Semanario Universidad
5 days ago

País presenta aumento en casos de dengue

Las autoridades de Salud esperan que para las próximas semanas se registre una disminución en los casos con la entrada de la época seca.
La entrada País presenta aumento en casos de dengue  aparece primero en Semanario Universidad.

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Pepijn Kooij
6 days ago

Dengue rates drop after release of modified mosquitoes in Colombia #science #dengue #virus #mosquitos

1 week ago

"Ausbreitung der Tigermücke soll verhindert werden"

"Das Land [Oberösterreich will] verhindern, dass die Larven hier überwintern können. Denn die Eier überstehen auch frostige Temperaturen – sie kleben an Gartenmöbeln, Blumentopfuntersetzern, Vogeltränken und Gießkannen – überall dort wo sich einmal Wasser gesammelt hat. Die Eier überleben auch dann, wenn das Behältnis längst ausgetrocknet ist. Die Landessanitätsdirektion bittet daher Gärten und Balkone vor dem Winter gelsenfeindlich zu machen und sämtliche Behälter zu reinigen."

Das wird sicher ein großer Erfolg. 🤦

Wir sollten uns lieber informieren, wie das dort, wo Dengue&Co schon länger "normal" sind, gemacht wird. Dann können wir rechtzeitig gegen die Maßnahmen demonstrieren, äh, oder so.

Im Ernst, ich war vor einer Ewigkeit in Singapur, und sehr beeindruckt von den dortigen Anti-Dengue-Maßnahmen.

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Giuseppe Michieli
2 weeks ago

''During 2023, in #Italy there were a total of 317 cases of #dengue fever, as of Nov. 14, of which 14 in #Tuscany''

Martin Michaelis (he/him)
3 weeks ago

Infecting Aedes aegypti #mosquitos with #Wolbachia #bacteria may be a way to reduce the transmission of #Dengue #virus and other #viruses.
#zika #Chikungunya #YellowFever

Chase W. Nelson|倪誠志
3 weeks ago

‘Three cities in Colombia saw a dramatic fall [up to 94–97%] in the incidence of #dengue in the years following the introduction of mosquitoes carrying #Wolbachia, a bacterium that prevents the insect from transmitting viruses.’

Martin Michaelis (he/him)
3 weeks ago

#Dengue #virus, another infectious threat. It seems, we should work on our priorities...

Thiago Carvalho
3 weeks ago

“We’re seeing the emergence of dengue in areas where we’ve never seen it before,” Adam Waickman, an immunologist at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York, said during the meeting. “Effective dengue control is going to require multi-layered efforts.”

Particles of dengue virus (red; artificially coloured) infect a tissue specimen.
Image Credit: Science Source/SPL'

#Dengue #InfectiousDisease #Virology

3 weeks ago

🦟 Dengue rates plunged after release of lab-altered mosquitoes
➥ DW

「 The World Mosquito Program is looking to stop the spread of a number of life-threatening vector-borne diseases — among them dengue, Zika virus and yellow fever — by dispersing millions of Wolbachia bacteria-infected mosquitoes in places where these diseases are common 」

#Health #Dengue #Zika #YellowFever

Scientific Frontline
3 weeks ago

The fight against #dengue fever has a new weapon: a #mosquito infected with the #bacteria #Wolbachia, which prevents the spread of the #virus. These mosquitoes have now been deployed in several trials demonstrating their potential in preventing disease transmission.
#Biology #Medical #Virology #sflorg

Squirrel News
3 weeks ago

Following the largest-ever deployment of Wolbachia-infected #mosquitoes in #Colombia, 3 cities have seen dramatic falls in dengue rates in the years since. In some neighbourhoods, #Dengue incidence dropped by an incredible 94–97%.

Nonya Bidniss
4 weeks ago

California confirms 2nd local #dengue case

Earlier this year, Florida, Texas, Maryland, and Arkansas reported local cases. Florida is the only state that regularly reports sporadic cases and has reported 98 cases this year, mostly in Miami-Dade County.

