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DeSantis ad uses fake AI images of Trump hugging and kissing Fauci, experts say - Enlarge / Screenshot from Ron DeSantis ad shows a collage of real and f... - #desantis #policy #fauci #trump #ai

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Ars Technica: DeSantis ad uses fake AI images of Trump hugging and kissing Fauci, experts say #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #DeSantis #Policy #fauci #Trump #AI

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#Florida #GOP #MAGA #DeSantis #Bookbanning #2024Election #Alabama

I guess we have to take a win when we get one.
But this only shows 4 of the 9 Supremes are saying a state legislature eliminating the black vote is okey dokey with them.

FWIW, here in Florida, DeSantis pushed through a map removing the only black district in the State.

BREAKING News - the reason Florida and Texas can’t handle immigration in their States is because California is a sanctuary state. - Ron #Desantis 🤣
#republicans #politics

Were the funds for taking legal immigrants from Texas to other States under “kidnapping and trafficking” or under “political stunts” in DeSatan’s Florida budget?
#politics #gop #sarcasm #Desantis

Charlie Crist is getting a better job at the Biden administration take that Ron #Desantis we will fight til the day we die to make sure you never become president and we will make your life a living hell for what you did to us

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KC Chiefs' Harrison Butker: Game-Winning Super Bowl Kicker Brings Pro-Life Message to White House #desantis #biden #election2024

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Listening to MAGA Uncovered (MAGA gets UNCOVERED as Trump faces greatest THREAT yet.):

Join Ron & Anthony discussing Trump’s former Chief of Staff giving Grand Jury testimony. The hidden power of Casey DeSantis and Lauren Boebert caught lying about skipping vote, and much more on Episode 2 of MAGA Uncovered. Remember to subscribe to ALL the Meidas Media Podcasts: MeidasTouch: Legal AF: The PoliticsGirl Podcast: The Influence Continuum: Kremlin File: Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen: The Weekend Show: The Tony Michaels Podcast: American Psyop: Burn the Boats: Majority 54: Political Beatdown: Lights On with Jessica Denson: #politics #Podcast #maga #trump #markmeadows #GrandJury #fascism #refusefascism #jacksmith #jacksmithdoj #doj #lockhimup #IndictTrump #indictment #GOPLies #gopliars #GOPLiarsClub #jimjordan #desantis #Boebert

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Must be what the people of Florida want since they put this sleazebag back in office in the last election. Dems who live in Florida you have my sympathy but the majority seems to want a fascist Florida. #politics #desantis #desantisdestroysflorida

Doctor Biobrain
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Troy with @MeidasTouch shows a video of a #Florida Republican state rep and farm owner telling undocumented immigrants that #DeSantis’ new anti-immigration law is toothless and only meant to scare away new immigrants because all their laborers are fleeing the state.

I honestly can’t decide if it’s better or worse if he’s lying. But this is just part of the far-right cosplay that DeSantis has taken too literally. Now they’re finding out that words have consequences.

Steve Thompson
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"Biden invites thousands of LGBTQ+ individuals, singer Betty Who, to Pride Month celebration" #GOP #DeSantis #SayGay #LGBTQ #humanrights #pridemonth

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Let's see if #DeSantis campaigns in California or if he conspicuously avoids it the way fucking #Kissinger avoids his feet touching dirt in any country in the EU because he knows he'll be arrested and frogmarched (however figuratively) right to the fucking Hague.

Because, again NOT hyperbolically, any state AG doing their fucking job should be consulting with appropriate federal authorities right now as to how to rendition the governor of Florida and any of his giggling shitty-suit-bedecked master-race-y accessories to a jurisdiction where they are genuinely subject to American law.

Grimm :bc:
16 hours ago

I'm not speaking hyperbolically when I say #Desantis and every miserable skiving little Klandroid piece of shit in his administration involved in this needs to be arrested and prosecuted to fullest extent of the law and locked away from normal human beings and it needs to happen right fucking now.

As soon as we see #Christofacists like #DeSantis mooning #Crypto, people should switch their guns to Auto...

Cuz last time some rich assholes didn't like "#Government #Regulation" they wanted to coup #FDR out of office...

Looks like things are ending for Ron before they got started!

