Alex Raha
2 weeks ago

our suggestions for your consultation response (DEADLINE is midday on Tuesday 2 January 2024)

The link to respond to the consultation is here

A plan at last for segregated cycle lanes on Deptford Church Street (DCS), shown here by Lewisham Council .

We’ve already seen kids cycling to school on Jamaica Road (the Southwark section of Cycleway 4), with your support that could be coming to DCS?

If you told me 5yrs ago that young children were cycling along Jamaica Road to school, I would have said you were mad. I see children cycling and scooting to school all along the Cycleway4 daily now and full credit to those involved in this implementation 👏🏻

— Rory McCarron (@CyclingLawLDN) November 16, 2023

The link to respond to the consultation is here

The proposals include a map detailing the scheme being brought forward. Whilst there are some compromises, the scheme proposed is a very good scheme overall which should be supported allowing for integration into existing routes (C4, C10 and Waterlink Way), but also allowing for possible future improvements.

There are some elements missing from the drawing, including the type of segregation to be used at certain points, which we’ve highlighted with red dots in the picture below.

We have been told by Lewisham Council that protection will be provided on these sections, but the type to be used is still to be confirmed.

So in Question 1, please tell them clearly you support this the scheme but want some additional features to be confirmed.

N.B. The survey only has one question followed by some standard equalities questions so should only take 5 minutes to complete.

In terms of key issues here are some things we think you could mention in your response to Question 1.

  1. Say you’re fully supportive of protected cycle lanes along DCS.
  2. Where not shown in the pictures, we think the segregated lanes should use either bolt down kerbs or wand orcas (locations shown by red dots in pic above above) a bit like these.

3. Encourage Lewisham to get started ASAP. And that you are looking forward to seeing designs for the next phase of cycle lanes through Deptford Broadway junction and onward down Brookmill Road. Connecting Lewisham Town Centre to Central London with protected cycle lanes.
4. Describe how the scheme will make your cycle journeys in, to and from Deptford much safer and more direct.
5. If you have kids mention that the segregated lanes will allow you to ride through Deptford safely with children.
6. Remark that the proposed plans should make DCS a much calmer and more attractive place for walking to Deptford market.
7. Say you would like to see filtering of Creekside to eliminate rat-running traffic through that residential area.

You’ll need to provide the first part of your postcode (e.g. SE13, SE8) as well.

We also think it’s important to mention your personal story. If you think it’ll enable you to access Cycleway 4 more, which means a fully protected cycle route into large swathes of central London, TELL THEM IN YOUR RESPONSE.

We think it’ll mean more pictures like this (see below), as the route will connect Deptford Broadway, and help provide a safe route to Trinity Laban Conservatoire, multiple schools, residential housing estates and Lewisham College.

Our overall objectives are to push Lewisham Council and Transport for London to build protected lanes from Deptford all the way south to Downham via Brookmill Road, Lewisham Gateway and the A21 (Molesworth Street, Lewisham High Street, Rushey Green, Catford Town Centre and Bromley Road. If you support this, TELL THEM IN YOUR RESPONSE.

The deadline to respond is midday on Tuesday 2 January 2024.

We also believe Creekside and Berthon Street should be closed to through motor traffic. At Berthon Street, pocket park or similar public realm could be provided here.

Berthon Street – Existing (left) . Example pocket park / Modal filter within Royal Borough of Greenwich (Right)

Doing this would reduce any left hook risks across the proposed cycleway, reduce through traffic on Creekside and also allow for a better public realm scheme outside the Bird’s Nest Pub, also provide more green time for pedestrians and cycle traffic. Buses would also potentially benefit from faster journey times.

Lewisham Cyclists note that while the Deptford Church Street is managed by Lewisham Council, while Berthon Street itself is managed by Royal Borough of Greenwich. We believe both councils should work together to deliver wider benefits for residents from sides of the borough border, but that these elements shouldn’t delay the delivery of a protected lane on DCS to start with.

Lewisham Cyclists have been campaigning for protected cycle lanes on Deptford Church Street for upwards of 7 years, whilst Tideway works have been taking place. It’s also also 7 years since Lewisham council last built protected cycle lanes (Cycleway 4 was built by TfL), a short 250 metre two way track on Edward Street as part of Cycleway 10. Now we have finally have a plan to connect Cycleway 4 (green line on map below & Cycleway 10 (purple line) to NCN21 Waterlink way (red line).