Knowledge Zone
1 month ago

#Dengue rates drop after release of modified #Mosquitoes in #Colombia : Nature

So-called 'super-puff' #Exoplanets can be even stranger than previously thought : Univ Sci

Nearby Worlds May Tell Us How #Life Might Look in Our #Galaxy : Sci Am

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

Chase W. Nelson|倪誠志
1 month ago

#Taiwan 🇹🇼 infectious disease 🦠 update
▫️ #COVID19: 35 deaths (‘last week’)
▫️ #Dengue: 7 deaths (Oct 24–30)
▫️ #Flu: 3 deaths (dates not specified)

Total COVID-19 deaths: ~22,725 (951.1/million).

Latest Taiwan CDC press release:

Jason Yip
1 month ago
Tino Eberl ✅
1 month ago

Die Mücke fliegt auch in Deutschland schon eifrig rum:

"#Dengue-Virus in Europa auf dem Vormarsch

Die #Tigermücke bringt das Dengue-Fieber immer häufiger auch nach Europa"

Klimawandel #Klimakrise #ClimateCrisis

@Amunet gracias, las agruras me las da la infección del estómago por el #dengue, papaya no porque ya de por si ando flojo jajaja y papa no se no como papa por los almidones 🤔

Tengo el estómago hecho tiras, así que me compré un pan dulce, no suelo comer este tipo de cosas, pero ya todo me da agruras. #dengue

Pues como @LaJandy con sus poderes mentales predijo (y advirtió y esas cosas) estoy en casa de nuevo, me sentí mal hace rato, así que me vine a descasar a casita ❤️🏡 #dengue #denguefever

Giuseppe Michieli
1 month ago

#Italy, the number of autochthonous #Dengue fever cases rises to sixty-six, according the High Institute of Health, adding that the epidemic is in ''in evolution'', #flavivirus #mosquitoes #EIDs #europe #climatecrisis #news

informapirata :privacypride:
1 month ago

Jeremy Farrar, capo scienziato OMS, ha avvertito che il cambiamento climatico farà sì che la dengue diventi endemica in alcune aree di Europa e USA

Le zanzare che trasmettono il virus amano i climi caldi e umidi e si sono già diffuse maggiormente in Europa quest’estate e questo avrà un impatto significativo sui sistemi sanitari europei

#dengue #scienza


Parece que estoy un poco mejor, ya salí de casa para ir a la oficina, comí bastante bien y tengo suficiente energía para trabajar, sigo con medicamento y suero, pero continuo con cansancio general #dengue #denguefever :nc_flop_sleep:

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan
1 month ago

Invisible out of mind
Test and have a clue
#haiku #COVID #Dengue #California #Malaria #YellowFever #PublicHeath

A head net for bugs that bite you. Meant to be worn over hats. #NoSeeUms
1 month ago

"A key question for the future will be ensuring access to the new drug, if it works on a larger scale..."

First pill for #dengue shows promise in human challenge trial

#InfectiousDiseases #IDMastodon

1 month ago

Pasadena Reports Extremely Rare Case of Locally-Acquired #Dengue; Exposure Risk to Local Residents Remains Very Low “PASADENA, Calif.— Pasadena Public Health Department (PPHD) reports a case of dengue in a Pasadena resident who did not travel outside the United States. This is the first confirmed case of dengue in California not associated with travel and is instead an extremely rare case of local transmission in the continental United States.”

1 month ago

Ahh... great. Stocking up on mosquito repellent, then. LAIst: "First Case In California Of Mosquito-Borne Dengue Not Related To Travel Reported In LA County " #mosquito #dengue #infection #disease

Breakbone fever: Dengue will soon pose a "major threat" to US, the WHO says - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

#dengue #mosquitos #Biosecurity

1 month ago

Why Dengue Outbreaks Are Becoming Larger and Less Predictable

Although no one is certain about what’s driving the increase and instability of dengue, climate change may be contributing as much of the world is getting both warmer and wetter.

#dengue #AedesAegypti #MosquitoBorneInfections #health #ClimateChange

CelloMom On Cars
1 month ago

#Dengue fever on the rise:
"Not only is the number of new infections steadily rising around the world, but outbreaks are becoming larger and less predictable.

All #mosquitos need water to breed, but another thing that has helped in its migration is its ability to use even the smallest of #water containers to do so, something as small as a discarded plastic bottle cap will do."

