question becomes, what happens when the level of debt is greater than the energy which can be safely procured?

To put that in perspective, he says that, due to interest rate rises, US government debt has gone up by about $1 trillion in the last 3 months and is currently rising at a bit less than $1 billion per hour

#climateCrisis #degrowth

Aaron Karp
1 month ago

I'm writing a book series to help lay the groundwork for an ecological transition, and will be sharing some pieces from the process.

I'll also be looking for feedback on the drafts--if interested, please subscribe at

#climatecrisis #democracy #systemchange #activism #degrowth