Ron #DeSantis' approval rating has collapsed

“According to online polling company Civiqs' dynamic approval rating graph, DeSantis currently has a net approval rating of negative 19 points, with an average of 55 percent of respondents disapproving of him, compared with 36 percent who have a favorable view of the #Republican.

Text Shot: The Morning Consult survey also showed that DeSantis is failing to chip into Trump's lead in the polls since confirming he is running for president in a glitchy May 24 Twitter Space announcement.

DeSantis' poll numbers have remained stagnant compared to the previous Morning Consult survey from May 20 (21 percent), and down from his high of 34 percent recorded in January.

The latest survey showed that a fourth of potential primary voters reported hearing something negative about DeSantis over the past week, the highest share since tracking began in late November.

Ron #Desantis approval rating has collapsed everyone who though voting for him was a good idea I bet feels stupid by now

20 hours ago

Ron DeSantis has fallen short of the early hype.
His presidential announcement was a dud.
He's still working to connect with voters.
So, hey, time to fire up the outrage machine and pick on immigrants!

Fellow columnist Anita Chabria and I dissect his Sacramento stunt

#desantis #california #newsomvsdesantis #immigration #2024Election #californiapolitics

21 hours ago

Shame — it’s almost like his #politics aren’t very popular outside of specific subsect of unhinged individuals.

Also: “The data shows #DeSantis has a major unfavorable rating from those aged 18-34 … and the Hispanic/Latino population (68 percent).”

The fact that only 68% of Hispanics disapproved is just… interesting 🤔

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Mike Pence is a radical religious bigot with a fascist agenda. His milquetoast presentation disguises a hateful platform of destroying the civil rights of groups not favored by white Xtian fundamentalists.

The only difference between him and Desantis or Trump is this soft media image. They are all fascists.

#Pence #MikePence #Trump #Desantis #GOP #FightFascism

BluePeony :bow_blue:
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Good! Pudding Fingers Ron #DeSantis does not have national appeal and his policies are looked upon with disdain outside of #Florida. I suspect he knew this would happen which is why he changed the law in Florida allowing him to be Governor when he loses.

Ron DeSantis' approval rating has collapsed

>The 2024 Republican presidential hopeful has seen his approval rating fall 19 points in just a few months, according to Civiqs.

Elan Hasson
1 day ago

Kid is going to kindergarten in #florida and I got an email from the school about #textbook adoption.

I admit I haven't been paying as close attention to anything other than the news articles-- but as we know the real stuff is in the #statutes, not the #media.

Can those familiar with how these are being implemented/enforced please help me with responding to this the email from the school.
cc: #blackmastodon #queer #boost #DeSantis #school #equality #transrights #queerrights #gayrights

(1) A person should dthat he o she.m aguish, or other forms of psychological distress for actio d'no part, committed in the past by ¢ f

the same race or sex. Instructional personnel may facilitate discussions and use curricula to address,in"ahage-appropriate manner how the freedoms of persons have been infringed by sexism, slavery, raial oppression, racial segregation;-and racial discrimination, including topics relating to the enactment and enforcement of laws resulting in sexism, racial oppression, racial segregation, and racial discrimination, including how recognition of these freedoms have overturned these unjust laws. Howeve oom instruction and. curriculum may not be used to indoctrinate or persuade students to-a-paricular point of view inconsistent with the principles of this subsection or state academic standards.

(4) The state Board of Education shall develop or adopt a curriculum to inspire future generations through motivating stories of American history that demonstrate important life skills and the principles of individual freedom that enabled persons to prosper even in the most difficult circumstances. This curriculum shall be known as “Stories of Inspiration” and made available to schools to implement the requirements of subsection (3).

(5) Any student whose parent makes written request to the school principal shall be exempted from the teaching of reproductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS,
Social Studies Textbook Adoption - Stakeholder Input

The textbook adoption committee met, reviewed materials, and received publisher presentations in order to select social studies textbooks that meet the needs of our students in grades K-8. The team of teachers, administrators, content specialists, and parents participated in the Library Media Training provided by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). The training ensures that committee participants follow the policies and procedures adopted by the FLDOE in November. Please visit the ELDOE website to find more information about instructional materials, adoption cycles, and FDOE policies

The committee selected the following state-adopted textbooks for implementation during the 23-24 school year. To review, just click on the appropriate link.