2 months ago

Dengue helps COVID infiltrate macrophages, and vice versa.

Particularily important as global warming/climate change affects cooler climates and continues to drive equatorial heat further northward.

#COVID #Dengue #Covid19

A Twitter screenshot/

Sue writes:

"Dengue virus's primary target is macrophages. If you were previously infected with CoV2, antibodies from that infection attach to the macrophage receptors and help dengue infect the cell faster causing more cytokines, and possibly an uncontrollably cytokine storm."

She quote-tweets Hiroshi Yasuda:

"From a new preprint, 
'..anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies acquired from natural infection in humans..were cross-reactive with DENV-2 (dengue virus) and had the potential to enhance DENV-2 infection in K562 and U937 cells. 
In-silico and in-vitro studies indicated a strong interaction between SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and DENV-2 E-protein, providing a molecular basis for these findings.. 
anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies can cross-react with DENV-2 and can enhance its infection through ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement).'"

Dengue fever, also known as breakbone fever, is spreading rapidly in the US. The World Health Organization warns that the mosquito-borne disease could become endemic in many states by 2025. Dengue causes severe pain, fever, and bleeding, and can be fatal if not treated. #Dengue #BreakboneFever #Mosquitoes

Pohan, a vacina da #dengue custa 400 reais cada dose (são 2, o esquema completo)

Hohe Temperaturen und starke Niederschläge: Das #Dengue-Fieber hat den schlimmsten Ausbruch seiner Geschichte mit mehr als 1.000 Todesfällen in #Bangladesh. Die #WHO warnt vor einer dramatischen Ausbreitung der Krankheit auch in Europa. #Klimakrise

Oregon Wine Woman
2 months ago

Does a major rich corporate person or Republican have to die of #Dengue fever before climate change is Real?
"LONDON, Oct 6 (Reuters) - Dengue fever will become a major threat in the southern United States, southern Europe and new parts of Africa this decade, the WHO's chief scientist said, as warmer temperatures create the conditions for the #mosquitoes carrying the infection to spread."
2 months ago

Bangladesch leidet unter der schlimmsten jemals dort registrierten Welle von #Dengue-Fieber. Insbesondere im September schnellte die Zahl der Dengue-Toten in die Höhe 🔽

2 months ago

Looks like some editing required here: "Dengue (DENG-gey) fever is a mosquito-borne illness that occurs in tropical and subtropical areas of the world... Dengue fever is most common in Southeast Asia, the western Pacific islands, Latin America and Africa. But the disease has been spreading to new areas, including local outbreaks in Europe and southern parts of the United States." #dengue #fever #tropical #mosquitos

2 months ago

Ah, look, there's a dengue outbreak in the distant jungles of... New York. "The mosquito-borne illness has already affected over 74 individuals in New York, with approximately 10 cases reported in the Hudson Valley region." #dengue #fever #outbreak #mosquitos #NY

Knud Jahnke
2 months ago


And here in #Heidelberg we now have the Asian #TigerMosquito that could transmit #Dengue. That's 1000km to go.

#Dengue virus responsible for the Dengue fever is now offically in the south of France. A situation that was predicted 20 years ago when #cnrs scientists working on the virus were crying for research funding. Now that we are standing by the abyss of an other major health problem, will government learn and accept to fund basic research?➡️ It is the only preparedness policy that work!

Uai, gente. Já tá rolando vacina da dengue na rede privada aqui. Inclusive tem 2 tipos, um específico para quem já teve #dengue. Achava que ainda estivesse em teste, sei lá.

Flipboard Science Desk
3 months ago

Special mosquitoes are being bred to fight dengue. How the old enemies are now becoming allies.

AP reports:

#Mosquito #Dengue #Disease #Health #Entomology

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

"#Guatemala on Thursday declared a national health emergency in the face of a #dengue outbreak that has killed 22 and infected thousands so far this year.

The World Health Organization said in April that dengue and other diseases caused by #mosquito-borne viruses are spreading faster and further due to #ClimateChange."

3 months ago

The Danger of ‘Invisible’ #Biolabs Across the U.S.

