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2 days ago

From data access to scientific merit, one woman is working to make astronomy — and all STEM fields — more inclusive.

@WIRED profiles Dr. Dara Norman, the incoming president-elect of the American Astronomical Society.

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Tournel Henry
5 days ago

An all-female DIE crew of whores crashed a #Boeing P-8A.
But the media will just keep it quiet 🤣. (Notice how news outlets always say “A crew of nine” and never mention them. But if they rescued the plane, feminists will be jumping for more DIE hiring).
On the good side, it means the US can’t effectively invade places with more DIE crews like these.

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Workout Motivation | Self-care 🫶🏽

Fun in The Sun☀️ at The Fitness Court in Malden.

✅Self-care is essential for mental health and overall well-being.

🎯Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Every effort counts!💪🏾⭐️

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Todd Battistelli
1 week ago

Workers may not put being happy or joyful at work at the top of their list.

Instead, workers may have higher priorities, such as being treated ethically and with dignity and being paid an appropriate wage for their labor.

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2 weeks ago

Getting ready to start a new leadership position and thinking about how to build a diverse software engineering team. Ran across this research article and found several points very helpful:
1. Candidates look for evidence of diversity in your company and team. A public-facing website gives that answer to anyone looking.
2. A job description has to reflect the core skills and be cautious about additions that hinder diversity. Easy example, requiring more than 10 years of IT leader experience for any role. What population do you think that MIGHT target?
3. Ensure the team / organization is NOT typecasting specific roles. Sometimes front-end dev is not seen as difficult and is often more associated with women.
4. Coworker practices can undo all of the great leadership your organization is trying to instill. If you have team members that are giving lip services to DEI in front of you, but are DEI-deniers during code reviews, everyone loses.

#DEI #Diversity

The Conversation U.S.
2 weeks ago

What if language didn’t even include a word for “#disability”?

The Xhosa community of AmaBomvane in South Africa does not see disability in a person, and its rituals are mandatory for all people, according to a researcher who spent several years interviewing members of the community.
(via @TheConversationAfrica)
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Inclusive Fitness 💪🏾 Community!

📸Pics of my rockSTARS ⭐️ from my Body-Sculpting group Fall series and strength class at The Malden Senior Center 🏋🏽‍♂️

Let’s Get Healthy Together👏🏽

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‪▶️ Video of the Latino Excellence Awards💫‬

‪I was recognized for my community service, health equity advocacy, and volunteering at home and in Ukraine.‬

‪Thank you, State Representative Ultrino, and the Massachusetts Black and Latino Caucus, for the honor.‬

‪I am grateful to my family and friends for their support.‬

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Sohan Dsouza
2 weeks ago

Interview with @NulliusInVerba hosts on the state of psychology research, at Decoding the Gurus podcast.

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Andrew Leahey
2 weeks ago

Fri 11/17 - Wall Street Firms Build #DEI Practices, Louisville Breonna Taylor Mistrial, Macy*s PAGA to 9th Circuit and CA Bar Passes AI Guidelines

We have Wall Street firms building out diversity, equity and inclusion practices, a mistrial in Louisville civil rights trial against Breonna Taylor shooter, Macy*s brings PAGA back to 9th circuit, and the #CA bar passes guidelines for use and billing of AI.

#lawfedi @law #ai #barexam #lawyer #law

Sara Lobkovich
2 weeks ago

I've been sleeping on Tosin Sulaiman's podcast "Made for Us," but just caught the latest episode on innovation + disability inclusion with @microsoft 's Hector Minto. Again, incredible timing to listen in on a conversation like this -- with more and more of my work life being spent in adult education, I have some serious work to do on accessibility to put my work where my values are.

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Rohini Lakshané
2 weeks ago

I recently came around to creating a Meta #Wikimedia page for an old project meant to address different inclusivity gaps on #Wikipedia and its sister projects. It comprises learning modules. Use away.