Grades K-5 Social Studies

Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI), Studies Alive! - Florida Edition

https://www teachtci com/k-5-social-studies-alive-for-floridal

Grades 6-8 Social Studies

Cengage, National Geographic - Florida Edition


If you have any objection to the social studies curricular material based on ES_1006.28 please respond to this brief survey by July 1, 2023. Due to the late approval process from the FDOE, the adoption of the social studies curriculum was not shared previously with our School Advisory Body. That meeting will occur in August.
. o) A ‘ Social Studies Alive! Me and My World Flip Through the Materials — Review Benchmark Alignment —
1 day ago
Babs E. Blue
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Since #Showtime won't air it - let's spread this far and wide....

there was a written piece on the allegations awhile back, too? Anyone have it? Will keep looking...

The episode’s description reads in part, “Seb Walker investigates allegations from former Guantanamo Bay detainees that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis witnessed acts condemned by the United Nations as torture during his past service at the controversial detention camp as a Navy JAG officer."

#DeSantis #torture #DeSatan

William Lindsey :toad:
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"The murder rate in San Francisco is significantly lower than that of the entire state of Florida—an incredible statistic, given that crime is usually more concentrated in cities. The murder rate in Los Angeles is significantly lower than major Florida cities like Miami and Tallahassee. And Jacksonville has consistently had the highest murder rate in the state, despite a series of Republican mayors and lead prosecutors."

~ Radley Balko

#DeSantis #crime #Florida

1 day ago
Ron #Desantis is the only one "brave" enough to actually enact their hate filled policies and its showing everyone exactly just how terrible their ideas are in practice and their knock on effects.
at home in my head
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Seven pages into the ruling, and still reading.

This is from an article about the case. Link is to the ruling if anyone else wants to read it. Love the facts and citations so far. Nice to see anti-trans bigots getting their asses handed to them.


U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle on Tuesday blocked the state from applying the ban to three minors whose parents are part of an ongoing lawsuit, saying they would “suffer irreparable harm” if they were not allowed to continue access to hormones and other types of treatment.

Hinkle’s 44-page ruling called the decision to pursue the ban on puberty blockers and hormonal treatment a political decision and not a “legitimate state interest.” Several states — including Texas — have also recently enacted bans on gender affirming care.


Link to the ruling:

#GenderAffirmingCare #DeSantis #Florida

Michael Fenichel
2 days ago


Florida Board Of Education Bans Any Mention Of Outside World

"Satire"/Onion - but not so far off!

#satire (so far) - #Onion #Florida #DeathSantis #truth #education #GQP #censorship #fascism #DeSantis #parody (maybe)

Steve Thompson
2 days ago

"Human Rights Campaign declares LGBTQ state of emergency in US" #LGBTQ #HRC #DeSantis

"The Alliance Defending Freedom called the HRC statement 'slanderous,' saying it was committed to religious liberty, parental rights and the 'sanctity of life.'"

"HRC President Kelley Robinson named Florida, Tennessee and Texas as the most hostile states, saying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had 'weaponized his position.'"

2 days ago


West was praising Florida's use of an SAT/ACT alternative test.

Mississippi is also run by fascists but has had recent success teaching reading with phonics.

Why can't such successes be praised?

What tf has Biden done to protect schools in Florida anyway?

#CornelWest #Desantis #Biden #2024 #Education #Schools

Steve Thompson
2 days ago

"Texas sheriff files charges over DeSantis' migrant stunt — Calif. AG threatens 'kidnapping' charges" #DeSantis

"State-sanctioned kidnapping is not a public policy choice, it is immoral and disgusting..."

Dan Bowman
2 days ago



from the #florida AG, the state senate, the state house of representatives, the state supreme court, all the way down to the county sheriff, there is no one in our state in a position of authority who is not in lockstep with #desantis.

Hell, #tfg is still swamping it here.

I believe the #legislature approved the funds desantis is using to do idiotic crap like this. So nothing is going to happen.

#fascist #gop

Old Hippie
2 days ago

@uspolitics Don't threaten #desantis with kidnapping charges. Charge him with kidnapping! And get the #doj involved. It's a federal crime!

2 days ago

The specific charge being investigated is unlawful restraint, which, in terms of the actions #DeSantis is known to have coordinated, is defined in Texas code as "to restrict a person's movements ... by moving the[m] from one place to another or by confining the person ... if it is accomplished by force, intimidation, or deception ..."