Opinion by Dan Greene, August 31, 2023

"Recently, many #California residents were disturbed to learn that a small, privately-operated bio lab in the #CentralValley town of #Reedley was shut down by Fresno County Department of Public Health officials after they found that it had been improperly managing almost 1,000 laboratory mice and samples of infectious diseases including #COVID19, #rubella, #malaria, #dengue, #chlamydia, #hepatitis, and #HIV. The lab was registered to a company called #PrestigeBiotech that sold a variety of medical testing kits, including for pregnancy and COVID-19, and it was likely storing disease samples for the purpose of developing and validating its testing kits. Government authorities are still investigating the company’s history, but it appears to have previously operated a lab in Fresno under the name Universal MediTech, where city officials flagged it for investigation regarding improperly stored chemicals.

"From what is publicly known, the Reedley lab should likely have followed proper biosafety practices to minimize the risks of an #outbreak, and it apparently failed to do so. It could have caused illness, disruption, or even death among local communities and beyond depending on the circumstances of an outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (#CDC) maintains a system of four 'Biosafety Level' standards that are used worldwide for work with dangerous pathogens. Based on the pathogens that were being used at the Reedley lab, it probably should have followed Biosafety Level 3, which involves controlling the airflow inside the lab as well as a host of other practices, equipment, and facility design requirements.

"Yet, astonishingly, the U.S. government seems to not have even known that the Reedley lab existed until it was discovered by chance by Jesalyn Harper, an observant local city code enforcement officer—the only such officer working full-time in the entire city. Once discovered, the Fresno County and California Departments of Public Health found it to be in violation of local and state codes, including those for registering clinical labs and managing medical waste. Based on our reading of available information, it was likely also in violation of federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations for protecting workers from bloodborne pathogens. But these codes require proactive reporting, and the lab simply never reported any issues to regulators. In slightly different circumstances, it would likely have continued to operate unnoticed for a long time."

#BioHazard #LabSafety #Pathogens
Potential #Pandemic #LabLeak

Anna Anthro
3 months ago

« #bangladesh is battling its worst #dengue fever outbreak on record.

More than 87,000 infections and 400 deaths have been reported.

Experts say #climatechange and poor sanitation are among the reasons for the outbreak. »

4 months ago

Dr Osterholm gives expert advice and analysis on #Covid19 and #rsv and #flu vaccination timing (asap for the first two, but not at the same time; wait until flu season starts). He also discusses #leprosy and #dengue risks and mitigation in the #USA

Episode 137: Variant Soup | CIDRAP

Steve Herman
4 months ago

Although #dengue is endemic in #Bangladesh, "the current dengue surge is unusual in terms of seasonality and the early sharp increase in comparison to previous years, where the surge started around - late June." -- WHO

Helen Branswell
4 months ago

That didn't take long: Before 2018, #dengue outbreaks were sporadic on Reunion Island, a French territory off Africa. Dengue now appears to be endemic there.

Ian M. Mackay, PhD (he/him)
4 months ago

Maternal #dengue fever: 'Compelling evidence' that even mild infections impact birth outcomes

Theres Luethi
4 months ago

West-Nil, Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika: Tropenkrankheiten breiten sich wegen der Klimaerwärmung zunehmend nach Norden aus. Was bedeutet das für die Schweiz?
#klimakrise #WestNilVirus #Dengue

Helen Branswell
5 months ago

Wondering when you'll be able to get a #dengue vaccine in advance of travels to a dengue-endemic locale? In the U.S., not any time soon, it seems.

5 months ago


Malaria cases in Texas & Florida. ‘…a scientific study published by The Lancet in 2021…found that #climatechange will increase the suitability for both #malaria & #dengue... "Rising global mean temperature will increase the climatic suitability of both diseases… The predicted expansion toward higher altitudes & temperature regions suggests that outbreaks can occur in areas where people might be immunologically naive & public health systems unprepared."’ NPR

5 months ago

Worst #dengue outbreak in history in #Peru. Over 146,000 people infected and at least 248 dead directly attributed to #weather events. UNMC: "That’s because El Niño and Cyclone Yaku brought lots of rain to the northern portions of Peru during the months of April and May. " #rain #disease #outbreak