#DiversityandInclusion #inclusion #DEI #diversity

Clayton Dewey
2 weeks ago

Learned from and connected with great folks at #NPDev during small group breakout sessions on
- #FreeSoftware as an activist movement
- #Decolonizing th collective imagination
- Advancing #DEI in the tech industry
- Co-designing digital tools with #indigenous land defenders

A free software activist speaks in front of an easel, "Free software as an activist movement. Licensing necessary but not sufficient."
A futurist facilitator speaking in front of an easel that says, "Let's talk about how we might uncolonize the (collective) imagination in honor of our entangled earthly existence."
An axis is created out of conference lanyards with one spectrum being from "I can't influence" to "I can influence". The other spectrum is "Better  future" to "Worse future." Pieces of paper are placed in where people feel the future will be for them. Three are in the Future will be better and I can influence. Five are in the Future will be worse and I can influence.
Two Femmecubator staff presenting their process of supporting women of color in tech. There is a circle diagram of Bootcamp Grads, Dev & Design Mentors and Social Good Startups.

Being the other. What it's like to be underrepresented in an organization. A classic.

2 weeks ago

In a recent #Forbes article ranking Canada's top employers for diversity, our very own Alex Love, shares insights into initial actions companies can take to evaluate their #DEI climate, discerning effective practices and highlighting areas in need of change.

Read on 👉

2 weeks ago

House Republicans Blame DEI Programs for Rise in Campus Antisemitism - The GOP has lost its barrings. #DEI

Die woke Ideologie hat ganz Amerika erobert, von den Unis bis zu den Konzernen. Ihre Kader lehren eine bizarre Opferhierarchie: Muslime sind benachteiligter als Schwule, Schwarze mehr als Frauen. Leistung, Fleiß? Gelten als verdächtig. Und genau hier wird es für ein Land lebensgefährlich.#Weiss-Bari #USA-Politik #Identitätspolitik #Juden #Judentum #Ideologie #Amerika #DEI #NewYorkTimes #Krimi
Woke USA: Die zerstörerische Ideologie, die keiner beim Namen nennt
Prism & Pen
3 weeks ago

Looking through those who would be speaking, I came across someone from World Vision, a nonprofit that does not hire gay people.
“Am I making too big of a deal out of this?”

#LGBTQ #Business #DEI #Charity #SelfImprovement

Time for Day 2 of the Fedora 39 Release Party! Starting today at 8:30am (1:30pm UTC) we have:

- Keep Talking: The Importance of Conversations around DEI
- Fedora Badges Design: Outreachy 2023
- Meet the Operations Architect

Join now:

#Fedora #FedoraReleaseParty #Linux #DEI

Fedora 20th Anniversary, 2003-2023

Fedora Linux 39 Release Party!

November 6-12, Appreciation Week
Amy Lee
3 weeks ago

The LISA @LISA accessibility guidelines for meetings are now online:

I'm grateful to our DEI committee chairs for letting me make these publicly available on our User Guide. I think it's important to set a positive example and show that large organisations and scientific collaborations can strive for high quality inclusive, accessible meetings.

#LISA #accessibility #DEI #inclusivity

Lisa Kalayji
3 weeks ago

Tried to use Google Forms for a demographic survey, and naturally they don't let you change the language on the write-in option, so if someone needs to write in an additional thing they have to mark themselves as "other". I literally cannot use a form that requires people to "other" themselves, Google, please join the rest of us in the 21st century.

If anyone has a fave (free) online survey tool that doesn't do this, I'd be super grateful for recommendations!

#SocialResearch #Surveys #Demographics #DEI #Diversity

Jared M. Gordon
4 weeks ago



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Mark Downie
1 month ago
1 month ago

Our accessibility experts advocate for keeping your content clear and simple — but we know that's not an easy ask, especially when it comes to tech! For complex services and products, providing supplemental content such as infographics, illustrations, or bulleted lists will get your point across #accessibility #dei

"Community information liaisons become active members of their communities, closely observing practices, analyzing available resources, and discerning unspoken needs." Catharine Bomhold outlines how this model can be used to step beyond #library walls:

#librarians #libraries #librarywork #ALA #CommunityDriven #DEI #EDI #EDISJ

a photo of Catharine Bomhold, a smiling, middle aged blonde woman with glasses

The Fedora DEI Team has some updates to share as part of their revitalization effort!

For October 2023 they worked on:
* Planning the Fedora Appreciation Week
* A new vision and mission statement
* Updating how the role of the DEI Advisor works in Fedora

If you want to contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion in Fedora, get in touch with the team. Details at the end of their report. 👍


#Fedora #FedoraDEI #DEI #OpenSource

Nell Greenfieldboyce
1 month ago

The American Ornithological Society says it will give new English-language names to *all* American birds currently named after people, in an effort to make birding more welcoming for all communities and to focus attention on the birds rather than historical namesakes.

#birds #ornithology #diversity #DEI #racism #history

Three bird images showing a blue Steller's Jay, a Cooper's Hawk, and a yellow Wilson's warbler.
Jason Yip
1 month ago

Designing a system that "invites all voices" is more reliable than asking people to remember to "invite all voices". #dei

Matt Hodgkinson
1 month ago

"This morning, UK research faces an unprecedented crisis. The secretary of state for science has given the chief executive of UK Research and Innovation, Ottoline Leyser, until the end of today to disband the newly formed equality, diversity and inclusion panel for the Research Excellence Framework."


[This post does not represent UKRIO, COPE, or EASE]

#AcademicFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech #UKpolitics #UKRI #ResearchPolicy #EDI #DEI #EquityDiversityInclusion

Lt. Leather
1 month ago

"Kendi’s focus on personal awakening and transformation puts him outside an anti-racist tradition that includes W. E. B. DuBois; James Baldwin; Martin Luther King, Jr.; and Angela Davis. These architects of anti-racist thought understood racism as a manifestation of capitalism, and they believed that reality necessitated a mass movement"

#antiracism #IbramKendi #DEI

Talk announcement for #SeaGL2023
Nicole Sanchez presents: "Collaborating Across Difference:".
#SeaGL #dei #collaboration

Nicole Sanchez presents: "Collaborating Across Difference:".
1 month ago

Well I’ve officially kicked off the #jobsearch again… if anyone is looking for a:

*Head of Talent
*Director of Recruiting
*Sr. Technical Sourcer

with a passion for #DEI and hiring niche technical roles - I’m here!

#getfedihired #FediHire

‘We are easy targets’: professor speaks out on quitting over
👉Republican culture wars

“I have this morning informed my dean that I will step down from my position at LSU at the end of the school year,” Journalism professor Robert Mann posted on X.
“My reasons are simple: the person who will be governor in January has already asked LSU to fire me. And I have 👉 no confidence the leadership of this university would protect the Manship School against a governor’s efforts to punish me and other faculty members.”
Mann’s resignation comes amid the 🔺GOP’s fight to seize control of American colleges and universities🔺.
Rightwing lawmakers this year introduced more than👉 50 bills across 23 states aimed at eliminating faculty tenure, a longstanding job protection policy to protect academics from outside interference.
Florida, Texas, Tennessee and North Dakota this year enacted legislation that would 👉unravel Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts at state colleges and universities, making it more difficult for higher education to protect marginalized students.
Earlier this week, Wisconsin Republicans used Universities of Wisconsin 👉employee salaries as a bargaining chip against the school’s fight to protect DEI spending.
Professors like Mann are unwilling to remain on the frontlines of the GOP’s battle on higher education – especially without the backing of university leadership.
#culturewar #tenure #dei

Kate Nyhan
1 month ago

So far, 2 of the plenaries and several panelists of this "in-person event" have been online or provided recorded presentations.
You know, if I'd realized there was this level of flexibility, I would have submitted a proposal
#accessibility #DEI

1 month ago

Hi #nonprofits! I'm looking for #recommendations!

An org in Minnesota is ready to start doing some work with their staff (they've done some nominal #DEI work) and I said I'd do some research re: good next steps.

Have you hired consultants that helped your nonprofit begin to truly change? To address #racism within the organization and the services they provide? What programs or paths have worked for you?