Here, the confinement of people in an aircraft and the relocation of those people to another place, all by using deception, seems clear.

2 days ago

While fascist hatemonger Ron #DeSantis is kidnapping human beings and trafficking them across state lines to #California, similar stunts he pulled last fall may be slowly catching up to him.

The Sheriff and DA in Bexar County, #Texas are pursuing criminal charges over a previous kidnapping perpetrated by DeSantis in September 2022. In that event, DeSantis lured dozens of migrants from Texas onto an airplane under false pretenses and abandoned them in Martha's Vineyard.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office files criminal case over migrants flown from San Antonio
Case involves 49 migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard in September 2022 by Ron DeSantis’ administration
Panama Red #🟦
2 days ago

Sometimes the best way to respond to a fascist is to mock him. Joy Reid is going all in on that strategy on #TheReidOut and viciously mocking #DeSantis's "fight-the-woke" speech. That speech, for you youngs, is a blatant ripoff of a WWII speech by Winston Churchill, who, unlike DeSantis, really was a leader.

2 days ago

“After days of silence, officials in #Florida confirmed on Tuesday that the administration of Gov. Ron #DeSantis had orchestrated two recent charter flights that carried groups of migrants from New Mexico to Sacramento.” #LockHimUp already.

Baloo Uriza
2 days ago

OK, but seriously guys, don't stuff this box and claim tickets, then no-show. That would be wrong. :ms_bear_flag: #DeSantis #Tulsa

Stop the GQP & Fox News
2 days ago

After years of stirring hatred and violence, Republicans in Florida are now pleading for migrants not to leave. The MAGA movement loves talking about hard work, but they sure do seem scared at the prospect of having to do it.

#politics #uspol #uspoli #uspolitics #news #desantis #rondesantis #migrants #florida #desantisdestroysflorida #gqp #gqpclownshow #gop #republicans #republican

Rick Roth speaking to migrants.

A Texas sheriff's office has recommended criminal charges against Ron #DeSantis for his cruel stunt of sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard under false pretenses. The charges may include human trafficking, and California Governor Gavin Newsom is looking at kidnapping charges for a more recent stunt, designed to gin up outrage over a supposed "migrant crisis".
#migrants #MigrantsArePeople #MigrantCrisis

Flipboard News Desk
2 days ago

California is investigating whether Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was involved in flying asylum-seekers from Texas to Sacramento.

The AP has the latest:

#DeSantis #GavinNewsom #Immigration #Migrants #California #Florida #USPolitics

2 days ago

Nations who turn away refugees fleeing persecution and violence are never, ever remembered by history as being “good guys”.

It was shitty then, and it’s shitty now.

Anyone still wondering why Christianity is in decline in the U.S. need look no further than your boy Rhonda Sadness and the way he treats refugees like sub-human political playthings to score points with his asshole base. #refugees #florida #desantis

BluePeony :bow_blue:
2 days ago

Because Pudding Fingers #DeSantis has his sticky fingers all over this and is guilty!

DeSantis Stays Silent on Whether Florida Arranged Migrant Flights to California - The New York Times

>The silence from Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican running for president, on such a high-profile incident is unusual.


Alexander Karn
2 days ago


My take (reposting from 5/26):

The “woke” epithet is used where people dare to question power. It’s “woke” to observe the asymmetries and absences in the historical record, or to ask questions about whose experiences and perspectives are left out of traditional narratives. It would be instructive to ask #DeSantis whether he believes that critical thinking is an important skill-set for Floridian (or American) school students. The answer seems obvious, but let’s get him on record.

Alexander Karn
2 days ago

Pretending/imagining to be facing the Third Reich, #GOP presidential candidate Ron #Desantis channels Winston Churchill to ramp up and energize his attacks on free inquiry, critical scholarship, and history education.

#democracy #education #freespeech #history

@GottaLaff @atrupar not unusual that's usual…standard. He’s been doing this for 2 years…almost always closed…i orig thought it was Covid behavior, but it’s standard. There was a scrape here in Jax where he lost with a lawsuit. Dropped.

Laffy. Check out @DrJackBrown ..on Masto. Body language expert. He labels #desantis as sociopath, with "cocaine jaw' issue. Is Brown credible, do you think?

BluePeony :bow_blue:
2 days ago

You fools voted for this. You voted for that idiot Pudding Fingers #DeSantis.
You reap what you sow #Florida #GOP. Unfortunately you are hurting the voters who didn't vote for this.