And finally, this is a small section of road in the north of the borough (orange arrow on map below), which forms part of our wider vision for a North-South Lewisham Spine Cycleway, shown in blue on map below.

Cycleway 4 in Green, Cycleway 10 in Purple, Waterlink way in red, new Lewisham Spine Cycleway in Blue.

If you support our ideas, please mention them in your response. If you think we’ve missed anything, then get in contact.

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Dave Levy
2 months ago

Just tried to travel from #CanadaWater to #Deptford by bus; I quit the bus and walked it. The new cycle lane does not serve the many, just the few.

Peter Nagle
2 months ago

Are you in #London? Do you know where #Deptford is? Do you like #Dance? Then come and see one of the last two performances of ONCE UP ON A CUBE outside the Laban Building, Creekside SE8 Saturday and Sunday at 3pm! I’m really proud of what we’ve made with this show. (NB weather forecast is a lot better for tomorrow than Sunday, just saying.)

Publicity shot for Once Up On a Cube
Shouty person
3 months ago

Lewisham is a Farage-free zone.

#SE8 #deptford #lewisham #london

Photo of a sticker on a light post: Farage-free zone.
Susi Arnott
3 months ago

Great job needing strong mix of admin skills supporting fabulous work - #conservation #urbanwildlife #outreach #education #Deptford

Passed Wonder
5 months ago

The #foxes of Pepys Park aren't nearly as stealthy as they think they are - but they're a very perceptive lot!

HTs #ThamesPath #NaturePhotography #WilldlifePhotography #fox #NightPhotography #Deptford #photography #London

A fox in the middle of the photo staring directly at the camera, sitting in a park in darkness, with a lit area some way behind it.
A silhouette of a fox in front of a park bench and tree, from its shape and the ears it appears to be looking towards the camera.
A some what blurry fox is looking side-on at the camera as it walks behind a lamppost
A fox sits on grass looking at the camera, with a large cut log behind it, and red light in the background.
Edith S
6 months ago

Also #Deptford High Street got named one of the UK's best high streets a year or so back. I think the quantity of friendly cats must have something to do with that 😻

Edith S
6 months ago

Felt a bit like a film character yesterday evening - walked up to #Deptford, got a nice haircut, met THREE friendly cats on the high street, then on the way home there was a young woman in the park sitting in a tree playing the guitar and singing to herself

Shouty person
6 months ago

For today's #BooksAndCoffee, I'm reading The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson and I'm drinking espresso from Manifesto Coffee.

I'm so excited about this book because – dun dun dun – it's set in my neighbourhood, which is also where my next novel, A Bit of Murder Between Friends, is set.

What do you think? Would DI Anjelica Henley cotton on to my ladies?

#CrimeFiction #bookstagram #London #Deptford #SE8

My actual person. I'm holding up my iPad, which is showing the cover of The Jigsaw Man. Behind me is a set of bright orange bookshelves, filled with books.
Lynn McAlister UE
7 months ago

Can anyone tell me where Pound Lane was in #Deptford (or #Charlton) ca. 1795? I have several baptismal records related to the family of a Deptford shipwright that give the address "behind Pound Lane" but I cannot find it on any map I've been able to locate. #geneadons #histodons

Simon Wilks
8 months ago

Here, for the sake of nothing in particular, are two more snaps from #TodaysWalk to #Deptford

The first shows the half-acre (0.23ha) expanse of Ferranti Park, presumably created by a developer trying to tick a box, and named after a person who, in 1887, designed a power station nearby that now isn't there.

The second shows the map of the park that the Borough of Lewisham has planted in a shrubbery round one of the available corners.

Behind three steel bollards is an upturned saucer, perhaps eighteen feet wide, raised on curved poles, that doesn't quite shelter four plain, backless, socially-distanced benches set in a circle of what's called "natural aggregate".
Behind that is a path, of the same material, that meanders past a small lawn.
To the left is another bench and some more, darker aggregate, in which a variety of play equipment stands, attracting no visitors.
A signboard, reading "Welcome to Ferranti Park" and featuring a map of the park, stands among some shrubs behind three bicycle-stands.
The path (as featured in the first picture) stretches briefly into the middle-distance, and to its right is a patch of grey aggregate with play equipment in it.
Matt. (Subculture)
8 months ago
A church with rock skulls either side of the gate
1970s London
10 months ago

Deptford power station, 1970 (credit: Chris Denny) #london #deptford

An extreme gloomy looking power station sits almost in silhouette on a muddy bank by the river
11 months ago

#OnThisDay 31Dec1787 Jack ‘Scroggy’ SCROGGINS was born (John Palmer) near New Cross, #Deptford. He first entered the Ring a ‘Light Weight’ in May 1803 at the age of 15 before serving several years in the #Navy. Returned to the Prize Ring in 1812. 12win1dr7loss Died 1836 aged 49.