We don't want a "get DEI certified in 15 hours!" type of deal. We want to really dig in.

Every time you see an event that lets you down on Health and Safety, look for an event that hits the mark. Then, celebrate them publicly!

There are so many good examples leading the way here. Shining a spotlight on them provides positive reinforcement _and_ illuminates the path forward for events that have work to do.

We'll link to some good examples in the replies. 🧵

#PublicHealthPledge #HealthAndSafety #DEI #Events #Inclusion #PHPledge #COVID

Trisha Clay (she/her)
1 month ago

7 Former FL College Presidents say We need to protect everyone’s fundamental right to learn about and openly discuss ideas that some would suppress #dei

@jonobie @mekkaokereke @taatm FWIW Big Tech internships and hiring also tend to disproportionately favor candidates from groups that are well off - even in companies that take #DEI seriously - because the pipeline is set up that way.

Unfortunately that's also going to take a long time to fix... but yeah unpaid internships are even worse

Ben Waber
2 months ago

Last was an essential panel on making research more inclusive of #gender and #sexuality #diversity at #UNSW with Ania Anderst, Bella Bushby, Angela Griffin, @hmlittlecbigc, and Kazi Ashraf Uddin. The panel covers everything from who should engage in research on traditionally marginalized genders and sexualities, how/if gender and sexuality should be measured, and more. Highly recommend (9/9) #DEI

Todd Battistelli
2 months ago

Corporations: “We take equity concerns so seriously that we’ve classified all related data as propriety. That way, we’ll innovate better. Trust us, we’re doing great work.”

#equity #DEI #BusinessCommunication #transparency

Bob Robertson XI
2 months ago

>corporations don't value DEI because they abhor their history

I was added to the #DEI council for the last company I worked for and was initially excited to help out, but around 3 months later my team was re-org'd and half my team was moved to India. 1 guy on my team in Cali made $200k and a guy in India doing the same job made $25k. #Equity should not depend on your postal code. I raised my concerns and shortly after I was let go.

Cory Doctorow
2 months ago

It's not just the #writersguild For the first time in *history*, the #UAW is striking against *all* the major automakers, and they are *winning*:

The automakers are getting desperate. #Stellantis - #Chrysler's latest alias, reflecting the company's absorbtion into corporate-human-centipede of carmakers - has mobilized its #DEI programs, trying to get marginalized people to believe that scabbing is a liberatory activity:


Cory Doctorow
2 months ago

Take #DEI, a favored target of the right. It's undoubtably true that #DiversityInclusionAndEquity initiatives have made some inroads on correcting bias in hiring decision, with the result that companies get better employees who would have been excluded without this explicit corrective.

However, corporations don't value DEI because they abhor their history of hiring bias.


2 months ago

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and there's no better time to delve into the intricate landscape of workplace accessibility!

We're excited to sit down with Jonathan Mosen, CEO of Workbridge and host of the popular Living Blindfully podcast, for Episode 7 of Access Matters. From hiring to career advancement, we're tackling it all in an insightful discussion you won’t want to miss.

Join us Tuesday, 10/10 at 3pm ET:

#AccessMatters #LivingBlindfully #AssistiveTechnology #LowVision #Blindness #AccessibilityMatters #Inclusion #DEI #NDEAM

On the left, there's a black background with a light blue banner reading 'Episode 7' in black text. Below, three curved lines of white, braille-like dots resemble a rainbow. In the center is the blue Aira logo with an 'a' in a circle and headphones. Under it, 'ACCESS' is in a white bar, followed by 'MATTERS' in white text. Below are two blue lines saying 'ACCESS IN A ROOM FULL OF ELEPHANTS' and 'WITH JONATHAN MOSEN,' and 'TUNE IN TUESDAY! OCTOBER 10 @ 3PM ET' in blue text below. A vertical line bisects the image. On the right, two elephants in an office chat, one white and holding a coffee mug, the other light blue with a coffee mug.
Emory L.
2 months ago

23yo me would have no idea who 46yo me even is. i just suggested that someone wants to say we select a vendor in pursuit of diversity and inclusion that we should also offer to actually help them level up their security architecture instead of leaving them as we found them. if we pick the small startup, and we don't provide them with our expertise it feels like we're taking advantage of them to me?

kicking someone while they're down in a #threatModel that can't remediate? no ty!