Republicans urge immigrants to stay in Florida, fearing new law's impact

>Florida's new anti-immigration bill, SB 1718, has raised alarm of a potentially massive labor shortage in the state.


2 days ago

3/ Via @atrupar

#DeSantis just held a bill signing event, but he did not take questions from reporters at the end of the event. That's unusual for him.

2 days ago

👀#Texas sheriff’s office has recommended criminal charges over flights that the #Florida governor, Ron #DeSantis, arranged to deport 49 S American migrants from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard last year.

Sheriff’s office said it filed criminal case w local DA over the flight. Bexar county sheriff previously said the migrants “lured under false pretenses” into traveling to Martha’s Vineyard 1/3

@breitenbach #DorotheeBär war doch mit #AndiScheuer beim #Christofaschisten #DeSantis vor kurzem und die #KonradAdenauerStiftung unterstützt #evangelikale|n samt #Christofaschistischer Gesetze in #Uganda.

#CDU & #CSU gehören als #verfassungsfeindlich verboten - mitsamt der #NSAfD und wie auch immer sich die ganzen #Neonazis alla #NPD nennen...

#NieWieder bedeutet auch solche Faschos aktiv zu bekämpfen - mit allen notwendigen Mitteln!

Charles Pierce on DeSantis's shipping of migrants to California:

"It is completely bizarre that this is allowed to continue. It is an infamous practice, dehumanizing at its essence and dangerously provocative as regards national unity. There are principles involved here far above the meager political pay-grades of tinhorns like Greg Abbott in Texas and Ron DeSantis in Florida. It is a cheap hustle, and it needs to be closed down."

#DeSantis #immigrants #Florida #Texas

😱😱😱😱😱 Could Ron #Desantis be indicted this week and join Trump in indicted felons in the presidential race?

3 days ago

👏🏻My governor #GavinNewsom Has 4 Scathing Words For Ron #DeSantis After Migrants Flown To Sacramento -

@RonDeSantis you small, pathetic man. This isn’t Martha’s Vineyard,” Newsom said in a tweet on Monday. “Kidnapping charges? Read the following,” he continued, attaching both a link and screenshot of #California legislature’s kidnapping ordinance. “

EngelMichelmann 👼
3 days ago
Hrefna (DHC)
3 days ago

"You cannot boo the fascist when they express fascist views" is like the most… I just… what even.

#TheView #DeSantis #Disney

@BinGanzBrav Also ist die #KAS als #CDU - Parteistiftung direkt im internationalen #Christofaschismus tief drin, und Leute wie #Scheuer die mit #DeSantis chillen kein "Privatvergnügen" sondern offenes Bekenntnis der reaktionären Allianz!

Cindy Weinstein
3 days ago

@The_Whore_of_Blahbylon. May I offer another suggestion? Let's agree that "woke" is a #verb (I woke up and wanted #coffee immediately), and not an #adjective and most certainly not a #noun, as #DeSantis is now insisting on. And once we've agreed to that, can we then agree that in its current usage #woke is a #synonym for #antifascist? @atrupar, @jayrosen_nyu

4 days ago

Lookin’ at you, #DeSantis, you despicable, desperate racist.

Migrants’ trip to Sacramento aboard private jet appears to have been arranged by state of #Florida, officials say. #California

Alexander Hay
4 days ago

The jokes write themselves.

"Clumps of 5,000-mile seaweed blob bring flesh-eating [#Vibrio] #Bacteria to #Florida...

"...Even more worrying, the researchers say, is the role of #Ocean #Pollution in the proliferation of the bacteria, which can cause disease and death... Samples tested... were abundant with #Plastic debris, which interacted with the #Algae and bacteria to create a “perfect #Pathogen #Storm..."

#News #USNews #Environment #DeSantis #Horror

William Bell
5 days ago

@w7voa I really need to block the term #desantis from my feed. I feel it poses an existential threat to my mental well-being encountering anything that charisma-free chuff head has to say.

Democracy Matters :verified:
5 days ago

Let's end the GOP.