#HarryHolt #Genealogy #Pugilist #Holt #HarryHoltBiography #SportsHistory #Bareknuckle #Boxing #Prizefighter #LondonPrizeRing #Regency #Georgian #C19th #19thCentury #History

I reckon these bad boys (At Deptford Bridge DLR station) are around 40cm long.

You probably don't want to be under them when they drop.

#Deptford #London

~40cm long Icicles hand from the underside of Deptford Bridge DLR station

Snowing in #Deptford #SE8

The market yard in Deptford.
It is very snowy.
Passed Wonder
1 year ago

The #stories we tell over here may not be as grand (nor as tall!) as the ones they tell in those towers. But there's richness to them that can't be measured in 'bonuses'
#CanaryWharf seen from #Deptford
HTs #streetphotography #skyline #photography #London

A cul de sac with small two storey homes on one side. Behind nearby garages, the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf are visible far away.
Fiona Veacock Ceramics
1 year ago

People of #SELondon esp #Charlton #Blackheath #Woolwich #Greenwich #Deptford #Lewisham #Brockley #HitherGreen (and a bazillion other local areas) please please check out @Love_SE4 who has just landed from the birds. He posts fantastic local pictures, really diverse and interesting restaurants / food businesses and spreads his energy & enthusiasm around for all, very well #recommended!

1 year ago


#Deptford is definitely one of my favourite place to hang out and eat, full of nice, small and independent #restaurants 😊👍🏻

(always on a lookout for any new culinary gems)

Managed to not notice a sink #plunger falling out of my bag in-between Wickes and home.

If you find a sink plunger around #Deptford Bridge area - congrats!

All I ask it that you give it a good home.

#Deptford market yard. #London

A view of Deptford market yard. Railway arches stretch away to the right, and strings of lights zigzag across the open space
People's Republic of London
1 year ago

People's Republic out in the world (rain) today. Also available online @ PeoplesRepublicof.London

#London #Dulwich #Camberwell #Peckham #Deptford #catford #southlondon

Shouty person
1 year ago

Apparently I'm not the only one who got the date wrong. We’ve had an hour of booms so far in #Deptford. These poor dogs.

I live in #Deptford #London where @clacksee continues to tolerate my presence. Also there are some #dogs.

I play #Bass #Guitar and video games like #Civ6.

Shouty person
1 year ago

This morning, the area's still cordoned off and there are two uniformed cops standing guard outside the flat. Still nothing in the news.
#TannersHill #Deptford #SELondon

Shouty person
1 year ago

What the hell is going on #Deptford? Six ambulances plus Helimed on #TannersHill. Five marked police cars plus at least one unmarked plus a TSG van. All seems centred on one flat in Deloraine House.

Josef Davies-Coates
4 years ago


Deptford Cinema has taken the decision to postpone all public screening as of Monday 16 March until further notice. Thank you for all your support. #cinema #film #lewisham #artsvenue #deptford #COVIDー19 #coronavirus


Anarchism News
5 years ago

Enough is Enough: **#Deptford #London: Furious crowd encircle Lewisham mayor’s car and disrupt council meeting**

"Report from events outside the New Cross Assembly. Originally published by Deptford Resistance. Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text …"

#anarchism #bot

Anarchism News
5 years ago

Enough is Enough: **#London: The Battle for #Deptford and Beyond**

"In Deptford in south east London, local campaigners have occupied a 20-year old community garden to prevent it from being boarded up and razed to the ground by Lewisham Council and the housing association, Peabody. They are also highlighting the absurdity of proposals to demol…"

#anarchism #bot

Dave Briggs
5 years ago


XtalDave from "the other place"

I'm a scientist working at the Crick institute in #London, UK. #StructuralBiology #Crystallography. #Cancer #Neurobiology

Follow for #science, #Deptford, #Dogs and that kind of thing.