#DEI #infosec

"It’s only after they spend years being told they’re “non-code contributors” by a culture of code supremacy that they identify their work as “non-code,” but even then it’s only how they identify it within the problematic culture. No one tells their friends outside of open source that they’re “non-code contributors,” they say they help with interface design."

From _Stop defining people by what they are not: on "non-code contributors"_

#OpenSource #FOSS #DEI

Merson the Person
2 months ago

Accessibility is along the same lines as #dei initiatives imo. With both there's this huge misconception.

There's no point at which you're going to stop trying to be better. There is no celebratory moment of being "done." Working toward a moment like that is a recipe for burnout.

How could there be a "done", when we are learning more about each other every day? The practice is the point.

2 months ago

So I spent the early part of this week at a DEI conference full of women in telecom. I'm a terrible networker and most of these people don't really jam on my subjects, but for all that, it was really honestly fantastic to be both the majority (female) and this time the minority (I'm white) and also frankly outranked by so many VP and SVP women of color. People need to see fabulous confident professionals of every shape, size, color, gender expression and sexual preference. Just seeing a couple hundred non-dude folks from such diverse backgrounds with crazy impressive resumes exist in one place was good for my tired professional outlook #dei

Texas Observer
2 months ago

“Diversity and inclusion in #journalism isn’t radical; it is at the core of what we do.”

MORE: TXO Editor-in-Chief @gabrielarana reflects on the rise of a new era of McCarthyism at #Texas public universities, and what it means for the future of higher #education and freedom of speech ...

#news #politics #USpol #DEI #diversity #Texas #racism #journalism #JournoLife #academia #TXlege #essay

Texas Observer
2 months ago

NEW: ”We need to celebrate and nurture the next generation of journalists, who often defy their parents and cultural pressure to become accurate, unbiased storytellers across platforms.”

In a special essay, renowned journalist (& a member of our board of directors) Kathleen McElroy reflects on what it's like to make headlines, instead of reporting them.

#news #politics #DEI #Texas #JournoLife #journalism #education #academia #college #diversity

Tall Poppy
3 months ago

We've been quiet on here but there's lots going on behind the scenes 👀

We're thrilled to have been selected from among 7,900 applicants (!!) for Morgan Stanley's next Inclusive Ventures Lab program! You can read about it here:

We're so grateful to be part of such an amazing group of founders, and excited to spend time in NYC over the next 5 months!

#startup #entrepreneurship #dei #inclusion

Nico Rikken
3 months ago

Hope to meet you at #OSSEU #OSSummit I'll be giving 2 talks, 1 panel and 1 interview but mostly going to learn about #OSPO's #SBOM's, #DEI and policy and meet communities like #LFEnergy

Linux Foundation banner: I'm speaking at the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit Europe 2023
Preston MacDougall
3 months ago

@Sheril Your observations are unfortunately accurate at ‘first tier’ institutions, but advancement toward #DEI goals HAS been made elsewhere in #academia.

“Chemical Eye 👁️ on June Bustin’ Out” 👉

Andrew Leahey
3 months ago

Thurs 9/14 - Hackers Target MGM and Caesars, Law Firm #DEI Initiatives in Flux, #Citi Undergoes C-Suite Rejigger, and a #Connecticut Town Sues the #IRS

In today's episode we have hackers targeting casinos, law firm DEI initiatives change in wake of SCOTUS gutting of #affirmativeaction, Citi undergoes top floor reshuffle in wake of plummeting stock price, and a town in CT sues the IRS for a refund owed.

#lawfedi @law

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
3 months ago

Since the #calendar was released, some people complained that we scheduled the mandatory #Diversity #Equity #Inclusion (#DEI) training for Tevet 13, simply because it's "25 December" on the Pope Gregory Calendar.

We cannot accommodate EVERYONE's #holidays.