#GOP #Fascism #Trump #DeSantis #Florida #HumanRights

The GOP’s evil plans for 'The Little Mermaid' and fascism have surfaced

6 days ago

Student Who Tracked Elon #Musk's Jet Has A New One — That Of Florida Gov. Ron #DeSantis

stephie :betterpride_flag:
6 days ago

Passend zum politischen Programm vom Faschisten #DeSantis, äußert sich jetzt sein enger Unterstützer #Musk, und gibt bekannt, dass er dafür eintreten wird, dass Healthcare Worker, die minderjährige #trans Personen behandeln, für lange Zeit ins Gefängnis geworfen werden sollen.

Schon heute kann man dafür in Florida im Gefängnis landen.

Musks Äußerung wie auch Plattform ist Teil einer faschistischen Strategie.

Kevin Russell
6 days ago

Ron DeSantis is feeling really butch after his gender affirming care. More than anything Ron wants to feel like a man. So he gets medical help, where his hormones won't.

Ron got gender affirming care. Its no big deal. But...
"being" a prick is a big deal, tell Ron he's a hate farming prick.

#viagra #prick #ElectileDysfunction #desantis #pride #trans

"Ron DeSantis is feeling really butch after his gender affirming care."

Printed beside a close up of a viagra pill.
1 week ago

😛Ron #DeSantis is attacking #Trump for “turning the country over to [Dr. Anthony] #Fauci in March 2020” but DeSantis was praising the chief public health official at the same time in previously unreported quotes, saying Fauci was “really, really good and really, really helpful” and “really doing a good job.”

Look how deep in we are already?!

From Jason Stanley's Fascism.
#fascism #autocracy #maga #deSantis

1 week ago

5-30-23 Nicole Sandler Show – A Post-Holiday Weekend Update with Will Bunch


The first day back after a long holiday weekend is always tough. But here we are.
News was made while America was using the day set aside to remember those lost in battle to
#NicolesBlog #DeSantis #fascism #guns #HollywoodBeach #Kissinger #Trump #WillBunch

1 week ago

#Trump’s efforts to politicize #DOJ weren’t #fascist enough for #DeSantis. When Florida gov talks blandly about “leverage points” in Constitution, what he’s really proposing is level of exec control over various levers of fed govt that is much closer to dictatorship than anything America has experienced…The DeSantis Way would allow a pres to sic FBI on his enemies or demand prosecutors exonerate his friends”

If @willbunch wrote it, you should read it.© & I thread it. 1/…

Aure Free Press
1 week ago

Why Florida's new immigration law is troubling businesses and workers alike

Pressure is growing for a boycott of Florida, including Latino truck drivers who vow to stop deliveries across the state and calls for an immigrant labor strike on June 1.

Businesses are pledging to shutter their doors for the day to protest Gov. Ron DeSantis' sweeping new immigration law.
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #Desantis

BluePeony :bow_blue:
1 week ago

Permitless carry became the law in April 2023. This shooting is because of #DeSantis and the people who elected him because warring with Disney, passing a law so you can't say gay and banning books is so much more important than gun safety laws.

Several shot on Hollywood Broadwalk, official says

>Several people were shot Monday night on the Broadwalk in Hollywood, the mayor said.


stephie :betterpride_flag:
1 week ago

Wer verstehen will, wie es der Faschist #DeSantis geschafft hat mit einem Gesetz #sb254
der ganzen #trans Community in #Florida den Zugang zu Hormontherapie zu versperren
sollte sich diese Seite anschauen, auf der @zinnia alle wichtigen Informationen darüber zusammengefasst hat.

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

"Michael Mann, a climate scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, said that #DeSantis’s stance towards #climate science is “classic #projection”.

“It is Ron DeSantis who is engaged in the ‘politicization of the weather’ by #denying basic, established science – the #intensification of tropical storms with human-caused warming of the oceans.”"

Ron #desantis claims to have raised 8 million dollars in 24h guess how much our president raised in 24h after announcing his VP pick. 26 million dollars 3 times the amount and even Tim Scott someone who only has 1% of the vote doing better than Desantis

Andrew Leahey
2 weeks ago

Theory I debuted on this week's Esquiring Minds (@emp):

The idea for #DeSantis to announce on #Twitter was no older than Tucker Carlson's move to Twitter (5/10). By his own admission, #Musk was not consulted. That gave #Musk the idea to further cater to the #FoxNews cretins.

That gave devs *at most* 2 weeks to prepare for a Spaces the two dullards believed would have millions of listeners.

Who wants to put these two at the helm of anything?