Anne Ominous
5 months ago

parts of #peru are facing a health emergency after torrential downpours triggered a #dengue outbreak

5 months ago

UNMC: "Peru is battling the worst dengue outbreak in the country’s history with over 200,000 cases being reported so far and more than 200 fatalities recorded so far" attributed to #ElNino #climate #mosquitos #dengue #disease

6 months ago

#Dengue-Fieber oder #Malaria in #Deutschland? Exotische Krankheiten breiten sich aus, warnt das @RKI – weil #Zecken, Mücken und andere Tiere wegen der #Klimakrise heimisch werden oder sich stärker ausbreiten (€) @KlimaWandeln @DerApotheker #gesundheit

José Lourenço
7 months ago

We mapped the global climate-driven transmission potential of #dengue by Aedes #aegypti (1981-2019) & offer a database & R-package as resources towards the identification of past and recent transmission hotspots.

This was hard work by Taishi Nakase, a student from the MSc programme Modelling for Global Health, from NDMOxford@twitter UniofOxford@twitter. Thanks also to the support of Mittenavoig@twitter & UriObolski@twitter climade_health@twitter

Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 health authorities sound alarm as over 30,000 cases of Dengue Fever has been reported during the first four months of 2023.

15 people have so far died of the disease this year.

#DengueFever #Dengue #SriLanka #News #Science #Diseases #InfectiousDiseases #Outbreak

Almost slipped my mind! For this week's #MapPromptMonday, a map of #Dengue in #Peru up to epiweek 13 of 2023. Most cases are in the regions in the north, which are the ones hit harder by floods.

#Rstats code:

Dengue cases in Peru up to epiweek 13 of 2023. Most cases are in the north, the regions that have been hit harder with extreme rainy weather and floods.

Medienberichte zu Klima und Energie, 21. und 22.4.23 🧵

Libération zum #Copernicus-Bericht – #WMO über das Klima 2022 – Finanzbedarf zum Stopp der #Entwaldung in den Tropen – Biden will #Amazonasfonds mitfinanzieren – #Republikaner torpedieren Bidens Klimapolitik – New York Times-Analyse zu #Bitcoin-Minen in den USA – #Dengue-Fieber bedroht fast die Hälfte der Menschheit – taz zur Koorperation von Fossilindustrie und #SPD (1/9)

All The Brazilian Politics
7 months ago

Massive mosquito factory in Brazil aims to halt dengue

#brazil #politics #science #dengue #epidemiology #healthcare #BrazilianPolitics by @marilenharo via @Nature

CelloMom On Cars
8 months ago

"Experts with the United Nations health agency sounded the alarm over swelling numbers of cases of #dengue and #chikungunya, and warned new epidemics of #zika could also be expected.
All three are caused by arboviruses carried by Aedes aegypti #mosquitos, which have been spreading into new territory as the planet warms."

#ClimateChange #WHO

Eva Amsen
8 months ago

I’m at #WCSJ2023 this week. It’s the world conference for science journalists in Medellin. Most of the conference chat is happening on the bird site, so I’m there this week, but I’ll try to remember to share some pictures here.

These are pictures from a visit to a #mosquito #lab that produces and releases mosquitoes with the wolbachia bacteria, because that helps prevent the spread of the dengue virus. Since they started, #dengue cases in #Medellin have gone way down!

Plastic containers with mosquitoes in it
A scientist in a lab coat is flushing a panel of mosquitoes to sort them by size. The bigger insects are female and used to collect eggs
Two scientists next to a computer and a stack of containers. The containers have mosquitoes in them
A scientist showing a piece of paper on which mosquito eggs were collected
Sarah Newey
1 year ago

Any #dengue experts from #vietnam on here that I could speak to about the surge this year? #globalhealth #infectiousdisease

Arli A P
1 year ago

#introduction #introductions Hello, I'm Arli, a #bioinformatician and popular science writer. As a scientist, I'm working on various project such as #COVID19 drug and vaccine design, #dengue drug and vaccine design, #cancer vaccine, #plasmodium protein domain annotations and others. I also wrote several popular science article. Here is one of my popular article: